07/14 - 12 pm - Final Sixer of the Week

The Day Shift
Friday, July 14th

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, the Royals trade prospects seem a little more clear, the importance of starting strong in the second half, and we play Tweet It or Delete It. 


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There weights it's noon here. Hot seat. I Baghdad in case you play it myself finals as his fourth respectful when. Week. Not the final suspect that will be at five. Poster for the final six back feds. Busted stake. Plus plus by the thread the war. Have been nice over her permanently next week. And George Stevens there will be implement. The dirty work or walked to the cup was. Our student. It goes. It says expect rescue by our friends over the red dirt road project about one of artworks and also Italy would add Camelot court. Baseball bats today guys baseball's back for the feel like we'll ever see the royals last capable on Sunday right benefit. And it felt like an eternity. Dating back to baseball royals general manager Dayton Moore joined vesco in the morning today. Talk the boards about a ton of stuff and bring yelled some of the best the best coming up here. And about and twelve minutes from right now but Dayton Moore was asked are you feel that into the second half full. Yeah. Had reportedly. Plus I think that there are more are more dollars over urgency. You know what to do so this year. Are you older you know Dan de Beers and have a trip to pass. And I would really like what are poor. Is delivering the ball. Then that's or continued to do well so you know we're gonna have to do in order are applicable for you Bob of the league. We're going to finish this off and that's something that will see the circumstances. Felt it was let you know you were not born that being overly aggressive. Number one because it won't be that type or how about we would have probably not in the position that actually you. You know physical power and I'm not sure. Is that where you were saying conditions there is so strong appetite to do. I'm Rick or Barbie. You know we just. Well what you were available to what is it was approved it. One of the things that. Dead flat out here at the beginning of the SoundBite they're both from Dade mall were to back date more some things that he had to stay with best of going to Mike Walsh earlier this morning. Was that he said it's shortly after the all star break they've been slowly Dell. That's a bizarre. Yes it when he brings up that footage that brings up is sound like he's filled with his arm that he doesn't want that to be the case this time around because there is more urgency with this. Moved this year to. It 2014 neighbors were forgo fad that I liked the fact look around me if you pieces not the major routes that your look import. But astute of you all he filled us we expect to be aggressive day I don't I don't think it means protecting the big time on the what those conversations. Way to go about them but it is interest things. What they're going to do get it in July and there's a few games there. Really believe they start off load 2050 there really good and today at the beginning of July but for April and July 5 day. Oh. Here's the full interview but the podcast page six in sports dot comic and get back to some of the best. Of the best candidate more here about ten minutes from right now but. This I found interesting from around baseball. The Boston Red Sox have. The F 83 baseman Pablo Sandoval. Often felt it was him a lot of 4949. Million dollars. Through the plane hit. This is the difference for for people out there. They have one essay because he's seeing the ball big market. Wal-Mart is it just means something man. Because not every team in Major League Baseball could do to the Boston Red Sox did. Because the cash visibly and what they can do that big 49 million dollars energy and city of be right. His little moves seemed like Omar Infante deaths which is minuscule compared with the period and a walk away and Chris young and still more four million dollars. That it it it is tough to stomach if your small market teams the Red Sox this will hurt them. Speed is so thank the band aids that's iffy about. Too bad there's a big difference does still exist would keep these. These teams to meet your TV contract the ones you don't have to it's just like this today I mean this anybody else. This is NASA's. That's the money hot hand the place for Boston's. You think Boston did the same that's why you did what does tell the front as the bullet proof to him. Great nanny just total output and a play there. Yeah we're playing. Our car. It was more shape your your hot out it was garbage did lose a lot of ways he did you know that happening. Somebody's got to get him exchange instantly better with the next. So is our. He got that at Boston now would we be seeing if they'll literally go pancakes eggs or when he gave it to look like. Getting more guaranteed money is like until it added muscle. Right and that was good though that some of aside and we're just been 49 million dollars up Hoggan the frozen burritos and you'll lose jobs every track figures like barbecuing case. If and it is the case the answer. Some of the last itself. Who got my doesn't work people actors. Sean updated. And edited Arabian and anus. It was good post these. By the way I just learned this earlier today I wanna pass along to you. You know on the banana yet to spin and and then you got and where similar. But standing to get in the reasonable folksy thing uniform of the bananas. You know they call that the meanest. And then they'll ask you again soon enough or enough. But remain. Everybody's favorite guy here in Kansas City statement we are just give its users on people we don't really Carol. In case these. I Colby Rasmus. Has been now placed on the restricted list apparently his season has done he's stepping away from baseball citing personal reasons. The rays issuing a statement yesterday flows so raise fully support Colby decision to step away from baseball. We are thankful for his contributions to our team. And we wish him and his family the best as they move forward respecting the privacy of Colby and Stanley the rays will have no photos come close. And it wasn't like he was evident terrible heat it wasn't as though he was at being a blanket policy for as Allen's sports fan that he is pretty good. Assists this is so much surprise. But. I think we'll probably see a little bit more of this Madonna Tom what does it just you know what man I'm done on a ball the way. He was having a career years or is batting average in two that you want dummy homeless on the season nine at 915 last year 45 the year before. Typical result agree here it's weird it. What's up with that. What's up what day he's got something. Some bug. Legacy of this region. Ads from Obama yards of prisoners. The billions. And maybe in that eating. Basically says he thinks he's identified exactly what's wrong with with tennis. Apparently on Wednesday at a doubles match at Wimbledon as they always doubles match. Hungarian player and a Chinese player both pledged to name both names like him from capitol junior's death eighteen year year here. Eighteen years old both but the question by the underwear police. When their black jocks that could be seen for their white ten issue. I probably should as a black jock. And as if it calls. Apparently if he got it all underwear he got a ball flight. At Wimbledon the rule as it specified. Under garments that are either that either are or can be visible during play including due to perspiration. Must also be completely white and contain no more than one centimeter of a trend. Well apparently in the middle of the match I asked the boys come over and show them their underwear. Right there from that center court I guess director and electoral court. And and made them go things. That's. Google respect Wimbledon great tradition the best part too by the way as they hit them a new pair of like white white briefs. Would you like they're just gonna trade Tamara McCord they had like close up. They were. Go by the rules. They stopped the match chapter. Wimbledon you know we knew for sure. Mean. I have all the respect in the world for like this the weird stuff and it chicken underwear out of it do for the match in the fine whatever it is that you should work we eat a lot. It's at odds subject before they get out to the court thicker and work. He. It deployed to get worse at a project greed you're going to check in our neighbors to doing New Orleans are important. I will see this little all of this Wimbledon does drive like this out I'm surprised I got it gets this. Texas me love life. I I just think in the credible permanently at Wimbledon. In your trip in dudes underwear. During the game you've got a week before you take you where so we do seriously and this 2070 did you know that it's mandatory is that it. That MLB umpires were black underwear it. I did because you get movement she has a may ask for assistance to the truth I did had to have a on this. But it that that. No text line you can have skid marks in your underwear either grossly both would be to discover what that means he's a guy. These six or why did you really get some marks and there are you serious about the umpires in his death under visitors of them my in my life you go through that. It may elegant I'd like umpires have were all black on that advocates for about their path went beyond the word bastards it's. The latest it was so there early for them to Libya where. It's an old waitress waited. And woman is the most prestigious art may want to loan. To tennis. Checking it during the middle. I mean recently that a where you've checked your underwear accurate more. People etc. unless you got the song I just assume it's like some very high pollution you guys. So. Skid mark is proof that the meat of the law. Broke Baghdad tonight at ten game homestand guys the twenty Arroyo baseball here at home go enjoy that. Three with the rate is all three game weekend set with Texas Jason Hammel gets the not my PC don't McConnell of those included that Angeles Martins Iraq as for taxes himself last night earnestly Gabriel alive from the day's starting at six right here on sixth in Sports Radio will be out there via Budweiser studio at the gate in left field it's that the but it was a studio CD LeMieux talked about as a nonetheless beautify and brought it. Shout out to break through all these 610 mobile studio I've gained a in my field that is true that you take two daughters that are out of pocket time. The sound physical books. The royals asking. Start bats and that would be back tomorrow here just a bit but this tin game homestand. They gotta do work and. Seven entry list. Stomach six before it's definitely seventh here not summit. Not felt it was that ultimately an estimate that. You're you're going over benefactor of some. When yet when the rebel flag when it would test either. Simply moved over. That's gonna rub of these six days or six bagged budget by the red door grilled two locations. Camelot court and brook side. Fifteen minutes away from all our final setup royals Rangers tickets for the next extends out it would just tomorrow. Will be given away at 1230. Coming up next did activate board's comments. And his thoughts on his team his organization us. And that trade deadline if anybody people. It is date that. Including studio sixty and Sports Radio. I felt welcome back piece of plate big and we out here obviously he has the ability of the week on ESPN. It's not about the underwear. We have a controversy at. We do not have a controversy here in the city. As the growth of back in action tonight. Now that would into the second half of the season a lot of things have to take place this team as we continue to play well mistakes. In the race entertaining for the division. Put all sold. There's going to be a lot of rumors and speculation that they'll have to deal with. Like other teams out there when it comes to. Trying to beat. Byters maybe add a piece of tootsie your roster or if you're going to settle any peace and that's all to be determined by how well you play coming out of goals. It didn't games and rooms start at thirty the next 33 and schemes under 500 but this ten game stretch is is because important. Particularly like for like 25 the UF. To do because that's the trade deadline awkward at this point so you position yourself and her all of sudden. They split things change but more as a starting about what Xanadu. But this latest in game stretch so important general Dayton Moore is going to be joining that's gonna mourn each Friday. From now on. Was asked how does he feel hitting into the second half. We'll do it and we need generally have a point Gloria the court. Both I think they're more like our blood so it over more urgency. You know assisted and so this year. Fielder. You know being he is is Florida have a terrific second half. And I'd really like where Opel and is delivering the ball. And so or continue to do well so you know we're gonna that is border have to make a move for you Bob a balloon. The award defenses off is that something that wall what if itself presents itself. Let you would not want to be overly aggressive. Number one because I won't need that type of talent out there with you would've probably not in the position. Actually you ideal physical. And I'm not sure. That the fact that we're in the same division that there's a strong appetite to do it let's or by the market it will slow. You know we just kind of well you would see what's available to put it toward the third. Like Greece and like they need to think they legally agree he's getting guidance that Easter. In essence general manager said there will say this kind of did the loop into him. There's one guy can never voiced the Red Sox came on here and Indy car stock if the idea facing an oval. That's a team that if you do go in the tank they will be calling a ball is what the royals owner and other success other teams alike. They look to the royals opened more open business in with the royals played well. Teams like the Red Sox. Don't like it. Is they see pieces on the royals it was a delicacy is about I think it's really big problem suitable yeah is. They would buy the stock is they've warned and warned parents to talk about Boston forever but because of the royal success. We're at the position at the controller that's that. It's this court's their last raw it's these guys together one more time we gonna do. And that's what this is so important to keep a guy like moose here in your town to break up voting record it's we can start off. He has a good in the these schemes don't. Great advantage of your first in games. At home after the all star break against teams losing records. You dig a better wage or seasonal especially one on the White Sox team that's RD aren't waving a white flag yet they are law. It's perfect. Now with him and I I don't disagree painting you to stated and eight. The one thing that he did mention an end a fancy to realize this because you know will talk over the course of the next. Couple weeks about being buyers. Don't expect him to be aggressive at all which we did expect it to fourth place but he just openly said Gary you'll please edit and as far as that he was talking about 2015 year. Is that from Gordon to maximize return we would have done the stuff in 2015 it is truly how we felt. What if something really make a move forward if it would you go back abide the the how. What did return. With our current treatments that aren't in it would have been after the 2050. He. When you look at is that Clinton yeah yeah two years left to control. It and you know if so. There's general managers and all this is baseball operations department itself. A very as this. And pray impact now requires that the murder effort to what we did that he's out there and it. In trade group of course don't trade for them so. It's simply not in the war go much of a game you did several years ago. But you know knowing full well organ acquittal for people over for two months since and to give the type of how he did. Certainly doesn't. You know often occur. He's right there that mentality. It would adult cause. Still two more years to maximize everything reacts by easily give the other teams more control over over DL with a player don't that you have a team give general manager. The what's the that's the only thing you ask your organization how bad you wanna win. They have speed when these early in the white flashes White Sox in today. When they held give up on him he would be perfect for what we have in Pomona open. In day in the bullpen and then whatever they have G Alito different pitchers they've come up that would have been a picture the jet team and organization. The wants to win the sole window with what they have in the water boarded one cheap shipments were. That group got the World Series twice they think this team could win another on whether he kept them together that they didn't think he'd do it. They would important ways because it was darkest a couple of years ago in the cook and why am I wrong inbreeding answer to that. Like when I hear that. I just instantaneously saying well Oscars are going to Wear and others who stock Snyder's Cain like. Is a feel he's gonna get a maximum return on so why even do what's the city's I was too late to do this yes I don't want to win we say. Could have done this to maximize and fifteen but I sold this team was positioned to win in 2016. Maybe they would have dubbed or through first F a BP's organs and those didn't have last year. When I hear it though I'd like that's that's what I interpret out of it is what if I actually wanted to get value like real maximum value it was two years ago. Here I am now I. I mean you didn't flat out say apparently all say it who's really gonna pay over the top perhaps these higher cost. Perhaps he's not my stock astronaut you're not going to you know I'm from the hole would be eighteen that would do an album now moves in the Boston things like that. I could see I just don't see them being commodities and in Major League Baseball better just so sought after for only. A half season rental in the problem is in sync from the national. These teams both gave up so many good prospect. Initials it looked fun beauty and the Boston Rusedski who become good prospects. For sale the get two teams the kind of gave up a lot of there. Riches. The previous year Dayton Moore was also asked about rule Mondesi he's gained 2015 I think was completely untouchable. They Morgan even listen to offers this would be Morse as as say is forcing listening to offers. For treating world Muncie. I don't feel threatened rolled some. It'll what it's something that it's completely blown away this sort won't help it's now for the future yeah it's it's you know it's a bellboy there because. You gotta deal with such ball. Up the middle. What some of the metal and certainly is doing that were not have a truer that he didn't crook or. And what can we moved in Portland that often find that and a half was literally sell order and provide you a specific skill that help. A win championships in which which we have. At that time we'll blue blue blue blue glow before the end we have today it will. You know and I suspect we'll we'll be here and helpful to us so we'll be in September. Out general modesty to me still remains of these eight he's still means apiece but essentially he did say that he's mean nobody isn't possible. He said that day they're not looking to trade while month see you have to blow also. I agree I I think that tree yesterday. Very interesting for a lot of different reasons for the kids that. Welcome back would have misty did what does the minor deal it is impacts ripple effect on the heels than yeah. All right coming up nestled giveaway our final pair of royals Rangers tickets for tomorrow and the rest of 2017 for the royals will be defined by the next three series we'll tell you why next. Studio sixty in sports radio. And local sports. On different yet and I'm going on. Jettisoning the Muslim isn't. Tennessee and most of them miss and Tennessee must missing clothes and tennis and must amiss and pay and on May yet and current on break here. Maria I'm Brian wells tennis. When you saw in. I don't know for some are real got to show rock. All busted. Competitive third with. This segment would give away our final here close tickets for the next six and Saturday July the fifteenth. Tomorrow we'll sit on. He takes great foresee fifteenth or hits. Where dole said one while applying the apt to be here association about what time again I'll mines at 5 o'clock. By a burden our third class the quote. Intercom house. Gospel like. After the year in terms only been here a little before at the you should be uber and you out of 530. We hear about. I'd the first Cold War. Is different. Different that's gonna go with oil. Is. A forest pulled word is different. The rest of this 2017. Season for the Kansas City Royals. Will be defined by the next three series. Defined by the next editors which means it's gonna be defined. By this homestand. You've got ten games at home. And you need to take advantage of that. We talked to Jeff Flanagan yesterday on the show he said you have to look at that they released O six and four whole legal seven and three. What is going to be defined on how well you do starting at home in one day that it Dayton Moore said in the course of his entered today with playing it. Obsessed dole and welds. Is it typically. When it comes to the world's coming out of the all star break. The kind of slocum an oddity in terms of getting Eric accumulating wins hopefully this year will be a difference it's a waste of bank what's. What are some of the reason why you think that this rest of the season gonna be defined by this home. Is it teach you almost of the treated like you'll find exactly who you are. Were your goal in what direction do you add you sell what you do. Which I don't think they're gonna selves I like we his team's plane right now I think this team was better than what the were played and they pledged to I believe in this team to score O'Neal ten games at home in sub 500 team. You can't winning record against those teams at home. You'll play team. Missed the question Dave that's themselves and I think they well I think lever. The B 73 after this ten games as important their 55 or six it reevaluate him which who are. This eight Q. Essentially if there is that you're going road for three games in Detroit this team is not played well against teams the division. I get a lot of divisional games were in April who did make a difference to think the rules were different team and April. In the where we're playing right now on the Minnesota Twins found that out they couldn't hit. When they played the twins in April Wilson last week in the hit really good against Minnesota but ten games will take you up. They'll rounds likely. In and guess what. You're a week away from treated. Really the last 48 hours when talks released thirty dose of fourteenth in but they don't know it's a lot that a person be here if there's a lot of teams are Major League Baseball. Look at this the other royals do this that and it. And I that the Red Sox which they reported that they are we play the Boston Red Sox on the road. That's the team that once the royals the fails so they can grab and some other pieces but haven't been games at home what does. Extremely important it's extremely important for able to have a good game. Why in April we sell a penalty was. Act early in the season. Can't say that now. These games matter right now Andy and specially matter of McCain's and royals that are near new trade deadline. Three S every game is important I feel that every game from here on out especially to the trade deadline. Very important for the royals to find out who and what they are in what direction they're going it. The second. Old ward is urgency urgency is a psychic Cold War and it's something that we brought out a little bit earlier but it's also something that date brought up to. He said that you you know in years past historically. With this team coming out also break we've been kind of slowed to take to get into our rules. We can't have that this year he says we have to have buses or seek it almost sounds like. The way that we hope that the season was going to start for them what we that we thought this is gonna start but they had sent to losses of urgency to start the year. The that is the case right now. He keeps going back to us we told them anything we. Two dozen fifteen year they won the World Series when their first two series right after the break and all the sudden. They be used and they win that series two than it would a series against legal to 2015. They actually start off pretty well to give winning all these years. It could go back to a three. Beat these teams to a three. Which against Lovett played reports will be different with 83 and a fourth and four. You can stay at a loss from the Rangers won for the tigers. And one from the point that would be seven. I eight. I deftly 1736. Of four. Would take it. Seven at three is specially 64 Q you were 500 which is good and yet clinically stressed he only got sloppy as the doctors. Go 55 is your back just one game over. Exactly threat. You have the book member going into the Dodgers series I said. To still see this team winning that bet Ceres and people so late you don't have any faith and I was trying to be realists on the what my expectations were going to be. When they got swept a wasn't upset was a man outlets have frustrated. Did acting they were worthy of winning a game this series yes the they win a game no but I was upset about it. I beat new ideas frustrated with any team in. Less than six and four here's what Cleveland is the force pushed it means that the at Oakland for three Oakland to be pesky. Idiots at Siebert the scope for three since this is crap in the blue jays at home dimmer tortured and given abilities and then one game against Cincinnati. Make a game they have that's they're in games. Out of the break it's not daunting just like the royals although six of the Indians ten games are on the road. It's even better on the road and no. Go figure axis. We we we gotta we gotta have and we got to add a sense of urgency like Dayton said we have to we have to. Build some momentum right now. Because I know that any time the royals go into the also break. In the title struggle bus. If frustrates all of us remember when it orbits Santana. And we would see also we struggle going into also briefed a year. And it sucked. In May it took them quite a while I get out of that rut they need to come out of the gates. Hot if they do because he drew played so well beat the twins through before you sweep the Mariners. On the road look great the neagle get all criminal with a three game losing streak swept in Allen. I tell the final cold words for the royals Rangers tickets. Is all he'll. Oriole is the final Cold War for the royals Rangers tickets. Let's go all the number scored number twelve. All the numbers wolf not 13 fives of a 67610. Call in number 12913. By some 6768. Can't be here by. 5 o'clock. Don't even think about. Royals going to take its critical errors coming up next we got tweet it or delete it. On the basis. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. We can. And okay there has to be a story behind this. I promised him some good returns second did you see the stories. About a month and he's done. Suing for the threw for a monkeys copyright walls. Apparently there was a months back and won the fifteen. Was it right. As monkeys. Grabbed a photographer's camera. And snapped the filthy I was following back in 2011. Apparently this. Photo to sell feet and made among keep them. That's an Indonesian off by the way my oath. We call them monkey but then you know sort spirit the McCall. If it Sophia that was published in a whole bunch different books. And then Pete. Basically says that its copyright infringement and that the property is property of among. And apparently the zoo was well. How could that be though is the key error means Cameron the monkey did that only came. He did snapped the picture but when he did take the picture but it's camera. Of the camera his attorney says that the British copyright for the photos obtained by his company wildlife personalities all he'd be should be honored so. And maybe got a copyright on a monkey cell. I mean this is essential we as school. And I just really quick moment he doesn't care about happier and so far. Why do we care about. Monkeys so much lately. Mean first around bay and on this dead monkeys through the hoop ability facetime and a fun. The lady got a space for men monkey. And an offer knows whose gross. Because some people care more about animals in the care by humans that's down. Bristol. I mean I OK I don't wanna I don't wanted to come off like I don't care about animals at all. And we're fighting over the fact that he monkey should have copyright. Loss of a Sophia that he took bush lets face it's a great pitcher Cuba though it is a picture I don't know if he meant to take it at all. I know that assists and he just likes to click the button Estes to have a picture. It like to click the button and what are we doing nowadays. Peta why why you why you insist on ruining everything. And yes around there was a gorilla and an among NUT pitcher. There there. I don't even know. But there are people like that that they care more about animals and your ball human lives which this doubles LaMont in I'm not trying to be I'm not. That's got to be insensitive to its animal and I'm not be ruling animals at all exactly what I also know that it that. The more you should be able that copyright I'm not getting the copyright laws won't seek a moment. It just. Bulls on mine. And apparently this has been in court like two times already. They continue to go back to it. Well and I'm on three the most he self you stories and interesting one and it animal hole was its. He did quote steal the camera glued to depict. Now I know he until Charles Millon beef he took the photo that is the release belonged to him. It's like when dusty two people and his own experts itself. And those now is possession is copyright. Because he took her phone will she gave his phone Sophia. And ourself if you don't take it it's not you know the other night even tweeted out the the bills occurs picture it was called the Sophie. Not that is what the Sophie yeah more willing to take it. Mean so that his capture them tomorrow because Molina actually took a photo like the monkey that. Because he was when they actually push click this monkey island hasn't let herself be game and you by the his camera the camera did beat beat beat to meet the top right. It it's it's Nelson Cruz is his camera with other what they're saying Ayers and I know his physique which the but the big picture yet now so in this case that would be. That in the league is pictured on those attackers with a lot of time to. The aside that is what a great debate is out is right in 2000 and that's our courts with them. Kind of civil rights to monkeys. Early second misconstrued as bird that's bound exports if I. Just like sometimes. What else he. Crosses the line clearly the most times. You know it's. Not her real Iowa magna and. You allowed back today who cried just I just at the sends you a lot I've matured a lot thank you it's it's it's no vote. I mature a little bit. We've matured a little bit skewed it cumulative loss that's. Your own via Austin Lofton and stuff through and I'm craft Twitter you by our friends over an hour and Bryant the original. At seventeenth in Brooklyn also in the legend shopping center I'm assuming Arthur Bryant's burning north reasons Alex Gordon clearly gonna lose. When he pointed accord. Has hit twenty home runs in the second round. You don't have to say that right. Just cash from our announced. It's around. Commencement. I'm a big fan of any of the Soviet and you don't cycles yet he would be there again I'm gonna ask nick fan of social media savvy companies. I'm not really sure who runs the I hop Twitter account but they're pretty good at all just a good weather there. I hop act I hop. I HOPs in new Fella out. We are the pancake OG it will be respected as such criminal weaponry have been referenced there. And who's questioning that he would keep him. It was right there man of the house of Payne the international. And will be respected his son's. Don't get it was. Props to him. Those wheels via these great public. Speaking of I ounce while oil is a Venetian got involved with less than the 2000 or if it the wolf well. And doesn't have anything to do with iron out same line I try I sigh you try to do that that way that you know I love the place. It's a total deal. But he they'd Donnie Wahlberg gotten over. From New Kids On The Block. That's news in insolvent though Wall Street 2000 dollar and does mark over his brother. I was in those. And that's what the little satellite. That's finds expand resistance that Marc will hurt productivity front is still being felt lawful house with. The we ought to be the 20101000. Dollars of bills bills maybe you dollars and sixty cents and get debt. That's one from the Wall Street Journal at WSJ. I'm not really sure what happened. Here if someone just in word this the way that they should've. Or if he photo preview when they posted their story when I arrived. Either way. We talked about the underwear in the undergarments that that Wimbledon ya worldwide. Here's the headliner of the tweets something he's not white. At Wimbledon a player failed as the match under guardianship. Something's not quite. It has a picture of Serena Williams. Wants. There's a picture of Serena Williams who's implying you participating this year. In my view means from my mental adjustment that I will not give you know it isn't in the green beans my apologies in the fun. How did you defuse him Tuesday but nothing else I don't know lake. Bother me about that. Something's not white eagle downstairs like who thinks not what I'd. What is wrong with. Wall Street Journal legally by the way amendment we gap between promoting our story on Wimbledon clothing rules was seen by some as insensitive you think. This wasn't our intense we have deleted the tweets. It's brightness and belief that when. It's ridiculous and Vienna where things you. Apparently it was seeing some of the incidents. This had nothing to do with the story. Although I obviously you're wearing like from them he eats pork broth. But it was able to encode as nothing to do to sort out. I think the biggest deal here beside me is a tradition that is amenable I'm sorry I misspoke I you can you speak as well Selena. You don't don't social respected adult. Now okay you know like put the word you can now on don't do that did not basically that's like mistaken Robin well. The new Brothers. Well now. The broad FEMA news beginning to salvage it up big difference. We talked a full quote. Yeah. I had to specify which one was Donnie. Worth worth. I can't tell people of all race of life a apart a little peasant Robin Lopez that. In fact. In fact. Whose brother went like you lose them that way to reflect it looked like you got me here and Johnny Quinn's brother day Netherlands and her both. Yeah I didn't do that. Club Jonah Goldberg. Interview and wrong did I get it happens to a lot of people being gay hit a confused with the brother Nagin equator is crossed it. It felt wouldn't doubt it definitely does it are the ones got. He confused Mac fastball and it scared him to sit for eating it was that people who don't confuse me with C dot. Did people on the most news feed. Angela thanks like I appreciate you hope it is technically own erased sponsors are clearly a regular friends over Arthur Bryant's. Original sentiment McClain went in shopping finished we counts communicate actor. Honorees that he. He accurately. I'm still throw for a little bit big league guys confused in it. Doesn't nothing. Pluses. And since I'm in essence. I can't believe they slanted answers oral Australian plastic whose late which we've cleaned. Look we know the night and I'm. Someone has come regularly at northern like with black with that you're looking into it. We're both very handsome. The importance of taking advantage of this team in the game homestand its doors at night. We'll tell you why next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio no Judy tickets dot com right now and sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports.