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Monday, July 17th

As he does each and every Monday Ron " The Show" Hughley joins the guys in the final hour of the show to share his thoughts on the devastating release of Jumbo Diaz as well as the release of Pablo Sandoval. Lake and Bink also get Ron's take on what he actually has to look forward to when the Chiefs beging Training camp at the end of the month. 


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You show. It's showtime on the show who had studio final hours. Of the day shifts are producing this week. What else he's on vacation. And that on the tax line. The 913 in U players can't get away with anything Columbia police and they don't give details. But go around. Iiroc is viewed your rest November 2011. Who stole big twelve schools the 2012 was the SEC so they were transition from big twelve the SEC. That's why does have yet and get the memo is gay you know then again the SEC SEC in the big twelve if I had a situation. I tell I think date. Police escorted hands is the least of what they would do for Dixie. They got get up for what would drive the car all they put one of the officers would get on their knees. And carry him on his back. Argued among RS and so am I debating the Medicare on this on his back what can I do for you hold Kennedy this jacket. Yeah there weren't ready yet he's the and I yet now I. I'd be big and well I don't think children would get away with is either at this point Colombia seems what I don't do Fijian coach. Yet you were. Don't know for what the difference in gym coach at bat a is it if you want to address some the one on him bergalis to a puddle cent of all and it may be some that Ramos my guesses on this all of the duo big is everywhere you get into this I just moments lately that. Along apology is an element of feel bad for this week. When you head think Leo party here in the U Hinckley junior on the others oh week with you I mean. And not feel like. Win win service with me that I can at least steer him away from. Is being Lee isms but now that they're directly here together. CIV aids these guys out there goes assert itself. Is it. But it's opt out where you play. You've got to do with this ball. Weak guy Marcus are on you think wait when they get it until it is gonna happen they're gonna get deep into. Some football debate where I would imagine these two may start talking about left and right guards they had could not be won the most boring is pleased to talk about a radio. But these two or does matter these are Zulu will go deep into it and you're going to be severely 'cause I wanted to slam years. Your nose and did that they've not bill do we men. Well I did the road in a refinement now I expect to Pablo and so the problem. It's jumble. You heard that on her and that it did hurt injured but I bet it's built around him would yet I think the rule or else it may take them. They've been struggling in the bull pick an egg rollers that double the fans here Aziz added that. Is bigger than you. And Jumbo has always been figured that they sat on. No upside is that this is bigger they had him listed at let's exports it not to. At one listing it was due 65 with a ring it's now I think it is in the 272. Pummel. Jumbo. And they wanna make me believe Nick Diaz in the deuce it. The pot a little sand about thing was different. Because I. You know I truly believe he is easily and in and in reading things from. The globe and a couple of writers and in how big of an issue his weight was actually believe. Essentially he was fired for easily. And him and be into that and we talked about it what he has any citizen he was I grew and that helped up and out of what we asked was do you because it 2017. If you just say that out loud. That kind of hits the years wrong such as that's as it he got fired because he was. Better this year than I did last year last year was the belt pop and often includes isn't as last year of the Boston Red Sox. They had they had people on. Rules are that was giants and I hit it on a diet during the last series they actually known case makes a big loss right OT digital barbecue went to the team has talked to the front desk about not deliver room was ahead debt they had to do that admits may Geary admission Q and he was like going to the wind these connected to. They're dormant he was getting like bacon like seriously at night he was hit bacon here's they had to talk to the windy. About he would get to bacon Nader's at night and eat one as they walk. To their dorm Andy eat one later on every night they say he was and they keep you because he was used in this caller is student ID. And they concede that he was getting and they had to talk to the Wendy's on campus to do that. But not as Purdue's in the wrong he's got 45 home. These that is an asset to us at this menace no secret moos has little possibly. From from last year but he's producing it. Now people brought up call you know CC sabathia and all those and are some bigger players but the difference with Paulo saint Pablo Sandoval excuse me is. It has been an issue for the Red Sox since he got on the team and they have expressed we think. The reason why you're not as. You're not producing as much is because of your weight it we have concerns riches of the Boston Globe we have concerns. Date we can't play you at third base because we don't think. That you had the endured figure in shape but now. To play third base he's got his rings he's got his money because of the Red Sox signing. This guy's champion he's won World Series Kelly made five here and instead he's got to dig the money. Would you expect from and that's thing done now now that someone I expect him to be a professional athlete who are about BJP. Like I help the public on that but again we have the races in you got the money in you got a problem. It would change is guaranteed money I expected to be a professional in the BIQ two but sane adult problem it. Blitzer in its opinion that he did. That he didn't give a rip but when we talked about this lady of the basal we move we move past this and we said. You know baseball I think the consensus we did a poll that was like 90% consensus was no this is a sport he moves around he should be. Let us that this is I don't think that this should be just stopping at. In sports but I think if we're honest with there so there are other occupations where. I don't think it's a problem is someone loses their job for their way. And the the example I gave and I do that and listen I'm exports different. While I think sports is different but I still think like to me we talk about to shoot you if you are a firefighter. Or like a police officer or law enforcement. And I've seen some guys who I'd I would really had doubts that they can pass those tests that you generally have to pass to. Two of the firefighter or police officer and their guys who are just if you're nodding if you're not in the right shape it this is coming from someone who is happy. If not you know I don't I'd say I don't think they just because your weight you shouldn't get. Job ditches us vision that you could both full war. But if you're firefighter in. You're in years you're over 300 pounds and you're not able to actively. Yeah look I I I don't see an issue with someone loses their job well well well. You got it. Reasonable well what's you. Would your body is at William performing tasks like. If you're firefighter. There's a concern on your health and and other people so I don't see it an issue with I understand it but with this is that this the issue with that analysts. You can't teach school every single police officer based only way to get to school every single IFR I try to based on weight because. Based not the type of great read that most people don't act. So difficult because you know you hello to people being able to go into certain jobs because. All of the body type I ally note. First off I know if a cop or firefighter probably get fired because of the way he would be a major issue but that still doesn't. Like I understand the bravery that those guys in those fields have and I'm not sane but when you start to put yourself and other people alkaline. Then I I don't I don't have an issue with it like I said this yesterday I'm not a fan of not an issue with that I have an issue with. Up on a police officer. Who is a little bit out of state who is overweight. Best outstanding get his shot he's outstanding at what he's he's able to be old he is still community he could still perform the job or you hit it in this is it you know somebody lets them. I'm not aren't. If these eight these damn good it is job. But that's the one drawback is that the on this particular pain you know somebody at some point Wal-Mart need what they've got a got out. Hold that I guess for the rest of his career now. Not I'm I'm I'm not saying completely because I don't think that's completely sane he can operate and do his job but there are there are cases you know. If there is a police officer who's completely out of shape they're not only putting themselves but they're putting the other people they work with. And danger again I think this statement sports. Mark and Gina. It was very large and extra Mueller. He old bull team. You teams would be not to eat the body type Bob's. Teams have been docket on the court mark Regina tech getting in the job but he that bad example I don't how big you I don't think it's right. Because either your job kids out though your job. The main part of your job is not for you to be in shape except they look like this I would love it if you will the face of you're the CEO basically almost universally are disappointing but I mean you know get policy this. They look at it like this recruiting purposes what this guy. Going in incidentally. I think that's something they took account what this guy to be the face of our program has told about the ball coaches are at the base of the program. But if they goes in the living room in their overweight. Didn't hit. Keyon. Shipments school knock him down the war. To get more Regina yet those days it did and that's said yesterday leg of Roseanne Barr and her size when she was at her biggest size if she wanted to be a sideline reporter. I don't think hearing Andrew should get the job over her because. She's not as happy because that's not a job where your weight that the reporters like they'd you know that's not. But I sit this yesterday I don't I'm not a man of the basically. Let's just treat women and is six pieces I mean I'm Malcolm's I don't like the place. But let's not just I'm not a fan of it but I would say I can't even understand. If someone like who orders. Who had been their 1015 years and had some kids it kind of let it ride and they're like 53 to forty. Like I could see it issue lie of standards. While it may be looters would say. This is probably not the right space for you anymore this is. Not our three to forty this is not breaking news. That the that the more the you are and the better looking you are. You're gonna get one opportunities. I thought I agree with that and asked this dome say it is is not why is the waited so let's do your job dumplings for example John Clayton was nothing to look at. He's pretty good job this way. But some of that but I guess I do go like some I think is I don't have a problem with audit with with menace will be different. Yeah this is completely it is very different they'd been dead for women Burke burn monk was called it quits when he thought. It looks like a damn Christmas display in my it might princesses not exactly and call the quit a long time ago. All right you know in in. Shellee Smith has to fight like hill to do you know I. But I've not been in those cases I don't think it's right. I don't up all low I have no I I had no problem with the we had a gadget since they. I own a construction company I had to let two guys go because I was concerned about yes I was concerned that they can get through the work to. I don't think that's wrong but at 2070. Here. I got to let you broke his main years many to be effect that it comes off that you are wrong and I think if he comes up is wrong in sport. The other tech sites to remind him it's about the big geno did he insisted that dude this is about other schools not wanting more Regina cousins. It says the would be he wasn't fired accusers is to lore that's. That light fires other issues. Not know but he didn't get other jobs because of his weight and are that is better coach at Kansas he when he Orange Bowl SEC's calling you tomorrow. But he didn't get it -- get other jobs because of his weight in people concerned about he Arabs are I was installing an everybody hits its head coaching him and I don't I'm on now I don't think that's right if you if it is a job that you can perform even at 360. I don't care. But there are some there are some jobs man. The use your weight like look I'm trying to lose weight man if I went up to a fitness and and you were. The retaliate like outlets twelve weeks ago a sloppy 328. I would I would be I wouldn't be it would be an up roar of your boss fired you visit as a person doing fitness. The hill and how to illegal tell me about this look at you as I see I've seen some trainers that are motivated as the day. I'll talk about our talk about like how I was. Fantasy. That's still but I mean. You see a trainer 59330. And he's been sloppy lag out wounds. 54 rounds ago that's right the we've lost 54 panel did that Milan on away and let tools that tracks in hundred presented to 54 pounds like but if you're at the why not go to the wise men at the Baghdad a commitment me when that puts him leave. And I don't think recipient up reward but it 2017. I think it would be an uproar but man hey man this step eight for you. More this conversation and that we as a chronic question is zero reason to be cited for the cease. This year we get to that next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio you'll do pretty tickets dot com right down to sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. I thank game day shift late. And things. Probably still hanging out with us he does say each and every Monday in the 1 o'clock hour. Missile he's out you'll in the text on it statistics on six on threes in 0653. To forty. This chick with eat my wings while we're in and took it to. Now I'm just and I would have it I mean they should be you know this is just snap fitness structure here who Richard twenty. Like I mean it should be an outrage but I would have the feeling that this one here my favorite. Are you dismissing coral Winslow from them next yeah I guess I'm just dismissing original yes. Blizzard believable. At all. Is there reason to be excited for the sees. Mom. Yes. I mean I think other than this being the typical excited for full. Eat. That's different. Excited like in I don't know how different this year is from other years in terms of your chances to win. As a cult to it and that's what it should be for Spain's. Mount I don't see huge difference in this. I've his of this is somebody Douglas in the cheese that had a horrible offseason. And I think most would say. But. If they can get that one thing to work. It would be a horrible offseason if Patrick Holmes who works it would be horrible losses I think that is where the excitement economy. Is it people. I think that it like which is that likely. Which probably isn't yeah I would say is not likely those social all that's my home is playing you don't see that side. The excitement that a fan base is looking forward though because I don't believe that. Though the Smart science legitimately think that you have a chance to win a Super Bowl and this this is where this team he has I think the excitement is about. Future which is they've pointed to you. If he's seven as you drag the reason we reach our targets earlier this guy named Ronnie works EO. The kid from box he comes up who says Jay said he set but the season. Jeetz I said. Mean excuse for a that you camera nugget did you tell me. It took me how to get better if it's approved for 2070 SO about talk about homes nothing different but for 2017. At the it is his top game he has Mena said. And you lose Mac when you lost Pau he Gordon and Betty little gonna call that a wash. You lose Jay Howard everybody's a year older which in the NFL means on. When guys and they're Johnson Tom these guys in another year it's about what that means a bunch when guys unifil is in baseball you get into your. Our prime actually ponies know you start losing a lot of steals. So I could answer cream hunt yet I think he's gonna make a difference with the running game. Wide receivers we took that back. Ain as far as the revealed buried the year he had material pressures of a matter of minutes that's a wash their but this team couldn't stop Libyan. Here for 170 yards inaudible can more minutes than she did last year and I can't look at one thing he did this offseason say they got better in the Syria. Because asking do. That's in the future is bright because badger homes for this team for 2017. I don't see where they got better than were last year. Because the place. That this team can get better. Is a place that's not going to change exactly an excellent. The place that this team can get better because this team is on a we won the division twelve gains. We were in the divisional round we were one game away from the AFC championship game and not no you said lady I'm bill and they were terrific. They get stopped in the room which according to miss three wide open touchdown as an Wesley and I think that was more of the different because he can help you. It Alex Smith analyst team back and he is in he is the place where you can get better like I don't think the difference. In that in terms of the she's winning the chip this year is any different than the previous two years the best way that the teams can win a championship. Is the Denver bronco model from a couple years ago. And I do think if you say to yourself OK can we get better our is Houston healthy if you just until the didn't maybe you can have a all right we've got our version may be poor's version but our slightly different version of the market swear and Von Miller and a third one. Was the kid from. Mean age. Thinner Zane grey and our version of that we have. You know Tom. You know all of cleanup plan as many snaps and coming back from somewhere and not looking like John Amos and or and then having just didn't used to coming back to form and in and indeed for have another season if that happens I think beginning Logan is an improvement look. The poll. They were getting their asses kicked up against the run with him in games and you get fuel and I think what our it was better it is good against run and I think. I think maybe the back in a year older. They may improve and get better and I. The scary thing about markets beaters I don't think we did this is the end I think he can go up some more so I. I thought passable with. That's the only way that this team has a chance to win the championship but that was the only way this team had a chance to win the championship. The previous years like the only way you get better. Isn't that. I'm with you the Denver model because they witness who broke Peyton Manning wasn't big name is what. Alex with two years ago was better than Peyton Manning was during season. As far as you can tell our I would 300% on that. I just look at the Steve I don't think their collective abroad that that defenses were we good yeah that's the only way yes exactly it's only about this defense. Is eighteen point six Inspiron I don't see this defense is that dominating. Like the Broncos were to bring in where they burn TJ ward imparting to leave I mean there are some talent. That's secondary role with Harrison to leave that to Pro Bowl corners you get out there and get a Pro Bowl safety TJ ward that was league dominating defense. I don't think we're to that point that they were with the defense they can just ride that defense to a title had converted. That is just so tough because you would say okay what do we have a break outs nor. On the offensive it may be similar to retiree feel we have a breakout star. But even offensively. Like retiree kill. I think more his breakout was the combination of off its its specialties. Like its whole art for this and I hate to harp on this but it is the story. It's hard to even have break out surprised players on this team because eleven doesn't give you the chance to have break out. Players because. Know what people don't get this people talk about the offensive line in the running game. He affects all of them don't like people just play up in the box is so Karim hunt do we think. Can be. A an improvement and change. Well get ready you're gonna be facing. Nine guys in the box expressly when Mack went to go on and they're not scared that a live is gonna throw the ball down the field and any help and hurt your offensive line because every once. Up against a line of scrimmage so why not just blitz because he's not gonna throw it over the top. He just affects everything in hurts. Like even if to Marcus Robinson could be a break out star. Eleventh got to give it to. That's the thing about a deal and appropriate for expert due to the ball from the field against the raiders couple years ago that should and he makes the it's better he does it didn't expect. The running game. It was Alex Smith at the back of the night at the box in yeah it'll kill the running game I don't see this picture almost did this during because during Ortiz a rookie being important to. He said he said our jobs bull means play makers let them do the job as a ego it's it. Alex Smith the man that lost to get the ball and play makers let them make plays almost lost me but all if you play makers aren't getting the ball let them make the play. But also getting a mint spots. When the ball like Alex and afraid to get the ball retiree. But it is going to be five yards. From the line of scrimmage or behind in this year I think we can see different Alex but it's not so Fareed with the other Buford about this village on the unifil those woods picked that matter. He can go though it's been associate at the worry about being conservative. The guys get a job in just a good job in the NFL still puzzled take it out Smith pulled the club port. So it didn't matter so I think this year actually see in him Inge doubts but it's not as conservative easy bin. With the authorities say that truly feel bad sometimes like when seeing the text on a truly feel bad for people sometimes in this city because we are kids. Not. Used to understanding what it's like to hang it. Second tier quarter. Like people are texting in this was a team Lawson wasn't Smith lost there were seven drops. Yes yes Travis drop the ball in the middle of the field. But man. You. You can watch any other Sundays. And see how important. The quarterback position is if you just have. A second tier guys they can Kyrie use two wins like he. It's that's the issue me a minute and and I just don't think we're used to understanding how great and how important quarterback is here that we just the. Photos. Memo to that person had that it is up on a test on a body be in a team loss amounts of loss I mean that's true but. The reality is bit beer quarterbacks. Picking Kyrie teens. Bit there quarterbacks taken will there teams that victory he's not want. You lost so you don't and they did not he's not tell the lost to a team that didn't score again did he didn't need that type of quarterback in the game. Truth be told two years ago a New England. You didn't need a Kerry here and that gave me that lost routine filled our neighbors would have done it Philip Rivers would have done it and those two games. We have an unfortunate situation for traveling. On some might this traveling around the country that they. It actually might be Randall taos. Would discuss and talk about it next. Studio sixty instant media. Yeah. If you are able easily to him so into. Sort of in BP we're not gonna with some excellent name. They ask you about on about the sort of show ally of the divested neinsager so all the sports radio and probably the only one. What they said. That we should do with this week message that they seek console with youth that we should consult with you for. Well obviously my name is. That's. My name is on this you know that is apart. The ship. But notice it's there on out of here. Here I am attacks lines though one that was really asking for and I very. I mean that I think you'd. But it has been rumored that I tax you can tax line have been influenced China unless I give you respect what decision they are numbers and the I think it was about we have come out we had called it. Last bonds. So yeah back inclusive we had come to the clues it's sort of admitted that he text into the show and had it only text conversation with you which is predicted a bit I mean this is the yes asserted the most it's the most selfish thing I've ever seen I just. Text that. It just text the movie doesn't so it's like heating congress as weird as he got about college football is OK so I guess who's never hostage but he said he's done it to the morning show he's done at the Walt assumes anonymously ticks without you his son is like being correct it's ultimately any of these Saturday is not let's not talk the most on the issue. Names on the to attribute. And biscuits. And he gets mad about picking at the exerted feels that some kind of way about maybe that you know is takes. So hot I've got the clue conclusion that sort of will text hours ago. To try to drive I get right here. Freddie and I want to hurry up and that's something I'm asserted to exit waived his strong ourselves it to directed let's learn enough elected though whether Tiger Woods and if puppet to lead though one way to do it just in its own them a bit you but there are apps that you can use you can tax from different phones as it is over why. Listen to gap outlet that elect installments is so what you. Edmonds is so why do what to just text Brinkley we all like everyone else I extend all the and you show at the time I try and all this time we're talking about Serena and and McEnroe. Like text us. It'd go on the next line it's died anonymous anonymously text that he I'd tax everybody throughout the day to you I I text Keisler gave Riley ticks me. Sometimes I'd just like being regulars and Tex in the sex line. The cordial conversation we end. Technically I met him on and lives negatively minor chords and you don't know how many conversations you have with the president of professional liar. They might still has ever responded just like back here when he said Ron is already beat knowing the facts a media should next. Did I ever said anything any knows he was shaking news at this was it even look at it. County lies so much is this. So rightly. I really. Oh I'm sorry being that you had this gathering instantly. This pathological liar who you now illegal to me it would add Searle. You've been at your head on the swivel to memorize his phone number my god I now have a written out phone numbers to Stephen Saturday amid all of us lies about the only times and I look at questionable picks. That's out like is it in I bet I feel like I can look at it takes to say this is a steep answered it like this is some experts. Probably. But yeah I I 69 also a man. Of the fifty that's it could soon here. Us. It's mostly when I'm just I think is Unita does so must I counselors in Iraq. Added to it he brought his kick starts you know we all eat you bring alone you bring a little zone to the nation to this that we Ali maybe. We unveiled the others yesterday. We you know we Ali. When it. All right soul which just ease with the family and he is traveling around the country. Over the course of this week. And I'm wondering if we have identified as now. The stories tomorrow from Fox News. If this was indeed Ryan. On and here. Three American Airlines crew members from a flight to board the U. Raleigh Durham complained of eye irritation and headaches from an older. Scribes flatulence. Airport officials say it. Well what he did newsroom that they would stop flight at 3:34 PM. OPEC lose scheduled American's flight from Charlotte arrived at Raleigh Durham international airport. Aldridge Lee was reported passengers were I to by the older. But CBS look Salina has since learned only crew members complain about the smell after passengers the plane. That lingered for awhile officials say EMS was called to her put to Obama. To check out the crew members who complained about the older but none. Was transported. The laws shall at 330 for the crew members days various descriptions of the spell all indicating McChrystal acts. Listen I did not think it is. I don't think you'll hear that he did that got good evening out all now there I would say this. That was the wars it. Order last month in my life he shot at admit it but I doubt. I'll get on a plane with the years controlled. Chaos. It would terror that now there are arguments there are arguments to the country that nick could have been him because. It's distinctly remembers me producing went and then it was soon to me it. You know he's now though he's been about using so in shallow rhetoric through and you know. He does itself explicitly week. We've we've found out it is now less than them so you know maybe. There are some Ina never smelled Ryan Doumit. And part this was a lingering well into running well. They've BZ was. How can you see top golf seems like it's fixed. All this mean that respect this isn't market that would just hold it yeah it's. Talk about on a plane of people read that note get on the plane were you that that yes the study and I I. I feel its own bears. I feel so bad that I don't do as I did try to hold on the did you have a fart in the elevator the other. Like when I was on my way out here is my job my way I. Cited in that he's got a problem. You don't care this this was Lil in long stints man. Listen to be like a stance that may have been a fork in mix of bonds contained. Whose contained in the media capsule of the plane. We came easy at least doors opening and I gotta give Iran much credit. I understand he took out the entire news room. This seems like a seriously like. Like they had to bring EMS on there with the flight crew was affected the person who did this I mean you can never own that today right. Like you can never own up to the person who did this this one you don't know million Vietnam man if it goes to that point where EMS was told. Because of your stance. Help us build it. Out of me that that was one illegal alien wants out now on those if you were on the plane you can taste it. A you'll never get that smell out of your mind if you just think about it and instantly comes back at. Now I can't put them this what American Airlines said. The U. American. Ellen's denied. The odor issue after the sack after that they did release this information we did have an air craft from Charlotte yeah I did do is reportedly admitted to 19 PM eastern right negated two point one. That is currently out of service for the actual mechanical issue. Especially playing now in order in the cabin than any item past gases mention. Bill I'd say it has been to do with waksal. How to lead the home how we nose again. They'll. I think 53 I think it's got an lady who's been excellent bloated. Who may be owner period now I think I think it was a loaded Lee owner theories that I'll let that it isn't recent I don't lasers out of this one I feel like with what we're stereotype we justice under attack. Come on some of you men out there who are married and that's at my wife has done this but you know spoke on a blow it on bloated. Bob are somewhat says some one on a bloated today. On their period they can they can clear a room an entire global war I'm not just animal put this on the main app to get mad at one. Did think that would. That your team is that some are Worrell aches trying to be hailed the home this took the play them fleet yes. Could've been a lady who worked in looters who spots three to. Execute lyrically it's so that funny at this person here. On the ninth outraged at them from the 91 13 I gladly own mind sports. Every single time. The worse the better not just my guess your breath it yet this magnitude race now you can get arrested about enemy to stop complaining that. I don't think they said register for this. I believe her name is Sally this on the mound on three when adults are or who that's that your. Ewing Mary. Or maybe you just stayed away from your mother. They do. Not believe in my ex wife would do when I was in the house. She dudes that privately some world would be announced. I'm convinced nameless Sally. She was for him. Mobile,. Alabama. The loaded in cities and moon anymore there's tech's final I first met Ryan winning streaks he supported shaking my hand. Including careful of those chili cheese Fries. My money's on hill. This yeah. I did since Monday when he street's very specific I'd never seen him eat chili cheese spread that we always beats the wings. In the wings grow old boy. I run. You're also the wait time I am I am I am. The other royals they play they can and a thirteen straight coming out of the via the built up I'll stay till next Thursday of next week yet. So I've a man would talk to letter. I don't final segment gravitate to the sports you in the were done on the issues. Studio sixty and Sports Radio to. Gain ground this weekend. By going what did you against the Rangers they actually gave the game because Cleveland. Was swept Oakland yep same open team that treated to members of its bullpen still found a way if they're selling mode. Any unions are evenings or on the World Series mode last year everybody predicted the unions will ever ready predict that the Indians go we doubled once the grass. On to deal since. It's different if you're Seattle you're 46 wins sixteen and half games out of the last two games out. Which makes it very enticing. To adhesive you go back to June 1 which play count is really June 1. Is exposed to know who and what your team is all about. The royals have a record eight games over 500 but that the only field team. Fit at 43 wins except for two whether they're good teams Boston and Houston that's the class that the royals for instance converse. Indians nineteen in nineteen since June 1 in the Minnesota Twins three games under. Since June 1 and yes the royals right there in the division that no one wants to reach out of breath. Green's been GD Martinez picked up for those that though works the Boston Globe is national baseball writing headed removing trade rumors this week that the royals. The cardinals in the dodgers'. We're leading the way is for those who wants Judy Martinez sliding quantify who's leading the way to loosen the Rockies are stood. It Judy Martinez we put those three team. I just don't see how Detroit would treat him with them vision he's of these tweets jumped almost. Did they talk about just the Berlin was big docs and these could be dealt even though you're paying forty million dollars the next few years each season. But they've been at the location of Detroit to rebuild mode could victory against the royals. What alma. Another in the division titles in Detroit he's themselves woman's division and if you let it go to qualifying offer he's really not gonna bring anything in return to Detroit. Maybe he had the city is looking for that Judy Martinez and man. Would that be nice and our outfield. Article a couple of different. It wasn't that we tried few law address. Over the course of today show when it comes to beat Kansas City sued. And first of foremost. The question that I think we want to talk a little bit earlier was the fact that. You know when you look at the season what they've done and all see what they don't with the draft. Out she's gotten any better. And I don't think that anybody out there that's a die hard he stands and is being realistic about what's going on with the season this year. Can honestly say they've they've added that they've gotten about. If you look at the team and say that dumb. It is a great job by resigning aired variant maybe get a pretty good job of replacing Don art po Denny Logan. Ugly and agree with norm that. But all the all the elements of this team that they need to be really good. They just haven't addressed those issues we did you still questions that the linebacker situation and without him in that and now I think it's gonna be hard pressed to to look at the season stated they are going to be the frontrunner to win this division again. Secondly when it comes to the Kansas City Royals. A good thing about this past week team clearly wasn't the fact that they. Lost a lot of three games of the Texas Rangers but the fact if the AL central is the division that is up for grabs amongst three different team. The royals beat Cleveland Indians and everybody thought was going to beat a team and the Minnesota Twins like. There wasn't a situation where they actually gained ground on the Cleveland Indians even losing the series against the Rangers. So who is going to step up was gonna be the team is gonna play consistent. Winning baseball over the course of the rest of this year and consistent winning baseball means when he sued. Out of every three games. Oil is over doubtful. Yeah. They got the wing yesterday. Best snapped a five game losing streak. It's an out. They got to play better baseball bat included Doug Judy Martinez are here for him but it easy. Keeping this David what do you want to devote. You don't know you don't. Hear anything in their own thing. Us Osama faster guys. All it really doesn't wanna leave. He was demoted back to the blades and I tethers Roddick coming up next year's success Sports Radio six of spores are found great job us and he's back tomorrow they should.