07/17 - 10 am - Royals Gaining, Chiefs Training Camp, J.D. Martinez

The Day Shift
Monday, July 17th

The guys kick off the show discussing the Royals and how even with this 5 game skid they've managed to not lose a step in the division race. Also, there are a lot of interesting story lines following the Chiefs into this years training camp that a lot of people aren't talking about. The MLB Trade rumors are starting to circulate and J.D. Martinez has been linked to the Boys in Blue. 


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We. Jason Blake game. Brian Macau's you've got Steven sorting it out there. With us this week Monday Tuesday Wednesday asserted is out on Thursday it just for one day be coming back on body but. Happy to be backed castle theory theory grateful. Grateful basically because. Just salt marsh on land said that you he was you know he was thankful I'm so grateful with the fact that the son. Got enough times. Well one of the Texas Rangers outfielders. In the royals in dealt with the W but not the greatest weekends. At call peseta for the case of two worlds but it wasn't a great week in is your member of the AL central which is. The best part of being a part of the ill since right now. It's not it's not in the house but he was that the Euro much irony was there is dwindled in pocket settled that. Unity Kennedy talked about it at the game that you know the sun was out there these drop you would spring training that the since you chew. Hit the ball up into the sun Indy get that win the he'll central enemy units. Cleveland. Kind of start of the delegates and they get swept by the day they are who we alternate. In Italy that we would be eight when they built a five nothing lead. On Cleveland yesterday. I was and they're going do they do they want the division and Cleveland want this thing and because the royals had a bad weekend in the game. What the good weekend for the royals have been met nag you losers if they Gingrich in would scare me about the Cleveland game was is that. Oakland did have a ball it traded it to the nationals. A bigger deal closes things out because he's mad dog in do little. Noted that the nationals. In this Cleveland won this dealer I mean here's the thing. These teams the three teams the Minnesota Cleveland at Kansas City. All of mom and sit here right now what we do to add pieces as you don't know when you're going to have these opportunities. You don't know we knew when to begin the royals Andy an average team yes battles of average there. They played a book ever since June 1 she can incorporate the whole season that affect only the Houston Astros have more wins in the royals. Since June 1 was look at June 1. Is a big day would setter you Leonard Houston in the American League between four and fourteen the royals. 23 in fifteen Boston 23 and seventeen. Boston's played a few more games but they have 23 wins the royals point results is June 1. We say the season's first the matter out of the Dodgers though the ridiculous 317. That there and and actually you don't worry about them yet. You'll know when world title at the inquiry about the Dodgers but all three of these teams Cleveland he had city Minnesota to be look and see what we get. You see the nationals are buyers what they're doing is they're going in they know they have a good team there was willing to push Roland. The Red Sox this Todd Frazier deal Todd preachers and Beatrice are you know that's gonna happen to a smoke. If that's gonna happen these teams are build up. Ordeal central team's gonna do what they get it as we saw it on leave the White Sox to go to the jobs. So you get him out of the division winner these three teams. And it kind of feelings that are out seamless one's gonna make the first move in the needle corresponding move what that deal central's going to be on the watch. Who's doing one with Cleveland doing what's Minnesota gonna do is Minnesota desperately needs open help as well. Regard. So what do you make the move and I. You have to look at the division and the team to meet that able. It is able to display to system based on secondhand. That means when series. Asked to be the team's gonna represent as to visit what is the Wales it's. Right now you are you have to be in the mode of have to win series if in a four game series you have to try to take three out of four or at least play. If you're playing at three games here's yet to take 213. If that's what you gonna have to do right now and you mentioned it in the last week. With the Cleveland Indians they had not played consistent baseball going into the all star break yet they did it you know kind of got into a mall or at least for about a week or soul start to play good baseball and they unfortunately nobody at these weighs in with me. They go through those two wives would also was the Padres the loss a couple of days through that area two threes on the potter's. Been a commodity also bring now and they get swept by the Oakland a's so Cleveland in everybody's estimation with the team to beat. The Cleveland Indians are not everybody thought. They wore actually finished with Detroit at who they finished right before the Eagles are reduced Padres report at right before the analysts who lost two of three of them. They did beat Detroit two out of three to Detroit it's here reporter at a minute. Pills and the royals. Asked to be the team. That is going to step up. Because I just don't know is Minnesota has another level that they can you to get to you. I think the world's in their play their best baseball there are better all around team the Minnesota Twins I'm here in Minnesota didn't take that next leap. Especially now without Boston is out of the lineup EI he had an injury over the weekend they did bring Joe Mauer back but dear team that their bull pinned. Is it just array. And they're trying to figure out what moves they need to me all the. It's not been good at the plate he is based release and it's amazing it's ultima young's help the good Minnesota Twins pitching staff out is for is what they are the rules. The rules are situation. Re look at it it's minor moves its bowl then. Maybe at the shorter not a great urgency of this order though they continue to Travis would experience. And as far as the world's bullpen is concerned the fifteenth in baseball of the top Japanese. But they need that one you bring that hired last night on burns oppose can show somebody called in about brand name. Ready and have a degree year for the pot injuries. Relatively inexpensive he's under team control for couple more years Chu at a guy like that or like Sydney she. He rolled into that adhesion to the bullpen you have Mike Minor exhibited great year if you've got Jack which. More good than bad this year that you have a rare but if you had that one piece of he had minor. Brandy and Pitney Shaq go on tour Federer has been great in save situations non save situation is not so good. All of a sudden you heavy bullpen that's pretty formidable. It is of course we'll get to later but these that the talk about Judy Martinez and talk a lot more about that later John McCain. You spear jeans that he worked for fox sports Detroit news seeded Martinez well. Is Detroit's. The team we played today the rails or two and four against them which means this thing it owns the communities we talked Friday it was so important. This team game homes being straight and they start off. Have a winning holiday has always said so now. I said 73 would be optimal six and four you can deal with you almost just swept but if it's seven and three. Did you got one loss. To combine. Between the tigers and White Sox the book he's teams are very good we know that but the have winning records against Roy both these teams do. But we said Minnesota and when he gets royals but I. That a qualified but that's when the royals were playing bad that's when the royals could not hit right now there back to that hitting very well. And they're pitching to the plate right now is for reminiscent of the beginning of the year. There it is this is it is cable TV you Underwood I know he screwed it up Friday night but he did have a no hitter going for awhile. Duffy was being testing can you still lose. We feel we see Colin. Cole Hamels has when he wants streets were listening so that was agreed pitching duel in the yesterday. You got great pitching from Ian Kennedy. So once again you have the great pitching to go along with no hitting it's very reminiscent. For the royals how they started the season really started the second. Feel like we got a little bit lucky yesterday the identity advantages of a to defend your opportunities when they're presented to you. But a menacing here and say that I didn't have any faith. Put out was frustrated at the way things were going it. And steals you all lost the count the ball there in the signing at the end of that ball team that. You know he's the break he needed is the eggs exactly just what the brigade that's the that's the breaks still a lot of stuff I know and Oprah is charged with that they set. But that's the best of great that you need. It really was because. Who was right before tainted that struck out was it a board Fazio. Yes he struck out right before chain and I was like man. As it was still got a shot here locate some defined season I'm optimistic. When he popped it up to the outfield I cinemas of I said this is gonna go down as a missed opportunity the date immediately. You'd see bedie was struggle with the sun. Sue was solves Clinton you know. I could spot the misplayed the ball. And churn out that's outplayed out so you have to have to the course of all Major League Baseball season big you have to have some things go your way. And yesterday. That's how played out of the. And that way they wanted to be when they had great pitcher. It's what they needed to do so fresher it was Saturday you can chuck it up the well. In Mosul is you a story of a Duffy and Hamels for both feed it digital video won the war. Little blue that's what escorted from the Rangers Bolten Steve is the game Judy I know that did you hate when historical sought to bridge the way do any dusty it's. Like. SY win loss records you can't put too much into it because date does get tagged with the loss. Duffy was sensational on Saturday it was really good. That was not ward yelled. Putting an LY is vain but nonetheless the office to not support you've written some good pitchers. Clayton Kershaw all the new Cole Hamels as Yu Darvish. But the problem is that you're gonna find the post season if you make to the post season. You were going to be able yet to be. The best the best who Detroit in here. It is interesting it is it's ended the lost two out of three but still gain ground Cleveland. Yeah what is the vision. There's been times as you think they're getting just grab hold the vision but they've let the royals and twins thing around. The novels of the royals are in not so mowed the third by mode so it was part due to clean. You know being one of the interesting things about it too is the fact that when it comes to the royals in the next week and asked its day. There Bristol off days this team is playing all the way through next Thursday or is it next week is their necks all day so they're gonna be on the line for the next week and. Give them of his homes in some big wrote report Yelp. Royals have to go on the road for nine games and rose for the way it's imperative. We don't call for sweeps they got a new thinking in the sweep at. Least three out of four mean three out of four is necessary to this a team right now. All the trade rumors circled around. Early under everybody else change of scenery for him he's now have a great year but Detroit's problem is. Who's gonna buy this country. That's their real problem it's going to be a big market team that does it is nobody wants these contracts of early under introvert he's guaranteed piece they're gonna price at the part ways money. But the whole Detroit everything might Hewlett's been passed away this year or do you Mike village but he does he was spending money to tiger's always top foreign payroll. In all the sudden I mean it threw money at everything turned chase that she'd chip but you get to a point you Jason. In its towards please be. Other thing about the world's right now big is they have to get on or at least over the course of this homestand. String some wins together. Because they're not out of that. They're not out of it in terms of being sellers. At least I don't I don't know its usual body but I still like yes we can talk about them going out there and trying to acquire a minor piece. But let's say that the royals. Lose three out of four from Detroit. Yet to start reevaluating some things and saying that I want them to be sellers although I'm saying is I think that teams from Major League Baseball over the course of the next week. Or going to get realistic about the situation. Treadmill right now on treadmill. There are 500 illegal for the go backwards state more by the way he keeps bringing back the 2014. Which got swept forward after the all star break they were playing good baseball. Dayton Moore joins ran a fever Sunday. He made that comparison to 2014. In 2017. The one thing is they don't have the same Bolton that this was the stock. Lot of frustrated I do you remember. You remember loss and loss and we had the lead and I think. Yeah we kind of controlled that game Gomes hit a homer off downs late in the game and then you know we went on there. To lose and but I armor being extremely frustrated. At the time. Like here also X you know motivated. And there was some good things happening now I knew our players were very hungry and you just sit you try not to get you're too emotional about it in that will continue to believe in your players realizing that. They're each day it's it's a little different landscape of the game continues to change that. You know I just just try to remain as positive as possible and they and that's what we're we're where we are right now so long you know we'll see. Yeah I can't even relief I know that we can try to compare it. 2014 your bullpen was off the charts. Yet the best open a Major League Baseball and in fifteen so I can't made or draw the computers. It makes him Peterson is still ticker team three years ago book but that's that's that's a tough few Beers and make bullpen was is all the charts. There's something different about the Kansas City Chiefs this year than the last few at this time would tell you what the differences next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio Judy tickets dot com right now. Sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. As the voices be inserted here. Cause you pervasive. Feasibility of Lambert jousting. Pretty much all week long with the exception of Thursday. Gas and Orszag can't be here there's statement. As he has mentioned girls have a lot of games and aroused the show won't be on this week. But I had to be immunity that. UB nano does and this show would join us today at 1 o'clock so let's get a feel god to show is gonna be like this show. And down sort of is one of our favorite guys here and it seeks to end. You talk among hard working when it comes to somebody that's healthier yielded and get in a sound. That's sort. Always I call him he's everywhere he's man about town but sort. You Enron man don't had a good being dormant out like you guys is chemistry you guys is cracks me up everything for the fifty to execute it. And the best 59 seconds so it radio to ever be did you guys these so. Easy certain it was do and she spoke with Purdue does. Murder in near every night. A and if you do begin this year but then certainly looked on I haven't gotten that that confirmation from the Bosnia tax line is already asking about the Steve censorship of and is that a certificate adds up. I. What do they want and all but yes the deserted his ass if we are gonna bring this team inserted the patient this week as senate that I would show presence that we should seek to. I thought that. But. That decision needs to be made. By the show when he comes in at 1 o'clock I mean. Like he's gonna say now yeah exactly exactly SE's aegis. Wants to keep me down itself it was rolled down my vote yeah I. But my vote would be for. I'd get it out that'd take muscles bundle when I I I'd I would love to have that you are the sole. Ron his soul as say in all I forgot about it inspect. Talking about bed rock quality. Legally he is grown man but it's writing and it's nice you know it's unique to this old. Right we do in 45 seconds. It's. A different feel. This some. At least today. Did the last couple of years. What I mean by when he comes with the seats and what I mean by that is. Beer or something that the chiefs have had to deal with the last few seasons. That. Did not have. Having to deal with right now. And that is the franchise to. Any conversations a bottle long term contract. Remember for the last few years we've had those conversations of people have talked to David light. What's gonna happen would this Porsche did a ball term concert was gonna happen with the sports in the long term contract we in Cincinnati we talk about just in Houston. Beat up against a deadline o'clock got a deal done last year your theory they didn't get along until all term deal done. Did they eventually got his deal done a few months ago here this or pitcher. Back before he signed early kind of went down that he could beat me up and we are talking junk cleaner uber liberal the user bit is even ran. Read she added it's always there's always so there's always been something today's the deadline now what those guys that they're looking to get those long term deals. Late on bail is a name that everybody's talking about today as far as cousins is the big one that everybody's talking about. Because Kirk cousins. This'll be back to back years they even get the franchise tag. In at eight from what I heard from Adams shafted this morning reporting on ESPN he stated that this will be the fourth time. That the pot back into the off Testa tag being put on a player back to back it be the fourth time for quarterback. The that would occur. Why. Not a bad deal for 'cause the traders twice corporate it's ridiculous why Donovan he's that Washington thinking now. Just don't knowing that I ever don't have a quarterback did a deal adult court that you had to say that this dodger franchise guy just get a deal done. It makes absolutely no says they have committed problems but he said he's below but the thing about their commitment Robert that in the event. Answer the Redskins have commitment problems that you do I just it makes mills they always do with their head coaches. Now they have with their quarterback they have commitment issues like people have lot of guys that commitment issues Redskins teams like dudes man commitment. I'd I I just don't understand what's going on with with Washington but beyond that. It is a different feel for the seeds because they've had to deal with all this conversation leading up to trade up TR. The job up to this franchise tag deadline. A body stay us dating a guy or not sending you got in the you have guys levels out the for a couple weeks trying to get it and finally salt. There is not going to be any of that this year everybody is what you would think everybody is gonna be on the same page vote tally to say Joseph and there's not going to be any distract. Which is funny because what's the irony this whole situation. GM made it easier. Which by the way his press conferences next week which go read the actually talk but Depp there's OJ. There's not really pressing issue for the steam and as you say which is nice we gotta have the house in order so to speak for the sheared off focusing on the team. Going forward that you don't have any of those. Story lines outside of the team on the field which agreed that once they get the GM press conference out of the way it's business as usual. Out to be out of Venice press coverage already we're not waiting. Because by the way did she show up to stay Joseph the rookies in quarterback next week the same data Brent Dietz talks here. Should have anything in Europe and new deals to be worked out which to be honest with you this is perfect read the it's a great switch situation to go into clean slate. You don't hear these lingering issues like you and they're talking about that would cost problems. You're in the midst of the transition between GM's get a player's contract you need to worry about. But he did have to worry about any that it really clean slate going forward the red beaches could be inching CEO responds. Evidently it's a it's a great thing for G. About his role with the chiefs a perfect it is. You got your quarterback of the future that I am sure he was on board with three would be the GM at this point. Fear court at the future head coach is locked up the new contract and there's no price yet very side you've got used to sign there's not that pressing issue was before the she would get on top of the before that. To Vietnam we see today again. But he is the next one we think about going out there in giving a big contrary to. But easy they pick up the option if your option imports and don't worry about it right now but that is the one thing that's out there but it's released so insignificant we don't know. Would the Ford is at this point it's the ideal situation. For the GM to move into. The it just seems like the rules have been reversed here date because in years past has been a lot of conversation leading up to via. To the deadline in terms O bought the franchise tag any contract situations. Beer was more talk. This year about who was an old T gates were talking about this time this year they're about that that's always been switched up. Nobody's gonna hold now I don't think Peters is open all the victims but there. I said before this is next issue I think more speeders through that's going to be the big one for britney's home or will this hit it. This is going to be interesting because the way that things at play golf with the seats. This is what most likely lap. This anti lock that the seeds of that. You don't end up having a must a year this year. Before. And then he'll did did that puts to a two up on a specific position we're electing him do we have to overpaid CD four other. I think he becomes more an issue next year because since they picked up the option. It's for 2018 so after 2000 so it's this season and then after next season so we still have another year of the four. So he's technically still getting for two more years seventeen and eighteen but next off seasons when you're at the start really working on him because they picked up that option but that the. That goes to my point Darnell. The weight we'd been working on things is always your hunting. So it needs to be your head with before the work on an Aussie dollar contract for eighteen I. I understand it. Yes people will be negotiation odd negotiating for different deal that next year or end of this year if you as a breakout year. That's my point arc is Peter is me way too early on companies and you'll be able to be way too early technically to get ahead. For Marcus Peters. It bought just Peters has yet this year like he did the last 20. Eagles saw an extension or is Peter Pan that's how it works. Ports Peters going to be the next big problem. It will be interesting to see what Brett beats does moving forward because yeah he has said John Dorsey was kind of behind on all the things he waited too long. And luckily they didn't get into a situation there Redskins are in right now with Kirk cousins they were able to assign all those guys but it was coming off a monster years where you had to pay them. More than you wanted to Dorsey cost of over thirty million dollars because the Houston deal and very deal because he waited custom 22 million. It to be on the would tumble the because they had to wait and see on before that's what Tom a league can get their money. You know he's got this contract you can even cutting he's still the money so Dorsey technically thirty million dollars. He screwed up or what she does what he's gone. Is incredible talent evaluated Contra thing that is the there are rumors that a big back to be coming to Kansas City and add some massive power to the line. We'll tell you folks are talking about next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Yeah anybody. And when you. The home. And. Locate soda. This week ousted out of the case with the family. He needed vacations to cancel. The next on that we see which tells you will be Saturday. Expanding what. He beat number of the banks got a short week too he's got to prepare for the wedding he's any short Guzman. These two weighing the drive to dean tomorrow and maybe Wednesday in the eighties are any Matthews on. Get married on Saturday. So I easily gets back from getting my back today at least as. Don't get married how critical these guys even though highs or get married and we did wouldn't agree to idea but. July is when you marry. Not a lot going on the red porch drinking and sooner than interference with. Missing training camp getting married if you're going to get married typically a dilution during during the all star break. That we can there but. Can always pick what I want to thumb my marriage but again credit they're doing with perfect I'm supposed to go to a wedding in Colorado. Like. A week after football season starts and the wedding is on at sun nugget you're going. I'd get so I'm not happy about it though third that you. So gonna say oh. I. Might get in the McCartney bid I'm not happy about it. It greater global wealth is that. Should Colorado is that it usually big those things that in this game. I'm getting getting married on a Sunday Easter itself banquet I can have he's an eye out. Obviously you do not give Mary Nichols and I digress basically been through this a million times everybody JG me in the summer. Ebert on Friday evening or Saturday you don't best wrote the NFL and I give them culpable guys allegedly disappeared on Friday. And we delivered on Monday when didn't get married man. I'm just say it let spoofable whose I would Hamid have you rather. How many people get married and. Among the what summit that's gonna. But very weird. It if somebody. You can't make. Don't siding beautiful cities are you get Jim practicing with the games or chicken your in this lineup again it's I'd appreciate it he's got a tuxedo on it if if if I have if you had to pick between going to a waiting on a Saturday or Sunday which when you pick. Saturday of course of course and huge coach global peninsula who pleads though Dublin we want to open to question. It. Null Saturdays on a guided offer I would much sadness college football or we will Cornett miss what's going on in the NFL of course who. If you rough too it's nice culpable see you sort of you know well you hope happens for for Brinkley. Because he's so animated about this I hope to bolt his daughters get married on Saturday in the fall that's not gonna happen. There's. I don't know to Bristol bought it out. And odds they basically on this daughters get me on all all. All Saturday they want money for now all right I'm not tired he told my friend my I'm not going to be a good casting your wedding because I'm gonna be mad that it's Sunday in the and I had to go to college at a go to that if you're not the best millions sort of I would. You are you in the wedding party not a skip a nun is issued India were I had is birdied. It's like a resort it's pretty nice they're does look fine but it just right after football sees its would July's four. All right paint. There's rumors that are going to be flying around in Major League Baseball all the way up to July 31. Which is not this coming weekend but the following week end but already there's a big time all big name back. It has been rumored to possibly. Being attacked city Kansas City Royals it could be some interest from Casey. All of this name a bit of favor of this guy this is a gag it's the old men. Augusta Hilton. He's a resurrection project. Houston gave up on a peg JD Martinez you didn't give up barricades city had some interest in GD Martinez wants Houston gave up. He was stumbling around with use its first year six home runs like 28. No doubt that. His next year eleven home runs he hit 241. Of the I'm shocked they covered this this guy is and he's the bigger than Detroit takes him so they they cut the court too so we'll see you in 201443. Home runs 76 ribs. 139 hits or important completed her nose and also in a year he was the next year is best year 38 home runs. A 102 RBIs. It in 2016. He had 22 home runs. But every hurting so it's city every broke his elbow it's that you get them fortunately you know it's one of those guys is injury prone to gets injured squabbles get. He gets would you hurt as he tries to party broke zobel. It's the ball missed like a month and it still bit when he threw home this year he missed the first month he actually didn't play thome tweak that this year. These are on the 25 this year because the Arab Spring. But he birdie at sixteen home runs Libyans and keep in mind he's I don't think he's injury prone he's had bad luck but this year Judy Martinez. Is a guy it's actually. Me EEB will the world look important that he be exactly what the royals look reportedly told me twelve this year but nick for a of the Boston Globe. He puts out called. Well baseball notes. And it works for the globe he's kind of a national writer Betty it's a big time newspapers you can have. He came with a red sought out out out of just the boss and yeah he's he covers a lot of this stuff. Get some run in will be trade rumors back comments great website go there all the time in a lot of people around the league do so. It's not just some hack writing it's him putting it out here to put this it is baseball notes this week. Judy Martinez right fielder tigers cardinals Dodgers and royals seem to be the favorites to win Martinez and again. Why did doctors. Outfielders that. From Los Angeles Dodgers I just don't see. And eat Evernote and the rich get richer than just what they do the cardinals you have and the cardinals really contender. I mean who knows you look at the speed innings no all the cards on the contenders right now St. Louis Cardinals. They are seven irks me six and a half games back from the central. In you know what that's one of those things will be better when the central because you know at the wild cards. You the Diamondbacks the Rockies the cardinals are seven halfback and while there further back in the wild card not a good situation then there's the royals. A team they can use again like Judy Martinez but he linked the royals films is the first time we've seen a power hitter linked to the royal. Any contracts that Regis either but they namely trade rumors picked up Fortis peace and they added to it. He said the cardinals Dodgers royals seemed to be the leading to be leading the chase for the tigers. I will say this Iraqis are in this picture tube once and Iraqis are stacked at their two's I don't see it. He's an account trickier. In according to forgo the Roy in this would be added. He's he's slash line gets royals 29379602. With fourteen home runs. In 219 plate appearances. This year eleven point 75 million is what he makes. Right now but he's a guy they could add to the offense now that he's been again detergent that. He became here two birds with one stone to Judy Martinez threw me some big bat and shoots the bad they need aid he's nowhere near realizes potentially just as. Do you like trading in the division. I don't that's that's the biggest drawback for me but. Twitch of the weird deal in other words this week did you store. Is they can't unload anybody JD is 49 years old who's an hour prime for a lot of guys. It is incredibly rare. For a team to trade within the division but Detroit isn't a different situation. Been mostly they have to unload. Contracts those eleven point 75 as what he's making this year so Detroit will already paid for most of these and and for free agent you get some. You talk legitimately prospects for the royals as a rental it's just a month at the deal. And who knows of role models I'm Zain it's. This is a big piece prospect move for Judy Martinez even at the trade deadline but. What the good news is I don't did you get what can tonic guy. I wanna double what it traced I'll mud this money and why there's. I don't know what you have to give up his here's the thing if you qualified look at cantata straight cup. To their top two prospects but he's under team control the next three years that's different city Martinez is 100% Iran a player. Because easy he's just like with the royals are going to be last I last year's contract you may not have to give up. Rule monthly somebody like dead babies JG minister knicks build summit we don't know what it would mean we've seen. This type of situation for guided his inept in control that's the big they've getting control he command a lot more but I don't think they get all the war. Yup global asset Johnny came from fox on gay destroyed in about twenty minutes when he joins us at the top of the hour at 11 o'clock. Did the bar ball over estimate his son's appeal it already starting to backtrack we get to that next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. I guess it did a particular in total to sixty in sports. That's right the jazz times says. It's back at 11 o'clock. Be listening union. For the total. Basically they've inserted here. On six there's portrait of success or atomic yes that was an actual law. That was actual audio from when the person one. Right here on sixth it a thousand bucks Brinkley I can use a thousand dollars on pretty sheets while he's a 1002 I know this sort absolutely. Could use a thousand dollars would deal with the new ride at yes yes it at a thousand dollars. Go along way is Ramirez a two to be your trip to Fayetteville Barack let's Saturday. It you'll pocketbooks pretty good those good Iowa here in another week or so the contaminated there's a wife to bought this extortion they'll. And India meet a units elements he goes back tomorrow I might. Actually or maybe nine hits I use is as being of like a week and you talk a true story she ticks me. What does that notable or in Little Rock last week. Here's where you. That. It's a million things I do to get away with this disease he receipts there said amid Little Rock. Q why they value in Little Rock. Drinking beer I do think that went over. I think that would over. We dual ending in Little Rock sincerity beer when you project that is exactly like that of which Saudi laws. And Alan shouldn't care about. At the idea obviously not your chances were there yet so the men are console I even read our missile Barack. I bet the boss or am by his washer might answer eats older is going to let. Its overhead deal. Any business and it was a little cell phone companies that was that their slogan McDermott it was tumors on I can't meet with the way UN HU. When you. So you're wise Suze I wish UN. He liked the little regret it's at drink. Re drinking bear it as local stands for nearly. Little. Paula no idea what the hell are you doing. I don't know I find it there was no LO wells or smiley faces either. Suited. New mood g.'s suit the tongue countered that amputees. Are you having she just wouldn't the text. Is hoping for a ia mode. Have fun little tears and what it glasses and what does champagne bottle emerged what a young whenever today one never dogged UP I get a middle finger moved. IB dome. It did say what they want about the NBA. The one of the biggest stories. In sports the last couple weeks. Has been the summer of I don't think that most people anticipated that the NBA summer league it was going to draw as much attention as it has what it hats. People are paid tens of people will watch it people will be watching tonight we beat LA lakers and lines a ball on the showcase debut in the championship of the NBA some. He's hurt right now hopefully pleased that I report but there is still lingering calf injury to what he did he didn't write he did play it last night and he did the play at first at eighty ease look at the play tonight that OK so it's tonight. I heard vesco say that he used argues there this weekend. In these kids that someone would start to do it for fourteen years the link that we don't talk about it. The new issue of review for what five years. From. We just completed four okay. Great summer league. Yours we talked about summer league in the summer but a briefly mentioned then maybe briefly not legal brief them about maybe one day. We talked about Indy summer league every day for the last week because not because of Alonso ball thank you. And of our ball this way what's Ian cargo last week as the way the NBA needs the bank. The balls. This interesting to meego. Because I think that I mean you brought this up to Ryan Ryan did but the agree with us but I do feel like we'll fall ball. Is backtracking on so many things going on with big ball break. Now this week what ended up happening what doll Alonso. Was that Alonso ball in that winning Nike shoes for game. He wore from a deed is. The James Harden is that that he ward he more than be CoBiz one day the what do James Harden did that. He wore just recently wore the stuff curry he did where the big bowlers or get a double the first years were scheme that he had a triple double actually wearing the ball. Yup yup so he so he's he's he's war every three. Realistically. A lot of the major shoes out. Was people saying whoa hold on and mrs. House is good for the big bald. Which I'm in the camp I have one of those individuals double sit here and say right now I don't understand how this helps out the big ball LaBrandon. Over roll how it impacts the big ball of ran you think it would have a negative impact because if he's put knowledge whenever she wants. Why do you think that people gonna gravitate towards the big all the brain just don't understand it. Will this bar ball had to say he said. It's making a statement to the brands. Of what they could have had with an open mind. The players all the brand ambassadors the brand is nothing. With all the players now I will say this. I do. Agree slightly with his assessment about the buoyant in the players because. The big time sue companies. They need the big time athletes that are playing at their best to help promote the product suggestions you absolutely need the players. I just don't hit the utilization of every single shoe right shoe company daddy's going out here now. He was asked whether you're still a chance for big Hugh Grant to sign his son and this will bar had a site. If the price is right. Quite frankly we are officially in this two game at our billion dollar brand. Either way or all you're not a billion dollar brand of marble you're just not. And then number two. I guess my question will be. Is he officially backtracking at this point when it comes to talking to bow. Possibly doing the deal with another shoe company is sick and I had a shoot duke lost to deal done. A month ago or two months ago. Dating get that done. I think that he over estimated. His at least in an epic over estimated Monfils appeal. Egypt did tool we too fast he can state of the the apparel. The apparel side issue contract. That what's shoe contracts don't see where York. It do some studies don't just sit there and come out shoes before you played him. Studies and he's getting years and years and years of technology and training tape to get issues. Exactly right it's what they've been doing forever. If it's the real that's what they do Els and big org each awaited report still living apparel constructed or if elected. If Nike will let you were the apparel and surely would. Figured he they would but this they should have you know they they should have been able to do habit he tried to pass was too it was too fast but. This I don't know if you guys agree on this this an issue. Months old ball is wearing other shoes outside of baseball program. People that purchase big ball a brand shoes for 495 dollars. They have even got this fusion banquet. Bill soon they'll sit till the old member of the 23. Exact address of social sew it up all the shoe is also he's not wearing an issue anymore. Unlike what's. What do we do suck it. Bodman also your radio shows that I support to show wearing staff Curry's and and lasts and insular and was it Jordan. Jordan and he. Is worrying Jordan 31 Snickers. I don't I don't get any Leo I know that he is does some good job marketing it and putting the brand out there I just don't get what this Pacific. Me here is there a question if the haves and the snow. Buddy and business who went. Think about the millions of dollars it costs themselves. But I getting these huge contract early a little bit better sign when Nike selected the interest that would draw on new tinker has been forever be just that Contra Cologne. Routine cure alls Brothers the miners have stroke exact route taken care of everybody just where they deal. Start you Earl go to issues cited short you'll ninety that's too undersized shortly he'll work on issues future product ready. And then gradually release your product and have won those which don't. The bigger kick that he switched. To the big Bulgarians. If you like specifications of them three years in leaguer for recently switched to them will say this does us the rob Parker from fox sports is that you like. And if you're not where you and I drew without paying 500 bucks for shoes if you were a work. I don't say this though there is a unique. Things see him doing it straight out of house. That that was best the best part the appeal being is that he's doing it does if he does this. For years into Italy. It's not different it would Stephon Marbury did it with the next staff did it with the knicks. Like after he had went to a couple of different teams he says and I do my own shoes would with Steve and Barry's is the name a place but they all at all. I don't not the idea but I do not defect he's already kind of backtracking and a son has even played his first official NBA game. I the Detroit Tigers are back in town and we can't tell with the guy who knows them all too well and the royals also. It's Johnny came with fox sports Detroit in just two minutes next.