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Monday, July 17th

The guys open up hour number 2 with Johnny Kane of Fox Sports Detroit to talk about the rumors circulating of J.D. Martinez and the Royals interest. There is a 9 year old prospect named Nico Primus (fantastic name) who is the topped rated 9 year old basketball prospect in the world and his mom is not interested in being Lavar Ball. Also, Tom Brady and Gisele are the elite of the elite when it comes to celebrity status but there's some clubs even they can't get into. 


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I thank you basically game and certainly here in four times tells you your sixers portrait of success sports. Dot com our next guest. As a friend of the show weakness in Munich in a city I actually missed off until bought at the derby horses in. Giving in the past performances so we can talk about you talk Portugal and we like talk horse racing but when the cell. Anything he still the galway where the phone call away SE Johnny. From time to time in the tiger duel with town that fox sports Detroit. Is we're Johnny came resides. BT's Dresser this year is always perfect. The shoes can even Mitchell international law Johnny Cain joins us now from Auburn the tigers took Johnny. You mean to you. All. The ads are all nice but. Oh. It. That the vote. So. He JW one Johnny. Eased in apple I think you were here for fourteen write the playoff for an import. Yeah yeah. Well yeah. The critical of the crew advocate game seven World Series for CNET dot I hope that a child juvenile champion. And you know go do it for the current. Good job in Detroit and of course that it is oil blah. Technology. It could become the jet engine per day so. People. It is almost as close as you'll ever get to covering a World Series again and that your Troy. It's. Just be honest with you may have a just you know. Led to JD Martinez. Love the got the guys a man she's a great story. The tees on last year of the contract with the tigers. Nick affordable with the boss the global was the set Sunday baseball notes it there's usually something to him he is then throw things out there. The stick on the wall in he admits the Rockies but it Iraqis have been interest in GD in the cardinals and Dodgers. It is what he has the royals seem like you most logical team. At that group but my question you Johnny is why would Detroit be willing to trade the vision or is this is complete made big news. Well let's I think I came on Jay before what I've heard and again so speculative at this point and they will catch. You know look at a little brief them what's cool about it and on the diamond well we're big on JP you know Republican you know. That are out there as well. You know without that Uga Uga Uga if you wherever else well and is going to be to beat McCain said he you know but the people future. But that Abiola to get a book again and go to the best package even relatives within division I think yet strike while the and you know the charts and a precarious spot you know and you're you know 78 games under five watermark the gains are a bit. You just take the best deal on the table and I think if that would can't get out of that then that may view it that. That's anatomy and that there are part about being in the profession should be banned it yeah because here Albie. If possible scenarios and what units are you know what we're about to get return trip. It it shakes out we'll tell you. You know our government Judy Martinez and you guys I don't think it would only because we know I'll. You know you don't relationship with the guys and article about the and I know I've got to think that that you turn through but. Urging Latinos is one of my favorite guys govern Detroit you mentioned Eliot that degree doors. If you do that I think anything that were to get well I think Detroit beat that it's been dealt with anything that would get him. At 29 years old with his production. I think he would become an immediate fan favorite just because they're trying to that he would argue about though. And he said he thought it's all about to like he's right now. No right in the thick of yes some good productive years. HO LS than the tigers are there on the Japanese city this Judy Martinez and you do a lot of interviews he's always willing to do them. And you spoke highly of him because. Typically do is it would big more disease that in the clubhouse Judy Martinez sounds to me is all the things you've said about him. Seems like yeah that would fit in the clubhouse being guy that the players discover a grass but nothing too is. It is his fault I look at guys that are injured a lot which DD has been. It broke deal blow in the in the spring football for the season. I'd look at those is aggressive plea injuries I don't think he's injury prone he just hit some bad luck it seems like to me. Yes I think particulate and look at it on paper you could tailgate point nine all of on the contract. Spending. You know what happened Libya last year open seat that John DO. Paper and then what you got out Caleb you know you get after I mean he doesn't take place what you like that you know. He doesn't degrade you not government that gains speed guy in front range in the outfield. But they've got people. For the tigers. And you know the concern about the injury. You know how it all call when you're going to be can do it in and out of the target without pay anyway but yesterday it was again Q and as. A tight ball game. You know Judy Martinez. You know all the late in the game and scored position and company no doubt about it but he can. Thank. You know. Any application that was on the viewing of the despite injuries and yeah these I think that. Talking to Johnny came with our sports Detroit here on the base of late debate. 41 and 49 that is the record for the Detroit Tigers I thought that the other team's going to be better than the record. Is right now mom appreciated everybody Detroit probably suited the same thing in you as well so it was in the biggest surprise from a negative perspective. In terms of looking at the ball club this year and what they've not been able to accomplish. What you are copper and even. But he certainly you know. Question you get bored. You know pick up the story line delighted that it matters and in no alternates are and I'll double you. You offer for Detroit. Inaudible and concern it's gonna conduct this April ought and that's an issue. But it's not just like the ending late in the starting pitching concern as well. Michael formerly been. It's about you know all there are about to refute your campaign. The rotation drug that has been they can get from Washington with a great guy you know yet stressed there. We pitch well out Blackberry you know but unable to go back at the same as the court then. Just Berliner court very consistent for the most are. And Daniel more heat on them. On the deal and now. That you Boyd added sense of Toledo go starting pitching Abbott then. The biggest concern I would say you know one of the biggest concern for the value and offensively. You get someone recognizes that you wanna match. You know. Just because and it's just the fact what it did it affect like that that you know can you had aging veterans not thinking about stupid ballplayers but. You have diminished still and sometimes and you don't wanna believe that. You know a strike would you watch you know Michael Jordan but compute in Washington yeah it's. Well you know but he and so everybody because you have diminished skills that educate and I think you're seeing now with the core of the tigers. You know from the aging veteran players so they're now market with a quantity of basketball are. But I think the biggest thing and that is understanding that that window with this Courtney and Leah. Players Cabrera Victor Martinez Justin Verlander you know that. That that window's probably closing slightly in the world do not. Get and decide you don't think you'll make it Roger W. By Tate Taylor John NC front page of ESPN's Deb pictures JD Martina has been talking about which pieces. Informant Nielsen shall stay employed when we're watching this we seek in town a lead from the White Sox to the cubs in the white the White Sox. A building for the future I know clearly what their identity is. Is they all the with the eat is it trade in the India in it for sale trader building for the future. In Detroit I'm having a hard time figured out I know it seemed foreign leaders thing going around there even people talked about Cabrera but. Detroit did they really have a ton of players that are so untreatable. Their Genesis stay with them because their concerts are so big. Well I mean honestly like the biggest trade chip they have right now Justin welcome reliever. And that you know the market definitely that you now but not the Obama spoke you think you can get sort of archer looked like an Earl Jett and now. So loving what you're looking at them you know JD probably tradition analyzes his caddie get your. Yeah an opportunity to get something in return. Get an everyday. It just wasn't immediately or. Leave it like. You know. I've heard that can't Miguel Cabrera and an ability as their favorite topic anybody on such they don't want guys. You know the one you probably want to continue to. Is Michael all you know if you young ace. Because if you pick yet control for the next five years so I mean I think he's so that the all caught up like uncle all the kids there is interest and actually. You know according to source. From in my JP Groce. It's said he ducked when his sources to believe that the truck actually offered the tigers similar package. You did tiger is like all it did struggle. I don't forget. On the job getting you know an adult. It's dark that was accords are sociable JP. And and you don't insult. You know I think you'd like to call on them like all of these other bigger object who's gonna take you know. Cabrera at seven you take Victor Martinez yeah salaries you know just in Berlin at the Mike Vick. What what to do it everybody. The structure that would just get good young players will go. You know and. Bit I wish he would treated former under the sea humanities in economy that's just me. Dedicating fox sports Detroit all of along on Twitter for bit Il central news. Regarding that ball club are joining we'll see you later may take chairman would argue later. Yeah great talking to get back to Aetna. Are joining their embody by the way Judy Martinez were left handed hitting that 500. I started 36 plate appearances eighteen hits six home runs off lefty. He's 65 gets he's hitting 500. All platoon pitching this year. And it's not that the asset that are not bad at all. All right a lot of times who wanna blame athletes. The and we want to blame the athletes' parents. But sometimes it's neither. And it's actually us we discuss example of that next. Studio sixty in sports media will do pretty tickets dot com right now. Sixty in a particular using promo code sixty in sports. I invasive pain now. Sixers forced windows X of course that job. The return of Anheuser today on the rise. Is back with. See dad staining. And standings and baby daddy getting married this coming week and all of it is about time and all of you that. What about timing. They've been married than nightmare and exactly forgot who is talking through their permit me that it. You can't rush to get things get a certain like younger yet. I know future plans to get married any time sin. I enjoy my life the way it is right now penalties or you are young except houses by the sales policies to alleviate it. Is Tony says when your birthday. September 7. The temperament like me I think that's. The first regular season game the NFL yet but he played patriots on my birthday. We need to be here now you don't need to be there. I really wanna go to Dallas actually see them play the cowboys in the mark and and wryly. You don't the data's on an inside look at the back doubts and it's in November the double check. How would my England to Dallas in November. This is unfortunate. That we've come to discs in our society. And I know that a lot of times will blame parents. And get upset with with things that parents do. And I did it we have a lot of out of control helicopter appears. All over the country we have athletes. Gain that are out of control. A lot of tops. But I think that there is. Another thing that we have to address it is how we. Deal with athletes. Today. It has to do with it a young man by the name of meet all primus gained legal privacy was featured in the Washington Post this past week. There's also story about him in the big lead a big lead dot com. Nickel primus is nine years old. He's at nine year old basketball player and he's receiving all. Kinds. Of K but now. The lead. For the story about him and his mother all the big league. States this. Meet the anti the bar ball Michelle Monday. Mom to the number 19 year old in the country date so basically they cannot they don't want an economic compare and contrast. The styles between in the bar ball how the parents of markets his kids as the polls to miss Monday. This is what she state okay. When it was brought up to her about the big ball brand all the stuff. I don't ever want to be like Lavar ball. I don't ross' at all my son so no one else is going to profit off my son. Once that people pay for something or did something for free that they are going to expect something in the future. My son is it going to owe anyone. Anything. You know what. Those and I swore I respect that. I don't I don't. Respectable ball. Because I think that he racist is the right way for what it from the information that we have what like his style in terms of him being outlook well. The best to stop me he didn't beat you you don't say do you. Beat holy water it's not a big personality easy to talk loud gets reported Roslyn fives digger thing. There's a lot of loud talkers out there I can get loud and time Stephen A Smith can be Lotta times on this show to Gilad. Lock him to be locked Wednesday. It. How would you actually parenting. This updated I know for information that we have right now boulevard ball based it sold him to be a bad here or is on this Monday. She stated this in this is what really call mom on. She was recently contacted by aids it offering to be Eackles mental. He dangled his connection with under armour is stressed that he wasn't asking for anything number term. She decline and has told multiple media on middle schools and high schools as he isn't ready to talk about scholarships. 88 teams have offered to fly need go to tournaments and told one DC wouldn't have to pay for travel or tournament tees and again she said no. Monday did not want to use the names of those who have odd time to do her body dole. Word that they can hold it producer's son in the future. The Washington polls was shown texts and emails to confirmed interactions. C describe. I don't not this mother. For what she's doing and protecting her child he's nine years old. This is my issue. What in the world are we doing in our world today. Will we all are. I don't analytical harassing. Well we were over. Offering scholarships. And we're giving the world. To a nine Euro. This is how we mess up junkets. Is what we do stuff like office. And did we wonder why at the age of 141516. Or would apple by the time the beer in their late teens the they're screwed up in the because we've we feel their hands with all this BS. And expectations. And it's crows about long term bank. That Jesse issue that I have I applaud this mother and how she she's like you all know Mikey is nine. I want him to be a kid I don't want him getting caught up into all this stuff what people advertise and recruit him advice on showered with gifts though I and his mother. Let me do the gift giving. I applaud her for that. But this that's the reason why I say. You know we can talk about here it's what they do or don't do with it talk about athletes and what they do or don't do but how about us. We take part in Messi does some of these kids on the way as well and it's unfortunate. How about Egypt as he said under. That's crazy manual boot that anything returned the kick ass for being overturned could be a violation they aged. At age it was offered to be is mental yet they're connected to an arm. But the team did a that your return exuberant real ability I don't have a high schools different states do to beat. Is it this way the NBA but what that might be done but at times kids there exacted. That was built would you be five form that was a low angle here. The football team ought to on the street that does some old that's what's in a vessel brought out the Spanish north let's try to shoot it to give them back at it. Or urged the players forum. For what if they've been used to charge lower form but yet they had to be picked Bronson fish or machine nor basketball shoes after their. State team should win and that message to him as well the couldn't do. Think about this is receive nineteen year old eleven year olds. Late kip. It's not the only one just use him as an example he gives scholarship offers. Two kids there middles. This kid before admirals what they at this point. He's got a one do a lot of coaches who go out there offer scholarships to kids and young made this bomb. Has your head right this horrible is an interesting. Is that it's been way how to deal with success. Tuesday it means a litmus that. People say we don't want to be the next one or ball. Which I get that on some respect you look at it babies get human is it a ton of attention. This work for everybody we're talking at the summer league now because of the way he's doing he's marketing his kid. It will find that he is a span of like your deed is the latest in a lot of money bull look at that in the example. That's extremely well bores you extreme. It is different taught her to be part of it last though we did these when I make it come back and in a minor league football. This dad was the one neighbor even ice or whatever once it was extreme example. Tiger Woods in extreme example with the Earl Woods the kind of pressure he put on him. There's all of these examples the choose from how you wanna go out in in do or be apparent problems that your kid. Is the stuff I mean we have somebody here in the building co worker Brittany. His fiancee is so. Big time baseball prospect. Who could be drafted high in Italy based. Still high school. They have to go to these type of decisions will review how we grumble or we do if this is gonna go pro Ian eagle college. If so many more alternatives. Than just the old simple math and have a kid you sit in the college Eagles pro whatever it is. It's a new day and age when in doubt your kids are being scouted set such a young age you don't know what to do or how to handle. You know faults on the 8169. Is like a third and fourth grader that's just wrong. I just think that as well this standpoint that. You hate when young people get taken advantage of and I think that when people offering up all three started associated. I think that they're trying to put him in a position where they're gonna take advantage of him. Later on in life in it that some fourteen you don't wanna see that I'm glad the parent step and then. This'll for the it was six only black people to be about a guest though I was citing examples of people that just came to the top Obama and I just wanna say the beat Lotta news debate as to bailout. On our honey boo can be loud and not on any blue Obama soon the moment you can get both of targeting laugh out anybody can be now but those are just examples out bottom right away. But I just. I hate CNET when he comes to. I'm often able (%expletive) up about moments you know it's it's in the entertainment realm but it's essentially just pleasure it be careful. All child actors child actors for the right fine. Mania. I know the success that there's at least at least a year they have a lot of issues good track record is. They get screwed up on yeah I mean a lot of child actors I mean you could say child athletes wind up being messed up sometimes I kind of respect what this mom is doing but. I've been very vocal about bashing Lavar ball in the way he's treated this entire thing but. I after sitting back and look at you kind of have to respect what he's doing because Alonso is audio perspective I mean a lot it was maybe the most talked about Rickey since Le Brock. Like just specifically because of what his Father's Day. And and I he's been playing really well on the suddenly he's been fantastic is a rookie. No one ever got a target on nightly basketball though so he's getting more attention and mark helpful to was the actual number one pick. Outwit you a Wiki I just I applaud his mother for what she's doing because she does not wanna see your son. Com. Be used. By people that do not have is I mean really at his best interest at our. They don't. An agent. Is opposed to her son at nine. Alone third fourth third. Goodness that beds. Sprees. At slippery. I tell most of us like to be a part of exclusive clubs and everybody likes the feel special but how far are you willing to dull. Will address one particular story next. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Why. There. I. I want blue and. Yeah. And by backing the basis really conservative. Here on Simpson. I saw this story initially Ellis it was late late Friday night in the new blood up to me yesterday evening. We want to discuss it. It just an on Slobodan weird. How this plays out with Tom Brady and Gisele. And then beaten. Trying to be a part of all this exclusive golf club near their home. It's so we are still worried that Gisele and Tom Brady of all people. On planet or. Would have issues. Eating into. An exclusive club I don't understand. Sergio much but he make how good you are. And a supermodel wife in which unit of man. It was how exclusive. Of club do you have. What you do even wanna be yen said club. They try to do the million dollar mansion used in today's rate nexus club. That their mates in his right there for their near the property. There membership ended for years. Two years I've had several champion greatest ever supermodel wife we did two years. To get into this golf and tennis club not two weeks and months to years. For Tom Brady and Gisele. I don't understand this. I really don't owed told the screw up at some point. Third your uncle Tom Brady club. What club. There's not a clone of the. Talk to you circled that I'll wait two years to get into. A guy like. UH he's into Augusta National course and it's definitely for that one to forgive him but. I'd wait years forgot I'm not I'm not I mean I'm not call for collective soul. Oh when I talk about it just a national this is the country club in Boston 32 years in the lifetime. You SOA suite your Google I'm. Old course yourself of course nine C east is somewhere else. I would now wait two years old it would Jim the coach called her to get into anyway. We hear the stories without much credit union candidate yet but not disassembled. It what's the greatest ever and supermodel wife the it didn't look so yes the average Joseph Brinkley. Org or longer for the average Joseph would talk about Tom Brady and Gisele. I don't know there's is there any club in the world that they should not allowed into. Two years. 20 years. There's got the club properly training get them join it and if their house breaker in the bottle I'd be walking into that club typically. With that with a couple like this you say you know all. You don't will be happy to have you on tumbled to lie to the front line because you know. The having them as members. Cells that club either more. Why make them wait two years is is my attacks and says in the Roman exclusive clubs the two players vs owners. People in some of these have to be billions in billions and the granted it's probably right people in this club obviously have tons of money a zillion billionaires. In this country concert I wanted to people club. You're the guy with the suborning. He breeze hole in these any supermodel wife yet gathered it in for effect I'm Gordon asked when they wanted to. It's raised the profile your club at our Britney does well. He's ought to be the greatest quarterback to ever play. Can't wait to get Kagan club man there were two years. I must be one hell exclusive club. That this is estimated the rest of membership if you if your make and Tom Brady is a week two years. This is mind blowing. It is really is man. You don't. There are certain people in this country. And sing it it's it should be this way but is this how the world works. Would you are so led the Woodard athlete. You get the best of the best. And you cut the line. What does go to. Set it to go to clubs to rest once. You can wait outside. No no telling on your approach. Come to the one at the nightclub knew they want these guys to be either the reads the profiler point. I just. Aren't what Zell walker I'd love to seeing how love to see. What goals on this. Every curious. A case as the club found in 1882. Incest not to deal. Offers a bevy of impressive amenities to golf courses indoor and outdoor tennis courts. A curling ring. And Olympic size pool. Trails for cross country skiing and upon for ice data. The club and strains which FO CUS opens in the Ryder Cup and the pass. And race is one of the country's best golf courses have a somewhat discriminatory background. Not allowing women. Until 1989. Or blacks. Until 1994. Sees. A unit quarterbacks supermodels of who took more on good. I'm I'm good and we we do some breaking news from the National Football League. We thought it was something that. John Dorsey. Was relieved of his duties a couple of weeks ago. He's not the only one in the Carolina Panthers and wired they're G. How about that as those big big trade at SARS takes weeks. But it relieving that geo all of his duties all week before training camp. As awaiting a little too long. Now. It's again it's a good thing Debra beach get as well like decide what they call John Dorsey. I think they're clearly topping out the chiefs of Brett beach was still here he wasn't what they got the GM. When elevated. Ridiculous because the vehicle Brett in my book or would it might acquire. Only dorsett and pursue fall. I don't know if you fire somebody and and bring somebody in the just fired the Summers due. These give serious reservations about. I guarantee its console. This didn't he didn't look at the chiefs like the stable organization. In here fired GM after 112 for winning the division. I think you'd have some serious red flags if the chiefs did this. Or what respect that normally what the chiefs go through GMs basically like like if Dave and ready day now bit David Griffin. She'd be up or GM job if there's one available. As a guy just went to three NBA finals will want to say I'm series it's there's red light mean the chiefs fired somebody. After winning the division. Everything you said quarterback of the future and they fire that B red light. I would re John Dorsey is my personal record non GM. I don't know I'd hit him didn't parred that she's I think hurt police for this year really. Yet because you wonder why and you're searching for answers like him the cheeks of all people had a stable organization fired their GM. Man I don't know if Russia. Iron. Even if they were interest in John Dorsey I'm not sure he takes that phone call like jumping from a Greek blood on the job like that. He'd be dumb that they vehicle. I don't think he needs the money you're right away again he's probably fine he's probably gonna sit back in this wafers options do there's just over your medicine do its job is only thirty years give Jerry Angelo got a franchise quarterback you've got guilty plea in an old he said he does is to put everybody at some some good piece on their defense. Are distressed. Chris habitat for right now that's a and it's it's also. I'm not saying he jumps at the job of saying I would Duffy feel that I would take a phone call payment don't you think that makes you question the way they just fired their general manager of the same way kind of he was like go like right before training camp like that would make me. A little worrisome about jumping into a job like that just because the first on the became available. It depends on the job well outlet. I mean it's it's a good job to do it I eight date you're intrigued by airline is a good job there. Now let's say that it was if it was Cleveland or something like that you'll get them out of the quite year old dad's not coming back Bryce Harper. What's adult. Run homer. Lot. Call it. All it depends on the job sort of bottom line it depends on the it depends on the dot there's certain jobs that you don't jump that. Like Cleveland and may be the 49ers situation. But jobs like Joseph won a cancers that's that's a pretty good gig because they had a pretty good quarterback. In Carolina in a pretty difficult as well. Seventy Johnson GM who may be does adds that he's more metallic. Not only of the contracts on the don't think that's I always made up. One of the biggest have been so will be televised this year occurs this Thursday. You might not know what he is white now which is sure to check it out after we tell you about it next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now I guess it did a particular using promo code sixty in sports. Back in days just like trade and service here. On six dead at the top of the outlet got these six cents or six track sponsored by the rental real. We always get that wanted to Texas is on the tech side. That are not meant for us this from the eight once they stop. You make me cry. If there is considered a commons vote no on pages that they somebody. Some by price at the tastes like you know. You make me so bad that's important somebody else there's. An assist Monday. The whole week. Tokyo. Holy week in teel who would not a whole whole week until we get to Saturday I get to shed a tear when when spending and a. When he appetizer and a god. Not tears of joy knew no tears of joys. Our big. I saw this weekend. In and know that we topple ball readings a lot of talk about different events at a televised and we wonder if the ratings will be high ratings will be lol. Wimbledon over the weekend. I think that there's Federer for fatigue. Because it was like one of the lowest rate at Wimbledon is in a long time interval final. Wald there's a Daytona this Thursday. That I think a lot of people will be watching. ESPN and and there's some other outlets as well with ESPN will be televising OJ Simpson's role hearing a lot. On Thursday. He's going to be appearing on a video calls humble lot correctional facility in Nevada. Nevada and explained tool Parole Board YC get out of prison nine years into a sentence that included a thirty. Three year. Maximum penalty and from the information and I saw last night most people do believe. That he will probably on Thursday. Arm. Things look favorable for him I guess maybe just due to a although the stock has occurred here loose I about infidels through this is human about the whole. Murder situation when notre they know does this this this is the memorabilia robbery that whenever he was a ball it's also yet the best of this involved and but it's going to be televised lied and I think a lot of people are going to watch a lot of you're going to watch this on Thursday the same way that they watched dom. The OJ Simpson's our series when it was Oz show cased on not on ESPN. I think a lot and at this can be won the mole settled over the TV can we talk about a workers who dominate Twitter dot that the schedule is the most watched things of 2000. How miners that meaning is this really going to be out on the it'll do just that obsession with it's it's accessible Odeh messing it wouldn't be entertained at all why we we are not saying that at all we're not going to be entertained by it. I have to say to everybody so obsessed with OJ and his story. That people will watch. People will watch it there's no dot mamma. And it's going to a year. At noon our time. Soul when we're doing six back is when it's gonna be hearing a lot tributes expect out of. Woolsey. All so it's not going to be there a hotel while. I guess I'll have any say in. I'll be dusty like. It to be dusty little tight in this is a name thirty where all. Dirty rural PK. Run from the story I mean mrs. The story. Jews were fascinated by OJ Simpson's become. It's got a life of its own with the ESP and our commander in the documentaries on TV all the books that have been written about it even though this is nothing to do with any of that yet of the Jews. Anything OJ related is going to get one and the documentary that became knowledge to that was OJ made in America. Was nominated for six innings. On the same that this live video stuff is going to be nominee if rating and that is best I and it won an Oscar. Osama PI is of the dot me oatmeal was big time yet and won an Oscar for best documentary actually changed. The Oscar rules that you couldn't and her a documentary that was multiple parts like that because of that back you better. Actually Oscar yet yet it was yeah it was it was it was nominees for six in these in a one Oscar. I'm interested to see how if you go to Los this man. We're gonna have as we're gonna have this all on the in the suit. On now I can wanna look at other like celebrity parole hearings or something like that to see if there's anything. I just to get a kick appear as they do but I just get a gauge of like is there going like is it is going to be boring like him saying yes or no questions like is it going to be. Is there something that's actually going to be interesting pulled out of this because. You can really be interesting is if they decide to let him out or if they decide he's spent more time in jail. As he does something crazy which is what I'm hoping for even though. Even Knowles. We think it's probably gonna be pretty boring. Everyone's going to watch. Every once big because all intrigued by everything that has happened and it's our. With OJ Simpson and even after they documentary now. Don't people don't think that people what is what was he looked like. How do you know what it looks like now does it look the same have no idea. Woolsey on Thursday. Also on Thursday. Deadline to hold the point 816 old city is old moves yeah. Is still bulls the needle. There's been multiple documentaries. Talking about OJ. At what was the name of the home what was the name of the show was that the people or so it was at the FX I never did watch did you watch. Mortar tubes of them did you watch so I lost my interest now I never got into and I couldn't get past the ridiculously make dampen out and it's this just wasn't there and performing. So you edit it out of the Riviera. Alec I I really makes things about the actual TV series there was actually some people it was you know it is as though people said it was really bad. I just wasn't paying enough strong opinions about it from the actually sit there. I don't know but to being but I am mom. I'm one of those outcasts in America right now. And the thing that I have not dived into. This currently idle as HBO. Is dame withdrawals. Pass attempts that was remarkable. And plus plus all of it yes I've watched it since the size of what was you know what's Heatley. It's just not watch I thought it surprised me and well it's like it's it has a lot of people don't want their. Not lots of the woods is wants yet. Otis yeah when it's in. What number would you give this show on some also OnStar decisions game at the rounds yet at ten. Absolutes in its fans like there's not very many shows. But I will say that about the wires one of them shows breaking bad is one of those shows and game at the rounds is absolutely shows like bout last night. And a bunch of evil that really mattered yesterday on the show because it's at this example. Buys a game of the rounds is like the wire on steroids but people didn't listen to the old tires. It's not it's not doing it is my favorite all that's not the payers similar. By any circumstance like India in terms of story lines and things like that. But the way the wired took a massive cast and developed multiple different story lines like that like that was something that. Television had done to that point to the extent that why did like on the scale that the why did a game of the rounds is done that. Ten fold like it has twenty different story lines going on all at once like last night's premiere because they're finally starting to get to a conclusion. That's nice for Mir was the first time that they introduced like every single character in the show on a single episode. And a bunch of people I really mad at big guys yesterday I watched a lot of TV like I know document map. Eight was six a majority of the country. HBO does had a mean subscribers. Okay right may maybe that the majority of the country but on with money and majority your time but the majority of my yeah my my Tom I'm Moses. Was filled with game thrown a lot of people say that they don't get into this is not force they're not in the the fan SE and things like that I totally get that like I'm a huge science fiction aired. I fancied drag kids are wizards' bigs like that like that doesn't form I love that kind. How many seasons has this been this is season seven. While you're right so it's better than the wider SA and allotment Iowa why there's wires Davidson why is what must Davis of old time string a stringer ballads like one of my favorite television characters that haven't. This from on the tech site it is it is that size six on threes 06. I Watson who was on another network I'm not going to pay extra to get east field watch it one hour a week well that's why you steal someone's HBO go. 913 most over rated show of all I'm. Down on that person doesn't like good television. All we all like the six Baghdad's domino just two minutes. What do one of the most popular young stars in the National Football League do now that hasn't under the microscope again the six back in two minutes next.