07/17 7a - Headlines, You're the Worst, Royals Enigma, Chiefs Position Battles

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Monday, July 17th

Headlines Worth Talking About, "You're the Worst" for Royals tickets, nobody can figure out the 2017 plus Fescoe's inside look at the top position battles for the Chiefs 


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Then I saw there. It's talking about stay attention display learn something yeah. Worth Harley-Davidson north has the largest selection of bikes to choose from them hopefully shouldn't suit you've got on one of those bikes and at a town really quickly now that you want. This long gone live. Lifted her right field going back his two with a sign up Friday. And I know. In street. Ryan was zero on the call right here on 610 Sports Radio royals do you get a win in that finale four to three yesterday over the Rangers as they get that are record back to 500. At 45 and 45. Now what is the 1000 dollar national cash contest. Well was the national cast contest winner we it when we do in their is that we have a chance to win 1000 dollars that we tease what what what hundred people when it. It was into an update on during the day. Okay now has this got I got a huge yeah well Josh yeah just. She meant that it so I don't play on words strongly and welts all daggers I hate mail you know hey Josh Jarrett Jack had some sort of use mine paid job I asked you what was the word today's deal is boats boat paid judge he hasn't needed one motor boating before. Out on the way you would have done something. Okay but yeah via this is usually done during the update just takes a week off and completely thrown off thrown well I entire thing completely thrown off called out Josh usually does yup deed and read the word in the same room that your hand right now is snow in. You know a little easier to campaign tells me that he got to take care of every morning at 7 o'clock be listening you your chance of at a thousand dollars that doesn't. I'll tell you what yesterday was that was a much needed relief we'd yesterday I think. For the Kansas City rose they've lost five in a row twelve straight first the Texas Rangers and I don't care how you get the win I don't care if if Chu bubbles one in the outfield they give you hit instead of an error I don't care you score one because somebody fell down and you stepped over them and scored. The royals got to win yesterday. And the only won one game over the weekend. But it was enough to gain a game and now they're just two back to the Cleveland Indians in the American League central division to basketball wild card spot and the two worst teams in baseball. Are coming into town over the next seven days with the Detroit Tigers were four and in the White Sox were three chance to really do some damage this week. At home at Kauffman Stadium yet they take yet to take five or six out of these next seven because so to you you have the opera. Good idea against to the two worst teams in the American League in the best interest impart about the AL central you have this three team race. But then the two bottom teams in this division the the Detroit Tigers in the Chicago White Sox. Are the two worst teams in the American League so you don't get a lot of opportunities to get them back to back series against terrible squads like this. Yes to capitalize royals got to get five or six out of these next seven to make sure they put themselves in good position going forward forward when they're played against much better teams perhaps. Lou Lisa now you have an opportunity against all the new. In the next couple of days and next and weaker so goal out there take advantage get some wins. Get those bats going again because they were kind of quiet over the weekend and especially. I'm Saturday when Danny pitched it jammed with for the royals they lost one nothing because he's couldn't get that big hit. When they needed it and almost looked like it was gonna happen again yesterday in the in the ninth inning with guys on him. Not the opportunity to get a man and then Lorenzo Cain coming through with an alleged that single Payer. I choose to you yes that's right now what are my favorites at Ali's alleged single B is it is it wedged single. He's made. That look like an air Damane. And it's I would audited your glove it was an air while that used to be it but that day and age we blame everybody else. Stevens is his son's ball stupid land deals like sheen's suits shoes everybody wins America please I mean seriously like. If if that's not an error I don't know what is an error anymore I think this is son got his guys line. I'm an error what did Barack Obama chains were there moments. Yesterday it made everybody wins America that's exact their participation trophies out regularly active players in baseball thought elected president that airs again and that's a really bad Obama impression now I'm sorry my bats went well politic the errors out of baseball. That's just over the years back in baseball bat and Chris it's really important. Greg gonna make based on maybe everybody that the error the tanks united could say my dad's an easy to get credit for hits. After seeing me in this. Hillary. Me me. Again over the idea. And the answer and riles at some kind of messy and it's impressive to maybe error happened it was an error and everybody knows it was an error. We called and hit the we have heard only. 67 point in early leader and dumb ass take of the week. And I'm. Apple I. Well yeah. Just take the week is about you and I don't mean it is right now 45 on Friday is. Spec takes out the worst take that one of those is set over the week in the employees admitted it appeared to reduce the leader of the club and a half ago he's atop. Roger better record it is eight Wimbledon singles to. I only yesterday after beating someone named Marian Cilic like that answer likely sure I don't know how to pronounce it. Anyway 636164. He won yesterday he'd be team the oldest men's champion in the open air and the first man since Bjorn Borg. Or or gravitas that add up to its 1976. To sweep. Internment without dropping singles set he did lose one set the entire time you lose a set and he was never broken. Like served his service or broke yeah that's pretty incredible. Don't know if that term mean I don't know what you mean by what do you do when you serve right and you lose you're not the sort of lose deems it which you serve right need to lose he never lost when he served. That tells you something about the rat like he's dominating is that taking that away from. Now they know that because I had somebody else explain to me over a minute after app okay as the others and I knew he didn't they were broke his serve is like you never like. If you never quite the bogus of what does that mean late explain me size I just found out that meant. And though it's. An incredibly impressive dominating performance or Roger Federer can't can't we get better men's tennis players there I mean like where where's the United States anywhere. I mean you appreciate and really just the last guy. Right Andy Roddick the last dude I can really remember from the United States who had any kind of relevancy in tennis and Lester somebody and forget what ever happened to. I seem to get the guy's name now are Michael somebody your other Michael Chang yet where is like worse yet. He was a good American. You know I just probably. 57. So people change. Any relation to Don tanks being out. Totally different families while Michael tenth only 45 well he could still play them. No it's in men's tennis is like ace after ace after a CIA's open not Wimbledon now why Wimbledon is about volleys. Because the grass is the grass the US open. More prevalent than the ace yeah that's why Iraq and Ellsbury didn't you come this Christmas they aren't you I mean I just grew up watching in night I. And like the big tournaments I've settled on a daily basis I miss Jimmy Connors could he come out play again. I'm sure he's playing one of those you know like fox sports CC if you west at 1 AM against you know you got to build like a tank battle and closet yeah plaza. That's like Jack sock Jack sock sock gets. Yeah I was here I'd check it actually does somebody have disease relevant American tennis but yes Jack sock but is he relevant because he's brought here it was also from yours. Who knows. I don't Hui is. And it that's relevant if for someone who you need to be definitely be your very casual tennis fan is Miami is another tennis diet and I think that makes some relevant I think that's an overstatement rate they're very casual Cadbury could be period buried. Yeah I see the highlights. Gentlemen royals think it's coming up in thirteen minutes delisting its seven Tony during door of the worst the Los Angeles Lakers summer league team is on to the finals like include register that sentence. They win now 10898. Yesterday over the Dallas Mavericks in the semi finals but up on the ball sixteen points and assists but also. Did not play most of the second half after suffering a calf injury his status for tonight so us. Some relief finals is up in the air yet it's very very very very questionable if he's a player not tonight but I tell you what. Here's another instance of the balls just absolutely. Helping the NBA like nobody ever imagine my dad said to me this week because of the summer league Sutton knew I've never heard about this before and now. Now you take it away from it and nobody would be talking about it if the ball support Bob that in itself. As much as we wanna sit here and say oh my god they're bad for sports they're really not there may be NBA summer league relevant to it to somebody who's never watched it before at some at least for a for thirty years now but nobody's ever paid attention until really now. It's huge how big of a story this summer league is I didn't know until this year the summer the had a champion. I knew obviously I'd summer league but I did not know that we played I just thought they played yeah I thought it was like a little warm up thing that I was not aware they had any kind of hurt him at the end to see who won this summer league because who the hell cares. Because Alonso vault bonds a ball as involved. And everybody's trying to figure out. Who he's wearing which shoes he might have on a certain night suddenly it's a bigger story who he's wearing Quran as we are yeah is it's becoming like a red carpet thing man and it's. It's really elevating this come from heat and a major way it's actually kind of kind of thought reader is making a little more fun to have something else to pay attention to during what is normally the dog days of summer and Torre gets a. Royals tickets in ten minutes that is franchise tag day in the NFL before on Monday's 3 PM deadline here central time doesn't look like Kirk cousins in the Washington Redskins. Are going to be signing a long term deals so help play. It's 23 point nine million dollars under the tag this year. Now like to be worse than 23 point nine million dollars for Kirk cousins and he'll get a big contract somewhere. Mean eventually it's gonna happen for occurred in and that's the one thing he has to try to keep in mind as he goes forward I know once that long term deal with Washington. To have that long term security but they gonna work out fine for Kirk cousins and I think the most interest him. Kind of name. This franchise tag pool B they beyond well. Maybe I'm bill's gonna plant the franchise tag and if I am if I'm an NFL squad. All I'm doing I'm franchise tag in our running back every single year because of what impact they get old so quickly they get injured so often. If I have a big time running back quickly beyond bell that I would ever give them a long term contract that might be mean. Still making tons of money under the franchise tag is he makes the average of the top five salaries in the NFL his position so it's not likely be on Bell's going to be broke he's making it Thomas a ton of money I used as a team. Would never give a top flight running back a long term contract is outrage eyes tight you do it man yeah I equal looking fantastic two hours two times rate is twice as ugly as it's as good as you can do it the third time but that any price plus he's saying so is never actually happened I don't believe in the history NFL but it does technically can franchise tag. Somebody three time gas and in the price tag does get really really stupid but ultimately Kirk cousins the report I saw today I think and Yahoo! Sports is like he's definitely playing in San Francisco next year 100% guaranteed that he's gonna go out there because that's more Mike Shanahan is of course Sammy and I think were with him originally in Wi-Fi so. Top what I say Mike Qaeda Klaus. Kyle Shanahan India Kirk cousins make a lot of sense and he said he's open cousin says he still open to a deal with the Redskins after Tony seventeen season but if I'm Kirk cousins and I can get away from the Redskins on solid Roland run run run away from the Redskins are said to be at your chance to win or else tickets and trade. Rumors are from low. The royals are linked with slugger. Tay who next. Welcome back at its best 2 in the morning I'm like well with Bob Tesco producer Steve inspector. Recalls for you the worst thing is that you saw this weekend that you thought that was the absolute worst. Not 1357676. Tenet we do it every single week for royals tickets will do it at 720 some not 135767610. At best he's also the pretty bad as I mean I was at the Jimmy Buffett concert at Wrigley Field so I've got countless stories oh yeah. Lower bottom line Sirius Lotta whole inserts many Hawaiian shirts tucked in the cargo shorts with a bad mantle's budget 55 Apple's losses drunk like they've never been drunk before personal we've got a drunk story that I think is gonna topic all when you factor in age Hawaiian T shirt cargo shorts and Mandelson that's coming up animal can be good times I would get that at seven twice but. First it. Rumors are flying when it comes to the trade deadline the royals are links to Detroit Tigers hitter JD Martinez looking for us blogger asked me to back. That's interesting to me because. And would look at the world that they okay bullpen maybe beef up the starting rotation but as far as even on the bats you just need another DH is that was the idea that we hear. Federal sensitivity at the nature of its gonna be an outfielder whatever it's going to be but they they need him back. I mean you you watched the games over the weekend you saw how they lost on Friday night and then of course the Saturday night one nothing to Auckland and yesterday. With an opportunity to break opening game they didn't have the opportunity to do so. Because he didn't have the the proper bad news surged eighty Martinez into this lineup for the royals it's a game changer for that all of a sudden you've got a legit Nash or somebody's gonna get your home run somebody's gonna come up big when you need somebody to come up big. Like Betsy truly digits under that. I don't know that the royals really had throughout this entire run like having Kendrick Morales was I guess you could. You know to call him may be a true slugger we JD Martinez is a real true slugger and you can insert him into the lineup he's gonna deliver some big time hits. And I think help you win a lot of ball games and could be the guy ultimately offensively that puts you over the top. I'm curious what we would have to see the royals give up to get JD Martinez because they're my initial thought was well. They're not hitters around that maybe recently retired guys call David Ortiz Billy Butler whatever you would at least kick that hires on numbering and see maybe to be okay but. In that he would have do you have anybody form but maybe that's just not in the cards considering those guys are currently playmate yes and that's the thing I mean anytime in based. All you you step away from the game whether the injury whether it be just taking time off it takes you awhile to get back baseball was such a game of timing baseball is such a game of routine to collapsing Billy Butler David Ortiz it would take into September just to get ready to play and for you because they have been seen live pitching and so that that to be is it just a moot point in and I would definitely see. What it would take to acquire JD Martinez even though it's at a division rival. Detroit's not playing well right now their own recently passed away you don't know the direction that the franchises going to take. And he would be a rental for the rest of the year so you wouldn't be locked the bloated and him. From a big contract standpoint but as Dayton Moore told us Friday and he joins us every Friday now what 830 here on sixteen and Sports Radio. He told us that there are probably at the make a couple of moves as they get closer to the it to the trade deadline. And I still think they need to back and that number five starter and Travis Wood is gonna be the guy that we're looking at right now he's gonna be given an opportunity to beat that guy. But I don't know if he is gonna be that guy so they may be looking to acquire a number five starter but there are just. Too many guys out there in the world's don't have enough right now to give up to get a Frontline starter they may have to look for some in the back into the that of a rotation somewhere or hope that Travis Wood just steps it up and becomes a guy that they can rely. Our ice time for your worst. When someone wearing sweatpants at the bar this weekend jukebox player but seven dollars with a little mistake NN. And I'm going back to hang if you browse may be your buddy if you do on the sidewalk you. For me spark for years and clothes. Wings shot for encore it was grandma taking your teeth out of the dinner table again. And that's going to the nice thing. Whatever it was we wanna hear about it on you or the worst tied. All right it's the worst of the the weekend here on best 2 in the morning which means you tell us the worst thing you saw this weekend and if you can top last week's hauler did you get tickets to the royals if no me neither color can top. Our winner from last week. Well that is going to be taller number six. Who wins to make sure you stay tuned because we could have somebody whose plane potentially not even win that if they can't knock off that this caller from last week. OK so. Finish. That thought out. I walked in. And we have a kid around it is your whole. And the hit and run he let on something right in front of the year and lied. All fought in the short acting in law underneath the line here. You can only imagine a pretty good they're. So last week's you're the worst winner opinion Todd that to be sliding in it and thing is slipping and falling sliding over the years old a RYT shirt up and of course the teacher has been a a mixture of yellow and brown and discussing a cell. Let's do this thing that cult person not 1357676. Then it. You can knock that off you win their biggest of the royals let's start with Steve who's in the bathroom at work Steve what was the worst that you saw this weekend. OK so I'll undermine moved into and out. We're at an all look back. And aren't you. Whether it's got a patio iMac anyway other and bring in the girl met Marty. Equine over the that is okay. He's at Oakmont not to jump back on the I put herself out on the the are there jump over. And her lip and the top bar of the altar shirt and her top over. Angling from the opposite than. In the entire court is like the way people get around everything. I don't buy all the and how are back out there community. And anger on the air and they they thought he called it. Wow. Over vast. Well OK let me beat that a big. Clarify one thing here Steve when she tried to jump the fence and it caught her sure it's been to suit top and hold that over her head at. Was she exposed the entire party. Boise. You know you're at at Horry is getting hurt. But why don't like it yeah yes. I've got. As she left because of embarrassment not because of the injury but because everybody saw a worse yeah of course with the unum and by the way that is something you'd probably break up over you know what do you walk around if she's your new girlfriend that your kind of bring around for the first time walk through the -- Commit to total misstep by the guy absolutely he's that's what of that that's the worst a lot of things I complain about demon throws spoilers this morning but I'm curious from David and re more. Can you top that with the worst that you saw this weekend. So let's make an alternate in the Cass County where at a great time out there. Right earned about her right. My wife. And my god there are and quieter at the pairs well. How late in the virtual ride someone. Checked and got Oliver. My wife and daughter's there right well. And of course as they were. Letting out these pairs well some random guy in the game alike daughters and there. And shouldn't and that was trading I don't know what. Now on breaking and I didn't backpack it was. Absolutely. The Ferris wheel is and you can ride in LA. Ride he's on top motion sickness strikes odd times display has drama me and yet so he's two ahead and try to get that motion sickness figured out it's. Yeah. It's up. I understand the computing happening. All this. I think Steve wins it I think Steve beads the caller from last week. With the buddy who has not aware with all the understand when you bring your girl for in the new water under friends for the first pitch count up the thing is don't hop the fence and have her potentially have her shirt and swimsuit top yanked over her head at. By getting caught on the whole Wright is above the bar whatever the Borg thing on there. And has just that's so redeem brutal man that's awful I I give it to Steve in his bathroom at work. Ego Steve call from the John and your girl to her friends ex girlfriend expose yourself the whole party and they ended up breaking up yet that is the that you have a worst sort from the week. I mean how can we docket are quick that we can be a jackets Jimmy Buffett so you know Wrigley Field everybody's messed up in more ways than one and it's everybody who's 55 and older they're all wearing Hawaiian shirts lot of tucked into a cargo shorts and and and wearing me handles the show was fantastic little sick and handles it may I say essay and a guy like real like football ops doll like eating just Google like really bad sandals and you'll see what I'm talking about it. Like the lattice sandals like I was through where handles this have actually not heard that term until right now he had this bad sandals and whatnot and so the geyser in their fifties and dudes in front of us. Are chugging Beers like your back in college. As they're chanting the guy's name so like ten people or don't. Fred Fred Fred Fred he's slamming Beers he must've done at least six of those before the show even started and I don't know that Fred made. Through the congress. Gave it concert that night there Ortega stands going on a pregame parties and stuff for this I mean that this is the drunk is best you'll ever see and when you're 55 and older and you're doing that kind of stuff. It takes it to a new that's awesome it's it's fantastic and then there was a dad dancing and embarrassing is 25 year old daughter to IKEA way to beat that act this way talks had not I'm like hey that's to be that guy to a bare my daughter. All right the royals are one of the toughest teams to figure out in sports now explain why next. Second. I have to be honest since Saturday got a for the Kansas City Royals when they lost in wasted a phenomenal thing he does he start losing one out into the Texas Rangers. It got me a little bit because I felt like it was gonna happen I felt like the world we're going to get the win at some point like it deserved it. They have to get hit I have to get a big time run they had to get something going as the royals right they're going to make it happen and they did it it took the wind out of my sails quite a bit. Yeah I do like a bit overreacting. I don't think so I think it's one game of overreacting. But it just had it it's duck in the draw a little bit on Saturday because it felt like what in the world should. Absolutely I mean like I said earlier in the show we worry at the concert on Saturday night in and wait for a start has got to follow along the game's moving at rapid pace and might by 7 o'clock in the words like the seventh inning and went out this game to move faster onebeacon let's do this thing. And winning Danny obviously was pitching masterfully. And don't wanna waste those starts because you think if he got that win on Saturday night. You're just a game back in Cleveland right out that'd be in two games back. You know of the clean you be in second place you see in second place all by yourself or just one game away from being back in first place. In the American League central division and then you take two out of three from the Texas Rangers and that's what it's all about now is winning series. You know as you move forward but that was that was a wasted when I was a little sick about that one as well. On Saturday and I think it's that's why I notes it's baseball and there's one tomorrow but yeah that that's one that you look back on any of may and he got to find a way to win that game and thank goodness they found a way to win yesterday's game. The way that they did because. They're up one nothing in their up to one then there up 32 then it's 33 like you know find a way here to pass this thing wants. And then they did with the alleged single by Lorenzen came there in the ninth inning six. Career walk and L very nice very nice and it does does a walk and it's a walk off and it's a win and they got the victory in and now they're just two back of the Cleveland Indians so they were able to make a ground this weekend. They were able to find a way he's got to win and and that's five game losing streak in the twelve game losing streak to Texas. But you wanted a little bit more and you need to get a little bit more now. This week with Detroit and Chicago rolling in the tech needs have to get a little bit more ETS four to split with the tigers are not taking at least two out of three from the White Sox you need to win both of these series three out of four from the tigers two out of three from the White Sox to give yourself the best opportunity to remain competitive in this race. One thing got really excited though. Was hearing date more here on 610 Sports Radio after that loss on Saturday apparently we are the only ones who are a little extra ticked off about that. Although we lost three in LA I mean who who played decent baseball not as good as we can that we we had a chance to at least win one maybe two of those games didn't happen. And I don't think we played poorly coming out you know we've we've had a couple innings there was a couple pitches we can get back at last night's game. You know you know two bloop hits truthfully. 30 pitch. That could have been called ball four firm to Haas I thought it was a ball. And now we are first and second no out and need in this part of the breaks of the game so. I think we're good shape like our guys that lost last night bothered them a great deal. I could feel it in the club house after the game and does so I'm expecting our guys to come out today and you know with the an attitude. Competitive spirit to win this game. Dayton Moore yesterday right here on 610 Sports Radio course the royals want to win the game by hearing. That the players in the clubhouse were ticked off after Saturday and it felt like they'd probably let Danny Duffy down to an X that probably felt like they had one that they should've won in. Bet they let slip away yet he did in the and it's good to kind of hear that but the players were ticked about it it's it's good when you hear you were team feels the same way you do as yet there at Dallas 62 is it nice perspective to have George is eyes of 162 it's gonna be fine it's just one game but. I think everybody was a little bit. Frustrated after that Saturday laws because they get when you have the team in that kind of situation where you feel like you should win the game and you lose. I'd be upset at the royals players were like oh whatever that's just one game like that that's a game we should had. Should have accurately. I am with you too because. As you may make a great point and and I think bed and in Dayton and everybody's done a good job of kind of calming you down like they don't we Josh and I over the years you realize it's not an every day mentality. But. Becky wasn't one of 162 like you said that one was one of like. Son of a gun we need to win that baseball game that's one you have to path. And and it's a good thing to Dayton went in that locker room on Saturday night and felt like oh god these guys are not happy it's not gonna sit well. And I expect them to come out play well on Saturday and they didn't they got the wind. And hopefully that's Saturday night losses like the gut punch that you need. To continue to move this thing forward they are and enough of this crap we're gonna find a way to make sure that we don't go through games like that again we're gonna use that kind of as the catalyst to move things forward here and now Detroit Chicago coming into town you'll be carries forward into those. Games and in keeps his team then going in the right direction. Now the 2017 has some similarities to the rolls into when he fourteen if you remember. The world's were of course great going to the all star break just over 500 and lost four straight to the Boston Red Sox coming out of the break. Dayton Moore yesterday discussed the kind of comparison between point fourteen and 47. Lot of frustrated I do remember. You remember the loss and loss and we had a lead and I think. There we kind of controlled that game Gomes hit a homer off downs late in the game and then you know we went on there. To lose a humbling but I remember being extremely frustrated. At the time. But he also looks you know motivated. And there were some good things happening I knew our players were very hungry and you just that you try not to get you're too emotional about it in that will continue to believe in your players realizing that. They're each day it's it's a little different landscape of the game continues to change that. You know I just just try to remain as positive as possible and they and that's what we're we're where we are right now so wrong you know we'll see. The rules and in big mandate mourn those that they're in a way concede that they are right now we'll see what happens kind of spot you know a 2014 you remain positive you believe in your players in 2017. It's the same players for the most part you remain positive you believe in your players and that's what Dayton Moore is doing right now. With this group at lucky it's paid off I mean they're two games out on the seventeenth of July that's a good position to be here I mean it could be a lot worse right now you could be. Detroit you could be Chicago you could be Oakland what do these other teams the royals are two games out with two plus months to play in the season two and a half months ago. Plenty of opportunity to make up ground and plenty of good players who can get over the hump and in organization that's willing to go out there and do what it takes to acquire a couple players to help. The two of them on the morals are a great spot right now. It did go out there and take care business on the field or the players will dictate ultimately where they where they go. Mets who did make the trade deadline that much more interest in as we go forward now. The chiefs have. Have some issues to salt before the season and passcode dove into it we'll tell you what they have to solve next but first. Is the Bob hailed him plumbing heating AC intruder play of big game that's right. It's all star break him forward back again right. Again it is up not 135767610. If you know the play of the game that Josh Berger told you about yesterday here on 610 Sports Radio. And you can win 25 dollars to chili's we do it next. Like games. How they'll do wants to send you to dinner you when it's 45 dollar gift card that Chile's Paul got to do was tell me a player involved in the royals play of the game that Josh Berger told you about yesterday on the post game show. Right here on 610 Sports Radio. All right Vicky blue springs. New telling a player involving yesterday's play the game. Yeah it is there in the paint. And now the 21. Swung on lifted her right field going back his shirt with a sign up Friday. And I. Losing streak. Well sincere Choo couldn't make that catch congratulations Vicki was of course Lorenzo Cain with his alleged walk off shot. They give the royals the win yesterday and that is the Bob Hamilton plumbing heating AC router play of the game asked. Although now that's not an error Mo whatever I'm not the other thing or I don't care what they scored the royals got the win. No matter how you get the win you're taking and you move on a boat skippers and back and whose chains not errors and also doesn't hurt choose numbers it how it works out for everybody if he just candidate and really the suns there it's hard I guess it's fine if we get the hometown score you wanna have him more in your favorite he definitely did yesterday for the royals are Tesco now every day. Here on sixth and Sports Radio here fest on the morning it's one of us write a blog about the chiefs as were worn a week away from training camp beginning from cell. Last night fest goes and I guess now releasing this morning you were piece about the problems that she speed is sauls repositioning groups the chiefs need to look at. And really fix before the season again yeah a little reverse order from. Three to one and and obviously there's there's some lead leeway for debate as well as some people party started in. On social BC well what about this position what about that position in informing the number three position that they need to get solved. Seemingly is like what we look at every year and that's who's gonna play and texted Derrick Johnson and I think for me Wilson is obviously that guy right now and had a nice season last year. But there are a lot of options out there from DJ Alexander newly signed the lease signs every wanna say Josh Malda Justin marks Willard I mean there's a lot of guys at that spot right now. They could sit next to Derrick Johnson and it becomes a kind of a rite of summer Mike is we sit here we wonder who's gonna play next to Derrick Johnson. By the time the season starts and were middle of the season nobody even knows he's playing next to Derrick Johnson doesn't matter. Because Derrick Johnson is so good but it 34 years old. You'll like to think there's gonna be somebody emerge not play next to him but start to emerge as maybe an heir apparent that inside linebacker throw. Will you look at Josh Mogg and he was very good at stopping the run not having him last year because he was out with injury not have him hurt the chiefs and their run defense. But just a marsh Willard seemingly came along pretty well last year as a young guys so there's a different options there. The number one thing is that she's have to stop the run so that that's one they have to find it. Where no matter what stopping the run as the number one priority when it comes that middle linebacker position because otherwise. They that the chiefs are going to get run over like it did last season and the defense was great. Broke passed up good perspective from a turnover creating perspective from a run stopping perspective they left the lot to be desired. At number two the position that I think they need to solve these is quarterback and I was reading something and USA today this morning talking about the secondaries in the NFL they rank that she's very typing was top ten or top five amount mistake easily via and Andy says beat you got Marcus Peters knee got Eric Berry then that you don't know what you really happened to our rob Parker at rob Parker is good I think gaining Sorensen has played very nice to this team. But opposite Marcus Peters you've got a wide open competition again. I think like the inside linebacker spot you've got a ton of guys out there they are going to compete. And when you got a lot of dudes out there competing when you got a lot of guys battling for a job. I liked that means somebody's gonna rise to the top he's your your battle it out with each other from gains the Steven Nelson. And then your guy can Acker in and Terri Mitchell I mean those guys that nice job out there last year I was just you might lose your guy he's a guy who cares fizzles might hurt for a couple weeks last year. Dosage in him Ronnie Kenneth Acker last year during it during the pre season because that indicated they were very comfortable with their quarterback situation. The terrace Mitchell's again and they brought in during the year is nice to stepped up and played very well that number two quarterback position as far as on Parker goes. I. The thing rob Parker that so interest in his home likely these ridiculous interception catches that no one should make. And then while pop right off his gesture that it is is through run after the throughout the chest so. It out Parker's interest him but he's a solid number two safety yet they put about there there are obviously people are going to pick on wrong. Backing compete for that job I'd love to CB Phillip gains and he's had so many injuries Stephen Nelson another guy that they drafted he'd like to see kind of earned that spot. So I think that's going to be a battle that's wide opening camp and we got four dudes playing and trying to compete for once by you can see some dudes ball out. The number one spot for me that that she's gonna need to solve as they go into the into the regular season. I think is running because while we don't have a ton at wide receiver right now we don't really have anything much more than. You know Travis Kelsey a tight end. I think the running back is gonna be a position especially with a guy like Alex Smith that you look at to rely on big yards whether it be running the football where there be catching passes and staying in the block every once in awhile I think right now we begin the season it's Spencer ware steam. But I think is this season goes along Karim hunt is going to be that guy in Mike and I guess it's because you've been talking about a lot but I'm really excited about Korean not like I'm more excited to see him. That I am anybody Yeltsin this draft class at any of these younger players Korean hunt really really exciting I think by the end of the year. Could see that transition from Spencer ware steam. To careen hunt's team may be a little circuit requested their but I think agreement at the end of the year is gonna be the bell cow out their running back. George hitter Wes is an interesting conundrum for the cheese because I think they still like him yeah Ross he's in my dvd but they still like and they still believe he can bring things this team. But they're also expecting Korean hunt to make a significant early impact I don't know. How much he gets early on. By Spencer ware is gonna have to earn a spot is not he's gonna be magically handed to Spencer ware coming into his first year. With Jamaal Charles no longer on the roster he's gonna have to earn that starting job over Kareem Hutton in the end. They'll probably still be a 12 punch with that little bit of Turkey and requests. Vernon their and a bit of breaking news is get to this group which I don't CJ Spiller I don't know what he's gonna contribute but he still yeah we'll get in we'll get back to this year just a moment you can check out a 610 sports dot com fest goes entire piece. Regarding the chiefs and their need to solve spots donated training camp we have some breaking news in the NFL. Ezekiel it was involved in an incident at a Dallas par this Sunday. My guess would be it had been in the wee hours. At the Dallas bar troubles on Saturday night into Sunday yeah I like maybe Sunday morning at 1 o'clock or something like that but involved in incident. Obviously Zito it. Worst possible timing for him is under investigation for an incident that involved domestic violence and could potentially be suspended yet to start the NFL season. In fact. Reports came out last week that he's. Import he's bracing for writing ready fort because he sees it as a very real possibility like four games I think this incident now to Dallas bar. Looks very bad for Zeke you Ali considering it. The series already and that investigate. I mean what you get under that investigations of the NFL whatever it is man you better watch your piece accusing clearly Ezekiel Elliott. Is not a guy whose understanding that right now it is getting involved in an incident according to ESPN at a bar on Saturday in Dallas himself but like the you know you've got the million dollar player with a ten cent head and I think we're kind of seeing that's what Ezekiel Elliott is right now knowing your under investigation for domestic violence and I tell you stay in and hide out. But you probably should lay low in this is probably lay low especially a week before training camp starts so Zeke Kelly could be in some trouble. Who Tebow will update you on any information about that incident or anything that might be happy with easy to Elliott as clearly having a rough offseason as as an information becomes available I did see somebody tried to justify his suspension today I'm I'm one of the the web sites I was looking at in the suspension will be good because. He had a lot of carries his rookie year this'll give them a break at the beginning of the season and keep them fresh for the end the year really you're using football in a domestic violence thing there with him when missed the point. Ran aren't the royals have gained a game in the division says the break. Because Cleveland's terrible here how close the royals article went on another winning streak with our boils insider Josh turner next.