07/17 - Johnny Kane joins the Day Shift to Talk J.D. Martinez

The Day Shift
Monday, July 17th

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I thank you basically game and certainly here in four Klein tells you your sixers portrait of success sports. Dot com our next guest. As a friend of the show weakness in Munich and a city I actually missed off until bought at the derby horses in. Giving in the past performance is so we can talk about you talk Portugal and we like saw horse racing but when to sell anything. He still the galway where those phone call away SE Johnny. From time to time in the tiger duel with on the fox sports Detroit. Is where John McCain resides. BT's Dresser this year is always perfect. The shoes in the mid to build a good should look Johnny Cain joins us now from Auburn the tigers have Johnny. I. Mean it's the U. All. The little eligible guys but. Oh. And it. A truck. That vote. And. ETW boy Johnny. Eased in heavily I think you were here for fourteen write the playoffs in fourteen. Yeah. Well you're out there. The critical recruitment game seven World Series fourteen. Quote comfortable champion. And you know able to do with the current. The job in Detroit medical that in view of La. Technology. It in and it could become the jet engine for its so. People. It is almost as close as you'll ever get to covering a World Series again and that your Troy. It's eight. Dollars and demand a just you know. Led to JD Martinez. Love the guy. The guy's the man she's a great story. The tees on last year of the contract with the tigers. Nick can afford over the Boston global was the set Sunday baseball notes in there's usually something to him he is then throw things out there. The stick on the wall in he admits the Rockies but it Iraqis have been into the GD in the cardinals and the Dodgers. It is what he has the royals seem like you most logical team. At that group but my question you Johnny is why would Detroit be willing to trade the vision or is this is complete made big news. Well that's I think that I came on Jay before what I've heard and again felt speculative at this point and they will catch. You know look at the little debris of what's gone on and on the Diamondbacks will pick on majority vote Republican and you know yeah. Well. Don't. You know without that Uga Uga Uga is about where the child and obviously going to be to beat McCain said he you know but the people future. But that you can get it up against in the world do the best package even relatives within division I think yet strike while. You know the truck then. Look at a precarious spot you know it you're you know 78 games under five under mark the game dot. You just get it take the best deal on the table and I think if that would that it that that if you listen. That's anatomy and that they are part about being in the profession Indian band that that your advocate here LB. If possible scenarios and said that while units do you know what what they're about to get the TARP for the if it shake up. Somalia. You know our government JD Martin had been you guys I don't think that little bit because we know I'll. If you don't relationship but it got an article about them. I know we'll have got to think that that you turn to you but. Urging Latinos is one of my favorite guys govern Detroit. Metro it's such a great story that. Yeah he do that I think anything that would get well I think Detroit beat that it's been dealt with anything that would get him. At 29 years old with his production. I think he would become an immediate fan favorite just because China. That is an hour ago. Bill. And you know it's almost a bit like he's right now. No right to vote yes some good productive years. Eight toll though less than the tigers are there on the Japanese city this Judy Martinez and you do a lot of interviews he's always willing to do them. And he he spoke highly of him because. That's your thing too because it would big more busy that in the clubhouse Judy Martinez sounds to me is all the things you've said about him. Seems like yeah that would fit in the clubhouse being guy that the players discover a grass but nothing too is. It is his fault I look at guys that are injured a lot which media has been. It broke the elbow in the in the spring foot before the season. Look at those is aggressive plea injuries I don't think he's injury prone he's just hit some bad luck it seems like to me. Yeah I think that the good way to look at it on paper you can tailgate 49ers called are under contract. And you know what happened Libya last year open seat let's jump DO. Apron and a set you know. Carol you know you get after I mean. He doesn't take place what you'd like that you know. He doesn't agree you like of the rent them gain speed guy in front range in the outfield. But the people. For the tigers. And you know the concern about the injury. You know well you know call when you're going to be consistent basis and but without without pay anyway but yesterday it was again they gave me as a a tight ball game. You know Judy Martinez. You know all the late in the game and scored position and no doubt about it but don't. Think. You know. Any patient who was on the doing that despite injuries and yeah these I think. Talking to Johnny came with Los forced to choice here on the base of late debate. 41 and 49 that is the record for the Detroit Tigers I thought to the other team's going to be better than the record. Is right now on pretty suited everybody Detroit obviously to the same thing in you as well so it was in the biggest surprise from the negative perspective. In terms of looking at the ball club this year and what they've not been able to accomplish. What you put her number and even. Certainly you know a couple that it actually get bored. The big story line delighted that the you know how can it charter now available through. You offer for Detroit. Inaudible and concern to judgment April on and that issue. But it's not just like them thinking later in the starting pitching with concern as well. Michael former than the finance. You know. All but I'm not a rookie of the year campaign. The rotation Jordan that hasn't been popular can get from Washington with a great guy you know yet stressed there. We pitch well without Blackberry you know but unable to go back to the thing that has accord then. Just some girl and of course you bring to this than you know for the most part. Then Daniel he's that. On the deal right now. Matthew Boyden had this same the Toledo drove them starting pitching it's kind of been. The biggest concern I would say you know one of the biggest concern for the value and offensively. He gets a little different guys is that policy national. You know. Just because it's just the fact what it did it defective like that you know sometimes you have aging Thatcher and not think about baseball players but you have diminished still. And sometimes and you don't wanna believe that. Would you watch you on Michael Jordan but compute in Washington yeah it's. It took full you know but he and so everybody because you have diminished skills that outrage I think you're saying. With the core of the tigers. You know from the aging veteran players so they're an that's bought it you don't back off our. But I think the biggest thing and that is understanding that that window with this Courtney Leah. A player Cabrera Victor Martinez Justin Verlander you know that. That that window's probably closing slightly in the world do not. Get and decide you don't need to retool and make Roger W. By Tate Taylor John NC front page of ESPN's got pictures JD Martina has been talking about which pieces. Informant Nielsen shall stay employed when we watch this we seek in town a lead from the White Sox to the cubs in the white the White Sox. Building for the future I know clearly what their identity is. Is they all the with the eat is it trade in the India in it for sale trader building for the future. In Detroit are having a hard time figured out I know it seemed foreign leaders thing bone around there even people talked about Cabrera but. Detroit did they really have a ton of players that are so untreatable. Their Genesis stay with them because their concerts are so big. Well I mean honestly like the biggest trade chip they have right now probably adjusting well in the reliever. And you know market accurately that you felt that Obama. You don't think you can get the return of archer looked like one called jetlag belt. Loving what you look at them you know JD probably tradition analyzes if we get get your. You know an opportunity to get something in return to get an everyday. It just well and again been earlier but. Please if like. You know. I've heard that can't Miguel Cabrera and billions at their favorite yeah topic anybody on such the one guy. You know the one you probably want continued and is Michael all you know if you young. Because if you pick yet control for the next five years so I mean I think he's the effect of all caught up electrical form look at there is interest in actually. You know according to a source. For the logic he wrote he. It's said he ducked when his sources who believe that big truck actually offered the tigers similar package. You did tiger's luck Ballmer is what it did she got our belt. On the beach on getting you know an adult with its dark that was according to resourceful JP. And and he told me so no I think you'd like to call on them like all of these other bigger object who's gonna take you know. Reverse seven you take Victor Martinez yeah salaries you know just in Berlin at the electric. The other what what to do it everybody. And got the patch that would get on players that will be off. You know I'm. Yeah I wish he would treat former under the sea human vision that's just me. Dedicating fox sports Detroit all of along on Twitter for bit Il central news. Regarding that ball club are joining Selig may take a regulator. All right Johnny they're in bay by the way Judy Martinez were slipped punitive in that 500. As but it 36 plate appearances eighteen hits six home runs off left the. He's 65 gets he's hitting 500. Awful if you pitching this year and it's not that. The asset that are not bad at all.