07/23 - The Show w/ Sean Levine

Carrington Harrison
Sunday, July 23rd

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Five home runs yesterday Mike whose stock is it to me now has 28 and is on pace for. Report. 847. Home run season but when stock is on pace to hit. 47. Home runs doesn't even sound welcome back into the show alongside Steven circa. On the sports machine show on the B keep those text or when you're in on the duty to its text line at 69306. Got this 1816. About Tom how do of course he's no longer one of the best in the league but it on this team team is good enough to take 90% of this match. I still think the team's plan for him is to stay on the field. Touche on six foot when you break up with a girlfriend and then the next day or two days later you're by yourself. Want some company you're like oh crap I guess I didn't have a better option. You have to have a better option. If you're not going to play Tom Ali you're gonna cut Tom Tom Foley for going to let him walk we were just talk much before. I'm not sure he or anybody else on this roster right now is a better option than an aging Tom quote adequate phone call out what to. Pleasant Hill did GO on the show the mortgage. I signed. Regarding medical earlier about her and took an epic you degrade agreement and a ball that. A lot of guys would not be able to get you in luckiest cities sixteen or sixteen or somewhat that stolen bases well look. Alex Gordon I just wondered if he didn't like it better for that your app you think. Net the only pressure from Dayton why am I mean happily have. Mary hill and Lipton Ramon torque on second thought manager but you know it is one of your thoughts on that back. Is that Phillip price from Dayton played. Definitely Joseph here's what sucks about the whole Alex Gordon thing war on the he was a major reason one team went two and one the world's leaders nobody's going to argued. Great fielder platinum glove winner at the time his bat wasn't nearly as bad as it was a real member of the big home run in game. So that comes to winning a championship Alex Gordon had a lot of whom. Homegrown Q. From Nebraska group of the organization bit a little long time. And the organization. When he was here for the first 56789. Years a what's the word I'm looking for an idea they saw. As what they did and outscored had a chance to go other places and he stuck around and he signed contracts. Now at the point where Gordon was a free agent at the beginning of our sincere and so. You know -- clubs for free agent right the world signed him last year to a four year deal. And in hindsight now that we know joke that he's had. 600 plus at bats over the last year and a half where he's hit under 200. Yes it's very obvious it's very easy to say. Yet the Roche in the the world should not have did this got Contra. But at the time. Joked so are you listening at home in the call on your way to the K any royals fan out there including yours truly thought that the right move to make. Whether it was because of the moral obligation for a ballot Alex Gordon whether it was because of how much he would add to. The wins. We all agreed at the time you have to do whatever you gain to keep Alex court because we're just talking about Tom Hall. If you don't have tumbled do you have a better option it's easy to say this guys do little or not as good as he used to be open who wasn't going to put him. And it just sort clear on this you on our right before it up as an average players even though he had ten sacks last season as Tom and his. Twelve year career ten year career. He's only gone over ten plus sacks three times in his career and he didn't do for the first time NTELOS fifth year in the it was fool's gold with. How how is it not impress him don't you say okay because he was going up against bad competition. That's what you're supposed to do against bad competition is abuzz about them. But you'll get this is by example. To Wayne but a member of the season that Dwayne Bowe had fifteen touchdowns. In some people out there at all rainbows and she's fans out there some people listening right now a double this guy well. You back a Brinks truck to his house because he had fifteen touchdowns. Over that. My a lot of people would have paid join both yeah that's what you do in the NFL sometimes it doesn't work out of Sergey do in most sports. That's why average MBA players are getting 150 million dollar contracts. Because it is all about potential. It's because outsiders look at statistics and they see that this guy double digit sacks that's impressive they see that Dwayne Bowe had what fifteen touchdowns that's impressive you watch a lot of deep Ford fell. I watched every snap of every chief's game I know the deep Ford was good for a six week period of time. CD four bay even when he wasn't getting sacks after he had to move to the other side which he clearly wasn't comfortable doing and that's understandable. Because it's not as easy as people make it out to be it changes your entire body language changed. All of your movements and everything that you're used to doing it's not an easy task. To just plot sites that. But when you watch him he was getting pressure from that side you you personally it's exactly for now I'm just I just icing rock like. I I don't love deep for I don't think he Ford is surely players you have to be forgeries Steve Ford. Is he leaked at one thing and it is speed or she. Deep Florida's one of these facets at pressures in the NFL and he's up there in terms of just flat out rushing speed. Was Von Miller I'm not saying he's Von Miller because Von Miller is a much better players and indeed Ford. But the one thing that he Ford is good at is utilizing his speech that's as translated that great but he got ten sacks out. The road is entirely voice certainly Nevada he's I had he's a better the average player because he is a leak at one thing. Five by Stephen certain sports machine show on the beat in for the show's extends Sports Radio ending her all the world online. At six transport stock on the 913576. 76 day. Is combo right does he deserve more playing time or we you're right he's a little bit long in the tooth and maybe the tenth most vital player on the team is certain right or she completely off his rocker. When he's talking about before. You can also text me at 57676. To and what happened to almost 2% to your doctor before or thought or. Now I can tell us what Thomas saying to me is far more interesting than talking about the rule and that's why a lot of there's a lot of royals' season to go training camp starts next week for the chiefs. And we just got one of the biggest bombshells. That we've gotten from a player in this city in a long time you don't generally see Kansas City Chiefs players do it Tom Hall needed. And to be fair the bomb show to come from Alex Smith or tyra killer Travis kills your Marcus beaters or Justin Houston or any of these guys that are much much much more relevant to the 2017 she's winning. We be talking about a lot but Tom Hartley has the authority what. 330. So so because he's older than this isn't a big story that's insane yeah I just don't think that Tom I think the reason that Tom Ali only played fifteen and seven snaps last year was because that's probably all the playing time that he deserved. Does he disagree clearly he went out there publicly and said he yesterday I disagree with him as a great. I sure. I think he's all that he's long in the to think there's other guys to complete the position as well or better than he. And frankly you don't Pollard isn't. Better than I don't know why would I would before get more playing time that I want to do you Ford's great I don't think he's a permanent replacement I think that him and tomba at this point both. Pretty average defensive football players who have moments of brilliance. Let's go to diplomacy which are guys that look at you know what's up you know. Earlier dole to. Number I would it was to to get a red dot org I. Trouble partly is not the same dark ultimately want probably still on the king. Is because the board has not lived up to his bar where pretty indeed sport would have been an if he would do well production. He would be terrible what are Banco. Did you get like Bridget is set nets what you'll be pretty industry. I'm saying like NFL thanks for the Vogel peanut completely agree. It's a brutal sport. Right we hear all the time people complaining about how physical does what are toast your brain in your body afterwards my tend to agree with that as we've seen all these horrible things that happened. If you play in the league for ten years and your Tom Ali you've got a lot of memorable moments high draft pick. If you're making a ton of money and the public don't deserve more than fifteen or sevens that just. That doesn't mean that tomba doesn't deserve to be complaining about this tomba is a veteran who has been around this league for a long time and been very successful. And I think. That she what the chiefs are doing right now is the right move you have to be a little cut throat in this league sometimes to be successful. But that doesn't mean that Tom I'll lead doesn't deserve to have an issue. We would if you don't everything else while net to say they'd just because he's old and he's aging he's just sit down and shoppers are Dicky why. Because he gets right to speak his mind that I. I have it right to disagree and say that your old and that you should not complaining because we're not that good anymore if you said this that's odd years ago. That that it does he needs to sit down and shut up and collect his paychecks is absurd. He wants to win this is what he's worked his entire life today when he wants a Super Bowl. Because he doesn't have that many years laps he deserves to speak his mind if he wants to speak is mark won't agree to disagree looks who Marty says about it also Marty. Was. So your I think I think there's a double layered between outscored in between. There are. Outscored got a contract yet you look at that you're now. I would say you're an extremely essential piece of oil and what the world have been hit that actually lie erred when he that he. I think a lot of read out or got his contract with a yard it made him such a high paid player. There's been no help or you'll be in it and they'd be that he and Eric dot we've talked about guys who are like time. Players of that organization and they want and retire at him that he cheats. Marty you do saved my agent double pass because I was going all EDD re worlds jumping around talk about this and that I'm planning on talk Marcus and sort of brings up some miles. Els in the middle talked about Alex and so let's talk about Tom Ali and you were able to compare the two. And I completely. I agree with you. Now surely under cross sport comparing there's going to be a lot of differences Thomas contract not a big as Alex Gordon's. There's an age difference and all of that but when it comes to an incumbent a fan favorite. That's both humble Ali and Alex Gordon all or if if school got benched. Because he's hitting a bought 85 right now and then he came out with a couple of tweets two weeks from now says it will I deserve to play. Com why come award got one of the last two weeks how did the same thing that I'm saying right now about Tom Owhali. Then great you've been awesome my favorite players. What have you don't formulate. What Steve was up Steve. Thomas simply get an unproductive the last couple years the big thing is he needs to show the training camp and just absolute terror it. And earned some playing time he has not earned it is that apple. If he does that if he cares about and earned playing time then he will play this chiefs' defense doesn't have every position completely. Some men do right now to say well he's aging is a little bit old look if he's the oldest guy out there but he's performing especially when it's employing the same position as before. Dorsey talk about our group puts the bad to say the reason he's only gotten fifteen and seven snaps in the week complaint that he put out yesterday. Because he's a pretty average football player at this point in his career. 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To show good Sunday morning Kansas City sixty and sports radio and heard all over the world on line. At 610 sports stock common noon my my terms of what might turns on the sun fresh on that show for the royals and White Sox first pitch. At 4115 that's their Colin. And Travis war will be here till noon on the sports machine show on the mean along with the charter member of the that is Stephen insert your thoughts 9135767610. Can text us at 69306. A couple of text rolling in on the duty to its text line about Tom Hartley from the 913 when it comes to Tom but about lack of production. He's getting a limited number of snaps but when he is he's doing a 100% but it looks like he's running in saint he's just wore down not his fault. And it's going to keep trending in that direction. From 816. Why did the sacks stopped and Purdue before because he's a one trick pony. Your thoughts. It up on the good tickets text line at 69306. Those talks and NFL and some cheese with my good friend and national NFL writer. Matt or ram a man is forced the tomba stuff goes he's always been the good soldiers always kept his mouth shut and on out there produced on the field. Were you a little bit surprised that he aired his dirty laundry via Twitter. We're very but I think there's very few that are on the liked it there. It saw Molly maybe all the dark I'll sell you know what I don't disagree that anything that. You know I disagree that you were. Call out directly Rick you made it very clear and you're from Procter you know a few days under that ball better on Apple's board. I law. So you know. It something where you felt the need to get out open by men with it and actually. That it happened that we can portray our you know that could be considered. Right at brocade is up about healer and couldn't that in February January. He's Smart. He's very well and I'm not. Sure that an accident back emerge or want action that a team like before. Your report to camp law. And why would that timing makes sense do you think he's just trying to stay fresh and make sure the people know that he's still around and he's not completely off the tee just yet. Department a little bit and you're trying to make it difficult. On the council ready ago even by Campbell the programs that are a couple of years ago. Eric economy they created teammate should be bought shall the 08 and they are all married. You know most respectful as occasional watcher. And yours and you're in Barry worked out all of which is fine you torture work ethic. The war in Iraq your knowledge report that we Butler Paul. We eat viewed here we felt arranged on the podcast. Goggle. He felt that the chief sensible L team and the more. I think it was a direct accounts. You'll love of country. Talk with the national NFL writer Matt were around here on 610 sports radio and 610 sports star com. But coast even sort of made the same point that you did we start talking about this that if anybody as the right to see what Thomas said it's Tom. Nobody would argue he's a veteran he's been with team for a long time been a really good player and productive he has the right. But is he right in any sense of the word is what he's saying make any sense. All say in the central. I want that he thought he spoke about seven snapped oil and our target that count I want the ball. And he's ever it is quite more than after. Electrical. Couple years he played laughed at 38 standard practice apple want him at all when it all the other one back at Ergen at all. You would use considerably more in everything memory treatment he was. In that oil game Bryant Gumbel while they got all well. I don't want it not right not well at first wire by. You can call volley game Morton Craig doll you can name. Called the current 33 year old that he felt Arnold pulling him toward it more are people what a great job each other on there. But I do think there's been one. You're not failure but one disappointment. Now at least we get. You've been poor air quality on the deal on this thing off. And Puerto because because victory we want to help the it I think cheeks. It try to figure that out even more complicated it respectfully. That's interesting that you point that out how many snaps he played during the regular season vs those two Pittsburgh games. Might be something specifically that the Steelers did the kept come off the field. Part of it is you remember well. If you could not that. Great ball well 171. Hour and frankly you. 01. You'll want the game. She viewed the law and he typically don't use Google ought not packing our Campbell great Wall Street is important that. If you if you were trying to little ought to be on. All morning hopeful when he did that beat typically only Actuate convert used in the portrait on the deal now you could order a well on the should be on the field that for a peculiar ID before acting labor well yet. But in order enacting article. On. So. If you couldn't. All bell and they'll call. Importantly. I copy point somewhat your own future if you title game ball all right Corey when he couldn't opt out. For the second half the game in the in the middle now pork but on Tuesday. At some point cut specific goal. And they can't beat that player more. Probable be all right Qaeda cry in the it. I still have my book awful Loescher somewhere in the Dresser but I don't boast about it while member national and a Colorado joining us. On the show you got man and the machine on 610 Sports Radio. You brought up deep for the guy had double digit sacks but. Was he really that productive Michaels I've been arguing that for the better part now two hours. I'm not a big before and I think he smoked in Mears and that he had a very productive six weeks and that's about it. Don't you think that part of the reason that Tom highly is even still the chiefs uniform is because of the non productive ness that's a war before. I think there there are part of it yeah I think it reached on the reader the O. Really. Probably going to be the year deal with the market. He for early career. No secret in the war I actions on the clock before critical lot of people felt army can talk or at least a cell. You know if you can be expected for fiscal years ago now. Here did turn somewhat cool I don't think you're great player I don't think it united article probably ol' ball. But you do go wire I think he's a sure like lawyer where you know he's got the count or you know he's up on defense would be good. You'll feel fair storm. You would merely. Hampered at the end of the year quite sure not today. He was in its own allies by Aetna and at one oil game he would use people like penalty I think he's I think the better player structure partners. Yeah I think that might be something a little while ago. How good in the 4017 chiefs' defense be can they beat 2015 Denver Broncos goods I looked the offense. And Matt I just can't figure out how we're going to exactly light up the scoreboard Canas beat a top five top seven defense in the NFL next year. Our camp is there ul and you'll need to change. Bought a leader is about how you look at it in reported fourteen. I repeat that relate it back in the UK might be over now we want court. That one year note Middleby technically it's more being injury she's dating in terms of concept and corrupt few minutes. A slew of guys including dot operated the song to you in jail hour. So. It. Helped me they're not beaten in the lead. It. Allan. In our compute the feeder Berry creek dull. Or Eric thought you'd like carpet walk or so. Dramatically now that I thought it if you wanna make a real. Estate market the patriot games they want to go through global. He. Beat up because by the opposite Alec. You know and complacent with Kelsey Hill like you got the wind is good got you'll lose interest earning a bit more about the quarterback who never going to be. Because not. All that he in the special being accurate look at how the law solve it we get it feast or their audit. Matt is the best broad I mean I have a good Sunday thanks for your time. The national NFL writer Matt where am I agree with him mainly when he said that. Probably still better than before boat is pretty average football players coming up next we'll show opens up did you Sunday morning shuffle. And talk about free will that's right 224. Year anniversary of the movie free will certainly in the sports machine until noon right here on 610 sport tree. Listen kid we can make some. Today this show that crime does she'll eat. 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Kind of feels that that's about been doing over the last half hours kind of peeing on view sport which I don't mean to do I'm just being honest to star Miley came out. With a series of tweets yesterday talking about how that he is and how it feels like he deserves more playing time. Quote watching both Steelers game from the sideline and playing fifteen and seven snaps in the last game and still lost. Am I needed in case he anymore and it to that I've come up with is. Sort of yes your needed here because. I don't think either one of those guys make my top ten most important she's players when it comes to winning in 2017. Which is human reason why. Not gonna make a mountain out of morning. If the ten most important player on the jayhawks came out and said or did something that would make it did you look at the tenth most important player on the royals said something it's whatever so. This came out of the mouth that Travis kills your tiring to air compared to Marcus beaters or just in Houston are experts are aware of the quarterback Alex Smith. I'd make a big deal that Tom Ali. So our bro Pamela has been will be here until noon royals baseball just burn your takes over the microphone with the are some fresh on that show. Coming up at noon first pitch at 4115 that's their Collins and Travis Wood with a win and if things break right. We could wake up tomorrow morning with the royals leading the American League wild card right now one game back in the wild card standings one and half games back. And the cracked is division. And all the baseball. It's so important sort of social opens optimism beats. It just Sunday morning. Shift. Apparently Tony four years ago this week to Jesse furry to Willie. Do you know that. That dealer on the with the council we celebrating all week. 44 years since free Willie Brown an ally the movie's pretty well. I remember when I thought he'd he has child came with like one well necklaces. Michael. Still haven't. I might sound food. Where does that rank amongst your favorite ninety's movie. It's right up there with my favorite nineties kids movies I did a little bit of research and I feel like and nineties. Really made some all time great movies are supposed to talk to them about it decade but when it comes to. Kids' movies that wasn't as to this point story which came out of the nineties. It wasn't as good as Lion King to be kidding me about the when my top five all time greatest if that means no wounds. Fooled them rested their days. But who moments. And home loan. 1090 movie dumb and dumber that came out and nineties as a kid I like all those movies slightly ahead of free Willy. But now I'm an adult like it looks back at it there's some great movies made that day or fiction. Forest golf at around my more us. Very. I'm a canard that muddy ducks class. All 345. But let's Josh and Kurt and she made in the ninety's the matrix. Was next. It seems like there. During is that word title during. Derek. The Olympics. Heroine becomes a huge fan of gymnastics or figure skating you won't admit it. I don't see why anyone would at that specific problem with like it is a fantastic. You were telling me earlier about your sports guilty pleasure this. My sports guilty and I agree with you there's nothing wrong with once every four years now. If instead of on Sundays watching football you're turning the channel will watch the Figure Skating Championships in gymnastics championships and deathly gonna question manpower. But we all of our sports guilty pleasures and mind. Is the NBA summer league. And the NBA team I think did enough of it. If I see on ESP into this the end through ESPN CEO until there's going to be able to burn out basketball players that I got a chance to watch back in college. I'm watching and most of the time it probably doesn't tell you fan. And there were. Seven jayhawks in the NBA summer Josh Jackson did his thing Perry Ellis checked the hollow landed Lucas of course frank Mason. Wayne seldom this is the one that blew me away. It's also watching my sports guilty pleasure of the summer league smells like is that could it be there's no way. Julian Wright displayed in the Indian summer as a case you've been how can you not want to watch all the blown out player ball. It's on the Deutsche entertainment. What's next. I really liked Julien I am upset he was successful as period brutal act is going to be successfully you don't. When he's not fully assess but he could never shoot the ball. The fantastic passes. There is say outpost in Major League Baseball to go to machine umpire is also a great Julian Wright. A cripple the united pooled together that you. They. The guy that still umpires game. You have an issue with. Yeah let's just be honest I'm a pretty average umpire not claiming to be the best although only the plate umpire that matters in big league baseball these days. And you could argue since we do have me. Box box on TV that hasn't actual strike zone. So the umpire and the players are the only ones who know that actually was not a striker not all of us sitting at home on a counter and beer. Can go all that was what outsider I do not call that a strike because real factual information in front of us. Bullets or somebody's called out at first or second or third baseman were supposed to be saved. That's the umpires a Big Bang call us to do. Its either out or say it doesn't even matter these right along the latest challenge to go to new York and overturn itself I really don't understand I mean this seriously. I really don't understand why and 2017 with our technology advancements. It is not just either way it. If the guys out or no sound he says there's no reason we still have an umpire. With a pair of high is usually four eyes telling us that the guys safer out or not. I want to digress for one last point how old is the average umpire. Should Major League umpires be around the same age as Major League players like in the twenties and thirties in the physical prime with their prime eyesight. It always seems like it's what you all do that are umpire but. I have no problem with whom we have been a home plate umpire don't worry about the bags but it's all about the Little League umpire and and I can complain all day about that. These little four foot catchers. Where they're dad's chest protectors they have no chance in the world. Of throwing a kid out at second base I mean. Even high school ball won't let these guys still 99%. The time to strike zones ridiculous and all the dads are experts on balks. Sir don't get it going a Little League umpiring. What's next I don't think there's athletic requirements of the umpires the way there iron. NFL and NBA directories. Weird story out of NASCAR yesterday as Kevin Harvick spotter at his credential removed. After intentionally dropping a Jimmy John sandwich a 150 feet into the stands. You have a favorite stop saying. Honestly have no problem with this guy just mean Jimmie Johnson which I can't even eat that stuff my favorite is a place called rules of sandwich and moment you're familiar with it. To me polish. Non habit behind Lenny sub shop on McAllister behind planet's I'm pot belly neck in neck with slots might. As a rod had him. Out. Subways and mr. Goode since I look mr. protester they changed their damn Turkey. Heidi as you get sensible time I have in the subway and light years plenty of those still. I don't think I was committed by the house eyeball so delays plus there's there's spicy meatballs we prefer that they went to ask what's next. What the exchange training camp brighter around the corner what are your biggest concerns heading into St. Joe well. After the tweets yesterday that Tom Hartley is at least in a good mental mindset is much smacks of talk on him and he poured. They're both going to be important pieces of the chiefs defense but they don't make my top three concerns or even close to it. Number one what does he mean you cut Jeremy Maclin your best wide receiver last year was a rookie. We all hope that he can. Do what he did a season ago talked about Tyrone hill and build on it but like Stevens that are used in a lot of guys and a sophomore slumps and if that happens essentially you're talking about war in the proven offensive threat. Trapped skills. And to Marcus Robinson it fantastic you know TA if he's going to be a big fat stuff that some of these other monkeys that's where my that was huge interest on the mind of the future Albert will some did you dream on is going to be a hey have a huge role in this offense overeat even Spencer where at some point there's just there's those last five games we said I've never actually done it in the NFL. The with Jeremy Maclin had before the with tyra killed at last season's like to know where the productive when it comes from when it comes to wide receivers at the same thing with running back. And then on defense. Guess the ages of sort toward you because they're Johnson and Tom Ali frankly for both ball ball flight off the face. Russell. What's your issue with the Turkey and yet. I would that's similar to the day in my entire life. That's all in order was that Turkey to play in Turkey sandwich a little bit tomatoes and lettuce cheese and a book actually was great and I went and estimates of one analyst its. They changed their Turkey after twenty years. Chichester Turkey after twenty years I mean what's different about the tech yet it's not as good Iceland I with a guy that's not something that I would never notice it's more smoke than it used to. All right. In the last wondered if that's. In the classic club in hand Turkey at bay and Alan. On August when he first there will be a total eclipse they can be seen him better. And Kansas than anywhere else outside that is that people are coming from all over the world not just the country. To see this eclipse do you know what today Stephen. Sunday. The lights on injured both correct answers about what I was looking for today is the final new moon. Before it hits you don't that meets. Either do. Because left field astronomy three topped its not his fault as it sounds. But astronomy class in college was awesome the first couple of weeks when you go outside of the telescope they showed you Saturday mourners and all these things. And in that bring you inside in his heart tells you about Kepler laws and theories and all this crap. Struck me is no good test this a little bit off topic but since we're talking about in the clips in the moon. What do we put a man on the moon in 2017. And that's not like a rhetorical question I'm actually curious. We're capable you know this of putting it man on the moon in 2017 the art technology has gone back. I don't think that's OK the white won't put a man on the moon in fifty plus years that authority to have an idea let's avoid doing it I'm telling how many more times how much more do we learn from the moon I'm telling you we cannot put America on the move today we do have technology for. That's maybe right maybe wrong. With the exports less than Stevens or sports machine Sean Lavin back in the Tom Ali. Hollywood that some more thoughts on the boards and blue and then we wrap things up it's time for royals baseball already. On six stents forgery. I could've done men that statement would put it you've lived in the show would run this year who speaks teams we'll radio. Broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studio. This column is awards he really necessary for an engagement ring absolutely bill because she's gonna Wear her ring every day and things happen stone could fall out and get lost whatever with chain company's warranty we'll keep lowering looking brand new for free from YX. 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When I hear you loud and clear. Us updated. You can listen to you texted a figure who won yourself a thousand bucks is no way for really the NFL head although if anything crazy. I mean last night I just eight dollar bonus programs as well over a thousand bucks will be the whole storm trooper outfit. He's at 5 PM so listen sixteen and Sports Radio. Those that are popular bubble handles here six and sports studio. Who got off adult what they'll suffer this evening sir we've got him Antonio de duels from the spurs. Got some minor league player that never goes. We've got a Sammy Sosa Bobble head dolls out of the office. They did it prison there heard Gordon went those hopman. Our imaginative. Throw away Bobble heads from people who come there. Clearly in we have not throw those away for whatever reason any final thoughts acumen it would cut about ten minutes left before we turn over the Verona. With the sun fresh on Dexter you can hit me up at 913576. 76 day and the beauty tickets Tex lines always open. At 69306. Jordan's who is running away. With the British Open will finish today show talking boys in blue with server first if you wouldn't mind switch and beats and if you've got India. A dole film's star music over there if you don't talk. Perfect. Ma man let's play quick team of British Open golf for. Or adult films thought here we go with the contestants even sort. This guy British Open golfer for the gold film stock. People in the war. Really show. Now he's an adult films bought from such films as North Pole and nurse Nancy enough to play with Peter northward. And I and that's a pretty boy and name I feel like there's a lot of people theater knowing him well funny you bring up the name blame game plan. Adult film star British Open golf for a show. Kids he's an English British Open golf for a maverick in the nearly. British. He hits from the US tied for a 140 seconds Jeff Stryker. British. So it's good golfer but he's known as the kid glimpse. Of the adult film business. Jonathan Vegas. British. Beckham death when so it's an adult film star he's a Venezuelan golfer tied for a 130 this. Jolt the holes lying. British the back back at you is lucrative field goal for the war more Evan stone. Brescia. Evans go to an adult film actor who's been more than 15100. Adult film it's fifteen under it. Fifty would've been a lot harder and got you look at it on there was in 15100. Adore bill we've got a few minutes left them I don't want to pat on the back. A special by talking boys in blue where there's been a lot of talk for the better part of this entire season. About the trade deadline of the world's gonna be buyers or sellers and frankly. As fans it's been somewhat frustrating because most of the time the baseball season being as long as it is. You can kind of pace yourself as a Fey and you can wait awhile let things play out so use that good season or bad seasons to moves. You should make because it's a 162 games. NFL season where a good team Europe and about high expectations and your team starts off. Oh and 20 crap that's 18 of the season already gonna we have one day. Most of the Tom throw a 162 game baseball season you can take your time and pace yourself as a and that's part of the pleasure of the sport. Not this year when seventy Kansas City Royals for a couple reasons. Won't they got out the gate slow they had a horrible losing streak early on and it looked like this season was a lost cause. In two. Because they've got basically there or their best 345 players are all going to become free agents. My question is and I wonder if anybody agrees. Hindsight being toward each morning in life and in sports it's really easy to look back on things and say see you should have done this but I remember saying this act. I'm talking about before the season even sparked. On a few like the royals brass Dayton Moore included in the Dayton. Is my favorite general manager in the history of our city and I may be on an island here but I think he's got a chance of ending up Wendy Cooperstown. I think he is spectacular. That being said. The world's brass had that good of an off season. Again hindsight we can look at the moves and say yeah or sellers not that good red mosque hasn't worked out I'm talking about specifically. With the trade or is a layer for weed it's. It makes sense why the royals are understood. We have Wade Davis under control for one more year. He's older than or solar solar for control over four hours he's not owed that much money. And the future of your team looks like they're kind of converting from power ends I'm sorry from defense and speed power and solar certainly has that so I understand what the rules were that. But at the time the trade was made all to myself. And tells me that the decision makers for the Kansas City Royals have won Floridian and one foot out. In the worst place to compete in professional sports is okay. Is average is 500 and I think the Dayton Moore and the rest the rules brass all on paper that's about what this team it's. And the Reverend Wright. This team right now almost a hundred games into the season is two games over 500 so let's call 500. If you look back the last season throw a 162 games the team was. Exactly 581 up 81 so headed into the season at the royals brass thought this team was going to be averaged. I can't you can't nobody can blame. The only issue is another that same point. For the last sixty games. As they were at the beginning in the season with their same needs they still need. Big bat this or isolate hasn't panned out they could still use another arm and nobody could have expected the untimely passing. Opener Donovan her but specifically. The trade away of wade date is basically what I'm saying in a nutshell and long waited around about way is this. Royals fans know and how crappy this division it's and it's by four. The most average and worst division in all of baseball where there fifty and 45 Cleveland Indians are leading the way at the royals were in the mayor's division. The rules of the sixteen games back thank goodness they're not. But I ask you this let's say the wheels grass the beginning of the season before this and or commit. Yeah enough to win this pretty crappy division and this team still had Gray Davis. Would it be a game and a half tactically and scored 8345. Games up on the but did you running away was that with this thing. They had a little bit more horse site headed into the season. Thank you to Stephen certificate in that program nationally and at that writer and all your calls and your taxable and is coming up next the sun fresh on that show. First pit where the world and the White Sox at 150 and all of me on Twitter. Sean Lavin cases citing golf and for the show sports machine extends forgery. At. Did you killed you know I don't know run this show seeks to use we'll really no good at getting tickets that come now for six days.