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The Day Shift
Friday, August 11th

In the final hour of the show, the guys get amped for the Chiefs. Plus, can the Royals right the ship, Pat Mahomes has all eyes on him, and fantasy guru Paul Charchian joins the guys. 


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Minute span. Medics that. The damn thing. I'm a damn thing. Big. Mine. The golf. If you've got the football field in state. He's got the football field. It's Jake you have to have. Physical honeymoon turns musician out. We can get like. Well on the bench Scott rails call this entire segment with the museum and if you want none had actual community aren't distracted at. So what are techs like that is currently. This is filled babies without I don't watch it through it who balanced things. Throughout the body you've got to be earned that thing. Return I think get Jordan Matthews I hope he's got a receipt that intercede on that and it kills. Injury. They are. Filled ball better. You know that is the crazies was futile game I don't think. I'd lowest it was a great play a bills game every week Parcells words that I videos from drug pills may have on to a table. And sex in the parking lot. You name man. Here's the tigers pitchers late to it that mice in the years that week. Forced even just picked up by Simi walking answers for the season we tested bills mafia well what is the data that week. But today late in 54 AM today. Hit it. I. Jurors the so and I named letters just picked up as we walk after the Q wait for the season. Has today bills mafia or Steve McMahon. I. That's a poor Tony says its way to get it goes. It's tweed is broken by Twitter. Resnick and above this. Or Steven man. A yet in its soldiers. Are tough but I don't failings but that is less than would you buy it not sixth and sportsmen. It's gotta be somebody. Fresh he's new effort of years I think the pack your homes Jersey extremely safe to go yet. Well done well on our retail. Buried. It's very you can Wear even when he's retired he's got to that. Legends of the game status will be in the Johnson led still I'd still rock DJ I'd still I like dirt dirt comes the when Jersey air. I'd rockabilly Bob moss for all of a disputed. This. Who knows maybe he's gonna become of that crunch time you a America. Well it is still probably years away from this still ways away but usually New Jersey have some. Kind with a let's say I want you wanna get a rot before you what I brought in Billy Bob. Nobody in Iraq been news. One that's what bottle of tip that would more dvds they told you about weak new wide receiver numbers like moss I could Wear proudly vehemence that. They'd and he might. I'm trying to think will be the perfect number for Brinkley when becomes a terrorist. Here Fisher 72. But they're Fisher slim and a seven kitty Logan and 686. Did I don't think big east one. Ray Miller's not. Now. Big. All right. They wanted things that we see in this week. So far with the other quarter best just denied it's about patsy homes if it gets it there we can break down and talk about the fourth quarter in the second quarter. But everybody's gonna have their eyes on past homes in this or quarter when he sees purple ball field. And I think tonight we would do that. Even more soul looking at this giant Kaiser had some nice throws last night the Shawn Watson. Had a really nice but a couple of nights ago. In the in the fourth quarterback off the board. Mitchell ought to Robiskie. He performed well last night for the Chicago Bears. Mike Glenn it was trash. Last night for the bears don't even say on that he was God's trash Robiskie today starting. At. Something they need to think about the other seal the pre season and just not thoughts when he saw from Glen and last night was just here John spots after the game said that the depth chart hasn't changed. With a with a bit now and really put out right. You don't make knee jerk reactions on budget were sick. President Clinton is the breakout being the good this what we might put the best into space board in ninety in your talk to them we talked about it earlier. We just want to see and anticipate they'll play some passing homes you get one shot at a four suppression with a reported seeing Patrick Holmes at night. What are it was as you said was with Watson was with guys too risky sold these guys. They're fan bases are excited in Chicago there Cedric Houston they're excited about lots. They're gonna our time champion beast is Earl Watson played he's not the starter they're reaching in what's being very very soon. Kaiser wideout Cleveland. Seriously rocked Roswell new odious. Which are shocked he's still their there's talk the returning get rid of him as soon as we got during that. Imports are triggered a rock police and they got him yes. Now. But Patrick my home businesses changed since together with a common with these guys went to the gruden quarterbacking do with the circuit with these guys they've all shown something. These guys that are only watch it will be network to watch an opponent it. They like to see their highlights they'd like this will people saying about him. Really think it big. They like what are I'd be in on there guys all of Twitter account actual homes on there he sees the damn sure the gifts of the shot geysers throw last night. Any what's the one of just for personal pride in for those spans and this is why he treated him to give me this is why he treated at the end for me. On the show you why you'd. And I feel that that's who we'll play I do it does not expect the Moreland tight road second base from homes that. He's jacked up these Joost journals while. In a year mills won. All we see that. Whatever he does that I is not a judgment because eighty read the chiefs have the opportunity to do a lot of teams don't. Is resting for year prizes like the rest of your illness or at some point Watson is gonna start at some point and I beat the best is gets started out opening day. No homes we know he's not. He's got the opportunity to sit behind Alex Smith is again over the last two years or two quarterbacks drafted the first round did not start the game. Jake Locker Brady Quinn. Major moans could be number three. But this is. Is morsel Bol. Just the excitement for cease fans. So many cease fans. Art cited a Bol tonight. Because of what this represents span. It's what it is sort of a new chapter in peaceful ball really ends. Almost the last time he took the quarterback in the source round black pledge yes. And how long goal is that he's been on TV for what will ever did go on forever over to. He's been on TV forward. Couple decades. On TV orca yes. He didn't work out in the Jason been afraid to eject the quarterback the first round quite like recycled quarterback. They'd like elves are. They like a bona. They like it triggering. They're like a Matt Cassel based like Alex Smith. They like guys improved they completely. Because they've been too afraid to draft one in the first round. In this year we provided in the league averaging in the dead but I'm pretty sure everybody there Indy read included was a 100% on board patrimony. Is it that you've built an excuse that works at John Dorsey draft the judge Dorsey that's the one thing they have allowed teams don't usually quarterback for from pick balls on the GM. Is horse he's gonna Carrie Fisher and forever. We huge turn out right to be honest with you. They'd ever be the fall back he didn't work out to you this is John Dorsey pit you can see him pushing the blame if he doesn't work out but who works out to BI bodies are more exactly 7 o'clock A Tom fascinated. You're one of the reason I hate patriots fan really Philly. Why you pages these guys line so we talked about that picture Roger Goodell that the pats fans. Are beautiful weeded out as Roger Goodell went three patriots fans yes. Big crystal looks like you know maybe is welcome back as a rule miserable all the brains of peace I see that at all it was beat them and won't until the like this like our I didn't need to put words in your mouth trees did big news king. Carrier. The picture making rounds. Claimed by these gentlemen was an elaborate hoax senate idea fell. Early it's poke. Two. One of the gentleman in the picture we got to spears now he says quote we were just walking down the ramp doing our thing some people from the NFL were walking on the ramp as well. And there was no one on the ramp but us. Some guy asked us how we work we had some we had just sports talks that sort of stuff. We were a couple Beers deep at this point and we realize one of the guys with them was Roger Goodell. He goes off he kind of caught us off guard in this situation. So we talked I'll Australia so we talked for awhile maybe ten seconds and then the guy who originally approached has asked us if we could get a picture. We said sure. We got a quick picture not knowing what they would do with that all of a sudden it's getting to weed out it was we needed to the world. From the NFL within thirty seconds that is sneaky I am so upset with that because I really don't care for the Dow I am upset because if most people were in the situation they would say yeah. Then W yeah I asked this person do you feel we used. You responds absolutely so that. They of these patriots fans daddy's there is that Roger Goodell is just walk column. They have a brief conversations among from the public take we get a picture a quick they snapping it. And then there tweed and on these guys like how the hell now looks like pats fans are fired on them when really we hate him let me tell you John Elway could asked if he could get a ticket you know my response is going to be. Know exactly exactly and end up buying this on this page instead because. But let's got picked pictured on that and see how it lets me down okay I'm up but if wants a number one. They still had out to say no we're not taking a mutual Roger Goodell number two the moment that they see Roger Goodell. Right the moment that they see him. Don't act like don't know the hill he is you know damn well Roger Goodell at global. We sold this guy he's there is no doubt wig there in the other guy had happened to be watching good they'll know he'd have a finals with no. Stop it. Baker fades don't like man in big. These big why you want ritual rod ought to Dell dot and then all of us able drunken young still don't know these these pages there's not a bad. Just patriot nation message you know what you guys got sock them. Nautical photograph would Roger Goodell also that your story. But the enemy exactly. That's the annual patriots day on a diet that's OB es. CNET and put you build on I'm not saying I am surprised. To read this if you don't. The guy I don't take a picture with him out of line. Both OJ Simpson came here Hewitt please open. I don't know. Lol can I can and I just know I'll only quick roll this one back there that he would roll this back you could be I don't. Rarely does. Some juice here. It have big play old jail now would you play don't know I would like but I get a picture with the disease. It's. Most famous murder mystery. They. This to pick our hearts are ill will with OJ Simpson like I don't that's a bad aliens in this picture. This three actually makes the dates are open right you know what poll. You wanted to to a Charles Manson. Mean. I've been an interesting photo. Is this is yes it has been right behind you. But like a knife no I don't want that to be a bit behind. He was like convincing other people who do the killing in the remote killer right now. That comes to office. And we decide it is home boys. OJ Simpson. Despite hard to believe if Jews walked in here that make impeach. They'll all not to mix with yeah million music relates to music they know it. I don't think. I think OJ is that is probably the worst person I would take a picture with just because like. That's that's. The Jews. I would not take a picture of Roger Goodell I would not take a picture you'd think we geez my phone's bigger picture mean Jews eat eat eat he got backed down assist with the old Greg you're going out herself and what that is involved garner. Out went up only two youths between did you not yet yet did you write it write and add that if Hillary is voted the picture. Right it's. And I think the Jews is the one out wired this is the only one like I'm not self being what Madison bomb would do little box ago. Like Rodgers don't do what you had Beers large deals have Beers if you pick the can you picture now with the commission itself. With OJ Simpson didn't watch it dealt. I. But the fuse is there a CR that's all I'm sorry. Did Roger Goodell sadly when a Heisman. Tell to people. Allegedly. Laced up principle we. How about Mike that yes I would. Pick or movement that would do you. Yes Bob pick ones that you saw on the other ho. That's like mad men rushed for 111000 yards I don't know what that was your 100 yards and Roger Goodell right or what is your one way to get beyond picture. In his behavior introduced do this don't like one of those questions were yes like white shirt is that the teams get good pitcher Ricky dual she'd take one with you in. Is did you stay in line. With a knife. C.s think about it is funny don't Scott it's nice meant 81. It's die. The Nazis on your lap in Kagan drew huge. It's what else is already on lap so what are the odds say yeah it is in mine says it labs as we get it you know you're prepared for it and OG sneaks by you ignited this protective league. Dogs are now just Photoshop later. But don't have. Don't know last doll would now. He's too good a bit odd sales that these five I told you guys this is why we needed to invent the threesome we'll. We were gonna have the idea arena of one exceptionally attractive like Abigail rats for and you have like Jackie from Roseanne and is it worth of where you. So it's going to get a difficult ethical. Yet testicle was its phase us any can't project pictures Colquitt yes. Gasol DePaul charts in at 145. Faculty told us news and just put the seat segment off man. And a better net aid I would not take a picture of your Nathanson raskin. We. They outscored in June 8. There's a reality that we must address and deal with him or arson the royals and would do that net. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now and sixty in particular in total to sixty in sports. I we have issued at least if it's. And I know that double Faust is not like just. Ryan says early this morning. We put together pass finalized and we went down. And we knew we were gonna be all excitable but sees it would be excited about the big announcement. When he came to royals topics and it was penalized. No. I don't talk about that I'll get a deal with adult man. And we got to deal with it is inevitable. You don't know is going to be a need it's what. A couple giveaways to their. What it's what you'll feel better about the things. We'll get to give one out this site. And the thing that we have to face. But I don't think it everybody is ready to admit it yet but I'm willing to ball. Walters say that I'm ready to admit that our bullpen just as an. Isn't that true banked. Our bullpen has our bullpen at the start of year it wasn't it then they round into form and may look like. A bullpen that we were bad we had seen the the last three years. And it had been amazing stretch of not given up runs. In the last week. What's going on here. What is going on here and I'm not just gonna sit here and say is the Padres got the matter man our bullpen does not look good. At this moment it doesn't. Shaky. Isn't even the right word to describe how bad double the Stanley. It's been both well starting pitching in the bullpen although Jason Hammel. Good enough to get by last night but it's been it's been both. Yeah when you added to the bullpen I had some good things around four in June they were actually the third best bullpen in baseball. In the third best the RA and right now is that is this week's been there thirteen in Major League Baseball means there's still pop half. Of baseball's towards ERA he was used when usual. No war in which we took for granted we we saw how good this open was he just don't have. Lock down people and board games are still in doubt after the sixth inning but peace and I'd be. And the fact that we had become her life in profits hopefully in the powers that flee their it is deemed immoral runs. In the ever have and Dayton Moore said that it into an springs right pitching has been its. In either of the opens been tested because you have guys like Trevor Kate yields on the deal by the way so looks a jig units. Will and goodness are those are questions we that judicial replaced K Il anyway. It's funny how guys in the shortly somehow go on the field. Maybe an injury he was working through. What it was a doesn't does that give them my two and another brought up on the broadcast. What are some of bothered us was he was hopping off to the right side of the mammals went after certain pitches. As I get this kind of weird because they pointed out on the broadcast a might. Yeah I noticed that the ports above but I think I don't think anything of it until they boarded up on the on neon on the telecast. That would that was so I. I have been the worst part is you keep singled out because probably. Oh Kennedy can stop living borders and stop when now they report all globally if you've had recently. They're going to play a White Sox team you look at the White Sox record you think worst team the American League. However that worst in the American League just left the restaurant. The team with the best record in Italy which by the way to a billion like six game lead on the Red Sox or is number one record itself war. The Astros have struggled. Now the race in now that you're who you are the Astros finished the season. Finley. You know the reality right now wouldn't it bothers you is the rules of play the Red Sox twice been blown both series this is the reality of the royals right now. When it comes to the he'll walk hard the Yankees. Are ahead of everybody by two and a half games ordered that the nearest person in the wild card in that Seattle and to sample both side. Minnesota has passed us. And now we're tied with the angels in the wall. Clock there. I guess the best news is in this stretch of ten games you've gone to an eight. Cleveland's gone three and that. In our individual vendors. With Tom with Miller and Brantley although they rectified that some extent. But going on in getting G Bruce. With the unions who actually able to fulfill. Bet yeah Houston Astros 71 wins Red Sox 65. Astros. Teams got some issues on ministry stated at any pieces in all the sudden you start the face little bit of reality. But the rest American League's no great shakes either. Minute mid mid Minnesota's got 73 to complain well the won five straight games. The Minnesota also can blunt lose. Five straight games and I think the same thing with the royals. They've lost four aerobic dancing winning four arrow. Of all the teams in the Yale law caller right now the hottest team is the twins. They got five consecutive victory for now. Yeah I know Puerto. And then after that you had to say what is skipping this Seattle didn't win last to Seattle lost to. The angels right at the depleted angels plus a mess of it lost in the angels because them. They're 501 game back from the wild card. Everybody's in this than twins or half key member while guard angels are one game out royals are one game out the Orioles are one or whatever and announce. The Rangers. Send their three and a half games out I don't believe. The blue jays as bad as Ed team. Sport gains and the wildcard I'd say man. The blue jays have been here are fifty or sixty but they sit four games out of awhile I'd I'd I'd get that. The tiger the six games back best deceiving. See it is to see if it was all reality it's reality is deceiving now. The blue jays in the tigers have way too many teams that they have to horrible that's not happen. What you meant but there is. The blue jays sit for gains back to joke. The Rangers this year been terrible at three games back the hills are not even 500 and say it again half animal while art. Essentially everybody's an except for the Oakland based there ate half the White Sox are thirteen names that. Everybody else. They go on around you never now. It's that bad. But to get a jump which teams don't have real struggles to. Doyle's ended up right back 500. In those twins. Believe it or not are now game over 500. Legs it twins losing five and rose he's like in winning by. How bad do you think there were grading selling. Sergio Kindle. We Garcia's kind of washed away did you Bartolo Colon. But deeper root for any kids though made the sort but are you regretting it they'll. Through the twins don't think to bail to be honest I don't know man to do any street reveal or I and it's inevitably horde. As a GM to approach it teams that you know items are for giving up on you two weeks ago they see Richard you. That's their deal and given up on. Do whatever he says something no for you just in case you did not hear the the big announcement earlier. At wolf fifteen it is official. We discussed it earlier. That six in Sports Radio is now the official home. For K state athletics in here the football games in here the basketball games we have Bruce Weber on earlier. As well as why Thompson play about Playboy's for the walk it so. Doubles the big announcement at all the team today being Leah chase state athletics write your own success at all. I'm pumped up for beaches K state obviously. We got a little bit respect they normally didn't do you ever heard in quarterback and hurt. Against seven times in 26 years of those voters coach having an incumbent quarterback back. Also by the wildcats the bulletin is recent but broadcast on sixteen of light comes. If let me ask you this is you've you've resource to counsel ball landscape much more than I am. Everybody enters a base everybody Knowles. Is what we do know. The case states in the makes for the big twelve mr. right. Do you think the case state is good enough to make a run towards. Getting to a possible playoff. I know SR all I'll stays there be monsters Alabama's gonna be a monster Florida State. Settles him going unscathed from the big twelve they win the big twelve when the big yes they can't. But I don't Symbian unscathed giving them. You take that to get into the college football players again yet I think texts can be much better with Herman a legal homes not going anywhere. It's still some good teams has come Oklahoma State minority groups also are getting just turned fifty all Stoltz. It's nice that Eminem the comforts. I just wonder man all right real quick before we get deploy charts he's we're gonna talk to him next segment. But does the rescue and to some final thoughts in regards to tonight. And the it's ceased day. You'd have a block pulls up six in sports I Tom talking gossiping just to be watching tonight outside those the fact it will all be faulty statin in. You know want to see patchy homes one of the top things that you will be trying to take it up in its institute is the White House it's. Our. I know it's a silly book it's so important in this league they'll throw the football. You've got to have good wide receivers couldn't we values of the best teams the NFL those wide receivers. Yeah I understand the quarterback comes with that but I see so many things really think it's gonna be he'll become when you think it's going to be Wilson. You think it's BJ you'd chosen a big it's going to be to mark's Robinson and you think it's going to be death. I think there's Albert Wilson. If I'm John Davies Jones. Markets can't. You're Dieter do you think about some of these guys I think did two or three wide receivers fill out the ten. Spot in the practice squad it's very tough to keep three wide receiver bowl aren't they don't seem doing that. It chi it's this practice squad guys the mean they're not going to be active plate. But I chiefs of showcase yourself because I don't think ugly is definitely locked into the number two if your Marcus Robinson even huge turn again. Huge pre season. What can median Albert Wilson spot. What Eugene just. Threw 24 round picks back to back we've seen picks in the unit they'll be good right away. He going to do brown six trumpet yeah marks from some of fort trumpet and off the fields the pretrial higher. The wide receivers to be a beef on the watch tonight. I this coming Sunday. Harris casino bass a spot winning streaks inside here as. We are going to have another watch party just burn your is the holes as always. We are getting giveaway out here a VIP passes right now to caller number eight call in number eight now won three by some 676 stand on number eight. As did receive a here of the IP passes to join us Hoover's watch party. And winning streaks in here as on August the thirteenth UA guessed it exclusive spot in winning streaks. Sweet decliners in front of their huge wall screens to watch the royals. Take on the White Sox in a 25 dollar food and beverage credit that is this Sunday. Com at winning streaks I'll be there should be reviewed here beat here. On square. Which is I. Because green St. Joe part of it is ultimately. There. And filming being legally light dropped and I right highways out of the ultra but it will be missing Joseph departed I've. It is your towers since my last time up there are so. Priests and a middle. And uncle b.'s actually. And very tough. Odious it was for me now to stop their future. I tell wolf coming up next the wings your school we insulted our guy all charged in from the say die come. We'll talk to charts as a football next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Even little hill with your Tennessee Tia dean of youngsters who drive you rewriting records of I don't know what to do with the one particular towards thin you had some more than others quarterbacks rock you for Sears dropped of them what defense they kickers. And it's goal. You know I am president of the fantasy sports reader associated I don't know what. Fantasy sports hall of Famer kind of a big pizza full charge she didn't. Hi congratulations to Daniel and these summits but he's gonna hang out with. Just our news. For the watch party is winning. Think we might not be there don't or a Mike billions condolences and crew chiefs thing in the I think you know she's pretty sure that's vocals you'll probably be there. I'll be there. Hang out house upon mosque where. Beautiful place actually won't be there in a few more. I'm concerned everybody's. Soul to be an excuse as a race is completely. But no it's a great students it is the reason I will not be I guess I'm messing is the powerful reason why you whenever it beats you out of going to a party in the future. But I gets a gets ever have a drink for me. For now from JD. I. It's that the inning with the bill and then leave them make any paper or fanning just leave the thing that bet topic dig some up yesterday. Alone. It's. A tenor or staining his response was he says. All was new to me. It babysit at knew it was like added now. This is skis for everything also the response was new in the main man and a I didn't rules and still new around here when he's been around to reward them. He's been here since before spring training. Kiki keep playing this I'm new here. All right we're we're looking connect here with the poll charts in in just one site health he's not blowing assaults. Because you know. He's got the biggest fan I get an idea and I got rankings and lastly I was. It is a busy there it is get these young men at these guys appear at the bill's gonna do with him with what to do with his value. Sammy Watkins. Lot of these in church's world it was a big day absolute nine is good keeps I am always pre season games. Sure all giddy about the timer to during the game 9030 bump every kill opponent when he and his. Ranking watt of the book charts and I'm not bugging Turks and bug me. No I'm curious I could see it being the other way around actually I can't. Active seat being the other where they'll sleep anyway let's talk. Or wrote to talk to charge right now bulls also look afford to. This more importantly. Not just the conversations every single week on Thursdays but the fact it we have the fourth annual fanciful board training camp coming up Sunday August 20. Ed Johnson County arts in here to sinner. And you can have all charged in this and you know on everything in terms of the fantasy football information they he's gonna dive into. And Dustin Colquitt from the juice is going to be there as well all presented by. Bud Light so charts manage health all the people that are out there listening for the million dollars which is nothing that's a drop in the bucket. Bomb when it comes to getting the tough physical what information they're gonna get from you tell what all they will be providing where he. Well well well. Children until they're part you're also. You know it might behind it like you don't get great barbecue and then all that'll. Everything you need to squeak polite bought all your opponent credit we do what we want it they. In which it hitless in church thanks you that you are out. At you wouldn't be. Yes I did charge because it took your advice not only that that you would give advice on the show I was Smart enough to take notes. Pick players and when the big shift league that we had because of you you. On the basis we could invest as much as we won the heated media the league beyond charts tell the any seat beyond that because these statements not alls I cannot abide by the rules of I'll tell you easy what time which you wouldn't be the matter is that one bias towards the margin did you write the rules. A bit of Apple's okay you've been out there. Okay are merely that you brought into question the integrity of the game and that's the rule that you broke more than. Outsells it solves those. Because. Well. The urgency or he broke the rules but so. That it victory stand that you take. We patriot is all being basically. Charge aren't allowed to its pre season football that I with fantasy football mind adds it is not only that wouldn't seek you'll only news came out. I'm a bad person even very bad person because honestly that was the first thing I thought about was gonna semi. We all all out here all but a little while some sex toys from Austin tells him that's all. Cute. IQ did you gently yeah. You hear the crowd which day. I'd dot dot com like you know being alone. Iran did it but I. I've been in this like half the traffic jam and I'm by me or the other day and vehicle are actors each group more it. Yeah it's crazy so I I can bet on the road right now but I about the 18 or not. I got a man. I Datsyuk over yet we're fortunate to get with you again for the fourth annual sensible training camp did you tickets right now six cents or stock down because this thing is going to sell while only ten dollars coming up on Sunday August when he presented by Bud Light. Artie goes catering to to have the barbecue and Justin Cole who will be there as well in all the personalities in six and sports radio and all charts here complete safe that's common stand ball dot com. The charts cultural but talk for yes that's that's the first question why. Matt yeah it's. Also a talk about Ozzie do colleagues it was a. You'll Europe it's in our working scenario we go back and Eric op that they're all the working possibility that you know if you peel and I'm working in. Either way. For and that he ordered it just too much time their. And regular and average working week so it. He won the suspension. And that we in the air that you suspected plot the bye week. And aipac to be gay that that the killer. The killer that you might not one month ago there when that suspension. With apple might happen I dropped him down and number eight. It can be a couple of game by about six it at the back he would get. At this point you're you're at 8 o'clock. Or spot for that long and dad I. I had not in doubt I haven't quite. Come around. That he ate it and edit. The great when it comes back. But it might not matter when you're out like out. While that adds. Estimate him aren't is it's not a. Wait. A problem ever wished that ought to be quite the year and an advocate Albert more at. Problem now. I need a spot or heat and being. And what those guys not be seeking a council. But the point ought to absorb the heat that's back there. But the art and arch what he is behind. I got you all right so since is he to LA is the longer the number one who is who's the number one guys or is it doubly Gambill. Maybe and yet it got the number two because they're worried about are all marked at the plate that you're doing. As much if you're at the black you're. And that allotment from the real problem and I am under orders opposite. And so that's you know that's why I've got I got corrected all were down at quarterback by. Abstinence and I. Charts and the other news with the Buffalo Bills they seem to walk and not a guy your high on. Getting listed 3802. On your wide receiver list Jordan Matthews you head down to 38. Tuesday. Do things change now the Buffalo Bills that is Jordan met these connection. And well. Watch it so don't tell me most would not so pat. In buffalo. Homework when he announced console game and Alec. Or. Were you when my cheek she probably. Had what. That means that your bought it yet ready to be eight or you globally competent. Liable. So are I'd I'd died and I'm really nervous about that little eager yet better quarterback the better or so. I don't like the move is sort of map for peace and be done. All I. And order a couple of the plan to sign so now. Worn little bit. In part this. Chick to the he reported. That. Burn either or OK. This sort are eager to lose votes or post. Charge what about the key in city be out there tonight every kill I think he's been moving up in your list exhibit number two when he now. It was incredible of of the receptions. But he got like three months you're headed number 22. Anything you particularly want me to be texting you tonight. The advocate that. I'll tell you what. Won't eat let me get hot watching it you know. The people. Although that they. Well that's accurate. I. I been on the back on the team but they'll get. Specter where people all the treatment can be actual. It's a little more. On the opposite that acting. Out who work. On the barrel at there are in the. According to sort it all well. I want to a couple practiced Altidore got. You know you don't worry him on an outline that or revise its. At top of this that jarred it starts really commanding most of what's and so that. I'm watching sports on so good that he's been. You can't eat out it shocked that it could be in the fourth at a wait. I can assure you I will be order like you watch it I I'd want them out here. It turned into little madman. I charts a great chatting with you would chat with you next week and then we'll see you next weekend as wells with a fourth annual. Physical ball training camp and by the way call a number three. It's your call a number three you can receive appear to get to the fourth annual fanciful bought training camp and about bud lights fantasy football they report charged in a coach who with the analysis dominate your league. It's your tickets are six to sport dot com must beat one went to a ten charts you're the best we'll talk deal on next week and then I have very great we demand. People. And we're hearing about what they. Know a lot that your. There that it got little. Oh. I I save this duke being make it add hours it would be similar to the advice that. Bin hires are David Garcia Tyrod Taylor and you said this Casilla. Terrible there. Bet that's terrible it by so we'll tell it like. It is terrible advice for you dominated that's what. I don't do it starts. I call it three now with the response of except Dixon will see you next weekend as we call of the three. The drive is up next have a great weekend dole sees. Talked to Monday. Don't addictive.