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The Day Shift
Friday, August 11th

We continue our excitement and talk Chiefs with Pete Sweeney of Arrowhead Pride. Plus, the NFL drops the hammer on the Cowboys. 


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I'll tell you talk to get a couple minutes here. Beats waiting to hear him cry but until we talk to beat there's a couple other things that think we wanted to you'll. Chat about it regardless of things you can check it out tonight all the imports might be getting a wide range of things to people tweeting me. Some really want to seek removal. As far as running backs are concerned that with another exciting he's the lookout for. Think in the homes of the equation. With the number one thing you. I guess to be number two technically because moments clearly. Remote. Death. Auriemma. Prima. Everybody is excited about Rima and not like if there's anybody that to fans wanna rush into. Getting on the football field deceit. Outside a patch while Holmes is streamlined. Best suited. You. Curious at all with CJ Spiller who has looked at. If you mean were you tackle first when he when he joined the show could easily just eased to stay healthy Q a show me one regional joint chiefs. He knew that I thought accuses the guys care about. We have any expectations. And after watching. A little bit as this guy's battles companies see more and more reports of people at training camp talking about CJ Spiller. In you look at what was happening with him when he came to. On the punt coverage team he's he's return kick off before two circuit west hasn't done. Every kills taken all the punt returns back so CJ Spiller I guess to me that's a part of it too. Kickoff return unit who's going to be that guy is the ultimate fate that they've told someone asked me yesterday I was like now. Here's the thing. Big toe debt may Devin Hester just to superstores. But it was other people never turns in Chicago not just Devin Hester. That was Dave told creation that's a thousand years somebody that'll be like retiree kill makes his job easier. The big toe with his schemes in what he does is a point system for the special teams where you players that little competition. Amongst themselves what they're going to be able to do. Put your faith that it is a matter who's back there they're going to succeed in his system. I mean I am intrigued by CJ Spiller. And he. He says he still has. Woolsey he hasn't been you know well it's not I'm done and what they did because if you're not available you're not healthy. Big into to get out and play imports mean that the day he stayed healthy Kenny get out of football field. It may play a circuit and has that same thing to pizza when he merlot pride. Joins us now in studio Pete. We're talking about CJ Spiller I know you what CJ Spiller gives. Assault points with a video of AQ what are your tweets was turning back the clock it is nice little run. By CJ Spiller show he still has some steps seal as some moves. I'm very curious about him because an over Arkansas mainly to third string running back. Circuit request many look over the shoulder logo does. Yeah well first of all happy Patrick Brown say keep us. And I spent time these last night to take but no yes CJ Spiller someone watched tonight and you know it'll be another one of the story lines I think. This guy is someone who at least in training camp is turning back the clock. Any shoes and ability to catch the football which I think is something that Spencer richer cantor west not. Date they're not necessarily known for so there's a need for that in the backfield and I yet now it's like prove it against another team another team and that CJ Spiller will have that opportunity next. While find is interesting because he was asked by reporter. If he had lost a step or two over the years in this is his response to beat and city star. No but that's for everybody else to decide I know what I can still do I know that I'm still that you smear. Yes act like pop art eulogies at kicks. Pulls back the debts we did is most particular play in my mind. It's catching it out of the backfield. Yes and as far as accused men come and Marcus Peterson isn't it like Beckham is he calls himself did you spend that I think Chris is LG esteem yet it threads as the LG esteem he calls himself the corporate champ now he's been walking around it or that it likely is it that I'd now. Yet and eat and you can see the burst I think he's been injured for a long time and I think now he finally feels healthy he's he's saying that. And if your member in 20122013. With CJ Spiller healthy it was 2900 plus yard seasons one of them was over a thousand yards. And again and I mean I I think we've said it before. Now Terry kills the main main part of this offense. He can't he's not be returning kicks maybe there's a role for him to return kicks as well there's a lot you can do with CJ Spiller and when you're a guy like him like a short cantor where you're trying to make the 53 it's the more you can do because Maury can do for this team the better chance you have to make the team. And delicate like I said that the chiefs are gonna want tough cuts. Yeah one of the interesting things is that a lot of times of people rights at all. And you get that opportunity to win it presents itself and you feel healthy you feel right and you take advantage of that. They're signings like this week actually a dialect is to just win one game. And I bring it out because we CNET here in recent years in Kansas City. And acid rest in peace until midnight. Joseph Joseph McKnight Miami he would like it into law single handedly Miami game. Did he got he was it was a cute guy likes a lot like Butler right CDs you'll get the word. Got back. All into the field because it was several days we walked on the heel and he's right up on the on the side he'll try to do conditioning use. And be part of the guys that gaming had Miami is going to be a port of Philly got hurt both Spiller to. He needs yard touchdown catch from Drew Brees just as recently as 2015. That's what he's all right this guy's still got a little something of course injuries catch up but you're right about. More you can do he's return kicks before Turkey's request is not earn kicks before that I see. See you schools on the punt coverage team which cinched together the guys go to their make the tackles in the times you'll see a guy aging veteran. Like CJ. Usually those of the 22 year old. Tournament on special teams excellence is being seen a guy like him at his age still trying to be great if he can do other things like to meet Dave toe. He's going to be the guy that ends up picking. This third string running back Freeney read. Yes and Reid really appreciate stoves input on it and it's so important and you know special teams is is a thing like it it's something that you have to think about. But the thing with Spiller and we saw last week in any mention the eighty yard touchdown. From you Drew Brees just last week in training camp out Smith. And the team we're running this drill where there backed up to the goal line. Al Smith has this really beautifully thrown deep pass too tiring kill. For 99 yards 98 yards. Patrick Holmes in the coming up and CJ Spiller sat with him because secondary team. And probably hit some around the 25 yard line in the same situation. And it wasn't Patrick my homes that made the play CJ Spiller after he caught the ball. Was dashing by these reserve defenders and he dashes away all the we have ninety yard or eighty yards to touchdown. Patrick and I get it it's training camp it's your own guys. But I mean these are guys up for an NFL roster either still something there and like I said it pick it comes out and tonight a you know a lot people we talk memo homes and short leash I'm sure. Will get to that but the big night for a lot of guys were not talked about CJ Spiller is one of yeah. I think so tune in speaking homes that you talk what receivers a lot obviously but no homes Internet we're talking. This we talked usage Tom Watson little bit show. His first game Michelle Rhee can do the last night EC which Robiskie can do he see Du'Shon Kaiser uncork one. In just have to thank my Holmes knows these guys well from the com line from the group quarterback in the corner out. Florida is home fans ate this is what you took me in that they'll obviously to risk he's upheavals fours but. They went with him right before once. But to me that inner desire geez this is one pre season game but still people are talking about these guys I feel he wants to talk about. Yes and these are tired these these type of guys who never talked about how competitive they are. But I mean you see Petrobras homes and Al Smith and Tyler bray and they're getting really into like a silly quarterback competition hitting a dumpster at training camp. You know Patrick Holmes he's happy guys will never say it. But you're looking at your draft class you're always compared to draft class he wants to be the best in his draft class and and and to end like I said you'll never hear that from these guys but the reason there in the NFL is because their competitors and that's what got them there. And to say Patrick Holmes isn't looking at over shoulder yeah I'll never say that but he wants to be the best and the not and I I see it in him. The other day he's just like yelling about that silly quarterback come to Jenin and it's small I know it's Ceglia but he's a competitor he loves to compete. And death I know I and I can see in him already he's going to be won the best quarterback in its class and that. He's going to be tough to that would Watson's Robiskie for the remainder of his career watts is going to be the ones to XP the most yell at at his bid him a chance to Robiskie big blocks in the program. Right an end certain teams don't have chance that the Euro is compared to the rest for your class like out Smith and Aaron Rodgers and Eli. Philip Rivers and Big Ben and I think the all always be grouped together as years go on but yes. And that adds to that weird rival read the chief sort of have with the Texans where. When Watson plays my homes eventually it's gonna be like well they could take this guy that could tick tick back that's why you see that we're every with the giants and the chargers similar with the O Philip Rivers Eli Manning situation and I think that'll happen in Kansas City and used to per share. Talked to Pete Sweeney used to be chiefs dot com now he's working for it right all on Twitter et PG swing and eight. Breaks his stuff there and old people kind of gravitate you guys are breaking things that a key MP is your guy. Fredette at PG swing disease pretty detailed guy when it comes as putting was working for the chiefs do. Do you think that my home from what he's seen. Out of the other guys to halt all these guys are. Pain is it's not only do what's happening in the air specific training Campbell you know when I go home and I are sitting around in the air. You got the playbook open their project out on sports and are and it's on network T think it. He's the type individuals that put a little bit up. Adams. I just partial pressure on itself to have to you know. To perform at a specific low even those three season when you see it this on Watson. Play well we see a mr. biz you play what we've seen just on Tyson have a couple throws did think that the competitor in him get so you know what. I need to so the saints have put out for a good or suppression so that she spans Campbell even meet the same way that these other fan base is believed and he's a quarterback. I think that he is dedicated and and he seems heat to be in his playbook and focusing on the chiefs I don't see him going and looking at sports and I mean like I have to one out at a shot Watson. Now if there is a start where he plays John Watson in the regular season and loses Derrek Lee Jim I think that's win. You know he'll be a little bit more upset but I think right now he's focused on quarters three tonight just like all the guys in Kansas City are focused on court three tonight. I would continue to talk like Cecil peacefully from don't have pride dot com but also we got major breaking news from the National Football League that we get to next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now and sixty in a particular using promo code sixty in sports. Back in DC if they can't account ski there on sixteen Sports Radio systems were accountants thought concedes we got beat Sweeney noted ride. In studio put out the back to Cesar just 12 but major breaking news in the National Football League. Ian rapped for who is going to be joining us. As a weekly guest this year on the basis. He is just weeded out cowboys when he backed Ezekiel Elliott's. Suspended. Six games. Or violation of the NS so personal conduct policy. He has three days to appeal. Soul. That's big news. Does Ezekiel Eliot last year you could make the argument that he was the best running back in the National Football League. Humanly Gambill right here together but that's a massive blow. To the Dallas Cowboys six game it's. Or violation of the NFL personal conduct house. I'm literally quick observation too I told them the dirty where wolf that's the very first thing he thought. I think a lot of people were having a song reminds Tennessee football implications I think he's got that's the first thing we think of now 100 comes to injury and it comes to suspension. I dollar system going to be a first round pick is just got almost. It's basically almost as big as a little a lot of people go that direction. I remember sort of and I had a conversation about whether or not he's a bad person because that's where a line doesn't mean here's the NFL's personal conduct his as his personal conduct for an. Criminal offenses including but not limited to those involving these for a violence domestic violence other forms or abuse. Theft and other property crimes expenses. Of sharks in resisting arrest disorderly under. These all fall under the united no personal conduct so I don't think is him breaking team rules so why don't why don't they. No no no we understand is the personal conduct policy is there's a lot of things including in two basically everything's. Let me let me ask you this. What stood out we say he's not. Guilty of domestic violence. He had been convicted of anything but in the desktop that best on the question. They say his personal conduct polls always read the article always I always say that this six games is in no way tied to. Domestic violence I have no idea. Exactly everything extraordinary it's going to be speculation and had it exactly rules can be a lot of work could be that. This is this is my point. I think that the year in terms of the because we have differences when it comes to the personal conduct policy and we're talking about to strictly more like domestic abuse stuff. I think there. This is all the encompassing for Zito Ellie I think that they grabbing all of the woman sharks it's part of it. I think act is best of saint there layers to this I think it is six games is not just because of one specific incident you know with one with the with the with the woman that made the allegation. That's the best way to proceed he would just in terms of the way that they can outlined right now I'm just say this isn't a big suspension for not being convicted for him. But you have to be convicted for anything I did and national secrets six games. That's six games is tough to convict O lets but he's done multiple things that. And made that decision EE mightily I don't know I just don't know we don't tell me we don't we saw video of him clapping and appropriately and so how many did you get for that. I'm shocked at six games that I'm not too with the Mac. This is the equivalent for them of losing a Tyreke hill for the first six games Ali eggs yeah I mean I think Morse midseason changes everything that press got the quarterback who's good lesser because of the kilo. Now. Could it could make them miss the playoffs I mean I know they ran away with the division last year. Big you know maybe now you go three and 30 has this is the playoff out of the playoffs I'd suspect after the her sure for sure but I just I don't think it. I'm gonna disagree with you and say that. I don't have a issue with a six day war I don't infineon expects it's be reduced to four games I can see that happening beamer did happen. Six is what it was though it was still a high number out always come down of the means looks. Generous here before. And let's not act. Act like it that's a month mean let's not act like a multi billion not somebody out of the club. Again it's a mixed. Today I. Welcome. Part time with this because it. That's me in this difference in media. Yeah like you convict somebody that you do. Figuring out the NFL policy is like playing a game of clue I mean it's and it's impossible to figure out what their means are and he's your fear that you and there's not yet and then there's no explanation ever. As far as like you watt why certain games you know wide there's a certain number game for certain things. But I tend to agree with you where yet this is a package deal of all is instances it's like OK Zeke wake up we know your kid get your act together it. And let's also be transparent about this too. The NFL has made mistakes with these type decisions before. In date or not going to be embarrassed. By Ezekiel Elliott by being too light export. Rate rise they did themselves no favors. There's been other situations. Just last year remember he was weak in the in the end did this stuff came out about the diary. Ball abusing his wife in the heat and getting cut. There's no way in if they always went with a major name a major star to put themselves in a situation. Where you're gonna look bad. It also shows you that feels like about down to the patriots for the cowboys two of the biggest dogs in the NFL as far as exposure the hammer Brady. Inner Cameron's date the phils and a message here. I don't care who we don't care who you play for. Will gates did it maybe the state of the page he's amicable the cowboys as well but I do you felt today. We will take down anybody they grudges and I don't care about the backlash either because it's made fun of all the time you know the patriots fans they all have those clowns shirts even nastier than there if he's laughing just another city for a not to go do it thirty million dollars assuming. He's still in power and so to do with what they want. These two cities like ignorant. This is plenty of cities in America stand out off off the travel schedule. Open. All of that coming up close and then and he was in Boston last. We have united and I don't. Just days last night the pitchers fear that he. I saw those lists deny experience they were hanging with rod I think the super brought them get a get over a little bit and in a team that seem like maybe there but I yet they're supposed to be waiting these flags actually for the chiefs patriots game out of him wit the clown obvious Parcells purses have meant handing them out. So you'll see a lot of blue flags on Dallas eleven and I who's now pay the more distractions better. But what but did she sneak in there a year earlier if you tie game going into the fourth. You never now. Tell me something else outside those of us being excited a ball passing by homes. Are us being excited ball to remind. Date year to be focused in on. And I think I said it the last time I was here. The defense is gonna be scared you know what it's healthy it's going to be very very good that right quarterback position man I wanna see the first quarter and I wanna see. What Steve Nelson can do what Terrence Mitchell can do we'll fill games step up because that's to me is the only position that I question about his defense. Because and I'm talking when they're healthy because it's the chiefs are to be missing a number of guys on defense tonight. Probably Bennie Logan which is going to be very very key to but he should be back weather of the season definitely Chris Jones but. I'm talking about the on paper chiefs' defense when healthy is circled that right cornerback position is that are we OK there. I wanna see if the teacher okay there starting tonight. By the way Ian Rapoport we'd begin. This eagle early evening here and I thought out pointed. Is Susie this time on the field yup and and that was why the bad they proceed and it ain't like almost a lot about it you know a lot of money go sweet about this to a dual core. Peter says as he don't LA player SE eight point 156 yes it exact number. A salary guarantees in his 2017. Through 2019. Tactic used by. If this is big suit is uphill. Eight million dollars like everything else will come back the football it's paid a body back. Forgot oh I got to pay that money back and and and beggars in the corners be tears Mitchell's been banged up a little bit. So well how much literacy in the night Phil gains guides try to show something of their but a little bit injury concerns there with a tiered specials before. Yeah I don't know how much time receive he was back on the field in the most recent practices so I think I think he'll get a get some time I don't really know how much the first string policy. And I I find it interesting because. And it Erie in the past during these preceding games he wants. The first string offense I find success to maybe see out to one or two series if it finishes with a touchdown he maniac right there I think the same thing with the defense having Bob Sutton wants to see what he has. And if they play well you know I've wanted to series where it's while Benji then you have all this time to see the rookies in Allen and the new players so I think that's what. That's the direction this team and tonight. Give it to be who I talked about it expensively damaged more cynical wide receivers anything else because they see this position group. If Condoleezza here's your number to get that. But at some point in the season I can see that changing clearly Terry keel with from the special teams guy to all the sudden. What is your main target when Maclin. And now was on TV's Jones we I think practice squad over marks camp same thing but he does have in in gear during that has his connection with Patrick Holmes. Practice I. Exe three Indian wide receivers. Think it's a sneaky big night two for Albert Wilson. He's a guy that. You know you've been here for a couple of years now I think he knows I think this team knows it Woodruff the fan base as the it's time to step up. Albert Wilson. Has these guys and you mentioned a few of them the camps the Jones they're going to be an and that's the position in you you you probably have your five guys who were blocks on this team. If they're gonna cut one guy for one of these young guys that. It's probably going to be you ever will since it's like I think he really needs to step up tonight starting tonight meet for opportunities but these are Baghdad is in jeopardy. I Jones and I have this weird theory on that and and and bear with any gay dad reminds me. A lot of a little bit slower tick a retiree kill right. So if you're gonna build your offense around Tyreke hill ray and you have all these plays retiree kill. Don't you wanna keep the guys it's most like him around so he can do you know seamlessly. Check into that spot or a case of injury or yelling just is too dissimilar. He's too similar to Tyreke kill and I and I and I think he's valuable as well because they think they may see him. As the kickoff guy now you know you're ever last year during that the Broncos return. Erica time fighting at that and no one else was close in the the field we forgot how fast that is just because Tyreke is faster but that's pretty fast pace. To see this tool for just 12 and a lower did not the just a clot. Is your chance to see days below looks really good here in pre season shark into quest to be out. Yes I mean super possible. I think you know that there are race for number three. Whether supreme hunt one or Spencer ware one the other guy's gonna be here once you don't want to their locks the third spots up for grabs and the chiefs are weird. In the past three years they've cut kept different number of running backs a one year was three when he was four when you it's five. So I don't think it's the I don't know how many arraignment the key. A different set of that more excited about letters who squatted change stilted and correct yes is the experience last year when it was it had been. Moved to to. Three guys be wide receivers. Yes I mean. And that position today we talked offensive football you know and the old John Dorsey saying bass player now you keep the most talent they have at whatever position enough figured out. But yet now you're right it can be two or three like receiving an analyst on TV shows through on the practice what he's owns at least 53 which is going to be scary I think that and if he has a really good pre season. They're gonna be thinking about an item now. Now and and it's it's crazy to not nowadays with social media you know there's a million people at camp in a myself included. Who noticed it you know that these team these teams have researchers. Were. There's videos everywhere these guys and it's like well we lost reporters here on only just call option Jones for an is a lot of these electors CDs below the and it's impressive I mean and the deathly do you get the backlash and those media Yemen with any good in the game. And and a lot of buffalo fans are like same old story so I'm at a cost you know I'm I'm I'm a little cautions. It's what with what I'm seeing and CJ Spiller to buy I don't even talk to a guy. There's a great SB nation cup site called buffalo rumblings in this Phoenix as the nation's sites talk to each other. And got to talk to a guy named Jeff for my podcast about CJ Spiller like you know. He's like when I get to X he's got a buffalo accident on I wanna get too excited about CJ Spiller and it's like. Well he shut that down weight yet because he's. The fan base has been burned before. So it's just an interesting storyline like I said the second or certainly to the podium himself to to meet with it was it was only if it's. All bowel injury it's easy healthier that at least it. I think he can be a productive guys steal the Teddy stay healthy. He's bins is riddled with injuries the last 23 years and that is clearly we knew injured in our production. Can't get out the Heath and I mean buffalo still with the right now they're bitter right now signal. It's Spiller is at least saying he's as healthy as he's been in a long time and that's the case. Mean unit in a way that there. Now easily airline tried to act now based on his math now thanks for and against a right coming up next we gotta get back to the breaking news of the morning. Ezekiel Elliott done for six game suspended by the National Football League we get back to that. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. My best game days just like me. Emma tells you here. On sixth in the sport's greatest success or I town thanks again at between you for joining us in studio pro ride. But the biggest story of the morning. As to do what does he do Elliott winning back stalls with the Dallas Cowboys. Suspended without a four sixteenths. Here in the NFL. NB it is film. As just put out this statement in regards to Ezekiel Eliot. I will read through it big leap in lets you respond after I finish come out every every single line of its. But and get a regional ball the. Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys is notified today by the it has felt he will be suspended with OK. The team's 462017. Regular season games for violating the lease personal conduct policy. Over the course of the last year the league conducted an extensive investigation. Big investigators interviewed more than a dozen witnesses including a miss Tiffany Thompson. Who had alleged multiple instances of physical violence in July 2016. And mr. LE. The league also consulted with medical exports. Beat investigators examine all available evidence including. Border grassy in digital evidence. Thousands of text messages and other records of electronic. Communications. Tate pursuant to the personal conduct policy. Commissioner Goodell sought the views of four external advisors. To assist him in evaluating potential by our violations. These experts range in experience from law enforcement judicial. And public service and other specialized subject area. It buys this participate. In a meeting on June 26 2017. In New York City with Elliott. Who was represented by his legal team and the NFL PA. The group also reviewed the least investigative reports and materials the expert medical reports and multiple NFL players association submissions. On Italy's best pass. In a letter to Eliot advising him of the decision. I'd Jones the NFL special counsel for conduct said these advisors. Quote. All good view. That there is substantial. Emperor are persuasive evidence supporting a blocked off finding. Elliott engaged in physical violence against ms. Thompson on multiple occasions. During the week of July 16. 2016. After reviewing. The record. And having considered the views of the independent advisors the commissioner determines that the credible evidence a status that LT are engaged in conduct. That quietly NFL policy. Ellie may appealed this decision within three days if he does not appeal. Elites are suspension will begin September 2 the date of final roster for a reductions to vote teams. He is eligible to participate in all receive the practices and games. You'll be eligible to return to the team's active roster on Monday October 23. Following cowboys Sunday October 22 game. Against the 49ers. Best is that the entire state I didn't I didn't lead anything now. A want to redo the entire statement your thoughts. Through the tablets seem to be Jerry Jones cornea and she after is reportedly furious with the Oracle's decision. What he did sounds wrong it really does there's no question about it. What is this a leak matter if legal matter. Who's he denies that house. At least matte white this thing more legal matter how did all these how is this not a league match it's a league matter is that is that his legal system can supersede the legal orbit for more. Anderson from reading some of the stuff from the legal and of it is that the the woman who accused Elliott of it. Was less incredible now that doesn't mean that what she accused him of didn't happen it means that. The prosecutors felt that because of her credibility issues they would have a hard time for bringing a case against Zito Elliott so. Because of that is why charges were that I know it's. Seems I get a news and what's in the unifil take that into account. No good legal system doesn't wanna prosecutor now eleven and premature I think they did they found evidence basically. They with the evidence. Civilly found evidence a legal system to what witnessed and what if any defending an. Was saying the NFL should not be punished him for what took place. Like it but there's no. Yes and legally charged with hitting it happens all what was Tom Brady legally charged. Well there was nothing illegal he did okay with in the game since pleaded bull spotlight he missed four games per violation of the league's personal conduct in this guy. It is an allegation of domestic fight well. Or domestic abuse. Have no issue with it's I really don't. Legal sides and we enough. Let's credible source weekly in sports commissioners they didn't say they have nothing they are based they have a relentless incredible witness. Make make of that which will. It just just because you can't proven in court means don't do anything if you're in a fellow. I'm not saying I'm saying that doesn't esophagus and why I trust the legal system. First and foremost on the league. Would just because. He just told you. I just told you that this woman's hair is being called into question there's some questions about her credibility but just because of that in it not being able to. He played out in court two where that they think it is not gonna go to court. And do all of this it had a re live whatever was in toppled on him if you're not gonna get the outcome that you want so just because of that that means don't. Suspend. This same person mails text messages that came out to be true. This same person that. And again bigger immersed accuser came it came back on them that they dated you also have to take note as well as the end of a letter indicated that no none of the findings were. Based on individual statements it was based on evidence that they had. To support the claim so wasn't based on just somebody saying something wasn't he said she said type of matter it was. We actually have evidence to support these clinics whether or not whether or not in a court of law. And a jury of twelve peers would be able to find this woman incredible amount that's as near here or there they found it credible enough to. Oh and let's limit let him make is absolutely cleared a look at a little bit dumbfounded that you're wearing around Spain it's let me just read this to you. Let me read this one paragraph two you just for second time. In a letter to Eliot advising him on the decision the special counsels said these advisors. Okay the advisors who happened to beat. Former. Attorney general for the state of New Jersey a member of the multiple holes same. Ought is is a part of that group chief executive also there a law of the women of color network. And United States attorney former chair of the SEC. Two women were part of this and to me. Let me receive that what. It's clear cut to me. Hot zones in it'll special counselor conduct said these advisors call or all of you that there is substantial. And for all persuasive evidence supporting Al finding. That Eliot engage in physical violence against miss Thompson on multiple. Patients during the week of July 16. So funny to hear. And I'm glad an NFL hall of Famer. With zero problem legal advice is on this panel will determine this while it's on. Stop at least there is guys' legal there's two of you mentioned it you have illegal and you keep circling back to this legal thinking it's like bow but there are crimes or are there are things that are not. Pursued her charges are pressed all the time. Because they don't feel they have a strong enough case. But they don't feel they can win the case you like what happens all the times today so I question the external export advisory panel now. See you for hall of Famer in the external advisor. What is this person or through legal system. Cronies did just because us at this question is back. I don't know man and I just it just to me it's. I'm a legal guide me and these charges. Something's illegal something's done and you act I is the whole side panel thing and I mean I just all nonessential they write and legal channels now. Aside panel we're talking in investigators basically what's up and investigators like older. Is to McDonald's right now in people. It's I mean for you basically have a stance jays for you to also say that the legal system is infallible. We know for a fact it's not a guy that that sexually assaulted a woman and he got what. Two months in jail. The legal system is all laws that happens all the time. So it's not a shock to me that this would slipped through the cracks specially for a woman who that's what I would go at me screen not you know Brian. That anybody else that's what I do. So it's so wait so you're official stance is. The National Football League should not suspend players if they are the players are not convicted of crime. Yeah that's it. Totally dis Greg party I like to speculate re convicted or not. It's not like it just speculating. They conducted a thorough investigation they've released a statement that tells you what they found it's not gonna be 100% transparent. It's pretty daylight Brady bill went on the court. How many times are gonna repeat this to use prosecution decided that twelve people. Would find enough of a shadow of doubt because of the credibility of the witness. But they wouldn't convict him so why waste our time why waste taxpayers' time why waste all the dollars and time that goes into it when you know you're not gonna win it does help you sell it looks at it goes. We see a mountain of evidence and regardless of the fact that the woman who says this was not credible. There's some evidence that would support that claim and we don't need twelve of us to decide that without beyond a shadow but now we need one guy and that's Roger Goodell. We brought in four experts have talked human consult him on this but it is decision and what he saw. Was enough evidence to support that. Yes I mean it's incredibly shortsighted and furthermore it's. It's it's just baffling how we always lose sight of victims in these things like. It here we have a woman who there's a mountain of evidence to support the she was abused. And you're saying it doesn't matter because the legal system wouldn't charge like I'm sorry I find that incredibly flawed today. Our eye on the other side all its he would disease conversation there is already a conspiracy theory. When it comes to Ezekiel Elliott in wind potentially to see the four ball filled out there what you guys think of this of this actual law conspiracy theory we get to a next. Yeah. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daddy tickets dot com right now. I guess it did a particular using promo code sixty in sports. I always gotten more breaking. My goodness we NN rebel forces remain. Sandi watched games. From the Buffalo Bills. This from Iraq. He says the bills traded. For cornerback EJ gains in the ran second round date. Any change they get Sammy Watkins. And the bill sixth round so Sammy Watkins. Dot. From the Buffalo Bills he's going to be with the LA ran EJ. Good talk at the Southern California life that you like right now and you get snowshoes. Go to buffalo. Pittsburgh series the palm trees in both slope. Pain but. Sammy Watkins. Called. Wool alt pop up this week from Rappaport the bills are done. They also trade it for wide receiver Jordan knack fumes. And a third round of sports quarterback Ronald Darby. When is the only guy what is going on today. Thankfully. Chuck you see cheese on it. I'm surprised the next I'm surprised and shocked about this Jordan he's due. He was sick for the oft told of the government so sold sold the Eagles to really G believe Eagles that you need to anybody. The bills right away Sammy Watkins. And a six rounder. For AJ gains and the rams' second round pick and in the bills trades or Jordan Matthews. And a third rounder or quarterback Ronald tar. While walking as was hurt last year but it yes he'd been hurt his entire career basically. So I've always liked Jordan Matthew you know that. I've always been just innocent watchers but Casey healthy. Jordan met in Sydney three catches. Big receiver to this is a big beautiful day in terms of news and absolutely big day went on the news. Let me throw this at you guys. From mom. From Ian. Dion. And take over Zia in helping. Union funds from the police report. He has tweet out I guess Zeke appeals. Gets reduced the fourteens. And retire in two weeks five vs Green Bay. Also it NFL's best interest to sell their marquee match. You can call does it is fiercely theory all you want. I'm bite. I'm buying it. It's a would suspend him all its conspiracy conspiracy theory they'd want him on for TV ratings Oden and and and educate you can't just not suspend him. What could get in two games. Two games would not be sufficient for multiple instances of Mumbai conspiracy in game six games of conspiracy about that the men and women and there's always claiming basically it he's claiming that. The conspiracy is is that there reduce it may street is back for Dallas Green base not conspiracy by him getting six I know I don't think that's. That or it will be on the fourteenth made I don't think has to do with the Green Bay. You don't zero felt really cared that the drug ratings he'd come back and we three. It did its ulterior about domestic violence at all they just leave it six. And what the doctors about. Easily figure Sutton thing. We came in this seat you're just mad because you have a seat on your team. You've cared mall or a ball ZQL lead in. A lot of people. Not this is your fantasy team generous. I'm always like the appreciation they play this. We did transparent now. They police pissed because he's going to Mitt he's gonna miss six games with his. Stud running. And V alliance the university. Proved to fill in the field all day bearing usually view key in this one all Niger defendant sealed. Other things you'll at all you'll decisions and we talking about defense I disagree suspension just a personal best of singles attending this whole idea that the shield and other things he's a part of this deal. The shields is fitted in six games I've problems it's the sixth game activities and I. Packing a shield I cannot believe you do not lead agency you always abuse. From from bill but that we read you the official statement from the leak. It just doesn't wants experts are cowboys football about two teams view of route six games again at two games with two games when. Rejects the two games is nothing more talking about. Not keeping Nancy so. Beat six holes I should also be. Noted too that if Ezekiel only has another infraction. But he faces a possible banishment from the week like that's the next step. Is that you can have a one year suspension or possible banishment from the NFL so let's not forget that they did. You know redo the personal conduct policy much stiffer penalties. I do think that there is a bit of a let's clean up some of the mass from the Ray Rice situation and it just round last year yes like I think there is a bit of of that. To this Brinkley but. Now let's face it is gonna have to do Jerry now when you get the view hall of Famer now injured gentle. But you don't care commissioner I get it down he's pissed off Kraft announced its Jones goes was. That's hurting million dollars years in total putts and please please let me wouldn't know Jerry Jones talks. He's he's no he's the one thing. It is no Jerry's that was brought us on C Jamal boats and. We'll see. Coming up did two minutes. Ezekiel Elliott. That's it but homes Sammy wanted so I'm sure that all believe part of the sixth in sports expect in two minutes next. To studio sixty and Sports Radio.