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Friday, August 11th

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, we announce our new partnership, Bruce Weber joins the guys, and this week's edition of Tweet It or Delete It. 


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Somewhere. There weights it's noon here. Hot seat. Just a lot of people thought it was a slow news day. Now outside your fellow officers huge announcement coming up here fifteen minutes right now I don't know if there's not in these. I like big announcement. I do feel there are people Tom this is the best announcement big announcement. Agreed this announcement. It's cracked right in through their guys sixers expect Bret you guys are good friends over at the red door for a few locations one of corporate side also. The other in Camelot or we'll start with the big news that states. Running back Ezekiel Elliot he's been suspended six games were a violation of the NFL. Personal conduct policy allowed three days to appeal that suspension if he misses time on the field Elliott's eighth plus million dollars in guaranteed money will get point. This the rightful. In my decision when it comes to that. What they've done here today because as much die in the fan. Of sports. You can't allow. The things that we say that we hear we hear ball. Domestic violence. We hear about racism which are all these different things in our lives. We want to see believes that we support if he paid money to. That we that we are entertained by brute force their products we wanna see fear in police. Make good decisions and make good choices in horror. The millions that they made. It sounds like. Saddam Hussein that is a good outlook would have been guilty by jury or anything like that would ever but it sounds like he was in a position. With. A young woman and he makes good decisions and now he's paying the price. Oh. Oval. And it sounds like he did a thorough investigation. It took all four years to a investigated and they said. Six games is going to be a punishment. An aspect and I got to leave early. Stays six games a victim of legal system superseding everything just evening Anderson it. We did this a second ago cowboys source to me just Bellamy is the deal well speaking behind CBS. I leave. In commission they're coming from one agency that. Here. It's gonna get a lot more things they do on. His choice besides that everything. I'm a firm believer in legal system over the league system. While system shock there right there. It's an ultimatum to some of that I you ideas is what it's like I can't let it slide because. Just because. Somebody. Doesn't it convicted it means we do nothing bigger things you know that. Slippery slope and OJ Simpson. Here murder. Legal system that he wants to. What was civil it's good for anybody who wrongful death by Casey Anthony. It's. Killer kids. In the court vision in a moment. No amount of beef and picked it would. If that's really on their thankless. We'll get some other moving and shaking around the NFL here and a little bit but it is pre season game number one. For the chiefs and nights. Of kick off at 8 o'clock JB inquiries and have been tight since about 730 last Wednesday. All the quarterbacks getting at least one for a work Alex Smith they'll start the first quarter. Everybody's going to be tune in for the second half past my homes they'll get the ball to start the third fourth. Packed. It's. Everybody's excited I'm excited. The ratings and TV will be off the hook for the third quarter. Off both hooked the voters those. I fears. It's all just gonna go till tonight. It is going to be open look it's a great site. Get bad press passes a home that's the reason why everybody is going to be tuned in tonight of course you wanna see. Who's gonna be Kia up. But god is going to be the number two cornerback opposite Marcus theatres just wanna see it there's a linebackers get a step up for the season because you don't it just human. What he would see who's who's got to be in the air when they're just not there. But the number one thing that everybody will be focused in on tonight is the third quarter and that scene. Sad case make it safe. And paddy cake make it shakes. Emotional performance where it. Faced segment are you wanted me to play that they did Dalai. I always would it be bill too wide receivers we see it because it's built. So what you move is inevitable that wide receiver group is like it beats start the court. Filled games probably surprised. That network quarter. That's important or fees slightly tilting more theaters. He makes things. But the number three quarters of the challenge they don't look for a number two court gave it a whole lot but this number two quarter earnings beat shore because he's the field all the action that we from Peter. Backed peace he's referring to a speech Sweeney of air ride right you can check out. With a podcast page in the 11 o'clock hour. Expense fort. Dot com but Patrick mccombs could happen and and just. Wait too excited. All I don't really wanna talk about the Kansas City Royals front I guess we can do that if you so desire to. For the second straight game and a low one of these happened. He swings itself eyes eyeball. Right field. And gone. What the hell. Every one of these teams were first written in the world. They kind of fight you're gonna win last hour it would just twice as. We'll come back there it going and then Brendon moss he misses a Grand Slam bullet by about when the but didn't. Oh and by the way it worked yesterday. They were showing. Cat owners or we're more. His Moylan was jinxed by the cabinet for what we do it here as quickly as possible Satterfield will that stop it bit. Is James Morton. Here kitty cats everywhere on the screen stuffy at all the best of me you know all we're doing OK it's. We need more adults. Get what you're missing free anymore so we want it there anymore old. Happy fiftieth birthday to the data didn't come on the survey by the way. Mike Gundy. All well that day that goes on these results mean I'm sorry I asked herded her. Six months and they just slipped and slipped through the cracks are happy birthday Mike Gundy now in a man. First tenure match. I'd be aware interview request if it. I'd like to talk about the first decade of being oblivious life requested interviews talk bulls with. Well there ESP NJ is milking it for again at thirty has yet it's with the offseason and has been a month ago you never. Broke the track on the sock to nine Chicago Danny Duffy gets the ball. Reynaldo. Lopez. I will say this or the white stuff over this as free games starting at six what were you saving about the lowly White Sox. They were flying. To just what he has. Six minutes away from a big announcement with special guests coming up here on the day's shift but let's get back through some of the other movement and shaken. Going around the end of all the bills making some moves today just. Make it rang in the trade department bill trading Sammy and patted me you know shake and a sixth round pick to be out rams. Formerly of Saint Louis now of LA. For quarterback or quarterbacks are EJ games they also get a second rounder. And return the bills. Also trading rough Ronald Darby to Philly native Jordan Matthews a wide receiver and a third round pick in return so. And lose the second victim and they get a third but he also did six than it was a wide receiver but in a wide receiver what battles going on and I'm not. The bills are doing here. He's still the story. I'd go. Green and got out of a guy and walked into his injury prone. There you go to a guy in Jordan Matthews that what ninety receptions eighty reception here alive two years ago some pretty relaxed you're better receiver gives you steel beams that there were key stretch. Phillips screws and giving back in May be were concerned about it so it is concerned about the Indians game as you're there was article buffalo. Couple months it was a day we were still concerned about C block. If rockers ACC's good I was hatred of folks from six to getting so they were invested that. To get the GM Kennedy coach I don't think they care what happened before you clean house you ruled that I don't exhibit B for buffalo. I watched bill lastly for you guys really quick the things going from bad to worse I guess in Miami. Not exactly agree here your dolphin and you have these. Boston's second rounder rake one McMillan out of the deal miles guys do porn ACL he's done for the year. It's the guys wanted. And ended up onto the box. What retired linebacker when they bring him now he's gonna store or do. McMillan will arrest at a Bart Scott adds that the big loss for them. As bad luck for you pull out of broadcast Booth now my hand it has it's like a. Artist and a wrap of these extend this force expect budget by the red toward real. But we're not done coming up in just a matter of moments of big announcement. Right here on six stand sport where you know women. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do any tickets dot com right now. Guess it did not particularly in total to sixty in sports. I just 1215. And we've been telling you for the last 24 hours of the album means your announcement. To make right here on sixteen Sports Radio. Very very excited about this. As someone with a college freshman next year. Another employee red baiting college freshman next year. We both violence in Missouri Brad doesn't work it's going to school you tell me the gold McCain's state university. Why is it significant. We're new home in state athletics right here. On six in sports that's why it's right in I was already what did my wild kid here now I have reason do. That is the big analysis sixers. Forte state athletics and joining us now on the hotline. Is he head coach of the IT state basketball. Program men's program and that will be rules whenever coach welcome to sixty as sports radio and we cannot wait. Until you know the connection between case state football basketball all athletics in us being here on 610. Well thank you. A we. I don't want that old bird can't figure you're important to us do you know there's a network in the order. Well. After. For your group. Well we're very excited to coach and I and others good things happen McCain's statement facilities teams. You yourself get a contract extension regulations on that by the way. But man. I'd just a lot of reason to like Kansas State right now. Yet it it really. You're. On bird fab. Improvements in the facility improvements in the campus. It's it's easy on him. You know lines and athletic so I'll leave open. With regret 300 million dollars. Facility improvement the campus. New and useful. And I'll. Who architecture though that you and your three they'll be the heat on. The alma. Furniture. It's a lot that things. Over that about our our guys our program. Up on. Do you know with the way it also there are brown well. Should review the better player that's for pointers he hit. Alec got and make it. Dave it's also was going on with duct Jason athletics right now there's a lot of saw. Anticipation for the touts football season we're told Snyder's group. And his team media people believe that they are capable of winning the big twelve. Look at the C that you guys had last year on the court you made it back to the NCAA odd double A tournament last year I sold about where your teams headed this year. Well I'd like that it really does it it we have we have a good for their great great great summer. You know like that it epic in terms that that you know it was so happy for a year away for Dejuan. For bigger than. Johnson are you walk. Let me that went with them all. Part of that was. Order great reward for Batman. But. That I think we were all the if you get the page that the you know and then he went game. You know if there aren't acceptable that they faster. And they'll eat the turning. It came back the war and Internet that and we finally have. I'm veteran guard. You know really. Into Iran who it. Or beaten in game that your. We haven't had any upper class or. What about all the there be yours. Well they'll be waiting for me. He. You know water that is orders in the league so that note that if you're in late. I think the big factor will come out to rebound the you know what we can get out of Berkeley. You know in the crowd there and well liked it except Becker or and we locked the day and I had to replace the most important. So it is because that but as CE. Don't we thought we got some not so they each get a little bit we are all sold it or fight it. As we get into the. Could that figure out. With that he as the eat they need to bite moment that surprised at. Yeah. You know her let her go oh yeah. Won't get I think will be very you know. And it. You know you gotta say I'm happy with our guys aren't. All ought. Did coaching you know the enthusiasm their for the football team as well you mentioned the young guys when they giggled experience they're coming back. In the key state football get an experienced quarterback Cameron Beckman these are good things to happen I see worst need is down in Belize. Getting some experience as well with the all star. A team down there's this guys getting experience on the international level before he comes back to Manhattan. Thought out there acting and other. On that if they were still acting thing didn't work out and this week but up. A lot that they are at the a few weeks and made frequent target for. Important that curtains but other actors acted yet and I'm offered. Yeah but don't go right now and yet absolutely requests for one point Italy Switzerland even. And those. I I hope yet here. No that's all wise but also. Like. Out on the if you eat yet he people buy their anchor. Now he has broken that early years you know what he would say it there. The first the ball. Well but now we realize. I'll Arctic is how that worked in particular being with your name and equally incompetent at doing. What coach congratulations. On odd coming onboard we welcome you assistance force radio with the border. To hearing all all the basketball games and all the sporting events or taste date on 610 Sports Radio Sobel we will be talking to you. Thank you we appreciate that wouldn't go on the tablet though. Over its facilities and at. Don't you think he ought to work out whatever on some of them further. Well first of all world that if they say but also who chartered that curtain to order a certain. They get and they told you have to ask the lies of basketball or does I'll be there. You couldn't if you lock up a bit about what is it they. But we'll get. After anyway. I welcome them. Did I did a double shots. Pigs like notes are. I was don't Bruce Weber two and guys are you with he's the Atlantic's. He happens to be the play by play voice of the want ads that's why Thompson was on a wide. Oh. They were doing good wives and love this announcement man sixth inning gave state. I think it's going to be fun and white there's there are a lot of you sixth in sports now. I'm really excited about guys like it thank you work group. All of the people an opportunity where we're excited about it. Oh yeah sometimes change can be difficult but I think it was going to be policing what should. We're excited and hurt because there are a couple of minutes talking about. It is and in the bar. I just came for a ball football practice certain that the sporting more excited about sort of what they're going to be on here so very much looking forward to. What could it could fortunate. I mean you just kind of stole my thunder right Jeremy you we're just we're just a short time away from the palace football season starting end. You know one of the things about tasty football this year there's some high expectations and there's some anticipation of this team is gonna be really good. Well mr. Richard and I think that's all you can really we're all we opened Schneider has done well long haul. She's doing well about that. And I think the camp has gone pretty well all I really liked the football team. I think ball effectively we got a chance to be really solid really good. In the league they pay. So off they go up and change in order beat Kansas State all all all all all mistake I think you can even drove West Virginia. Is they're going to be. All he did what they're quarterback's a ticket we got a question mark is probably won't eat all the Arctic would you say. All I think ball on the wall and we've got a chance to all the people keep saying we've got on schedule. Ball well all I'm so. Well. Think that I what you'll what. Well I tell you what Wyatt in a good thing I mentioned there the coach Weber votes in the more. I read this at it didn't realize this source oldest is solid seventh time in 246 years. The bill Snyder's had an incumbent quarterback. Coming back from the previous season in you know these guys value experience especially. In that position. Well that's perfectly. Because. History cold. Wintry state under bill Schneider. Is starting quarterback back there are usually pretty. We're talking about Jesse birds are all expected to be even better. We saw in your goal. On a great start off the game Stanford. During the course this is a case state. Games all. Extraordinary people and they are. Running throw it out. A great job. It seemed. Leaders and insert one. Sided object be here. I think all they should and should be. Better. If you put that weapon we will help. You can. Excite. Are the voice of the wildcats went Thompson while one more thing I Saul. Did Bill Snyder you know I hope he's thrilled there's no more two days and didn't sound like the world but no two days at Kansas State and that. You know the video really console with the coaches on this they distort a little bit earlier than normal would be either 29 practices and but is that affecting them at all not be able to have that. Oh I think you that you ought to be honest would it be perfectly blog. If we could go back and start over in two days. I Arctic Arctic. What we're. Well I think you just swallowed. That increasing. I again. I can't stress the about people prefer to. I guess because that's the way he. Got a good chance that ball was well we'll slot. Or SATA for the season going to be some big big things for Kansas State football this year why can't we did your airwaves and appreciate him and look for talking in the future. Well thank you so much that we're excited about the about the upcoming got about how important work but does all of you look at all. Art what are we appreciate that absolutely why Thompson a voice of the wac yes joining us here on the day shift would take a break come back. There's a lot of reaction regards to the announcement in regards Ezekiel Elliott's. Be suspended by the National Football League but just in case you missed it from Bruce Weber as well as a wide Thompson sixteen a sports rated the new home. Where K state athletics would get back to the NFL knows next. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Hi thanks again. He feels this Webber. Joined the show as well Liz played awfully Boyce Watkins why Thompson because the news broke. With our big announcement at wal fifteen. That case state athletics. Is now. Right here on six and it Sports Radio six to Sports Radio the radio home. It's. It's good football man if global basketball. IQ if he's capable. It was actually an eye on the quarterback with a seven and 26 years. For Bill Snyder in Portugal put on some shots at the dock and do some local guys warming a sense else since I mean I know is that you could but I just assumed that I could. Also tag along got to wait Tyler Thompson gets a probable that I told every time I go to Brandon was as the games on the crazy yet and quickly scenes work. A lot of debate about coming back a sandstorm that I'd doubles question I feel like I made the right call with the fights yes maybe. All right cool with that absolutely they do hope it it will like football Simonyi Wharton on ties neutral news here. Get three recipients on the team but warm Rebecca blue springs won it twice. He's gonna skip that form in this other Thomson quarterback for a stage at the wheat for him for a while experts orbit this year. And you'll see him. I just a lot of reaction in regards to an outlook of four tube and it is a lot of fun and you're right of the that's why I act. Brought it up with bulls told Webber's dwellers with Dwight Thompson. Effective. Man people. They think highly of this case they football team this year a man this could be a big different there. I got my credentials even before he was gonna happen obviously the cable and then there but you'll read trade anytime you want to me and experts. Advise you watch and hope. He set it up shots. Don't walk on. I don't think you have any eligibility left active. As of late August hoping to get sadly passed actually for football but. But. Very nice. Plummeted into the hands of the in the disclosed it is a big way. Big we will be whole here while. Then he'd be holed that Perot might just. Keep this in mind with intercom you get Missouri Tigers game easily get case they don't sixth in sports it's two out of three. Right here in this bill yet although it had as a result therefore in a full game. No I passed. I deliver high school games or although I did before I do for a two viking games. Brock when eight when it's comical zest sidelined. But it would pollute. And move back. I do credible that party progression up big for dollar we're gonna beat me actually no it was it was calm me directly to look at that every everybody's well. The stuff like everybody has handed it. So that was candlelight. For couple sons worked out. Now is as it was for W peripherals in note that the about the guys that Haley. What little miniature work out too. Sat empty. Well. Saw heavy at all but he you gotta be paid its its Wii on in a full solidarity. Be paying attention. All right the new as of the date though is in her Garcia is he to LA being suspended. For six games. Is an. There in the reaction is. I think a lot of people thought that something was. Was going to happen there was no question people felt like it was going to be a 12. Three maybe possibly forty suspect anybody but he thought it was gonna be six but now the we have is six. But when you when you hear from some of the people that are covering beyond. The story in the suspension. This week. From Jim Trotter. From ESP yank those the National Football League in that it's it's a it's a ballot question. He says if the National Football League truly has such damning evidence. Of domestic violence. Local law enforcement needs to answer. Why no charges were brought against Al. So. I think that is a good question it if if if if if the damning evidence is being here. Why do you local law enforcement. Charged Zeke. And that's nice they didn't. Why didn't date. Noted and I don't know. Jim trot first week. Doesn't support your experience is supports me and Ryan stance. Let me read it again if it is felt truly has such damn any odd damning evidence of domestic violence was they claim they do. Local law enforcement needs to eight server. Why charged were not brought against Italy. He's questioning. Why the local people when Dallas didn't deal with Zeke he's not talking about he's not questioning the NFL he's requesting local law enforcement make you could see either way. A local comes out and so there was enough to what enough to do this than that and charging so what it meant what Ted that Philip. You'd think there you'd think it. Local law enforcement. But this goes back to what wind sad. That there was that there was some evidence beer. But they felt lie in terms those. They care alls the person making allegations that may be they were gonna get a conviction. Maybe this was not something that dictate or willing to take to try it desert. Like we know the National Football League is not. It's it's not an entity. Would they have to just go buy everything happens legal. You have sand they have to do what they feel is right by their product and by their brain. And not the best that we that they view when it comes this these suspensions. Like like. The which time they don't wait as long as they wait. Go to the debate ashes ticket they thoroughly investigated this from from just from the outside you'd expect thoroughly investigated this. All the information. That they said they. With old it was owned foreign bank. We're talking about like mid August. This incident Alou on alleged to have happened what July the sixteenth. I think that it's all took their time trying to figure all all the best and I don't think that the I don't think that the NFL. Whit whit bullet says spin that one of the stars in the league. For now. I just don't I'm not buying that. I don't think I don't think that the NFL with one of his soft Jerry Jones was just inducted into the national global halting for nothing. I don't know why else she. Rosie Phil's not afraid of Dallas afraid of the patriots nation now they're taking the two biggest teams in the NFL but that was only thing all dark. But there's still perceived to be that team. In their goal right after. You know my stance on. He's charged normally. Take it until then I loading and hearsay your own investigation. Saw how the unifil and investigate inflatable. They look at science and limiting thing. Made their decision. There's really no scientific proof about deflating balls being affected. I think what things that Ryan tried to lay out for you in terms those when he was reading it in regards to how this being Tennessee south. Let me read out a few tweets from Julie to to our Kate a sports reporter out of Chicago this assert her. Reporter now. For adults asking now Ellie can be suspended by league when not a rest to compete for crime here's the basic answer. Marks the NFL PA gave detailed broad powers to discipline players and lassie BA. Expect that to be more limited in the next CB sec. Employer discipline. Is it held to the same standard as a criminal case no requirement to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Setting the CBA aside employers can and do discipline at will employees were just about anything with few restrictions. Our. Just because a prosecutor shows not tool rest or charts Elliott does mean there was no evidence against him. That's a judgment call. Sadly. Many prosecutors won't take any case that's not a quote slam dunk it all depends on the prosecutor. And the case. All that said nothing has been proved it one way or another. As there was no court case in no findings of fact by a judge what's yours. All we really know is that the victim in this case as some kind of photographic evidence and that the league believed what she had to say. It I think she clearly states she kind of lays out the event. And acie was once she was she was and all she's been a lawyer before she got into sports. Reporting. Well she's a lawyer so that's the way that a lot of these things kind of shake out in terms of I. A bunch since his Jersey and Anderson's been cowboys source almost in a wave RN CNN. And there's a vote of group so I was going to be both sides of the is it's sort of get uglier from there no question. We get back to one of our favorite segments of the week on Fridays it's all fortified its depleted or delete it aspects. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now and sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. There. On top dozen Kansas. The people in Manhattan they want to mourn taking place sightings. And he'll look bad. His daughters attending. They states from. Make way for the big man in Phoenix. Richmond. Weinke yeah. Toward easily. Wash. That your daughter and Fannie stabbed others try to be released. So it. Then that's his Ford did no chip no moral duty nor is it announced he's not really. I keep my feelings or from what breads can. Typically you're far from your fans is close. To keep them. People destroy not that difficult. Obscure and it'll be fun but there's goes them for at least. And Evernote inferences do develop. We'll see if we can develop a friendship and sort of man meekly feud has gone deep in full force. So you're saying that like your daughter boys it's in her blood to death by expanding stepdaughter activities. The few runs the things like you want to perpetuate that as a matter fact like. Just saying you are light to fight guys you all our. Let's keep this going to be a civilian please don't break bread. And with good pay an egg like less than a month ago the two of us. Well I said theme I'm mean Brad. Feud. Good rivalry. Quick question you refer. Compared to solve the Hatfield and mccoys. How long until TMZ provides us the phone portals that from the SE case. Long. You know teams result at least prior to be up there with a. The ons as to how long it. I'd say they'll go out and figured it out the other. Teams 82 bombs that you don't wait neither. Did the bottom stuff. No it's. I'm ready for tweet or deleted. Torture of the rescue our friends over at Arthur Bryant's original at seventeenth and Brooklyn also in the legend shopping and I will be either very shortly. It's leverage because a player like the only scorn for some reason in his home runs you saved her life. Hold out hope it I was holding out hope for awhile. It's over that improves the more right it is all wrapped he needs delineated yet Eagles periods clients AE SPD. Small town. To care for down ticket laid it. It looks awful so isolated use in the film that's the officially lose you know I've officially lost or done. I will be getting about porn appointed dollars in. Feel like he needs to pay a portion of these her mom got it upon him. He's got a little extra fold in cash if it's. The thing. Jeff Schwartz making an appearance on Tweeter and always act Jeff Schwartz he's yet he Leo last and Jeff. You'll act NFL on fox. And freeware games this season out Cutler's moved on up to Kitna out. That's just sports essentially pulling out those lions Eagles DN. He's like trying to get some more I hear it. Props discourse more linemen in the boots instead they have no problem with this whoever. There anymore Syracuse is in our lives they bring an interesting perspective the thing. They also been hit in the head repeatedly. Until they say funny things broken Billy Bob moss was for him. He's also been in the headlines that's funny thing. Agree with everything you have to say. The Cleveland Indians their official Twitter account which is always fire. Make and we you know we can bury old man take on this one night tonight and not appreciated the Cleveland Indians at Indians on Twitter. Quote the patriots are the first team to own their own plane. Okay and then they have a screen shot from the film Major League government's weak plane that the Indians were wandering around. During the film. I thought. Well what's that it's a funny tweets and they'll buy them. But I did initial Leo sing or maybe you've got super serious thought it was a who's the first in a bill to come on Indians know what I'm saying it. I think it's is that it wasn't like that pages that if they were of course team. What my funny that we from the Indians yes it is not as they'll be different if the agent said they weren't for obesity with a difficult that's what it makes him so wasn't like. They put out Colson from Nestle. It looks like it was Russell tweeted. This remember it yeah yeah helping him. Like Indians who it was that funny they like it a little fun. They were having fun there. Thank you very good putter and you know we despise the team. Social media control. It is pretty strong. Core of that. Them in Cincinnati Reds are really good food and it was a little. Slugger make an appearance on we have only to act slugger. Two g.s the Rio all hours of baseball slugger. He takes a photo the screen program. From his notification us. Saint Louis park rally cats as followed you. Slugger says stop. Clearly does not receive those cards rally capped call my grass. If that. By the way and always count chickens and it would. Did the Mets had a couple of accounts that I saw an article in I was missing Louis post dispatch they were talking about how the rally can deliver huge ratings. It is the second highest rated television broadcaster fox sports midwest in the Saint Louis region and it was all because of the rally yet. I'm sorry people saying we should it be that stupid who. Just. It definitely Kennedy I don't know maybe school I don't know nor do I care about that stupid camp. That was bad luck instead Portland suspect because of the Grand Slam all the sudden if it ends of the city where dollars air mails and ones that are field. Stop blaming the cat for the world's problems today. Thanks route to catch. There's one coming from the Twitter account of torrential these PS city manager here in Kansas City at KC MO manager. I don't know if this is foreshadowing or troll job and I'd like to find out. First visit to New Busch Stadium in saint Louis park or thing less sure do like he's downtown ballpark it's. Is us a lot of people were speculated. Yet that people bode well actually he won't speculate speculate. Speculate essentially while the downtown stadium where everyone is hesitant to change. At best they battled and like it when it sounds so hesitant for saint. It no matter what Miami airport when it's and no one offend anybody rumors. One. Kauffman Stadium is on what I believe it's number five on list in my moved up as the one of the oldest stadiums. In Major League Baseball wrap your brain looks older you Mir in the league only Oakland. The angels. Attribute what else is older than that in the angels is barely older sows Oakland. There's not many the American League Eagles were off they become of those historical venues. It's insane to me personally I like what is. Might have been wrong and I think like organic restaurants should be put up around it accurate that at some point out a 1000006. On the list. Coco. Anaheim. Dodger Stadium Wrigley Field and Fenway Park the only other stadium OK so Hillary yeah obviously three American League in here anyway. Angels hope he. Or the jail if they. The store excellent downtown stadiums are garbage that's garbage take I like this report. Like the convenience of 435 and seventy. Bean bag boom there you parred out. But I think I'd committee fees one and we're not we're not how to adapt our vision of say I don't forget or if I die and build some businesses were done. Now the burger king and Taco Bell budget and you get is the case so much don't hate the way I love it. A lot of the day. Pick it up and I'm fine. Even when scoreboard when. You look. But ever warns us well you like downtown fees to a decade. I dare you take decades. Answer from Kansas City guys do better next thing you're going to be talking like. Toasted ravioli is. One reason this bad third. That's all like average mutilated for a few of our friends over Bryant's original seventy from Brooklyn and and the legend shopping center of alleged shopping center. For a while people think they shouldn't okay. In. Regardless of the alliance. You ready for an appearance Rome right what else thank you Al Gore Brian is from joked. You take that back now we'll get to know each other a little bit better in coastal he independence. From eight. Which activists saves. Is where a sense of what's gonna happen tonight. In a third quarter we discussed talked bat home. To studio sixty and Sports Radio.