08/11 9a - NFL Question of the Day, Duffy on Hoz, Remedial Sports, Dumbass Take of the Week

Fescoe In The Morning
Friday, August 11th

Our NFL Question of the Day, hear what Danny Duffy said about Eric Hosmer being the best teammate he's ever had, Remedial Sports plus the Dumbass Take of the Week 


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The show. His arm around me. Yeah. There. We. Tips and first pre season game first Jesse Patrick Holmes. And it Michael Vick still an intern with the chiefs coaching for these the portion of train that's right yes and you on a and certainly shall not entirely sure at the show's Paul festivities on VH one's so well all lives is that it is yet it's it's well lives on VH one. Shall VH one and the interviewer just a vast country music the music whether behind the music it was not behind on news now. So Michael Vick while rock of love yeah. I'm. How does somebody who is holding him nonstop for his podcast or somebody's photos why. That is just as I have no idea. Him for. It makes more sense now why I was arena manner wow 0101. Person makes it worse. His wife about the college happening comments he made saying cap prediction get a haircut. Or find a job in the NFL. What during that time when Michael Vick said that before you apologize Q&A from something in them in the big household. It is brings on board saying people. You know if you will never crosses the Leno to a revamped front as we. Were banned from the booty who cares. About the movie I kid at you about voting. Simply did. Yeah. There is that are literally was like OK yeah I guess I'd for. People up in arms that Vick is already a part of the organization for three weeks I'm sure there really unity happy now knowing Michael vick's life bans him from the booty this is a great lie and from the booty. That's been banned from the booty it happens that is what are their finger. Ice that. The truth doll idea. I was not for me but but I think for a lot of guys I I think that becomes one of those like things that married guys always like to say well what you get married yet close. I'm you know what most of the things. But he got banned from the booty Uga Uga as answer a big we've definitely has been bears routed a question about that but the and Vick will be if he continues his cap pretty takes it rattling or has slice. She's got series to an end here. Things on board saying keep. You know if you will never crosses the lead to a revamped found his way to work banned from the booty who cares. About a movie I kid at you about voting. I had sex with a woman. I. Somebody tweeted out they tweeted about it the well the drop all they tell us the bowlers while. Loving tweeters well. But yes he's bearing from the gritty right now so I I am sure there are people that are now open arms even more. About Michael Vick or Michael Vick being here in Kansas City as an assistant coach rob wee bit security chiefs it is easier. Be banned from the booty when you're insane show it is that is that is the outside and Michael Vick and I wish he came back is it you know it's you know I'm going to St. Joe Missouri for three weeks you're right. I will be banned from the booty is up go to St. Joe is she's not going to seek you out there no way she's going to slide show her train yeah not a zone do training camp. Exactly so yes three weeks he has banned from the booty and that's a debate have been as this three weeks of training get nobody can come home once training camps over. And they get all the booty wants. At 915. We have Danny Duffy talking about really the best Breaux a Major League Baseball. The first time for the NFL question of the day every day Steve inspector comes up with a hypothetical out of the question it. And we dive right it's a little bit of a two partner she's obviously don't have a whole season tonight. It involves pat Kramer have roundabout way. If the chiefs pre season game was worried. Admission was break. How many people do you think would go to. More. Not many more in Kenya I'd have. An estimated dentist okay we're targeting if it was any of parking in his parking still for everything's for every three outside the session he'd have a disaster dead and you have an unmitigated absolute disaster I made. It's pretty uber I don't think you are serious a parking he had to pay for with you may well. He and the ticket free it's going to be 7275. Degrees kickoff is gonna get only as low as 68 immunized is to be a beautiful my ass all the whether I was like hand. I'm thinking about it now this is whether some guys might as well go out there so if you made everything free TV general admission in the sense that. For now you're certain you could do general basically you could do like. Here's a ticket as you go and has a seat assignment on because that would be yet but that's the first come for it fine yes I feel like that would be the potential disaster. I I don't think you got many more going out there that are already there. All I guess if you hand out the tickets it's a good idea and up to take is to give you see yet because I think when I'm envisioning is in general admission free for all proceeds. AF fights ever thought he had a good match expertise resistant and is it in my head that's what it was and it was pretty glorious game history right how many people would be an attendant union number. About 55000 probably. I would hit people they yes they need it seventy. Dot. If you gave it enough heads up. You might turn people. Here's some people love free and you're saying it's a really poor working. But you know free tickets to army times. Being given out royals tickets for free people complain about the seat locations. So. There are a lot of people that. Won't go because well maybe it's the upper demo an ultrasound anti about it and giving out those royals tickets for free or people winning royals get no there have been like ticket drops to get its -- first 25 people to show up to three royals tickets yet and you have a line in the they look at an auto opposite error. I'm like the front side yard and it is and it it really it's some little upsetting but. Go it seems game the night tonight especially I think you could very easily get to a dwelling where you are turning and maybe with Holmes playing people want to see him good. What I need every she's been going on I think it's I think it's going to be very very very very very. Well received tonight at comic side as you wait for the third quarter okay. But may it that the people will still sit back and get my car and go out there and fight traffic in and whatnot so but Patrick Holmes standard question for you guys. I'm paying you to go to chief scheme for all of the reporters every play got to stay until the clock it's zero. What's the number you need to go. To 400 bucks and dirt from one you do it for I would if I go to dollar to go yeah if your order. Any immediate go to the game a little wants the entire game I go to the game Tom Watson Altman yeah it takes about what they can't a watch and everybody out. I would cost it keeps you motivated to go out. And that not yet that's the question I'm bigger I'm still thinking about them. I still just I'm not giving you a dollar and you're saying all right on top of my car now all know order now not what that number that that's yet while that number. I ask for a hundred items under pucks in the box and 11 dollar would be my basement. For 20200. Okay good number. Don't know if I'd do it for two. Here because you read visit as a hobby got to take off 35 or forty from the parking see only plus sixty bullet and it is all assuming that everything else is paying now this is. This is a news hypothetical this is the so second ticket has not paid for my parking is not get your tickets paid for. I give you all. A hundred block paper my working and then on the a bit better you are a hundred bucks on top 35 I don't hear the paper my party and then deliver me a hundred people away from that parking. You wanna go up but deliver erected the front page and I tip my cap to the chiefs and she's parking right now. How does. What what yes. Well I think it's just swallowed round I know my god there's so much there. Thought from. Letting these are your daughter today is but let let me let me let me preemptively. Okay pre emptive lead tip the cap the chiefs parking. And to the chiefs for one thing that lacks tooth number one. They start this game at 8 o'clock tonight Friday night. To avoid rush hour the 7 o'clock starts or working pushing back at 8 o'clock give everybody an extra hour. Without Russian brilliant I thought as as they train West Coast team that has anything to do that. I hope it doesn't and do it I'm giving him credit here because I think they're trying to avoid rush hour let me live in my world either way driveway and rush hour it's a good thing. Secondly. There are now opening the lots. Five hours before game time they've done away with the early entry where you can redeem kingdom points and whatnot I know some people are upset about that I understand that I get that for the die hard tail gators and whatnot but still you can get in now. Five hours before game time which means the lots are going to open at 3 o'clock today. For this game. The organization and chief parking in that whole idea out there whatever that is they've evolved they've evolved. They're trying everything they possibly can today to get chew into that stadium as quickly as smoothly as possible. They moved the game back and now they've opened the lots an hour earlier. Five hours now to get him before the game. I'm hoping that wells all the parking issues. And everything that we've seen over the last couple years I think this is a great move by disorganization to opening slots five hours before the game now. The boost. Lot of folks but we're trying to alleviate trafficking get people into the lot brilliant move while. Art according to borrow starting pitcher Danny Duffy though boils have one of the best per. As in all of Major League Baseball here who next you can call me and Alex Smith but liquor all you want. It's ended up not. The mess and the into the didn't. It's back there. Danny Duffy on the show yesterday discussing and bulletin number of things including the golden glove that he got from Eric Hosmer. Then he just absolutely love to hear Danny Duffy talked about Eric house you know he's just like the best for and all Major League Baseball. And neither is it 100% out there and it all. And do there so long and all oil and into the club out beat you know. Amanda spoke without an ending in like he doesn't you'd just lead by example. Everything about that either pro and you know I don't wanna. Gauntlet quote the day in you know influence perhaps earlier but in. Disputed I mean equal in and so it's ten years now on. Is he is a great great. Stated does the on Eric house turned that really shouldn't shock anybody you look at the closeness of this clubhouse that you know people. Within that clubhouse that have such great things to say about each other but Oscar does come off as genuinely good news he he really does have at it I've had. So many dealings their cows were outside the clubhouse and in involve the nose bandage project and whatnot and you know you can do a lot about a professional athlete or old will you learn about on about people based on the way they treat other people and every time I'm around Eric Hosmer it around any doubts he would. You know when he's no has been to project defense. I I see the way that they interact with kids with parents with people. And they never ever act like they're hurry and they don't have the time they spend and talk to you. I mean these guys are still genuine they are so awesome they're great people. And that's why they fit in so Welty Kansas City and that's what they fit in so well to this community because for years now we've been doing these events. And gaining dusty air housewares show up and they make sure that every single person who wants it's an autograph every person who wants gets a picture everybody wants a handshake gets a handshake. They genuinely go out of their way to be great people and you can be a great baseball player that doesn't necessarily mean you're great person Eric house where Danny Duffy are fantastic individuals and their two great space is not just for the franchise but for our city and that's why you you look at these guys we have the feel so fortunate. That we do have them here and would be any doubt be saying about Eric Hosmer is just not you know the way that his teammates feel about it it's the way a lot of people in this round. Feel about Eric customer and hopefully you know the leading by example starts taking over tonight in Chicago they can translate that into a couple of wins is what they should be dead right now. But that still doesn't take away from the waiting ours people the way that they be paid off the field because they are genuinely great human being so. Pretty cool to hear Danny Duffy talk about that on saddle original Lotta crap for talking about it like there's no one. And I are out. Either way back kind of honesty from Danny Duffy is why we love having him on at 915 every Thursday here on fast when more in the morning if you missed Danny Duffy yesterday. At a six cents or stock common check out podcast yeah. All right gay city Missouri City manager to win something about it downtown stadium there and obviously. That's is gonna create controversy on some like every time anybody says anything about a stadium moving and going downtown. Physically I think it's about changing your toy when we CA large. Angry reaction. Right we'd ever see a positive reaction is people that are in favor of things generally don't Tweeter talk about this a cool I like that idea Troy shall the bill kind of poke in the bearable but the city manager for. Casey you know well like I. I loved that I. I thought it was fantastic and I had somebody. In the in the in the in the back channels and on some some politics and said the text message he has that going foreshadowing the little question mark and the tweet with him about racial the I guess some believing he tweeted that city of Busch Stadium last night for the royals game in tweet about a picture he said first visit to New Busch Stadium in Saint Louis. Sure do like those downtown ballpark. And my he's got all of poke the bear a little bit or a little bit of foreshadowing of what make club. Here in Kansas City I think Josh had the response of the email. About like it seemingly feels like a lot of people want this race. I don't know for they are yet but we've heard that that. Some people at the royals and not entertain discussion site which I take demean the glasses right right they're not they're managed it. But are others understand. And could the city Beatrice said. In trying to lure them into a downtown ballpark. Because right very good there in a sports complex and is run by Jackson County if all of a sudden the city said hey. We're willing to do a B and C for you guys when it's time to building new stadium because it will be admitted that ten years we're gonna need to have the conversation of what we're going to do. With the stadiums. If we decide to do ABC for you. Will you consider moving it downtown and as we've talked about you know I don't believe the football stadium belongs downtown but I do believe the baseball stadium. Belongs downtown and the convention hotel is going in we've got the the you know that's the streetcar and seek apart basically anywhere in the downtown vicinity and ride the streetcar down to where we wanna go downtown. Having that baseball stadium downtown to meet. It's like the final piece of the puzzle the crown jewel if you will of completing our downtown and making it as great as it possibly can't for a. What I want to baseball on TV in a could be anywhere in the country well watch baseball on TV. The backdrop of downtown ball parks looks so cool does it makes me every time really. Vision and think about what it downtown ballpark would look like in the background with the Kansas City skyline of have you that's down aligned just right behind it. How grabbing that would be and how much different the perception will become of Kansas City. When people are at that ball marker of watching on television and they see the ballpark in the background. It's a great point Mike because I think people look at Kauffman Stadium they realize it's beautiful. But the view. Is you know of nothing and so highway deal that it's. Kansas city's in the middle of no it really does he gives you kind of backed out town feel that we're trying to get away all of the highway that bypasses the ballpark that's round at credit. But if if you build that downtown in every time we shall Kansas City on TV you show the two biggest buildings in Missouri you show Union Station you show that Cleveland are so banner sweeping crime it would be awesome and people would look at that Dell. Holy cow looking Kansas City 81 days a year. You're on television and you've got that city skyline it usually higher entirely different. View of what Kansas City is I think that's a brilliant point by year. And not just during the game was the highlight shows me the first. Ice shows on MLB network that the network to me is changed a lot of how I consume base yes again I don't have to go trying to find out what's the game was Sunday night baseball game of the week or anything like that. This turn on and I'll be central or MLB network. And it puts you in that. Major League Baseball central you jump from game to game all over the country and you see all these different ballparks the different backdrops in the back trust for you have downtown. Are always so much. Looking in the one there's nothing behind it just looks like. A stadium in the middle of nowhere on the vibes differences yeah that and you grew like that downtown body even if it doesn't change it on inside the stadium. The perception. From the television product changes entirely of that city I think. The ball the first time ever it felt like she should go to Pittsburgh some time. The xetra saw PNC park stumble on television he hasn't looked incredible and awesome backdrop of Pittsburgh gets up like Pittsburg is a city is nicer in Kansas City has its. It just looks cool because they have the downtown right behind the ballpark you see it the backdrop and it makes it appealing right it. Really does and I think that that is a very good good observation by you'd say hey. You know what we look at our ballpark we look at the viewing him if there's death of their kids that doesn't have anything to offer. You put that ballpark downtown and all of a sudden you see buildings you see life TCP and LUC art center you see Union Station EC liberty more UC all of this stuff. Elect me and Kansas City does have a lot off holding up going to the perception you're right man of anybody who would seat apple park would change that perception of what they have a Kansas City. If they've never been here before so it's something we're gonna need to be talking about and clearly the leaders at City Hall seemingly bait based on that we are on board felt like I was a little bit neutral job yeah. I got this very closely there Iceland general Troy very nicely done and you are. You think you're smarter than a sixth an employee. Us but in place. Actually work here that don't know a ton about sports. Well this is your time you win T bones tickets all you have to do is win or meal sports against our three employees that know the least. About sports not 135767610. If you wanna be the contestant in has not won 357676. Tenet. You get weird with her real sports next. Are you. But. It's going tomorrow. That's gotta just play like a producer Steve inspector inspector every week puts together remedial sports for your chance. To win it this week T bones take began also today. We have a big announcement here on 610 Sports Radio with a special guest at 1215. This afternoon again a big. Create huge and news news here on sixth and Sports Radio with a special guest I'm at 1215. This afternoon. All right Chris and blue springs get a flavor real sports where you find out if you're smarter than a 610 sports employee. We have a few people. We have who we have Suzy you've Brad and we have low. Susie from sales digital Brad and low from the newsroom hello return from comic con a couple weeks now eyes so both is all over the sports. As I wanted him as close air of the deed in San Diego somebody's house and don't tell us open the door by sideshow but anyway here earlier this isn't a need inside shot at twelve hour absolutely open the door for you Welch's joined digital brands. I don't know fantasy gaming football. It's like a weird some and his team coach gene gaming twist. Where it's not like actual fantasy football you draft players and a draft is like a fantasy draft. But then you create your own strategies and used last year stats into an algorithm and it creates these simulated games bird. It seemed so damn dirty stuff wow but. It's up my allies I'm doing it definitely this is the league is here and then incision from sales looks like she fell asleep in a tanning Booth applied to god it's. Step up. He was a big splash cold I had all. Cell in all the Sonos players now. Dry he chooses to only went all around the outside Susie she. Well I'm not your favorite politician I've it was Orrin he had gotten greater area this Suzy does kinda have a John Boehner glow about her writers so that not many. I Susie actually refused to answer question number one. So on Chris in blue springs. Your question number one we'll have to be up against boy. Or won't they needed cobra did you brat who wisely refused to answer refused to answer question what did she said instead of answering. Curse words. Okay packages played a censored be so she just made fun of you. Notice disbursed over and over that was it yeah Jimmy funny you know she refused to answer questions one deviated from the plant it. The planet that I can pocket the series he was well Specter answer questions her responses were just going to be. Mean things to Specter well he forgot apparently deviated from the plane deviated now I took Chris Chambliss. Brings digital brat or long question number one. Did to a brand OK name one. Level of mine in the league baseball. Chris. Very or that is correct. Did you brat like like triple A double that the loser at. Omaha. I offered as a rapid. I'm asking you all about oh yeah it is right Christian knotted up at one question number two Susie from sales digital radical we'll from the newsroom. We're from Susie from sales okay how many personal fouls. Before you spell out in college basketball. Our. It sues. We treat acne. So I just got a text from Susie I hate him. If a we kid because we love that's exactly right you're not an open to question number three who do you wanna compete against. Are over it through Brad okay what is the name of being the city's hockey team. Are you know there are the maverick. That is correct pull did you Brandt. Mavericks. Then it's a string isn't a question at the end of his act because he's not sure that so I served it to Oprah. I would take a second they don't have anyway it's not a geologist OK got it CO both boys in Suzy are these the bread in season. By Chris here in a deadlock here question number four. Notably a little longer. All right. One isn't it fabulous job title. Aria. Editor. This corrects. Mo from the newsroom. Coach. It's. Has not been a host of the rose he's been manager beacon city royals are Chrissie get this right were Sunnis into the teeth bones on Sunday. Question number five would you like to go up against. Look equity group lone bogey and I hope I can you just that what does a team for any football. Correct loaf pigs in all sounds very competent to do this yeah panel went four for five and Chris five for five so we're sending to the T bounds on Saturday. Regulations press at us. Now. Best listed it there any questions that maybe we didn't see coming that worked out I was their question that. Somebody said it a hilarious answer to him yeah ass news we asked her what the nickname for football laws. Oh me. And. These days are wondering about the animosity. And. And Mary. She also is Disney's it's got to give guard bar ABA yeah now pop. OID Johnston. Well. If you're checking out the pre season game tonight for the chiefs and this 49ers the first time to get a chance to see Patrick Holmes but also the first undergoing its chance. To see one career high third round pick for the Kansas City Chiefs and on good morning football which is. The NFL network's morning show hay Adams and Nate Burleson discussed marine hunt has a break out candidate for the 2017 season. It's the break out I know Spencer ware is there but his production certainly trailed at the end of last season. Cream on getting accolades all throughout training camp he can catch the bother going to need that Maclin is no longer is there I think became an outfit had already developed a report. And Andy Reid Luntz did you can tell this is my Akron Toledo. And Kareem hi Alicia could show you guys Korean hunt we take a look at. It's hard to show for it yeah. They did run. I went right saying quote he did The Today Show I don't know that I've seen this Smart case picking up but there are a lot of good back and mark back he is right there fading in. I think he is going to break out for the chiefs a good sleeper fantasy life that take at least rocket number 27 and I look at it or not very seasoned colleagues are cool race. Now people say what doesn't translate when you're putting up those numbers that will last a lifetime and talent. It's going to translate it as a matter of him getting up this morning wind catches I believe his last year actually get a he's making some like real pretty one handed grabs that are getting the attention. I'm introduced. As good morning football NFL network excited about Kareem high everybody has been coming more more excited about hunt. We even had on we've had on Paul charge you know earlier this week. He extreme hot right is his number sixteen the running back in the NFL. About that number sixteen. In the NFL. As far as fancy running backs going into this season and if you wanna hear more from Paul charged in and take a fancy football training camp. Sunday August 20 at Johnson County parks inherited senator. All charges going to host it is present about bug bite. Some two point one and over. Yeah barbecue lunch from brain Kato's hater and it's only ten dollars and with all of that you also have a great season preview with chief punter Dustin Colquitt. Be a party it's Sunday at 11 at 3 o'clock August 20 that Johnson County art security center at 610 sports stock on the. Yet Anderson 87 and Metcalf says you what they were the Johnson Kerry county inherited satirist is a had a couple people common where the heck is that it's 87 macapagal king Louis lanes that's where they'll bowling Alley answering Brian sack that that's where it is 87 the meg capsule right in the heart of Johnson County very easy access. For every 116 is very very high need to have Korean Hudson you know he's going to be good poll charts in just doesn't. Pass out. You know ratings like that because he thinks they're gonna be terrible players if you take this shot in the dark I've seen if you were we got the opportunity to be very nice player like I got excited just looking at him and a routier's. Am telling you what man watching him tonight watch him pat homes tonight we're gonna see the future and maybe some of the present with Kareem I'd. On display tonight a lot of reasons to watch this game tonight. Gil I jitters that first came up he saw Christian McCaffrey's first game he was one cut away from breaking it take into a house like a 65 yard touchdown but. Just go move it too excited. Didn't cut at the right time I got it got taken down after like a twelve yard game but. That's hopefully for Korean hunt those jitters get out early and we can see a little bit of what we're expecting this season tonight I hope we don't see everybody over hyped Kareem hunt like they are with Christian McCaffery they're acting like he's already agreed to try US history the sleep well he looks really QLC said it was the same thing last year Odyssey it. So it kind of goes year by year it's a pump the brakes he hasn't played yet. And you see him on the field and then those things kind of go door and there'll be somebody that would not even talking about right now that's going to a merger is gonna have a big year for the chiefs or somebody in the NFL life can't. Where's our David Johnson while we talk about that guy at the beginning of the season and adjusted to see who that's going to be in the NFL to this year. Are coming up it's our newest segment in it has everybody in Kansas City talking. We do it next your team absolutely. Sucked. You should. Some from Maryville to Parsons yes I enjoyed covering this football from whom do to align more is Peters the AFC defensive player of things listening. Everyone agreed. The dead this one has beefed up dot bull dot and crap on it's that combat fatigue of the for proving my point once again that I could be a massacre. I'm a double. Good. Yeah. They can't city by storm is what we have the or worse taken the week Steve inspector pix out I can never discussed at worst take of the week. And how bad it was we have a couple from today no it's just swallowed round. Or who called me and Alex Smith but liquor all you want certain level from the day already have either those are really bad takes well. What might plus is finally on the board yeah. Do you to take him. Over your guy Tyler I think that's a legitimate question that access SharePoint that is no toilets and do well. Legitimate chance if you lights it up in pre season he goes out there to start slinging the ball and he looks great it's not like braves ever looked like a showstopper. Then you have to start thinking about stop that progress stab of a brain folks how well I don't in the fourth. Quarterback. Backup quarterback now I think he's going to Foster homes or second or preceding game and Spain is to act like jewels Dolly doesn't deserve a chance. The show off. Greece is reacting occupies only weighing in on this. There's the donkey get him dammit I'm a Jack. Its stance doesn't it. Implication there own sound. That it shall. On this team since the last year when they brought him in during the season and put them on the practice squad I think he deserves at least an opportunity to go out there during pre season. So tax break has had years to do and never done and never pass I don't disagree with you at all might I think he definitely deserves the opportunity I mean did. In line. It gave us her. Plan to maybe Andy Rooney made yeah stepping onto the somebody. There. Do you eat as reward somebody who put in the war. You'd like to see everybody do that in any Lional I would summarize what's in the time you've seen. Surprise he's getting recorder and and I don't get this but yet I think it's more favor where it doesn't suffer you wanted somebody what's wrong with that why why a problem with that Steven waste our time what do you hate don't you don't want this or let's have a little. I'm not gonna watch it I'm not celestial stuff today so it gets a bus ride home the struggled from wherever you take the bus back to the so you're St. Joe rightly go on after the game. I tell you what made you are soul. Mean. Stanley Susie he's meant that you not. I think is necessarily mean I just think it's ridiculous to just think tiger brave guy he's never done anything like. Keep talking about Tyler bray like he's some kind of legitimate back in this terrible to grab her taking a so so when a meaningful adult Canadians how it's gone. Stadiums you can't even get it right how good how do we know right how we know that shall study isn't better than Tyler break you've never seen shall stop they play we've seen other braves he's playing power average at best and pre season and detonate a hundred dollars a dual stock is on the dollar I would like to see -- stop me it's so would it. Coach is there any other given of its own. One day you're gonna put a hundred dollar down against me Mondale make the decision as to whether or not going to put the underdog had to get out. Or do the challenge of winning that hundred last year for the next guy I don't I don't you'll pay ten dollars after he wears the song into the middle 119 to Metcalf for whoever it was supposed to that'll raise a great about me they'll big news debate molested. Eagles Golden State goal with Saddam I think I want another bad guys inquiry even on the ones that I don't think so I think we are I don't think we are now domestic week. Don't say you reasons they meet the angels on the deserves a chance. I haven't heard I just don't see what the proper credit giving him an opportunity because Specter wants to see Patrick Holmes with requires life for two quarter I wanna third fourth quarter. Why is still not a waste my time when I think more Pat White and Josh gag me with a clear and 274. Vacation for us. It basic idea that it out. Tell you this okay is this may soon Josh is executed. I'm the one person they got that that don't I don't you you two are in a war to world that you think pre season football is about. Your time at the bulk of zed yeah I don't waste my time threat instead told to. I know he is seeing you so so. And he read wasting his time with calibrate the last four years pretty much icing. Obama brought it pulls last year clearly heated audio good Tyler brown that beat injury results two years ago as you guys now are they cut Kevin Hogan he ended up actually playing in the regular season for the Cleveland Browns last area. But added two years really cut Aaron Murray yet. In a situation though either Brey. Hasn't shown us anything that tells me he can't be because I'm I'm I'm a 100% with welts of this what is Tyler brace showed you that you could sit here make a laughing hyenas sound. Because you think jewels stop it because it's just as a name sounds ridiculous like Jill Stein they're whatever is Davis. Just b.s haven't heard it before doesn't mean the guy he beat out Tyler bray who are four years he continually gets bogged down the depth chart. No he's only gone up. No he you have Abdel last year he. He tries to last year that they Witten got it was only do they got it fools pretty early in training camp well though he is thought that Israel carries and quarterback yeah. He opened China and that's an actual lies and he realized oh my god if Alex Smith gets hurt. We can't turn it over this guy pops up double that I'm honored box on Monday saying he's going to be out of sync. Well we think it is an untouchable now I don't I'm living in a world would just jewels stop they should be cut after goes. Self respect as bus ticket back wherever you came from I was I isn't done anything in four years. Or memory you don't even eligible for like the first you can redeem the fake injuries but still. I mean I just I just don't think you can live and the world the absolute reaping Tyler bray has made his team so I think it's a legit battle between Tyler angels duvet for that finals how. International guys are good and I am so yeah. No it's expected to have a beer game and I did everyone talk about Monday because it happens every year for pre season. As the chief played a guy who's gonna be that guy that everyone's talking about on Monday that nobody was talking about today daddy Nicholas. As an interest in unsurprising yet has he hears a who got us news and a couple of that's in a practice yet what happened sued to Marcus Robinson do I. That's mine forever it was like eye on him during my early portion and then I haven't heard his name it and tonight icy to Marcus Robinson making plays time I've seen them a couple times he can't he's looked it's just all the stories were written about the Marcus Robinson there were written last year why rewrite stories again it paid Marcus Robinson looks really good. He looks like you may catch his quiet ways to Marcus for a shot did this Jones yet new guys that you can write stories about there's no reason to write about the Marcus Robinson I think. How Monday the one guy feel right talking about is. To Marcus Robinson and you talk about a good way he had a good way okay thank you we're going to be talking about him in May be. We could be talking about the anti Thomas he does so I'm special Natalie I think B Anthony Thomas is always going to be talked about. But here's a guy that an ominous say we're gonna be talking about I don't own a good way. Ben wits I. I see. You bring out there we just blasted. A question that he barely got out before Blackberry and and Tesco. I have an idea. Yeah that he's roster and five big guys know. Whose star guard they just good to talk about ask again what this guy. I its truck and somebody gets injured because this guy can't play left Marlins don't know doubling the number I don't know I'll remember that I've played him in in bowl and buffalo that that was his that was possible deal as it is is clock cleaned up there. So so what what if this guy gets trucked. In the game. And like say Spencer ware guitar because there trying to legitimize your take the head coach trying to legitimize it it's not real. Led spokesman Jim well bandwidth that is not going to be talking about her dad does for us to get Bryant Bryant addict and whatever all right. At 1215. Today this afternoon on 610 Sports Radio we have a Mac. A massive announcement with a special guest that's at 1215 today. And next week on Monday at 9 AM Eddie Kennison will be in studio right here on Tesco in the morning. If we can think with the day shift in two minutes.