08/11 - Bruce Weber & Wyatt Thompson

The Day Shift
Friday, August 11th

Following the announcement that 610 Sports Radio will be the new home of K-State Athletics, head basketball coach Bruce Weber & play-by-play voice of the Wildcats Wyatt Thompson join the guys on The Day Shift. 


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Joining us now on the hotline. Is he head coach of the IT state basketball. Program men's program and that will be Bruce Weber coach welcome to sixtieth sports radio and we cannot wait. Until you know the connection between K state football basketball all athletics in us being here on six stand. Well thank you. Go on the old bird can't figure it important to us do you know networker or. So. We're happy. Well we're very excited to coach and is good things at the team's state facilities teams. You yourself get a contract extension regulations on that by the way. Put a man. I'd just a lot of reason to like Kansas State right now. Earlier. Right here. On very fast. Improvements in the facility improvements in the campus. It's it's been easy on them. You know line and athletic so I'll Leo we're. The treatment 300 million dollars. Facility improvements campus. New and useful. And all. Do architecture so that you had nearly they'll leave the union. Alma. Furniture but it. It's a lot of positive things. We feel real good about our our guys are offered. Up. Still you know with the way it also Derrick Brown will have. Should review of other players that's for pointers he hit. Alec and expect them. Dave it's also was going on with duct Jason athletics right now there's a lot of saw anticipation for the council ball season we're told Snyder's group. And his team media people believe that they are capable of winning the big twelve. Look at the seeds it's you guys had last year on the court you made it back to the NCAA. Double A tournament last year. I thought about where your teams headed this year. Well I'd like that there really that it is we have we have a good group had a great great great summer. I acknowledge that that is he in turn meant that you know it was so happy for the year when I don't want to. Or the error four Johnston to walk. But that went with them all. Part of that was. What a great reward for Batman. Spot. And I think we all the if you get the page does that ease you know and then he went game. You know if there aren't acceptable that they factored. And so we beat her turning. Kicking back the war and Internet that out and we finally. I'm veteran guard. No really. Angel who leaked it. Beaten in game that your. We have and adding upper class or. It's somewhat but now all of. Air eat your. Well they'll be waiting for me. I think the big factor will come out to rebound the are they you know what we do that Arctic. You know in the current I feel like if it's that Decker tour and we locked the day and I had to replace what's important. Is still. It is because that but as CE. And we thought we got some models they need to get a little bit about them but we all know it like it is. As we hit incident he couldn't have figured out. We have you as a eat they need to bite moment that surprised at. Yeah. You know let her. Own yeah. Won't get I think we'll be hurt you know. And you know you gotta think I'm happy with our guys are. And where are all ought. Did coaching you know the enthusiasm their for the football team as well you mentioned the young guys when they giggled experience they're coming back. Dude key state football get an experienced quarterback coming back but these are good things to happen and I see worst lead is down in Belize. Getting some experience as well with the all star. A team down there's this guys getting experience on the international level before it comes back to Manhattan. Thought out there yet another. I'm better in the bakery they'll back things didn't work out and that we can opt. A lot that they are guys. A few weeks have made frequent target the important that curtain but other actors acted it and I'm all for. He did that they'll I would go right now and yet absolutely requests for one more Italy Switzerland even. And yet so it is I oh yet here. Don't at all why also. Liked. About it was. You fancy bit by that sinker. Going get some real good that early in the year you know what did you say yes sir. The first and halt. It got better well I tell you realize. I'll Arctic is how that worked in particular being with entertainment and he clearly made a commitment to doing. Well coach congratulations. On odd coming onboard we welcome you assistance force radio with the border. To hearing all all the basketball games and all the sporting events or taste date on 610 Sports Radio Sobel we will be talking to you. Thank you we appreciate that has become the tablet so. Over the facility could. As you know it may be ought to work out whatever it is that of the fruit. Over for football world that say they will offer who starter. Curt can order a certain well. They get an 80 you have to ask you slice of the basketball or does I'll be there. You get if you walk the couple. Days of quote yeah. After anyway. Are welcome them. Did I did a double shots. Pigs like notes aren't. I've we don't Bruce Weber two and got some you win it's he's the Atlantic he happens to be the play by play voice of the want ads. That's why Thompson was on a wide. And. They were doing good why and love this announcement man sixth inning gave state. I think it's going to be fun and why does get there are a lot of you on sixth in sports now. I'm really excited about guys like it thank you work group. All the people an opportunity work we're excited about it. You know sometimes change can be difficult but I think it was going to be police say what should. We're excited her coat their full compliment is talking about. His pain in the bar I just came for a ball football practice earlier this ordered more excited about the start what they're going to be on years. Very much looking forward to. Look at what it could fortunately. I mean you just gotta stole my thunder right Jeremy you would just we're just a short time away from the palace football season starting end. You know one of the things about taste they fall ball this year there's some high expectations and there's some anticipation of this team is gonna be really good. What sort of a chance and I think that's all you can really we're all we bought it Schneider has them as well the long haul. All he's doing well about that and I think the camp is gone pretty well all I really like the football team. I think all that simply we got a chance to be really. Really good. In the league they pay. So awfully good up and keep changing order beat Kansas State all all all all almost say I think you can even drove West Virginia. Is going to be. All he did what they're quarterback's a ticket we got a question mark is probably want you all but I think I would you say. All the ball off the wall I think we got nutrients that although the defense team we've got bonds schedule. Also. All arms Celtics thought activity as. Well. A bit I what people will. Well I tell you what Wyatt in a good thing I mentioned there the coach Weber vote's been on a more. I read this at it didn't realize this source oldest solid seventh time in 26 years. The bill Snyder's had an incumbent quarterback. Coming back from the previous season in you know these guys value experience especially. In that position. Well that's perfectly. Because. History cult. Wintry day under bill Schneider. Starting quarterback back and are usually pretty. And we're talking chassis herbs are all expected to be even better. We all your goal. Ought to start the game and Bert. During the court. Case state aid in that game all. Extraordinary people and they are. Running for all that. Just the late great job. Senior. Leaders and insert one. Sided object be here. I think all they should and they should be. Better. You put the weapon that we will help. You can. Excite. Are the voice of the wildcats went Thompson while one more thing I Saul. Did Bill Snyder you know I don't know if he's thrilled there's no more two days and didn't sound like the world but no two days at Kansas State and that. You know the video really console with the coaches on this they distort a little bit earlier than normal would be either 29 practices and what does that affecting them at all not been able to have that. All I think you'll draw to be honest what they could be perfectly blog. It if we could go back and start over in two days. I Arctic I think what we're. But I think you got all of it increasing. I guess. I can't stress this enough people prefer to. Just because that's the east. While will got a good chance that ball well well well slot. Or SATA for the season going to be some big big things for Kansas State football this year why can't we did you are airwaves and appreciate him and look for talking in the future. Well thank you so much that we're excited about the about the look of doubt about how important work with us all of you look at all the. Art what are we appreciate that absolutely why Thompson a voice of the wac yes joining us here on the day shift would take a break come back. There's a lot of reaction regards to the announcement in regards Ezekiel Elliott's. Be suspended by the National Football League but just in case you missed it from Bruce Weber as well as a white Thompson 610 sports rated the new home for K state athletics.