08/15 6PM - NFL On Wrong Side Of History, Draft in KC, Showstoppers, ESPN Fantasy Auction

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Tuesday, August 15th

The Serda Show has been expanded to a full 2 hours as Ron is out tonight, leaving Serda, Julio & Stanford Joe to hold down the fort. Serda begins by arguing that the NFL will be on the wrong side of history by shaming Kaepernick after the events in Charlottesville this weekend. Next, Kansas City has submitted its interest in hosting the NFL Draft and Serda is "sports horny" as Ron would say. We've got Showstoppers and wonder what ESPN was thinking with their fantasy auction clip. 


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I. On this show but hopefully you are just listening drive frontiers it the last four hours a catcher on the show with Brad airing today is to use them and then. I love scenes are a felon and take that showed at night. It down you know. Let's do it. It's not just me either by the way. Does Summers has so here Stanford Joseph might. Or there's some things and I and I I mean I may be on maybe it's maybe it's you. Sports and hired for him but I think we're gonna have fun and I we got a good show we've only got two hours tonight we're leading right up to the sun fresh on that Cho Josh or near. At 8 o'clock. Some funds after talked about it. I've got a lot of thoughts about their card in this is Jean jacket that Honda Civic he was late and on top of yours it's pretty sweet. Not in line. Previously it. To inject public rules on. So those are the showed tonight where in here pretty early at 601 is I didn't have to do is an answer Disney introductions as we normally do on the show. Is this the early as you've ever been on sort of yeah it is right actually not about doing runs ensure and then have you done about a minute to jump in in my injure because I thought it would be funny. But it just sounded like I was doing too much I felt like it was an S. Making your own make it your own sort of a your turn to shine. So you got at the money for nothing and your pilot the show off my way with the we are and have fun and I we got to get show planned Korea. But to get this thing rolling. So last night we. I'll I wanna say controversial but we did upset some people with the way that we led the show off and we are talking about. Calling cabernet in the NFL and we made a connection to Charlottesville and the unfortunate things happened there over the weekend. But tonight I tell us start they are not not exactly. With that but. Kind of a connection. To that topic that we did last night. And. The film and yet the cell is going to be on the wrong side of cancer at some. And we're already starting to see that now with the CT. Discussion and all of these players starting to take stands. In support of calling cap and again really just. Being political about their views across the country and players in the NBA Marty been doing this for a long time LeBron James is very vocal. In his opposition. To Donald Trout. And the NFL not really supposed to do those things you're not really supposed to be vocal. Is supposed to stand for the National Anthem and you're supposed to just keep your opinions to yourself and play football. So when I say that I think the NFL's going to be on the wrong side of history. Part of that is because the NFL as we've seen is already. Behind the times a little bit and why the times in the way that baseball is I know Ron mentioned on the driver earlier that. Yet he a lot of baseball players come out and talk about the events in Charlotte Charlotte. But when I say the NFL is going to be on the wrong side of history what I'm saying is. There lack of willingness to change is going to come back. And hurt that big because now you use numbers across the NFL down you'd you'd numbers across. Football or down in general because parents don't want their kids play football game. Because it's just not healthy it's not it's good for you it's not safe sport and I love football football is my absolute favorite sport. And the idea of not letting my child one day if I choose to have kids not play football is something that bothers me because I was glad to see my kid out on the football field. But it's something that. If one day I'm married the mother my child might not want my child played football and it's completely understandable. But. Their lack of willingness to change is what's going to hurt them because I think the NFL is going to be extinct I don't know if it's going to happen in our lifetime that the NFL is going to fade away at some point. MIT and 25 years it might be in fifty years it might be in a hundred years but we're going to look back at the NFL and last. And say. These guys actually used to do that these guys actually used to go out there and just have head on collisions. And try to play with concussions and injuries and just ruin their bodies. I like you guys do you guys see the NFL. Are disappearing at some point down the line. I'd say disappeared I mean it. The audience might get a little bit small I think the public with the NFL is is they treat too much like the business. You know it to the point where it's it's now coming back like you said the by doing that that's as far as. Look the U treated the players. Like a business. The cult Japanese situation you treated that as a business decision. They're not supported and not assignment that was I think the owners decisions you know the CT thing they treated that as a business Noah as far as. Not putting in the time and effort and money into. Into the safe that the safety of the players right so that the business decision and now that they're kind of getting backlash on that. Now other kind of backtracking on now now there and other being more proactive than before because it wasn't making their money that it wanted dumping money into. I argued that the unit knows. So it as being org it's rainy and like ailing business that has a lot of because successful businesses are constantly willing to change with the time or else they fail. The NFL did not change the players they have not changed with those. That haven't changed all of these spectrum. But there's so successful because they have all the money all the margin for error for now. For now its app they had. A business model that made them incredibly successful at an incredibly rapid pace. To the point where. They basically owned sports and they all they don't. Television rights I mean no one else comes close the NFL in terms of television ratings and it's. It's insane what they pull in on Thursdays and Mondays and Sunday nights like what they poll on Sundays. That's why there's so much competition and billions and billions of dollars spent on that right just to broadcast their games because. Some scary. Those networks one ball carries ESPN it pays for itself over and over again. But that's part of the you mentioned that. They just run like a business it's all it's all about the money. CN I don't think does. I don't think it's all about you all about the money in the acting in the NBA it's. It's about public perception. And it's about the progressive in showing that you give your players a voice now. You can argue that the NBA has given the players too much power we're starting to see that now with. LeBron James and entire Irving who's. Trying to force his way out of Cleveland and he's really just following LeBron we know what LeBron is already done in the past. But the NBA his sad. That our players' opinions are important and their points of view aren't important what I think the NBA. His as a sport has done the best job with incorporating both the business side of things in the player personnel. Social aspect of it marrying the magnitude now might get a little bit out of control on the NBA aside as far as the players having too much power absolutely because. Applicable like you said the LeBron situation but. I think that's where the NFL's really failing now on word now it's starting to come back to bite them and and you have other players now standing up. Or not call just Colin company but that that entire social situation. And now the NFL just duck it's not a good look for them right now. It's. They put the money above everything else that's what everyone that we you don't leave with Tom Capra is. It's a bad financial decision till Kong cap or make plays in the NFL. Well I think so let's take this little further and go into baseball where I think they don't do enough of of opening that social aspect of with their players being more personable. With baseball it's. About staying away from. Its all about staying away from the controversy them lie. Part of that is yes. Baseball's unwillingness to change because and that's that's why there's some arguments about the strides. I had the same arguments a few years ago about replays in base. But there's going to come a time where it's got to be more about. About something more is in the money. For the NFL because right now and people gives Imus watching football I'm gonna watch football anymore. I'm not gonna support the NFL a lot of dealers in an idea support and it all they can't predict a job. That's not true. We all know that's not true it's going to continue to make money. But what it's going to take. Are these players. Who are starting we're starting to see it right now we're starting to see. Something remarkable in the NFL and something that we never seen before in football what these players actually taking a stand. And saying. You pay me enough. You don't give me enough to go out here but my body through this and he specially don't do give me enough. For you to just blacklist a guy like Colin Capp project for doing nothing more than taking a knee in standing up for what lead. On the point of the unit though being a business I think it's important to point out that the NFL has greatly benefited from cap ex activism. It's disingenuous this eighties cost municipal money. It is and I could be wrong if someone knows some context and I don't know a single person that is stop watching yet on participating because of well. On the flip side cap ex Jersey sales have been in the top twenty in the week. Or more sales have skyrocketed so his protest as may be in a while money at a it's disingenuous. They'd social activism is going to cost the money. It's just more of a talking point. Well one that is people threatened and I'll watch the NFL but I cannot think of a single effort and it. As long as the NFL as around they're going to make money people are going to watch that that that's inevitable that's never going to change the but there's going to come a time where we continue to see players retire early. Calvin Johnson I think can still come back India. 14100 yard wide receiver in the NFL I Tiki is still perfectly capable of that he's won the most physically gifted wide receivers I've ever seen. And now maybe retiring early was because he was just tired of playing for the horrible franchise I think part of it was just the physical told it was taking on his body. And we're going to continue to see more and more players. Do. We're going to continue to see more more players choose not to play football. A target say well go join in the NBA because there's just not that many people in the world that are talented enough to play in the NBA or don't miss a lot more people. Take the baseball wrap. Yeah NC based unseal other baseball players who can't walk when they're fifty. It's. It's going to come to a point where. The talent isn't there the talent isn't living up. To the standard. And the product is going to diminish. That's going to happen in five years might not happen now lifetime. At some point it's going to happen I do think the NFL could fade away at some point and it's going to be remembered as an organization that was on the wrong side of history specifically because of its great. 858 tax. The tax nobody cares what NBA or NFL players or Hollywood has to say we'd hate to see them perform not hear their opinion. But to me is. That that's a ridiculous statement. People they have a right to just because their professional player just because they are celebrity of some kind doesn't mean that they don't have a voice and and for me. Then they have the platform to make those types of changes that us as everyday people can't necessarily do. So to me that's asinine to to make that type of statement. I feel like we should praise those type of people for standing up for what they believe it in and using that platform to better their selves and better this country. I just think it's it's insane that we. Burn rate players. We're having or wanting to share their opinions in and share their points of view win. Everyone who has a Twitter account things at their opinion. Matters. I announcing their opinion doesn't matter ever everyone's opinion matters to a certain extent. But these guys who have this platform. Who have this gift. Aren't allowed to share their views and does it doesn't really makes cents. Now we have we got had a break. I'm waiting continue this on the other side will take your phone calls on 91357676. Tennis on the gate tickets sex line 69306. His own house and you're listening to show will run the show you. Six teams were really good at getting tickets that come now for six spin off your ticket or using remote code six did sports. Welcome the show on six and Sports Radio pioneer host Steve inspired us. That's not really going off on me right now. Some of its positive. Action out of its flaws of I'm overwhelmingly positive. On this subject and. I guess. Sometimes this is. Stuff that we don't wanna talk about we'd rather talk about. Breaking down games and things like that but I how many more times I talked about the chiefs pre season demise at the game there's a lot of fun to see Patrick my homes out there on the field. Was very impressed with Tyler for. I don't wanna talk about the pre season game anymore and tell. Until next week when we get another look at the ST outstanding analysis there outstanding. And act Jack Gallagher is transplant last night that was awesome. Fantastic. I. Felt so good for that. That that was awesome. But I don't know what else you want music. We we talked about it all day on the station I think everyone has said. Everything that there is to say about that. But this is something that I think is interesting and something that I think we should talk about. It's just the NFL. Love for anybody who listens to show consistently knows that. I'm not a baseball guy necessarily I I I follow baseball more than I generally. I last act against that had washed a baseball game months. Well as one. That's and that's that's probably that you thought let's let's vigorous and probably choose I got a little bit the royals gave us. I think there's legitimate concern. That Deanna felt that wind up on the wrong side of history here. Because it's showing. An inability. Two to change to change for the better and people disabled boy had changed him adapt they try and make the game safer. Those are all minimal changes like that there hasn't been that much change. For the actual landscape and make up of the NFL is poll. Allowing unitarian Smith they'll where he had today. I have are a lot of comedic quit watching near belt because of I'll. You you just quit watching it because you disagreed with what Colin tapper and debt. Absolutely. And air California agree that ratings in the bank. So I think that the game at the but it it you know people vote. You know can't make and at different a black dad. Absolutely and if it does expect or. Not they get it right it that the other right if you are good. It was you know I'll probably hear them like that he. And thanks to the phone call Terry and yet that's that's your right if you stop watching football. I a 100% agree with. The reason I got into radio the reason I started doing this or originally is because I wanted to cover football. Full time because I love the sport of football and I and that passionate about it. So as you have a problem I'm not going to probably. Not gives up watching football I'm making likely I would love football. But. It's disheartening when I see everything is going on in our country right now and I see the NFL. One of the most powerful organizations in our country. Refusing to say anything a matter of using technology and refusing. To change. It's hard to stomach because I don't want anything happened football I don't want football to go way. I don't understand. Why Terry would have stopped watching the NFL win his side. One. I Capra nick was black balled from the league and is still looking for employment his side won so you. Have your side win and still not watched the NFL. Means that you are putting your personal stance of being against. Colin Capp Ernie ahead of any passion you have for the NFL and I think that's and much more significant. Personal problem if you can't compartmentalize. It. And the ratings weren't in the tank. I either the ratings were there things were down a little bit but back had to do with the election there's other and that that if you don't I had to do yeah focus. Of the heat of the entire country being on our presidential election because if you look back at the ratings after the presidential election Charest back. Ratings went back to normal they are perfectly fine. CJ and over the umpire but he Etsy did. Well you know you're on the idea that blunt person but you know we don't we don't care about what lead it. Actors and entertainers. You know we watch him you know latest what would you watch him. Do them beat. And conduct by the end it if that does say that cool so what happens is when the Ron two you know you know Peyton Manning and apparently made in the program in their. Like our annual program. How heated their cute picture just watching when he's about my job when he went to grow and go to actors that they believe Atlantic vigilant. Should you elect. Didn't hear did you hear the role in particular pitchers that legal. We get to where everyone just has the urge to do or. Don't you wearing your favorite player until you get the heck away from me because I'm here you'll. And thanks CJ and that's an excellent point. And that's what we see that now when. Players don't wanna. Talk to people when they don't wanna be friendly to their fans and we we criticize them for that now and they let you know we look at the negative outlook mail from thousands or something that we don't agree with. We jump all over him about. Just because they're rich famous athletes why does that mean in that we have to criticize every aspect of their lies. As if we're better than. I I think there's a lot of proof that the NFL is just behind on one of these things they were behind. On domestic violence. It took. Video of Ray Rice knocking his fiancee out. For them to actually even say anything about it for it for them to be vocal about it. There there behind the times. On marijuana use. I don't I don't think for a second day every player in the NFL thinks that marijuana needs to be legalized. But the end yeah his moved away from really drug testing board because they don't think. Did it hurts their players because they assume that everyone does and they say why deal with a headache just let them do it it's getting legalized all over the place. It's fun. But we sell out players you're losing and tired seasons of their career over things like that yet if is behind the times on a lot of things and there eventually I think going to be on the wrong side of history. And said the. Where that apple makes the mistake on this side of things is as they have this platform they are the most powerful sports. Entity is in the in the world. Why why can't they embrace this in use this. As a way to create dialogue in it and kind of hoped the situation positively and as opposed to fighting it. And in the end looking negative you know look at at about. Embrace. You know we kind of talked about. The Peta thing with with Mike Vick Akron they think those are situations where people can use those. In a positive way it's been a positive way to create dialogue so that everyone. Has an opinion yes. You you know interestingly it's just. I just flickered open about this all adds about. And we we live band aid. In this social media world where. The details are always a little bit. Where everything is where quotes are manipulated and that was a interview that aired Rodgers did on the damn avatar a couple weeks ago. It was fascinating Aaron Rodgers. Is one of the most fascinating players in football but Aaron Rodgers. Doesn't speak up very often because he's afraid of people manipulating what he says and he actually said that in the interview he said. I just keep my mouth shut and stay stay out of the light for the most part except when I'm on the field because I don't want people to manipulate. My points of view that he had even cited within the interview. They every interview he does your courts. In case someone missed quotes him he can go back improved that they are miss quoting him and that there and that they're just manipulating what he says. Look it just throws in the UCLA quarterback who last week made an insightful point about how college is three. Football players as athlete students not student athletes it was that the whole week saying that he trashed Alabama football players and said that they were all done. Quarterbacks were any athlete get their comments taken out of context constantly ahead by hackers and colts. I loved what Josh Rosen sudden. You don't see very many at this is just bedecked and. I we Adam we got to move on from NASA us aside if you're on hold maybe we get back to this a little bit later we'll take some more your phone calls. But it is time for us. The move on. It's also about time. For the fourth annual fancy football training camp presented by Bud Light. And this year we made it bigger and better than ever. And here's what you get for just ten dollars if all barbecue lunch from Ron Qaeda was catering a roundtable which he's probable pondered Dustin Colquitt. And your favorite six and personalities on behalf of teen smile. And Khamenei that fancy football training camp with fancy hall of Famer Paul charge she and a Fam all dot com and lead safe dot com for tickets and info visit 610 sports dot com. And don't miss your chance to dominate your fancy week on Sunday August 20. Don't next. As we move on from chastising the NFL. We might actually be able to get an NFL you have to think it's a safe and I kept the outweigh. This show would run the show you can lead. Probably MVP electric heating and cooling don't you fix these Sports Radio. Welcome back into this show on the sixth and Sports Radio I am your host Stephen Serna. The and J&J production studios on the other side of the glass I stole that from Iran Julio Sanchez and Sanford Zhao. I like it but. So yeah. And I'll tell us. So I came out today and me and as. As round the show would say where Rivera sports morning. Kansas City has officially submitted. An expression of interest to the NFL to host an NFL draft. My only question. Why hadn't already done and that's something that you need to deal obviously our interest in hosting an NFL draft here. Why the expression of interest already bids submitted like a year ago. And it had something to view with potential hotel rooms and we were ineligible for Sundays where yes isn't that. Well so they did they submitted it but it's probably not. Going to happen next year it is going to happen because there's there's so many building projects right now in Kansas City. That there's a lot of hotels and things like that there's supposed to be coming in 201922. Or Tony Tony things like that. In case you guys to know is that once the draft appears. What one more time certain laws that. As a and I chaired goth was selected number one overall. Master plans like operative. When it meets on Solis. What was that bomb here at south via gas mask was CDs. OSHA cut. Why are you feeding into this job. I didn't where's rather see this is the time we need her on deceptive and the years but at this time. Every fan and I did the things they've done that draster incredible and today it is a legitimate. Three day experience that's got. A hall of fame setup a mobile hall of fame and it's it's got an entire carnivals and all kinds of fun things do. And it's so cool. Why. Didn't recent owns it it. We we should have had the foresight to say okay where we're debt and hotels. Were debt and a streetcar. Let's get an ass soldier last year because we know we're not getting a Super Bowl any times it does Evan had. Or structure now now we're certainly get to the point where. Oh we're getting too big boy status were getting an actual airport or getting expansion on the you know on the downtown train car. All the hotels being done now or certainly it infrastructure and that the city needs to hold those type of events. They did day they submitted several locations that they thought they NFL draft at work. All islands like Union Station and now World War I museum at liberty memorial. Which I think is a slug I was her I I think that is perfect for that people can park downtown beacon registry card down down to the draft. There's tons of ways to get around down there and it's close enough to everything LC and taken over there or something if you really need to. They also submitted. Arrowhead Stadium in confidence stadium is a place to tailgate during the draft I think that's maybe the worst location they can but it. This is not designed and also there's now a lot out there. But what the other places wise. The sprint senator of the Midland. NC convention center. And the confidence right copy and senator would be crap they're all too small though I think does X what the sprint center until the please call the thing what the actual address the actual selection of players and players walking out on the stage. All a couple thousand people out. They only release a certain number of tickets yet Danner a lottery to even buy tickets you'll get for free when lottery. He's at the right to purchase the tickets. But so the actual value of the draft does need to be adding all the Philadelphia did outside last year and it was that I was much mess so it's O. I think outside is the way to go. So I can do something like that eight Union Station located with the World Series parade they've got to staters on things and about there. You do things at liberty memorial. This would be incredible. If he. I I don't rotten we we talked about this a little bit in the past but this is the first step we've actually gone towards. This could be something substantial on this is actually something that could come to Kansas City. If a draft is incredible. But I that's. What it's crucial that I want it so bad. It let's just make it happen as just make it happen go ahead in and remove the Truman sports complex as the K that's it a bit. Because we we know it's got to be Union Station we we already that's where it has to be as far as expanding the streetcar. It'll be perk. I can't. Just. It's that time. If you show and stop. So I. I. XQ. Speaking of Aaron Rodgers. Said a busy getting licensed breaking up with the Libyan one last April as he reportedly spent time with swimsuit SI swimsuit models Kelly Rohrabacher. And Lindsay Vaughn into bonds often thirsty by the way. But even if she puts company may have may have a new target insight as Rodgers was spotted on a date. At ease poll. Martin net brothers' new upper east side hot spot. With soccer player Marines have Margo we'll go margolies here. On Sunday and art are margolies is Harvard grad and played professionally in Sweden. I tried using simple that Jeter. And just stay single until he RI is I think he has heard. And Green Bay Packers fans proud for each. Donald Trump had quite a weekend his soft response the events in Charlottesville and garner reaction. All across the country. LeBron James even pleaded out hate as always is it existed in America. Yes we know that the Donald Trump just made it fashionable again statutes has nothing to do with us now. The third one of the cavaliers going to you're not there will be always eighty viewed disputed contracts you know running costs. If a Jones though we are causing trouble. I don't think the cavaliers. I am a position where they can do anything until LeBron James no matter what he says he could second big come out tomorrow and say bleak Dan Gilbert. And they can't do anything today and Dan Gilbert. Would sit down and shut up. And allies is gonna leave anyway I pays essentially an audience that. He's already done it to Dan Gilbert once he's basically doing it to him right now in Gilbert can't do anything to LeBron James. And the city of Cleveland would freak out if he did it. Miami Marlins outfielder. And Carlos stick reportedly cleared revoke portrait labor Sunday making slugger eligible to get moved to any MLB team. By the end of August on Tuesday to pass and which is today by the way. Jeff passenger jobs sports noted the majors current leader in home runs has received interest stuff from at least four teams despite his monster contract. Which this is ridiculous this late to debate him. At least 25 million dollars and base salary every year through 2 morning 28 other pool situation. Imagine getting once again for three home runs. But what. And Tony I'm now in season I'll ask him how he feels about the sculpture. And Marlins part. Feel like he's better than anybody do to be able to speak on them is we tell all we talked about last night as she obviously just but the statute Derek Jeter out there which I think is way. But that's sculpture is Haiti's they're selling any of those players actually enjoyed what appointed what is the point that it was something done my local artists I think that they just. They put out there and it accountable don't there's not Britain's it just it's hideous. And it's got to be a distraction. To be paired us is talking about it. And I. Come up. Someone needs to tell the producers and ESPN a lot to get out. My nephew runs the show. And you're listening to the show. Seeks team Sports Radio. Go to get a pick it's that calm now for six in off your ticket order using promo code six did sports. Then season around the world and that pretty humorous in that. Welcome back shell on success Sports Radio. Steven Sena so. I guy Julio Santana hasn't Stanford job in the building this day today productions. Or the the others I think is something else. It Wheeler hauling him. Unlike the TJ's not a line the G eight's pretty creative. Yeah. And again where our only here it's eight tonight leading right up to the some pressure on that show and Josh hernia. So. I'm a huge fantasy football again everybody I think at this point you're pastel fan. If you're on the ones not boycotting the NFL this point you probably play. Fancy football in some capacity. Whether it's the daily. Fantasy leagues or the region athletes do a little bit of both parts I gambled quite a bit during football season. My favorite time of year. Marty. And gambling on pre season game. My pre season. Seriously Serna. It's really hard to gamble on pre season games because you don't know what's gonna happen. Because it's spring season which is why you shouldn't be betting on them in the first place or not. That's the problem agreement hasn't gambling on. That's. The ticker compare it. And asking us is pretty big pearl island and I eventually lost all his team and head area. That's why and Campbell that's odd couples. I've never casino in life. Not once ever set foot in his new probably should stick to that I'll take some time. I have heard it's fun be active next draft you hit it on its yeah. A majority whose affiliates there you to ridiculous if not I'm gonna Philly. I have your attention ESPN in the last 24 hours they've been doing this 25 hours fantasy football marathon. What is right up my I'm all bets. It's. I've I've spent the better part of the last two weeks just read about fantasy football in trying to get ready for the season. I tree out my fancy magazine about Chrysler because I'd we do the fans show together on Sundays which actually AZ football Sunday a bad ice says this Sunday. Nine hand. I I by the fantasy football magazine every year and I read the entire thing and that's kind of the old school way AB has ever raised as does online now. But I still. The highlight you make highlights the movies yes I bet you go back and it's just it's part of our team and as an nostalgia of all of that I'll buy the magazine it's as part of my routine every. Actually couldn't find the one that I like sighting at three different stores. But. So ESPN's doing this point five hour fancy football on. Auctions acts. I've never personally done an auction draft but they are starting to become even more popular they've been around for. But in these scenes set up in this option drafts can't. Of its 45 hour ESP Ed as football marathon. In relation to their producers open about this before. But. It's under some scrutiny today NE SP and actually did release an apology over it. Because is the segment showed an option year who was selling players both black and to a crack house of auctioneers it was just all one. And the the main focus of it was when they showed him auctioning off Antonio brown and O'Dell back. I know I know Stanford Jones seemed get out Julio ABC get out I have I have this is this is a scene straight out again. It's. I understand why people are offended by I don't think they should necessarily be all that offended by because I do genuinely co EV ESP and just did this without thinking anything of it. Agreed but based on on what's going on in our country right now someone there's got to be a producer of their who's making enough money to sit back and say a book a. Lola Lola. You are paid an exorbitant amount of money. To be good job and 48 hours. After every thing that happened in Charlottesville. You release this is just mind blowing the tone deaf for a network of that I. The funny thing is it that people criticize ESPN's for being too liberal into diverse. A lot of people hate at C six. I think it's I think it's great I I think it's entertaining acting gets creative and I think they they do things different it's just that. That's not how people used to watching sports center. They just want this want their sports is one and their numbers broken. They definitely committed they should have a better feel for the social landscape with where things and for those and for those people who. Who don't think that earned think that this is being blown out of proportion. Let's put this late yesterday it would never leased an apology of some kind if it wasn't an issue. But they did so therefore there's probably an issue and there's a reason why they issued an apology. They said option jabs a common part of fancy football and the SPN's segments. Replicate an option draft would they diverse slate of top professional football players about that context we understand. The optics could be portrayed as offensive and we apologize the problem was that the crowd is almost entirely white if they'd had a more diverse crowd. It's that would dotted name. So start and it was it's like when Donald Trump's. Campaign. Office took a picture of their entire staff and and a bunch of people comments in just said it's nothing put white people. It was all but that's exactly what this isn't a this board eggs stay average us edit TV. That's the first thing that popped in my head if I think of that. That fast. When instantaneously. The first thing the pop in my head is this is the exact scene recreated for get out where they're auctioning off black people. I don't know what ESP and who's making a lot more money than I am consider this. You're right producer of made major television program. And you have been plugging this Tony five or fantasy football marathon for two weeks. And this is probably something that this something that was orchestrated far ahead a tied maybe. Maybe it was just that grabbing bodies off dissent or something like that I don't know. I could've easily could have used different. Click let's auction dear Karl or let's lock auction Tom Brady what. I think I'd. See every single clip of this beginning they went back to multiple times. The ones that set out the ones that people are members of the ones rather auctioning off O'Dell Beckham Antonio Brown. And I'm not as I have no words and spoiler alert if you haven't seen get out there is. I seen and that movie that is exactly what was on that option. That's why it offended people. Kudos to ESPN for apologizing for I don't know if ESPN. Actually needed to apologize because. I do think that it was an. I think that sometimes we do get to easily offended by some of these things. Especially with what's going on in our country right now I think this is something that we can look at and kind of chuckle about because it was just a legitimate screw up by someone. I it's like five maybe someone is going to lose their job. He's got to be better safe than sorry you put on your seatbelt we take precautions in life. When your company that magnitude you have to go out of your way to take precautions not screw up like it. And and may be. You know that you're saying it was all just one big accident that's fine accidents can be really happens if you. Doesn't have to be a purpose to be offensive. Yes that's true I can. A lot of things and a lot of things that go on on Twitter or misconstrued it accident sometimes. On the offensive things that people says some of them are malicious and some of them intentional. But at all for him. And I don't think this was intentional. But somebody there is making a lot of money to put on a television production is probably costing them. A cold millions it's at least. Let this be realists in that so production companies to use focus groups. With minorities in them. The first time he's done this order is. Studiously. Yes always like who thinks and maybe they just seem to make sure everyone on staff is seeing get out. It to have employees screenings. Of get out before they do anything like this again. Coming up next. Stay average Joseph is actually figured out a way. To make baseball gets my attention. On the show you.