08/16 - 11 am - Let's Go Camping

The Day Shift
Wednesday, August 16th

We head up to St. Joe to hear from Chiefs HC Andy Reid & the QBs. Plus, Royals hero Cam Gallagher joins the guys. 


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Reality slap me in the face last night. Today I'm doses. Reality slap in the face last night. And it wasn't pretty. And now we have to deal with it but I'm not should everybody wants to deal. And it's the reality is that. The American League central. The chase for the central. To win the division. It's a rat. It's a rap thing I hate to say it's. Hopefully I'll jinx it. But it's around. The Cleveland Indians are who we didn't chase saying. It's who were still chasing done this before this summer lake and this it's over. The American League central. The team that is winning this division. Is the Cleveland Indians. They lead the twins. And us the royals by six games. I don't see it changing between now in the into the season start happening when the race but to put division is over. Now we've got to focus and all the while. Wager Miller's part of too far for you it didn't sell as there's been huge lift form that won three united Jiri bought a club has been a monster. And clean the amnesty before. Don't know why you thought the Cleveland's now on Iran he said it before because in June. Would you Cleveland their honor roll but also the start of the budget games. I am not reducing that Toby played the Cleveland and asked me Monday and you can she it's the player who knows me Minnesota stands up. In beats them brings little closer and you have a chance to do winning record against Cleveland this year but I'm with too if you could be put money on the division there. That is Asian and that on Cleveland to wins the B when have we been able to overtake Cleveland they get into first place evident one day says there. They're all six games and everybody now but they're Minnesota the next two games in Minnesota finds way to win water at what they won both of them you do have. Do you do you have. The royals for three just what. Cleveland is in hazard with the royals they play the Boston Red Sox for four games of four game series. Against Boston that's no. Easy draw for the dude that's all predicated on the fact that we handle our business and we haven't necessarily be consistent at doing that. No I just he's just lost open season for conveyance. When you had eight Fort Lee yet aegs. I don't see it happening. Grasso goes tonight against child gets it we got that next. Now Minnesota Gibson we didn't we're ending it we're responsible for that you've not not not not Minnesota. Still. Look at this may not they didn't support till I admit this but I think that Cleveland's team. That is going to say one of what you have said before Cleveland. And he's third Loos and but two games and don't wanna run quickly and it's not one to take up do you say at this point. They're finally ready to wait for Cleveland this year they lead this division by six status. And they've won five straight I get it. A voice said. This what I said we should be looking at wild card that's what was talked about Seattle Mariner's game series B and so big. Because look at the wildcard if it's their medal figure they write your hefty enough Welker yes I would concentrate on that. Cleveland. Again things could happen. You get big series against the this week in a win. They gotta go play Boston for four right after that in Boston's got sixty wins second most wins in the American League Boston still chasing the Astros three being the top. Mitt there about the top seed overall the American League so there are some losing ball games on the horizon for the twins and fortunately they're playing their best baseball. With one of the toughest schedules they had the toughest schedule to contending teams this month as soon as they're able Boston. It's what they have after that this this thing Cleveland schedule. Keep this in mind. They have to play. This employee who they played OK to play the royals didn't play Boston. Did they play the royals against the royals. Or six. Of their next eleven games at that okay. So Cleveland's got two more the twins three against the royals four against Boston three more against the royals in the in three against the Yankees. Studies are as angry right now. All right I'm great deadly military here today and celebrate. All they do for us so we couldn't do we do it kinda keep us keep us. Three from. Harm's way there's. That we're we're finished up here. I was training camp Missouri Western State University was awesome people here were phenomenal taking care of us whose fields include the dorms. They don't. Do great jobs. Very do that. As far as the play time goes for the game with the bagels the ones who take the first out. You can do this by quarterbacks. And then. The second and third quarter and an. Four. And then not everybody you play this game everybody ready to play there right. Won't necessarily play this game like the last game but. We'll get good work in his good football team. That's most important. Until that time here. If you look. Yeah server Rick Wilson. I think is stepped up a notch you from. From last year you had good experience last year. And like what we've seen. He's. Yes about and I know supplies and that been able do that as a linebacker becomes very important along without good instincts and he's shown me he's got problems. Here. Now summary. Various continue to improve. Is coming out this cap. Really taken a big step from from last year. We're counting on number. Give us now some. And that's. You know it was important that he did that. We feel comfortable. Again we we still have dresses pre season the the seat but he. To this point he is a nice job. I have no I had no idea I get in the game and then just go from there that. That's on work last week with Tyler. We'll see how the game goes things. You know it is. So. There every team's a little different obviously just let it change ever in the National Football League. This crew here. Not that the other crews did but that they hit it where the weather wasn't you guys who were outside every day. And therefore learning you have an opportunity of learning you know they're not battling. The elements that heat and humidity and I'll. And where you get where you're talking yourself instead of concentrating on the place they. You know we've been able to pick up a notch there they've they've. They've taken that challenge the heart and they don't ever say there's that this should never says just work that's. My head coach's standpoint that's it's a beautiful things you gotta be a whole lot done. It. Yeah. I mean it was. When much of the conversation so. You know disarmament it I think he's he's deserved by his efforts at least have a chance to play it. Let that group I'm with that comes a little bit more responsibilities. Tyler did a very nice job with that he denies governor enough to work with the ones. The ideas come out here with a three or four good quarterbacks should feel comfortable playing with them. So that's. That's how we roll so far than I shovels it doesn't mean it's. Now I don't think Tyler knows he's done well it's. One touchdown called back and you know that. He's played well. Coach Bryant. Goes into every year my home care can way. That's or bring up budget. Legend turns on it's a great it's a great step for them that they that they choose to go on to coach some murmuring. Already but it's if you're looking ago that you're actually mentioned Michael and this gives them an opportunity for us that their Derek Alexander gives him enough he's our coach but his. Opportunities at this level and what goes on. I was impressed with the whole group enters the it was a good there's good grip they want to work I want learned and that's. Yeah they're they're taking advantage of that opportunity. And yeah. Play you know. And I think. Well I agree I know he's gonna he's gonna do there's a jet circled like doesn't. And I don't hold McConnell or wouldn't. He is talking about potentially doing. We're pleased hits it's okay. Thank you. If you're lucky papers there's things I can. What we're doing our own wants to do them to be politically correct argued that he knew that. The people urban phenomenon and a nice job so tourism. And we appreciate that. Certificate. But that's others' words were distributed in limbo yeah. That's I thought we got a lot done this camp thinks dramatically we got. Riley even a little bit more than what we have in years past I challenged them like crazy this year and all in all three phases. The game so. With the weather cooperated in the way that you can he get away with doing that. In the Gaza. This function that I love which which is there was no way to ways to go we're not that clearly. Finished Raj doing so we'll wait to read. There's a cap here. As a back up players out of it bomblets. What starters some of the older guys younger guys on with the older guys. That happens I think that's a benefit you know weigh in your house together and yeah he's your forced. To get to know the guy next. Does not just come to practice go home and you know you're there this is you're here 24/7 and yeah it's that's another person. I I appreciate our older guys. And the way that they treat her younger guys. And even other competition but not afraid to share the amendments. As a team. Roster making decisions you guessed it. You. Yeah well if you're close the quarterback is normally a pretty good thing that those of you because your receiver. I'd be takes that into consideration. All those kind of things your way you wake up girl power across. Good thank you. Ice about was not mean he read tall team lives right here on 610 Sports Radio teased training camp coverage brought you by. Focus workforce management. As well result Albright Buick GMC Cadillac in St. Joe go to all white for greater savings. Was to be here from outspent here and just. A second. Little confusion. He in. To rest we now pat also played the second and third quarters on Saturday for Cincinnati into recess did between eight. After that says sorry seems amiss Harvard while Holmes who played just the third quarter with with the twos Alex in the ones with a four step beyond what do you. This person this week that's got hurt 20. Well one when he decided he said that you ones we'll get the first half my homes will get the second and then he he I think forty minutes the second half to start the second. Did it cost most and play the second thing that order does this sound it team's been treating the two is that three. But the third be in the pre dress rehearsal. And actually put more emphasis than than number two pre season game. He too long time he'll. Is it is too but even put more emphasis do you fully expect that Holmes played the first step though it's it's gonna play the whole first quarter he'd. I don't know Jones feels now debating what's the same rights as your LPGA kissel said because my George cleaning out cleaning it up everybody out their all the listening audience an 88 and I asked him to say it. It just came across the old weird when he initially set the way to Therese in target vessel we I interpreted shootouts gonna go though Leland Napoleon. What the first up a break him in the fourth quarter of game and here's here's here's any regions moments ago here. As far as the play time goes for the game with the bagels the ones who take the first out. You can do this by quarterbacks. And then. The second and third quarter and an. Title. Fourth quarter. So yeah that was doubles would it induces antibodies insane and the 88 and I'm a drink with my on this a bit initially when it was being said that's what it sounded like it sounded like my home state in the second emperor we use new Alex missed a plane or. He put the whole first quarter last time the Braves and with the ones on the off of the line twice eighty Saturday that Tyler were actually get the play with the first line. Pat on homes could do the same thing for a surge could see more homes committee and team that were let's go Ausmus and. Yeah. You know zone is looking at video we've had a feeling this instant. And better every day. You know I think we situations that we got better got them. Does it run its arts and business. You're back to back to back you on the pads blunders and cheap sometimes. It's easy to slip into the minuses I'm trying to get through it. Does running here today. They're great competition. So deep dark horse of this is on civilians. That is owned by the Phillies group that. Yeah it's been been a big part of it really a lot of quality of the courtroom it. You did competition for all of us there and get really kind of feed off each other you can in the courtroom who's going to be. Those who do you guys those afternoon and makes it makes throat so it's it's been fun. Yeah but I I just to get a hole here and not do it or does you know. Virgil disputes opportunities but it was certainly. Clear his head and addiction you know a lot of I'll play making risky double perimeter group is a reasonable kind of dominant and eat eat Dallas entering the bad. Today. I mean it's it's no different to do it thirteen years you know witness. You know me is just coming in myself and I'm going out there playing. You know on an intensity that my rest turned myself. For the season it's like yeah. No different than immediately you know young guys that have been here before and it's it's no different if you myself. So I've been to a lot of so there's some that I can overthrow a seat. Oh yeah I'm not American hesitate to us local us Buchanan. I didn't think he would invite him on. CNET record. I was out about the group. Russa and those guys are two reasons though it was a subscription bruises those guys that don't much energy every day. I think those guys have been suspicious. With their play making good pitino teach others. He chose to step in and you guys' accounts or process and so it's on every day and I don't know a lot of guys have a lot of strikes that have come in and have been hungry and and in making plays for us. Louis young group outside I think all those guys and certainly good guys and they're playing time actually you know you're a kid you know. Trees and Albert's head region's president definitely plays that young group is a hole made that I think their energies the strength. It's. You know. You know I've changed its. Here's o.s since I've been gone. And you can hear the you know and didn't this. Everything is constant certainly are not some bears are coming. Knowing tablet would EMI really shouldn't happen always got along really well I was really extremely respectful. You know it was me sir can I come along and got along really well he's awesome and I haven't talked to capitalize on. Ability with all the stuff going on so. Part comedian and talk notice it when I was within this was even there. And also. Don't sue us changed since then. It's it's hard to even comment on it you know right. This series. I don't know he's. Bloodline going on rumors different. You know certainly when I was there is playing at a really really high level right it was a lot different than what has a career ghost. Play really good football. Fan. It's crazy to think that he's not playing it's it's. Everything is it is you know purchases goes as planned young strong. A lot earlier along period and then increases. At this point so the narrow anonymous death. And back. You laggards said Jeff and I don't realize I was so that was really really respectful. It was a really good teammates here so. Are you. All right so we're back to you this in the sixtieth Sports Radio. And our live coverage of what's he's training camp from St. Joe brought to you by focus workforce management as well let's all right. Buick GMC Cadillac is St. Joe. Gold Albright or greater savings. There's sort of celebrate. You zoom yeah. I guess right. His accomplishment. He's done so yeah. It's sort of this. Appreciate you or your third. Season. Because if you thought you. Mussina yeah. For every. Secondly you can. Actually goes one big. It was in the TV outside expert for the right it's just don't see them. Episode principal. How much. So it. Yeah you go backwards it's Fisher who write these usually grow their Buddha. Sloppy mechanics the film so you know about you you. You should improve the. Yeah so it's your appreciation and. Roadster into this our first look so good players do so in theory it's it'll do. It's great. I sit Ellis Tyler brave mean the media day here. Geared to listen to what she's training camp coverage brought you by focus workforce management also all white Buick GMC cattle like ace who also lead the Iran seeks to and a Sports. Radio we should be hearing from past the homes 82 now as well and Patrick Holmes. Now the new number two. We're excited to say that because. Look. Let's go to battle right now. Regretted and throws an evening if it is mistake as a bad during his sort of knows this sort of Iannetta to watch video and gotten more more days of practice. It. The story. Here he's he feels like competing here seen the kind of he. Nothing has been a quarterback and any possible scene you're going to be competing goals are to work hard. To make it better at the same time just make the team that is. Really I mean it's a great relationship. Learn about until now it's army just had in the front of me is something that. He can't even as I promise he sees sales allies always help me out NSA timers disease or be better every single day. You can actually in the park jumped at what point did you see the corner. Yeah I mean we win tennis scene throughout the game it was a very Alex plays that. There's there's going to be open in another corner and then yeah. Nichols safety and improve and on both went to it about quarter down. Should it started you right there scramble a little bit too soon and it's definitely less likely. And that's. What we do. You win. Yeah I was definitely relatively looking to throw it that I English solve those those guys break on it just kind of went down in Canada. Completed inside this is for a yeah means that users comes on just practicing. Playable more and he still doesn't break you know with the yeah because nobody knows how Lenovo corners brake on our balls and so. Yet to make sure that he does to make your own continent accurately. Is sort of sue what is the play looks like a lot more comfortable to play the now that I was our first game in the Kansas was. Repetition and insults at him we've done that kind of keep drilling that it brings us play not be taking Guam playing. And then not stood with the words I'm like I'm really trying to get my feet down have a MySpace coming up frozen and you still do Israelis of the Willis in the pockets. When you look at that there was another play. It's. Sweet looking downfield it's. You work so it's something you waiting healing. Yeah I mean throughout mind. Vols football career I've always known them up some of the fastest guys so. I'm a little clearer and a little bit on the watch it really make a lot of have been so from neither of them I think it would logically the best guess as little gimmick plays. So when I scramble and do those who are trying to look downfield we'll for the playmakers and their hands and looked illegals deeply saddened to better. Alice usher in the united close it's an incomplete. It wouldn't. Really being made so many religious Sony's windows CE power with the guys I wanna meet its kind of military gives them with a more risks and does go out there and play your same game it just ideas this in his. Also do you get your impression that I could see you did you just trying to compare between them I wouldn't choose and that. Being the number it's something that. I mean yeah but he did anything in this team has all classes and as always competing for your spot. So no matter where you are three season when out there working hard to just go out there and compete and beat this team each of policy being improved it seemingly calls. It's. Our future here you guys to raise the earnings surprises your camp or the biggest challenge. Oh yeah. That you just music. Yeah images just house mark is to use our how much space studies films EU and know how how to bring home plays awful violence. See just seeing how Obama's Smart they are was that is something that I've really learned from Gaza Marcus and and each added Marianne. Means the whole key reasons and ordered their super Smart guy doesn't know how to kind of read what you don't before you can do it. Yeah. Yeah I mean just just things that they did they take it easy stuff that makes you earn everything you did and cause sometimes eating trying to. Take it easy pitches or stuff like that you know that covers were there disguises so well lit. They're breaking up stoically gamers I'm earlier that you do not think they're really does. I'm sort of watch every step of the horns and Alex Tyler me a jolt Santa. What's hot everybody does and needless to look at Sosa say you listen to what they say they were thinking he's not a break it down and that is where you didn't try to English results on every single playing it doesn't and ribs as Welles once again and again. Hot cars and Alice pastor but Holmes is got to wrap it up here she's trying to get coverage what do you by. Focus workforce management as well Liz. As well as Albright to a Buick GMC Cadillac in St. Joe in Europe all of that explosively. Right here on sixteen and a Sports Radio. I would take a break. It act not Eddie to divert than a minute and now we may be two lane as soon is with the the next two to fifteen minutes by AMR. Gallagher from the incident. Studio sixty and Sports Radio don't do pretty tickets dot com right now sixty in particular using promo code sixty in sports. Me. And I'm doing there's still. Rewards right now. Announced on its ultimate old. Really. From the citizen you know we're not talking about grandstand the wheels stuck to go look a little Whitewater I'll just also Romo right now. KM good morning you talked to Kim Gallagher to kids city royals' camp that we do today. Little chilly out here analyst bill. You know what man look silly was the tip up the program. Fire around seven degree is so little bit like a Paula there now there. He complained. Whether they're fans haven't shown up the last two nights they'd woods temperatures of 57 it was sixty last night. It is humid here cam in Kansas City I don't know that I see before you got here with a hundred and uttered 102 degree temperature. Peel was like a 109 that you were lucky enough easy need to hold up until it's hard to cool off. Yeah I got hooked up some he you know all of far away he has some pretty hot days there as well. We're having the Internet. I could. So what's it feel like GM and your feeling was down here you're did is history in baseball when your brother but did you see those guys see their reaction in the crowd. In your father seen his son. Plain that the Major League level. Did head to bring a lot of pride to them I'm sure have it your feeling here you get cold up and was quite the moment your household. Lose. You know a lot of my my family back home Lama. Darryl bell wants in fort. My third that what they want to. The fear or what just civic. Yeah my mom dragged them. Involve now wouldn't that on what all day long we eight dolphins. It successfully. Implement. Walpole well and they didn't have the option. Excited for me. What Jim Ellis also my copilot nights ago you would the your source home run. In Major League Baseball and it happens to be on Grand Slam problem at hand. Yeah outlaw. I do much perceived in. My father in law. School. And pressure. There. To send game. As at a local you know just try to what that girl involved. It turned out different. What they're back home it's lots. There yet I think that's very happy that this truck. How do you still the ball somebody benefiting from your home run because doubles the Sonics slam in this expanding. Illegitimate by the name of Tim Smith in build winning 25 great because you man. Yeah now actually know those little saying. I. I came in the next saying and that's your future candidates all of our bodies joke around. Let her no. Who bitterly apple are getting a little. Well all four months ago. I guess this guy's going on by the Kim Gallagher Jersey with a 45 grand so. You'll you do you've made birdie there for life let's put this was guy's gonna by the Jersey's got the tweet by geez you made some body extremely heavy Keyon. Yeah that's also. Whether it will fall in the doubles. Wasn't that so far. And introduced myself. You know saying. Well we'll and it up. I'm sure he's come true K I think they're royals I think it's also presenting a check yet the present checks I think they'll be out there are seeking future opportunity. To meeting him what's the disconnection you have a GG Eunice G Jews what he's gotten a couple starts with you and you cocky heel as well. But you guys it play in the minor leagues together there seems to just be a connection. When you're behind the plate I don't know how much Doerr a Major League Baseball some pitchers have their own pitcher. Because they feel comparable with them Manning be the starting pitchers is they have is Ed discomfort ability. With that I know when you're working OK you'll you work between innings studying hitters turn to gain that knowledge but something about you NJ June his season is really be working. That we are both practicing your level and we remote workers and I thought and cancel five. Should he had the ability that there. Person in my view. Actually got that up pretty much my whole life that's four that she means the pressure off and I know a little bit of pressure in the world. I know he likes work on the oh who worked for me and you know yesterday and it. You were able to come out. Talking to Jim Gallagher from the tennis heroes on the base of the lake and bank. And what are things I want to ask you bodies that as overtime is I've gotten older watch more more Major League Baseball you really see the way hearing to hear. In the things that happened with Texas behind the play I mean you got you beat up man. Is there anything that you guys do from our position standpoint to try to. Keep your body's rash. It's you do maybe that's drastically different than maybe some of the other position players. All yeah I mean. They definitely hear your body. In the weight room. So. Especially. In my lead I thought if it will be coming here. Injured back at consultant is now. A lot different from being. Well. After that error by them more. Of our. In the words scares me every day in day out in the training room in the weight room audience about what they called. On the floor he soared like that under it about attraction. I actually at my body I think it is law. I love their actions you remember though that there's it maybe. My body and I look forward to see that it is on mine yeah. And routine and my workout program. Trainers and some of them as well prepare her that. We're talking Kim Gallagher pitcher for the Kansas City Royals and give her in the afternoon show comes on rappers talking about this the other day. They were talking about the shortstop drafted you organization had to be behind cal Ripken. You'd never set out EU looking Kansas City you have Salvador reds in you know he's not going anywhere because of his contract. And just how good he is one best pitchers in Major League Baseball. Does that change your mindset at all or is that this is keep. Drive and you you have somebody there at the top at the pinnacle your position what does it do for you personally. Are not trying to look forward. In actual control and troll that some older actors that certain. You're the leader on this thing and in out in a rookie right now covenant that an opportunity for a the chart whoever you know it will that well informed are here you know if they're older than a little bit fracture. You know I would do about it start and you can learn what was and so. I'm not trying to say. Control and control when they'd all get out there reform and or late in the day it will open on the field. You know that you can't let them out. Well they're trying to signal. Any pointers you getting from mas sobre Torres. I hear your rule and I'll look an awful lot. I don't let them a lot of these guys are training. Believe it say about people start well. You know I gonna try and do you know like we're in. That. It monopoly. Trying to get the other side of outlook or form. Are approaching them all the hitters and pitchers. Portable or mobile multi year for me and fully well it's at least so far. AT and final thing for your afternoon host is feeds himself a ball player right he's 47 years old still plays in the men's league. Ed the clearly still for the pitcher the other day and hit four batters. It's aides were guys should stop playing baseball this is fast pitch you know baseball this is just like what you guys play. But it's old guys Boozer and age Reese get the say you know what I do walk away. Now I mean. These little love for the game and saw. Or have. On. I mean you know fire. What. You know. My Brothers actually he's been in trouble for a lot of what we needed here he's actually and that. Or an immensely increased similarly. You're talking about. In the that she let which law. It is planned that I'll itself. Yeah I mean what. That's correct and ask your brother's phone number when he asked to write. Yeah more affluent. We did learn about and if so see you at. In fact of four. TV for hitters yeah me. Can reach it did yeah there. Are a little bit not on. Sales. The big Jim Gallagher the cute city royals continued success do you care. It's been fun watching you play here with the royals thanks Le a particular time. Yeah we're. All right take care what. I'd ask him Gallagher here on the dates it. It's eight. Don't hustle man camp says don't hustle. What is set the record all the way you thought it would yeah. How was I try to lead the question we agenda based collegiate bass question and in reporting about a big. He's I'd it was not be against it Angela and cut them for printing right now. I think the odds on skis he said his brother was drafted Major League Baseball wants to play men's league. We think the odds are beginning trying to get their phone number. I've got a pretty. Us. You're exactly. Did he give what do we tell he's a 100% right that did not go the way that you thought. Yeah I saw you leaving amid the question I can't big game. 40% in. Order guy he's Sox. Are saying he needs to figure out just tell me neither you know. No matter whose real nice. All the funny thing was we had the inning on hole I think you're gonna snore. He had feeding on hold for his care report. From St. Joe wouldn't we do. We get her votes are durable player. It's an island. And bus route Kim's real life. Despite the fading light beaming sponsor Johnnie pizza can viewers the old Johnny Pete's hat shirt. I told the owner told her he pizza will walker. I say this is embarrassing you. He works here uniform he gets picked off base. He can't hit in any win in putting Silva the pitcher in order for guys this is a bad representation of your company. Really it's. And feeling I've never seen a more obvious agenda of the sport immigrant shameful view. Was. Shameless about also which is apparently it's in the days. If you are on pins out with a tell Brad that he doesn't belong play baseball I'm so confused as to what you ordered deny this man history. Elicited by the ways timber on the opening speech you gave excellent when and and also they're mad at me because he knows they're giving him a positive way simpler. There you said in Smith's you sit Altman all set up fired I was Exxon plural and gets everything else he's admitted that and watched the game. They're going to give came to Jersey my right in its first of all. I don't really care about the Jersey. In in the guide we buy Graham I did see it some more reagans were so that the game. There is such a thing of beer breaks. So might have missed. That oral broadcasts and newspapers who watched it I do I don't sit there and listen to Rex Ryan in there that my apologies to Tim Brown. All fame receiver have some respect them thrive best say I'm pretty sure it's the same guy a pretty shirt is due. It's Imran. It's. Still working to confirm he was hit the receiver. I feel like these people have some good numbers. When it agreeing to. Catch that. Outside. All by guys he's dissing local Bailey's face win when we can call do you let. Out. So. So aptly. It totaled your I used any written on this now from now on a global player coming on. Its. It's. Not a similar and. A refuses alien somewhere I don't maybe. You once you I don't know. Now. Bubble we talked amid all the scene. It's fine views it was awesome until. Now it make a check of the St. Joe. Ellis said not at all. We've talked about it enough dissing your boy like that. He not too. I told him on the phone. I you embarrassed. Us at 6101215. Which you embarrassed this the sponsors and hold Charny pizza new bears to extremely embarrassed your family. I don't even know why your wife admits she's married to you anymore. Wolf this team would. You let one go five hole. Right through who. But a double play just trickle right through these like that the Bill Buckner old man baseball. Which is tough to do with him. Because he's so low to the ground ground level now he gets slow at Estes he never been in question. So. So. Oh. I rapid up here in two minutes yet be sixty in sports expect the market longer would. It might be. But the expect them. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio.