08/16 6a - Soria Does It Again, Chiefs Songs, "Preseason" Power Rankings

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, August 16th

Joakim Soria blows another game in epic fashion, Kling's blog on songs involving Chiefs players, a HS baseball player is suing his coach and Welch looks into the ridiculous preseason NFL power rankings 


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Actor Joaquin stories bags I'm. Bus ticket helps drive the airport I'd given this guy the benefit of this down a year in four months now. And I got to be honest with you you said you guys and a different subject that we are discussing before the show started every man has their breaking point you know yeah. I've had my historians. He needs to be cut today and in the royals owed that to the fans and they owe it to the rest of the 24 guys inside that locker room. They need to cut Soria today and give him the hell out of this organization because not only. Can he figure out how to get anybody out. He doesn't even have the gall to talk to reporters root for the entire season. And makes Ned sit in their try to defend what he did out there on the mound last night ultimately last night that's a stinger man that that is a gut punch. That is he ripped the heart out type a lost your team fought their ass back to get in the in the lead. To give you the opportunity to win that game. And you come out there and you give it up like like I don't even know why and it was absolutely. Dreadful. To watch that guy pitch I'd given him every opportunity guys I've tried to give Soria every opportunity I've tried I've tried I've tried. But I have a point now where he needs to be cut not because he sucks but the send a message to the rest of the organization that bet that bad this type of performance. Is not going to be tolerated anymore inside this royals organization it's time to go so. I'm I'm with you I would I would they're ten million reasons why it won't happen I that is not a part I Wii game the bus ticket when he came at a curve. Oh over two dollars it's so gross and again we talked about Leo out a week or two ago then he comes up with these just explosive moments like there's no light. The gray area stuff is not really gray area he's either really good. Or he's in the middle of a mess. It once again he's in a gamer yes sir you might at the circle that's when ago. Wow that most costly run again displayed at a season ago very south lost the royals they lose ten to eight walking Soria blows and after a huge lead got to open up the top of the eighth it was 824. Yeah. To open up the bottom of the eight and then of course by the unity and in it was ten to eight Oakland at and my letter doesn't do his job honestly it is the big guns then you got to put out a fire. Through way out a wild pitch which. Open up first base which. Force them to play percentages which made sense eagle lefty lefty your great against lefties you're facing a lefty who doesn't hit lefties well. Basis full two outs and get about three run double right. Bases clearing double for the lead do your job in that inning. Can you play percentages sometimes they backfire replay percentages. You have to dig evangelist percentages you might miner has come through that situation to sell. Four runs or tagged due to Soria and obviously gotten in the mass of giving up four straight hits to start the inning but man what a what a meltdown yet. There is very bad last night and then and then that's. Shame too because you know now you're six back to Cleveland and and an Anaheim it lost earlier in the day C attitudes really grabbed sole possession of that wild card spot in the American League. And you were able to do you score three in the first inning great start to a baseball game and in a little rocky for Campbell but bad as the Goodman did this year for the most part in his last seven starts Jason Hammel. Has been one of the better pitchers out there for the royals and so he he gave up a couple solo homers but it's not a big deal you're down four to three and then you storm backing and you score. Five runs in the top half of the eighth inning three home is bright active back to back closet moose and hair and all of a sudden you're thinking to yourself. This ball game is fantastic six outs to go in this thing is over. And it ended what sort rested bullpen rested bullpen. And in Soria in Poland in the and do your job man do your job. Their big deal people I the first comment I saw this morning when I open my FaceBook page is a message blaming outscored for the loss last night which is absolutely insanity that's what we do. The score runs everything I did the disk right. Now this situation involving Soria. There are big weight too many times now where he is grab defeat from the jaws of victory for the Kansas City Royals I mean single handedly this guy. I'll just say 522. To underestimate. Five games this guy is single handedly cost the royals in the win column just this. After doing what he did last year when we are not everybody documented the ones he gave away. You're exactly where so costly exactly I mean I said I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. But a year almost two years now did not giving the job done. Doesn't earned him the benefit of the doubt any more as a pitcher for this organization. The other Grozny. We all want. The more not more on staff the unity and and that's that's the last night tomorrow Josh Berger head of power through opponents say Joseph until after 1 o'clock in the morning here on six cents on the radio after that law I thought he was still going to be on underwater I want to. I thought I I really I really thought he was gonna be here doing the show. This morning because you know that was one of those deals where you could probably taking calls all my long Libya until we started. About the bullpen because I think everybody felt the same way about that loss last like that. Was a devastating loss I mean it's 8 August 15 now guys. The days are becoming shorter the season is becoming shorter each game is becoming more important. And when you have an 84 lead against the team for all intents and purposes as packed event for the year they've got. Boom how all playing center field through them exactly. So it's for all intents and purposes the days of practice being and you're up for the eighth inning with five people in the crowd and all wore heels fans. And who can't get the job done in the eighth inning. Do your job it's the old Bill Belichick line that's worked for the doing. The patriots do your job and Soria and minor did not do their jobs last night. It's best with a warning I'm Mike welcome Bob vesco jostling their producer Steven Specter. Sort of blows a massive ending last night giving up four runs and really just giving up the entire game is the royals lose the days and after the game and walking Soria not speaking to the media right he has spoken to the media all year has as as as that at the beginning of the year that he wasn't going to speak to the media didn't like how he was treated I guess last year by the media for not giving his job done. So he's god you know silent and so this has been a thing everybody's been dealing with all year long and that's fine if you don't want to speak to the media. But but I feel bad for net because he's got to get it there go well you have commanded his changeup and I probably tap you mentioned and have commitments changeup less like like like. Do you do your manager a solid man Ned Yost has been taken bullets for Soria for two years now except for the last two is show the year with a us a series and he needs that he needs time off right. Videos has been taken bullets give him an opportunity give him a chance he's gonna be better we believe in him like like Ned Yost has done nothing. But defend this guy and this guy can't even come out speak to the media after a game like that at and I really hasn't been speaking all year that's been his policy all year but eventually you've got to be man enough. The tip to talk to rusty died in the locker room after game I mean who else is out there in Oakland right now that you can't talk. After the game and say man I screwed this one up where this one man where for the AM there's. You're no there isn't it our affiliate goes back to a couple weeks ago when we win now on. Rex is talking about the mental yeah. This goes back to that do so looking back at now not not not talking now beamer handled talking the media when things are bad right. Kind of goes to your Mac and tell your mental state mental toughness right and he's definitely natural Natalie now here he's not so many mental toughness man and an NB a closer being the reliever being an eight inning guys seventh inning guy and ninth inning down Pullman tally a three shot it hit it don't be included exactly an army buddy up yours yeah and yeah you gotta have that mentality of SU optical out there not to get the job done and not take care business out here say let's do this. That has to be the mindset of of a late inning reliever and clearly Soria doesn't. Brit Rex Butler and it was just a couple of weeks ago right here on fast or in the morning that. We asked him how much longer can you put Soria out there during the eight day. We'll. Figure out the oil you know that they're there. For all you know now obviously. Well you're. While. A figure out. You know the it's gonna happen over this before you know late in the game like it or be injured your your feet for all. You know that he's got involved selection. Long. Game and now hopefully we work around them the bulk of. Yeah do you can't put it in the rowing he's done are done as two weeks ago ranks high alert after what receive walking Soria. From the next two weeks. You can't put out there in the eight inning each situation that real Portland cushion I mean that's the analysts think it is you feel that that's the situation you can put him. I think it gives up are you gotta you gotta support currently we just got to act. Go out there and get the job done making it a few out force here may go go buy gold buy is the eighth inning of seed you can do this. And he couldn't do it last night he could protect a four run lead so you have the mentality eagle out protect a four run lead against the Oakland a's. Do we really have the space and you go out there in the eighth inning and a 32 game Friday night against Cleveland Indians. I sure as hell don't ice yourself don't need to see story out there anymore in any situation that matters and in you know what may maybe if your twelve to two or something you put Soria in but even in a situation like that I would hesitate to put Soria into game because look at what he did last gave up for us this bullpen. Has been so different than what we're used to remember the city everywhere used to such a nice shut down bullpen or just one you can rely on it I'd have to be. Her rare Holland at Davis right you can have a just a couple it with last year where you had Davis yet are you felt good about that even when you have walking Soria screwing things up. Couple more guys you really could revise down. The royals rely on right now. In this ball that nobody. I can't think of what. That in a major situation I'm like are give him the ball he's can go out there and get the job done before you knew for sure going to go right or about it whatsoever there's one guy that bullpen right now that I have confidence. It really changes the way that it gives you can manage his ballclub and what that is headed do you mean for it for the last couple years he said basically an automatic bullpen 789 we're taking care of it it it didn't matter you know we put out their what ordered those guys were gonna get the job done. And now it really it doesn't matter I mean it makes everybody stressful makes everybody nervous it makes everybody on the edge of their seat of what were going to do. And think about that from a managerial perspective because no matter what and Ed does right now with these guys out there in the bullpen. They're not getting the job done and people wanna sit here and claim Ned Yost and why did you do this why did he do that. Well what would you have done who would jewel of what it in that situation you you've got a four run lead you figure that this guy you get a couple of out series that could give it to you it's all too are still. I get three outs man let's do this and move but but my dad is now tasked with trying to figure out he's guessing right now at who's going to be able. To get the job done is because he does it belt he can look EU he eulogy eulogy to look at me you look at the next day ago. Who's gonna do I mean who who who who the White House faith and that I bill I put in the game right now. They're gonna shut this game down. Nobody has elevated themselves in the middle of August to that spot in the bullpen where you can truly say. I have 100% faith in them and that doesn't make a managerial job manager's job easy you have to guys you have to do your job. As a player eventually does come down and you joke about there's no accountability anymore. But it comes out of the accountability the player. Of course job. It helps of course it does because Ned Yost had a lot of flack last night as what would expect me put in a reliever he blows it everyone's gonna. Find someone to be angry at bush. Would you rather an ad put out the that's who you. Yeah Jack squat rather be in the bullpen or with walking Soria these situations what you have to play with. And it. For this bullpen to be so bad second worst bullpen ERA in baseball in the month of August has been terrible it's just it. It's it's tough repeat that please the second worst bullpen ERA in the month of August is like a 694. Character and not good that's not good at all how's that Ned what do you do with an idealist what do you what does it take a roof skewed power to solve that puzzle is as it doesn't happen you have to get it absolutely. Perfect at the exact right time or you're gonna end up being wrong and it's not. Like going out there guise of protecting one run lead to me that this was an 84 lead in the eighth inning against the bad baseball team just as he had done yeah I mean he gets a team that quit its team its delegates to train adults players it's costly. This hour. Yeah I think it's. At this time I'm taking my chances of you though that I am was Soria right now because that's how little faith I have written this doesn't set about being so slow. I exactly don't it's. It took. A video together cartoons we get three times before it gets the ball because that's as well it could get there but. I mean what what are we supposed to do the the offense fought back negate the score five runs Horry in the bottom half of the top half of the eighth inning. And you've got to be able to protect that bat that's on Soria he needs to Wear this one. And he really needs to be a man and speak about this type of loss after game no more hiding behind I don't speak this year to the media because yesterday he owed it to your teammates to speak after a loss like that because that one's on you they busted their ass they scored the runs they fought back they played well. You committed the lighter you just give it up minor doctor death rate I'd rather hear from soaring because I was I responsible for that value was initially but. Yeah home mutter through the match on he. He addressed that yet and they said they bring here to pick up your teammate you can't do it hurts it hurts and and India in the miners said that as well I guess I am indeed good pitches I hate when pitchers say that investment is peppy. You didn't make good pitches and I wanna do immediately to make good pitches they would be of a thing is paid to shore. But this guy was hitting it 107 against lefties out there was another IIRS is. I would I would have to look at the quote I did see one and it was it was total baseball excuses game like we didn't make it good pitches or does not Getty and lots of my lot I hours out now stuff I area has little girl. All year yeah mistakes that we've got maybe got away with earlier in the year were not getting away with now well. Hopefully to get the budgets AAA players or Lindsay now. Do you ever Cleveland the body gives BA real. This does this throughout the show as everybody's upset about the Kansas City Royals terrible game last night. But the NFL Derek carded one of the funniest worst things in sports yesterday. Clean breaks it down next. Raiders quarterback Derek Karr. Wearing pull it suits denim jeans denim jacket and he's sitting on the hood look forward looking like he's on the front of an album and it. There is report that he was going to put up more views are lotteries -- music his old music tells Ollie can sing like. In their car he tweeted out he did and played free to see what's next. Deer car music dot com it is a real website is judged you pretty assessment this for most of the day yesterday I mean you do like the Canadian tuxedo look like they're Tammy if you don't feel full venom on the on. Good of a car yes. Like 1980 look at Ivins glamour shots yeah now I'll like it. Then it's got this got the potential to it right and also maybe say we should no longer fear their car sure if that's you Gary is. We got this thing you can ask for IFF. Sadly that Derek Karr. Is not doing any. What is he said it was a joke at all. Still hold out and say that Derek cards at this seriously and then people made fun of them they decided not to do it polar one it was a joke even though I've added that's I just don't like he didn't let I decided let it was a joke he didn't let the bit play out long enough. You like cable for the afternoon was over I'd a kept this one go on until the next pre season game reporters -- to talk you about the next pre season game and again that this kid and I'm not music that is the parent or religious healers the music daily lesson like two hours before he gave it away well because he probably got a lot of the all the other times he made semi well have you logged in that locker really dude you've you've got to stop this right now but he attacked that. I agree with Mike obviously it may have been something that was may be legit don't realize now how much flak he was getting for the way it looked at that he says okay I'm out this is relief stay upright the music career on hold yeah. Stellar body it was a joke and maybe next time I won't Wear a full Benton suits. My album cover yeah I mean yeah that's about it look pretty good in my right let's go let's do this let's see oh we got here and any pull the plug. Are seeking had 610 sports dot com Chicago clings blog putting sheets. To us and we decided sensed there are cars going to have his song will put chiefs to assign an inkling put out. Is entire blog breaking down at every chief of note in the song that most describes. Right right tell you cheek these are these are songs that he would. Associate with they were aware G is at fault G out OK I think it's is that kind of what we're kind of where I was going I saw Alex picture Alex Smith. I'm wearing all genes right KG a top OK Jean pants I have often yeah supremely average quarterback. Where are really good dude right so I would Joseph Walsh's ordinary guy. Mean yeah. That's pretty camera that's perfect man that's perfect for Alex is ordinary average yeah yeah I think that's when you see I I see a tax line already at 69306. If he had a grass. Record could it and c'mon he's not ordinary and average yeah I threw Alex Smith for me I take you past his eyes so I went with this saw him. It's against yeah. There's movie Superman that's all I can think governor here that saw I just did there's an individual right initially. Travis Kelsey right. Like the party con. You wanna be around you wanna party right but I think he's got a little bit of I'm gonna mess that the you grant style pictures so. Why not. A song called shots I saw. Dracula that's a drag on how has 9000 years ago party anthem you know pads elbow fail let's wish you all ball circuit 101010. Nine and go 2000. It was that was that blaring in in in its coliseum track yet day on site mart was at where he's back in the day out is necessarily. I got a hard rock how well Travis Kelsey I don't know why this song reminds me of Travis Kelsey but it always well. The rated personal foul for its. And I Bliley and I I could see Travis Kelsey dancing with the umbrella boot to its raining men I think you actually do pretty good job with the bases well I saw on catching Kelsey would he was. There is Richardson has bit the naked ebony and dread it. It's raining that's why I said there's there's. There's of part of tells you don't take seriously that's exactly right away when that he can we went down that camera. Eric Berry I I think I know or going with us on both of us out of it and guessing here but out. Well known fear of courses that I'm with America is a horse to donate. Exe I was brutally horse songs and and that would that would have been an easy one to go with horse with no name by America or I figured you know had a great video very good very good video very nicely done huge. But I decided to to go with something else. Picture Berrian horse riding like the way at the end to catchy song Christopher Cross little ride like you get hemisphere of horses by putting LE a Fabio wave riding on or is that we are open and I'm a the lowest numbers or. It becomes out of Fabio you know ride a horse on the speech that I see them go with fewer forces and finally it feels very strange Jay but I I just needed to have a song that that summed up rec team Nunez roaches right. Who goes by the nickname not show is itself. They want to get more clicks report dude. Called Austin the free. Yeah world. Aren't used to who has a terrible video. Entitled to not just saw well how do you check it out at six tenths I got the job I got to see this how many used to have 171000. We added an. Actually that's actually more than I thought and get him a lot more well here's the here's the other thing that what that's like play that song yet Steve do you have that knots or so again. Simply this day here. We'll do the commercial gas station that has a sale on Nazi I was go to that gas station has set long knives and not Saturday is that song today only at quick stock pump again local furniture guys that's another one yeah yeah PC half comeback victory not just as a company that's not a they get back at all it's it's. Asked. All of my hair Jones exhibit for rebounds it's just fairways there's a budget terrible videos that I associate with this page I don't know if it. You don't wanna dared carted jeans and maybe do this yesterday. Sixty and sports dot com you can check them out you have to go to six cents for a stock Alex there's no choice to wanna see all these videos because as more players than just the ones we named it serves you don't want to miss it. I shouted out coming up at ten minutes or text line 69306. Any topic you want to discuss the road out there and we will though who died in. And we found the worst baseball player time. The worst days. Called the absolute worst and find out move. Next. Thank goodness that's going to war. Producer Stephen Specter. It's his shout out here in just a few minutes to excellent 69306. Any topic you wanna discuss rode out there and will not been. I grew worse baseball player in the history of time it. Has. Come to the surface. Of working health care. It's not walking historically an up or California prep baseball players suing his coach for 150000. Dollars. Claims that his benching. Was a form of bullying. So he says that it's a pattern of bullying and harassment that. Ended up with a him getting benched so 150000 dollars is from Los Altos California. It's it's a high school in California. And it's it's kind of shocking to me. That we're beginning this time of day but it's a USA today sports piece everybody's everybody's post it. If this somehow happens of these tickets anything any kind of retribution for getting benched. It's the is the end of sports in America. Well the judge he's a look at this thing in any users toilet paper in it and throw and that that's really did though kind of wait that this type of case folds a mean. He did this is again a problem with where were training in the society we we used to be like this sue happy society I still think we are a very sue happy society. But we're now also we sue happy society inflame everybody else for what goes on in our lives instead of taking responsibility. And it for ourselves and so. Obviously this kid was benched because he wasn't good enough to be playing on this baseball team and was in giving the team good enough opportunity. To win games and so if your coaching your job hangs in the balance of winning and losing games. Are you really get a bad somebody that gives you a chance to win the answer that question is no. You begs to kids that aren't gonna give you the best opportunity to go out there and win in the last I checked. That this is a life lesson this is a dealing with failure in life left the young people today don't wanna deal with you know you should have to deal with here there is a failure like let's give everybody a participation trophy. This kid is the is the quintessential person that people of the older generation hate. And this kid right now is doing things to really mess it up for everybody it is age group because it's gonna be painted with a one big broad brush today well look at the youth of America at his kids not play baseball so he's still the coach a bowl I think he's even outside of the millennial traumas and yet he still though I don't 17 am too young to be electable if so how you go out there and get better at baseball. You better out what you do best try harder do better things instead of blaming everybody else around you for your failure. I simply feel Mans and come to this guy's defense but if you see the kids video the kid can swing the bat and ask why nothing at all I'll say I will say I'm not naive enough to have to think that you cannot. Face the wrath of the coach was a personal reasons and high school level. Of course right. But to then turn around and sue for a 150000 dollars to me I'm still throwing the case out because you can't open affluent -- you know what really can use kids as a judge you can over the like eight to sit down everybody that feels like have been wronged by coach. I can go ahead and sue yeah act could it because it analyze it absorbs tentative amateur athletics and sports and. Any here's here's the thing you have to keep in mind as well got to sweets when I'm out if you're a video out. You're not getting bench right like it's it's it's not necessarily question as to whether or not better than a guy ahead of view it's are you so much better than everybody. Day it's just an undeniable fact you should be the starter if that's the case and you can really started where he can move schools do a lot of different things. If you are just rules all the time yeah pro sports that I threes are because you feel like a coach has black ball to has now for you so you switch schools go somewhere else. And it. You try your luck there. But if you're. Willing to do that that you must not be very good right and at least we to believe that you're just upset because you think you're better than a guy in front the wealth you'd think yours is better than him not better than everybody at your position that placing your level. More than do you really have that much of a leg to stand. And it really where the other coaches that are say hey come play for me come play for me or how many of these coaches offered little. 150000. He's not being barred from playing somewhere next year might not be it is you know if the body's gonna go play at Stanford he's got to go play at. Whatever junior college in California because that he got that his senior year okay work your way out of it right at the blackouts are great life lesson for you outside or deal with adverse or turn around and sue front deputy now development are getting deal with adversity and now that I see the university doesn't exist anymore in in the minds of a lot of people at somebody else's fault. This makes me out here. Hey look looks worried doesn't even deal with adversity adversity to the media so it suited to be this is this is par for the course this is the world to which we live it's your fault it's not my fault I'm suing. And you're right to judge needs to throw this out because of bad precedent it set if you allow Vista as a kid may have very very well but bench for the wrong reasons by bad coach I don't know fine. But go about it for why don't sauce is not. The way ago now it is time to shatter that 69306. Of attacks like today it's brought to buy lady James two locations in Casey tells extends sincere. Cat fishing is best done it's done overnight. Can't. Are you talking about big fisherman like real pet this jobs aren't real thing is lower because offered insights on it. I would probably get more fights that night threw for channel catfish I would think both do you get more opportunities that the identity success or lights at night overnight yeah that is for the campus people still do that would stick their statistical testing yourself at least if this in the water I applaud this year at a gas thing that's at that's crazy talk doodling. This thing well whenever obviously I think it's a different thing is I'm thinking as I David Brinkley is your fist and water and I think a lot of battles since the thing. It's that sponsor and point FCC fines bomb. Johnson Robb last night these settlers. At a grocery store and got on almost every single night these dudes coming through the ceilings like to ask to be gone. Like it was easiest the war in which the wrong but I still opposed to somebody on FaceBook who do like construction. And they had a sign of jobs they already did rob good stuff has been taking you will be on hand if you try again. I could think I don't understand stealing from other people like that to me. Has never community needs this takes so much ingenuity to pull off one of the things about it doesn't always cut. You focus that towards something positive you can go to Google Biden. The Ford Aerostar van in the obvious production vehicle and remained. I disagree politically motivated back in the eighties it had that messed up front of that jacked up front it was kind of like that angle that it turned into a right angle and it was a bad bad bad looking that he did. The original to you would have changed is the ugly as far in game we had that he was fully loaded that ice. Later in the car we were so excited that there is serious yeah and I can get ice. Thank you there on scholastic sex tape that's classic I thought at least in 1986 guided ice maker in your vehicle let's go start your Whitney Houston Jason's nets a commander with a whole lot of equipment failure. You know Pinto yet this car now this Toyota that it takes to me they're in office you. Excuse but it it's built together. I'm crushed like fifteen mock fantasy football draft last Nasser died Davies. This starts rapidly that must see event coming up on Sunday before you to consider drafting mark Dresser rape the girl also trap you can fallen because people aren't being as much time in the mock drafters there aren't the actual draft seed. You think it's gonna go one way he goes yeah. It was six cents or stock common sign up for a NC football training camp going on this Sunday to learn which should actually do an address. I once had a friend with an armpit Spanish no joke. And art that is. The I smelling it like odds English on it. This thing has repeatedly interrupts. Heard that Lincoln are missing that is thing you experience that and a fist in the armpit there and that that gets you could also do that. Make make fart noises with it you know and and everybody wins but could never make department is with my own eye candy. Can you do adjust to be as high as good a touch them after that the baton. Well it's time right the far as of yet him. It's time like to present at still armies MI welts let's go somebody's trying to get there somebody put their fans that are there. Either you then what I know now I can and into the northern war stern. Little bit guys that's I give and I think that yeah. It really did allow yeah it was a really good fort Sam but there aren't I've been out of practice heard roughly twenty years it has been so is it that I shelters like Ryan I'm. This hour show that I got that special it is out of place or more so. So. And then AFC west is going to be absolutely. Insane. Into 4017. We'll explain why after the key play next. And it's best 2 in the morning. Yes he had another NFL power rankings and it tells a very interesting story about the AFC west. Who did tune in just a couple minutes after the keep playing and John Carlos did what is. When he mobile O the only ones used in these new high deep left center are filled it's not a way. It is six consecutive kids. It's 44. Years. Version on tomorrow's bit did. Have pretty big blasted his twentieth I think since the all star game for John Carlos stand that ordered a horse went on last year your read at home run derby really did it grew about that is our team play brought to you by Anthony plumbing heating and cooling the technician you could trust. With your house uses state continues to blast a home runs from the from the home run derby -- judge it'll take is it one. Since the home run derby right now Mike we stock is at number 35 last night I believe is now past Aron judge. In the American League home run race they are so you have might move stock is with 35 John Carlos in now with 44. And he's been on eight care he did clear waivers which is very interesting but he makes so much money. But nobody's gonna wanna pick up that contracts would be way too expensive the pay galleys on correlate stayed anywhere else and now a new owners coming into Miami. We'll see how that all plays out. I'd says the storm rages on outside make sure you're careful out there you're driving me out and visibility at any time reigning Kansas City just makes everybody drive like it would so beast beast say it's hard to see out there right now though breezes coming down hard maternity headlights of BR people drop their lights off. Just can't accept the fact that real danger exists now Kenya is a disease like now you're down here here's the problem it is done this it's done this because people try to still drive like it's not raining to ride like it's it's it's it's raining out so dry Eli can't thread may be careful drive slow give yourself an extra ten minutes. I hit a freaky Deere last time it was like this outside. Is that because it was my fault that I hated tears because of possible this I'm afraid I hear guys pouring rain I'd sue the dealer last night that you should seriously. Hundred. Dollars this year you know who sought out there really is that you hit dead deer and an exact walking around or rounds Jordan yeah. Or it's a matter of I. AS PM put out their free season NFL power ring bird. And it the most notable thing not to run through the rankings but the raiders chiefs and Broncos are number 78. And nine. In the NFL power rankings. That's how height this AFC west is or at least the procession this AFC west they throw in the LA chargers in the entire division has to be the most exciting in the NFL. I think it is by far I mean the U would you think of exciting divisions in the NFL you think of the NFC east you think of the AFC west and really those are the only two and media every once in awhile the NFC north but the bears and vikings are so bad what the hell does that really matter it's Green Bay in Detroit battling for but I was the last time Detroit even wondered if they exactly how it feels like a -- pretty much owns the north right out of the ground I don't know that the traders ever won the du NFC north I don't think that's ever happened so. I'm I think you're right it's probably just Green Bay but those matchup Stiller kind of cool yeah like old AFC north in the Steelers are probably going AFC north but those hours are still a lot of on why they are as far as tightness in competition growing into a season really having no idea what's going to happen. The AFC west and NFC east as atop all are the two because the giants are going to be good cowboys supposedly you're gonna be good the Redskins are going to be good again in the Eagles having native had a horrible year Latin they'll probably be better. And in the AFC west I mean legitimately if you just threw those four teams out there. I don't think you would be laughed off the stage to say every one of them has an opportunity to win the division I would laugh at Denver I want to tell but that I think that that's really the dirt number nine because they have like the best defense ever but Paterson means your quarterback and your hopes starters who Ximian lynch. I fear he I don't understand why the Denver Broncos guys are getting the love that they are I mean like people do understand the John Elway is not playing and Jamaal Charles has a bomb be right like people understand it right next well assuming cleared to play and it well the first breezy not now so so you you've got a defense that is phenomenal I'll give it to phenomenal. Phenomenal defense. But if you have a quarterback that nobody knows. And weapons that are kind of mix right now on the offensive side of minerals chairman Marc you have really didn't ninth best team in the NFL or what does that say for the rest of the National Football League with a Denver Broncos quarterback are considered the ninth best team in the NFL we really look at the league it's that void of how right. Yes you look through the NFL there's a lot of bad. Rules AFC west and that's why would I Wear my AFC west championship T shirt proudly because it's a tough debate and because its claim but you look it is when you look round at the rest of the NFL there's a lot of garbage divisions out got lots visions were you could RD to I can tell you who's going to win the NFC west is a flat out joke back as Seahawks gonna wanna be NFC south is a pretty much flat out joke right now I don't Tampa's gotten bad that was gotten better Carolina still good. New Orleans is pretty much punting their season. And Atlanta's going to be still the far away favorite but there's at least some competition there AFC south is sound dissolves or go higher. AFC east is a complete joke dad's new England and everybody else right. AFC north York no Steelers are gonna win it like winning the AFC west is actually a pretty big accomplishment when you consider how hoard this division truly. Well and I think that's why would people always wanna talk about how great parity is in the NFL that at. That just isn't true I mean we just into the playoffs feel right there death you know who it is going into the season being used diligent. You have a couple of other teams that are out of and it is it's no big time upset if it's not baseball meanwhile a look at a while there is l.s command for this thing but yeah the AFC west is going to be very very difficult this year for any team to win the. AFC west now that tightness of the AFC west and look at this power rankings from ESPN raking the raiders chiefs and Broncos 789 respectively. It also makes beat in New England that much more important for the chiefs beat that leg up over a team that. This likely did win at least two out of the four games against AFC west probably three. Out of the four games against AFC west of the chiefs can beat New England if that's a big leg up against a very tough team that everybody in the division asked to play. Meaning that the chiefs become the immediate favorite to win the division before anybody else in the AFC of AFC west and plays a game. And you guys continue to do. Am playing bicycling I specially playback all the days now to play out play this opener against the boy got me out here is Tito regulations over a Thursday night SG so I did it he's never ended up Dallas play you know I think EU and that's right. Well I've his teacher pre ordered gala Friday morning outside dollars if you pre ordered us I don't know I mean I should energize the season's event on September 7 the fourth thirtieth the other NFL teams why you're totally missing the see it it is so well. Mary didn't exist or am I mean just cancel the season why not just my turn to weigh in and not a British bank is when David and there is fake news wrath this. 'cause you're making it sound as if well the season's over the first and but it's a very important first game for multitude of reasons that it comes to the perception that she's done it comes to the confidence of the team with. And especially when it comes to get a leg up over you were division I's where you expected. Likely all three of the teams you are division are going to lose to the doing how important I'm not ready penny ahead of where if you win. You're opponent loses and you get. Basically two teams in the stand no I don't know how about those games are about the game and about the game against the New England Patriots that starts the season after the people I've talked to inside the organization they've been preparing for this like it's the Super Bowl. The red rocket they build the importance of this game because it does change your perception only are you go from immediate OK you have a shot to your Super Bowl contender taught you about senator Jake is verse that is. The standards. Those are two different things yes they are absolute. Extension and were talking winning our games again I'm not finished negatives things we're talking about perception with rankings right now that's all it will right now every reality here too is that the masters or they're gonna crush the power rankings but Edwards Angell hall of Sweden and that he should not British monitors are lucky it's going to be there. It but. Crazy salaries number eight or that he's dot com Iverson but then the problem Coast Guard down a microphone. I'm not. I from winning that first game over the rest of your division of the rest of the week it is massive for that she's tried it downplayed his first game I think is you guys using it defense mechanism because exactly there's no chance that she's can win Zack so you're taking presents its outlook Brady that you're trying to wanna I wanna. Yeah he the last decade at a birthday and he ought to. Days because you guys expect the chiefs to exactly that's exactly what it is might if their defense mechanism it's that not having faith in their team. Faith in this team pack your bags for MSP eighty pack. You all back brace for what. Minneapolis. She it's dot com it's worse that this shop this firsts the first of the season doesn't matter if it's passport into the several low risk disease or order. 15% profit pre season making sure smells. Like yeah ideal dad and if you buy 75 dollars worth of pre season shirts you get. One you know. Whatever Fareed. I don't even. Are you done Bear's club are you guys done your got a precision power rankings and important team won. The season being over the sand and ports to the presented an engaged gained so much not just percent you've beaten. He and it happens the double NC US home field advantage. Out the playoffs in route to Minneapolis. Is this season ended on September it to Wright does and that's the order may need those. Do you see what's going on what's gonna happen you can't you. The courts and there's no way. There's no way this is going to happen to know where you're gonna leave clay you're underestimating the pessimism over excited. I noticed pessimist I don't like to. I went and I buying if the chiefs way to New England spec were making a par or so later we are so I'd I'd and I am really is Florida. No because you guys. That's 6306. Back and clay are all wrong. We had lines it's great news for Kansas City and it doesn't involve walking so. Coming up to two minutes.