08/16 7a - Headlines, Royals $$$, Blues in Trouble, NFL Draft in KC

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Wednesday, August 16th

Headlines Worth Talking About, the extra $50 million the Royals will receive, the Blues are suing STL and it could benefit KC plus why the NFL Draft in KC would be amazing 


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It's talking about state pension industry learned something here. Rusty by words Harley-Davidson northward Harley-Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose from. We don't normally hate Josh in the past contests is going on but just did you know that Joaquin Soria. Got off to be really good start and now socks that tells sports happens it doesn't just that's got I saw. Last night. I did not know of the royals' bullpen power rankings was in the top five to start this season and and it was all day and united and they stuff to have an event called the Rose Bowl that was never highly rated historically he's paying you better not enjoyed the wind -- all I hope they you can joys and I had this is not the be all laid off the dial and don't achieve what he's occasionally is not over there he's been out victory out you can nowhere is that they lose the patriots on doing I. There are. I did it make news you're not. Usually the wind you're not allowed to enjoy your way in Atlanta journal and it's not it's not over valued your Pickler and over you know. Bob you just wanna fast towards the playoffs which is the most insane to think I've ever heard out how else are we really exposed saving you've ever yes really. Were you in the last week well I think that's more proud my son back. On September 8 on Friday morning it with the chiefs and release data disclaimer right now I have. The chiefs do win you guys are not allowed to celebrate best go and I will celebrate what we're trying to. I think Kelly anyway. Brandenburg ASS yeah. That Friday and we I had I had exhibited no sense whatsoever on it absolutely does and they lose you gotta burn your Nancy west championship here. There was and still it still isn't champions dollars burning that certainly know we're not. Not celebrating. You can't take that championship away from the kids city chiefs you can't take rusher with one championship today get a ring an AFC west in an ad dollars come Baghdad they got a chance they got T shirts I mean if you know yeah. He's your candidate gets it I think you teachers with an advantage you may rains OK they got concrete decisions conference championships you get rain I'm glad they've done that in nineteen with 61 more 6960. And 64. Her sometimes he on air when all things C get rings for winning nearly. And blocking sort of sucks bases are full here's the pitch. So walk on it. You got still good bad. Cool where is there. Now it's nine days okay. A very depressed Steve this yak on the call right here on 610 Sports Radio late nights royals score five in the top half of the eight. It led eight to four. And that bottom half the attack to happen as walking Soria and Mike Minor serving up six runs in the bottom of the eighth. Royals lose ten to eight in middle game of their three game set Soria just a third of an inning four runs on four hits Mike Minor two thirds innings and allowed to run. As well if you do that that not unhappy they did not have to happen as you said that that bottom half of the eighth inning should never have happened because there. To me as I said earlier in the show I've given him basically sixteen months of the benefit of the doubt. I'm no longer giving Soria the benefit of the doubt he cannot pitch in the eighth inning anymore in fact. I think this organization should send a message to him and really to the rest of the team. And cut story because it's not fair to the rest of these guys. Who battled back to school all those runs from view terror to boost posit the back to back the back home runs to give them a four run lead going into the eighth inning. To have Soria just go out there and wallet I mean he's an unreliable. Picture right. I would I would help walking Soria pact but I don't know where the royals get better if they cut walking soared well they don't get worse bill get worse. I'll think you can't get worse if you cut walking Soria but. Is there somebody out there. They Davies clear waivers that you feel like you don't get is there somebody out there that you feel like you can you can snag. I don't know I don't know how you fix it does know that balking Soria. He would be a legitimate option in his opening well I mean he he doesn't give you a chance to win right you've you've got to put people out there to give you an opportunity to wade got to put your your team. In the best position to win baseball games Soria pitching does not give your team the best option. It would still win in a quite honestly. What I would do with you if you're not gonna kind of because of the salary that is still owed to a which can totally understand better than ten million right I totally understand that what I would do that. He's not pitching in games unless we're getting house or were housing somebody last that you were how CDO like a sore right that's probably how to somebody against the team that has Ed and in what the team makes the post season he's nowhere near that post season roster he's nowhere near that post season roster he has an un reliable pitcher. For the Kansas City Royals and we'll talk to net about it at 9 o'clock this morning none I don't know what they're going to do about it but I know I'd seen enough and I got a thing. Deep down behind closed doors. They had seen enough of this tip. Big series this weekend against the Indians will send you to the game on Saturday through listening at 720. Via started headline was bad news when it came to walk in sort of a couple pieces of good news for the city. I Kansas City has us submitted their expression of hosting the NFL draft to the NFL along with their other partners and the chiefs. A fired up for a I heard there were eighty something outside of Union Station. Like that was the idea from this proposal is that it has something outside of TV station because they do. A big outdoor event and that would be pretty much perfect for when you consider that use station as host of a lot of things including the American ninja warrior. You've been a lot of people there I would goddess of the parade for the royals human rights and our I don't or not. Staged event yeah Vanity Fair there they are free for all which was the royals gray area. So I'll play it works out well for an area to do it and really. More than anything it did in the draft to Kansas City would be consolation prize for Kansas City not being able to get. The super Fiat and and maybe maybe if first though of an opportunity to get a Super Bowl if we get the stadium which in thirteen years the leases up so we're gonna talk restated for the next thirteen years to steal that. On the here's the other thing too. It didn't do the fact everybody's together on this is pretty cool and there are three different proposals that the city has. Talked about doing we'll explain those coming up at 7:45 this morning. And Morgan news for the city. The United States is being on the 20/20 six World Cup. And sporting Kansas City and Kansas City. As going to be one of those potential host cities for that event Seattle I'm really. Pleased with what sporting Kansas City is done to put us as a town on the map as one of the great soccer towns not only in the United States. But now clearly in North America as we are one of the forty cities chosen or whatever was to kind of be excite. For the World Cup and any got to give a lot of credit to sporting Kansas City. Guys just are basically coming in. And creating a sport free aiding the fans over night. With the way that they've done things they develop soccer fans from the young age they built soccer in this town they've done a great grass roots effort what they've done with soccer. Is what needs to happen with hockey if we wanna give an established NHL franchise in this town we've got to build it from the ground up and sporting Kansas City. Has done an amazing job of not only their brand but the brand of Kansas City is well when it comes to soccer. Very well play. The brand Kansas City is a big part of it yeah because Kansas City is that the best soccer town in the United States arguably there's no argument that there at the very worst top three with Houston and Seattle. I mean playing you know more about Soccer City tonight you may have unique Kansas City there at worst top three at best there at the time. Yeah they generally well now we should note if Kansas City gets a game or not didn't the United States. We rule will get some others you'll you'll go to air had to watch out. I don't know El Salvador mercy gas what did model. Yeah some like that good. Korea that partially work we're we're not quite regularly position to get the the United States to tackling Kansas City there and play and ally says you sir or whatever regardless. But getting Noah getting the World Cup in Kansas City would be. Huge boos because largest city in North America to not be nominated as a site. Saint Louis the night before setting out how drug related. The NFL is and it LPGA has officially appealed the six game suspension for cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. I'd be held on August 29 by Roger Goodell Horry person designated by Roger Goodell. Elliott's appeal. According to this ESPN article good jobs on players' union now. We'll focus on the testimony given by his former girlfriend to the NFL. Eliot's going to argue that according to documents his ex girlfriend Tiffany Thompson made multiple threats to quote ruin his career. You you'll also highlight text messages from Thompson that occurs encouraged apron to lied to police about an alleged domestic assault. In July 2006. Mean if you read it all the bullet points dizzy feeling it's going in this thing with it's going to be a huge deal somebody's coming out of this looking terrible. It could be easy kill it could be Roger Goodell because the evidence that his ego it has if he can prove it. Shows collusion. On Thompson's part to try to get him in trouble shows multiple threats that she would do exactly this if he did the ET. Crossed her or didn't stay with her. And it includes a quote the first saying it. You're a black athlete and I'm white girl they won't believe you over me. So it's easy Kelly can prove this Roger Goodell is going to look. Hair or shouldn't that girl go to jail though she's doing stuff like that isn't it illegal to blackmail people. How many times have you ever heard somebody going to jail for blackmail and somebody in this type of situation ever so yes technically you're right but it's not happening. What will she be held accountable if this does end up nothing true. If it ends up being true should be held accountable at all she'll be. Back again. I don't make the rules and is live in the world. So you'll be held accountable those say you shouldn't have done that never remove all their lives and Zito it will have his life turned upside down for no reason now that's all assuming it. Do what does he tell it saying it in the documents that they're going to the appeal with. It's true. And he does have a text message that says from her two and the says be a Smart man don't be dumb man. Which is. Bail. But also kind of indicative of there's a there's potential there Zito always tell the truth here. Where did your chance to win royals tickets at 720. And the royals have a very good chance to keeping certain free agents after this season. They want next. Did its best go in the morning on my welcome Bob best coach just like their producer Steven Specter. Your chance to read royals tickets when you hear this drop. Who beat color number 1010 I want 357676. Then it and that's not 135767610. At. And speaking of the Kansas City Royals they're going to get a fifty million dollar windfall money. Along with every other team in Major League Baseball because of Disney. Door with a stream extra bite out of streaming service with Major League Baseball a lot of different moving parts but the end game is. Fifty million dollars coming to the royals. Guys is really could potentially help them re sign and one of their free agents in which a which they have five going to this offseason. Joshua blog about this that got bad results yesterday at six I support stacked on people were pretty happy that fifty million dollars could be. Could be available to spend on. On not payroll next year for this this roasting now it's going to be everybody's gonna get to join more dollars but is looking at a from our perspective. The opportunity to in any huge year for free agency had. However are real wanna spend that there are gonna lose much free agents are retain some free agents or not. Maybe they would have ever teach you delve into free agency themselves although. We're not really I guess we have early look at that aspect of it as much. To have fifty million more dollars potentially at their disposal could be huge yet nobody's thinking about you know. Actually going on getting other free agents were thinking about retaining our own free agency and you're right I mean did the fifty million dollars does go to every team and it's a one shot deal outside of fifty million dollar every year deal and carry over. But it is fifty million dollars that you get to play with and some people say well maybe could use effort for the rest of Alex Gordon's contract even -- of them when he left on this story contractor that that the royals are involved in right now so maybe that's where the identically Alex hit some of that money today yeah right you know I wanted to buy asset here's Stephanie dollar's please leave. Type of thing back you know but you also have to understand that that fifty million dollar windfall is more money then you know there through their budgets right now and talk to date on Friday as we do every Friday at 830 about you know what this fifty million dollar windfall. I guess he called a windfall beams. You know for this organization and what they're gonna do with it but I think it also makes it a little bit easier to say OK maybe we can't spend a little bit more money for Mike will stocks may do we can spend a little bit more money. For Eric Hosmer and when you look at it and say. Might we stock is let's say he got a 150 million dollar from Boston now the world's are able off from 125 and is making 125 in Kansas City just as good as making 150 and Boston cab making 100 in Kansas City making 13. In Boston now that's a big happy got to build up but of this what do you bring the royals closer to point five million dollar gas also pretty thick yet a higher taxes in Boston and everything like that as well you gotta factories so they -- 150 mil golfer obviously using that as well Saturday Danielle was causing death if you can close the gap from the royals' standpoint to what everybody else media offering amid a bigger market. They you can make the case yet. The EU as much the gap is now smaller and it's a better quality of life playing for an organization that lets you would a city that loves you and you could stomach you know. Ten million dollars less playing for the royals or twenty million dollars lastly for the royals you would make somewhere else not knowing if you would have the same type of situation. Even with a fifty million dollar windfall I wonder. If after the Alex Gordon contract people are a little worse finish. Of signing guys who might be getting up there and yeah agent when you sign them how good will they be at the end of their contracts will we end up cavity teaming Kansas City. Then. Is doc essentially with a lot of big money players that aren't producing to the level that they're getting paid. And that is a legitimate concern shortages we look at Eric Posner is not a power hitting first base and he's a really good first base. Is a great is great defensively. He hits it high average there's a lot about higher cost tunnel Britain's. A top and first baseman in Major League Baseball if you pay him like a top end of Major League Baseball first baseman. Could that potentially pulpit your face now I don't care costs well I think Eric house will deliver on any type of contract you gave him because I. I I think he is a top workspace beta night power hitting first base we can't judge everything. Based on how the money usually comes to the power suppliers and the guys absolutely don't that's a positive 314 but hitting 314 without a lot of power numbers doesn't really get to a lot of money on the open market you're right about that there's no there's no question I mean people love to pay home run hitters so. Maybe you're thinking to yourself that maybe nobody else Erica because he doesn't hit. A enough home that would why can't the is that right royals to keep Hosmer. At a decent price because he lacks the power numbers the EC first baseman getting on the open market and if you played it. You played second base or shortstop would ever be different conversation but when you're in first base. The majority teams in Major League Baseball wanna have a man pressure at that first base position. If you're not a measure like Eric Hosmer where you have made it home runs so far this year not terrible power numbers by any stretch. But you're not at that level of top first baseman was what is expected of them in the rubble power numbers maybe you can get it that is slight discount but I just wouldn't wanna pay. A bunch of guys on this current team from because of this delta. Is that well they wanna World Series let's pay the a bunch of money in that have a lot of Alex Gordon type contracts at the royals take it away from you know the. This thing for me though to when I look at Mike is that like Hosmer and who stocks of the two that I believe if you invested you are gonna get the returns zero invesco on the rise high yet I. I think selling and really quite honestly I think Hosmer by far away is the one that you could feel confident that you will get a return on your investment if you're able to bring him back in here because. I don't use the term five tool player for Eric Hosmer but he's as close to a 52 players there is. At first base he does it with power at times he does hit for average he has speed you know on the basis he knows how to run the bases he's great defensively I mean he does a lot of good things. And that make him a complete package husky he's a winner Eric Hosmer is a flat out winner. And he's a guy that helps organizations become better he makes Escobar battery may never feel better he makes most better okay. He makes all these guys better by the way that he plays defense in the way that he saves runs over there. To me Eric cause I don't think there should be any doubt in anybody's mind that the money that you invest and Eric Hosmer will not be returned to U I TT absolutely 100% lives up to whatever contract he signed. He may not have flashy home run numbers but that guy does everything else just as as well if not better than anybody else and I guarantee you the Yankees will be in the market for a first baseman they will come horrid. After Eric house. Did you come hard at their house or when it comes through stock is. Should I worry that he's gonna price himself at a Kansas City is definitely in a different element I lives. They begin the season sitting here at 35 home runs now one more than air and judge yet you could easily see might we stock is getting a big offering in free agency because of his home run numbers speak and under stay at home runs art everything a power numbers aren't everything. You money based on our numbers we could see my stock is it such as George contract offer that it might not. Be worth it. Well to keep him around in Boston may come to him and say here here is a 150 million dollars we want you getting down that pesky pole in left field and playing third base because as we know they cut Pablo saint of all this in this season because they could not stand him and him for a third base and they needed to get rid. A Pablo supporters think that on our yet mate made ourselves an adult but I mean that those guys that are going to be offered money this offseason and this fifty million dollars extra helps the world's media bridged that gap a little bit to where it's not exorbitant. Because when your team like the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees guys not only targeting one free eighty you're going out there you're trying to spend on all the free agents out yourself may be because you're spending money and all the free agents out there it does limit what you can spend on a high as Burma stock as of the royals can close that gap that's what I'm looking for that fifty million dollars to do not necessarily be the end all be off for the royals but the close that gap they can compete now with some of these other big markets for those two players. All right on Zuma are on a hockey. And now new development the possibility of Kansas City get in an NHL team and involve Saint Louis. Hear it next. It's something that. Kansas City deserves. And it's of the that would fit very well in the Kansas City market. Even though you might personally not care much about. Hockey my guess is a lot of people didn't care much about soccer and years ago lookout well that's bad now things have changed because you want to root for not just a winner but a great team and you're a franchise in Kansas City if there's an expansion in the Kansas City area. For the NHL I guarantee. You. People gravitate to it because during the hockey calendar or the year we don't have a whole lot going on. Good Kansas City airport that well yeah it's in college basketball stuff but really for the most part. You don't have a lot going on the realm of professional sports in Kansas City during hockey season so would fit in my mind really well. Well be be a nice kind of I don't wanna see filler because that's not a fair term used but a nice sport have going on in February and march and you know the beginning of you know at the springtime and things of that nature so I think it would be very very oddly hockey idol like going to NHL games I enjoy watching games played hockey is a kid my entire life. The reservation that I truly happy with hockey or the NBA for that matter coming here to Kansas City is. Would we are we financially big enough as a town to support a fourth major franchise here in Kansas City and and that's what I care most about that that that the team. Comes here to town and we are financially solvent enough to support by the suites the by the good seats you know against the glass by the seats on the floor that's an NBA team. I wanna make sure we have enough cash on hand in this town to be able to support the team like we do with the chiefs like we do with the royals and like we do. We sporting Kansas City I think it's very very important that we are able to go out there and do that that we were well parent of the ball well enough off financially as he city. To support a fourth major franchise. Why Sheen watching how people support the chiefs and the royals. Zero worry about that especially so much second go around from a dollar standpoint you have a hundred dollars a week you're gonna spend on entertainment you spend it on the cheap the -- money you're not gonna spend on a hot. ET here's here's how I see people if they if an NHL team comes to Kansas City you're gonna check it out. Record a lot of care that are gonna CM and act like it's not there you're at least going to check it out. Once you go to an NHL game and you realize that it's truly football on ice at its highest level. I think people are gonna like Kansas city of football pound and always has been it's a football slash royals town like people really like football. And the royals it's not necessarily chiefs it's all football right so. If you take that mentality you put it into hockey Banda with a Kansas City team and it's gonna go really well it's. I don't know how you determine that that affordability either. Because if there's something else you want to do right. I times you really take that away from something else or you just add it to what you are you crazy runner aboard in noting when you die your kid's Sony like us. Was going dear how legible I mean if you get that kind of self control rates I guess I normally go to four royals games. Now I'm going to go to three because of Voyager one hockey game two I'd well. I figured I mean you know he's still got away due to take it from some other entertainment and put it towards it. I I think that probably I don't know how you determine that dollar bill anybody that does that that budgets that web you don't even have budgets I don't know available history I wish I did and I can't add you know I don't expect EU budget welts do you sit down the budget each and I mean I think I don't people they do. Bombed out but how. How do you determine how best not at not like the traditional sense I know how much money I can spend on on a monthly basis sure how do you but how do you determine that overall for community gets tough but. I'm also talking matches from a ticket buying standpoint guys but from an advertiser by skip that that's really where your money is made from those corporate partners that you have an and you look at all the corporate partners at the royals have. If you have those corporate partners are there enough people that can be corporate partners will play hockey team as well and that that's the business community. Is what you have to look at are we strong enough as a business community. To make sure that that team has success here in Kansas City that's the one thing the apple look at and I don't know the answer to that question and as we continue along in this process. We'll continue to an undercover you know stories and information and asked people questions do you believe. We have enough business to financially support these tees is that's what it ultimately comes down to the business dollar is more important and you and I spent money again let's call it what it is they want the money for children BC bank charges you know Joseph Smith you know. Well as an update in this hot city Kansas City situation eighty check it out at 610 sports are comment. As fast though you wrote a blog about this as of 445 Tuesday the blues the saint Louis blues. Our suing. The Saint Louis comptroller. The city of Saint Louis comptroller's being sued by the blues and they called the Q center partners who on the saint Louis blues based no doubt yesterday guys. 83 page press release what was the last time you saw a three page press release sent down. That was very very skating basically what happened back in February the mayor approved in the City Council approved in Saint Louis. X amount of dollars at the city was gonna give the DQ senator did discuss trade center. To renovate OK we needed these renovations done we've got to have these renovations in order to maintain this arena. We need this were in dire straits right now is what the what did the team. Said to the city in the city and you know what we agree you guys are in dire straits battery that we need to renovate. And even cited Kansas City Nashville in the all these other places around Saint Louis that have great new Arenas that are now stealing business from Saint Louis so the city of Saint Louis went. Yet you're right about your absolutely right the board of Alderman or councilman whatever it is said. Won't give you so I think it was 65 million dollars the mayor rubber stamped and approved the money. The comptroller who's in charge to write the checks refuses to scratch the checked into saint Louis blues and so now the blues are suing the comptroller for not giving them money to the blues that the city mayor and the city board of aldermen promised. And sell. While you look at Betty I don't even know what that means you're right you don't know what that means but you know it doesn't mean it means it ain't good at any time the courts get involved. And a team is suing somebody who works for the city. That's the beginning of the end of a franchise in that. Town club kids the city blues we got you covered and you'll have to sue the comptroller here because our buildings. Ready to go this goes back to that that that's the person that doesn't. The budget they could ask a question you asked earlier yeah read about it that got out of gas there again that that comptroller clearly yes I believe it's a lady she's not a hockey fan I guess over there at Saint Louis if she's not authorized in the name of the game or shields went up. It's just real strict they don't have it and head and that's another thing I tell me the city of saint Louis the city of saint it was a 65 million dollars on in the they can just dole out arena and I don't think so a lot of money for. Any city but especially Saint Louis and all the issues there haven't. If you could see an expansion team come to Kansas City because that was the original idea I sure expansion team because they have the spam and outlaw and he and I mean hockey teams around off. But if something does happen in Saint Louis and they're not able to figure things out over there and speed rail. We see this happen all the time we're teams. Have these issues they take it to court they can't figure it out there in the team decides to. Start listing other offers Kansas City were makes sense because they can turn around their fans are saying those who say look up. You get your city made a deal then they went back on the deal. We sued them this is the results were going to Kansas City you can do only take three half hour drive over. Here watch this and here's the other cool thing about it two guys it if you if you get the blues and we are able to get the blues to come over here to Kansas City recording and a built in fan base if if you're gonna say what town is this from hockey standpoint this is a boost. I mean there's a lot all the games are on TV here already. Did you know the blues band of in this town is bigger than any other. NHL team. That you know has kind of roots if you will right here in Kansas City so. You're not bringing in an expansion team you're bringing in an established brand and established team. And don't even have to change the name Kansas city blues are really really nice game. Dad hat for the hockey team here in Casey's cell. The attic a three page scathing press release from the blues to a about this situation is not a good thing and I don't people in Saint Louis put their fingers in their ears and they're telling me that you know I'm I'm full of it no way in hell the blues would ever leave the the Cleveland Browns are never gonna leave either get out and so Mikey go back to back in this day and age and sports. You can never say never that it team will leave because these owners are so damn greedy they will run for the first dollar that looks bigger than the one that they're currently making. If you're a situation where you can get the renovations that you need in the building that you're currently at and three hours to the west is a building just ready to go in and the arms are open or yet. Hell yeah you're gonna utilize that sell the blues better and the city Saint Louis better take care of those blues. Otherwise building margin in the Saint Louis here V or the Kansas City before long. Tex lines seaside trees are associated this one hits Kansas City did not grow up playing or watching hockey they grow bomb basketball. Football whatever you are what you are going to have a buzz with a more what ails for hockey it's a fair explore. Here's how this thing claims are true do you good hockey game alive NHL game. Good. And you will be smitten. By what you see it live NHL game as a viable then the colonials are gonna by the NHL video game. It helps learn the rules and the players around the league. And then you're hooked so it doesn't take as long as you might think to get people hooked on to a sport especially if it's one that's proven to be successful. Pretty much everywhere is where there's ace. An engaged in passionate fan and that guy is probably say in the same thing about soccer ten years ago nobody Israelis on soccer and over is going to be a soccer fans had you seen 25000 every night it's boring park had you seen the way that this town is this crazy for us or probably don't realize that before sporting Kansas City all the soccer stuff you see out likened at a 135 that's why today and I don't help none of that was there right before sporting Kansas City put soccer on the map in this city that's exactly right person decks that probably doesn't even. Doesn't understand you know it it all comes together. I just wanna make sure financially were good as a town that people tell me the business leaders of this community Tommy were good to go weaken support a fourth major franchise. The let's to a man let let's put the pedal to the metal. And let's get this thing taking care of because of the blues are going to be battling with the city of Saint Louis they don't need that they're too good of a franchise to deal that nit witted city come on over here man. We gotta open arms or were ready to go for you said blues sent emails to the blues saying Kansas City is ready for you have. Brett hole cut the but the ribbon that's right. Are we could see a massive event come to Kansas City will tell you what it is next but first the Bob Hamilton plumbing heating AC and Ruder play of the game for 25 dollars to Chile's give us call at 9135767610. And tell me import a player involved in yesterday's play of the game that Josh turner told you about the post game show right here on 610 Sports Radio. If they indeed. Then there. Feel I played five dollar gift card. Chile is all you have to do is tell us the player involved in the royals play the game that Josh Berger told you about yesterday. Right here on 610 Sports Radio in your home of the royals. Are ready and we would bring anything you tell me a player involved in yesterday's play of the game. My doctor. Here is Mike whose stock has with a high drive to right. That's no way back and not all is beyond. Three home runs in the eighth inning by Kansas City for moose it's just thirty pep rig. It is so wrong. And what we got it right what they cut off there was was fined sing the blues and they put so yeah. He's that rated and then the story right it sorted it. I congratulations radio he would it was might whose stock is in yesterday's play of the game and you're doing 25 dollars to Chile's as it's the Bob Hamilton plumbing heating AC and murder. Play of the game. The NFL draft could become any Kansas City in the Kansas City sports commission is made there. Their willingness to host the drafts away heir to the V along with the Kansas City Chiefs so current motion. And this would be a massive sporting event for Kansas City. It would really more than anything be somewhat of a consolation prize because you know the the Kansas city's not only get a Super Bowl as long as they have an open air stadium. The poll whether suitable idea was very short lived for the NFL. I don't think that's coming back rises Els made it clear that they don't want it to the cold weather outlook Austan it was your job it was New York. Number one media market in the world we figured hey this can work out for us. And everybody hated it I mean you remember looking at that media row. It because at that overflow media area. Where. It's like it's not encased in the box it's actually in the stands and hell cares though they had that's giant nova they had that giant like sun. Suddenly a over the top of the try to keep them warm so their quick and didn't get damaged and it looked ridiculous. Well I don't know. Where I feel that we had the experience of being in New York Josh was good and I thought they don't hold pre you know week leading up to the super what was clad denigrates colder than you know it's it's every bit please don't play game goes delegation you don't you really don't know and the more the more you think about it like football was meant to be played Nicole. Until you get to the title game when it should be pristine condition so weather does not affect. The outcome of the game now clearly in Miami we had the rain and that's something that you really can't account for that a monsoon like they did down there. In January but I think that the Super Bowl ultimately after having the experience of new York and seeing Nicole split but it literally called it was a 57 degrees at tech but you should try to played in the best possible conditions for your world class athletes on a world class staged the biggest sporting event in the world. Should be played in good conditions and so. For the next thirteen years while we still have Arrowhead Stadium sands roof. We will not be able to Abby Super Bowl in Kansas City that's just the way it's only about I would argue the cold weather city stop this kind of guard Welsh and it's like. Like I did you get that you can have a party and a tenth no matter what the weather's the united front hosting those big parties during all that other stuff to me doesn't. And and he won't wanna come right bull bull and you have not had one of the best hosted US bowls of all he did probably have to have a stadium that can have a game. Without without jail and it's right there and as soon as we get a new football stadium with a don't we you know so many more events we use a consolation. Prize to the super ball I look at it as. Certainly consolation prize but the ability to have one of the biggest sporting events if you will. Here in Kansas City and that's what the NFL draft has become I was I was fortunate enough to go to the draft. In New York City when we got Erik Fisher with the first round pick and it was okay cool. And I went in Chicago two years ago guys that was awesome I mean that was really really spectacular like the NFL. Knows how to do events better than anybody else they've really do great job and you guys been super balls you know what that week is like in the way that the NFL does things. In the way that they set up events and handle things take on shelves in cities that they go to the DD draft would be an absolute awesome shall look at Philadelphia in the way the fans went crazy for Philadelphia. Over the last year for that NFL draft and the way that that all came together this would be a great spectacle and a great great great kind of calling card. For our city because it looks like the number one thing that they wanted to do was doing out front of Union Station with it you know the city in the back in and did. World War I memorial the liberty memorial there as well like the scene in front of Union Station would be outstanding that's the number one choice number two is like powered light sprint center they've got a plan for that and they've also got a plan for Truman sports complex which I think you should avoid like the plague I don't think we should put an event like that out there it's all about what would be ecstatically pleasing to me to Union Station. Backdrop the city. That would be so with static we pleasing people would look at that it probably people we could pack it we've already showed we could put 800000 people in from the Union Station weaken pack. People down aired from a Union Station to make it a great spectacle Kansas City would do an amazing job amazing job with the dress how cool was it Philadelphia last you saw crowd the crowd was insane if that same kind of crowd in Kansas City and it would probably be more red. Yeah yeah mostly all red I think in that crowd on the at outside of the Union Station because as long as Alison at the quarterback we have not too and I did I did I. I did. I can't but it would it would be awesome to see that and it would be fantastic to see and you know everybody in Kansas City would take it to the next level in hosting and being part of what would be a great event for Kansas City. Our Clark cut owner the owner of the chief spoke yesterday you don't want to miss what Clark had to say ABC took some big shots. Let's see if you can figure out who those shots are next.