08/16 7PM - Venting as a Sports Fan, What Happened Ned, Oakland Stadium

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Wednesday, August 16th

In a shortened hour following the Royals win today, Show and Serda begin by relishing in the joy one can feel by venting about their sports team. Is being a fan of a bad team actually fun? Plus, Ron tries to figure out what went wrong in last night's game before we end the hour with an appreciation (or lack thereof) of the Coliseum the Oakland A's play in. 


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May and to this oh yeah. He's. Ride this view please shout out. Listeners. Those vague as to the head because we salute you. For allowing us to be a small part of your Wednesday evening good look for those driving to prayer meeting. That is that these black people. I don't know who like you wouldn't vote Wednesday night's third word. But the Bible study but shout out to those prayer in the stand Bert so it is that bad. I haven't said it's in a while but he's standing there it's see guys of them known him. Is he gives us a Sammy Sosa. Drives. Bob Bob always building down. Yesterday and and I did that the drive would Manning had some fun there and highs. And the boys James today we did a radio security. There and and Stanford drew and Julio and inserted mixed bag. Mixed bag in the reaction that was OC and you know couple people told me. Yes Ron stay away it's much better. The asserted navy we love that was the best 59 seconds. To hours they'll have. I'd then there are some who say please come back. Please where the hell are you don't take Obama. Well I guess without any further news we do it this time every day. The guy who just Bogart did the open of the show yesterday about putting on his own this is the thing that almost broke up. Mike and the mad went on a day off. Mad dog Russo who. Might. Of them might whatever his name is Francesca took him off the open in just put itself on there that did their ropes Emma however I'm not an angry. The agreement as Stephenson. Mr. I made seven starts. This there I gave my hair. More often minge blue line. It was nice positive comment yesterday. To your intro and start talking and then start over and introduced myself again so what it's worth the second hour we did play your intro to start the out Daniel I live about in his his. You wanna know lies. We are this late in the show while we are rated as 115. Rated night show and Sports Radio. Because of the selfish. Selfish nature of your so I don't think that's at all. Because it is not a bad first sex Ed and Stamford show a member of J&J radio security. I held and ginger productions last year. We all understand Saturday it's not my open and it's the open into the day and show. It's not a selfish old and you look at the two things that you were opened and as my it's not but opened its hours shows open. If you disrespect and uncle wow what's that he would like the time he ought to do a cigarette and you turned him down because you're comfortable mid dolls because their growth. It's a rotten that. I always sort of his cigarettes. It is these she has opened the we have our own individual opens I knew. Let's let's up it to this the royals did get the win today. And if you are or you're doomed to listening to this show this might throw you law. But I am really glad the royals won for many reasons and it helps this topic a lot more. Today. And they've they've they've crept closer in the while cooler and hopefully Cleveland at and and those that think Byrne told you'll blatant lies. That we will give you updates to target field no we either ticket. We make YouTube we we we do hockey. Julio. We know that your ticket ticket info. Let. I need. I guess. Not I've. And we got shorts on over gonna have time for that since I'm good now. Let. This bit. This this this is little while ago that I guess look at this Duffy. They were able to get the win. They blew it the bullpen and of course in Bryant brand in the hour another one of the scene Diego Padres. Who just keep coming hit into its kidnapped. Have a clean inning and he gives up a two run homer and nearly blows of the game play. Alex Gordon who should have been done database. Luckily it thank god and yes I will say look Clinton does that when ninety's. Or maybe is when 98 or nine now. But they got the win think. Pereira finally got to pitch in said it. Now to removal. This out wanna go with. Say this and I talked to both you before the showed it to its excellent 69306. You can commanding and it and give your opinion on this as well. I think. The best thing. The little literally the best thing about being a sports and especially to a particular team is obvious your team winning. The champions winning at the highest level that your particular team can win. Jeez and Super Bowl World Series national championship. Your team winning at that leapt. But this may sound odd. About what you really think about it. The second best thing. About being the man. Is your team losing a big game it didn't you being able to Witt and have a meltdown about it. Because you never forget it. Because we've all done post game show pervert. Right may hide it at the foul line up early last week we both gave. We get most calls. A game like today. Or a game like last night. Last night all the what is what is awful and not telling you do. The it's different society. Dictates from Saturday he'll hold for an hour and a half on a game like last night. Coach you can coach holt forever. Go man he might fall asleep but. Like you will hold for ever delegates like last night because the second best they. To a to a and is being able to react. Two really bad laws and fit and built. So I'll just say it's just as the royals pulled out the game today and they went seven to six. Oh well you're not gonna take that away from us Emmett. Till now. Not even though we came on late or not taken that promotes. Wheeler pitching tonight. You're not take second best angle from to ask you what is he gets played it up. Notes very. We bid to eight you'll get bit about last night. For starters. That I know is that it now. I I usually just bury it inside. I got I've got it eats a scream at someone. To get things out of my system likened his Barea Minko on burst out before you figure out the burning question of what they hill was that last night in the eight. You know we rarely talk about stuff like that. Do you think all the you. Yeah. And joys that though I think that all the Internet videos of fans freaking out having meltdowns I think muscles and looking back on it would probably say. May and I wish I would have done no I may be. I'm talking about maybe the people that reveres its people are and I read final it will because people should we regret that something tells me they die is the people who make their TVs. Over game well I don't regret it one. This thing isn't it a night in 2003. What I. Well. What I love. For. Kansas to head beaten or that shot Michael. What I love that he had made it. Yes well if I had to what the laws votes up that's eight or eight is a bit. And what do I take its AA tournament on AT takes that it tired I was in my dorm room I read every tape broke a bit. There about everyone that I. A bottle of Jack. Yes under age and walk. And walk A-Rod can't it and I didn't ever read that I've got caught up cites a recent mob if you listen. I can't. Hit it. Edit edit it you gotta give it a law and certainly I certainly gotten drawn. I don't over a game so what yes so here they would six I'll never forget the colt's gait. Still venting or years later it answer. It. I'll look that Payton had to punt wartime. Well since he didn't it please give me the ability to Vick and I think is so much fun as a Fey even though at the moment it doesn't feel that way. As at the ravens' playoff game they just got smacked around I just got out I was hammered by the third quarter. Mean not only do we have been no punt game with the colts but we have the injury luck helmet touchdown come back game two. An actor that would just went around driving in it was pouring rain and there was is all kinds of storms and it. Set the whole move the entire city was grieving mother nature with the. Some about best moments now have died so a lot is happening gates it was the day I forget what game it was it was oh it was. It was some regular season games achieves that laws and I had a roommate every time our suite mate every time they lost they was Lance gamble. He which is he had a huge Coca-Cola. Bottle. That was like eight A piggy bank but it was just ignored like it was like five feet. And he would just open it up. Poured out into his count this change it Tilly was it. Whenever they would lose big gains he would leave the room and say this is why I don't watch sports Eddie would discount chains. They would just. Count he'd be a different tune out county. Like just he's got passed a change in about an epic out. This just like to individually with the change and now you're just an. Take this away. Last night you maybe it's Battelle last night did it feel ill the was it a little fun to have lost it at the television history after Mike miner gave it. Three run double to give up the Lee. Tell me it wasn't fun. When you're losing at Soria continues to get to bits of five straight batters. I did after the colts playoff loss I didn't watch sports center at all around sports listen or any idea anything for a couple weeks after that I was so upset. I was in the Bay Area win San Francisco beat us in the World Series and I couldn't leave my dorm room I didn't wanna go do anything for weeks is their urges signs everywhere and a constant reminder. That one I upset people early Saturday happy but. Everyone was happy that we made it that far and that the team was good. There's it and you weren't happy losing game seven in the World Series but there wasn't as many devastated fans. Now there would be outlets say it is the people that I talked highs about this earlier our biggest moment obviously Port of Spain as you won the World Series last year. But how many moments that are memorable. For cubs fans during the block or the as they update. Steve Barton the department game about any moments come from that. I have people who will never forget where they were sure they would love it if that didn't happen. But it's that it did happen also a huge moments for the. The visiting is the second. Most memorable and exciting thing about be in a play. In my adult united a relationship dessert of Kansas loss to Michigan where they blew that lead it. Three minutes they were up eleven at the under four time out it's very Burke just went absolutely eight. In Dallas and they blew that gave. I. I'm at my life was so upset with me because I went to sleep. Ed and I just woke up at 230 and out repeatedly went in the front room and watched. The last four minutes of that game as if there was going to be a different outcome and just got angrier and angrier. And Yale. Get them upset anymore. I used to I used to freak out I would throw things I would just go get hammered because I was upset and devastated. Get upset more I don't I don't let it run my life the way that he used. Us. Upped it last night out they were outlets last night. I just sit there at odds is good move but have you ever give you haven't got so this off at a gay that you didn't seized from. From being so angry that it becomes funny. Like it I idea I had to re watch the eighth. It became funny every banner that it kept allowed salary at a place. I asked not any man that's started last. Now those break television is up so I hope you don't breakthroughs. But I thought that people admit this. And they start to think that that that national championship game in 2008. Let's look at it. I'm out of bounds at up to date have memories I go to bed at raise a lot as. But efforts for she stands at at least from my perspective. I haven't seen that she'd seen that I thought was a legitimate Super Bowl contenders sell any playoff win in the one of the got a couple years is awesome. Does it out I was imminent AFC championship game. Out if we give Obama broke my broker revoke our remote control of monthly during the chargers. And like the early nineties. I'll never forget that that is a moment that I will never forget. I'm telling you people have been saying. It's just as exciting adds. You're not this site is the second most citing the outside your team winning team. Not only that but Sheikh in. It out all of your pent up frustration if you've been there are a fight with your significant other things go its audit work is his game at all your system. I am that guy who long. If I have a girlfriend hears on the act and I won't talk to where I was I was on ignore all of uncles that is because no one deals I was kicked out. The Murfreesboro. Tennessee Buffalo Wild Wings after Kansas laws. News. Book mail because I broke the salt pepper disputes. Is that he's my hat. I was so mad that he might hit an eight. And just broke the salt pepper does Spitzer and they told me to leave an architect of that a year. Did you track. To combat and a yet we're just. There were. The first avid to death that I think they just forgot about it. And it was funny I used to watch the game with a and other families that was for kids. They were Kansas fans that badly picked up my hat. That I toss and they had it there the next year when we started watching gates immediately handed. Edit the next year kids its loss to Bradley and I threw it in the trains at the buffalo well thought it negative that. Yes it was like a stiff punishment for breaking some peppers should note I was pretty I was pretty. But I was pretty I think I think the years probably. It probably could have just take grounds and that never allowed me to cut. Are coming up on the other side like like. Seriously. What the hell happened in the I had Steve inspector producer. A fiscal of the morning. When I say yes I said today today. It's not and its well yesterday was its EX me. Rule just curious why you think its name it okay. I guess we'll try to figure out why we think it was the manager's fault yet to show. Would run the show you can leave. From the MVP addicting TV and coups don't yield 6 PM Sports Radio. The event and it is a statement over the last night even. Though they've had tread the trickery to win don't let them take that from the best thing about the in the sports fans your team winning at all. The second this thing might be you get to pit. After. They're really tough. Some of the best radio. Or fancy polian. At this the only member of her and you've ever bird last week. Analyst Alice over the best radio I've heard all week after a really tough loss. It's cooler. Scoreboards not let get. Update the other complaint it does as an outage is soft pretzels I looked at the yeah no is Jeanne. Hello Jamie way. And that not having soft pretzels or something it would absolutely be fears is that. Listen I'm military raid yesterday. That and sort no he did blitzes that doctor. Us a little bit I sleep pretty early though I had a crying infant. So I was I was up and Adam. And that that was yes you know and in listen. I got a call it how we call and I think this is on the field and as they bruises. I criticisms they can be live. Yesterday that gay was on did you. I mean it the players. Have got to pitch better but that game was a big news. I'm good. At this place that I guess is you'd earlier Joseph. Ed you can answer this sort of out their list if I gotta tell. Other scenario. In the eight city. That you would allow. That you would allow. Lockheed Soria to face five batters. But I'll tell you what those batters they. Let this scenario. Where do you ever allow. I would not allow this what keeps it I would not allow him to fight faced batters but they face five bad. It'd in. I would not I don't care if he got the bases loaded. Ed to now he is not getting to face that many bad. Not at one inning. But isn't this expected. At this point was oriental the first time we've seen this happen. I get it that's why mats in the quest would you would you allow it any way in a game that you gave that we did the eighth inning that he would allow. Watching story in a fight to face five bad. I series they'll win. And then what it until June. You're going to allow him to face five batters that he's going to allow the first Ford guys altered it hits. What out recording an out. How does that have to. I asked about it too late last night and that's it I've got blocked a lot is sitting in the bits they did you know what to hill with the dammit I'll go beauty. If you wanted. I'll go giddy. What was that all about. It felt like he was going to keep soaring in its ills or you did so big it's only get in on a good note. There you are shot baskets outside. You won't believe that you make your last. Yes what you should do that in a Major League Baseball game it's you need to win. I. Liked how it. There has to be something that Ned seeing that everybody else isn't saying that that's the only thing that I can think now. Yeah that that could be if they not last night Jack. If he opens up with a dump. It gives up a single we know the history of locking Soria ate for probably attic it's a body. It to come out there. Don't give them another me. Personally guys reached on its he's got all the hustle every big. Gorilla. It pick up in. You could face another gap well what he'd do based. 86. They didn't even take him out there. Now the tool. Attempt to go ahead run is at the plate. The tide Roth is on the basis. He's still not letting go get it has recorded an out. I am but looking at a sorry is the guy you're going to need and the stretched right you're nobody you're going to need it at some point 00 you're going to need to get a couple sport you. Somewhere down the line not like that so if you're mad and you show absolutely no confidence in him whatsoever. Well. He's not very useful to the T. Let's listen. It makes Knowles the they were coming up a double header. Noah was overworked. Let I just out of this. He's got to be your closer. Maybe you do this would wade aid is a great holiday their heyday. Went uphill. Can you. You'll be up eight full. You have a reliever rated the eight he's not your closer he has struggled before. He has blown aids and aids leading up into that. He gets up two runs and then puts the tying runs on base in the go ahead run. Eddie has not recorded an out at you already think he's another guy. I just looked. At. Well that. Maybe dad thinks it's funny I'll admit that it's both these. But it's. I don't. Other that was the most fantastic. Ever I mean it was. But up up up budget done Michael Watson was sitting over there at the bids coached is shaking it's done. Like I wouldn't evenly played Davis in for the it. Right like I idol outlets outlets you ball out here to tell me if this and I know we probably can put the supposed oh. But I have to hopefully. I and all that cooler heads prevail prevail unless they did that. So orient shouldn't pitch against circus right you may need him becoming game. Can we do this too we have us or you rule. Every time sorting it comes of the game any gets a runner on. You need to immediately get someone out. I don't think that's a hot. I take. Like that's a pretty solid rule of thumb for anyone in the bullpen again and have guys here I was looking or did you just get ready you're right because. What we saw from our today who has been fantastic since he's been here. May be any time he gets a one on base like he did it gave up promptly gave up a home run straightaway center. Susan Soria hits on this issue any time they get someone on. I think you sick it's a wanna Agassi here and say that I know how to manage your bullpen properly but. I common knowledge is that you don't wanna. Use up guys it you don't need to use so you'd try to get through it wins a guy like Soria and that situation Saturday it was clear heated. I mean it was clear as day that he didn't had I mean he did not have it at all. Of four for the first guys and reached headed exit velocity of ninety. Off the bat. They Q Vern fertility bedecked that would have had no idea to say that prior to talking to Byrd today. Obama now. Some of Q could you can't tell me you were sitting at home saying OK admit. What are you going to go get yeah. What are you going to go give him. I was just my daughter's five months she tired to me it was like daddy is there gonna go at eight. I was reckless tendencies executes well it. I mean to I'd is that I don't know what that was about men. And sir it is given the benefit of the doubt. I want to give the benefit of the doubt there is nothing that makes it's to be bits is what's glorious history he's blown eight saves. He he gave up two runs. To make UB beat up by two. It did put two bore hole. It makes absolute. Knows it. What he can be used to kick the pit. It is. I don't I don't get man. I don't get it I think it is generally a really good manager I don't loves about list. Ed did to come into come for the kicker sort of we're getting word that Soria might go to the that the deal. Gasses out as abide being on the deal for awhile says it. So he's her. He's hurt as well. But I'm not let missiles like Soria. He was horrific his first two batters. But at the person battered it's not ounce or you allow big allowed to stay. Coming up the raiders are usually one of the dumbest teams in sports. But this time I've got to give them trade area there's the Smart ones in this. My nephew who runs the show. And you're listening to the show. Seeks genes boots and radio litigated tickets dot com now for six did not get ticket order using promo code six did sports. Back in the show. Period of and we're embracing it just because they won today and me digging into them. I guess that I think it is a really good manager I don't think the royals would've made it to the World Series and won a championship won the shift. As I would say about it. I was with them. Edges. They get there they'll undecided. NBA standout too late in Oakland. Hopefully he was its differences. None of them will get over this ticket market it's let's get the last word of news. There. Look. At and and and lightly. I. Go. That bridge. The games are. I couldn't go. We lose we lose more. I hope to dad he's now losing for. I would say that it is now I just got its. I don't have that I would say it was like 99.9. Percent certainty that he is not loot out. Policy. Ideas out there and I just don't know what that was about list. So it marketed yet though I don't know that was balance. Island list that over this there. Possesses the raiders of the of this more digitally talked about as the dumb one. One of the dumbest team in sports they always leave the league in penalties but an organization. Jill Goldberg sent out a week the other night saying there was about 9000 fans out there. India in game one. And instead decide whether it is it to seven degrees. And that responded to Jill. They need to the ease need to get the hell up out of Oakley in just go to Vegas along with the raiders. That place is it done. And Weaver. Day it's been. The community the people people who live in Oakland with a voted against the new stadium. I don't care what the we've heard where there's not a lot of money. In California to build the stadiums zillow. The niners Q and Golden State's opening of the new arena and the giants is stadium is not handled. That's a bit to the rain ends at the charges ability to do stadium right like there's that many in California. The outset that permit the day of king the Sacramento Kings got a new marine. Well all fatigues. In California who beat the new stadium. It was a bit up. To the tone. They've got great players who played for the days they don't even have a respectable place to place the retired Jersey numbers. And there Oakland still paying off their trainer activists stay there they still owe money on it. Then I looked up there they gave today they had like. A part but there were Ricki Henderson's number. At the very top of the stadium where there should be seats. To get into it. From the park but it is like a prison yeah you literally have to walk over a bridge over the highway that has super tall fences and barbed wire at the top it feels like you're walking through some kind of prison yard and it's not the flood or wired like family and it's it was. It's like like president. It's all like you can't. I picked what it was that was at fox they were so what's on the word they we're they were put the camera the manager. It next thing you know. Behind them. The guy it was uses the bad the images taken appears there was no doors are you could see was. The manager added another player taking up this behind them. I give them. Just let my god. I give up hope about VA's several. But the raiders the but Las Vegas eighties that would up. They'll play in that stadium to. Think cities are jumping to acquire baseball teams. Felt the blow blow up to Vegas would jump to umi Vegas would jump to acquire the Oakland days. They have hockey they have baseball and football. And that's another stadium they have to the lord they keep they can share that led they had outside Oakland in the states. Note above about every else they. And sharing with anyone anymore and they you know you know the davis' mark that undercut davis' attorneys did and I instance broke cutting the K it cutting the price anyway kitty. How did he doesn't have that much money up Joseph you've been there it's it's that bad is it. It is and it up I gives us it's like the case CI airports they. A bit about a half dozen games there and it. Always completely empty and it always feels ominous and they always have all of these upper deck sections blocked off. They like you hooker out and you feel like you're in a Little League game because there's so many empty seats it seems like just the players' parents are there to cheer him on that guy like patches of grass that look like the Palestinian government take this is all over this that once exit address because that's where brown. The barbed wires with you it's me every single time and our as a lock him lazy ticket. Like they put barbed wire that prevent you from jumping off the bridge so I'm just imagining people like walking in and in deciding hollow this is gonna be terrible and decided to jump off the bridge instead so they constructed barbed wire how to be born in the Bay Area in just not out of it becoming giants. Walking into that hill home one time just become a giant. It appeared that most. People in the Bay Area were giants asked as is Anna bell were ours and the anybody cared about the eighth. I say early big fans of money ball. You vague Vegas mis sounds so much better. What I think all at Angel told me Joseph Goldberg reached between victories and that they had talked about now they're going to build the new stadium and they're putting. They're they're putting they found a location. I like this too late for me about the games that hill which. The raiders left Oakland. Golden State left Oakland. The Dan Mays need to Olivo coming out. The best 592. Show and it will only be 59 seconds not to two and a half hours let the world list. The best fifty nines that instill in Sports Radio the Steve answers.