08/16 8a - Clark Takes a Shot, Kling Cuts the Cord, Soria, Zeke, Arrowhead Attendance

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, August 16th

Clark takes some shots at former GM John Dorsey, Kling finally cuts the cord, the frustration for Soria boils over, Zeke vs the NFL, Arrowhead has an attendance issue plus the Big Story 


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Called the parties can now. And then pull yeah. Bob let's go to guys playing their producers David Spector. Schottenheimer Coca. A well it puts things coming from you're fine. The new head Chesney album cover is it Diana it is Kenny Chesney at arrowhead where his teacher I was. She's ticket today as Kenny Chesney not appeared early this year thanks he looks pretty cool went yeah that's is it that's how. Iconic against those Kenny Chesney concert have become it's the cover his album and errant experts that we city flip it around in particular happen on her face put on page you know you can created a a post on our web sites extends or stock up it looks great and that is a packed packed house and Arrowhead Stadium for that Kenny Chesney concert so it's it's weird that don't know was that employs six and sports dot com like a very nicely UK says the album cover is. At arrowhead subtle knowledge that there have pride there. Yesterday Clark hunt's. Got a chance to speak after practice that it's just so natural when he speaks to you eight took some shots at least some veiled shots at appeared to be John Dorsey but. You re judged as Clark Hunt discusses what Brett each new general manager for the chiefs brings to the French shots. I'm just very pleased with the job that he's doing I think he's fought. A lot of maturity and stability. To the job. Many times had a changer concerned about. Let's change it Megyn disrupting the apple corps and that's not been the case for Brett I think it's resolved report. To go into the 2000 some you know very strong foot. So Brett beach is bringing maturity and stability to the chiefs well that's reportedly side that John Dorsey who weren't sad that that that's definitely a a shot at John Dorsey but my big question is. How does Clark know the guys not even been employed in that job for a month yet let alone. Have the ability to kind of settle landed in Clark being you know down in Dallas and back and forth and all over the place do whatever it is an owner of an NFL franchise does. How does he know what Britain beach is bringing to the table as the general manager that almost felt like more about John Dorsey. Then it did about what Brighton Beach is going to do because you just don't know a month in what he truly brings to the table. As you were general manager and this team was employees to go into the 2017 season. Final all ready regardless of the hired Britain's feature if ya higher blue dots are that trash can over there to be the general manager this team was set up to rock and roll into ready to go. So I just don't buy anything that Clark is selling a Brett Dietz just yet because it's too early in the tenure. But it's definitely a shot at John Dorsey. Clark Todd brought Brett beach intimate. Andy Reid. Academics at that this is come down the guys any reruns the chiefs that's I guess no matter what way you cut it no matter what way you you approach it from Norway angle you look at it. Andy Reid is running that she she could even talk to Kliff Kingsbury. The head coach at Texas Tech he never really spoke to John Dorsey may be on draft day but he worked with Andy Reid when he came to draft him Patrick a home so even when John Dorsey had the job as general manager it's not like he was out there working it trying to find pat tomorrow homes and talking to Kliff Kingsbury now that was an eerie yet. So. Beaches essentially the same thing he'd just better keeping the peace. And hopefully is better contract to get negotiate what he does not a good person was actually shoots but it gave the contract negotiations so if your back. Negotiating. You're batted in valuing talent or at least his sense that you're not the new guy going after your number one pick the guy traded to move up in the first round to take. Not talking to the coach until draft and how involved or you really. In this job well that's that's a major question when it comes back to what John Dorsey did for Kansas it. And some people I've spoken to recently throughout the organization eagle though this is Indy Reid's organization they made it very clear let me know Andy controls everything. Inside of that organization as much as he will say well that's a bread feast they know it's not everything that goes on in that organization. Runs past in these deaths now I don't know business side items one to win these gasket at at all but anything involving players coaches people on the football side of things that's all controlled by Andy Reid and quite honestly guys I don't know that I necessarily have a huge problem with a nice I still think he needs a couple of checks and balances so doesn't get out of hand like it did at the end of Philadelphia. But this guy's been an NFL head coach for almost twenty years now okay this is that a guy's been around the league for almost thirty years or whatever it's been he's been around the national football. I'd rather have a guy with that kind of experience in charge and calling the shots the to have somebody who doesn't have that kind of experience in charge calling the shall do his job not oversee his job right. At this stage in his career and I think if you're if you're anybody in a position. That's what you that's what you probably strive to you right sure. The only thing out probably this is the facade that it's not that way Brad I don't I don't understand that part of that but. That's neither here nor there but the he had the maturity. Line from Clark I'd definitely seem like a shot yet it doesn't and one of instability in have you that was like those are the things we're missing this is why it made the most welcome. To defend any read a little bit Philadelphia though. Really he made the moves to build what was considered a dream team getting on the Asomugha and he had Hahn of players and the list goes on and on a he was raised non stop sign everybody could be surface he's an NFL circles. Everyone thought Andy Reid just put together this masterpiece of a team or go before Eagles are gonna be unstoppable. It into open space right and it doesn't mean that necessarily. Everything in Avery does or personnel standpoint is complete cartels quest it means he took a big riske took a big shot once in his career when he came to running personnel and without got a bunch of big time players and figured they can co exist on this team. Didn't work out form as it's unfortunate. Doesn't mean and he reads it higher ability to evaluate talent but the other personnel is a disaster. I think he's learned from that experience I really do because. I think what what you learn from that experience is just because somebody has a name on the back of the Jersey doesn't mean they're gonna fit in with the colts are that your organization is trying to create and really wanna pull on the rope I mean I know amusing that cliche there. But you that's our we're here for park concert cliches are basically good in the White House very nicely done at a youth but you gotta have guys that are gonna see what you're doing and if you gotta guys that are a bunch of individual I wanna be the star I wanna be the start had guys. That's not a war especially in football that just doesn't work and and we sought pale in Philadelphia and a big wave of big time way. And he hasn't done that hearing kids' day god will really wasted time in free agency would big name guys. But the thing Clark Hunt discussed yesterday in St. Joe when it came to Brett beach's new general manager is how he approaches his job. Rest very much of an independent thinker not somebody who forces is our lives there but somebody who is very creative. Somebody's. Who does defend your thoughts about how you build a championship team and he's also very good communicators so I know his staff. Good really knows what he's looking forward. They're communicators another shot of John yes as is Clark Hunt there and really one of the biggest things about John Dorsey when he was fired was. He did everything AutoZone he loses who drove all the time I didn't really keep anybody in the loop and well sometimes as general manager you can absolutely do that nobody's going to care. When you have Andy Reid and a lot of his guys around you you have to keep everyone who loops everybody knows what's going on do me educate you can run an organization as a general manager. And not tell people what's going on because. You got people underneath you scouts know whoever else sees clearly underneath the general manager and director of player version volatility is doubting well what's that what do you want you know who do you want what are you going for you know we're scanning offensive lineman and then you start drafting defense of one of the or wasting our time looking at the office and is obviously using that as examples that you do have to have somebody the best boss is the best people in charge. Are the best communicators and and those of the guys who get the most out of the people underneath him as well because they have direction. You have to test the whole point of being a general manager manage yet to give direction to your employees. And if John Dorsey is going Rogen not telling everybody what the plan is more than. What direction they truly happy gonna go out it's gotten a highway from players in the end it could be because they didn't get the direction from the top that they needed to goes out the right players not to mention what the communication was going up troop. Clark wanna be more involved right right this general rancher he wanted to be more involved in the overall operation maybe he was again when he was meeting from. From that guys communicators well sure. Now I mean looking at the the entire situation in the front office with the chiefs of all I can say in this is. This is absolutely is silver lining to what appears to be pretty dysfunctional situation in Iraq in that frontal it's just basically were able to have the success that well we're what was seem like it was a dysfunctional office and that's crediting anti it what it is because they haven't buried deep Rosser a top to bottom one of the best rosters in the NFL that's undeniable and and that's Joseph John Dorsey and his staff to the silver lining there is you have a complete roster. If this is the right time to rebuild your front office it is you'll be rebuilding your front office when you have a bunch of holes in your roster that you need to fill. The chiefs have a very solid roster top to bottom either the quarterback position if he still Alex Smith gave like an upgrade just drafted Patrick Holmes C feel like you have an upgrade coming very soon. Roster pretty sad it's a good time to rebuild that front off and you were talking yesterday about like positions of deputy didn't want its extent sports dot com about the mustard gas. I think the quarterbacks could death right now to mean I think that's a position new video on one's five and number two all local we got there are so you have a solid back up that bad spot there's solid consistent starter in junior high outside rookie that's a very nice doesn't ordinarily so I mean beaches got his work cut out for because the ground work that John Dorsey and the guys that were there before relayed was very very good ground work now now V test to make sure. That you continue to tune the look at the bottom of the roster turnover that bottom of the roster create good depth to a raft weld asked for the future. Mean John Dorsey say what you want me to be here anymore but still that a lot of really good things so disorganization up for success in the future. Our Josh Cuellar has done the unthinkable. Here woody did next. And things we did it yeah the. Every game. Am told. Do you one. If you meet enough and they see. Everything they agreed to you it's just extremely. And welcome back did its best 2 in the morning and I might well I'm Bob does go and today of course Josh. Man and producer Steve is that there's just. Does the un thinkable. At least my perspective the other think I got to do it this difficult long time I see each cell there I tell you which you did I it is been a long time we chronicle that on the show we talked about it for. How many years now probably about three small house. And I cut the cord yesterday. Don't work well accord was that if you umbilical cord finally hit that's I have. Quietly done during a pair of money out that's that perhaps does that ever happened radio operator six. They said residuals you but it's as I say it. QB QB deeply play top. But we talk about while we we hear Burleson all time. Out there are so many cut the cord there's so many ways to get sports doing due up. And I have men. Just defending it forever playing my family can't do that I can't extract her body how to use the TV I can't stand on one leg with a tin foil hat and or use and all of those as excuses were just. Evident it's true I still heard analysts alas I like heck at this plan story it's a good your computer you're left debit punitive and I'm like yeah not that I'm not. I'm not gonna go to those extremes to do it but. I I called and I was adamant about twenty years subscriber I think to DirecTV from close at twenty years. They fight for me which is unbelievable this day and age were reappeared about everybody cutting the cord ready whenever. Data and even put up a fight I didn't wanna do at this point that I'd made my mind right. But they did it it for squat. It to try to keep me around which to me was the biggest lake. Upset the whole outlook YD dvd yet because I've been a twenty year customer most of DirecTV is well and we were having this conversation yesterday you committed the court so. I do one of those online chats with a representative and originally they said to me like used to greatness or V twelve dollars a decent discount off your next film that's not gonna cut really after this and what. YE canceling Wright said now we don't watch it enough which is that really true but. And then. After they did the you know. Clicking on the keyboard for a few minutes right and they said well and is there anything we can do to get your price point down to of to a level now thinks so. Hi getting a price point down has 130 box or some amount yeah. Some like that probably 13040 bucks a month but time was done with all the boxes or whether charter and I didn't like to in research and experiment with stuff and I got it down to like 45 bucks on him. By doing stream by doing streaming and not not missing any sports which was the big thing yeah. Real wanna still maintain our sports sure that they got it down to elect 45 baht are so what are you doing for royals games. A well as of last night I still was able to use. The head directly Passworder for my thing to write to watch on fox sports go yeah. What would that goes away then what will you do I'm going to I'm I'm going to Jennifer for much fuel its its when TV is great. I've investigate that's some of the features of PlayStation the UN like I'm on there too you'll whistling TV counseling TD PlayStation you can visit you don't have to have a PlayStation we just kind of the myth of its just a streaming service but you can get. I get fox sports Kansas City you can't you know okay. As today and you watch a royals and sporting thanking you get all the SP hands and all that stuff and still had your your sports in your ESP and threes and everything else. And you're just gonna streaming it online the only thing I found is that it's a little bit delayed from what you TV was sure. And your based on yours your you still based on your Internet so you can have some not quite is the clarity may be would have. In it in a direct link but I'm seeing him like a hundred bucks amongst still so yeah I got this out your and so elbow. Amateur that way anyway well. You're that way it anyway anymore it's a pretty much if you usually your Internet goes down your cable also goes oh hi my other my other DirecTV boxes ran off the Internet is 80 okay. I think other than then maybe the main one minded mine do for like you know if you wanna go if you wanna start to show in progress and double click on the DirecTV and it starts to show in progress if you wanted to do on demand it ran off the Internet wide what he's never run off the Internet for me. But this is going to impact sports pretty significant lately because people cutting the cord. Good sports fans may just I was like I thought that was last night late yeah like I can. Wean the kids off Disney and whenever and my wife watches credit TV they can. Could always managed it was me that was the hold up certain. I can't give up my sports so what are you gonna do that in itself. PlayStation view as FL they have the the red zone even if young plays and reds don't package on their ten bucks ten more extra bottles that you will you have the HD antenna as well hooked up to yeah the local tea yes. So go at the antenna ego at the PlayStation deal mean that's that's where people are gravitating towards its gonna change the landscape of sports because streaming is the future of sport yesterday we had seen that take place and it's going to be streaming whether it's on your computer or your television at this point. It's all going to be streaming services now. Well some might see that dial like change trust me I'm one of the U I'm still so I have cable I was just went out directly bees do so but it will be better for it is for everyone to find out exactly how many people are actually watching. Because that you can actually register going through that street stream service they know how many people watch any given time. As opposed to the current rating system which is really just again estimation right of how many people are watching it a given sporting event now you're going to get actual idea. How many people are watching this thing down to almost the person and that's it change the sports landscape forever I think. I think with the Disney deal that we saw yesterday it would ESPN and Disney kind of combining things in bringing things in house. I think world looking at a date in the not too distant future worthy Disney company. Takes all of their stuff in house and the only way you can get it is if you go through them. And because ESPN's being offered now ala carte as we've heard. You can only get it through that they they tell the cable operators today you know go fly combat that could be the next really major shift then and yet again takes all their stuff Padilla says the only get it now hey we've we gave it to the cable satellite and everybody for a long time in an error rate complain about paying eight bucks a month the right ones for. You can get it from us now right where has taught us as thirty dollars a month and now you're Disney's step we take awhile to get there but we make what I think is gonna have to make a two point world you were paying one cable bill but now you're just cutting cutting up your different packages is still paying the same amount or not there yet some like. By can do that. And save a hundred bucks a month for myself. Just off this a minute drive so I finally got there we'll see. Our and it's just it's time to say Scion are till one royal we'll tell you who they kicked off if you can't guess if you just can't guess who it is I know it's a very strong. If you dig guess here it is for today it's not to say sign RO one loyal will tell if Omar Infante. Exactly. As we kick off for commercial free half hour next. It's time. Still in the morning I'm Mike welcome Bob passcodes just played there producer Steven Specter. Teens or as walking disaster. For the Kansas City Royals as he gave up. Score runs but really the entire ending. Yesterday in the bottom of the eighth as the royals had a commanding lead to four lead over the days in Milwaukee Soria came and destroyed and as the royals and of losing ten to eight. And Oakland a's game that they really needed this this series they needed this week not win but sweet because the Acer terrible. And walking Soria blowing it amazing that the eight pick up the world CE four lead at. Has let everybody into a point where we are done that were walking soar well here's how it sounded right here on sexton Sports Radio listen this is. Please seasonal hole fears the pitch. Swung on me. He had a really good guy still going back home Bruce. We have moved this forward and take the lead. Now it's nine day. And it went on to be attend a final and you have an opportunity to close at a bad baseball team on the road you're leading by four runs after great comeback in the in the top half of the eighth inning we hit three home runs. You've got to find a way to shut that door and Soria came in last night and didn't shut the door and I didn't really giving him the benefit of the doubt all of last year for most of this year but I'm done giving Soria the benefit of the doubt I don't believe that he's earned the benefit of the doubt anymore. And I think story should be cut today about the Kansas City Royals because. Number one it's not fair to fans had just isn't in number two it's not fair to the rest of the guys inside that locker room who bust their ass who come back who fight hard who give you an opportunity to have an 84 lead against a team featuring Bubba Gump playing center field or whatever that guy's name is boot Powell Powell he had played center field I mean no one has turned don't know that they did they think it's the old man barbecue got from bolt and he's not a related to no reason that we heard again it's it's weird it is really weird he's like something something boom Powell the fourth and he's not related to be moved out right spots like Isaiah Thomas for the Celtics is not letting guys into looking forward to meeting him when he goes to Baltimore might. I presume like great grandson about what I ask I think that's not quite the same thing never heard of the guy last the last lie that these Isiah Thomas is what you'd call us. Fairly common name Thomas is a common last in Isaiah common personal and somebody boot is now so well now is not a column name comedies have I mean he's not related but it it would Betsy here there's not try to take the spotlight off the story right. Now. We're talking about a guy who's blown way too many games I mean Soria single handedly. Probably has the royals not in full control of a wild card berth right now really nipping at the heels. Of the Cleveland Indians and last night was it for me I'm just I'm I'm at my breaking point was soaring and Everyman has their breaking point guys it's OK to have a breaking point. Was somebody was an athlete you don't always have the support because they Wear your hometown team's Jersey or something like that. I seen enough of Soria I don't need to see him anymore and I don't know if it's feasible as if it if they're able to release him. But I think that sends a major message throughout back clubhouse and a major message to fans as well that. Hey we understand your pain where with you this guy's been terrible we're going to pass on story it no more. In this guy pitch in a situation that you need to shut down again and 84 I mean c'mon man it's not a high pressure situation. Situation really is you really yeah it's pretty bad news still wish yeah. Right like gear up for or against a team its budget triple A guys and cash today for the year it it's time for story to go out soon all will be OK don't make it tonight you know not possible. Soaring can't really be released because of his contract and a whole situation and they don't have anybody else at apple and I feel confident that that's the other problem there's nobody in ample and right now if you give me the list of guys fellas. Who you look at the week I. I still confident with that I feel okay with more like OK with her rare. At times they feel okay with minor medieval last night I mean might get a free pass here but he was put a bad situation the story. It couldn't get his act in my body's own it after the game gap but. Put up fire right yeah. Do your job I mean I hate selling Bill Belichick but it's it's very simple and wild pitch which opened up first base they decide to play the percentages which totally favored him yup he's great against left handers this lefty sucks again I was facing. Was it was bad gets left hitters say potentially loaded load the bases get to this guy's one ranked and then he gives up a three run double right. Do your job yet so I mean the that was another depleted bullpen meltdown last night it really like to what I used to those and after the game yet Mike Weiner did speak but he was well some of the things got really literally would like Italy with now and you know sometimes you pay. Jesus it hits your eye today how he's gonna do is come out and say you don't suck well well. Well I can't I don't like the excuses and Maureen I just don't want it this is a playoff race now. I don't I don't wanna hear anything from anybody I want to just get outs I want them to do their job. And story hasn't spoken to the media all your support nets got to sit there and take question after question about this guy because he's not you know doing it for himself. We have a lot more to get to and more whales in this commercial free half hour we of the chiefs coming up in five minutes but. Some developments in the easy kill Elliott situation is he is currently. In the middle of appeal the six game suspension from the NFL because of alleged domestic violence. Yahoo! Sports released this report this morning. And it's already getting a lot of run because both Yahoo! released you know it's pretty it is Charles provost and then go home and patty Tatum I am. Made those guys really. It puts out this exchange. That's contained in a 160 page report prepared by NFL investigators and it makes Tiffany Thompson. The accuser Susie Q Elliott. Lose all credibility. It's an actual text message exchange so it's actually very true. Where Thompson's friend suggested that they could blackmail Ezekiel Elliott with sex videos of herself and Eliot. Oh this is in August of 4016. And she also had a registered email address titled what is he who Elliott's experience. In August 2016. Meaning that she could very easily gone through with this and the text message back and forth on giving the quick version of it text message back and forth. Was they say we can all be millionaires we could blackmail him at that. How awesome response I wants you bro. Friend let's do it Thompson scared. And Fred says I'd be like look give me ten K barrels a seller sex videos for the same amount flat. Policy response ten K Lee I want one he can go big or go home. So this doesn't necessarily mean it that easy to Eliot. Didn't strike. Tiffany Thompson. But if you're looking at the situation from an investigator standpoint the one witness that you have the one that. First hand witness that you have. As already shown through text message have but more than shaky credibility. Because if you're already looking to blackmail the guy you're taxing your friend back and forth about blackmailing this guy. More than who's to say that you would blackmail with allegations of domestic violence using something that's a very hot button topic especially in the NFL to try to get something out of the cica. But he can't assume you just can't that she is black market mailing him with this stuff that's the big problem assumptions don't hold up that core. -- mean assumptions of what like you can't assume she's blackmailing him on domestic files he says he's blackmail him on something so though this is the situation and investigations that. First and foremost the pleas of party not charged Ezekiel arguably there's sufficient evidence for anything and the NFL is then given Al 86 game suspension but Ellie its appeal it'll come down to what they can improve. And the problem is when you have eight he said she said situation. You know back and forth. Credibility then becomes incredibly important sure. But it also does not matter what the law says if a private company wants a suspended employee. But your union wide exists is taking come back any Kenya in a can fight it like it is right now and it should and an absolutely beat you absolutely 100% should fight this state but it doesn't mean that they're going to win that the legal system really as much as we would like. Really has nothing to do with this Roger Goodell and the NFL are private entity. They're looking at Ezekiel Ali whether you like it or not they're saying. You embarrass the league were suspending Buford and have their right to do that because he is an employee of that leak when you play in leagues when you work for companies you signed moral clauses a lot of people have them if you violate that moral clause. You're going to be suspended that's just the way awards are we missing the clear problem here. Today let's say the NFL decides even with all this evidence showing a lack of credibility from the accuser 270. Pages that we sent under sixty to 86060. Page report and it. And that report. Police didn't find anything that felt like they need to charge Zito. If you're a union you're going to the NFL with that much evidence and their responses. Doesn't matter. How much power does that give to anyone in Thompson's case. The black male anybody they want to because today. Is he Kelly had a mountain of evidence on his side. He's lost is still lost 66 game checks to sure it's not like he's just missing six games and I'll date you have fun and play football let's game checks dot that's more than twenty can't bear. If more than the twenty K you're definitely doing well we're losing Megan and rookie level. That's still at six game checks that's it that it you can't. This morning is very important when it comes to this. Yet and we'll see how the NFL handles the appeal the problem is though the appeal process is being heard by the man who set the original suspension so it's it's like. It makes absolutely no sense of the way to the NFL does their thing this again. Guys you know as we talked about you know the other day with Roger Goodell and everybody be mad at him. You know he he's doing whatever he wants to because the players have allowed him to do what he wants the players the players were a bunch of freaking cowards in the last labor negotiations the the problem is the players for somehow bull he's. That if they don't play right away they're never gonna play again they're never gonna have football. The players have to get smarter the players have to get wiser the players need better leadership they need Bob fest deleting their union because we'll shut this thing down and I am in what was right for the players because they're not getting taking care of they're getting screwed over by the owners and every step of the everything the world looking at right now that we complained about since the labor deal is because these players how to out and got afraid and thought only got a bucket of play the best athletes in the world your sport ain't nobody taking your job. So if you have to sit out and miss a couple of games and shut this thing down to get things back to where they need to beat. Then they need to get their because I'll tell you what I've got fatigue and I got fatigued players complaining about the same thing over and over again I'm tired to hear the players complain about the discipline the players complain about this in the players complain about that working out the collective bargaining agreement you had the opportunity to do it and you Howard that you how to out of your bed until for the owners if you were scared and they use scare tactics against it'll work and the players got nothing. This is their own doing he did they know there's a collective bargaining agreement that let Roger Goodell be judge jury and executioner. Hear her as well well this take ownership. Man that's on the players side Zito it Beasley wasn't around much that I did well this say daisy hill it was a middle school in the CBA it was it was announced nest the problem with how these situations work the community's collective bargaining agreements. And then players that had nothing to do with the agreement. Are directly affected by an easy it was. I think it either early high school or middle school. In 2011 when the CB year agreement misery Angela that's the way it's always gonna be because for whatever reason there cited his tenure deals which is lunacy in another something dealers look it was a great deal particularly guys went to ten years. You guys you'll take this could look like that you're. And so they saw it would take your deal it's like it's not about sound at all it's like to go out it's you know it's. I don't do that the final you'll have re out this thing to a court and try to anyway right now. There are trying to spend it. Still. Up for you guys it is it's terrible deal for the players they've got shut. This thing down and get what they want because I've got fatigued and tired to hear the players complain about the same things over and over again. We have Derek harbors is Tom holly at 850 but any of those you bring up that 20/20 one and a agreement the CBA it's affected by the amount of fans going to games because right now. Across the across the board in the NFL a tennis numbers are hurting in Clark Hunt. Sounds a bit concerned about the the attendance at least against right the attendance at the stadium to be as physically fly eighty the last four years is he's got yeah tennis is dropped off every year. A whole lot but but still dropping stepping it's not going up and there's a lot of factors that play into the plains who for everyone in the NFL. Clark Hunt disgusting yesterday in St. Joe itchy shrinking. The home experience going to continue to get just the major technology. I'm I think it's challenging experience parades forces making sure that the experience in the stadium. Is as good as compelling and different in certain respects right it's just one thing we have heard Kansas City. I know our fans loved it. The tailgating experience. You know which everybody loves it there and acquiring. Earlier yeah you Perkins barbecue so bored so we're just gonna have to continue to think about how we keep you in the state and experience. Better that it wasn't your reporting you know let's. Clark Hunt yesterday chiefs training camp in St. Joe is he gives you the air horn of doctors they drop them in the middle there. Work out there over after workouts are honest assertions over time it's bureaucrats and the draft that center sellout. The TV experience is going to hurt the in stadium experience that he had just as how it works it's not necessarily an indictment of the NFL or their business model is just the evolving way that things happen. We're going to see downsize and is stadiums as time goes forward mats that shouldn't really be shocking to anybody who. But they kind of find ways to get that audits stadium experience to feel better to feel like you're really enjoy that experience more that you would if you were at home. It's not the prices the prices that British pros and out there the prices in Kansas City by comparison to other cities that high. Now the concessions to be a little bit better drink should cost ten dollars a pop. But yeah hot dog lit parking is that you go to. Dallas who cowboys in a pay 100 dollars to park but were not in Dallas were in Kansas City the other you're doing this current NFL standpoint you're doing is an NFL. It's got to be concert you go to any events. And and all things almost exerted their costs city there of the more people that you have the more things cost because you have a bigger pool to pull from so you can always charge more into the city. I'm telling I put it up on our our fate my FaceBook page anyway and I said. You know Clark is concerned about it at arrowhead attendants have gone meaning is and as a what's keeping you from going to the stadium and closer to order comments on this thing so there's a lot of people weighed in on it. The number one thing that came up the most was sparking both cost in the cluster way of which it's done right now I mean people are not happy. We sixty dollar parking they're not happy with the way. There's yes he's ever to get our 160 dollars to you know I had time there's not enough and so there is that more incentive to buy had to write a 660 dollars to 35 dollar support you must he wait until you get there the pace taste of its full cost of those 45 it's a 4960. I would like that there is a decent enough incentive to buy it exists it's good incentive by at times are not buying at a time that's on you when you. Yeah it does it here's the thing if you go through that wine a lot of it isn't the chief's fault. It's the one and 100 cars is driven by hole more on and that's being very generous with my numbers by the way but it didn't you candidates and that way you should just drive in or people need to be better drivers I don't think sound that there was texting there was all the other distractions it's not easy people. Oh rout out the pre season game on Friday as a fan bought the ticket. And it. Out of the pre season game I've drive and I'm thinking how is this taking so long turns out there's one guy in advantage. At the front this wall line is we're going around the loop through we know the gold in the red and all that stuff we're going around through this loop there's one guy look at his phone try to figure out how he is not moving. By moving at a five mile per hour pace. Zoom around it past them and I'm like this this is why AF from bigger problems that people like this guy. Not because of the cheese because they didn't have an issue there but you have to do your part as a driver to paid Heller. And you know where you go but they've changed parking every year so much consulate that nobody knows what to do it when a lot of it has to do the infrastructure around the stadium to me that though those roads are built the seventies for fuel for cars okay we got trucks and suvs and aliens and things right now buses. That arc. Are too big for their for the road easy need to expand that circle roadway around arrowhead. And Kauffman Stadium to keep people movies I mean parking and traffic banks are my biggest my resiliency and and I know I don't. Yeah oust some of Tommy and I think it's all their fault and I made its patience level as well but but that's my that's my number one yep parking his was the number one concern for people why they don't go whether to perception whether it's reality parking was my feet aren't getting out and what Japan again was the number one complaint number two. Number two and it wasn't that far behind number one was the drug behavior of fans in the stadiums and a lot of people saying. They don't feel like is a family atmosphere I can agree with that I'm not taking my six and seven year old daughter Earl had stadium anytime soon. The beefy and behavior has gotten to the point. Or even Connie Joseph who's the biggest die hard chiefs who's been going since the day she was ten years old is that season tickets for ever. Is on there complaining about the aero I've gained a spear and she's a die horrid she spared. And so she said that out even she's saying and it didn't start to have people that are my agent Josh is either forty with kids ago. It was cool in my twenties but now watch people stumble around drunk and make asses of themselves can't take my kids to that going. The thirteen people complained about and complain about but. The TV product at home just as exceptional short there's not our error acknowledge media there's not a better TV show in the world in the NFL on Sunday afternoon it is an amazing TV show in fact I was talking to somebody the other day goes. I go to the games but I go back and watch him because I feel like. I'd miss something I want you to commentary I wanna know what's going on web app game Derrick Johnson goes down. Childress replays we know what apple we see what what's going on I wanna see all that you feel like you miss stuff so. The drunk atmosphere the parking and the TV product is being exceptional with the three biggest reasons why people said they're not going to games. The drug atmosphere goes both ways though. Part of the atmosphere at arrowhead is created by the rowdiness and everybody wants to talk about how great the atmosphere books on the television what. Yeah to draw thirty furor about the fact that there on television streaming their faces off and going crazy. It ever between the two cocktails and in getting into fights and passing out and falling down stairs and banging into threes in the you know doing all of that kind of stuff. You see on a weekly basis at an NFL status and an NFL stadium at -- stadium you see an incredible atmosphere in some of that stuff is going to happen along with it and stuff happened back in the day to consider a cell phones it in their pocket ticket taker duke record of the DOD given to her but again perception and in perception is that oh my god I gotta pay sixty dollars to park it takes three hours of park ominous sit next to guys gonna puke on my shoes and the TV products better and that's the perception that a lot of people have and why people are staying awake it doesn't matter what you think reality is it matters what those people who were paying the -- think reality is that they think reality is not a good experience. Their pocket adult the chiefs do you have any perception problem right now that is a 1000%. I don't disagree that make it through the entire league as a perception problem. They need to find a way to rectify. This perception problem that people just go to my FaceBook page and read these comments what do you believe that or not. This is what people are saying why they don't go anymore and the chiefs need to understand that. And fix those thing let's give people back let's pick one thing very clear before or move on. If the TV products oxen those tickets would sell out no heartbeat. If the TV product was an amazing he'd overcome thanks the other things wouldn't matter jerk we simplify the other things because we don't want except the absolute fact that sometimes we just like to sit at home watched the game and and you know what injured there's nothing wrong with a 74 inch TV for KTV in a case of keystone light sit by your side you know are on sale a minute that's fine. Now the what people did say which I thought we disagree with. Is that it's too expensive to go out there but the pats of eagle the chiefs dual free 200 dollar season ticket that's when he dollars a game for all ten games. I think that is very affordable I think that is very reasonable. To spend 200 dollars to every single game now you're gonna be a pie sure that just goes with the mean that it's based on. You know he wants of the good you're gonna pay more for a million of you if you want a pair of you know it's great dollars tickets for as is Katie you're gonna get. 200 dollar season tickets right but if you as a secondary market is very good sure on on a game by game basis it right just looking to get tickets yes you can go game by getting so you can do I portal I icing it ticket to a chief Steve is very very affordable right now so I don't buy that it's not affordable because I think it is the concessions urgent. That'll I only get diamond concessions are aimed about that because you don't have to buy anything there. You don't buy it. The amount of money you have to spend on things that you can get for such a small price outside that's what. It's a little differently the ticket prices the parking prices relative to other places in the NFL. You're doing fine. We talk you start talking about hey here's this. Bottle of bug light the you can get at the store right now for like. Less than two dollars or. We're gonna give it to you for eight that you're not at a store you're at a bird and and it's. You know they put a premium because you can't get it somewhere else off I'd never been because if I don't wanna spend till now. I've been here 810 dollars on a beer I don't have to spend ten dollars ought to be eight I don't need to have a beer while I get an arrow you need it. That at all you don't need to get people Ireland to have to be judgmental Jan over here doesn't there yeah. I get down when I go to game I bring my cash and I know hey I want to have a good time on the suspend its two of the cost of doing business and going not going to an event that is. I never complained about concession because it's a big you don't have. Have to spend your money you can do your partying in the part I'm going to enjoy it is that and isn't that encouraging in a sense the alcohol as Alan good to drink it time and it isn't promise college games visited places that don't sell alcohol on college games you drink as much as he can't take that ten shots a fireball before you go NBC don't want to spend money on the alcohol inside of yes. Or create it's going negative and I imagine people are passed down the stairs. Story. Big story. Out it was a regular salad. Wouldn't second. Well that does sound days. Korea. Fourteen Soria the major story of the day as an the unthinkable really happens to aid to for any blows the lead for the Kansas City Royals last night. And ease the scapegoat is well deserved as scapegoat this time I don't know like this call eight Scalia called escaping the reason why they lost people blaming Alex Gordon which is happening there that's a scapegoat. But walking Soria was it to cool disaster and we'll hear from Ned Yost we'll talk to him. Just five minutes here on a best 2 in the morning I can't wait to hear what he has to say about walking. Sure you know what it's very frustrating and like I've been saying all morning long. I've I've given Soria a lot of opportunity I've given him the benefit of the doubt all of last year and up until yesterday. I've given Soria the benefit of the doubt but after last night I can't give Soria the benefit of the doubt anymore and I don't think it's fair to the other guys in that locker room and fair the fan base. To keep him on the roster right now he's not helping you win ball games and you're up eight to 48 inning after Manning great comeback. You should be able to go ahead and win that baseball team and he did because Soria couldn't get anybody else. That's it's it's just amazing the explosive type situations that he finds himself in man. Where you can it's like circle his name we did so many times of last year at games and they're but it chronicle well they had these games that directly could be on his plate. This is what happens it's starting at that point this year which is which is really makes you wanna clear there you know everybody's got their breaking point no matter what the situation is I'm at my breaking point was Soria I don't need to see him anymore on the field. We're watching walking Soria pitched. You look at the body later after Iraq's other as broad. He does strongly look at the wrecks other drugs than the body language and everything else it's horde to watch walking so worried about the amount yeah even at an 84 situation where you we probably shouldn't find even if he was. Pretty bad if you would have probably been fine. Walking Soria when he steps on the mound instills zero confidence in me and I can't say there's one. Guy in this royals' bullpen at this moment that I am 100% confidence and he's going to get the job done every time net hands on the ball it's not like it used to be every week we went from the bullpen it was automatic to a bullpen that is at a I don't know whatever the opposite of auto back at events like. Terrifying. I had I would imagine again if it was fair about it to me that's that's unrelated accident when they walk out there I get there by I I feel better about it to say it's traumatic. If it's an addict nearly the amount of runs the royals get enough in the month of August and it's absolutely atrocious so there's no other way the second worst ERA in baseball when it comes to bull pens for the month of August and last night was an opportunity crap that wild card spot that hey you're just a half game back of the while part things are still great for the world what would they take care of business today and get that win. But yesterday's gains yesterday herds because he had had. How to win it was a win yesterday it was a it was a needed win at this point in the season eight and 989. Version historian her right. Five combined losses and they're both in the areas of four that's that's that's not good we're used to that. All right the royals had a rough loss last night we try to make sensitive as were joined by royals manager Ned Yost and two minutes.