08/16 9a - Ned Yost, NFL QoD, The New Border War

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, August 16th

Our weekly conversation with Ned Yost, the NFL Question of the Day involves Drew Brees plus another edition of The New Border War 


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It's huge here in the 9 o'clock hour might well bomb best coach past liquor producers Stevens. At the question today. Fifteen in. Border wars nine. I'm thirty but first time to talk to skipper you know it is as we do every Wednesday at this time out in Oakland a tough one tough tough one last night and I know obviously for you clearly for the fans and it just seems like Soria is is becoming this guy that everybody feels a hole when he comes on to the down what's what's kind of your approach right now with him. They'll remain Jack is the one guy that everybody says oh it sure right now me. Jack the last three times out there and you know outstanding 12312. Streak at the pitches under. Fifty pitches loses which is exactly what you want in the reliever. Last night he he is actually has Apple's get a biscuit and heavy hitters he's getting to drag. It just didn't have a good changeup he gave up three hits arms changeup last night and his changeup isn't big out pitch. And he didn't have. He you know we can block that a lot of play around and you know Soria. I married out there there there's a lot of blind people around just depended on Jack but not entirely fair. Wait when you when you will look at him as as a pitcher in the situation that he's in right now I don't feel we're very finicky as fans we live and die with every pitch in you've done a great job of looking at big picture kind of keeping everybody around here. What do you tell fans who get so upset when he comes into the game and what's your message to us to say hey Tom Dowd it's gonna be okay type of thing. I don't album. You know that'll be one guy a couple of years ago it was Omar there's always one guy. Everybody connected in the you know last year Jack in the lead in the issues mr. Jack numbers. A lot better than it wore last year but they still anytime it just like wait for. You know something that happens so they can get on him and there's nothing you can say. You know at this it's just the nature of the game as well somebody's at. You know that that are that are in trial again in the you know Jack Jack. Ned as a manager right now looking at your ball panic considering how blessed you've been it and the bullpen did Bolton department over the last three or four or five years. To deal bull and you have this year which isn't quite as locked down it. How much harder does that make your decisions are on game day. By you know it just depends. You know in July it made it really either going to stretch 34 consecutive scoreless innings everybody on the ball well. Everybody I. Now we get Augustin. Action that we get relief nobody down there on the ball exceptionally well. So me. Going through. You know any baseball season's been through. You understand it guys. He you know they they have that they have down there and the funny thing about this team is one we have downs we you know we do it all the others. Will we were going so well prepared and everybody at that matter we were out there they're gonna put up scoreless inning. You know now when we're going to the little down period in the bullpen. I think like everybody that she put out there as struggles Scotty. You know starting Alexander he's been so good for us so year. Here especially like an obvious there's been elevating and elevates his pitches get flat when he state down he's got tremendous strength and by Tuesday it is. You know a brand and now or what they're getting adjusted over here police. Making some adjustments. You know mark miner who was so good for you know you know all your club out there. Well I think Mike said that last night earlier in the year there were some states and they're not now so. You know you just try to match up the best can I mean we had the best possible matchup last night when that game. In the eight inning with joy and mine is an absolute perfect. Accurate and has won thirty against lefties Joyce's 200 against lefties and you know it was a high percentage matchup and you know it elevator pitch and it it didn't work so. And you just keep trying you know what's your pictures in a position where they could be successful and they have the block and execute it has to be successful. You mention the percentages. Were obviously in your favor in that mood is that those make. Those types of outcomes tougher to swallow when you know that that's that was the right move it just didn't work. Well yeah it in. He I think and again like that that little anything you know it is it is because. You have you know a situation where. You know you're trying to make sure that you've put yourself in the highest percentage bracket. Execute it and to get through it and he just did a great job I mean we needed attention in the news that contentious Rhonda Davis and you know he had been striking out tender. You know what kind of goes unnoticed flows well it should be you know in the tendered at the wild pitch count down in the weight during there and now we got Carter's second and third which represented the tying run at second the tying run at first. But that a great job of striking out tender date pinch hit project Davis and you know he he gets killed lefties and flight app. They take what the winning run on but she got such a good matchup behind it. You get competence into pitchers especially with the slider in the 95 monarch fastball. To get them out you don't do it could just back parts of and you sit there and you react. It. You know it's just it's just that's the tough part of the game we very you know we get. Joyce right there you can think about it and you don't get a map to think about how much at all. No doubt Ned Yost who this here on sixteen and Sports Radio royals fall last night but you got to be proud you guys and come back to go in the eighth inning and it was impressive the back to back to back home runs and you feel pretty good with that 84 lead that was a heck of a comeback in the eighth fitting for you guys. That was really exciting you know we're so when the banks start to develop like that. He you know Alex Gordon up and you just keep thinking okay. You know if you can get on the to make something happen got the top of the order coming on Alex gets on it. Now drew as a premier thanked India block here this guy's a little while. Maybe maybe we hit and run here. Byrd pitches the ball and I almost looked it Annan on the second pitch because it was a little while. That's gonna wait here and introductory. Hit the ball down maligning and and they look a lot like. Gallagher all the night before it gets started turvy trial on par round now don't. But then it got about halfway down there in the wind caught it blew it all the wait a minute blows twenty feet back fair. The home run in and at that point I thought OK we got this game now equaled the one run lead right and pockets of blocks. Or shop the opposite way and then moved you know with his 35 homer. You know that that tickle me Bose you know now we wanna waste of time it. But yeah it felt great going into the bottom of the eight you know felt really really get we're gonna lock them out. It says that it happened but to watch the guys that tobacco offensively. You know it that was that was on lot of energy a lot of the side in the dugout at that time. I ask you this week we saw I I think the first game in in Oakland two nights Italy since when I first noticed it wrecks brought it up with this yesterday. The players are doing that are signed now after caller it's like everybody's doing what's the significance of that. You know. It could back and you look at our group. And our group is really really close. And you know I I think everybody happens on what they're trying to start out as joke because that he would do it. And then mail piece started you know get Arnett C about it now they've restricted out by. You know I didn't think it it will what it means they get conservatives that hey you know I'd like my teammates and enjoy playing with my teammates I enjoyed doing a bit from my teammates and you know this is for you you know that let that thought maintenance of what it says it's a fun group with a very close knit group. You know and once somebody does get Nagin they you know they've rallied around you know a sister and about. You know but they have certain specific significance. Its talons. You can make say I love playing with. Tuchman Ned Yost royals manager here on 610 sports radio and brought Melky Cabrera. As it kind of catalyst in making me getting on Eskew a little bit about the hard thing. How well is he fit in this clubhouse and into that dugout now it's been a couple weeks. I mean. It's been a couple of leak you know we had Melky and all these kids came out. It was swept I think Kansas City we brought our news and salvia and those guys and you know he looked kind of a man tortured them back there. And they you know they don't forget things like that come up to the big league this. You know other of their fight their way to the big leagues in in players that are there to help them and support them and you know beat let them. You know that they don't forget that because there are you know I've seen other guys when they get that they believe they're tough on rookies they feel like okay he's a rookie and you know they get a earner starts in their telephone rookie than. These guys never forgot the way the milky trees and when Melky got your little piece as saying guy. No peaceful energy all they want to do when and he loved. You know competing he'd love. You know the clubhouse interactions and he's very close to all those guys so they were extremely excited when they got milky. Because they knew who was they knew what he was sin. He you know when he's come back like that cities the exact same guy needs just that. It's a pleasure to have in the clubhouse and to see every single day. You guys are just half game back in that final wild card spot man what a great great great thing for Major League Baseball to have. All of you guys and you probably don't like he'd like to run away with the to have all these teams competing this late in the season for a playoff spot that second wildcard is the one of the greatest things don't happen. To sports in the last decade because everybody still feels like their lives for their playoff spot in an order obviously to get the post season. You're going to be production from everybody in the lineup so going forward. What's your goal for outscored what you wanna see him do the rest of the way to help lead you guys into the playoffs. Deputy company admitted it. That's you know last night he got a walk. Any naked you know made some great plays you know the it didn't come and help us win the walk with the tying run. Here's a home run at that point so. You know everybody put significant on the bag effort I put significant that on are you doing something to help us win every single day. And that's what he deal I mean Heatley goal though Albert defense in the outfield. And every day at the pump and it kind of goes. Under under the radar if you will helpless when a guy Marcus said last night in the you know the in the eight inning there was acute walked the leadoff peony. In a kind of just went unnoticed because street at Omer it almost. Loose at homer but you know that with the tying run at that point you eat our current data back. Why can't he strikes news you know and a draw on on the war which received at that point so hit it on an everyday life. He scoreboard watch him. No well I mean I. Don't isolate. I say no what date that you answer to that is yes. Because the only game I'm watching the legal yes you know we've got six weeks let you know Margolis who won its division. We have ten games left Leland. You know and things like that sucker that you lose again and and that I mean after. Loose in the Daniel looked up in Cleveland won and it's like man you lost another game to them. But you know mark focus right now with the six weeks left it and playing Cleveland ten times that I want to win the division. And our guys one when the decision and in I when I cared at school or watch a look at one team just to see how they're doing. But besides that I can't really tell you much about another bunch detained. On step for the wildcard but I'm not paying too much attention that right now because you know we weren't at all take care itself. The only game that I've really looked. Labeled. To make it over to Casper zinc get yourself a hot dogs. We did Leo made it over there Monday and seasonings. View that what we pick eleven guys and tired and Iverson and bustling yesterday so yeah we did miss out. Did you force Alex Gordon finally do it. Now Alex wouldn't Alex in the lead. That was the time we took detained but there Alex's the only one that that would need but now with this was just a coach's answer. Try to try everything did you gotta gotta do it and he got to do so what was on top of that hot dogs. Bartlett beat the regular. You know I'll I'll just. Mustard and relish the onion and and the tomato little salt. And let you know attractive. You know guys it created an actor on Al Pena and cheese and Chile and you know their tie them up side but I'd say one thing our coaches they can meet. It is one of my coaches try to put ketchup on one of those hot dogs what would you do. They did it breath he does so now these losses and you're not protected in the irked you put meditate on it never heard lots. Ever be protected and made it on the let these. Is he call it a legal here it looks like throwing a Mullen out of that hat that he's got their first base is he doing that do. Now we've been on the road for a while he's out we have an update tomorrow I think you'll see a lot of people Erica Friday. Good putt but maybe is not hot dog I mean. That is sounds disgusting red. I'm pretty thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes that's all that matters. I guess we'll go out there give wanted gala Duffy shy do your thing get a win take two out of three come back enjoy the day off tomorrow and then. We got ourselves one heck of a series start Friday night so get a whether they safe trip home we'll see you back to the ballpark. You've got to take care Ned Yost our manager of the royals here on six and Sports Radio rusty codes going. Mayonnaise and catch up. Iron is hot dog Kennedy and interest you to turn around and walked out of that on my idol land yet I Hamas may days on your hot dog. Who puts mail. A lot of sort of a lot to digest an interview Ned hot dogs being part of that and Ned had just as a regular hot dog you know what. Monster different rally as I have like five or die by doing good thanks estimate is that that's regular then mid eighties and so those are regular guys against the trying to call the restitution Solomon passed the other royals then the day shifts Kabila and 45 to 1215 somewhere in that area Jim Gallagher. Hit the Grand Slam two nights ago. You'll be joining the day shift today so. Mark down you ruled Boehner and governor Tim Gallagher. Never heard it and god is bigger it's ice be any put me it is I feel like I've got text rusty be like Miami's hot dog really. There's a massive name on the NFL trading block right now and he would fit perfectly. In eighty Reid's system find out who it is next. That's still just playing other producers inspector. It's tough question of the day we do it every single day and I'm excited for this one because it involves a player I have long. Thought would be perfect. With sandy Reid president Bob Mayo in ketchup on hot it should because of prostitutes is doing it that it might be a really good idea. If you're gonna sit their intention of mud and mayonnaise doesn't deserve to be on a hot dog I'm gonna try it next have our hot dog I'm trying to rusty through its. Or brought the brought. So yesterday Benjamin Albright is a reporter for NFL network with us on Twitter if he New Orleans Saints made drew. What is available. With the Broncos haven't responded yes we're back situation I would pick up the Broncos would have interest but it got us to thinking. What would you give up get Drew Brees every Ward Just. 2017. Everything an entire drafts are you a ballot Smith and his second rounder for next year because that's what you have to get up and you know I give about Smith and next to your second and third rounder yeah for the question. Just turn it over though to pat home it's no I would take Drew Brees for one season because I believe Drew Brees makes this team and unquestionable. Super Bowl contender you know that's the thing you get it Drew Brees and he's also perfect for Andy Reid's office but I thought I would say it have to be version of a three team. Trade why's that. Would your morals one ounce at the return them. It's a few years a little bit more longevity than Drew Brees you've really only one or under this new maybe two years again but you could sign him for longer in Drew Brees is like Monday five or six years older than Alex Smith breezes on the back end of his career he's about finished. Alex Smith has more football left in Kansas City because they went got Patrick Holmes for good reason but. For Alex Smith he's good halftime past his this year next. So I could easily see teams say you're really talking New Orleans evidence they dreaded cricket may finally just got. Shelf life Dallas just don't tell my Twitter status of their Hitler got at home. OK but also it's that the New Orleans immediately itself like crop this down there meant Alex is they've. Perfect the best quarterback for New Orleans he is he is and let me ask you this the adjustments say three team who could you pawn off Alex Smith on that would be good. Potatoes on any yes and I need somebody to start article about I tell until you take Alex Smith right now. Denver Denver. Denver would take Alex it's quite a lot of teams it's they calibrate their quarterback position immediately I think their muscle venerate and he's yes that. So yeah Denver buffalo the chances of rain Minnesota the rams that's five right there to Sanford says you know say get at least eighteen that book to have balance. Even if they have room like that but teams like Philadelphia because they're all the person wins that should know right now Jackson metal cars immense. Jacksonville looks like they're about don't play for yet you'd did you see yesterday because it is okay. He threw the ball like it tomorrow again. If I had on a simple out route like de de Jacksonville's GS has allowed a strong arm and going and just about Miami would probably take Alex Smith right now. Another take on things they take any of this because Adam gays likes Cutler doesn't it all that very point there. Actors there and point excellent point excellent point. That's still that's enough that's enough team get to. It's it has that I began to turn this is you feel like they could sell the New Orleans Saints on Alex Smith if I was given us time and enough liquor. I could sell the New Orleans Saints on Alex Smith in that game yeah Smith would be. I don't know if this is more beneficial for a team like the chiefs. Like the like a team that's built to win right now we'll Drew Brees to be more beneficial for artillery and right now I agree with the chiefs then I'd like the Broncos and. Driven Drew Brees coming to Kansas City for at least the last three years where I've felt like he was on the tail end of his career what yes the Denver Broncos traded surgeries. I would needed to change my pants because I would have craft them. My parents are decent graphic but that's the that's that's the actual reality of what won't happen to me is somehow the free can Broncos found a way to get dressed like I. I lose lines I gotta think guys. They're not they're not condoned the season with their quarterbacks too big he's kicking it. You're too good everywhere else to go into that season with back quarter. Situation. I hope it doesn't happen. I really didn't you it's also it's a hypothetical from Benjamin all right sure it is yeah well ask a nice tidy home. He's very tie he's also got a Broncos honks though. That's all right he's based in Denver yet yeah Broncos honk so I don't wanna put too much credibility in what he says but. Like you said Benjamin all right so big name in NFL reporting if he say something it's not completely. Unfounded. So. So they keep the guy I'm with Denver Broncos trying to fix their atrocious quarterback situation. Artest for the new border war the game sweeping Kansas City. Kansas vs the state Missouri last week Missouri one and had a phenomenal. Then Donald trash talk session against Kansas is gonna be tough to top that on the 9135767610. At. You don't play in the new border war may GAAP Equity One contestant from Kansas at one contestant from Missouri. After the border war is one umpire that everybody in Major League Baseball has a serious problem. All that next. You're not that special. Kansas will never ever show planned this decision ever in their lives you. Awfully some estimates to receive V. He chased. Lawrence bubble left we progressive left wing government. An illusion jayhawk you anyway. Okay this sucks I wouldn't step could match statement. Sam Brownback. Kansas. Back then it's time for the new border war where we put a contestant from Kansas. Because the contestant from Missouri in trivia about key about the state of mind 135767610. If you wanna be to contestant today. It has not won 35767610. If you win at the new border war you get a full minute to rants against the other state. The Missouri contestant they call the shots at Kansas that you want to evict Kansas contestant. You take all the shots Missouri that you once and again I'm 135767610. In. We need to contestants and last week the ranch was at it. Bozeman and small immigrant. Yeah. He's an important in. The and now it's like watching a man. And. And he. An. Account. Than what the. Most. People. Can. You bought the. And music. Could. Step. In and indicated. In the. That's last week's rant from wow series idol winner and Kansas side. Yet to come and I'm 1357676. That. You cardinals fans who Wear blue. There's some truth that's all large shot into a reporter guy used to tell us that all the time what was his name we have a Missouri contestant we went our Kansas guy. Beard or girls reading Kansas contestant now 135767610. And did on in here and try to figure selves against the what happened last week Agassi out to a full ran it time to Janet. But I mean did you come in with the cardinals fans who Wear below that if that doesn't rattle your cage and make you pick of the phone call and to try to take on Missouri. I mean. Posh one could almost argue. That maybe Kansas really is afraid to play Missouri I think they probably are. And here I thought a very selfish of Kansas not to play Missouri in this game. And now I'm 35 cent its eggs says eggs and there again a very weird Al occasional bit get kids people riled up I mean if there existed a caller didn't do it. Getting called out constantly didn't and I'm just kind of shocked. We have Taylor from Kansas City, Kansas and we have Conner from North Kansas City. Cuellar has the questions Specter has written the questions raised in new border war let's start with Connor. In North Kansas City. Let's do it. Go what. This Thomas Conner I mean it's very hard as to names are very identical store that we going to you first because you think Connor north Canton or north and is actually Thomas society that honor. As a columnist in north Kansas Thomas or even in Missouri. OK thank you. Question number one of which painted animal statues. Mike Hsu occasionally occasionally see around the plaza. How's he. I disagree Easter bunnies surroundings. Are they teens decided Taylor Casey getting. What's going on are you actually Taylor an area you actually KCK. Where much very affirmative. Terrific perfect answer I do know we had a tactic everything. That's the Mets game. You're number number one question Dwight. In order. He's knots panel. And I so want nothing Missouri lead back to Thomas innocence why can't congress. Say the tanning in the U named independents best. You said independence Kansas a popular thing in the and his answer. This it depends I don't know but I just really. All right back to its policy North Kansas City the Missouri side here on the new border war or Connor. Name. It's here who have been three quarterbacks. Who started a game for the chiefs in it 2008. Trent Green. He's are illiterate to me. But at that meeting it is. But there. Yeah again yeah I mean I'm ago. Then you're. Green in Damon Huard. I award you no points and may god have mercy so I got here right not Brodie Croyle and Tyler Thigpen. Tyler's a starter they'd they'd known all right so still one nothing KCK has a chance to catch up and tie this thing up let's go back to our right tailored dom Dwyer was recently traded to what other MLS franchise. Mean. You're clearly soccer team my note galaxy. That was actually is RT. At least. Yet as the video was the correct answer I still don't nothing Missouri. As we go back for the miscellaneous questions now we have two of these one for each contestant Aaron Thomas Thomas North Kansas City Thomas which Kansas City restaurant has a truck designed to look like hamburger. And. Where are. We marketed. All I was doing hamburger look like to truck mast. How do you design and a ham hurdle your truck Missouri takes it down winner winner Thomas in North Kansas City. Even have to get the last one on the Kansas side he's he's already offered to you get two out of three Thomas and that means you get a minute now to take as many shots as you buy at the state Kansas. And I don't even a line to ensure the things we continue to reaching out to her we're just keep this one Rhode Island. And the ban on the continent and trying to act like they're in the bat in all well. In actuality you play and that he bout bought and in no doubt tablet football and in those same boat on the eight ball and. They'd in the college football never toward Notre Dame. You guys have no heart you guys not coming out of school well you got don't wanna play even though you like trying to beat me. Yeah you're not yet that we governor and all of the only time it is worth anything it let them and Utley. Graduates is this going yeah sitting solid as best as is his last two without a solid spot I'd give Matt who is the governor of Kansas right now. I means it is still that that Brownback. He's taken another gig but that he's he's out I don't know one change euro's. And then in Missouri isn't exactly prizes there governor either says that six I narrowly win yeah. Yeah. Felt so Ramesh now and it is it I don't know I honestly don't know Brownback is still the governor. Necessity of war don't care either I don't know name a lieutenant governor rod all runs put my name on the ballot. Are you a run and coach in NFL team and be the new head of the players union rubble by asking bolt right after he lusted there. All those things would be better would be in charge and what they are right now. I will get two major league baseball players fighting back against umpires on the other side also. A floor dad had a one of those moments where showing your super right is Sue Bird down. Don't miss this gym next. Here on best 2 in the morning I'm like well with Bob that's code Josh when their producer Steve inspector. This story I just I love everything about this story. Puerto. Just needs to keep being Florida forever because this more towards its this martial arts that it's called them marsh large that it is the best. This parent. Present day. Essentially what is. School like Ted there with a call that you guys go to school with back to school my old exposed to open house Ayers is a bed cut open house. For his kids martial arts he would like just sojo no doubt the dungeon and it. He was attended the open house we overheard the defense instructor telling someone that big gun is not always the best choice for self defense since he can easily be taken away. This man's 61 year old George Meyer then pulled out a semi automatic handgun important that the instructor Ali and I him it was quote him it. Trying to prove the point that out bang you're dead no way could have gotten you for that one. And that's that's. The crux of this man's idea of I'm going to make a point by point out my gun pointed at a an instructor with. By the way children and parents right between him and the instructor. The bad news this guy was arrested after the incident. Yeah I'm really not a Smart move to do I I understand with a guy was coming from anyone approve this instructor wrong because he was at their tireless and it was BS like. We we've all been in that situation would like. An authority figure if you will was telling somebody something unit now your kid and you I don't know this listen. I'm the man moment with a gun and I tell my kid that the gun will be more activate your Marshall or run blast exactly and so adopt that same day proves he proves it to you to everybody there in attendance and gets arrested for doing so set. Sometimes you get got to do is being twice. Before you go so long as good thing or sometimes it's not acknowledging and engaging is in even better I mean they're bad times. Where I've heard stuff that's being said my kids and I can't think right now but I know. I just kinda looked the other way and okay ages because I don't wanna engage because I know what I know myself okay. I know a fighting game sometimes out public with people on certain things. Probably isn't going to be a good look for me. So sometimes that is it that's particularly you know like I people blaming Allen scored a plea complaining Ned Yost or things like that lot. The times. I'm giving JG on and on as he picked wherever you want to thank you integrate and you might have violent thoughts when he sees things yeah oh yeah. Sally like I'd like it's become the ball. Oh OK like what it's gonna do be doing gauge that person. So this instructors saying well outlook is more self defense and a gun. What does whipping a gut out a full room of women and children do an end to the quality route that done for or thought tonight. I'll just in case you need to make a point affected go to jail she's worked at the child's karate class write your time did as the writing less it's called. Like that's that's probably. And the depth of knowledge that this guy has a right when it comes to martial arts is probably from watching Rex cuando. Un and it in the point dynamite it's called. For Ian. Kinsler went after Angel Hernandez an umpire and this is a trend we're starting to see across Major League Baseball were players are. Are fed up. With umpires across the board sober is that an issue with an hump over the weekend at eight called for robots to start calling balls and strikes which is something that. All of us have thought about at some point and resume boils it screwed over by a bad cold weather. And I add on the base pads war balls and strikes I wish a rope or computer or something. Would take over. Well I I've I've been a fan of this for very long time because without tires today there's no accountability for these guys I mean they they sit back there. And they're all like Teflon Don the minute you question. Anything that they do you get rung up and tossed out of the game and and that's the issue that I have Ben Zobrist was livid on Saturday and rightfully so. That umpire admitted. To making a bad call this Angel Hernandez has been covering baseball games for the better part of a decade right now Andy is known throughout Major League Baseball that he sucks. And nobody likes Angel Hernandez so that's why I'm glad eating kids are finally said something. Hope to god Major League Baseball does not fine Ian Kinsler or really acknowledged that he said anything like this. Because it means to be sent every once in awhile these umpires need to be held accountable because there hasn't been any accountability for these guys. They get paid to work six months out of the year he gets six figure salaries or give vacations during the year. And if you can anything get a strike zone correct. You should be held accountable but for whatever reason Major League Baseball umpires are never subject to accountability they just aren't there. Yeah. I like the players to have that can input on this too and I know you can be vindictive and it tonight guys it's a jerk but I think part of the evaluation should be how players. Feel about certain and and they're the ones dealing with them on a dated a prize given that their first strike zone or not yeah we are they consistent. Mean who has the best judge that guys are playing here so give them a voice in this it's a good points are so like if you have your strikes on have you strikes out a view that destroys them we differ from umpire to umpire. By could there be some kind of computerized way well when he gets it is that he's at right now though 86 this is a striker this is a ball that we don't have a different zones for each hitter. You know if this if the umpire doesn't like what's called like the stock is moves its after umpires here and there is been thrown out recently and Mike we stock steps up to the plate like you know what I felt like the way this guy talks to umpires is strikes on its smaller. There are legitimate. Examples of that happening in Major League Baseball etiquette. Well I I think what it does too if you put a robot behind the plate you you absolutely have a specific strikes out. And it's the same strike zone and it speeds up the game because so many times umpires call with tight zone they they become either pitcher's umpire or hitters umpire. This way if you have a robot back there he's just an umpire and the strikes so is the strike zone to strike is a strike and a ball as the ball I I gearing TU. Robot umpires behind the plate would have to game sped up faster than anybody's willing to admit right you shave time off the game. Get automatic ball strike call back there let lets you human element behind the plate calling balls mr. and then do you have. An umpire at the ready to call plays at the plate. He's a little tired to play but the Streisand's determined by the guy upstairs who run the machine worker. And it's a good idea and speaking of no accountability anymore. Soria. Yeah. Walking Soria hasn't melt down last night one of many meltdowns for walking Soria it doesn't speak to the media after the game it has locally he has spoken in the media all year long but we York major league baseball players specially pitcher. And it you have to kind of melt down a that walking Soria had last night you're essentially hanging your manager out to dry by making him go and answer all the questions for you. Will you could very easily just say OK I'll talk to the media today I'll answer their questions I need to Wear this one I need to accept the fact I screwed up. At a batter outing I sucked. I've to accept that fact that it had to own up to face the music have a lot more respect for guys that are willing to face the music that somebody like Soria. Refuses to and well I feel a little bit better than I did 6 o'clock about drugs or at a time that Ben Tina all those nice to over the course it won't go there. I'm still ticked off that he did not have the stones to speak to the media after blowing such an easily winnable game. Yeah it really was a Porsche situation but the skipper because nets got to sit at their basically defends him and say I got my guys back in my god. How how much would you want to have a boss like outlets that I mean this guy's taken bullet after bullet to bullets this morning from us about Soria I mean this guy is really to guide you wanna play for every time we talked and you see why he's such a player's manager. Because he sticks up for his guys and he defended story to the did that today hill today. And I give them a lot of credit for that because it would be easy for me to constantly defend this guy. Who's not even going out there and defended themselves you know it's like he's not even taking accountability responsibility. For his actions at least Mike Myers spoke last night and so whatever was that he spoke for his performance last night. But story hasn't said anything all year and they lost that game last night 34 lead sore he's got to close that game I mean it is no other way to Clinton. Gap even if you give up a stumble. Yet a four run lead you will you win that game I don't care how bad your bullpen has been in the month of August that the rest of bullpen with home with a veteran guy on the mound and a four run lead you don't lose it. Royals have one more game against the Oakland a's in Oakland at night here right here on 610 sports radio and frankly. It's about it's close to a must win game is you can get on August 16 game now it's a big one made you've got to get this game enjoy that off day tomorrow. And they get set for the biggest series of the year against the Cleveland Indians are now. Have big show coming up for for lake and big in the day shift as they're going to have to hand Gallagher hit a grand salami for the royals. With Mayo on it. Is it the other show 1145 or 1215. Is the day shift in two minutes.