08/17 - 10 am - Prove It To Me

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Thursday, August 17th

Lake says it's time for the Royals to prove a few things. Plus, one athlete is pulling a total boss move, Super Bowl winning coach Brian Billick joins the guys, and can Alex Smith hold up to the pressure? 


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I do morning. The spaceship like me to look out here sixteen Sports Radio 610 sports dot com Paul Ryan's. Yes Ryan is here as always a pretty much always. Jostling there in that sports update just mention. That we on the forwards. The oil's biggest series of the season a Bedard to wreck the right point that that is that is that's right and that is where we start. This Thursday morning. Because when I'll look at this series. With the Cleveland Indians. Who leads the American League central. The thing well this specific Siri uses. Big who wants some beer a beat you once in the year October fiscally ticket is that it's this is it shouldn't give them a beer. I get some of that yet. Ryan was in the act and that that. It's a man. Amen what would talk to brawls and I just it's all about the here there's things more important. Don't don't get with don't ask ruling I Baghdad as things more important I guess ideas. So now beards us. Thank you yes yes appeared from all thanks. As like thank you we appreciate it. Actually interact with you win your bag of fundamentally it's a barbecue right now. So with a two each one of us. So yea yea exactly as. Exports this stuff this starts being is all concerned about his beer. Proceed lake that you're talking royals I once Blake accurate. These vices going on right now beer and knees slam in energy drinks and I digress let's get back to the royals. The weight it clean just kind of presented that in the sports update is exactly how I viewed this series because to me. This is the prove it to the series. All of the year for the royals. And I say this is the specific series. Number one because of the timing of everything that they're trying to put themselves in a position. To own the wildcard it's that relevant in the race for the division. But you have to. Bounce back from the situation. That you put yourself into. Today. And that has to do win it. The weight that's who have been playing recently was asked not being good baseball the perception is right now is that your bullpen. Can't hold the lead and they have been struggling with that there's no question about them so that perception at least in my opinion is true. You vet issues closing out games in holding on to a leak number two. A lot of dates you show hoping you don't know all that you're going to get out McCain city royals bought all this has been really released streaky. The thing the ball going into the season and I stated this back in Nam in spring training. Was affected I thought that this team was going to be inconsistent offensively. And it's one hot and cold at times down. As of late it's been more streaky than I ever would have anticipated. But they have to get past all the any you can at the boss some of the miss here when it comes to everything that's surrounding. This team because when it comes to the bullpen when it comes to the offense you have to break out of all that. Another thing about the royals. That is being touted their MO. Is that. They beat good teams that is one thing that double give them. For the most part this season they beat beat good teams think we've talked about how Dave topple formed against Houston Astros having a winning. I'll record against the Cleveland Indians Aziz. It's of other teams out here but have been very good in the American League they've done well against Boston Red Sox is not a big year in my old this year. But now you're in a position would have to beat good teams. We can't get excited. A ball when the Kansas City Royals want to hear and they'll be up on bad teams Oakland. Won that series that's a bad team. The Chicago White Sox won that series that's a bad team and just like language and not winning streaks and here is casino. On Sunday would just burn. And the theme one of the themes of the country marked call in show. From cuts and Mike was the fact that. Barton was not. Excited. About winning net seers he was excited. About beating a bad team. Because we're too far in the season to be getting excited about beating bad teams. Gotta start beating not just bad teams got us are also beating good teams that are writers funny and stating your way of getting to the post season. And the other thing about this is the biggest reason while look at this specific series as a prove it to me series. Is that. Would you look at the Cleveland Indians they have a double header today. Against the Minnesota Twins and we hope that the twins can maybe help out. By that didn't slept OK we're we we we want one of those teams still looms. Okay that's going to happen in the book we just don't want it to be in a fashion though. A series sweep with the Indians because we don't want it is to separate themselves from us. That much when he comes to try to win this division so hopefully when it comes due to date Cleveland Minnesota hopefully they split. But typically when you have a team that is the only get to a doubleheader. In that they have to travel. To another city and played the next day. What do you Brad fanning say for the longest time it typically you think they would have an advance age whipping it up from Amman. But the prospective ball rest. That we will be well rested and have an advantage that. The issue when we come back to that though is. On paper. You read a disadvantage. And you read a disadvantage. Not because of rest. But you're at a disadvantage when it comes to the match ups from a pitching perspective. For the pitching matchups. For this specific series. It's Kennedy. Vs clover tomorrow and Saturday. Fargas horses about. And then Sunday is Hamel or Salazar. I don't see up pitching advantage. For the royals in this series so this to me is truly going to be a prove it to me series or. The week. I get it and I agree with you and appoint a little stretching off further I think the rest of August has approved a month the world's big the Cleveland Indians six the next nine games. Yet the Colorado Rockies as well right in between there in and of course to finish out you have the tip of a race you all these teams that are either in the playoffs. Fighting to be in the playoffs you've got some good team so I'm with you is four as a series been important but I think it's much more than that because there's no gimmicks. There's no Guinea's at all the wrist the month. You're playing Cleveland Colorado Cleveland again in in came bay rays but I will say this. This is the good news and bad news from Cleveland Indians when a double lettered. Sure we can look at and see what they're gonna pretty tired. That's typically what happens to double header although certain guys do get rested. That's that game. The bad news is. Prior year. If like the pitcher a lot of times at a time so blue one guy. Did the team need to beat which big hitting well in the past quick looper for sure but he's not going to be flying and water to you know. What Cleveland Indians don't know he's already year. Getting rest but the rest that team is don't fire your capacity on all those that they're going to be tacked. Now here's the thing with the royals usually we're about the rules the beaten a good team. It's look at some of the best teams in the American League Boston Red Sox only five games back but he pastor's heard. We gonna talk with the Astros would agree record they had Boston Red Sox might in to be in the number one seed Indian certainly. They're that good or the royals against Boston for into it wouldn't do series they beat him boat Cleveland Indians one of the best teams the American League. Five and four against them. Houston Astros beat this record currently American League royals four and three against them would the angels have come on stronger now in the wild card right now. The angels with the royals record against the angels this year if they keep reminding pleading angels with Trout rose 61. Against Los angels angels Seattle Mariners Biden Ford as well your five and two against them I'm just saying you go up and down against the good teams. The royals would pretty good against. He's been to the record against the angels the Mariners Boston Cleveland Houston and winning records against these teams. It's crazy the best team in the American League the teams learn at the royals actually the better record I think the one thing that concerns me the most though. Is the bullpen right now is what he'd done really the bullpen is very good June in it at two ERA in July who fled the area Angela. In yesterday before his he's gained six point mindful. That concerns but they're getting liens but they're unable to hold it big lead the other night sort of blown my minor same thing sending us or. Last night we're in an hour let him right back in at the end of a game but these teams are getting let Beckett that's my biggest concern that could try to appease record. The open was actually performing pretty well when he beat these other team. They were of the ship these team down there ruled to get the lead on Cleveland shut the door. Shut that door right now that's my biggest concern. Is the bullpen. I'm with you took from that perspective that angels here. That did that teams don't steer mean. At all. Eight and and you're right they've had winning records it's of onto teams. Every good team the American League rules and winning our what how much solace that we wanna put in that when they lose against bad teams. I'm at speeds you figure out Friday that the bank Baltimore is very average team to me you're 500 against them so welcome here you are swept there. So on the one hand a raped because they beaten good teams but the filled bat because you to some scrubs. It how does that even out doesn't even. I just doesn't someway it is. And that's just human hand at this point in the season. Be consistent about what to do. Beat good teams it beat back to digital you know what happens in this what happens when you beat good teams age be bad teams in Georgia team. What does that make you would be good teams with the U loose screw ups. I don't know how that makes it. Bottom why you don't say. Immediately to end the competition or which you never you never wanted to bet we'll do good recipe for the playoffs. Edwards beat to actually get to the playoffs I just look at this and keep in mind. That's with a bull that was performing well. Open it to arrange its secret six point nine foreign and the UNL. East drink in this bullpen. With malformed hooker with a look at street and the woods had the other direction did this. Open and does not occur right now at all the I don't feel comfortable with the majority of the guys are running out there right now just because the bullpen has been in bad shape so. Big night had to do some things figured out that this is absolutely approved in the series this coming weekend against the Cleveland Indians. Coming up next so would transition to a the National Football League talked ceased with liability to Seoul. Analyst next this morning at the two meet my mouth. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. I thank. Cases lately. Now you're on sixty minutes or reduce accidents forced dot com just a matter of moments. He should be to wind. I'm Brian Billick yes Brian Billick NFL network. Also does some stuff for nfl.com. At a guy who Super Bowl ring a once but it. Brian bill. Like a Coach Billick did this this is kind of an Ohio over schemes he weekend. In Cleveland and down she explain the dingle. So Ohio kids that even going on it like that on Saturday that's pretty big night. It's a royals going it's not a big name of Jesus Ingles and pre season game number two I think Lewis evo. Google or weaken though here give the royals get the Bengals chiefs of fun at the. Only thing that I just kind of dread about this out or I wish we could have this weekend. As a part of the Cleveland Indians series is linguistic Danny Duffy was it SE only think this is kind of frustrating as you want. You know your best pitcher to be going up against their best pitchers and that there's always a little bit frustrating that it shakes out that way but nonetheless. Eight going into battle against some gets a really good team was some good arms herself so but the bullpen that is going to be the number one issue when it comes down to. How many you can beat the Cleveland. Got high school football's third party stated loser as big if the royals Indians get the chiefs. On Saturday get charge. In the fantasy football event on on Sunday. Lunar lunch Monday. In and we got Ozzie Smith are always good lives they. We got a full week and we have a full. Week royals and Rockies. I we gotta yeah we'd we got a full week but you're supposed to rain on and did you hurt. Don't thank gonna cancel it eclipses the limit and I'm not I don't know what. I'd even looked at the weather report for you might need you look at eclipse that. Now it's crossed the United States and right through key in the world lucky here in city to get the local. He's the path they take to right through keys it. Pitcher cliff last year. No. We give it a little bit I don't care less that is what's in the news they had this leading cold and eclipse chase. In her house was all but it's dollar and and space stuff she's bitten to the eclipse like seven different countries you like a partial eclipse. He's got all these countries and these she's the eclipse cheese she moves her locally yet and have to go anywhere. And it doesn't it doesn't look like when I look at the weather report doesn't look like there's been a rain much. Of any this coming Monday it's gonna be nice over the weekend Ellis gonna get to a 1091. On Sunday so nausea attempts will be rather hot. Over the weekend when it comes to via when it comes to the Indians and the walls when baseball at Kauffman Stadium a one of the things let's talk also been quick. Into until we go is waiting on Brian Billick right now. 01 of the things that we're interested in talking to him about Brinkley is a ball. The receivers. In I'm interested in the receivers because when things that you wanna ask about is. Just the fact that if you look at this receiving corps. There's all I. Bet it's like true that's like guys that have been in the mix in in the national football league for 4567. Years. If you wanna say that. Albert Wilson's of that I mean I guess you can. But I don't view him as of that Jeremy Maclin was a veteran Chris Connelly. Well the perspective of getting playing time. He's that. Would you view it is like the elder statesman right now I know that he's not been in the league longer than Al Wilson but. Chris not votes when he for the both US men in the group exactly Celso Chris tallies like. He's like that died that people wouldn't be looking to to kind of had that. Did to fill that void of leadership with Jimmy Mac when being gone. Feel this I know Gordon did turn came just a little bit concerned they don't have that elder statesman of liberals and seemingly been here for a while but he's yet that are in an ill be overly if they don't let. We're worried about the youth. These are too much youth as far as wide receivers that somebody that Alex Smith is comfortable. Throwing to not feel that way after going there it just looks like they're more explosive. Another throwing the ball downfield but I'm not getting too excited about that because we see that every. Bad that he sent them home so when downfield because that's your future Alex Smith doing yet seen that before it doesn't mean he's not gonna do it this year. This is what I'm saying is he's been doing this every your trachea but it doesn't translate the regular season that it is true that his track record. It is aged guys typically don't change but does that mean he will. You'll meet side I do feel there was this may be possible deal were Alex Smith pulled loose. I think people may actually start to say the selector fraud Smith but for some reason their hold on for a while saying he's get a new homes who sit for two years you and I both know that's not gonna happen. He's a sitting for two years. But that was sediment in the draft through all about two more years beaten and no more homes be the quarterback the next year but to me. Playing on house money he knows an image on the unit though when every does your key of the city. People still not gonna liking what every. He gets a team in the playoffs will still criticizes play which is true we do is not that great. More team effort if the playoffs not just one guy like we look at other quarterback to say the reason this team is in the playoffs is because of the score rec will say that. With relatively do you feel. He's got two of them lose that does boost chances that he could've that it could take him but he doesn't take any chicks there and I feel he'll actually. Attempt. You make some of those rose instead to be as scared as he has been busted SE. Issue that a hat but I don't know but scenery the seas that best issue that I have though with. With this receiving corps. People will sit there and they'll say that. That this receiving corps did not concerned about the youth. On the total opposite. I am concerned about the U. Because. How many teams do we look at we identify. As easily teams. They don't have veteran White House. Have wondered two veteran White House how many how many just how many are strictly going young liked is and that. We look at them we say that they're legit. White top playoff computers in the FC all have as it was when he. Yes this point yes Pittsburgh new stamp in this deal. The only way did you get round conversation. All of this team has youth at wide outs and making get away with it. Eagle the only thing that separates them and it sees is what. If we if we both say that we had you with youthful receiving our law course was the difference. The difference is this. That win New England had. When they went with the youth movement with their receivers. They had to deal. With this board years ago. Said they were cut a couple of guys in when Hines Ward retired and he said he global got got a young guy in here in Antonio Brown his mother's. What they had a whole report. All these teams adult the youth movement at Iverson don't they have all hall of fame quarterback we don't happen. Here is the biggest concern the U. You're relying on guys like three month commenced or. Yup and rookie you're relying on receivers. We really haven't proven much in the NFL every kind of proved himself placed here but still the rest of them very improvement yet terms Kelsey proven. An office of line it's starting to come into their own in a quarterback it's still a big questions. This office does and have a lot of exclamation marks about it it's got a lot of well let's hope we have you to wide receiver let's hope the Korean War. We get a hold the rookie will opus that. The defense is a completely different is that it's a bunch of aging veteran players and established players like more beaters. There's still young but established the defense. Even though they units as good as is what it has been in the past. I can't tell you which one is better rating on the offense or defense ever since Indy Reid's been your defense has been better in the offense but I can't say that. The defense last year wasn't. I. I still think the defense and offense. I do to get better players the more proven players but they didn't stuff the run last year. It they were getting to the quarterback and no heaven help you just Houston but I can't say that unequivocally. They're better in the office oversees these. I don't know it's like to say unequivocally but. Put it like this. Did the also single handedly win a couple games by themselves they were 44 the unifil last year and who will be its bodily. They take advantage of turnovers. And single handedly won the Carolina game. A single handedly won again at the Atlantic season total offense was actually twenty. There are actually better than we've been on paperless here are sort of save the psyche and unequivocally state defense and office I don't know whose office could surprise. Three top ten offense in the NFL. We certainly with guys like he be re he's at the pedigree to get to that level. We just don't know. You know I so hopefully we'll talk to at least at some point was still trying to track down Brian Cooley here on the show but does some say he's tarnishing his legacy. I say if he's enhancing we get to that next. Studio sixty in Sports Radio don't do daily tickets dot com right now I guess it did a particular using promo code sixty in sports. Who. With the cameras and how. Let me. You sixth in Sports Radio six and in sports. That now topping album give back to the Kansas City Royals. Did talk to Jeffrey Flanagan. It is also the royals. And apple. Deficit when asked idea but the pulpit and it is also men but also another reminder the fourth annual state deceitful ball training campus coming up this Sunday. Ed Johnson County arts and here's senator. Does season preview and discussed him with Dustin Colquitt it's all sold. Gonna be holes to bubble chart seats will be saved dot com presented by Bud Light and catered by Bryant Eagles catering. Look before too awesome fantasy talk from couple charts and on Sunday being. Looking forward to to load notes. Which actually do not just saying that actually didn't its seats actually get value this myself so obviously. I would be I believe we're doing this for that would either and yet it in the tsetse. Get. The food the barbecue lunch from our proxy Dole's catering. In all for ten dollars presented by but like you have to be 21 years or older some 21 years or older but Doug that's coming up. This Sunday beads there eleven. A yeah if you might Tweety charged the sushi it's been asking them in person. Christian musher who he's bringing with you that's been his catalyst of years that he's got some guys he royalties on eight when he's gonna really does is lots. You know so so we'll see how would Ellis takes on in terms of the yeah I love the demand is an awesome event for the outs with the station. It's in it's an awesome event sweetie get some great fantasy football knowledge soul I I just absolute love and it's it's. It's been one of the better Vista we've done the last obvious only ten bucks you getting sand getting great fantasy football information so definitely check it out this coming into forgiveness and co authors well rounded. Up all he's part of the season preview discussion. Would dusting call whistle he's gonna be there. On Sunday as well. So being. A good putters are actually very good appears capable. Those that you sit and observe practice a lot of voters might be the go to guy for fantasy football questions Joyce now. Former NFL champion. He's also on NFL network in you could fall on Twitter Coach Billick. It's Brian Billick don't forget beautiful network series to pre season games live including a triple better this Saturday. Beginning at 2 central morning coach. Dad and about you coach and how many times you Sydor on but I have NFL network on. Pretty much all the time what's on the replays in the games from previous weeks and I'm on the six sole coach but can't get enough of a. Well that that took effect that has yet they did get real it cracked up to reappear. Conviction the pre season but I do appreciate it from Baltimore Ravens effect of Miami the political what's the and it's kind of fun to kind of dive back into that. Just the competition so compellent and a lot of people somewhat pre season football star real football well it's it's very real football you guys fight for the professional lives. One of the things to coach and out of the chiefs are due this week or not but they're doing their quarterbacks is Alex Smith the first half. Pitcher homes he's been bumped up to that number two. The last week we we thought was meal expert Paul quarterly just barely played you know series or two series they saw what there is the number two pre season game. Becoming almost is important is the way he's the label the third pre season is dress rehearsal. I think it is 23 becomes important because nobody players distortions will proceed to get to the winds will be featured pre season games. As different people take the approach to virtual courses restore some of the Serbs may be too close to go an entire quarter. I'll may be able warned that second game and try to do an entire half to thirteen. Actually in Baltimore they're taking different approach and try to get pushed orders basically but once that you know that adds up to about McCain's support the snaps and that's what you are looking for proceed. The Baltimore Ravens job or politic and different approach they're doing it 20/20 twenty. They they pushed pushed orders through you know we've worked potential starters up to about twenty place to do that each of the three games. And and then you'll back off to. Fort can chart the pixel that the approach. Yet but today the conventional thinking usually watch urged orders to hear about it do need to work city. Before the legacy. In wanting to your coaches of pets but homes chiefs. Finally did something they haven't done long time major of the quarterback in the first running it through back to Todd black pledge that far back. Eighty look at the last decade there's been a couple quarter wrecks the draft the first round didn't starter Jake Locker in Brady Quinn chief says the opportunity here to rest. Well basically develop Patrick Holmes free year. Do you think that always is the best interest of the quarterback to be behind a guy like Alex Smith for a year or is it better put their feet to the fire right away. Well you know that's if you hit the beach beauties ball holder troops will you approach of everybody looked packet. An advocate you've got to play that's the only time you really do love the fact that they've got announced that they have that latitude or that's great. But I don't of the past homes global approval pretty shortly and see if he doesn't play. Of course the poster child for a closer look she sat in behind that or for all the cheers now look at poll watchers like. Public outer that it took guys like digital clock or that line. Campaign. You look Marcus. James what some guys in the you know it's thrown into the the far right get to pick up pretty good cute sort of ultimate definitive one way is better than the other. If he has chance to sit in behind cattle aren't that have to do little pressures of being you know typically are the future for trying to pick. A quarterback expectations couple that also purely social the typical you don't grow longer he. You look at Robiskie launch cockpit that's going to be you know the top step for him. Compared shop Watson's score and keep accused or Patrick alt a ghost of Kansas City should they have an opportunity to play. That can be different scenario for the looks like child Watson did very well be starters Houston. At a Kansas City holds true and Alex that is indeed stronger which would that would be the case. Then that putt well he's going to be able to kind of sit back. Cattle are a bit this year but I'm an advocate more Ford and you literally learning religion it is just had a lot to each situation. What's not think this affects Alex Smith from the standpoint of in terms of like pushing him. To be a better to have a better season this year that he did lasted just knowing that passed Holmes is in the fold now because we did see. At the end of the world it was San Francisco. That you know when tapped it was kind of sitting there on the sidelines. And he was leading the league in passer rating and eventually he had had the injury. And they put happening in the air and Catholic ended up still in the job in getting into the Super Bowl that year did think that this could actually push him this year in Kansas City. I've I don't. Think so because that intimates that he was working hard or because towards anybody should be wasn't playing real well it. Have to you Alex mr. profession to transport. He works hard the fact that Patrick Holmes is there. It is going to be cute he'd better. That he wasn't there because outs that's gonna try to beat the best quarterback to keep. The fact that there is that or optioned it and included fourteen kids should draft a quarterback like that that pod. You don't draft a guy that I'm with the idea about playing. And so does that that they'll look to that the back was mine is he looking for a while I don't know all of that closely. Alex Smith is clearly the leader that he's played brilliantly. For the the fact that they drafted quarterback it's its interest in this at least. Talking to a former Super Bowl champion head coach Brian Billick don't forget the NFL network this week's carry six. We to pre season games including a triple better. This Saturday be it beginning at 2 o'clock central in coach you did mention you're the ravens a for the pre season's one of those guys. Is Jeremy Maclin was a surprisingly Lago. By the chiefs after some of the OTAs. And now at least cheese without much experience. 44 years old is the oldest wide receivers they have. In Conley in Oliver Wilson and we look at some of the big contenders in the NFL specially in the air in in the AFC. Did establish wide receivers is that a concern me I look at is he's not having experience is a concern but. Is the unknown also something that can help him. Well there's the potential there's always the potential. Terms with the receiving core made them which were on the old. Coaching adage that your son your potential to be part. You'd you'd rather have you know particular one and often it's actually the next step for Kansas City at the tribunal last year's very successful. Haven't been able take the next level played great defense of the ball pretty good actually Alps distributors efficient. Haven't had the explosiveness. Notwithstanding apparently killed obviously their sport supporter of York jets to catch. But the ability to get the ball downfield to. A tangible way. That's what this game's about it's a bout exposed to agent turnovers anymore. So actually challenged license can sit for its kid and that receiving corps. Developed to Kia. Beyond obviously tied it with terms Kelsey. It down that you're born with down the dual threat for Alex Smith the contingencies gonna have to develop the third wanted to get past that next step of not just the playoffs but not executed two suitable. Instead it's just also might now want to bring dealt with so much unproven talent at the receiver position. How much more pressure goals on Travis Chelsea now to be that playmaker at the tide in position. Well there's so what you're gonna have a belt I'll also speak that guy that goes to the quarterbacks at most quarterbacks have. You know they love having that tied it Joseph Flacco here Baltimore's religion distanced that it could he was kind of group to bet big receiver. That has that kitchen and the radius. That could be the one on one matchups and they end up inserts it certainly tribes Celtic gives you back go to. Back and they have the explosive consultant for the right to return to reach hell. He these other guys are gonna have to step up because. Obviously we view when you look at the Kansas City office. You look at it defense coordinator must go back to that the Bill Belichick model where they'll say about Belichick coached either take away which you do best. Any Kansas City OK what do I have to do to stop Kansas City war that obvious you've got to go about what. Kelsey being okay. So what we do those things were rule bracket the quarter due to take that option that what can get the guys to connect to somebody else is gonna get matched up one. Do you have enough talent to challenge the one on one batch of sort of experienced quarterback Alex Witt little immediately told to if he sees a batch of but he likes. You know one of the things that this team struggled with last year defensively. Or stopping the run and I know that they've added Bennie Logan he's gonna replaced on Tariq Pau and Chris Jones was really good last year he is coming off the need being sculpt. In early July so hopefully he'll block bounced back to be fine. But I'd scientists are still a ball stop the run are you concerned about that sees a building to stop the run and also with that you know you do have Derrick Johnson the leader of their defense odd coming off his second torn Achilles. Yeah obviously or concern approach were a source thing when approached its cartels or order a bit of lovable and it will stop the run. Just sheer brutality that is. Is what you want to keep should be able to do. And and so particularly say in the position now if you go to the Marshal mentioned there. What Oakland seems to be kind of the pick of everybody in the AFC west now. Yeah I mean that that's something that it has got to be a priority. Certainly to get the standpoint that. The one thing you can't give up is achieved that has the ability to keep going to game. You can do a lot of things you try to eliminate big plays he does so that this team it's just out physically you can just wanting. Ball down your throat that's very demoralizing to achieve there's only so many people you can at the box. Stop our running game structure that is a tall order for Kansas City. They coach when you look at the US. You look at the Broncos. Had an uncertain quarterback situation they have the raiders as though in certain quarterback situation. Oh Derek Parra the U appear to be taken the next level. IDC the AFC west he's shaken out chiefs the raiders Broncos and of course aliases chargers well. Well which he said the pedigree over the last couple years you know expectation has replaced off T get the question and so you know this remains to kick him double technical beyond that. Oakland seems these particular bird but he for good reason they were they were hot she looked really good. Until their daughter or cargo Burkle into the playoffs to have him back. They've added more physical element to the running game with Marshawn Lynch I think that young defense we've sought to better better. As the year went on. So yeah I think I think Oakland the team that most people seeing that position. Certainly can't say it is assess the pedigree you can't be dismissive of the defense Deborah I think offensively there're still some major questions. And Cindy seems to be a while parked in terms of how much it's you know they're there deals in tough circumstances that no team that is true that is. Has moved. Has been about 500. In the united suing year and have that aside obsolete so perverse sort of dual. That gets did you tell the debt to actual coordinators in just Bradley. Content was up. There and play in that smaller stadium it's going to be more intimate. Which is obviously by workforce ball. It it's going to be extra step and out San Diego so I think the division is is obviously therefore that having. With the with the local being achieved with the most people pick to be. Who Fulham on Twitter at Coach Billick really good global information here he's is suitable TP head coach Brian Billick and you can catch him on NFL network including this week in his in the film their network is six weeks to pre season games live including triple header. This Saturday. Thanks a lot coach always enjoy yeah your insight. Yeah which Rangel. Right it was something that he touched on in regards Alex Smith that desolate talked to on the other side to a net. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I. And not think is not me Elmo. How old Joseph Flanagan about ten minutes here. On the bases. But what's not Hansel bowed to. That's a home's been a top pick and maybe that was seen Alex Smith I totally do what he's saying. Right I told the dipped it in terms of well Alex Smith or tore all the times I don't think that that's going to be in it. I don't I'm not talking about the mall walking on your craft. You know perspective on a motel but I don't think that Alice that is working eighty order. In the off season. Bin this year that he did last year best that's not what I'm saying. I'm talking about in the midst all of gains doing the regular season. Will he be a little bit more. Opiates. Paying attention more than just what he raises double play because he know that somebody on this guideline. That they can dote to it we saw this ought to we saw this Japanese. We we did it. He he he knew that there was somebody. That they colts have liked a lot. And what do we see from Alex Smith in San Cisco that that final year as he raised his global flight. He did it wasn't because he had been playing garbage football the last couple years in San Francisco he actually was steadily improving his play. But when he was leading the league in passer rating in the heat a bit silly was had to miss games due to injury. It was him getting his job back. He ended up losing his job so that was only reason my brought that up because I'm not trying to insinuated that he's not working are of course were. It goes right by the speech when he beats winning he had an article on Sunday it took its cities does cast. In this these podcasts since have been Kramer eats any. Ed Tom Condon ownership. In asked about Alex Smith did you see the quote from on them. What your bird Alex an. I know did he said Condit has its downward but it's thirty through client would be hard pressed to find work. If she's move on with the homes they're at a party prepared. I'm here is he's we have something called buzz yet the fuzz tests yet he had does it with what am I drawn a blank on the the defensive linemen in it felt like I'm in appoints a former chiefs defensive linemen as close as well but. I here's the quote from Tom Condon quote Alex Smith. I don't have to give him any advice he knows exactly what to do and he's been some really tough situations before and he's as tough as an old boot. Alex Smith the old boot. Alex Smith doesn't have the look of those guests beginning to build like come. Up. Alex Smith is going to have a job. Next year in the NFL where golf is of he has a good year or bad. The only thing that this year is going to determine. Is whether he's a starting quarterback next year or back at it. He's gonna have a job. Duke duke does it on this Celtic did Allison is not to be have a quarterback job I think I think to be starting. Here at most likely will be starting next year. Fourteen this and in need of. It seem likely will be perfect with the shot guys they expect and they got a port right now yeah but of the future. Agassi eighteen giving it a proven guy like Smith argues need to get to keep it stable. Is how these teams just wanted to post season. Film tickets you'd be NBC and the Alex Smith can get you to oppose these. Which a lot of these owners that's what they're concerned about right now ami put it this way could you see Alex Smith starting for the jets. Yes. Who is probably going to draft a quarterback this year coming out and groomed eight accused of what does all look at remote homes. Look at a good of a player he was look at the L perpetually. Would you set thirty room. Could you see Alex Smith playing with the jaguars. Display boards is trash. Easter is darts. It will be their necks. They're good they're gonna get away from late a date at the end of this year if you give it one more goal if not starting he's definitely number 21. I see Al Smith replacing. Carson Palmer. There's going he's gonna Dolly fitting experience. It all begins liberians it audited those available. But all of seated areas Ares had. Luck he's had big big enemies at some growers and all know that no questions all the good it's all going to be predicated on who was available. You know you never know maybe the cardinals even rafter quarterback that your daughter. What. It's a ball. It Simien have backed the linchpin. I just apology Walter Alston 08 is. I don't think he's been a 100% clear yet that played all that. I will say this I feel Alex Smith is better and what they have in Denver. He had he he's better. Yet. That's a list that sound like he's getting rave reviews in Denver right now now sit means just a guy. So yes it will seek out the game we love that we love the fact that the Broncos yet does gonna suck at quarterback with us. You've got to be very bad. By the B do you get you right now. In the Smiths had good dude in the AFC west we have the four best. Starting quarterback in the division right. Here. You can easily say digit hit to right now you got to say it's. Card rivers. And then Alison. In the chronicles are bringing up the event Philip Rivers rivers this quarterback not who won one. If you look who's giving up the level he's not third out. It's still be rivers. Now we staffers of there are some others but. Coming up in two minutes. Is this series against the Cleveland Indians as big as we said that it was earlier today. In what the heck is going on with the whales bullpen we ask Jeffrey Flanagan next. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio.