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Thursday, August 17th

Why has the Royals bullpen been so bad lately? We ask 610 Royals Insider Jeffrey Flanagan. Plus, Conor McGregor is crying, MLB should probably throw their hat in this ring, and Bink says we'll never see an athlete have this big of an impact.


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He Jane. A thousand. Cellular. Music right into. And the you know we'll tell us if it defiantly on us totally intentional. A pitcher won. His serve was. All of what they did not going to. Stipulate before. We've been did Jeff Flanagan on the phone right now. Is at stake big week. Tend not ask him a question. Or slotted to stand and stand up for Mac and cheese. We all saw the game on Sunday and no he give up any or runs. But don't try to play defender rolls back NC I thought we all do I know we were gonna get basically crap about that as he didn't it. And I recorded five out. It's fair way to do it again I think we've dozens of movies as he operates the game. And be counted on Obama guys are joining us now on the hotline is Jeffrey Wright scored all planning. I would do it would do and also today are you doing that meant. Yeah it. It is abused us and hot is hot we had a golf decision of the site is about the approaching was 88 on Friday in the in the ninety's on Saturday possibly Sunday. I. I understood it real men are being honest with you be gentle. Path aggregators soon enough our friend soon enough. All right it's all we get you the to the Indians series here in esta big series of the weekend. Got asked about the top though ma'am what. What do you see going all this bull teammate that I just right now it is seems like it doesn't matter who you put into the ball game. They did not hold leads all I don't feel like they're comfortable holding leads even when they Apple's lead against even just mediocre and bad teams against the White Sox. In the Oakland writes. Yeah I mean that the only. Only Chinese certain things with Peter Moylan did yesterday so maybe that the circuit momentum switch around put your right we have been. Horrible stretch here on that would you have weeks now. China but look like much I remember I'm wonder anymore. Where we've seen a bullpen. Including everybody be that bad for the long and actual rate of any when you when that he was living ninety game belt as strong bull. This is just crazy. And everybody that you mentioned there's no. The other guy can explain obviously it would be you know audit arm is tired. That openness and Axel lot the last few months and maybe it's caught up with a little bit so. What they really need is some starters are on seven or eight innings and you know kind of let them run. At least it till September would be more reinforcements here. That's tough task in annoyed his bullpen just progressively. It got better as it was terrible and April. May was 397 June 37 to July it was two point nomads rate in August their hover around seven. Flaming look at this is more than just series here and look. At the rest of August is approving month view of the Indian 67 X nine games sandwiched in between it's a very good Colorado team. In the finish with a contending. Team ave race team was talking about this earlier flaming against the good teams. The royals are good their sticks in one against the angels 522 against the Mariners five and four against the Indians and they've beaten the Red Sox. Four out of six games I can't figure it out because I do they raise their level lately did deemed. Did it seem like it you rate the level without. It it's crazy and and they're gonna need it like that the next couple weeks. Or. It is the division divide and we'll decide that that while our spot which right now. I mean there's what 56 in all of us together within two and so I think that it absolutely crazy going down stress. If it because that there's no one of separating themselves. Are so. Up first and foremost is that there's that they're out there on the division and you get all the games with Cleveland you know you gotta. Win the series Berkshire and even Alley she went there you're the one game. You know he's got the canyons altogether with a like a kind of figured they would have to win seven. I think they'll you know an eagle for the division so well throughout the weekend. I still like going into this weekend's Lanny would deal with three game set against Cleveland. This is a prove it to me series for the Kansas City Royals because you've had issues here like we just a song with the ball in and on paper. You're at a disadvantage when it comes at the starting rotation that Cleveland's gonna throw at you like we sit here we say a deal we see so good because. They're gonna be locked into a double header against the Minnesota Twins so maybe will be a lot pressured and they will be getting to Kansas City only look at all paper the pitching matchups. It's advantage Cleveland. Yeah probably let you know that for the wrote the rotation due to step up and we've we've talked that open and how many times we've seen in the last few weeks whether it got the rotation in it at Fort Benning and it just killing the bullpen right now though. It's time now I mean you know. Danny de yesterday by the inning but it's not good enough it got to go deeper in the game and in the ordered you know this group all the open even more so I think that the but the rotation that. When he did you think the bigger surprise. Than a guy like Woodbury field. I mean here's a guy they didn't need to be protected for the longest time he comes out of spring training ends up a normal ones he's got the job. In a look at the potential 20/20 guys got the 23 stolen bases. He's got fifteen home runs I don't Bonnie he's been a bony it has been nice prize of fifteen home runs. Whitner infield is suddenly become this tip fifteen million dollar player. Nearly paid 500000. But I look at some of the sturdy is guys this roster. In its him I I was trying to think to be bigger surprise. That a guy starting off in trouble late in being guy you count on like wit. Yet humble because you don't even know it definitely young guy. Very. But. You just need blended in right with the veterans were either value at alma. On the you cut on the island proper little container looser but like and I woke up day I'm not shocked because. And other out of him last year and spring training. Ever ever since he you know changed it. Body make up and went on that treaty that very you know. 4008 the day and you know. Six million calories and worked out three times today. Really handle it like that unit when he found out of my body changes hitting approach you know you you become. At times book without that relief it is in the own. He used. Change his whole career. If you look at that type hitter in the minors last couple years and he's shown up in the minors it was surprise but he on. You look at it that you get anymore more home runs and now let at least in the big leagues you're right at the keys at which point when he. That surprised anymore when he gets home on what it does surprise if you Google are sick of it yesterday though. To shut the at that but that that should accomplices oils went in among the count on in the in the one of the regulars who. Played it looks like they have their second baseman of the future what what does this do. Would bring in Escobar back. Make in the switching go ahead and dual role Mondesi shortstop next year is which solidified that position we are not. We are pretty set at second base down you can a look at dvd resigning Escobar not are you trust modesty at that position. Well yeah dealt with now for the next six years so I would think that that position lockdown. And as part you know you not want to hear that but he would be an interesting guy that it may be signed. At the safety net in case. Money doesn't you know become better brigade sort. For the next ten years I think yet either that that. He could be signed it in February mark. On the interest in the room that might be completely wrong. I'll let you got your back you're so they beat plate and he was short. Are you try to go and make sure you make hopefully get money to be the update that sort next year. And haven't done at chemistry where. And you setup the middle for years to come. Any update on us out of brands. Other than they can link up with the you know bundle up before the thing is that maybe this weekend like at it that it. But. By the but the prosecutors. Get together. You'll leader rehab I'm per day or two or three or whatever. I know they can afford it on your own. Might the stock is getting close that bell bony records claiming. Does that happen this weekend. You know you're good you got a story or do you go. Yeah it is pretty much it. Ardea you know that they'll audience. Could it it showed that we're almost there. Yeah I this week in the acute that that would bird abnormal. Did I until these billions. Go to K. I don't care if you like to sit behind don't play you like to sit behind first base in the gulf sit right field. But what if my kids. Yet let all of the work that the what would have been at an apple moment. That. He could he could Ortiz hit into the bullpen. It sounds out mama few cocktails going to give it at all all just thought out what she caught dead off Ramsey could be the best. Gloria. That would be. I asked if he'd reporter running out. You know operator you're. Will be some good stuff all right let email woods on elated by. Target yet it here are tickets that went into joining us here. On the days you don't get that badly written. Get quotes he's really it's in a vote or bouncing 37 since. Let me quick story out there is geared to other media outlets tardy re. Are you ready. Just it's him. I. Am all about Debbie plays he's never gonna suggest Thelma I told humans. What were attractive person who's going to be I think a lot of people actually don't appreciate them I still have a picture there. This is not mommy listen to the patient with lake and being O'Brien no. Sexy. You still got a pitcher what are. Yes I like is like framed or anything you'd saved in my phone. But I can't bring myself the lead. I I Jimmer was you looks like I wish I could quit you found my own. Oh my are one ever. Everybody collar bomb though she wasn't exactly like older you see it's. It's he is that why they. It was she their with their kids are you doing. Where she'd there with their kids and help these kind of it at night. Here's immediately and were calling your fountain mom. A source oil seed hit it right afterwards that she. Does not seem the first rodeo you know. She is for mileage list I would gather that that's her first trip into the fountains and write all. Yeah if moves into the fountains this could be others with their first trip to do about this I felt like what tribunal and her family Molly is even better if he hits it out to be giving one responsible. For say they will. Are. That's a question. It's scary just the month that X is the first one. Nelson Jessica McCoy who else's party got the snorkel the Earth's water dog. Yeah and now I mean I found an. Article about there was three year anniversary winners whose husband worked out models. She's ritual. And then a fountain lady or fountain mom. She's as well all he would you know brilliantly in Spain. The real fame and there might be a mom because I'd just thought people buy if you look like a mom she had been. We don't we. The answer that question your story man. I think the bigger bodies he looked like a mom now but act Obama we are you sure you're sure of this I. I think I thought that she is Tex I'd help us I'll six results that he doesn't have the game with their kids. The next dynasty is seeking views absence of those watching you know gonna not a not a specific gamer kids were here. And of course I'm going to call the stated she was studio to talk about just she was and the buzz and she was awake at like 9 in the morning we talked to sell. It's easier did spin Andy story here is if it had she she was 45 years old time so what she's 27 now. She's dubbed bound mom by the royals community. Even though there doesn't appear to be evident she is a child. By the rules Twitter you don't. Make this doesn't mean she doesn't. This just means when dead spin for sports but the story out. They didn't think she did. Ship. We asked the question now. We ask you toss the tattoos the owner but he operas every. I. Oh she was his liquor it's not bad your mom I I I tried to warn you about that they don't hold more to the buzz kill little. He will know the answer that always should ask Argo Group talked to mark a guarantee more of those yeah haven't talked you. As trees trees royal. Somebody's in their feelings and their feeling this receive backfired for them by the way from job and work. And it's ridiculous would tell you what that is that. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm. I'm not looking to. And beaten over the. I want to start the segment by apologizing as Hamas. That truly did beat if you had children. How to Linux does all although we have confirmation that you don't but. According to that he's if you just kind of went there were more certain enough that you don't. So I. Act of that. And the event ended I was I was never into foul mom in the fourth place but the tax time is like old. What would you say that they're somewhat exciting tour now this is not a mall. The pickers cult people who attacks like names now when he was with him and baker by the way you were absolutely wrong. A set of 20141000. That was the one year after he said after the 23. I believe you know that text for an apology that before you. A microphone. Couple people with Smart at its. Big leads of that detects line at a shocker. And yeah it needs to get banned from the text slide basically did was not a benefit from the text line. He is rumored to these people is more rude than anyone. On the tech slide. Namely the. This high you just called a Smart ass for being right. Old mines a sleigh cost me snowflake last week. And men since. My. And it indefensible. Are right down there's somebody that's a little in the Phillies right now under. Little bit. I guess you can say frustrated in his they feel like they're not getting any respect. That they're actually getting disrespect it and double B common McGregor. Today. And we've had. Just does that present and have a prediction about how to spice and K between Yemen. In mainland. It is a lot of people that say they. Like myself I don't believe he asked what's the chains I could be wrong maybe gets a lucky shot at their meeting he wins and you never know anything can happen. But from analysts Max Kellerman from ESPN. Who stated that. Got a McGregor with land a punch. Up clients. To. Even Mike Tyson claiming that. McGregor will date sealed inside the ring. He has a lot of people that doubt. Okay and he doesn't like that at all these people are doubting him he feels like he's being disrespected. And that the boxing community. Is just discarding. This is the logical to support from law kind of McGregor. It's like a big discard. And it's like I'm not welcome here. Is certainly. Motivate the disrespect in the disregard my skill set. I look at people sometimes in their mind is calls. They've got such a closed mind on how things can be done. It's a set way and no other way. Is Scott McGregor shocked. Is shocked. And he's being doubted this way let's stop them maybe it's not try a little baby Connor. Rate drop drop him off about where you'll. What is it expects. Todd Greg should feel lucky. That he's getting this opportunity. People dead at all so many lights to be in a position to be ranked in the top team to be ranked in the top spot. To big contender and getting shot at at at all. McGregor is getting a shot that other people have warts all to do it and they're not getting all this client about unbeaten discard not. Yes there's a reason for the quite a simple. When a simple thing out the I don't think that he I don't think it look you want all the major upset blocked it and take your your business but don't feel bad. The all feel like you've been discarded. On the Boxee committed or not. The boxing community. Yet although I think he's Zoubek even made it back to boxing me she'll sign with marshals on. League's dream in May not too long we asked him what is on the line in this fight for boxing. If he competes with him in the least in the league Egypt out of the first round at the win for car McGregor and or I'm already here boxing experts saying that it's gonna go twelve brown. It's going to be Floyd they gonna pick apart your defense of fighters are guys like K you guys are feather in your that the entire integrity of the sport of boxing is looked on the line here most people believe it to be a French or most people don't respect pocket I want to block our aspirations to go to that Olympic team for the country embark and so. I believe that there is a science and art in his skill to actually practice in preparation experienced diplomat and I believe we'll orchid titans beating combinations are real effect but it it's. Done to me how many people dulled basically just two guys up as between one another you have a guy who has never lost a professional boxing vs the guy who's never done. Professional boxing that story can all in one way. Or boxing as an entire integrity of the sport taking major hit. He's got a secret. He's got a hunch is that correct 'cause if not McGregor bowls one or two rounds with Floyd Mayweather. It loses that's a win for 44. In the may. Absolutely now knows it looks favorably upon out of McGregor eagles' two rounds. Out. I disagree that would argue boutique winning your opinion. You have to win now and in the note if if it respect however if he goes the majority of the match but it's Eagles up. Knoll likely accurate idea of Saddam be impressive Eagles won round. He said one round if he goes 123 rounds and be impressed but it up we're talk about congress and their needs he's illegals the majority of the fight. Yes it is impressive is for these eight ounce gloves you'd think you ought to see figure a McGregor what I wanted to do. Vote on yet both warm. They both wanted. Sell sell. I think. That there is no clear cut advantage when it comes to outs double gloves. This is something that Floyd Mayweather he's used to be eight out schools. He's fought the majority of this fights an eight ounce gloves. All good out bomb blast the spectacle. Betty is on a vs Floyd next Saturday night earlier won an N I'm gonna do that after my fantasy football draft actually use bright city might have. Just raft. You know we've removed due to the Friday of what is labored and we've been a Kasey moves of the following the coverage actually starts six. When the covers are being turned on your Brinkley's house at about 33. The coverage starts at six as ms. banquet at it again you know about it and he beat you have to say Nancy wait a minute. Can we pump the brakes but just on spectrum of the segment but if Jesus were built you know. Total time of halt a rule editor edit discrepancy here the by the way I'm gonna get their fighters I don't know that is that emblem mystical part of student will show this all the box. Do you handle whatever TV usual how's he going to just walks on one him on several. So it'll be the sober room. And it drove for a. If the team again he goes Sid that room got a little wild. You do get a wild. Are we sort of FaceBook like this thing. According to Boston or. Sloppy is. Think it's a horrible idea to be an you kids like an extra swap. We use at sleep button pusher there and I'll try to keep in but he begin to rooms so were room. Did you ever. Point 69306. So the biggest crap talk on the planet thinks is being disrespected. The reports that. And lets. Go outside my mom's not coming. But the eight was six lane and that's Mayweather dodges garnered an opportunity. This. I pay attention to boxing yes Floyd doesn't always do that he can't pixel is gonna fight. I'm not disputing that. I'm not at all there are other people that I wanna see get in the in the Floyd Mayweather out. Apps will. Idea solely Dunn's glove thing is not win economy and it's not this Floyd's one and asked the commission they add. Actually they actually the reason why this stuff is coming out so late in the reason why Connor and Floyd won it this way. It's because of Vegas and the one that that's that's it that's the reason why did the stuff that they're at the last minute. Shift the money line shift the money in Vegas that's all they want you Al Leiter gloves. For lighter weights. The lighter weights we use lighter gloves but when you get to work there had been on the 150. Dave you were the tenth. I was trying to get an invite via the fight hard they. Know his last excellent it was. This. It and show upper. Rambunctious. The difference. Excise look different. They trust them. This means I'm assuming that your your bravado is going to lead you'd tell me that you told your wife that we have a party. Did you. Did you ask. Although that religion out and they'll they'll they'll know what he's either in his own city and that's all we know Dexter and teller. Through I'm very impersonal. Text liked it's it was what do you were how is the big right next weekend and I'm giving it. White is eligible and what was her response text that signals there's that policy. The Euro sewers they go skirt. Created when I have to deal well they're older I'm getting there was no negotiations. She didn't but she's given her cheeks in the silver. You don't want her in the other room. While your wife she's she's a fun lady now. Being in the wrong. 816 as winds on coming to yes he has did you confirm that with the system. The PGA's tour popularity. Is done. It's never gonna be the same would tell you why next. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Now this has got to stop them. Is it ridiculous on the tax. Folks on the text line and trying to ride between beer. The trying to bribe you with their grandmother exactly. I am willing to accept it brutally. He wants to. I'm not into drama. I'm fully realize that the only. It's. Don't put that out right tibia for brewery I would love it here's. You're got a rock he was found by a communities to slide it up front at least. Feel this drinking your product that just pandering now stop that habit. My dollar. No you know the day skewed. History. Teasing me. Police prima ribs moment Betsy one. As I stipulate. What I bring Rivlin I can just had you bring moderates. Is another option. The season's not over. That the EU conceded no no I mean yes they did but Tutsis and still on overall make quick waited out. I think we went another way it. But over month. All that means is that I'm gonna have lives on some Sunday once he sees full ball. That bothered me. The way October. It means we're Alex anyway is a five or six. Along when he's getting ninety more. Which you guys who placed the bet on whose stock has taken home run record from about the abode or been a good one. Noted that getting. On my gosh you just talk about golf who forsake it. In has to do with. Think that we want goals to get back to a place that is never going back to date. Eight he has to do with the alternate popularity that it had years ago Tiger Woods. 01 thing that people have to a knowledge of recognized although it seems likable don't wanna not to recognize it. Would never gonna get back to that spot. Tiger Woods. And him being a phenom the way that he was. I think that's a once in a lifetime deal. With the sport golf I don't think it is ever gonna go back we were experts thought of tigers from what every does from. The girls. DWD you lie Woodward is this a bad goal leads tiger will. From Ed Pope Bogle on Twitter masters worst ratings and so for US open second worst ratings ever. British Open final round loss to the brickyard 400. PGA. The lowest since oh wait. The tiger effect man Tiger Woods to me is meant more to his work. And any athlete in any other sport. There's other athletes you can say what about the rock is all about rant about the courier drudgery Michelin Star Wars in the NBA. One store is not be in mobile for the leak if LeBron James or himself couldn't played here the leagues to be far there's enough other stork. The NHL the same way the NFL. Joseph Monty is very important for the sport you what there's of the storms Jumanji and what. Tiger Woods to meet. In May be yet another great example takes on 69 through six who has meant more to their sport the hand again. The masters or ratings and so for. US open second worst ever. The British Open loss to the brickyard 400. PGA lowest insulate. Tiger's not relevant and that's why if he was reasonably good and evil win anymore for the ratings to be good he's he's be relevant. He needs to make the cut he needs to have a chance. In on the movie day Saturday make a move so Sunday still works out there. He met so much to this war not only for the ratings. Tiger Woods got people to golf course. He did people that salt Tiger Woods realized they had achieved. Minorities in the sport. Saw an increase from Tiger Woods is doing well just regular people that don't have the money to play on. You know private courses they saw tiger is doing even though tiger it brutal bit of money. Thought they had achieved to inflict so many golfers now respond. Because it Tiger Woods' success it brought people to the sport you're watching they want to play it would be Tiger Woods. The fist pump with the Nike commercials in everything that he brought as his dominance. Is he the greatest golfer ever you could say jacket and du because he has more. It was it was as dominance it was his appeal. It was everything about him too I think that him being an after American golf or helped. Absolutely it's helped to sell. It was the weight that he went about it though that was the trees in at all race they'll they'll go about him no I'm with you a quick yet but just I mean every did help that would be a mystery in sin but just a point he was cool to everybody wasn't just because he was after American golfer. It was because he was so good it is crap he was so dominate at et Al when he went out there on the golf course. And people just appreciate it I died that looks like. May be some other athletes out on the golf course that was that doubles that they get people into that is not just being about a black golfer. He's not the four is black also when the PGA tour who you are forgetting how would the measles so we had other golfers. If he was dominant what again John Daly as a guy to that I thought brought the average golfer portable. John Daly what in great shape Joseph six pack you and John Daly that's what it. You could see John Daly in the news or John Daly needed to win more frequently if John Daly would rattled off fourteen. Like tiger it would help the sport my opinion immensely because it looks like it change. Would Little John Daly and what he's doing I can do with my belly with my beer get. I can play professional goal but he did Tiger Woods is single mainly meant so much the sport. Some mold that some don't because when he when he fell on hard times. With his wife it it with a golf club whatever happened and lot of golfers turner reckon tiger didn't even though the purses. At these guys can win at these tournaments. Tiger. Golf courses started to tiger proof them because it was so good. The ratings were up. People played the sport people want to be tiger and he raised the profile sport yes there are many stories of professional sports. But I can't think of any album single handedly meant more of their sport short space young star. The guy goes and wins the British Open he's been wedding he's a young guy. The kids like the Jordan's speech for some reason does move the needle like Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods would how many. It was fun to watch. If he was on your heels or on new players were gonna melt down in front of them what are the reasons why Tiger Woods. And I guess if you wanna look at that Jordan speed does not. Don't think people view him as unique the year other young golfers Alter point two war and what separates George speak from everybody becomes more unique. The more majors he keeps one piece or score out just dominating in rattling off I don't know of elves say the fact that tiger may be tiger was the guy. In what he said back it'll never regain the popularity. When Tiger Woods play. That was the interests you wanted to see the major tiger was involved you watched it you want to see what he could do this for mrs. guy so much. And we'll return it to what it was before he I don't think so what do they did best bet golf doesn't need Tiger Woods' putter doesn't does or operating or does it miss. I think they're wrong man look at the ratings I think the wrong people come back to golf was fine we get a lot of young stars know enough. You're not people watch people or is interested when Tiger Woods' role. Up there are some that are getting opportunities in the sports world all Major League Baseball being next. It is it even possible would get to that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Yeah. I backed into Asus late stage and I'll see here on 6 AM guests expect coming up a little bits. Over twelve minutes from council did today it's. In the next Walt thirty would give away at here tickets to the fourth annual fanciful bought training camps. What poll charts that's coming up at twelve hour. Guys talk about this text. We're swimming be without Michael Phelps. Where. I mean it. Price still be swimming. That's Kendall I like Michael Phelps make swimming popular every four years BC Olympics. Liberal demean Caitlin Dickie it's McChrystal most but it ain't the same spot all right I mean did you have Greg Louganis years ago. That creek revenue at the Olympics in terms of light. It's like to diet stuff that he was going how many people watch Michael Phelps in other swimming events of the Olympic. World championships a much buzz that. Olympics didn't I just thought they competed every four years sooner now they actually compete between I had. You know he's behind Nancy but but but anything he shows up just win but he would the postal flight with a dying almost swim Greg Louganis in the diving. In the hand on in terms of talking about Michael belts and Kayla deck PME. I don't think that let people are asking about him right now we talked about Michael Phelps a few weeks back because of this deal. Republic are those if you get into is supposedly was gonna raise short and he was he raced all program he was executive producer for that is we are talking about him. And quit doing that. We went and talked about so I was disappointed sure his. Outrageous point and now it's almost. Ousted its like Melinda walking degree in human and actually walking is the electoral walking and Aldrin. Things that we see and has been pretty cool here the last couple leaders and I think it's interesting being that it Ryan brought up to me this morning is. We've seen a professional sports weeks. The influence or are we seeing that women are starting to get opportunities. With the man in terms of like trauma colds seem perspective. When it comes to men's professional sports. And the latest. On in Lima that is her name is Katie Sowers and actually she has on Kansas connection with Heston right. Testing Kansas. She is calm. She's got a full time role now with this Francisco 49ers. See all originally. Was it had an intern ship called senior wide receiver so this is the second time in NFL history a woman will be on the team's coaching staff. Through the regular season the forwards was Catherine Smith. She was a special teams quality control coach. What the Buffalo Bills last season sees no longer coaching but that's because. Yet the change in the entire staff. With the Buffalo Bills this year but I tease hours with the 49ers. This is what Al Shanahan had to say be told that the 49ers she came in. And working with the receivers in did as good of a job as anyone I've had in the internship we loved having her around. She was eager to learn it she is played professional football in a women's league in the United States for awhile and she's passionate. About. So this is the NFL. That is utilize women in coaching positions here for the last few years. In the NBA. Gregg Popovich. He has you lies Becky and a WNBA player as one of his coaches Becky Hammond has colts for the spore origins of their some of okay so we're seeing that. With the NFL. With CNET with the NBA. Officiating to aim with the officiating. Bought my brought up it's a great question this morning. Do you think we'll ever see this. With Major League Baseball. Because. When you talk about apple ball. You have women's leagues with a play four ball. Day. And when you think about what's going on with will be what they do on the football field and what the men do you could see some. Some crossover is necessarily our similarities right. With basketball. Same thing. But that would baseball. Which does. We give looked at softball and appreciated for what it is what it's not it's it's it's not baseball is different. I do think that there are women that are park old softball. They understand everything about the game of baseball is commando exactly and that's a reason why I think it this could happen eventually in the future wind I don't know. Can never say never and their about it in the NFL they did. Think in that sport achieves those forty wood or have it in half. Could have been based Kosher. I think the talent pool is not strong. Just painful. To people that want to do it want that job. In those proven worthy of gotten jobs bill and officiating the 49ers. What they do it be tough is I just don't know if there's a ton of interest fort. I don't know if there's any women that it did get into it that much. It enjoy those angles I think it definitely helps though when one's made it to the NF poses hired coach full time if you do nothing but help. Prosper that the future. But I don't know if there's a huge Gallup poll waiting. I don't think there's many windows is out there. Is did it come down to the opportunity. Like. I think that Jessica Mendoza. Has done rates. With our analysis in the boot. I think that there are other testament doles out the year we might not know they all put their out the year they're out here I. I just think that. For most people they don't make much of an equivalence between baseball and softball light. With email coaches in the NBA we look at WNBA and aside from shot clocks and the three point line and the media rules that would be different. That same game. No female football light moments football leagues it's the same game. But when you look at baseball you have softball and in the bases there differently apart there's different rules I mean not pitching off of them around there's different. It's just it is a little bit of a different game I mean the principles of the same but it's not baseball and so I do wonder if that's some of the apprehension too is that. People look and in no way a played softball and and and it exceptionally high level graduation that's not baseball. I wonder if that's some of those on the apprehension. I identity that some apprehension. NASA has I mean has this big beat you fall the NHL much much more than I do. As has happened in the NHL. Do they have email NHL coaches. In adult. But I haven't seen that opportunity arise yet diapers so. But I mean cracks and and passing dazzle us satellite. At some point would we ever have a I don't really yeah here's dodi's. It's something. Like yours ago that work for them so I think it has had in the NH. I ask you guys last night would do you think they were never get with pointers exciting coach or someone that they would have some type of like it Rooney rule for women. You know like a welter rule that Letterman I really details all be so small you behavior in the same people over and over and over and over a spare. Is the pulls out there the talent pool getting some snow I think it's yeah I don't think that it would get to that point either because in his late pointed out this morning like. There isn't a history of women that play in your league and not being represented in the coaching ranks like. The reason African Americans. You know they it's the vast majority of the NFL. Like that it hasn't but if you look around head coaching ranks. It is the vast minority or the coaching ranks of it looked and they go all Wiren African Americans getting the same chances that white players get afterwards to do that difference that that's that's a big difference I get that I think or is it for head coach assistance. Yeah I think if I hired this guy will the players respect him. The players listen to excellence and the fever mentioning on a game that he's mom played non men's based. Feel Henry Rhone Gardner's mom out of a lot about pitching to so I would assume that. Ferrara. While ladies out of it more than qualified to do that yeah. And are girl who's a year. On the order pitch. Is up is that when you're savers. Was popularized by Scotty McGee. It don't answer movies. What are you talking about movie that's based on true story. If ever heard the legend of Billy oil. Later. And yeah and her own garden. Assaults her story. And why. Open epic Toobin as we have these six did sports expect what about Daniel Russo in the Karate Kid was not a fake story to Brian Billick joined us earlier. And had interesting and slightly surprising take on passive homes. Sitting behind Alex Smith it's acting here in two minutes net seized in the NB. Studio sixty instant.