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Thursday, August 17th

As always the 7 o'clock hour opens with the Best 59 Second Show in Radio and we get into a dicussion about Dayton Moore and the culture he is cultivating in KC. Also, we found an interesting idea that involves every sports fan in the existence of time. 


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I've for the last 592. Show and all of radio he. Now did. And in the field. And shout. I am there coach Stephens and I'd analyze things going on back here tonight. As always bounces aren't certainly bending. What does dipping our toes into the brand new NFL season and as I do each and every year I'm in love with another place. And hopefully you don't want to are not as he shut the famous. Winston. Davis went to has been showing us aside that we haven't had a chance to see from Janus before he's. Was so heavily scrutinized coming out of Florida State for some of the childish things that you did it mistakes that he day off the field James went sent. As a chance to take that next step this season he's going to become an upper echelons are in the NFL. The likes of Cam Newton Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers because he has at all. You show. Who. Lays out. But those fingers that your dad. As the days salute you for allowing us to be a small part of your Thursday evening. Stephen sort of now lives in guys here with me. We're having a lot of fun today we had a really really the first now I think today. We've been all week no offense to view Tuesday sir that I think this may be the issue we. If you miss the first hour I had nothing positive really for my solar show that's. As. Negative it's negative. It my way from I thought you re. But today I think is that they still we've had in his the first hour checkout the podcast page. As I said earlier every working we've Manhattan's missions podcast page but were not as as I said earlier. If you follow me on Twitter Ronnie HO orally and in IGH oh this mine the the strongest into the haters can change it to hottest. Take that I've ever had. So go check it out. And oh do we get a Pulitzer. Yes yes yes. At six and sports Casey and yet you would Ellis do you think that is forfeits that LeBron James. Be realistic candidate and run for president when he five years so for. 70%. Says is India 30% is not a bad idea. Go to sixteen sports Casey. Right now that that is kind of the thought of thought theory that I thought we made it but on the text line I think it's opposite. It's been eighty to one. Which is kind of been a surprise. But yeah we we had a really good conversation about that that I I've realistically think we but that's a little bit later that it 25 years. And the track and of the LeBron changes in everything he's completely different from any other athlete we've seen. At this point they can actually have the ability to run for office. I think it's when he five years it would be forfeits after seeing what it took to win the presidency this last election. The heat that it BA series candid. What he's fifty cent to. All right. Earlier this week the days are ahead his solutions he's so proud of and he should be. I was on the drive. High slurred fan. And say we did a topic about analytics. And them a date they went they went crazy and we it's a good conversation it was really entertaining as that was it's I mean for both. But. Coming from that conversation apart that I didn't really get to get out was. I think. We've all been probably upset from like. All of these baseball perspectives. And all these other. You know people who do analytics and they come out in the code or rankings for the royals have been severely. Under sold and talked about like seventy wins fourth or fifth they place finishes. I have to say it and I told us of the guys that day I've never understood that it does. Why. I'd ever still wide the royals have been considered so now with those rankings. And I guess I can understand a little bit by what they project. But I'm the guy goes in and act like you know I know everything about it I don't you know whatever. But I'll just say if I say this if I take a sport and we'll take baseball and I told you. That we have a team that is without a shadow of the doubt. The best the best in the league in three different cat. In three different categories the best without a shadow of the doubt the best in the league at three different categories you let's say okay. That's attain that probably has its its that we. And I'm not saying those categories would be the best in the league it eating sampler C or the best in the league they're keeping their helmets. No the royals were the best in the league prior to this year in this run its fourteen day word the best in the league in defense. The best in the league in speed and athletic schism. And the best of the Lee. In Baltic. I've never understood with analytics. If a team is far out the best I don't think it was even arguable when I say speed and F lettuce is about me like. The base that the base pads stealing bases. Going first to third they probably had like one or two guys that could. Could not legitimately go first of there. And of the most athletic first baseman. Like AA you know what I say that teens next three different separate. Categories in a sport you with thing. This thing would have cashed it. So I'll always be confused by the thoughts and theories of those ranking. But this year. This year I think it's different. This year. This thing confuses I do. Do not know how this team is at this disease. Actually dozer guy I don't know how this team is that this position. They are not great at the bull. Lou we've seen that on display the last couple a nights. They have like four guys consistently throughout the year in their line up. They're like adding to under 23. Are they right now Salvador's hurt. Probably there's their best player. Most important player after you get to boost in the lineup. And bonafide sealed for that reason does get to play but that you get to those of the lineup right now at the flat spot. It says take your pick it's a good all the luck. Brandon Moss Alex Gordon Escobar. Drew you to era. But remember we had that conversation the beginning of the season about how. Bihac as mayors in this als and a new stock is. We're going to have to step it up this. I bet has something to duplicate those guys have stepped in I think all of all of those guys are having brilliant. I think these movies I think moves as having a career year and now that salas got her I think it stopped at a I think how I think salad moves and I say this or MVP candidate so I would put I would understand it but. You know I think now the numbers are starting to come together for for hot but he's not having liked. Eight an extraordinary career like year I mean aegis hit his twentieth home run. And hopefully he and he can get over 25 and everybody in the year could be career but. It boasts is the one having the out of body career year. Still below. Bet you think that's going to make there're there're much slower team their but their defense is much worse I mean escobar's making. Is is making a lot more errors than he has in the past. They're. Their rotation it's a just don't know. Duck he's been injured he was out for weeks. I just I don't understand this year with this team. I I've been critical I could be critical about analytics input coda in all of these metric system in the past about. How they've raided the royals because. It just can't say a team that has the best bullpen the most athletic team best on the base paths and stealing bases and defensively. Would be team just on what like seven game. But this year I. I can understand where they're coming from with it but you dummy Danny doesn't go to him for six weeks. At this he would he would they are now. But when you have. The type of veteran presence that the royals have in the type of guys that. Those guys have been through a lot together I think sometimes I just care easy place is like the Seahawks. He answered not a very good team last year at their defense. Was was still good but their defense wasn't the dominant legion of boom defense and the offense was garbage the entire season. And they still made the playoffs and they always have playoffs fairly easily. Are discussing you point you point to me one thing that they do. Is it they do is is there. I know a lot better heading home runs as there. Are they great and hitting home and they great. And hitting home. Now. It's just great to me you can't really point to one thing. I could use the one thing that this thing this team does it is as you brought that they experience. I mean maybe that's why they're just. Floating around 500 the entire year because they aren't just an average base there half the game out of the playoffs. But I mean that's. And I just in the American League just not that I don't just. At this as if this is last season how far out of the playoff race and maybe I now know that off top mine head but as I mean we're dealing in what. Season. I kiss this kiss. It's aid this year is different the other years. I act and I didn't get it is it build a team is. It's the best in baseball that show down at three different categories and you have units that we edit and categories that don't slop like teeth it's. Base running it. Generally the bullpen especially that goal. But this tape their bull hit is you never know. From one night to the other. Their offense comes and goes they have injuries to key players to. The two most key people all of the T do any of the and Sao operators have gone down for significant time. Brendon moss is hitting 200 so is Al. Escobar. Is it to 25 and he's going nuts probably the second had to get there basis. It's just amazed. We talked to this same day on the drive we talked in the past. And present try to command. About the salute because I ought to say is that the royal tattoo be entering a point where this is about culture. And you sit experience which out of forgot what it is I just think it's a culture that date in the have create. And I kinda talked to pass about that coltart each outcome. Aside. Again and come. Listen kid we can make some late day this show that Iran does she'll eat. Seats tees will rid you good good tickets that com now for six in off your ticket order using promo code 610 sports. But it is here. As soon yeah. We'll get to a past red zone. It is down to see some emails. About this new window game. I guess it earlier access. I can't understand like. Previously used this word from total maintenance and in a Linux people did not. Of the ruling and animist that the royals. Brewers. In three different. At three different. Areas in the game of baseball they were far away the best in the league. Involved in speed and at let the system which includes base running stealing bases. And defense. Three of the things that generally never slump. And. I've ever stood at it and those guys are flirting with. In at seventy wins excuse. But this year act because I can't point to want things that they do worry about this. I'll be honest some a somewhat surprised that they are in the situation that there is where there half game out of playoffs. Because I just can't point to what they do would. Stands. The thing that I just had to say is that I guess we get to a point sort of weather. This is becoming a St. Louis Cardinals. Game. There may be of the early stages of the St. Louis Cardinals or San Antonio Spurs. Dole or a patriots as bad as well he'll know the pages that will live gains of Matt Cassel. Just this the start of the chemical or things. Like I may be Dayton just. They just said a culture to a point where. You know. They just understand the and they just they just find a way to win it in. And that is a huge thing for us in this city and for royals fans that this is really just a cloture. That date to create. Someone does is say they are great at calling games late this year that pretty. They've been able to hold enough. We were talking asked about this as we brought this up a few weeks ago you remember sort of where I talked about. They could be and in an area where they have a new window. And and with that new window and I'm thinking. Since we're looking at what culture is even if they lose some parts this team look at at what they've done this year to me it's unexplainable durable goods that great. The eighth innings the seventh innings I'm sweat bullets. He's not been. It a es he's been good he's now been in a sport is really good early but he's been shaky late. They're the rotations kind of an up and down at times. You know Kennedys not been great this year the fists but it is your guy TJ. And Eric's its rival in and whoever else they put there. It had some up and down things this year enact it really point 21 thing they've been that they're great it is county. But they. But they've still been heavily delicate think it's this is like cardinals errors patriots type of the deal where they just have a culture word. It hit its jets more of the culture almost the the parts. And that it is here. And even though Dayton's and a rough year offseason wise with some of these free agent signings. Brendan Maher Austin. These other people. Still it's still in his greatness because. The culture he created Havel has allowed him to be still of this type of position and I brought this up with with crescent is next year they have a chance to lose more people. But I still think the one that date has started created new window. It soon. Like with this culture that he's been created the royals have created. I still think they'll probably be in this situation again next year no matter almost 8 at so I am I had a conversation would pass and about. This potential new window and in future. If people have been getting to a point where they thought okay this is the last year this is it. I think Dayton this quickly created almost a new window when you look at wheat when you look at Bonifacio when you look they already have. Sal under contract in they have Mondesi down and he can play shortstop and they they've got guys and Duffy under contract in the bullpen under contract but I'll. Almost think like. In a way this run of success doesn't have to be over almost like they created a new window and they'll have money. To speak and and I think they they can at least offer. And respectable contract either moves are Hosmer would I be crazy to think that it's not necessarily this is it this year. I may introduce meteor dealer here and there. Are created. Let that I appreciate the optimism. Let the three best players on this team are going to be gone she might hit. The players on this. Our stuff pies you can kiss. My beautiful black gas for throwing it. Your highs. For the set. Here let me up. They elected me. Which added that very funny guy and I don't necessarily disagree with pass by you don't lol first off. I I got at least self raises one of the three best players of the ST. I. Island green cards that I and he just blew right past salad I disagree that part be on this team you agree you'll believe the royals will be able to. And it's replacing if you lose if you don't you think if you just. Are reducing pain. Does not easy guys to replace and Bonifacio. In the field had been. Incredible season I've been very solid additions and they've been guys that you weren't expecting a whole lot from or give me a whole lot more than you expected. But. It's not easy to replace those guys especially wide the only reason I think that you aren't. Even in contention at all this season is because of those. And because at least hot burn you know. First though that the chiefs are capable of signing. And that she sees the royals are capable of signing and they're capable of signing the one of the other two. I I totally review if the three of them if you don't get any of those guys back. Yes but I think the royals are Kate I personally believe the rules are capable of signing two of one of one of its pain. I believe their cable because me and Vernon talked about this I don't. Think it's 32 years old hundreds of canes going to do it. The amount of years and money did he thinks or wheat thing that he make but I think they can definitely afford one of them now. And I listen I tried to try to delay giving bad. You know I it's likely played enabled moved here on if you catch it. But I whitbeck in any income is that Beckett you don't believe the royals are capable of signing either one of the three. Could you do this more than are right now I. I don't know the royals keeps on me that they got money because I don't like it if it Alex Gordon. And then resigning and giving itself free money if that in is going to get it in the ways that have the ability does not one of them. Then they really screwed but I don't think David Glass and indeed more idiots they've never shown that to be the case so I don't know. I got my goals somewhere else because they don't wanna sign here. But to say I you know you know this better not do so I I think the royals call me crazy at least. At the amount of money to offer them a respectable deal. I think it probably can't get one of them here's the question is. Zeevi sled that OK. So facets that they're all three and ability on the pity edicts that back and say. He thinks that that the royals are capable of signing. And I've this unseen even if it hits you lose two and say you're able to side. Hosmer. Giving Hosmer. Wit. Mondesi. Cut the bird so now. Can Alex beat this bad. Bonifacio. Duffy. That at least their bull but at least a rare as bad. Hopefully that's. The San Diego's guys won't be this bad date shown he can put together bull and with what we've seen what their culture can beat. I think this team can be competitive. I just. It's always there I mean if they just three signed one of meeting will be at the they if they just east side of team. But I don't know I don't think that that competitive this season they're competitive OK we'll hopefully they're only little gain back yes but hasn't I have to game. But in years past what they're doing this here what the big good enough they're being helped out and affect the American League is as bad this year so to say if they can do the same thing they're doing this year next year. Probably isn't going to keep in contention throughout an entire regulars. If you don't know how season goes that they the year that they went to the the World Series loss of the giants of 1486. That the the hazy and 86 wins at the eight. I hate. Mid eighties wins kid can get to 84 or once got the cardinals in and they won a thousand. So say say Lorenzo cain's the only person they re sign you lose. Moos who is just. Blasting home runs this season you lose Posner. Who has one year better hitters who gets guys. Who bats runs in and scores runs. And is one of about one of the better defense of guys on the team as a way and moos is a pretty solid they're based and I mean that's that's a lot to replace. Yeah especially if Cain is of the threes Cain is one of them is the only one you're able to get. Ed yet that that would be a bigger it and I think the focus would be moose or Hosmer putt. Also that you will be saying okay they have big boards actually got decent amount of money is in right if he can't if he can't get them. He'll have money has been anyway would stuff coming off the books old war thing that comes off the business books Chris Young thank god almighty. Comes off the books. I once read what I would give anything to hear Ryan interview Nader and well I know one of them they probably will never let me. But I'd love to interview both. So we'll before. I think that got him. Did you hear it in when he came back today and use the when he came back and say oh okay dad Aaron. That is. Least of it now. I think with that you have. To ask them if that's a man. You said it at three best players undoubtedly lead. South risen Atlantic through 2000. Anyway. Coming up next. Gonna continue to have some fun here. I'm gonna bring sort of into the states. Had his fun tonight. So yeah. Get on this old thought about this briefly what is ID it's in union. That's it. Wow I could've done better Mac that statement would look today. You listen to be show would run the show sixteen Sports Radio broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios and. And I want to read ride. Good heated interview with one of them that he Nader and I would take off or make it drink and lock myself in the closet with my fault just to list. What he did you get elected is of the closet. And then I guess that really danced through it. Also like pig edit I mean let's say go work I mean I would actually give you time maybe get your break around that. But certain you'd go eat decently. Do you think I would puck out in an interview with them. I don't think so. But. There are certain guidelines we generally have to follow to use in certain situations. As it pertains to intervene is a certain individual the Youth League bosses would be better. Yet with this. It. Because. A lot of things we do make bus is nervous. On things we do on our show. As a little bit outside the realm of what people are used to hearing. And does some of it does. Eight people little antsy. Like I lately if I had I think when his name come. He comes he comes on Thursday with. With vesco. Odd series but first question would be. Did they get away from you mediated. By guy amendments to the odds would be like you know we have bad days that that get away if that you. In the bottom of the I. At three batters. With sorry you gave up three straight hits. That came to your head to the heaviest and I don't feel Nicholas that. A proud to be told us that. Well I think you could ask that question you just don't raise but I I don't know any other industry. While many Beatles. Conversations that we have all the time there's things that make you say especially where it. T strain and it grant bowler press conferences and south we here's some of the annoying. Generic questions that people ask them. And it's just useless it's just useless sound most the time. There's a lot of funny things sometimes highly inappropriate things that we'd like to just ask these guys. I told you we would we get Roy Miller all of the first question we're going to ace Roy Miller and we're working on. It is. Did you create your own Wikipedia. It probably paid someone to do on. He's really talked Tim. Did you gate. Did you think Alan how did you think those with Clark. That they have probably aunt and score Clark the other day. Basically Paxton. With. But judge Dorsey go on do you. You think this organizations in the place he wanted to be. It gave me a look. Then I follow the again I gave you a would you be nervous Saturday. Sitting next to be doing this interview I did tell. Now because I'm good at when you get over the top I'm good at reeling it back and so there's your now it really is so I. You'll realize I used to be. But your NC really meet. I would just aren't asking something else answers seating and other direction if it was going it is going down. Which is what I do during the show all the time when our steer it. Towards I'll always. Go to the right Janus Wentz and I would love to talk about James Preston for the last segment. I want to. I want my opening question to every yes that we are to be used as a brilliant smile I want it to be I'm in love what James once and what is your first. Tell me about that. Let out to be fielding questions the best we can. Our loved assets and Davis once at any rate your at it before we get started. What was your first. I think you would open it up. While. It depends because I feel like Andy. Is old enough that he might see that as inappropriate be offended. I give you lasts. Roy Miller and if you asteroid belt that he might think it's funny if you ask Chris Jones. Again not mr. sponsored Christian right look to. Just. It is that time didn't show. Stop us. Yes it's. Huge. We don't really needed talked about this but it's just came across my phone reduced if the raiders cornerback John Smith. Arrested for alleged felony assault stemming from July. Fourth incident. I was wrong about it. Not really wrong I just stated I guess embodiment rather give it to hold its. This is probably gets suspended right it's easy issues before we get it's that if he got in trouble he when he atmosphere yet that you. But scientists on time for a lot of that stuff eventually play out could be next season before he gets actually serve any type of suspension for that. Johnson and I think it's still a good player he's just a guy that fit better in the chief assistant and he doesn't occur racecars. Or is ahead of the expiration of the NFL's collective bargaining agreement with its players NFL PA executive director Dumars met. Says the two sides are already headed for Armageddon. Let that be a lockout or strike. Saying ID that the likelihood of either a strike or lockout and 20/20 one. Is almost a virtual certainty. We've we've been. One of the early people and I don't mean just here in this city and on the states. I think. Anywhere we have over almost a year sort of been talking about the potential strike. And nothing nothing that keeps happening does not do anything to help. That case the players are fed up we are entering. The LeBron James era of players understanding their values. To these teams. And Spain and that's. They are not have an added evil they're gonna go on strike and we've called this week the one person wants to. I think the same night we talked about her started talking about them going on strike. Is Louise who we met our guy who kissed for the first time. Delivered yes. Yes but the birds that's just they love visitors kids love. As did that technically. I. Rat. Did you say that yes that is lanes devastated devastated at the love it or is that Baghdad make that. I I was the first thing that came to back at bed but that was this I just edited out but that's noted there's. There if statement I receiver Josh Gordon is not under active consideration. NFL commissioner Roger did Dallas said Thursday in a fan forming Cleveland Browns training camp. Saying at least it hasn't gotten in my desk yet. That's not something I handle on a daily basis he has entered into the program is obviously confident she popped. Has obviously confidentiality. And privacy issues. That we always respect the land decision is made on his reinstatement one way or the other we make that clear to the clubs. And obviously the public usage you never struggled word if I nailed that are covered pretty I think it may. Now brought our captain our guy. Are covered. My recovery time was. Swear I coming up here a couple of minutes I've found this to be pretty interest. That there's been like three or four really big stories in sports like the last. For five days. And I think it's something that we know that happens in sports but I don't think we talk about it enough. It just got back because it is its probably a negative thing on dozens. Of may not get that show you know I don't know if Iran does show these teams will. Reveal politically ticket that problem now for six and not you particularly using remote code six didn't support. Went to enter. Our decade here. Counted minutes here. Complete power over soon. We're here till now. It's just kind of amazing now do you look it is I would look at sports. And I'd I'd do I am happy about social stuff that is happening in sports now and it is becoming sports. Social issues seem to be introducing intertwining. Often. But we steal and I think it will improve this but we still kids have been. Mines it not I'm just abandoned mines in times we couldn't. Like this easy kill Elliott thing we've not really talked about it this easy Bill Elliott situation. It just kind of blows me away asserted that the thought is initially initially by most sports beat. Is. What the count was going to do. I even think it is that it's fantasy football players who were like. Fantasy football what I gotta do and did you dread see what the cowboys went to do with the NFC east if he's missing six and ain't getting a good deal on Darren McFadden because he kept right on the draft that I heard uttered. This on on Calvert. Jason MacIntyre a real hot it. Is said. Is that the college. Age you know I know you're probably waiting on what the appeal process would be. Bullet but what do you see that the cowboys chances in the indices do you have that in her out of the player. Hello. Basically not her. If they did this. But god is what are they going to do in the playoff race how the cowboys going to be. What your fantasy football team will be out when she did you draft him. Then maybe it's not is not. AM. This dude just did her Britney thing. It just blows me away. Tiger. Tiger got caught with 56 drugs so many drugs that they can hit the cocaine reckless. I think it hit that coat. I mean we just. Spent more time talking about airline then. Potential drug problem I'll put myself into it I demise of. He's really not gonna kids yet. Which is is this terrific. Tiger might die if we don't keep let me abilities. Is quite like robotic die. Problems like sports where it's just easy tiger's. Status is they keep up at tiger. Did you get to do. I do it you would I try not to like when sterling Shepperd got carted off the field training camp a couple of weeks ago. I was pissed because I have sterling Shepperd I might dynasty team nags I tried. Not to do things like that anymore because I try to look at things from a different perspective not be selfish fantasy football the deck degenerates sports gambler. So that's how a lot of this is what daddy is and this is part there he's why athletes are supposed to have a in sort of weak us English teacher borderline were bloopers. But that's that it's more understandable of an injury when I try. But not an abbey a knack all that's understandable understandable that injure. It's not good but as more understandable but this is sick Elliott the it should be about this food. Apparently. The NFL has serious heat. That he made a 00 it. At the top prizes that sports is what it's. This is good for the cowboys playoffs it is about and it's ET Ed that. Is asinine. Part of the issue with this thing with the easy he'll Alia is that now there's reports coming out saying that this girl was. Threatening to blackmail him for money away if sex tapes and things like that so now it's. OK was he to being unfairly treated he's he shouldn't be suspended ban for the NFL because this girls clearly. Is holding this offers had to try to get money. I think it's clear that easy all you did something wrong at some point in this situation. And even if that's the case that's not the conversation generally it's not about wall. Maybe Z we seek is wrongfully being treated in his veins being drug through the most that's got to the conversation. The cobbers states are absurd. And I wonder how decks gonna handle the pressure now he doesn't have sneaked what. Honestly think of Ray Rice didn't have the video. That would be the conversation instead of and he just beat Dele this one. Did Joseph Nixon because it happened when Jill mix it till the ideal sort of. ABBA Ray Rice which is. Which is easier and he he was a packed. USA Brian it was easy to push him out and there's this guy Ray Rice is a horrible that's I'm not saying that conversation. Would not would be more about. What is Baltimore going to do without. And he it wasn't going to be bad it was only two game suspension sort of initially until the tape was revealed. Like it's just crazy to me. We look at tiger who's busted with 1718. Drugs in his system so many that is hiding probably other drugs restless reckless. Coke. But the initial reaction is too miffed there's mad at and to make fun of tiger not say acid and I hope tiger gets his act together it's you make fun of his apparently minds over it's over look at his Bucs at its older. Ready oxides that's just how we ours people this person just takes him for the novelty because it's it's about sports not about lines we about it teams and that anything else. That's absolutely horrible weather and Nikes at r.s which I. That's not a peep at a time he he'll. Outlets saying anything about sanity you David the add that David the people who were Billy. I think those are dead cartwheels at its audio. Right over the last several months we've. Developed an idea on on our show that at times were too apologetic for some of these athletes that way when most people want to crucify them. For anything and everything that they did. I don't think that's the case it's just that I'm trying to look at these guys. As normal people how you how you would handle an everyday life situation like this and not say while other athletes so. They make millions of dollars so that eases the pain of real life. It's as it's just the main. Just when is it that he'll freeze play which sets up today you freeze the head coach of all this. I had that is a book a problem he's just trying to get busy he's got a hooker problem in Detroit. This track down but the pain is hit and get fired. For begging hookers. I mean does he get fired for cheating. It can't find her floor illegally giving players and I'm by players using the company Jack adult got fired because. Where they wish list all of this he had numbers repeatedly to hookers which corresponded when he was using that Albany today private. But that's this. It needs to ease these organizations. And these schools and universities are not. Larry what a horrible play budget ms. Winston who you've been talking about on. That's what the worst place I've ever seen a beautiful smile incredible personalities. Go look at that replay of the field it's a future goat or. I just don't I don't give it meant us tennis is simple the other sets all it says how about asking how these women are now instead of LC will hit. I don't. I know it's eight up at about what. It's going to do. If you get this show put the news to me it's the show would run the show you me. Sixteen. Book written. Broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios.