08/17 9a - What's Up Welch, Bond, Beers with the Boys, Danny Duffy

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Thursday, August 17th

What's Up Welch, Daniel Craig is getting $135 million dollars, Free State Brewery joins us in studio as Beers with the Boys return plus we talk with Royals ace Danny Duffy 


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She's cool what are there aren't well she's handsome. When she loves his dog. But as well she is also angry with the dog and brown and Lego blocks. Things. It's what's up wells your best 2 in the morning I'm Mike Welch with Bob best coach just. When their producer Steven Specter. Is a segment where we get into some stories we wouldn't normally get into throughout the day. And it. We haven't had a segment with in this segment coming up in just a few minutes called what is Welch ruining explain that a few minutes the first mix it in. Is in mid season form when it comes to. Becomes a rage at the media. Most people like Nick Saban. I love them because there's too many cliche coaches out there that to say. I love this guy look good in camp this guy look guys and everybody's happy. But knicks' David likes to rid the media here and there. And every time it is solid yesterday he was asked about a player and how he was looking in camp. How are you know you guys make all these predictions about everything about guys are going to be great players that have been here for two years and who's gonna win all the games and I don't know why we've body. Our motto we were OK why don't even have practiced law rather we compete why we coach guys watch how they need to improve. How many guys got all the answers to. I mean. How guys are going to be what they're gonna do. I mean. Sometimes I wonder. What what what what are we play. I mean why why don't even have practice. Because you guys got all these conclusions already drawn about. Whose wife how good they are what they can do. I'm so why would you ask me I mean how does such a product it's puzzling to me why would you ask me I'm now reached up all the time right. Well for us that's nice to know. We were not come from. And then you ask me. But Kristin Miller has done a nice job is literally here. He's done a good job. I'm seeing this put had a lot of production points in the scrimmage so we're really happy with the progress. This they save in it and I think it's funny that he says that because. You talk about the coaches that sometimes off records say you guys greeted the pre season more than we are in a pre season ask you guys take more away from this than we do. Since target the same thing yeah it looks the paper goes. That guy's giving good nice to now. That's well what's good about that is he admitted to reading that stuff now so what he says tomorrow that he doesn't read any thing irony here and he put a lot of open about reading stuff which is very different for coaches he's only been open about reading stuff and any crushes whatever your reads like I read that that was Thomas that her late. It's it's fun to see that back and forth because so many Coastr cliche machines to have Nick Saban even though he can be a little biting sometimes seventh big shots the media I always find that. Well it analyzing your play is so that he can get eight million dollars a year or whatever it is so why they were playing you would beginning at salaries neck right. I guess. He just rosy the wrong way because they're there are times they're play casual reporters go to ask what they coach thinks because they don't want to infer. Their opinion right my opinion is a really matter approve York. Starting safety as any to know what you think you're starting safety and he seems to take offense of that one it's like. What he wants I think coaches anymore today always think the media is out to get there there's there's been something planted years ago how long ago were talking where. We went from every Tuesday having steak dinner date once would get a meal. To go that haven't won I would do it for meal once a year to coach is not even knowing who you Lar don't wanting there anymore they're there they're became something happened. For all these football coaches football in particular. Really think that like your child to give them or for whatever reason and Donald if that's because lack of job security or one. But man these guys are at times feel like a bully the media they get defensive and all this other stuff I still bullied by the media and that's where the turning point came. I think the turning point came when headlines. We win sexy headlines became the most important thing that's just recently yeah of that. And it's been going on longer than of that I mean selling mid two thousands the age of the Internet to point out also football coaches are in the impression that it media members go there actually gonna know what the hell you're doing in practice we don't know. We don't. Another quarterback competition is every time I got it she's training camps and I know that the weird first up from a receiver now. You know that we don't know nobody knows I don't quite honestly don't Carroll is in. I read it as another opposing coaches in your practice which they could be your designated training camp practice anybody's show law and nobody. Thankfully I don't be surprised if New England had a spy training camp for three weeks why wouldn't it. You pay five dollars apart it's an open practice to the public I guarantee somebody from doing when was it in that crowd that word for Jersey. They were wearing a Billy Dave urgency. Royals is Danny Duffy coming up at 915 is what's out Welch announced savior that a segment called what is Welch ruining. The is every I am a millennial I fall the age group the millennial. I don't necessarily fit all the stereotypes I've never had lived there had how to text you have bull never. I ate and talked about it and I'll McConnell opposed. That's a lie is funny the post. You don't like to host the host fan you've never had avocado to host before now it really is it accurately and in this out that being I think so I mean that's 25 dollars for an order of that kind of stuff well every week I'm not finish fake is I think we should. Re we see some story about Hubble ideals are ruining society as they are glad it was over everything. Ruined everything in this week we got one from Playboy dot com right young colonials are no longer into breasts that's right. It's not a thing Doug can so searches for brass are way down actually 20% less likely in the millennial age group then the age groups ahead. It's that's that's what's going. You know what I stated that Jake is. Bettis I mean that they're just making that figures to resist popular out oil once was. Let's just move rocked the reality is boils at the Internet says they were kids right they see these pictures since they were kids. At a certain point. It's what's the big. It's the fact that Playboy that was released a study about this they're trying to justify you know whenever. Anderson while the millennial was now rooting foreign they're not as in the sport as we wore her greatness. Hillary and everything are you seriously now I'm not getting this this is the one that like sent me over the edge and that's why said that these guys what are millennial sorting now because every day it's every day Al sperm is that that's what is ruining because every week it's like your generation is ruining. Applebee's. And buffalo. Fixes. Playboy. It was a beer beer. It's like I bet you if you Google what are maligned meals ruling there will be multiple articles of multiple lists that show you what people believe molecules are ruining thickness. This off sickness society just adjust and adapt and moves and changes. Those people that think Milan meals are ruining something you are the people who aren't adopting are adapting and moving nine and and getting better. Mean I think we just ruin everything one quick hit here on less a while to perform on a Danny Duffy. Super bad at the movie written by Seth Rogen. Here ten years ago today great. This is given names at Vogel when he trying to be an Irish RB singer. All the village beginning and you won't need them between that in a moment. Wouldn't be which we know Mohammed for a split a common name of the normal person Mohammed is most commonly used that aren't we have pulled for one. I said he job out he had exist there are a lot of F bombs missed his salary. And a club and be dyke than 35. Yeah right and the forty year old virgin is fifty twos because my glove at this point five to sixty girls it to him. Absolutely four year old gorgeous it's twelve years ago this week well Andre it's eleven point five right thing he's the only guest expert for 25 CB they're trying to get back Chris sacraments blast as Tony. Yeah he was really young he's in high school he got that rule. And mistake had used on five right and they're so down at love and not requirements lost make lines 32 big love and himself as 35 correct. Beautiful. Danny Duffy had a nice outing yesterday find out the royals have that whole season. Feeling as Duff man joins us next. Welcome back heads best 2 in the morning I'm like well with Bob best coach honestly producer Steve inspector. Currently looking forward Ekene dusty. Royals pitched starting pitchers you pitched yesterday and no wind for the royals again in 87 victory over Oakland. Keep looking form but Jesse Daniel Craig a man who once said he'd rather slash his wrists then play bond again. Is going to live on Heidi with a big in the paycheck is as big is it absolutely is no easy for IDC what the number is but I can imagine it's here are just numbers came out right now what is it. 135. Million dollars gal Betty and add the play jazz front runner thirty fat why would anybody give up those roles they generate so much money like. I don't wanna hear this argument about. All artistic differences or I'm tired of beings tight castor blah blah blah that only happens when you have so much stinking money that it doesn't really matter he clearly used that though to get. A 135 million dollars to play James Bond where they went we can you changed character does a good time we're in right now. We'll give you 135 million dollars a comeback and played as an ailing. I'm done. That is the highest ever. Firm one movie for one movie. And rules because like Johnny Depp got 185 million for pirates of the Caribbean but that was from multiple movies count Reeves got 262000004. The major movies that that was three. And then cruise got 209 Tom Cruise to a ninety million. For all Mission Impossible movies that when it comes to individual one movie this this is a one shot one shot deal like her effort to know this is series over. 135 million dollars to act in one of movie is James Bond if that's the dale Craig did anything. The anywhere that even comes close is Tom Cruise wore the world's got 100 million in that Bruce Willis got 120 million for the sixth sense but let's let's put that into perspective I don't know that the entire royals' payroll is making 135 million dollars this year so. Wheels roll into the so the athlete is overpaid dolby athlete is not over the other. This billion dollars 35 million U Mal stuff aside due to do one movie I mean is this ridiculous this is this is absolute house itself. You wanna you wanna talk about people that are overpaid. Obviously actors are weighing. All way more over paid. That athletes could ever beat Tom Brady does bush and make them money he wins titles at the same time you gotta think if you're putting out a bond movie dale Christ coming back as James Bond yet. You're probably going to make close to a billion if not a billion I can't do that tells you how much money they're gonna make you based on the fact that they're able to give one actor in that movie. 135. Million dollar so it's absolutely insane it's crazy it's wacky. That they're able to pay him that kind of money but it also shows you what kind of making and and the state overpaid. These guys generate a lot of money whether they're an actor whether they're an athlete they generate a ton of money that's why you're able to pay us back and your big James Bond fan. So dale Craig 135 million dollars to come back and played James Bond for one. Great decision movie the I think he's one of the best bonds we've ever had. So you think it's totally worth it yet totally worth it and don't build they'll make more than enough money on another team is on him I was a little out of their payroll so high for him can afford all the gadgets. That's a good. Cool cool eerie place I mean if you're thinking there's no logical replaced right that's why they're paying and how much money new. What about your Brosnan he beat James on winning. It. I'd. A great job batteries for a 13500 dollars an honor serious talk if I thought my. Pottery would be a phenomenal James. The NFL Matt Ryan out these ever gonna get away from this like what's. Have to happen for Matt Ryan and the falcons to get away from the 28 to three reminders because now. People are pointing out that Matt Ryan quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons has 283000. Followers currently on Twitter. So now just the fact is 283 down overall as is is 283 K next to Matt Ryan's name on Twitter. This becomes a story because Matt Ryan 220 to three lead in the Super Bowl last year well. Rise animated. And it is never gonna end like this is going to follow Matt Ryan the falcons until they went. He he staked him to a 28 to three lead that his defense and coaching staff gave away it's not like Matt Ryan screwed the pooch on this one was his ball they lost that football game. The Atlanta Falcons lost that football I don't think Matt Ryan has anything to do an ad needs to get away from this I think it's more I'm. Gus Bradley I think it's more on that falcons defense against fire there defensive coordinator after that game. So I think it's it's more on don't have a isn't is that is named as Bradley. Dusting Quinn has go to falcons oh what is another ball down the coaches oh yeah theoretically up your ball yeah I was late on now this day went down Quinn big winners in April. Had a bit of proof there. For the falcons decent read about this until training camp the falcons and April all got together Hattie team meeting at. We're tinkering gathered everyone together said anyone who wants to. Can stand up. In share their emotions good batter otherwise it from the entire team good. There was a there was a lot of frustration everybody was on set I think there's any way the falcons get over I don't think they do we have not come back to the playoffs I think about it even as a fan like if I'm a fan of the falcons could this happen the chiefs. The chiefs blew the like this. Or read it over fourteen wild card game I Josh Josh is not a hot you guys out over a fourteen dollar parking a unit that was our first. Ever Super Bowl. Title and so did do your hands right irons have been there twice but they've never won a suitable. To my knowledge must have completely forgetting about something. Arlington a blue the falcons never won a probable so they were there for their first chances of franchise to win at all. The 28 to three lead and blew it again because that's like the wild card game times. The spot I mean that that's like they need new ideas to come and talk to them and talk about not worrying about it because he does a great job of compartmentalizing and forgetting about things and moving on to the next and yet you you never forget each hit an idea down and I think that'll be the biggest problem with the Atlanta Falcons as yours being bogged down. By this being stuck in a rut not being able to get over you've got to let it go and you just got to move on and to your spending and not worry about. What happened last year because if you hang onto that you're never going to be successful so. I would love to have one of those therapy sessions I think it would be fantastic as long as I would like that stop smoking hypnotist guys at who was there's of the lake that we went to stop smoking hypnotist guy to stop smoking history it'd actually helps you quit smoking and it immediately 49 dollars guaranteed. So if it's if it's their battle Ballmer yeah he is polity and ethnic. But you're making that up hell I am. There's a hit it's this this I as much as look for seven years I quit when he twelve cold Turkey a mile. What in the hell is somebody you're saying I will hypnotize you cannot smoke an annual Altria did happen it happens. It's power suggestion but Matt Ryan has 283000. Twitter followers assist 483. On his Twitter account that is absolutely fans and our power Matt Ryan I wouldn't like to on an analyst talk about attendees watch and Alison and I just thought I would just say. Strawberry yes and is like just just. Just completely rationalize it by saying I got beat by Robert Reich had his chances and it. Are are you ready yes. It's Beers with the bowl days. It's back. And you absolutely do what you wanna miss a free state brewery has in store as were joined by their head brewer Jeff Thurman in studio next and. It's being here with the flow. Is that it's brought to survive restate. Powered by standard beverage here on six that Sports Radio I'm like well the Bob best coach Josh played there. Producer Steven Specter and we are joined in studio by just demon that they head brewer free state Jeff. While still odd man yeah but a lot of stuff happened at three state personnel and let me say I'm really happy that you guys have the segment back and then the sad when it was gone. We are very excited thank you so much for being imparted the first one and a half I paid off I don't think we could have kicked it off with a better beer that were sipping on right now is the other is the world famous I could say world famous award winning at. October says the best October best of America said by a lot of people say this is the best beer. What makes this like so. Okay task. It's it's a great all around beer it's got great malt character that comes from the Munich mall that we get. From from Germany that contributes this great to those. Care to the beer. You know it's beautiful to look at in case it's the perfect you know perfect fall beards perfect for tailgating. I don't know if it goes well with hot dogs with mustard or campers but. I'm about. It's pretty good. Look at that that is a zone really well just sprung up what you put on your hot dog when you're drinking in October that's who I. And I know he doesn't like ketchup and I I have and the ketchup and mustard guy with relish. You know I go yeah like at all in the traditional get treated west you can't really catch a bandit group erodes display just a little bit on Google aren't just a little difficult to beat the B eight packed for 89 cents slather the ketchup packet and yeah but if you're going with the pass spurs hot dogs that are indigenous only northern California that we get every once and allow for Ned. You can not what it was like the get their Durham at the natural Kaczur ankle chasing crisp bite to a garlic flavoring your B I mean they're fantastic. Fantastic all right all right what makes. We hear October fest that's Elliott generic term in it what makes on October fest what will traditionally this beer is it's actually merits so traditionally this beer was brewed. In March. Than the word merits and means marched in Germany to sing again produce that I was I was martz so MI well and I could be missed are now gone to say they had no idea that I'm not Germans though. But it would be brewed in March and then wandered. Until. September when October fest takes place that's a celebration of the harvest which is another bizarre thing October fest actually takes place in September that it is clear or more months or march and September bright for the mere privy to what is bothering me but he says lottery means. It means to store but and they're two different types of east out there that we've we use AO Eason laundries are east firma at colder temperatures in the generally take longer deferment. And then they take longer to condition so the conditioning period is where at the the the flavors of the beer start to mellow out a little bit and it takes you know we we plug this beer for four weeks I met at a bare minimum. Sometimes a little bit longer. But yeah it's it's it's got this great mellow character. From that laundering and and great malt character but there's a little bit hop character in there as well yeah some German hers burger props. It's it's a great. German longer. Yet if if you're looking for a good October office folks this is the best when you're gonna finally Oakland's right here in Kansas City lords and Greg has so many different flavors and do what's what would you say is that kind of number one flavor in the October fest that people should expect it takes I really think the tenor of the toasty malt character that you give for Munich malt. We use a substantial amount of Munich more in this beer. And then. At the finish a little bit of that German hers broker hop character little spicy and it's. Yeah it's what's next on the list for the next one is our most popular beard these days. Kodiak maniac I PA who turn it around now RI RA who could I ask you got jacked up president president dugout yet. Anyway yakking eniac IPA. It refers to the Yakima valley in Washington. Washington State. Which is home to the vast majority of pop production in the United States. So this is a hoppy beer. Every year I'll go out to Yakima. And select the hops that we're gonna use throughout the year and it writes off it's that the right off. Hole goes up yeah yeah yeah yeah no doubt there are the last if you ever make it into Yakima Washington during harvest. It smells incredible. You walk out you get out the car and there's hops. Everywhere and there's a lot of apple. Since in the air as well because it's the also the home to the largest production of apple. Forming and it right so I wanted to create a beer that that kind of spoke to that experience so against the maniac maniac. I remember going in touring Europe your plan about two years ago this was and smelling those hops into an almighty god this is like. This is. Like one of the best smells I've ever had before you don't announce smelling the beer in the glass of if you know the smell hot I mean this is a fresh fresh smelling beer man and it taste as good as it smells that's okay casting doubt. Oh and we wanted to beer that is that you know spoke today aroma and flavor of hops Vick didn't have. All the bitterness that you get with some IPA's best players this issue here is the bitterness of some odd PA's is usually what turns me off from that style appeared as I write this the bitterness isn't there you still get. Everything else yeah. Yeah and there's and their school flavors that come out those cops I mean. Lot of citrus lot of Orange. Little bit of even like mango tropical fruit. Characters so that pops a prequel plan. You know you can definitely tastes like a centrist type of deal which is yes that's still yet to maniac and you've got another while we're gonna try to limit SO one of the coupons for them and us in an area where the cool things about our operation the idea yet. One of the cool things about our operations are is that we have two facilities we have a production facility and then we have our original brew pub. And that really axes the R&D arm of our. For our operation. And and so we get to do lots of cool new Beers all the time. At production in September at the group excuse me. And this is one of those this is Newman/Haas to the IPA it comes out at the pub on Friday. And it's in north east style IPA now this is a style that's creating new to the scene. Spin around for the last three or four years. Little bit controversial. It kind of flies in the face of controversy out well amongst dear dear nerds and I. Personalize your. US PA's man the right. No certain typically you know super string get as as clear Beers as they can't. And this northeast ally PA's and filtered and very hazy and a lot of that he's comes from the oats that we've added to the beer. Yeah so it really is yeah oh it's really contribute this Greek mouth feel to it. The haze has a little bit of a purpose there it's it's really to contribute to mouth feel. But this particular beard. Exceeding AM yet maniacs nice and balanced this is a little bit over the top with regards to hops. And that's indicative of the style. This particular rear has some co ops has some casts excuse me has some bumps and drops and it it's. And a little bit of mosaic. Which all have this you know. The mini. Mango care after which is also kind of indicative of. Style get where spears for the boys here on sixth and Sports Radio we're joined in studio by Jeff demon of head brewer at free state brewery. And let them and us and move us the ITA and we'll get to what's brewing here in just a moment but. You brought up that egg and secrecy flavor into it says it's an un filtered Hayes bomb of an idea a full of grapefruit in citrus character. Yeah I just sounds like an explosion flavor is that what your experience that's exactly I get irritated at those terms of you guys executive pay ten. Yeah that we we return in we turn put words to the to that appears to have people no big deal now when they come into the pub exactly what are our experience in your soda novice like me tell you that bottom line I don't like. And l.s like something ash dries out absolutely yeah. And if you've never been. The pubs great place great food there and then we offer. Anywhere from 1618 Beers at a time nice yeah all of our. Our of our own beer so pretty cool. Assume it's broad. Are we had a beer invasion this week from the north we aren't they they actually kidnapped Henry lake I saw on Twitter at did not realize this off. Fulton veer out of Minneapolis fantastic. Rory. Is coming to the Kansas side is that they launched entry into the seed Kansas stops around the area already one of my favorite beer names. Sweet child of our yet that's what my favorite peers it's a fantastic Beers India pale ale now available locally but the Minneapolis for now invading into into Kansas. I I really like this on this one actually comes from my New Mexico State University though. They have come of their own beer they haven't officially licensed fear of New Mexico State University. Pistol Pete's 1888 dale like that if you're gonna sell appear as a pistol Pete maverick too. Yes yes yeah the bickering parents it's. Played 1888 us yeah. Damascus to university has won only a handful of colleges in the US debt licensing agreements for branded Beers. If you're a lot like what you've. I have lived here that's like maybe they did so they're nausea now I don't. I heard that free status you're doing 610 here is that true but I haven't heard line personally. So I annoyed at Carolina sometimes sometimes those things don't trickled rise sometimes we say OK okay her stuff when we really just want to yeah actually thought. I wish you delivered to 610 Q if we could explore that yeah. You fund raising venture and a they're going to get money for the school based on. The beer ice against an awesome I really he's just demon had three state brewery this bit beer with the boys thanks Jeff K thanks guys appreciate you imminent. Are we couldn't catch up with Duffy earlier but. They're. As we've got among the flow item just man next. Great song Stephen we'll dominance on welcome back at its best in the mortar round things out here on. Closed might well bomb best. Gosling yeah Stephen. Created a video Brad in here taking video. And time as we do every Thursday ticket to the Duff man Danny Duffy told brought to you by chizik instruction every time Danny de becomes other big donation to bill is at its project. If you wanna participate in the nose bandage project use. Baseball turned you can do so at the end of September. Just go to no bands project's web site and you can find out all the information Beasley fourteen and under Robby out their Duff he'll be out there was some fun. As the nose bandage project baseball tournament coming up at the end of September my man a big big time win yesterday Danny and I gotta be honest with you man I watched that deal like it was a post seizing gained yesterday. It was nervous it was you know all like crazy are you guys at that point yet like all these games a post season games. Picked up this kind of burger and yet there's the competitiveness where you know really pushing down a search. That is that a strong and it's a promise. You know it's one edit. Taking it. Yeah at New York. If we don't. You know it certainly gave or where reasonable. Or. Danny when you look at a game like yesterday where you had to get the win it to get the Ceres and you go to the West Coast and placed team might BA is. They're always expecting to get that victory when it was so close at the end and Alex Gordon got that hit to put you guys up seven to six what was the mood like in the dug out. In the other than the training room recorders single. Obviously had a very earlier we exit. You know close radicals because the company also we all know and and you know could have an auto worker that are in earlier there. They sell. It. And you say your leader harder worker better guy I mean we know Wallace Gordon has struggled and it that we know it's been taken it obviously attacks on him personally. And everybody's always looking at him to kind of turn things around and even all that said he's pretty good in the clutch. Even if his numbers have been quite where he wants to be he's been pretty good the clutch all season. When he goes up there in those situations is there any doubt everybody's mind he's gonna get that done. I mean you know that none of it. Indeed anybody on the slotted in well auditors and recorded that aren't savage in. Proved to be you know. That pain and you. There's no situation that is their form and you know that's something. We no we're gonna veto certain. It especially. Winning and they know it it yesterday rebels for a first offense auditor's something that we a do over south La. You know. That it's a performance like like got that. You know came out with a W and sound a lot of law where Orioles. You know it's interesting on your instant Graham feeding your Twitter feed to find out what you do on the road to pass the time you come like. You know rolled around San Francisco talking to people and whatnot. I what's the best thing to do on the road to kill time because. Yeah you're playing a baseball game you're cool towns what do you do this kind of take your mind off things until the time what's the best way to do that. Yeah I mean it's they're. Particularly with those or Ian. You know I don't knowledge of a golfer but it. You know all there and walk the course and it does appear on the he's got a get regular news. Downtime or you know. Couldn't have a better group of people articulate that it is. Who's the best golfer on the team right now. I think party. I don't know much about golf. Party. They're impressively. Judy there's got to be prepared to. So they don't mind you being. And non golfer on the course distracting them. It but I think Israel. And that. I don't like being it if it. I'm not. And I'm the same way I am terrible at golf ball go in and ride to the two car drink the beer or something like that. But for playing like I got frustrated man I tossed my clubs one damn it I'm done I can't do this anymore it's frustrating and it. Yet. Is that it it it'll definitely. Of course a lot of facing. That got attention not sudden that in the tank. I'm with you on. In the first lieutenant. You see their former hero. Version of me. Are you on the bomb at a summit that on a golf course and threats like this small. Sound like you're you're kicking yourself a little bit for for yesterday that he met Jeanette I was done too early I didn't pitch well. I think you're you're you're thrown right now. You know I'm. That's blunt about you know months but performance. Late. In the selector doesn't vote. Do my best and down. You know assistant who it is it's it's also possible. Turning to. Just trying to get everything going well this is not. Not long and they have fallen into a place for concern on China's stock article was. Here on a golf course right now that he needed to see you talk relief well. I gave me it is great. I'm trying to talk root cause I'm not an attempt in the multiple. I didn't think it. I walk walk up to a golfer. And vehicle I think that's so our performances not been out of our not a optimize standard. I've been up in the minutes. You know and grinding to samarra you know of normally it's that feeling of being an eight with Mary's uses it. That's just the way this is who have so that's good I'm capable of and that's been extremely susser it's that's all and also. You know they'll pass all the network doesn't hear is that a little bit left it to me and you know on the other bureau. These I expect he's somebody carries no. Thirteen minutes a day. And that's that's something that a prime muscles on the defensive. So he's not depart early and give them a Mulligan right is that for regular golf that's tolerated or what golf course you walking right now. Do it on the wrong them was. Boards right now. So there and somewhere in Europe looked so nicely done all right. So gold gold to golfer force right now be like hey what what club re using your using the right aren't what they really get mechanized handle what are you doing here yeah. I don't think I met that got a quote if you look at somebody. The of course course reflect all of ground yeah. A world where what do some sort of itself it can tell you I don't know it's significant that the the situation on the left. It's it's such a beautiful place and others if there is the actor also. You know. Kind of a bummer that it's got like on the all of them clinic gained little Islam at all. I'm trying to do not overstep my boundaries he did on the outs. God is still that way in those situations to Danny were it's like I feel like if I touch something and break it is gonna be worth way more than I think it should be were subsite to touch it am I gonna say they were to stay in my lane at. It is hang out not and not bother anybody got a legal bullet stop when they're trying to swingers on them man. Well. Half pay its bit. A weekend and you bear on their obviously for bear suit all that kind of stuff how piercing thing stays or significance behind why you decided to break up the bear suit that day when you didn't say it's a bear suit Jules. And I didn't even satellite. That it that they and the from a skill work from you know workaholic. To onlookers. And the what. Wanted to do on this so war. Until workers but that side or the other people involved in the wrote on his than normal vitamins. Well we'll figure why not it's your. So. I want. Put it on. Dole dole is generally at that point. You don't premiered here. And Michael wrote an ego and what lies you're that it doesn't like low local local. At us as well panic. You know you have these. If you don't weigh in the united. There's no doubt this day and pretty terrific at it though. You know if a second about that actually true there because our. You can call me there the amount little ironic we. You know the bears do we can't let you know being. My mom called me therefrom in a few. Cool awesome man well enjoy your walk of the golf course like others are playing safe travels back to Kansas City internally and we'll see you back to the old ball yard when you get here. Thank you go to the miserable Julio sent an outlook that went that. Okay haven't we don't know what you and your your glorious we love you take care Danny. You've got to Danny Duffy brought to you by this construction and they make a donation to nose bandage project every time Danny comes ominous here on 610 Sports Radio series talking though I thought it was really just peed himself up over and I just. I'm sort of like word DEP bit dads are going to be OK okay kind of emotional bond fund started right. Think that's what I'm sorry Steve and I had a sinking guys I'm a monitor gospel is something. I Vargas get downstairs and you know he didn't know back Hollywood would just shut up. All all. But it's audacious the lake in big. They've brought in bill former NFL head coach Super Bowl winning NFL head coach at 1015 and Jeffrey Flanagan of levels dot com and mlb.com. And 11 o'clock. They can be for the day shift in two minutes.