08/17 - Brian Billick

The Day Shift
Thursday, August 17th

Super Bowl winning coach & current NFL Network analyst Brian Billick joins The Day Shift. 


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Ortiz now. Former NFL champion. He's also on NFL network in you can fall on Twitter at Coach Billick. It's Brian Billick don't forget the NFL network carries to pre season games live including triple better this Saturday. Beginning at 2 central morning coach. Dad and about you coach and how many times you Sydor on but I have NFL network on. Pretty much all the time what's all the replays in the games from previous weeks and I'm on the six sole coach but can't get enough of a. Well that that took effect that is because they did get real crank up reappear. Introduction the pre season but the object PC games from Baltimore right spectrum in Miami the political groups and and that kind of fund kind of dive back into this. Just the competition so compelling and a lot of people play well pre season football style rules football well it's it's very real simple cute guys fight for the commercial flops. One of the things to coach and out of the chiefs are doomed this weaker now but they're doing their quarterbacks is Alex Smith the first half. Pitcher homes he's been bumped up to that number two. But last week we thought was Neil oxman poll quarterly just barely played you know a series or two series they saw what there is the number two pre season game. Becoming almost is important is the way he's the label the third pre season is dress rehearsal. I think it is to a tree becomes important because nobody players distortions will proceed due to the winds will be treated pre season games. As different people take different approaches conventional course which distortion of the series maybe two in the first game. Gold entire quarter of may be able warned that second game and try to do our paths of circuit. Actually in Baltimore they're taking different approach and try to get pushed orders basically but once you know that adds up to about McCain's support snaps and that's what you are looking for proceed. The Baltimore Ravens job awful taking different approach they're doing it 20/20 twenty. They they pushed pushed or pushed through you know he worked potential starters up to about twenty place there and do that each of the three games. And and then you'll back off to the fortune chart the pixel bit different approach. I've yet but today the conventional thinking usually watch urged orders to hear about it he worked at getting. Before the legacies. In what they to your coaches who had homes chiefs. Finally did some haven't done long time major the quarterback in the first round mean if you back to Todd black pledge that far back. Eighty look at the last decade has been a couple core wrecks the draft the first round didn't starter Jake Locker in Brady Quinn chief says the opportunity here to rest. Well basically develop Patrick Holmes for year. Do you think that always is the best interest of the quarterback to be behind a guy like Alex Smith for a year or is it better to put their feet to the fire right away. Well you know that if you that we be beauties. Holder terms when you approach ever but he looked packet. The kid you've got to play that the time you will do that a fact that he's got announced that they have that latitude war that's great. But I don't of the pet homes could prove pretty shortly to see if he doesn't play. Of course the poster child for a pulse and what are she sat in behind that or all the cheers now look at Poland watched like. Obstacle countered that it shook guys like a joke black or bad lie and campaign. You looked Marcus the James what some guys you know it's told the farmers get to pick up pretty good tips ought to know that. Definitive one way is better than the other. If he has chance to sit in line cut alarmed that have to do little pressures of being you know typically the architecture for trying to pick. A quarterback expectations trouble also purely emotional topic typically you don't go to order to keep. He took a tribute to launch talk that that's going to be you know the top step for him. Compared shot options scored a team like Houston or Patrick ball to those who can't should should they have an opportunity to play. Then that would be different scenario for the looks like child Washington very well be starter Houston. At a Kansas City holds true and Alex that is deepest which would that would be the case. That data that ball just going to be able to kind of sit back. Cattle horrible but this year but I'm an advocate more or you're literally learning religion is his political life game situation. What's not think this affects Alex Smith from the standpoint of in terms of like pushing him. To be a better to have a better season this year that he did lasted just knowing that pass to Holmes is in the fall now because we did see. At the into the role there was San Francisco. That you know when snapper nick was kind of sitting there on the sidelines. And he was leading the league in passer rating and eventually he had had the injury. And the people to happening in the air in tablet ended up still in the job in getting into the Super Bowl a year you think that this could actually push him this year in Kansas City. I've I don't. Think so because that intimates that he was working hard court because towards anybody should be wasn't playing well it. After about Alex mr. professionally he's trying to sort he will chart the fact that pat homes there. Doesn't that make him he'd better. That he wasn't there because outs missed and try to be best quarterback to keep. The fact that there is that or optioned it and included for cheap like concede to draft a quarterback like that that's a high. You don't draft a guy that I'm with the idea about playing. And so does that add an elbow to that the back was mine is he looking forward I don't know about all that closely. Alex Smith is clearly the leader that he's played brilliantly. For the the fact that they drafted quarterback it's its interest in this at least. Talking to a former Super Bowl champion head coach Brian Billick don't forget the NFL network this week's carry six. We tube pre season games including triple better this Saturday be it beginning at 2 o'clock central in coach you did mention you're the ravens. A for the pre season's one of those guys. Is Jeremy Maclin it was a surprisingly Lago. By the chiefs after some of the OTAs. And now at least cheese with not much experience. 44 years old is the oldest wide receivers they have. In Conley in Albert Wilson and we look at some of the big contenders in the NFL specially in the air in in the AFC. Did establish wide receivers. Is that a concern me I look at is really not having experience is a concern but. Is the unknown also something that can help him. While there is a potential source of potential trumps what the receiving corps base in Cuba which were on the field. Coaching at some of your potential of our. You'd you'd rather apt than you know particular one and often it's actually the next step for Kansas City at the tribunal last couple years are successful. Haven't been able to it to the next level played great defense of the ball pretty good actually helps this could very efficient. Haven't had the explosiveness. Notwithstanding that killed obviously very staunch supporter of your tax to catch. But the ability to get the ball down field. Tangible way. That's what this game's about it's Bob explosive teams and turnovers anymore. So actually challenges icing can cynical for these kids can bet receiving corps. Developed to Kia. Be on obviously tied it with terms Kelsey. He gal that you wore down the dual threat for Alex Smith other contingencies gonna have to develop that they're going to get past that next to apple. Not just taking place else plot execute suitable. Let's just also might now want to bring dealt with so much unproven talent at the receiver position. How much more pressure goals on Travis Chelsea now to be that playmaker at the tide in position. Well this or you're gonna have a belt I'll also speak that guy that that you with the quarterbacks at most quarterbacks have. You don't know they love having that tied it Joseph Flacco here Baltimore's relieved Vista specific as he was kind of approach and got up big receiver. That has that kitchen in the radius. That could be the one on one matchup something else and sorts it certainly trust Celtic gives him back go to. Back and they have the explosives consultant for the Detroit to turn to reach hell. Yet these other guys are gonna have to step up because. Obviously what you what you look at the Kansas City often you're getting. Defense coordinator let's go back to that the Bill Belichick bottle where there was sailboat Belichick coached either take weight which you do best. And the Kansas City OK what do I have to do to stop Kansas City war that to see them go about what. Kelsey being okay. So what we do those things were you rule bracket. You ordered you to take that option that would have the other guys do that needs somebody else's can get matched up on one. India and talent to challenge the one on one batch of sort of experienced quarterback Alex Witt will immediately go to if he sees a batch of but he likes. You know one of the things that this team struggle with flashier defensively. Or stopping the run and I know that they've added beanie Logan he's been replaced on REO and Chris Jones was really good last year he is coming off the need being scold. In early July so hopefully he'll ball bounced back to be fine. But I do I interests are still the ball stop with a why are you concerned about that sees a building to stop the run and also with that. You know you do have Derrick Johnson the leader of their defense are coming off his second airborne particulates. Yeah obviously or concerned coach what's the first thing when approached its heart social order of the loveable have been able stop for a just sheer brutality that is. Is what you want short he should be able to do. And and so particularly say in the position now together Marshall legion there. With Oakland seems to be kind of the pick of everybody in the AFC west now. Yeah I mean that that's something that has got to be a priority. Certainly deters from the standpoint that. The one thing you can't give up as a team that has the ability to keep going to game. You can do a lot of things you try to eliminate big plays you this that this team it's just out physically you can just wanting. Ball down your throat that's very demoralizing to achieve an influential people at the box. Stop their running game structure that is a priority can't sit. They coach when you look at teams US. You look at the Broncos. Had an uncertain quarterback situation they have the raiders as though in certain quarterback situation. Oh Derek Parra the U appear to be taken the next level. IDC the AFC west he's shaken out chiefs the raiders Broncos and of course aliases chargers well. Well the chief said the pedigree over the last couple years you know expectations as it plus T get the questions you know this remains okay commendable chemical beyond that. Oakland seems these particular bird but he for a good reason date they were hot she'd look really good. Until their on court cargo are going into the playoffs to have him back. They've added more physical element to the running game Marshawn Lynch I think that young defense we've sought to better better. As the year went on. So yeah I think I think Oakland the team that most people seeing that position. Certainly can't say it is assess the pedigree you can't be dismissive of the defense Denver and I think offensively there are still some major questions. And Cindy seems to be awhile park in terms of how much it's you know. They're they're deals to talk circumstances that no team that is true that is. Has moved. Has been a book 500. In the united suing year and about aside obsolete or reverse something to do with. That gets did you tout the debt to actual coordinators in Gus Bradley and that was enough. There and play that smaller stadium it's going to be more intimate. Which is obviously a work force small. It it's going to be extra show panned out for San Diego so I think that division is is obviously there without having. With with soak will be achieved that doubles people pick to be. Who fall on Twitter at Coach Billick really good global information there he's his Super Bowl champion head coach Brian Billick and you can catch him on NFL network including this week in his in the film their network as six weeks to pre season games live including triple header. This Saturday. Thanks a lot coach always enjoy your insight. You coach Brian Billick rate.