08/17 Danny Duffy Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Thursday, August 17th

Danny Duffy joins us live from California from a golf course as he talks about his latest start while trying not to disturb his teammates 


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It's time as we do every Thursday ticket to the DOS man Danny Duffy all brought to you by chizik instruction every time Danny de becomes other big donation to Dulles bandits project. If you wanna participate in no standards project youth baseball turned you can do so at the end of September. Just go to Miliband is project's web site and you can find out all the information Beasley fourteen and under I'll be out there doubt he'll be out there what some fun. As the nose bandage project baseball tournament coming up at the end of September my man a big big time win yesterday Danny and I gotta be honest with you man I once dead deal like it was a post season game yesterday. It was nervous resilient all my crazy are you guys to that point yet like all these games a post season games. That they don't discount at burger and yet there's the competitiveness where you know it really pushing down a search. There has been strong in its promised let you know as one edit my taken it. If you if you aren't. If we don't sit. You know certainly gave a point where every vote a lot of import. Danny when you look at a game like yesterday where you had to get the win it to get the series there you go to the West Coast and play as a team might DA is. They're always expecting to get that victory when it was so close that the yen and Alex Gordon got that hit to put you guys up seven to six what was the mood like in the dugout. I mean in the other than the training room recorders single. Obviously had a fairly orderly exit. You know of course who's really who the voter couple also we although in. And you know and have an auto workers that are in earlier there. They sell. And you say your leader harder work better guy I mean we know Wallace Gordon has struggled and it that we know it's been taken that obviously attacks on him personally. And everybody's always looking at him to catch turn things around and even all that said he didn't pretty good in the clutch. Even if his numbers have him in quite where he wants to be he's been pretty good the clutch all season. When he goes up there in those situations is there any doubt everybody's mind he's gonna get that done. I mean you know that none of it. Indeed anybody on the slotted in well auditors and recorded it oh advantage in. Fruit could be you know. The pain and he's. There's no out situation a few big forum and you know that's something. We are never gonna veto and you know especially. Winning and they in the weight it yesterday it rebels for a first offense audiences something that we a do over law. You know. That it's a performance like like. You know came out with a W and some of the law where Oreo. You know it's interesting on your instead Graham feeding your Twitter feed to find out what you do on the road to pass the time you kind of liked. You know rolled around San Francisco talking to people and whatnot. I what's the best thing to do on the road kill time because you're you're playing a baseball game your cool towns what do you do this kind of take your mind off things until the time what's the best way to do that. Yeah I mean this database. Particularly with those or Ian. You know I don't knowledge of a golfer. You know all go out there and walk the course. To disappear on the he got. He got regular news. Downtime all you know. Didn't have a better group of people particular. It is. Who's the best golfer on the team right now. We're going to party. I don't know much about. Parties. Very impressively. Judy there's got to be prepared to. So they don't mind you being a non golfer on the course distracting them. Yeah I think Israel. Convert. I don't lightning not today and a. I'm not out there. I'm the same way I am terrible at golf ball go in and ride to the it car drink the beer or something like that. But for playing like I got frustrated man I tossed my clubs one damn it I'm done I can't do this anymore it's frustrating and it. Yet. The if you're gaining definitely. Quite a lot of face. That devastation not sudden that I haven't sank. I'm with you on. In the first lieutenant. You the year 42 year old version of the are you on the bomb at its summit that although of course and certainly it's low. Sound like you're you're kicking yourself a little bit for for yesterday that he mentioned I was done too early I didn't pitch well. I think you're you're you're thrown right now. You know on the that's involved about you know my performance. As of late. And the selector lets vote. And your mother has been down. You know it's just gonna live in it's it's also talked. Turning to. Just trying to get everything going this is not. Not far and they have fallen into a place for sir and I'm trying to talk. On a golf course. Here on a golf course right now. That he needed seagate puck really well. It gave me immediately. And I'm trying to plug rude clutter them up and it sent a memo or. I didn't think it. Walk walk up to a golfer. Eric vehicle at the iPad itself. My performances not been at that are not up to my standard. I've been a in the minutes go. You know and dragged into samarra you know of normally had expected you know being an eight Lori cases it. That's just the way this is where so that's good I'm capable of and that's been extremely -- it's that's open. You know they'll pass all the dirt or doesn't do it is that. But that elected him and you know on the other bureau of jail. He. I expect he's somebody security you know. Thirteen minutes a day. And that's that's something that I pride myself on them into that. So he's not a par early and give them a Mulligan right is that for regular golf that's tolerated or what golf course you walking right now. On the wrong them was. Boards right now OK. So there and a somewhere in Oakland California. Nicely done all right so gold gold to golf or force right now be like hey what what club re using your using the right aren't what they really do that does handle what are you doing here yeah. Oh. I don't think I'm at that got to look like if you look at somebody's. The fifth corps course reflect all of ground yeah. Lou we're were some sort itself and it could generate it's significant that the the situation on the left. It's it's such a beautiful place and others that there is the factor also. You know. Kind of a bummer that a guy like on the on the program and clinic in Lawrence well. I'm trying to do not overstep my boundaries and you on the outs. God is what is it that way in those situations to Danny words like I feel like if I touch something and breaking it is gonna be worth way more than I think it should be were subject to touch it am I gonna say they were to stay in my lane at. And his hang out not and not bother anybody go illegal Busch shop when they're trying to swingers on them and I am. Well. Hey it's nicknamed weekend and you bear on their obviously for bear suit all that kind of stuff how. Pearson things stays or significance behind why you decided to break up the bear suit that day when you didn't say it's a bear suit Jules. I didn't even like that in the statement. If there is that from a scale war from you know workaholic who is principal about there's. You know I wouldn't what. More dispute on that so war. The workers but that's the other side of the onion and won't go on is normal ordinary. Well we'll figure why not it's your. So. I outlined. What it on. Dole dole is generally at that point. You don't premiered here. And Mike without broad and goes and what if you look at it definitely won't hold up well. At this as well product. You know you have the yes he would go away in the united. There's no doubt the as pretty it could clear though. Yes it a second ago that actually choose there because mark. You can call me there what little ironic we. You know the bears do we came within their own being. My mom called me there from its. Oh. Cool awesome man well enjoy your walk of the golf course like others are playing safe travels back to Kansas City internally and now we'll see you back to the old ball yard when you get here. Thank you go to the miserable Julio Simon got up and respectfully that. Okay that we I don't know what you and your your glorious we love you take care Danny. You've got to do any death he brought to you by this construction and they make a donation to knows bandits project every time Danny comes ominous here on 610 Sports Radio.