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The Drive
Friday, August 18th

In Hour 3, the guys play Sporting KC pick-a-player followed by hearing from Eric Hosmer over at The K. They then listen to Ned Yost meet the media LIVE and end the hour with the latest way the solar eclipse is trying to run a jig on people.


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One category or no chance to go to movies it's the tee and second time today and you've got loose running backs. Or how you handle the pressures are confident there's Roger. Julius eats into play here yeses slider for help on the drive. And it. Ten minutes that we hear from her house who spoke to the media today we have an update only wants team sort it and if Salvador. Is maybe like he'll wins now he will be back from New York Kansas City grew on us for tonight's game 715. He will not yet. Back tonight no we will not you and up late tonight or this series but. KT could be playing in the next few years who talk more about that coming up in ten minutes right now. It's about ball not the American sign the world's game and pick a player today. The letter G it's a pair of tickets for September 16. A sporting Kansas City tanks on the New England Revolution. You have the opportunity to go up against beanie fail Robert side Abdul salaam IOR and assess it know me in a pickle player sporting scene and the city addition we get out the blue springs. Mommy and Sam's and I don't today. Do a fantastic are you got Vinny fail Robert sat Abdul salaam I hope Parra incessant no because you go with that. I did any sales robber got types of gum how many different types of gum continue named fifteen seconds your mark get set go. Yeah. It. Or it. Well. You are down. Or. All right got to push beyond saying the baseball kind. This thing and I don't think enough. That was the good answer but is the easy in the like that scored used he said chewing gum the baseball idea you don't get credit for that. I do he meant. Don't you maybe that's I would hide that's fair and he said that chewing gum the baseball track time Pakistan. I gunned down four forced which demo I got an element for hours but I I can't give you a baseball kind of chewing gum. It is admittedly Joseph what do Davidson now and again but the baseball guy can't give NC let's see a Binnie fail hopper likes is gum. Threw double and the big red orbit. Five and all malicious and Alan. Big league chew. Bubble tea is you can. Spend a Smart guy. What's booze bubble take is that he says that ago bubble today. Remember bubbles now. It was like a tape measure filled with bubble alone he's the gum that came in at lower its circular and it was apple are circular case. And it was like role. What was that element that you had to like pull it kind of look like I'm British of those bubble there was. And that you pull out of cal looks like whenever you need to take your groceries and I forgot what kind Dallas with a big in March right. Or threaten them now for strike. The flavor might be out five minutes but those. Five minutes you had report would draw like these comments idea the blow pops. Its outlook officers into it very very solid they're Tyler got. Our excuse me see him out. Boston needed Islam is outing Danny's it's I've got to go through the whole entire bull Bob because otherwise you have to do principle you can't just give up on it half well absolutely and getting it to the bombers you got to push through. And toward double bubble double breaky feet. I do. Is your age you can eat the double blow logged in my my crack animals we fight analysts and don't like the ones like like she would kind of easy. Machine you know the big ones yeah they're not not that that little tiny balls that the super humble man like and it blows brings items that. Doing good are you got excess note Michael par inside Abdul salaam playing for sporting tickets September 16 pick. We look I depart. All right I hope our. Deodorant brands. How many different deodorant brains can you name in fifteen seconds injured when your mark get set the. Right guard. Old army. Very like. Or rather general. Speaker. He's married men he knows secret. I mean this. Despite being the most oddest thing ever sent him while. Every person listening to this show has once secret. The guy. You never. Know I mean put on summitry c.'s view it or not done before that was secretly got grab like I'm out so that golfers like but at dove for men that's who Earl. You you definitely put on summer deal I don't smell like when they say that would that's it for a strong enough or we. Like. Easel on and on so no I don't like you say go back in the day we yet to stay over one night yeah it to go up and egged on the next day. You've got to put the secret on at some kind of some good secrets good Google the role of all not that's weird the other it would roller ball thing that's. It's like to keep it yeah I don't fresh all this. Does I don't trust it lets see if I go Karzai here's they have fresh. So. Don't stick up spraying. Them about this you know he's doing it red zone violent acts taxes right. Songs and that is fortunate ones. That sort of it and. Three what we do it with the don't read his red zone is is by old's name in the holds three of dobbs every product they. I Lorraine stick whirl like doesn't count I did not all the events or I'll give him rights burial he lost. So injures got a plus four I got injured around four A plus three spewed. Blustery Jennifer blustery yeah plus the iron and a four plus aren't they Andrew rolled in that category now you are so funny. Thank you nicely in his own drop it that's anti you know that was ban the second alleged item and. Do a fantastic save us some nice I assess and nobody aside duels alone. Our. I access it over. He got hard gains at the Imus of course our Q hours act in fifteen seconds in a mark get set go. Daily caller who wrote true. Well here. I'm guided boat bears'. Locker. I couldn what are. Her room. And Landon. I don't know short eight budget operates by an since Bob and I could be wrong with ice I got a death race yeah I am afraid Islam are yeah and I had a had a down for aids I thought he got a all right well let's hear now all. Cents a nobody let's hear how much of a card shark sin no keys. Solitaire. Poker. Texas hold them factor and stood sim cards. Tony see you. Jim. Generally. It's ski. Is jet engine running the same game a great question. I need to not think so nobody is the game on the juice that you do not call me I'm not a 100%. I don't think so. Among boys. Well. Wait no you need these strongly yeah and decided. And so quickly deliver this information is there spewing jet engine running objective objective in general needs to score points. I don't know that I'd sing either did artwork so it's it's it's oh it's tied to -- a right to vote today I. Tyler and peca. I don't. I you got sod Abdul salaam you have to do you. You have to beat them by four or two outright win the game how are you feeling. Pretty competent. In that category. I excuses to get out of school. How many different excuses to get out of school can you come up with a fifteen seconds in markets that. Oh. Aaron. But it would become. Lou. Broken nose body homework. Our. Original in the last two closet obligated I got to vote plus broken arm broken and obviously I was really hoping you said solar eclipse. Oh where. Are. They're making kids signed permission slips in point there is waivers this stuff in school this I had no clue the stuff I just like. Just magically appeared. In the middle of the week this crazy I got my glasses today would you get my hand and here at the office I gotta I got a free Beers freak us. Every day I gotta be careful I don't guide future appeared on in each of their ability to target chip there and I elegy to get to see this and say it's the first time in like 99 years or something that the solar eclipse is commands that you gotta you've got the first time and then when he got ago. I it's yours not a dual salon is a good lie. My car broke but. Dogged it I lost my team's. I'm sick. My bite approach. I'll have a scooters skateboards. And in news. Andrew in blue springs is. The winner what's the best. It. So you know I know my head doesn't feel I don't doesn't feel like theater missile field. It is too were tried and true style or no to questions the stomach the stuff no question if you can't say you have a fever and a but you say your stomach stressed out. No question he's got a in the bathroom and you gotta really lived not again you've got to really put a chill. But you can get out of every once in awhile stomach issues food poisoning and what if you got food poisoning and don't you know it's only 24 hour bug. The god be Smart here you've got a huge did not be nice job when there Thompson this. So to regulations to injury it was brings he is heading to his September 16 sporting indices to take on the New England Revolution up. An update on sub brands and they all locking story and we hear from the face of the royals aired on next drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios sixteen and Sports Radio. Yeah. Coming up in ten minutes. Manager of the wheels and Ned Yost as the royals had a very important. Season defining series in my opinion. Series against the Cleveland Indians the royals say it five and a half games back of the American League central. Leave you get swept in this series your eight and a half games now with less than forty play. You sweep this series your two and a half games back with less than forty to play in you played the Indians next week in. Goes without saying bear reed V do very important series. For the royals last week yeah numbers don't line up especially for tonight's game with court clue were on the mound there isn't a little bit of the silver lining to this and that's affected those highs and Melky really own glory clue ross' thirteen RBIs against him Melky seventeen for 36 against some lifetime. Most of it for 59 even my guy gore though with a couple bombs so. You know if history tells any thank you guy and moos house note it's not it's a very good pitcher speaking of one of those guys Eric Hosmer face of the royals met with the media. Fourth today's game. Gets to be back home. After an off day and I was is a big series for us and we can't look any further than tonight's match against who were so we know we have a worker off course put. If you win the division and unity wanna be in the files in the Salinas is that a matchup here to overcome policies over. Oracle's. What he's all like this place so. He did just those pitches you know whichever location you on some wherever counts and calm I think that's where we have a history beating guys like mr. Israel on the bases and we're just trying to go up there and just barrel balls were in trying. Have the offense moving trying to some guys in motion. You know put some small wall trying to infuse views and a little bit and see if we can Wear and a little burden to business owners of big swings and on the game. Earlier the longer members of the what do you what do you make of the stretch overall it's just all you got that crack at these guys who backed that we. Pick and obviously. You know organ on the current crunch time in the into the season here and and it's time. You know you're facing teams and you're next to in the standings and realized one series can really. Change a whole look at things so. You know we're gonna continue to take it day by day of the same time there was a we can take your business because really you know grounds standings so these are big games. You really got to lock it in and Haynesworth are thus far and some sort of you know. Late April and you told us today loosening geysers you mentioned him meticulously teenagers these guys are more about your boy really has opened up. Nemesis is is really the problem of our most consistent players all year is. You know really been and big situations coming through for us is yet. A lot of runs he drove especially early in the season there when it seemed like. We could get a room and nose in the using only got to bring guys and so he's had a phenomenal year he really has but. Unity and asking the same question you're not made without making the playoffs and trying to make some noise in October so. You know this is obviously. Big games for four goal and two recess so we just you know make sure wrong covered game plan into the game makes a successful. Just hanging just live for I mean you guys have. Played so well in such big gains and done so much and here it is you know you guys can if you sweep on your tuna behind me. Do you just like thrive on this kind of stuff. Yeah these games that can put you in position to put your big names you have for you know the playoff games and you know we all know how fun those are especially here in Kansas City but. There's a lot of work that goes in the making those games and these are definitely key series and trying to make the playoffs you know any time. We're audience division robbery that team that won division the previous year you feel the need it. A you have to knock him off so you know I think we have. Little bit of you know as forest that we're going us defending American League champions and the position that we were once and so we you know really wanna take care of these games and we goes a lot left but these are important. I've cleaned my uncles did hack ahead. Think we all or added both those. You just. Psyche just in. Your pastor your robots come and other people not the case this here. More. Pedestrians who knows what most teams. How does that change. Anything. Urgent. Doesn't really change our approach on the field I think it. It makes that in the coaches were a little more obviously because you know they're not peace and innings together the peace now it's now so. You know luckily I just got to worry about it and then. And plan out their defensively so those are your questions for the measure as a player you. You have these shares back you whoever is on the mound or whoever and you feel confident each and every one of them and in aged twelve and and do your job on terrorism around. That's probably one of the very interesting sub points about the royals and the series. Is. Happy. Additional also have the ability to Oriole and four. Like do you still had the ability to even though things haven't been going as well as you'd like him. To get yourself up off the mat and win a very important series or not at full strength you don't have saudis don't have watching story who we might disagree but he still a big part of this opening and you don't you're not at a 100%. But you need to win this series is you lose this series you find yourself six and a half games back with less than forty to go. You have to go on a pretty solid role and the rest of the season to cast a Cleveland Indians it's pretty safe to say you won't catch the Cleveland Indians if you don't win the series. Like step one to winning the division. Is taking care of business this weekend at Kauffman Stadium. Until the civil case. You know what was terrible thing and who gets the Cleveland Indians Todd said it best or not these innings together in the bullpen your piecing outs together that's more managing for that today. Breaking news watching sore about it economics and a fifteen days in Salvi is going to take batting practice is weakening could be back for the Rockies series obviously rather have Saudi back sooner rather later I'm sure we will get a full data on it win it Ned Yost meets the media live at caucus in coming up next in the draft. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and studios sixty and Sports Radio don't miss doesn't open this Sunday at fantasy football training camp presented by Bud Light go to sixty and sports dot com for more. While my name is Edgar Frederick Yost right. My nickname is Ned so they called me now Edgar which was that happened that happened there. Of mine that they. Mac and on the drive kids and saving heist waiting to hear from next goes live from club and stadium. Before the big. Massive. Important clinical series and put us tonight. I was gonna run out of steam their big league and isn't isn't that's like the new victory since then this thing big league series I had a spell as a teaching the royals are gonna win very big league this week I don't war that's what I've that's my word I don't. No Bradford from ideas I've heard through the grapevine that that's a very very important word lecturing you and I am excited I got what I do my best you know I'd try to I'd try to stay up on the current trends in our try to I try to be hip and fashionable. Via we wait for Ned Yost today at Kauffman Stadium we setter before the break the debris of begin the royals are hoping to have Salvador Torres back for the Rockies series. Obviously sooner rather than later with Salvi the question would be. How effective is he how did they handle it are they gonna still attributes are catching have Salvi DH just got to give him back into the swing of things how are they going to handle the return of Salvi. Which I bet if we did a deep dive in the numbers it's not that coincidental that the bullpen went to hell the moments out her. And the other compared the analogy that I. Think about this. If you got silly you depend on your job on a daily basis that plays a huge role. You've been able to do your job whether it's a secretary whether it is ice is a radio producer whoever's. We all depend on somebody in our job when that person is not there or sick or gone or out. It makes it uncomfortable for everybody you've got to learn to do things you have done in the past and so with the catcher. I mean. That's I just missing your DH. Or your right fielder. With a catcher that's god knows the pitching staff big calls games that affects the running game they Alex opera as he's. We all think is is headed towards the hall of if he keeps this thing out yet in this it's gonna affect things this time around his defense. You know when you know coming out of his stance and hit a chopper in front of the plane the only got to first base is larger creatures great back at ten dollars being great but. Third I was solving when it comes to make in that place so I don't think it's a coincidence whatsoever patents probably out of the lineup. As are the royals amenable to any areas once he had almost seven. In the month of August 6 on full yet been bad so. You put his bat back in there and you get him back in that in there that pitching staff. Yeah I mean. Mean I wish he'd come back tonight but the good thing for sound too is he takes batting practice all week and then get the off day on Monday. And your back against threes are really the Rockies team at the tag. What excites me most about this series she's just a wide range of possibilities. I choose your own adventure book when it comes to the season like five different things that can happen. If the win this series. You're back go Monday believing it did in this team in the division. If they sweep this series. Probably buying first round playoff tickets for that. Because they're gonna touch the Indians at some point I think the belief and can't say he's going to be. If they lose this series org it's wet in my mind. The divisional. Race is done. The division if they lose this series ordered swept at least in my opinion yeah that's what you got to prove you can be better than in the Indians. We will have seen a 120 royals games in a 120 Indian games. What do we seemed at the royals are going to be better than the Indians in the last forty that they work in the first 128. Guys think at some point it's our. You can't win the division. Now the focus turns to get that out of your mind that's over the focus on the lot Carlos if NATO is now a lot about that yeah. They did all this whole drills today. Indicate just take two rounds of BP out here on the field today if you feel good you take full round of BP on the field tomorrow. We'll start ramping up his offensive stuff on Sunday probably with the machine and Monday in the movie German words out after that. Chance. Times it was. I tend says index probably he's and he suffered a and grade one and eternal hold oblique strain which isn't. Which isn't near as bad as the external home staying. Or as I'm able to determine so. It was good news for. Tend ten to fifteen days and hopefully have him back and generally it's the way that they do it a lot of time uses. The trainers will shut them down. And now for every day that he shut down they've got a you know working back. They're looking at a five days shut down so where do you know anything goes thing on Harry reacts to that. Looking at somewhere ten or fifteen it's. My fans and media and they don't realize is. Whether they. It's just part of the game I mean this part of the game and we always have one guy seems like doctor king and carries the grind of that unfairly as it is. He's just that one guy. You know his last four outings. Before that you had. 3123. Innings and was still pitching hurt when they don't take that into account. You know it's just one of those things. Lot of times you know we don't there's a lot of things going on behind them this season nobody knows about. You know it's just part of again. Yeah right it's. A variety of people probably I mean if everything works as planned we'll probably be my power play. You know we like John. We like Moya and Alexander and minor to kind of snuff stuff out in the middle of Viennese from the sixth seventh seed in the you know into the eighth defending. You know we'll just go day to day with the civil around. He has brought food during phone. Think someone on the group that you had those two would have. Taken a job. Injury. You know when you come to a new team there's a process and get your feet on the ground a little bit he's getting. You know. Customs your new teammates and stuff like that could. And I think that that power has exhibited great stuff assets both yourself. We feel that they fit nicely in our whole family. We've had a rough go in August I mean and it's not one guy I mean people want to lay the blame on Soria that's quite frankly it's everybody with the exception of Guerrero where hasn't pitched that much you know we've been Houston and some. Sponsor brought we've been on the road you can't pitching behind in the system. Again like offensive slumps pitchers out songs too when they worked their way out of and so they had a tremendous July and they show a little bit in June but we've we've fully formed to. We don't bounce back in. You know have a good September and arrested festivals. Is it at the beginning of the month it was an easy job lock on the outside help in that night that. With the competition as guys are for the seventh anything jobs has been pressured me. Numbers if you find it. We're just not for execution it's. Just didn't do a straight quarter. It was more guys you can cover one or two guys. All they've all had their struggles a little bit from Harry when he's been so great. Alexander has been so great to minors and children's. Every game's important. Is this just another game as the business we've just waiting for that question. I was wondering which you guys who's gonna ask that brilliant question here I am. Narratives of experience. I mean these games are two games swings and you say. We start to help baseball player alleged. I have. It's been fun and it's been fun to watch him. Grow and mature as a Major League player and really start to understand what it takes to be successful. The work that he puts and the mindset as did you know just really trust and his game plan. You know those are all things that we were trying to get him to do younger when you're you when you come on you're just fight for your life you know. Because of their doing anything you can do just. You know just to try to get it done and you know it's been fun to watch them all from Austin moose and the pain and how to solve the watch them all grow and become. Really really all stars and really really good Major League. The part of. That was Ned Yost meeting with the media today live out at Kauffman Stadium. The big news I thought was the updates as governor race is going to take two rounds of batting practice this week in. He they would try to ramped up all Monday. He said quote is a chance he plays one Tuesday. If you want my very unfounded. Very unscientific opinion I think Salvi will all 100% be back. For the series the next series against the Indians. And I would bet on him playing at least Wednesday against the Rockies the way he's starting to talk is oriented kind of talk about days Saudi will be back. In the next week it's just kind of find through in the days it just try to interpret what you said. If they're gonna wrap up ball Monday there's a chance he plays on Tuesday. Pretty safe by saying next Friday it's all week from today Salvi beat. I think when they do this step eligible to leave the door open to be able to get out of like that they can't pinpoint that you know they can't mean there's a setback they say shot is gonna be ready to go for Tuesday against the Rockies. And he's taken to Iran to BP today and sound and feel right so I think their goal is to get him back by Tuesday I think it might happen by Tuesday that they want. What you don't know what's gonna happen over the next 34 we don't know yes that's the guy to get this to see that was released when Ned said there's always one guy. It fans' points you know right now that one guy is walking Soria. And you know this so that it's driven me crazy for a long time to fair though I guess the one thing a lot fans point to. He pitches in the eight are getting I get it like she is one of the more important jobs on the tee I've got to wait for him to not get the finger point and so much right. I mean look at them your credit losses that were killed scored forever and it 200 right now. Losses it 215 bombs and 32 RBIs as your DH or do you Brandon Moss does that Joaquin story doesn't do he's accountable. He talks to people's digital and all sliders and what fans are upset if you're accountable in your opening yourself aware about your performance then people such. Hear anybody call for credit losses ahead anymore. What you story gives it up. And yet talk to anybody who gets what happened inside that clubhouse Eric Hosmer Mike the stock is everybody else. Has got to answer questions about about a bullpen blow a game watching Soria if you just stand up there hasn't talked to the media all year. It what a couple of media bills and spring training when you and I are down there he doesn't talk to anybody. No nothing and and and one of the biggest rules inside the clubhouse is this if you get it up if you cost your team when you talk to the media you Wear. And he doesn't do that Brendon moss is done then. And he's very likeable individual when he comes out is listen and the bow and I'll blame and based on what I've done heck I'd be magical files of fan. He sort of just stand up and take his medicine and say you know what it was my fault and I gave it up in the eight inning Palestinian pitching hurt. That's a whole different ballgame that something he can't talk about I understand that part of it but when you. When you get let's go back to last year when he blamed dry ice and verbal blows it over Dyson said they're playing no doubles defense Dyson was on the warning track you know he basically. Lucky story gives up a rocket to Satterfield Tyson's damn near had his heels on the warning track they blame Dyson for that so on it's sort which is. You know accountable after ball games when he has a rough outing this goes away at least in some way. I don't. Disagree with you I think maybe you're over valuing it a little bit but I don't disagree equal work. I think a big difference between the two ways the world have diminished the role of one of those individuals and they haven't with the other one. Watching Soria has been in the seventh or eighth inning guy for the last year and a half. Dating back last season they've always puts or it in big spots and they had shown little reason. Or little at least partly that they don't trust Joaquin Soria. They realized in June yet the spread of moss thing it worked so they would either have more able to Foss he'll be the DH when they got Nokia to further reduce different things. Moss is not there full time regular DH the way he was or opening day were it was a dedicate its gonna be there now it's a lot more situation all that they just treat brain and loss differently. Other gonna tree blocking disorder when he comes back to come back and put them on the same level that nobody else that I think that change is the argument. But I think the big difference between the two is the seventies identified it was a worker was brain among us and have done things actively to kind of change his role on the team doesn't play every day. What you've sorted you know in the eight dating locking storage is always coming out and when you've been in the what one of the top five blown save leaders in the in all of baseball. It's a little bit confusing why they continue to pull Joaquin Soria in that spot well. Well and they put them in every that's all it. You know and let's us a lot of times or he's been okay this year and proved the majority the first half of the season party go right. So was and say it is just where it. I hope that herbal and he got a good and it's on me it's my bad you get respect inside that clubhouse respect with into. You know within the fan base to Brendon moss is done. All right I get a late inning loss you point fingers at the god gave it up you know. And end I think source at a better than he's had last year he's had some rough outings lately for share. On. But you know listen it if you don't. If you don't want to be that god gives the finger pointed out and at least stand up and own your mistakes and and and watching Soria publicly hasn't done that and Brendon moss that. This is that part of missile attacks on some sort also wasn't part of the winning culture he replaced all time greats in the eighth inning he never really had a chance. His attitude dirt certainly didn't help either I mean that's certainly part of it is Soria was more accountable to the media and came off as more likable. I definitely think Kansas City and its culture and how we treat athletes would certainly be different. I just think it's Oreo win that when you were built and when he fourteen and 2015 home bullpen and that you bring in somebody who clearly isn't as good as those other guys. Did you the most oddest person in the world. When they're into guys foul in Soria into me any different occasions just hasn't been able to do that and that's while kind of stand by the diminishing of roles like we knew whenever they got Melky Cabrera what that McConnell for everybody would admit for Gordon wood and if Bonifacio what I meant for brand lost. They haven't really done that. That was Joaquin soared at least not yet maybe this injury he kind of goes back into the to the deck a little bit. They re shuffle and it sounds like he's willing to mix and match things. Bet mixing and matching a lot with Joaquin soaring when they have to bring in moss that I think kind of skews. Where people are in their violation of that we'll talk more wells coming up in the hits at 5 o'clock and it's the biggest stories of the day but. The thing everybody is talking about and the drive helps you not fall for the G we tell you what that is next in the draft. A drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and who studios sixteen and Sports Radio. The hole just crazy about this solar eclipse it comes on Monday I believe it's. Michael Landon to Oakland third year I'm pretty sure at some time in that winning you know it's us or on the 1 o'clock hour. So Monday. Afternoon. Make sure you got your glasses will make sure you got the good lines today as The Today Show. Nobody covering the solar eclipse better than The Today Show yesterday they were telling you about people charged in 2000 dollars for they're being beat today they're giving you the ones and twos. On the camera fake fake solar eclipse glasses. All eyes on this guy next Monday a rare total solar eclipse visible from Oregon the South Carolina. But don't look up just yet without approved a clip sunglasses like bees you can actually go blind. That's why officials are sounding the long arm that counterfeiters are now selling a eclipse glasses that look real and Thanksgiving saying. But won't protect you when staring at the sun. The sunlight has harmful ultraviolet radiation the problem that god is a few stared directly at the sun for a minute clips. It can cause harm and damage to the eyes off. Amazon is now cracking down on counterfeit sellers. Refunding customers who bought fake glasses that don't meet safety standards sending out emails saying we recommend that you do not use this product to view the sun. Wore the eclipse. Some of them would appear darken up but they're not. There are gonna be filters they're so light. You can see something like your hand clearly defines why should normal life because I shouldn't be able to see my hand up on my own absolutely not that would be transmitting far too much like dude this is good I can't. I literally decimated the. The important steps or this historic advance. All year amid today's show is trying to help you stay it will launch out here spin in 35 dollars. On some. Through JEZ solar eclipse glasses make sure you're out there didn't you initial. NASA approved solar eclipse glasses which are now they're gonna get here and Libya other digital or. I just got to make sure to continue the official act as early. Here. Run and hustle run in the scheme run that thing trying to sell solar eclipse does that surprise you really mean. People do anything to screw people and get the money mean. Doesn't surprise me one. Matter make inhabit this has like grave consequences. Like selling unofficial tour were merchandise you know a good guy outside selling the T shirts for the concert like analyst in the forty bucks on the inside let me just give the surfer Tim Boggs. And by the way you mentioned that The Today Show was covering the solar eclipse as well as anybody. You leave us in the dust lake in big you're gonna be worth Harley-Davidson on Monday for the lunar alliance and that's going to be one of the sites see I'm not like being too they're not covered light sedation I don't doesn't cover you from all angles I think they're gonna be right on top of that location is you can see the solar eclipse from organ to South Carolina. I mean covered you how did you know that vaccination yeah their prime time realist on Monday August can stay out social media on Monday you know. Is all of these pictures of that right. It's gonna go from pictures of like ice is Danner. Two to the salary. And you know let them cut and then you'll just takes pictures your food and put a look and feel it's. And his and you guys guys it's not like oh how often you do. Couple times a month real. So it's something I'm proud of some of that and it. He excited for the I'm excited to see it just like instead of social media for a while it is. Outlook uses. He's clear. How different the eclipse and the sex line. Might remember this I don't remember the name but there was comet. Became violent was it and I am so excited to see use common I mean this little cheap fifteen dollar telescope and knows. Bill Nye the Science Guy. I'm excited it's like now. Is this the first time in 99 years and never seen this it'll this'll never happening aren't I got excited for. She's one miserable last 23 get to some officials solar eclipse sunglasses. Side Mondays at 1230. And see the solar eclipse gone up two minutes the top stories of the day in the hits. Including the most important series for the royals since the flag when beats I would that is next.