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Ben Heisler
Sunday, August 20th

In the 2017 premiere, Heis goes through the Sunday Morning QB with the latest players moving up and down draft boards after the first half of the preseason. They also talk to Scott Fish of Fanball.com about Fantasy Draft "Dos and Don'ts." After introducing the new partnership with FantasySportsMarkets.com (promo code 610BENNY), Heis & Serda give their "fantasy hot takes" before going over the best ADP (average draft position) values with Justin Fensterman of SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. 


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This starts. Save. Football Sunday presented by one. Blanks on 610 sport. You're zero. And Chrysler. We are back. All football season's final around the corner feels fantastic welcome and it is. Samples fantasy football Sunday presented by Bud Light here on sixth and sports radio and on the line limited time at six cents boards dot com. Baton high schooler here my executive producers and co host Steve insert on the other side. Certain party had football in the mind basically since February 10 so I imagine this count down for you has just been. Broth and Jess. Oozing with the amount of of football and eating your lights I'm glad it's finally here for. I'm glad you're finally able to so this back up it's got that pac man. I Sacramento last week ebbing gambling on pre season a little bit OK see you might have a problem. It's heart lot harder than the regular season and hit you because you have no idea what's gonna happen in the pre season there's no way to predict again. Right which would make the idea of gambling on it just insane. Reason season game gambling with general idea of what came out and how the teams Nightline. That the Chicago Bears are going to be an awful teams and Wendy got a big yesterday in pre season well. It does. Matter money gambling perspective but it doesn't matter from a fantasy perspective in coming up in as few minutes. We'll do the Sunday morning quarterback with some of the news and notes from week to the pre season NFL they use should pay attention to. Other shows and go down. Ought this year there's going to be some things that are a little bit similar there's a few things that are gonna be different. But does this year number four fantasy football Sunday August 2 year that we've had a good people over at spotlight it's not sponsor for our shell. Ops or glad to have them back and also very excited to bring on fan ball dot com. As part of our title sponsor is well on assembled at times you haven't been there yet it's one of the up all charged in brand new sites. Insanely good information really did write ups on multiple cheat sheets as you get ready for your fantasy draft this year Oz Scott fish. I went very talented writers of Brett and alt dot com is going to join us today. For some fantasy draft do's and don'ts at nine Swanee there's a lot of people are trying to put together they're just they're not sure of the direction that they wanna go Wayne. And whether or not feeling the stack. Irritated quarterback wide receiver from the same team normally that's a very good move in daily fantasy. What about from the season long perspective Asa Scotland's or some of those draft day questions coming in ninth Swanee today. 930 we'll even do it in the past is we've been doing the us as well all daily place are tonight. I had done it normally through drafting the last few years out we put together our top line of those mentioned the that the daily stuff some of the popular site at. I'm really excited to tell you guys coming up at 930 about a I knew. Companies that were going to be doing some really cool stuff went in also an opportunity you guys to win some money off and just get started right away for free. On outfits that coming up at 930 it's really cool celebrity in there and of course our guy just and so instruments back 945. You'll answer your fantasy questions. As he does each and every week here on fantasy football Sunday as well. As circle to some of the average draft positions there are a lot of guys that you're going to be looking at targeting in certain rounds. You know they're going to be available at that please in time. I just gonna go through those together and let you know what they're not that I'd sneak is thinking about. It in the eleventh twelfth round. Now he's moving up you gotta be ready to take him in the eighth and the ninth round so we'll get some of that on in just a second let's go to some other observations that we made through week two. Of the pre season so far will kick things off as we do every week the Sunday morning quarterback. It. So he's it's. Forbidden. The morning. Big morning quarterback all right here's. Quarterback wide receivers while. And there's some guys that are moving on up on all Jefferson style also some guys that are on their way down. Some of their average draft positions and guys that stock is looking terrific right now and other guys that he might start to. Sell as quickly as humanly possible slows the quarterback side. Soccer is looking up. I'm telling you to go ahead and draft Jerry golf this year and I think he's going to be a clear Italy freeagent. A sovereign last night he looked really good against the raiders sixteen to Swanee. Pass for a 160 yards and a touchdown. It's going to be a different look for the rams offense this year they have. It capable offensive line now that it's done. Jeff Fisher's no longer there. Inject some guy's throat this year sandy lot scooper company drafted this year to Avon Austin finally is going to be able to play in the slot where he's more comfortable. Also brought Robert Woods over from buffaloes of the top two wide receivers from awful last year are now in LA for Jared golf that somebody named Tyler he would be at. Excited you familiar with Tyler hippies heard it. Now OK I don't think anybody is but he's there as well to be able to get cheered up plenty of options ills that those. It's gonna open up some lanes for tiger like the tiger in a little bit coming up later on the shelves and very high and then this year because he destroyed a lot of in his teens last year. But I Wilson's budget allows users to get that also involved in some decent people in charge. You might just must secure golf look more closer to what you saw an audit number one quarterback so look like he's there yet. I'm saying it's gonna be a lot better than last year and cornerback on the ounce. It's right here in the AFC last that's axe them lynch another bad game from him yesterday nine of thirteen. 37 yards bills at three rushes for 27 yards in San Francisco with a bad team this year. If he really regressed to the point where I I just don't know what to expect tournament. I have no idea what you're going to be looking at castle in the future this organization is right now. He is not the quarterback for debt that is best chance to end its Travers Indians not even close with drivers Audi gives you realistically you know. 678. Hollow argument defense take. Excellent suppose in the future this team right now is now looking like the future of any. You're a couple that are on their way out to Alvin took over in Minnesota. Another good pre season game for him seven times he rushed the ball for forty yards. Also caught on a three targets for ten yards off this out via Rota worlds dot com. And a little over one half football all this pre season dealt coaches touched the ball seven teen times. Kick start for Minnesota last year that's who graced I think 56 and now. And then just the wheels came off and we're able to run the ball effectively doll you saw the emergence of Adam Phelan in the passing in Sam Bradford actually had a quiet decent season over there. But having. In this dot having just terrific running. That can they can reply so Stephane digs doesn't have to have a massive here that in the islanders after carry your team. I don't cook is the guy they draft out of large stated they believe can eat at. And I know they cats apparently know that they simultaneous Mary is well. I think a lot of people were that Murray could be the goal line back over in Minnesota but knowing the deal and cook is there and help the unique. Rookie running back for the fresh shuttle eggs that they plan on using quite a bit. Ought initially people look at all the coaches use somebody to pick up in the fifth round especially if you're going no running back to the fifth round that was going to be your target. I don't think that's going to be the case anymore delicate right now skyrocketing up draft boards you try looking in and going anywhere between. 36 and 48 right that there. A running back on the rise up the big surprise not familiar. Name is Rex Burkhead. Is one of the flies patriots running backs. This year on the roster on the net charge. He is with the number one last night with Tom Brady at seven rushes twenty yards caught three passes for fifty yards also a touchdown. The 2.3 yard touchdown from Tom Brady over the middle. And expert at last night. Secondly the pre season but he was the feature back in New England. And it was meticulously because he's been hurt wasn't seems like it was Dion Lewis wasn't rain and the five guys collectively. That you just don't know who's going to be the guy at any given week. If you ask me coming into this weekend who I would hate for new in that press. Nobody I don't I'm with anybody in New England Axel because things change so constantly. Especially in standard. It you have Birkhead you can catch passes yet Dion Lewis James like James what was the guy that sort of miserable golf game winning pass as well. There's perfectly capable options you just don't know what's going to be every week but also those are expert at yup customize it. All three months. Finally. A little bit the the ankle weak yesterday but today and you read that that is not gonna miss any practice time most likely got the ball eight times 61 yards. Odd finish tonight with it rushes for forty yards three catches for 23. There is definitely going to be a battle between him and Spencer ware. I'm at least after the first couple games but that's why you draft agreement on year in Kansas City. You saw universal use does ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. There elusive. That I can get in those 34 yards and I still think he'll probably be the goal line back he got Portugal and series. Last year and he hit a whole lot of. So this is somebody in Spencer ware that's right now going anywhere in the sixth seventh and eighth round. I think if you look in media have to be in a draft with friends outside Kansas City. Korea want to get them in the tenth eleventh round might have a nice deal on your hand especially for somebody in a PP Yardley back into a whole lot. Our rights but that's what's in stock has rise up that's CJ Anderson. It's not about the Denver running back all throughout last you're just waiting for something happen nothing's ever dead. All but this is what it is clear goal and that they're going to oust the run the ball to be effective in Denver this year knowing that the passing game is getting a whole lot of options. We appreciate goal I care is last night he's the clear established number one. Also. Full disclosure Vance Joseph their new head coach that CJ Anderson's in the best shape he's ever been in the last 34 years now it's also his first years that coach Mike. Maybe he's watched film he's gone back through the FaceBook tied up in seeing old pictures of batters CJ Anderson I. But knowing that the coach is confident that running back option and CJ Anderson is very good news especially for CJ Anderson owners who people are. Picking up as wells fourth through sixth round. Considered moving down for me Doug Barton with the Tampa Bay Bucs. Martin was the number two overall pick in fantasy leagues just a couple years ago. I did not have a duty in a good year last year. Odd Charles Simms. Was supposed to be the god takes some care easily end up being jock was Rogers towards the end of the season. And Bucs Coastr Cotter says it's impossible to say if Doug Martin's gonna be the start he's got a three game suspension so. T if you draft Doug Martin in the fourth and a fifth round. I you're playing from behind because you just don't know what is needed now you're watching art scene and he's been activities and it teammates. It looks like he's in decent shape. All the things that go to Rutgers goes out dominates putting it does get the ball that's Doug Barton immediately. They're hot and hot hand over in Tampa Bay I just worry though they're not Todd Martin's gonna have to be able to play catchup for little bit too long. There's value there if you sit around the six's seventh round but I wouldn't reach the third or fourth round of the muscle hamster ball. I talked about expert had earlier in the playbook meticulously. Who a lot of people looked as the clear number one option for New England going into the start of the season and with a hamstring injury he's missed the last two pre season games. On and as. Ilsley mrs. Warren marks on a Bill Belichick feels about. Players is as long as they're available. They're going to get opportunities and miraculously is the worst thing you can be in the NFL that's not a male. So is wrecks Burkett starts to climb over him and he depth chart members yard he has trust via Lewis and dreams like. Michaels at one point was our guy Paul charges number twenty running back on his list now he's since gone down. But if you're not there for college act you're going to be in a bad situation and right now I see it as the very typical climb out of New England running backs are going to scary threat in sight here you just don't know how to predict them especially it was a molecules was not playing now I'm staying clear away from. Well running back on the downs that's what air lines was now in Philadelphia. Well guess what according to Mike Lombardo of the New Jersey ants media group he says he wouldn't be surprised if we aired one is among the Eagles Constance. The guy who is New England last year was the goal line back. Odd guy especially New England got like forty nothing lead. Is Powell in the vaults you just not a good fit in Philadelphia is off of strain of by Doug Peterson and his staff. Now they cut in Matthews. Darren Sproles on the roster is very good news if you're Darren Sproles on our. And that's a guy that's right now pretty much going undrafted because of the situation Philadelphia. On isolate Sproles is the twelfth or thirteenth round guy because you know what he's going to be each and every year. But the more consistent players and all fantasy football especially. If you're in a PP our league but it. You have here blind and submerged is not really fitting it in situations we Darren Sproles and Wendell small it. Corey Clement is a rookie that's common. So. You're not sure the direction of Philadelphia's. Running back situation I will say this though at least he knows roles is gonna be their Arab blood. I would stay clear away from Savard fancy stuff. A couple receivers to keep your eyes and both of them are trending upward so it is right. Memory miss last year. And he was a full participant Sunday's practice hot day. For the Steelers. Are my top says he's physically ready. He's going had been preparing full practice and done this is somebody that. A lot of teams are taking in the third fourth fifth round of ice all save us to serve out my deal little bit to line. But if you sit there on the fourth maybe the Spitzer Martin was Bryant with that type offense this year with them out of play makers on that Steelers team. I has apparently that was written to be but knowing that he's fully healthy knowing that he's available. To be able to make a difference this year for the Steelers is gonna be critical. Things for Antonio Brown as well now the changes. Making sure Ben Roethlisberger on the field. These are going into the back up there and Landry Jones some of those guys gonna be bad news. To citi's numbers it was right if he's there in the fourth with that on you need a big time big play wide receiver. I've no drama to pick him up right there. The wide receiver also on the rise on day another good pre season game for the vikings or five targets 65 yards. Out. It's a little bit of a quiet summer is the fun day and again you look at Bradford and I think a lot of people tend to look at them with this. A little bit of scorn not necessarily sure what he's going to do what he's an offer on it day in and day out week now lot of teams are drafting Sam Bradford. Savard takes stays healthy. I'm looking anywhere between ninety and a hundred catches the pot in that also as they move quickly. On. It looked to their their tight ends a lot as well but they're going to be moving the offense around. That's down it's in the it's an asset of the backfield the spot dates the clear number one wide receiver on that team a fan of Adam Phelan as well. And so I think Minnesota might have an opportunity to surprise some people this year especially on the offensive side and that. Is the Sunday morning quarterback. For week two of the pre season right here on Campbell's status of all Sunday when we come back. What are you guys have your fancy jazz over the next couple weeks and we'll talk to Scott fish over ambled dot com terrific writer of there. To get the fantasy do's and don'ts of what you should be prepared for. When you do your fantasy draft coming up in the next few weeks it's fantasy football Sunday samples as possible Sunday presented by about like parents X than Sports Radio. Answer C football Sunday presented by Bud Light seeks to end Sports Radio. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm. What. I blew the. Welcome back and sandals Tennessee football Sunday presented by bug light right here on the than sports radio and expense reports on. And ice over years he answered on the outside as our executive producer. We will get to use got sufficient sample dot com injustice that is terrific work over for Campbell dot com I have his fantasy football cheat sheet. All in front of me when I look about the site. Is not only do you have all these different rankings entrapped Hanson. Information. Out with all charge Sheehan and odd terrific staff over at Campbell but you have. Multiple cheat sheets for all of their writers. So you have charts you have fish I you have Brian Johnson of the year I'd normally at this time right here on Tennessee football Sunday. All but what I also love that he take all their different cheat sheets and they have the consensus won the you can use altogether so let's say. You know you think Tyrod Taylor is eight top ten court. That little bit on. But somebody this is in is in the top one you don't be crazy. All of these different cheat sheets have been witty and Albert's he gathers you basically get all of their opinions stacked together at once so it's a combined. Put together cheat sheet of our lot of really good experts all over in the fields we'll talk to Scott about that in just a second also. Is friendly reminder that coming up at 11 o'clock today it is the fourth annual fantasy football training camp presented by bug light and if you happen and you. It is an absolutely worthwhile then if you aren't fantasy players the deep dive into incredible statistical information for anybody. That plays fanciful politically daily conceivable users as the you need to know it goes from eleven to three today it's the brand new Johnson Tony. Arts and heritage center over 87 and Metcalf for his box. You get a Ball State barbecue lunch from rankings catering. You also get to be a part of roundtable featuring Pro Bowl punter Dustin Colquitt on behalf of smile also your favorite 610 Sports Radio personality is going to be there. And at 1 o'clock. Of course the Tennessee football training camp posted by the since sports hall of Famer charge and also my dad Brian Johnson's gonna be on board. Charge of course the owner of and alt dot com and police say that out so please be their tickets are available at harboring credit card. Just ten bucks gets you into the most useful fantasy seven are. You can possibly a match. Let's go out to the frontlines now welcome in Scott finished all of. And bald dot com you can read his terrific work over at Scott fish 24 on Twitter as well Scott appreciate your time this morning Matt Wright and. I'm doing great thanks around the armed conflict on training camp you're gonna have done this morning. It is an awesome training and now that it's the fourth year of our existence I've been here now almost four years I've been to every one at Scott and and what I love about it is that. I always learn something new every time I know that there's a lot of different philosophies of follow but at least I know every year something's going to change. So what you've been there before or whether you haven't gone before it seems like a absolute must attend for fantasy players. Yeah as bright and charge Tolbert some should keep our strategy sure. For your lead was just really great interest to watch. Yeah it's amazingly helpful stuff like to bring you on Scott because I think a lot of people answer their draft after cheat sheets ready they have their auction values ready. I think there's still a lot of basic questions that they haven't been able to have answered so wanted to bring you line. To get some fantasy do's and some fantasy don'ts for preparing for a Tressel start with Dennis. Do you don't you built a stack. In a season long fantasy draft line. Actually did a presentation on that Shia yet to be a kick out. It also incredibly risky. We value it obviously. You might lose your reached. But there's. That is the other church in week. You're going to be fine if you hit on that super icicle in Auckland like. Get a bunch future that we get a bunch hackers actually can really get out are important to me. What those basically be the only two teams you would consider knowing that the quarterback week in and week out in in Rodgers and Brady year. Are going to be those two studs every week it could you do it may be for the giants like if you had a little back with your first round pick. Eventually got Eli Manning in the eleventh or twelfth round got Brandon Marshall in the sixes on another view is available option that. I think that a lot option to actually. Took the Steelers would suck and that will talk to you because there that children are happened out there really like. Is blocked because you're on the committee. Just like that early and you get the questionable tactic that could be a treat you should he shoot offense directed dolphins it's well. You don't have to spend a lot capital earlier rounds. But you can wage you know get some solid state plays center insulate yourself. Strong so don't doubles court reached and achieved and then get arrested that play it later. The Brett can capture game to get out well he just basically there he did and here. They were chopped all offered blaster I think there'll achieved its. Wild especially with to have them looking at Desean Jackson's eighty here right now he's wide receiver thirty nines that somebody that you could targets super late. So be able to pick up and apparently team as Winston Polly's as late as the tenth or eleventh round as are joined by Scott. Us fish over for fan bald dot com you can remote on Twitter at Scott finished 24. I'll do you don't you wait to take quarterback in particular this year and ends. Well I'll always play creatures. That you went back. Obviously you're gonna have to kick wind energy industry pretty Brady's rockets you're gonna have to had a lot higher on the quarterback oh rich. Should try and extraction woman a ticket don't I have rejected the quarterback in single digit rounds I saw myself getting Gatwick. Mario or far or guys like that led around channel and and I'm now we've finally. Do you words don't you draft for upside vs drafting for health for example. He dressed for outside look at running backs equal beam clients. Doesn't have a guarantee starters job as of yet or. You just draft for help someone like Jonathan Stewart has been relatively reliable may be someone in the free courses entity a so it was basically just gonna be that reliable our beat twenty to 25. And Welker not that. It's hard not to get it right now he can get. But are usually joked I like her but I like my side but not that much for starters I'd like. Sure he's a guy from my complexion but it's a little while frequent is not a that you get your child eat my garbage we are or. Taking that shot every day. Do we or don't you ever take a defense or kicker before your final two pics of your fancy. And that's a well I think it would a little yard gap situation that short order. I'm fine with you Kiki. Eastern and kicker. You know higher and one. On your your first bet that no four QQQ round. Area and then in sixty drought with a mr. LPG in the dark Welch yeah final round and bought it earlier. OK so even if it's round thirteen of the fifteen round draft you don't mind of its hearts maybe that area and no idea of an opportunity for a top five either defense or kick your cool. I'm located agriculture sector at lord British if you're going to be one of the strict and Jackie white. Like it's our secure sponsors you know here we get an accurate probably change. One that he not and thirteen or fourteen. A couple more fantasy do's and don'ts with Scott finish over a fan ball dot com joining us here on scandals and is Opel Sunday at present about Bud Light. I'm Scott do we or don't you over pay an auction drafts to guarantee top level talents in other words. If Antonio we're gonna get Antonio brown and David Johnson guaranteed on your team human that's overpay early on or do you just. Plays for that may trees it is much guys as humanly possible. What are what strategy execute percent identical 60% on any player like cycle that. But in Sutton struggled strategy what you're trying to do the work but he time. So I. I think either stretching work actor for a little a little they are hoping that chebaa. Shall not let later she valued aides they are an active trade that for the finger at a later. Yeah and the worst case scenario is one of those guys that you overpaid for a goes down with an ACL in week three you just feel hopeless so I totally get that strategy is a lie I tend to go the opposite way as well it's trying to as much depth and trying to throw out some guys I want other people over that nine at least before myself. Final one for you guys. Do we or don't you incentivize your league. For weekly prizes to keep every week competitive and others he got the ball clearly that's coming in at one and fourteen over the fantasy season. May be given an option a little carried to hang on CO each and every week knowing he can win some money. Each week you San of that. On the edit anything institutional. That you additional prize mr. and Kiki additional riders are rookie year. Up progressive arch rivalry genes are teaching the Bible. Like he nearly got another another future arrival in debit check them on backing. Anything that at incentives should we let you play is absolutely a great idea. All right he's got fish at Scott fish Tony for and worries senior analyst over at ambled back I'm you can read his work all over the fantasy world. I got I appreciate your time this morning there's so much for help and out of listeners and died look forward to doing it against. Are. You two that Scott fish assembled joining us here on fables and it's couples on it presented by Bob light. On the other side. So that's not takes that we need to you get off our chest and the comes to the fantasy world and also we'll tell you about a new way that were going to be playing daily fantasy football this year you don't want to miss out especially. How you can get started for free that's next on scandals and as a football Sunday present about wildlife. Answer C football Sunday. Presented by Bud Light Sikhs and Sports Radio. In fact I'm content. It's full of full control. Just infinite and communities in a sense its. He beat us and that's easy name alone. Welcome back fantasy football Sundays apples and they'll all Sunday presented by on light. Official beer sponsor on the door Kansas City she. And Chrysler's Steve certain glad you guys have joined us here today. Don't forget this couple training camp with our guide to fantasy football hall beamer ball charging coming up at 11 o'clock day. Over at the Johnson County arts and heritage center of rain 87 and act passed on it just handouts. And all of its QE3 barbecue lunch and it is catering department at a roundtable. With Dustin Colquitt. And of course the deep dive and is sports knowledge that you need. As well out before we get to you are. Super. Rad Heintz I feel like craziness there right now for the next two hours them and exhale hottest days it. Is necessarily that but certain I have thus strong beliefs. When it comes to you and is exports this year. I'm so glad win against each other C aside it was a completely off the rails RC's meet guys come in and on the goody two stacked like 69 threes here sex. Justin says he'll answer some your fantasy football questions coming up about ten minutes from now. I asserting last couple years we've done the daily. We're gonna continue to do that here on six and Sports Radio. Every Sunday morning just after 930 if you aren't the only items that we feel most confident about. And doubt we are able to put up against each other. Over under at the last couple years and we had some some great contests over 400 people last few weeks railed planner contests and we have a lot on. I did actually meet a guy when we were broadcasting up in St. Joe and on v.s he said that he participated and are. Daily leagues every week classy yeah it was an absolute blast and I'm really excited to be part of something this year. Are not doing that resemble we're going to be doing it through a new company that I love the model that's he has a fantasy sports markets dot com. Fantasy sports markets dot com. I it is a brand new way to play daily fantasy football they also have baseball and basketball and hockey and auto racing and jockey challenge. And the crazy part about it is that it's not so crazy. It's you actually get to draft who you want there is no salary cap and all of a what I love about this is that. I can choose any. And I can decide on who I believe the ultimate line up as. That has nothing to do with price so it certain you are convinced that Antonio Brown as the best option in week one. I don't have to worry about any sort of sleepers is choose the lineup that we think is going to score the most points go up against each other and it's bragging rights right from the very beginning. If you go to and is sports markets dot com right now. If you enter the promo code 610. NE 610 Benny. You'll get fifteen dollars to play with. Right no questions asked I goes in it's not one thing they give to her odd crew overtime you can win money right away with a fifteen dollars start so. Hopefully will be able to do some contest with them throughout the season. Are really excited to have them on board here for fantasy football Sunday so fantasy sports markets dot com answered a promo codes 610 Denny at fifteen dollars. Right in your county are playing for free. Sell very excited to get that going this year in fantasy football excited to have fancy sports markets on board with us as well. Sir did you want to start you wanted to go and kick things off CR fantasy sports hot take so far of the pre season where he wanted to authors. I didn't K okay Acxiom Tia. This is listening to the drive. A lot of people have not kill me for this. They have not. Thought that I had anything going on here in fact archetypal charge in. We brought it up to him and it was asked whether or not Tyrod Taylor is a act in quarterback on this is what he's. I would disagree with all the same. Tied to isn't that the back in quarterback won despite the ball full bills taking this year. I read from a few barrier earlier this year there's one player in the NFL. It was at least 3000 passing yards and at least 550 rushing yards in each of the past he seasons. That's Tyrod Taylor. He's Benny top ten quarterback in fantasy the last few seasons he was number nine and when he fifteen he was number 82016. And was with Sammy Watkins barely playing. What is is gone they have a better possession receiver and Jordan Matthews let's say matches the battery seat for the Watkins. But I think based on their system this year now that provides a Jones. As one of their wide receivers this year Taylor's gonna be running a lot as the meat on it garbage time opportunities for him. This is shaping up to be another year where he's going to be a second quarterback wanted to sit there the wealth around. Actually take Tyrus and I feel very safe and secure about that they might as well take portals to add. Funny you should mention glee boards. Brad Fennessy minute the other day on Friday. I was gonna ask our guys who who think is the better quarterback that's in there currently ports. Should be a fairly simple answer I need. To get the better fancies. Like ports. And surprise me I invite for this fantastic game goes there you go and that's part of where you have to figure out the fantasy meets reality component. Is that late portals was a garbage time hero last year he outscored David Carr in fantasy points and standard leagues. So this is somebody again it's not so the local quarterback talent it's about how they perform this in the situation that it's that itself. Even though the ball liberals are going to be bad so things are until there's going to be atop all fantasy quarterback let's say in the hot. So I've been talk about this quite a bit on the show. The San Diego Chargers I think you're going to have a top five offense in the NFL season. And that's. I I don't. Think they Keenan Allen is going to stay healthy all year because he has not shown an ability to do that. I know they're saying Mike Williams might not be back until October with that back injury. A Mike Williams if he comes back to ending Tina Allen struggling he's banged up my claims is going to be a guy that she can get late in the draft right now because he's hurt. And he's going to wind up being a top ten wide receiver down. You know I. I can't do idiotic finals are going to be top five offense but I think they're going to be a very prolific offense rivers has so many different guys that third junior right. I don't expect teen and Allan stay healthy what has given you any indication the last couple years ago to stay healthy. Nothing you had Tyrell in you have hunter Henry you have Antonio Gates you have Mike Williams. All these different options are now available for Philip Rivers that he doesn't have to rely on just one guy anymore he can spread the ball around. Factor in Melvin Gordon is top five running back in your right it's a very good offense this year for the chargers. Is this I take all of me is that I gave perspective on this. Eight top nine running backs being drafted this year right. I would take pod currently cattle. I take. Now I think that's that I mean I and unity if your if. I want to act immediately calls or should we we believe us we're trying to come up with Nazis just drop mama. But also because that's not much injured golfer earlier before he had bill bloodied and throw to last year not single. Person due anything. It's a now that you have Hooper pop. And now the you have Sammy Watkins. And out Robert Woods is now in the mix as well there's just more options for it off. And they stacked the box on currently throughout the last year out that two years ago as well but. Teams are just so I think finally girl is gonna be. Back yet it's still going to be dominant part of what they do offensively they just have somebody with some rains running their team this year I really do like Todd early to bounce back I think because a recent C bias. There's a chance he might be able to get them late. The second round early third on if you decide to take running. Well see on I've told you several times on just a fan of talent I think tiger really is a very talented player I think he will bounce back. But it's important to remember that that stellar rookie season he had was done a lot of that the bulk of it was in a very small. Period of time. But I also feel the same way about Deon how can that be Dioner Hopkins is going to bounce back. I tell you an idea on Hopkins last season because. I felt his talent was good enough to transcend poured quarterback. And he did that was Brian Hoyer of the season before last season he couldn't get out Brock cost wise it was a matter Brock us filer not been attempting to get in the football. And this season Tom savage is I think 88 and mediocre quarterback I think John Watson will be the star abide by at least the middle of the season. And the Andrei Hopkins is gonna have. 14100. Right now according to you while all the different collective fantasy sheets from the fan from the scandal I dot com cents a sheet. People are looking at the Andrei Hopkins as a top twelve wide receiver this year has got to Wear them I think especially at the attitude of a cable quarterback neither savage or watt or odds John Watson I certainly think the under Hopkins and get back in and bounced back relevancy. And answered that same round exit to finish up my heart aches for fans of the season. Hot sake or not I'd take. Here are some to be atop one wide receiver that's. San Francisco. Let me let me explain why. He is reunited with his former office or hander over from Washington. This is somebody that's going to get each ton of targets and remembered a couple of years of the app is actually perfect examples are. Because when Brian Hoyer was the quarterback for Houston. Nobody got targeted more than beyond op he was the man on every play Hopkins was the break out wide receiver of the year. Most of it's that in the third or fourth brownie and being a top five wide receiver on the board. Tonight employers starting in San Francisco they are going to have to throw the ball because they're going to be behind act on this year. And especially PDR leagues here Karstens going to be an absolute target monster. I really think that volumes gonna continue to pile up in up an op and right now are sewn on their sheet is ranked as number 32 wide receiver. I certainly the heat climate and make it to the top one. Any does have potential and that offense especially considering I think there are other top wide receivers what Jimmie currently. Yeah not a lot of just Exide has got on their outlook and a SO somebody's gonna catch the football at some point in somebody's probably gonna wind of had a decent year. Like Terrell Pryor did last year for the browns when they were just garbage but he was at least decent he was the only one I can catch the football. I'm Italian and I I just think right now where are selling his Golan I think. The heat ADP for him is that I confirmatory. Right now wide receiver 34. Should be gone way higher than that and die summing up Friday targeting. I say about the the seventh or eighth round. Especially in the hang around for that wants to Pierre Garcon. I'll watch out for and and there are yell at those are are some of our hot is what is that that's it I'm sure we'll have more drummed out three guys as well. Coming up in just a bit to get your questions and getting tickets excellent a 69306. Justin thought instrument. From serious sex fantasy Sports Radio will answer them and also goes through some of those guys you should watch out. For each round of the draft that's coming up next on then balls fantasy football Sunday presented by about like. To see football Sunday. Presented by Bud Light seeks ten Sports Radio. This year. It's. Around. What do you speak football and basketball. You kidding me playoffs. I hope we can win it yeah you that you did doubt us but we. Fully duo. Yeah great to win that game. Final sudden. Some fantasy football Sunday it is ambles fantasy football Sunday presented by Bud Light here on six and Sports Radio we will get to our guy just by instrument. A serious accent fantasy sports radio and just a minute I'll answer a couple of your line of questions we'll also go. Here's some ADP is average strapped position try to figure out well guys you should market. Throughout each round but again if friendly reminder to not miss out on the fantasy football training camp coming up day at 11 AM. Tickets are still available you can get them at the door is just ten dollars includes the free are free lunch. But the ten dollar but it does include lunch. I think spring caters catering also a NFL round table with chief probable punter Dustin Colquitt at twelve and of course. Do not this is today from eleven to three at the Johns county arts and haired senator and 87 and I can do not miss out on a must attend event. Or any fantasy football. I'll player this year. We thought those lines we welcome and it very familiar name to our program it is your number four that he is help answer your questions and help win leagues for yield. Justin Spencer and a serious accident fantasy Sports Radio joins us on the line. Forty cents to get to have you back buddy. Thank you Ben good feedback and great up everyone went out there like every single week. All right so let's start with some of these average draft position guys you and I we're starting to go through in trying to figure out names that people should look at right away so let's say. You're chatting right on the middle of the pack not a number one pick her. In L all the weak yen the first rounds of lesser medals the first round give me a guy that you think a lot of people should have right immediately on their radar that maybe they'd found. Now that you might disagree Whitney I am not a huge Tyrod ever got out what are your record at the all. I know that good or art market however I am thankful that will be back and shot Cooley. I figured termed the state of the what you're looking at it the first round got the help situation that'll beat you wouldn't it be bridge which was shot local that state. Like the middle well he'd be forgotten that go with that someone I don't I've ever going to be able to. Is he your numbers are you running back after David Johnson only ML. See you my number and what exactly. We've I'm Ella. Is it holdout situation he hit the like your deal once he's coming back he might be how were you weak I want a guy that both of them eager. On the back end I cannot make the oil but that right now at like now. Probably after the bell that would reach our golden on the ground at a fight at bat that I'm going McCoy in the middle. I as a shady medically able pick among middle the first traumas transient lets us transition to round number two little as possible to argue should be looking. Lot of people now we're looking at the people get. So conservative. Again. I don't know what will that work order mentioned a lot that it but it but they are punctual brought back to my first two picked. Let alone injured rookie running. Like letter would net. To supplement not yet. Actually on who the ball toward our president there. I'll let you know toward our well yet it around. And Barry. OK so Jordan artists see him actually slipped a little bit. On any DP there's been an emergency Ari Colin. Who was unfortunately not a member of the tribes and see we can all we use all the running backs and we take Tariq on not a member of the tribe. But certainly that's a god it's hard to showcase himself well in training camp the first few rounds of fantasy pre season also be able to worry about the sophomore slot offered for some really Jordan Howard but. A terrific here especially coming in late I. The guy that I got a chance to watch over anti Indian universities are yet to running backs shady McCoy Jordan Howell are now moving on the third round where the other guys just aren't target. It's up to one. Really shocked I. The contract he didn't perpetrating along you know there's an up or not. Look at troubled water I like the work to duck and I liked liar or sides remember what you got to view the war that the people. Watched it on you especially at middle ground in Erbil. That they understand. For your number she bought the seat movie but they're number one they'll. Control art and I worked so it will ostrich you get them on the between equality that week. Get him quite well people will act like you're looking at god is quite what people want. But there are a lot of opportunity to well part of it mark or a person like edge ought. Omelets he's antsy right now he's going around wide receivers sixteen ahead of guys like Doug Baldwin branded coaxed out during Hopkins to Mary's Thomas. I think Yunel and held the prior way ahead of in Allen. Way ahead is to Marius Tomas I'd probably in that old when cooks Hopkins range I think he's a legitimate legitimate top twelve options. Absolutely and by the metropolitan bench and that's another that it up really edged out all go with that had been up at apple hole. Really turned beat all date yet but importantly I know what. Just got leopard I had no real compliment from the bowl perspective. In that happened well. Let's move on around number four he got two very stud running backs a great wide receiver and Terrelle Pryor weary looking in the fourth round. I am looking at a got dealt you can't help it well comparable to what you. Stick. I don't like it I look at it like it. She is. All the way out he. Replied. Struggle. On competency. Our number two mobile one is in a desperate situation that were on the target now. Are we got a couple minutes left solid trying get in a couple questions then I wanna ask you this is well odd. Although some little later types of ADP's maybe next week's show but tell it quarterback any tight end that you think fantasy owners can target. Anywhere from maybe the ninth round on that they can feel really good about. You know look look at quarterback for and that some of them here and like eight. There could reach what I'm getting it was deeper more support it I think Jane that's what's been cubic I think you should book the party you're troubled quarterback will be tight and late. So won't start to move up a little bit what he's got a report that. In the back Ronnie and her grit of the street. Well all the group that god will wait. Why be so we all in all respects and we'll let coach guy that would coordinate a lot of you and a target game revote on. From the get a ticket sex line at 69306. Fancy word you have Jimmy Graham rated amongst her tight ends this year. Poppy here you hear me again what he wore. It widget grab all end awarded read about it. Yet Jimmy glad you walk. In the Andre you are not going to reach out and I emperor in in the sixth round and that we're. Our final offensive from the 785 is like draft Danny wood had should I make sure I handcuff him with Terence west. A little tired in what are your game but the same can't be any war in May of class B multiple injury during his career. So we got that situation. He's Justin's sentiments here sexson fantasy Sports Radio as he joins us every week here on scandals and his football Sunday presented by about light answering your questions. In dropping knowledge as well fed sealed it again next week and I'll look forward again and to some of those deep. Eighty Pete dyes that your brother looking forward. They got this just a defenseman joining us as he does every week here on the program. A couple other questions come in and should I draft Tyrod Taylor yes you should depending on who is available again. I law. Singing to did this to my thoughts and perspective on Tyrod Taylor as if he's like number one quarterback available at the answer is unequivocally no he's not it's. I'm saying if you're looking at somebody and a quarterback to draft lately in the Evans twelve round at a draft quarterback getter. If you have a god it's a navy in the eighth in the ninth maybe James once in our markets Mario you wanna feel really good about a backup that still going to be there. I was the top ten quarterback the last two years and seen as an opportunity to be there again. Tyra until there is your dot. So let's look. State these situations let's. It is easy act and quarterback won the quarterback one on the last as well. First addition in the books I will be at the fantasy football training camp. I'm coming up today at. Let it at the Johnson County arts inherited senator I'm looking forward to being there with all of you guys as well to ten dollars door. Assistance force dot com for all the information that unique. I got him on the show usually is coming up next with Steve insert. Stanford show is in produce in that bad boys well will be back next Sunday at 9 AM the featured in an I'll be back tomorrow. At 2 PM on that got us in the morning gets an opportunity to win royals tickets. Every day at 71 and of course like the pink. At worth Harley-Davidson get you ready for the solar eclipse my name's Ben licenses and balls fantasy football Sunday presented by bug light. Right here on six and Sports Radio in that sense we're stuck on the great everybody.