08/21 6PM - The Blind Spot, That Guy Gets The Show, Showstoppers, Monday Hugs

The Show
Monday, August 21st

Show & Serda discuss the idea that everyone has "blind spots" when evaluating situations. Do sports teams allow their blind spots to diminish their judgment? Show argues that the Royals have a blind spot with Alex Gordon and asks how to fix the problem. Tonight's "That Guy Gets The Show" stars a man breaking into a church naked before Showstoppers and Weekend Hugs round out the first hour. 


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And it well. The show went heroes. Is police. Two it's that are put those Vegas. Because Lee salutes you. For allowing us to be a small part. You're Monday evening stand heard Joseph produces this bad way. But let's have a good time with you didn't. That you had this show topic of the day. It is my days that we do have our hugs at the first time. At Stanford Joseph has been. Or weekend it's. Which haven't been on this Monday. The weekend every Monday somebody needs we've moved to a weakened a bit later own. The eclipse. Finally got that out the way. I was worth Harley-Davidson. With late him being was it was a good time that she'll additionally a lot of people came out. To watch the clip we had people would like special cameras. I mean people whip past is the garden. Variety like the last I seen again I would like full Helmut on. Asked about it where his helmet you know eclipse and weaker. But this this was a Siri is serious situation. On eight million. It also people relate to issues that people rules several hours to places that's. That's a bit much for me but hey that's me. He digit thing I purposely would give less of the paint that. Com. Every year the NCAA tournament it was on. Would have to go to school. Admit that lets to edit clips admit that that much it's a peep so it was kind of cool thing president trump looked into the into the span with that his glasses on with a look he had on his. Spain and this. But yeah those good good time today I hope you all enjoyed you eclipse day. They're canceling classes over this that was fantastic she's moved their practice of businesses. This is serious thing. I think that we should find more reasons arbitrarily just put society on hold so we can all celebrate. At times up with it at times that we're still watching grass grow. That we had delay. Okay. I just wanted to let you know it's just not us now and a handy lake special eclipse. Like segments. Oiler. Outcome victory fights. If you have like some eclipse music or so. This place is this that they have. Now you mentioned I had to think is something you did their lawsuit to add yet. So don't I just say we got that after. This 603 as we do at this time every day. Number agreement guest in certain states. I. Lest there 37 kick starts today. That's their idea and I hear it. Folks. Speculation African Americans every Tuesday we. You're gonna forget today introduced me and just talk about the eclipsed. Intact person to detonate. Bob I'm it's if you don't know the rules are the kids done. Speak. Until he has introduced. And we've got I think like 60 fours the richter. Apparently total eclipse of the higher maintenance and number one on the I teens defenseless today. So that's less at this we're finished we're dead. K and and that's obviously going to classes and looked at as one string with as cool as it were don't don't. Don't don't don't you do it. Iceland's series I have to do that. But you put me in this place. I'll just list of entities as we're eclipse that. It's a 9 o'clock. Soul. We kid and in sports. At least in this area mean. The royals looks fantastic this week if it's opposite. The royals looked at I've game you know those first two games of the week you did you know exactly what we. Well we'd what we wanted to see happen and they came relegating us. Obviously they struggle with the aid and yesterday they did get a win. Kind of had a different line of dignity and handle also dip in the line. At the end of the healer. At a terrific terrific I can't put my finger on it like at a closed lies can't get it but there was some of about team yesterday. And it brings me to Lenny to develop this topic waits. Centers around lines. I that we all have lines. Everybody has blunt some people are going blind from the eclipse it. We don't headlines but. K. Results certain Sears is right there. As I guy whose whose eyes were just filled blood because you looked at the sub for do you he's got several lines. Like not understanding ladies he had to and is dating ladies. Speak about the appropriate things are not tied to this mile which he which some of you out there might that they is obliged. That might think it's right at them. Do we just talked about a president. It's got a cup. Bill Clinton he had several Monica. Bloods but. Paula several. Hillary. I that we all we have lines August oh. Don't. As the United States has some blind spot right here probably more after looking directly in the sun and there's another one that started it showed he's not listening to the show it to us at literally just said that. Our first is that we blinds. At the Ritz. Thirty twos that it. We have. To rate and that's the worst part. Is what you're blind spot it's also the same thing that makes you successful. I that I with those two things happen it's it's off like we talked about it Saturday against. Hopefully hearing is now as we talk about the president. President earlier. This blind spot happens to be one of the things that makes him extremely. Successful. Especially during the campaign. You know the best time is when he was off the cuff off the hip thing is that. EC doing gave people the worst leaves three Oprah. Also he made people or is it he was she not up. Does it feel like giving Golan enough these assays up that he probably regrets. Joseph Biden's got elected Joseph Biden adds that man that wilted Spain. I think it is apparent an odd. That we have Siri is blind spots. With the and in particular date more innate. I do every sports fan. Has blind spots for their specific teams but. From an organizational standpoint I don't think you want blind spots within your from off but as realistic you may have. And as we talked about those people is blind spot seems to be probably. Airports busing to be probably the thing that makes him great also. Like one of the things that you can say could be a really big part of the success of the royals here in this run is. This chemistry. This together and is the family atmosphere. And most of all between Nan in Dayton these two are the most loyal son of a guns I've ever run into in my life. Ever. You out there are no there are several times that you wanted to quit people a US they quickly. And they would. One of the things that make some great but I think we're starting to see the backfire of that lights. And the Blogspot it's bigger than just Alex who were like I don't wanna just committed just talk about Alex Gordon and now banned use did. But I think it's bigger than that I think it's littered the is sort of say it would we're talking about this there LT loyalty. And hill bit of patients. It's a blind spot that has been deposit being what it is now. Becoming a thing that is is truly appearing to hampered the state. I think everyone can relate to that because at some point in your life. You've probably been loyal to a fault whether it be an ex girlfriend or to a family man birds that person that just keeps dragging me down. But I did it out like I. Dayton manages it alone operate like this not date a bit of the double birds to you'll. You took a quick Mike Stuckey. Now look at. Now we can't help what is it. That there's a royals they told me that you told me that quit Wade Davis. What is his daughter do we make it closes the best reliever probably. Date it was on the quick list. I know I had him up there. You can't. Just wanna get double urged us that they you know we're not quitting Soria. But that that that blind spot is something that needs to go right now that it it it it is over but that's part of the problem is that it is. When everyone else has given up on a lot of these guys the royals said no we're pushing forward and it's worked out for the most part but now it's coming. To a crossroads where it's not really working out anymore and they are still refusing to give up well. Yeah I mean day ever gonna go to the hills of hill with Chris Young as long as he'd like Izzy take. They finally tainted to grips that I can this is it go. Understand why the man in Dayton would say no no we're gonna make this decision. And it. Like I said it. The the the blind spot is it difficult the X especially when it is the thing that makes you great for us. On this show. Are obliged but I think is the same thing that makes us. Successful. We are willing to probably. Say some things. That. On the flip of the calling it it is it trouble. But I think it makes as good. It's up and maybe at some point again we're gonna get in trouble. I mean personally I Joker out on the show but I am made. Insanely. Competitive person. And sometimes that. Clouds my judgment because I don't like losing and I want to do everything that I do better than a lot of people and sometimes that clouds my better judgment. Because I let that run the way I think sometime. Yeah I mean. Like sometimes as being really transparent. With our best they are textures and colors. It's something that can't be enjoyable. It'd be good for the show and makes us different. As we go over the top. At our bonds may say to those Duma. Like this it would six interest to think easier nugget thanks felicity. For the full twelve minutes he gave. Like this to me I would tell you it's odd that it trouble multiple out that this guy and it would say the list it has got eight woods it's this temple soliciting. Please go away. I don't I don't care if you listen enough now I got in trouble for saying. But I think the other evil. Listeners say and that's as good if not going to be well. These saying it to this guy could be like to be repeatedly running Alex Gordon to. The line up every day. So Ed read the boss lover and it's not as if we haven't had those conversations where. We just stop. Reading the tax liner stopped taking calls and not going back and forth some islanders. Had the same way elsewhere. Against all rationality. You're sitting or Bonifacio. In favor about sport but it is if so would you say that it gets it you're you're the Oxford Stanford got. Would you say like. That is the the reasoning will we talk about a blind spot is the blind spot even gets into the way of people who are extremely Smart. To get in the way of rationale as sort of Woodson. It adds that the every single one of us has an area where Regis kind of ignored things. I mean eat in you can even look no farther than Tyreke hill like a lot of people in Kansas City are relenting against Joseph mix in and his video and everything that with him. Yet are kind of ignoring Tyreke it was a street are cheering him on we have one right in front of us. It it is ridiculous yesterday and a lot of us about a week. And this got Bonifacio goes three for three. Drills a double. I mean just does we haven't seen Alex do. It wheat or bread a loss for that matter. And odd I promise you I feel extremely confident does say. That Bob Fazio is probably not going to be in the lineup tomorrow and either which is like Tesla cut. And those guys are really really Smart. Why would it. Does if they consistently and chipped it into the light up blinds us. Obliged by I just. Let's come back in this one let's put this but because of the poll do you think the rule that you received. But I do wonder do you think the royals have a bloods but do you think. Anyway in any form of life that there's applies but it can be controlled or taken away. I've been hit it. Look at it he's created began truck Aslan who looks completely confident in anything he's about. He Jackson's that if he has solid outing tonight he can win the sighting Jack about it you. You had a rough week at me factored in and dump that salary like in the NBA. Yeah matter of weekly it detonated. He walked into those statements. About the for a. I get bay doing Vick if you're in the show we hear it's a man clot. We were we are talking about this apparent this blinds by the rules in and out. I don't really interest and we've we've heard a lot about Alice ward struggles. And I think it's bigger than that I think is bigger than the struggles of gore I just think it's the overall. Concept. And and how they go about doing and I think it's a really look at Dayton and then at the forefront of it is it is say like. You know everybody has influenced by. And everyone. I mean Whitney married Bobby. You don't get no worse than that. Maybe maybe it would about maybe it was Coke what. Everybody has obliged. And. I just think this is apparent that it is the years. Because I get this I I don't think anyone listening or any of the three of us. Would say that these guys are bubbly. I've got to believe when they come together. The people in the front office all the coaches on the coaching staff got together and they say all right. Chords that netted 200. It's those minimum. Is probably best for the team to run them out. Well I think. In some order of ads is. They talk themselves into. And a lot of it has to do with the loyalty. That they had that they always have with their players the loyalty they still would moves bolted they've shown a talent Hosmer when he started off. The loyalty they still would Duffy. Wade Davis in the past. I did it Escobar. And I just wonder what what happens in the meeting like like because this does so egregious right like. So each bet Alex Gordon and bread and moss are playing over. At this point you're really in a playoff wild race it's August what experts it is. Reaches. That Alex Gordon red mosque are playing over. Tesla comfort in and and or had about a plus perhaps they'd been Gordon's defensive prowess in the outfield. Outweighs it off it's sort out what your game isn't. Agreed to outlets at eight yesterday Melky got anyone. Out. There's still a segment within this fan base that believes that's the right call though you've got because of the defense because of the impact plays announced Jordan can make in my field and other guys just can't. So you silly which is dark there before we even hit to the part of is the blinds but. Reversible. Is. I don't think it is the it is it like. Is evident before we get it like you think I may be a load I would think the majority of people would maybe I would think the Ganassi. It's. Right of people to Ireland fans would agree with that idea but I think there's still a huge. Segment of the fan base that thinks that's absurd and you're there you would never bench outscored and for those guys because Alex's. One of the key members of this team and there are guys is that the people who share the lines but yes I grant went skiing. Loves Alex Gordon. Brian Christina sometimes he lets that's. Control his emotions as they love for outscored as a player they bring in Brett Linux live off. I keep it picky to about the deep I just saw yesterday. What Bonifacio did it just a cut at at what their Delhi it is in the selects it's just returned from his injury. Base hit the ball is hit like once every two weeks. And he's hitting the ball at waged which is ready Alex Brandon Moss. Deep down if we're honest with ourselves I think we all know that we have a blind spot towards Alex but that we're OK with living I play a lot of people. OK let's say Ryan presumably a lot of people are okay. With striding out it's out there because he's he's our gas. It's been around for forever embodied to become up of the royals he's our guy are OK with syncing with that ship. No and I ace I used to be that way Aylwin. When Priest Holmes when Larry Johnson took over for priests all I hated Larry Johnson I don't care. How good Larry Johnson was for the chiefs I just lobbed Priest Holmes that much but I was upset that Larry Johnson took his job. It at least priest was still productive when he was that it. Does have gotten older I don't I need. Tend to lean more towards the Bill Belichick idea of doing things which is is being a little bit breathless and doing what it takes to wait I'm just saying you blitzer blinds. My tribute to August before. It yesterday. Each and sticks out but still it's. Literally it's its body that they all. About let's listen via the outfield it's just the copper should be DH and Alex are becoming and lately he did yesterday. Plus ahead hit a weakened ahead right. I'm Bradley going over the top that we can hand but it seems like it. I double off the law they have to a place. That's. Does say it. I mean. And but that's the other question do you think the bloods but his reversal. It's okay you can at least be control. I don't know if it can be with this organization because they have shown. That they are overly loyal to the players that they have. That's five that's something they can be appreciated by every sports fan because. Baseball isn't quite like the NFL where players art. Truly just treated as property and just dumped as soon as they're not valuable anymore. But. They're cups of what we're yet to acknowledge the fact that it's hurting your team more than it's helping. Like I mean. They're gonna run Soria Beckett out there. Ambulance exit here are you suggesting Allard retire and I'm not suggesting that I in the browser. Are praising the gods that Soria is on the DL. But that they put him the but I just say I'm not suggesting that Alex retired. You wouldn't think out I guess that's that's a unit rate over this year. I gazed. It's not productive. I it is over this year. But the I think what was it greatly read off ER raised me. And Jason Hammel in this month's only wanna residue ERA. Under five everyone's in the six's sub eight and seven. Ed that wit that starting pitching and the voltage. Especially with the added Padres who just seem to be self destructing everytime they step on the mound. You've got to keep running them two out. That's when I get a little bit of bread of mosques out of the loyalty that none of and you think test that would have a little a little low. I just I just. It's still the point where you say you don't think that the blinds but can be changed that even with a chance to get to the post these. Because you would agree that of the three of us would all understand and I think guys who even raises in this. Bonifacio. It's just the culprit. Should be giving Viet vets the book at the at bat over those two. A right. And it could see that. As no more baseball that all of us can buy just want to. You all say they note ended there oh hell it's I think they'll get six every delegate. But. The black spot that strong that it stops him from consistently doing. So maybe it takes a player that. Haiti's exiled leader the higher their version of Kellyanne Conway I mean maybe it takes another leader on this team is a step up and say something like that and say. You know we we gotta change something because we're not playing right now and it's not working the way this things constructed and we're an academic policies and we keep playing like an adult that the leader of the team can do that to Dayton and I don't think they I don't think they operate. Maybe they need to. I bit maybe that's the only way to keep them for. Make them change and make them a debt. So once is cuts hurts sample size is pretty small. At this point though. Kids look at this sample size that bred the mosque is giving you. That's got like sixteen almost seventeen or via. That's terrific. And he's hitting under 200 I mean I'd get this. And we watch them play yesterday it. Just put nothing else you watch them play yesterday. They'll they've got at least get another shot tomorrow what are the odds you think that both of them are in the line mark. Graceland. Admit he goes. Is the best manager in royals history and I'm not saying that slide of the rules of naked manager Ned Yost brought the best manager royal sisters. Dayton Moore and is the best general manager. Or executive to ever roll in this city. And the blind spot that they had in terms of loyalties shields hurled. Even what the playoffs on the line. At August 21. They can't relinquished that blind spot. That's when that last letters drone. Let a bad woman. Coming up that guy is still topic of the day the headline reads he broke into a church and got naked. Any broke into it again but wore out this time but he still got caught that's next. Our Beck and they get these suits of the data coming. So when things. 78 what would you repeat. Out of it repeat that I don't think it's taller. About a plus if some people play it. Honesty. And right now just recovered could be it. Like right now with the office it with everyone after you get to boost. Now we know escobar's coming up domestically sorts. If somebody starts to show. A good day David they should get to play. They should have some type of points system rises it would all start the and a home run and batting practice yeah let's start it from the from here on out of gold's dollars. Sammy times. Alex and Brendon moss you know. Baghdad is is still topic of the day. It's how to act like you to hear this is the Specter I kissed the show topic of today. This match that is what. It's time to act like you hear this it. Used to show. Today. That actions showed topic of the day's sponsored by absolutely Noland so look it's that. This was coming deal. Yeah. And the headline reads he broke into the church got naked. Then broke any game but lord how distant. All right let's jump in this. Event it was us that made it allegedly breaking into its search stripping down naked intriguing. Some of the sitter. A lot of blind. But the but it's it's a path of less interested if they learned that allegedly written. Breaking it its third straight to bed naked drinking some of the sacrificial line as been arrested or force injury into the same church to do it according to league. Authorities accuse sedate day. You know she notes to winning six of cutting three windows screens at the saint Mary of the snow church rectory it's. There till the Florida according to the daily. Great officers arrived searched last Monday morning after receiving a call about a man sitting of the surge worked. Wearing nothing but a beautiful town according to times that the record and you would if they pass. And yet that's on the books applaud her. Out of apple. They did it was arrested charged with criminal justice. Criminal trespass it's. It did of course when it was barred from coming within 503. Feet of the church yet it it it is similar break in in bank. A video connected to deny your oats has been missing at searching natively save he'll make that. You know at this stage victory the chapel of it that's been then the posing in front of Rhode. 128. Bit opened the bottle of the oxide rich ground for public settings. It's. He is later seen urinating. Is that it says it located at the champ these tests pretty soon they get to it it's that the. That is indigo adults say mayor and his tired is making it very. It's isn't his only target. They also allegedly broke it is urgent as well there. But John Street edit. Not damaged and at stake here six seasons that. And early in the morning according to that's not Daniel's going below the date and put. He's just he's just what sort of a there's there's there's eyes looked pretty good abuse he's being a trance aides looked on line is that a was it yeah. It was a good serenaded him that he didn't throw it out on the line. Idea I've got in line. I've had a few genetic cocktails before and I did it search it's about it's not native to the toilet and you had a few cocktails. At its search it's broken into the strip down but they did the drinking now then lined out its. Those bites. Given a better unites I did not recall what happened the night hours are very easily could have. Accidentally Bradley do its record. It's he's upbeat still and feet by the multiple times that they Daniels targeted these churches big nose full hillbillies and at a this got a thing for church visited churches have the best wine good though I didn't I didn't get church is sick I was about to say had he been good serves ticket. Probably don't wanna go to those. Especially he went to the well enough to DN. It figures out win communion news Dolan did and I made an up I don't make a buck I find him. And that was an assist from one of our list. I promised someone hit me a Pulitzer winner. It's exact. Let me give us added an assist. To yet. That that Carnahan not a good words but he gave me this is is it that it that was bird. Is that time if you show stopper. Us. Show host. Can punish. Apparently Stephens and as a line I'm definitely. Well I'd just use the Yankees now. Like this search what's the name of it was. Saint Mary's snow they seem like they've probably still stick to the race. And it is just looking for the wine cellar if I owed it did eat. Adrian was asking an amount Michelle Bernard reported that the NBA is investigating the lakers and Magic Johnson for potentially having engaged. An improper contact with Paul George while he was under contract with the pacers blinds blah. At the league's toughest broad can prove the lakers were guilty of tampering with George on their contracts with the pacers. Los Angeles can be punished in several ways including a five million dollar fine future restrictions on acquiring George. And lots of drafting this is distilled outlines the Magic Johnson has obliged by. Next jets have little Jimmy Kimmel are just they're talking Lou today a much credit to soak up. As it was at the comparable lads did in the days a year ago. The patent positives of what's it. I don't even go the lakers magic light. The rules really because I'm so sure he does it he's so comfortable at all he's quiet he's got so many relationships lot these guys. He Bradley iPod Georgia's my friend it's okay for me to contact him when he's under contract for another year. Texas a and and chancellor Josh Beckett this week. Put the kibosh. I don't plan white lives battery that reported are scheduled university. I pressed in the wind in 108 former and and seating and a pair of white supremacist sounds like it's a woman who would start by the name of Preston said making it. The decision was met with praise today by AMs head football coach cabin some and saying black. I was thankful yes he is indeed black. As faithful and very proud of chancellor sharpen our president for an end to it that's the only way that I can put it. Without just going in depth about it a leadership like that you know that's when leadership comes to the Fries and our leadership did that also. Off the record Texas seen in basketball coach and his wife Billy Kennedy also did he was. He was happy about that putting the optimism that was. I have no understanding of Billy can refuted the statistics Canada. But I feel like I've built like that I feel like that's a statement he should of ran out there is that that's that's on the idea of rights acts still associate it. Does this omelet so it's those Santa Barbara stay part of the women's coats of these softball to age she's in a rented out there out of guessing that the day. Hello this up a quick you're tired of not showing me and he said anything and doesn't mean he didn't but it's not in the news. Coming at him. We do this everybody week in. There are people out there who need not just in sports but everywhere. Good to get six six 306 starts and the man who dated because there's so many out there who need. Not good word. To. Finish after the final. Final the first hour of the show were his. Deputies takes six minutes resumes that we are about to start our week in. Fixed. Who did it does that to be an anti anybody around. Somewhat skewed personal. He has some guy last week say something about them they had some sectors of the league soccer game. That happened crazy yeah weakened sticks to anyone you think you need. We do this every Monday that Roland it is this. That's a tough. Shout out to Dick Gregory and. Unload his Stamford office who. Such current entries. Went down Politico. He's done it before and he you want to make a Dale's it is and it. I if you take its excellent with its expenses in the six to explain what's here who your weekend hugs or tune. This is of those so we let cult and we feel bad foot but will not give an out kisses everybody can use a little. Yeah. It's. I've developed a sense that means that allows me to get physically and hope it isn't about them. I call it. Did that night. The look do it that is it today. We give it's someone here that may have for the church he'd had a tryst did he needs. This is the may have we'll start with Stanford so the spurs when he told me he thought of someone who needed on the way to the rest Alan you. Already gives our ads tailored. Yeah because. So records gosh he's an awesome defensive starters but the offensive firepower was looking good in over the last several weeks they traded away Sammy Watkins he wide receiver they brought in to replace him Jordan Matthews had a fractured sternum and hurt when he runs. He just lost Anquan Boldin through retirement and now it's just and then. Ricky the best of luck Tyrod to you kill it gets about a movements here's movements and I said so last time around the sixth. See you this city of buffalo. I think it's time. That that they they they had to lose different tests for a and management of I was pleased you today. Actually gets all then once applied when bond joking trying to buy them I don't know would ground we lost Ralph Wilson was a terrible. We lost Ralph Wilson and I don't know what's happened for me to put those seriously man at that if you could just startled. Like let's just move. Let's just boom. Jacksonville this lady in blue buffalo to Toronto McClellan. Buffalo got sold in 2014. It by now but not to Bon Jovi you know not to Bon Jovi dates they feel like they suggest Nancy. And I still want to get the also another honorable. And it just let me talk about Bob loved and have the bills they've been the boy has been it to evade he would explore the he got a self paying which seems to be a thing that happens why it. But it got itself came up with any judge to please the argument well no I was actually quitting. But Charlottesville if we do want to with a bit of splitting because south Atlantic so we just moved event. You can hug him mom Olympic Allenby and Kate. Though many believe it's eight it looks like they're gonna catch diseases and that's. If the third yeah. Did get out of that they have Jacqueline that that you. This is Steve Bennett looked like he would give some sort of contagious disease easily if you like multiple contagious disease that distancing. It probably you put that I was thinking about it. That this week I'll hug the guy and I fantasy draft last night. The picture right behind me with the number three overall pick in through cash into the wind taking DeMarco Murray oh mine over the likes of Julio Jones Antonio Browner O'Dell baca. Not only did he go off the script it felt his unwavering. Confidence that even the likes of Steve Bannon Donald Trump might be envious oh boy. But it also take Derrick Sproles. And the fourth round who's bears little dinner Darren Sproles that it's a deficit their dance played the lethal blow its rules we called today. Mean it used to be the Atlantic this. But I'm not getting its. Also here that's excellent it was six tied the race second year rodents that he's with the number two to. Really it really UT's city. Like he knew he would get bids this year with the knicks bulls game. I feel like maybe he thought he had shot because every once and you ads Pat's job in the future but he's got to take some time to develop and and pat just looked really good so yeah solitary I had no understanding of this the 770. Hunt for the studio that had to cough up a 135 million to date period. Just signed on to a meeting next to the stage James Bond the next movie. I thought aegis album that got that role as many as well. I said paying attention Douglas I knew I liked. It's good films and he just got stuck in that James Bond girl hasn't done anything else I've never seeded James Bond movie. That's really silly aegis of the could be a great team I I would lodged a Jay's gonna lose these zobel yet out of and it's a little darker than normal well our it. Allen Sinai give my finally. This this is a fool out of Anna is. My this week goes to Paul room. Paul Ryan is he's trying to hang alone I think that's a few years ago Paul Ryan thought he really had a chance to be. That next Republican star. You know he was the running mate to Mitt Romney. Dating head that the big pledges being in it though many bats and Israeli. That it really mechanism maybe he'll be the gun. Like Barack Obama the Republican Party 2012 was looking pretty I have a beginning it did Donaldson beaten. The putt along with a lot of older people build good cars with his gifted Adrian portraits. And he did. Ed now on Thursday a week and a date. In a play called him out specifically. If they can't. Give me a word that rhymes with testing. That the oil blur that runs a publicity. Or video or. We could see a video where it starts with me that runs at them. That maybe you. But we're tasted that there's a lot less. Event you appeared at somebody's gonna think somebody's gonna catch the wrong part of that they keeps saying legacy. What a putt. This with a Tina Fey eating dictate its CN a lot of taking him out but it was clear as David suggested that word that runs with. Possessing. It's CKC held him right for Paul Rand Paul Ryan needs of the what does he do. I'm anytime again these that if you but I. If somebody else could it be called a word that runs that we'll see. But it was Clinton who drives a lot with them. Who was that the staff at global we'll applicable in fact go to black. Got it got the best that the dads that show. It's sports but barely because that's the only look at it and I assume that run it aren't. Spot.