08/21 7PM - Mahomes Is The First, Roger Goodell New Deal, Showstoppers, CBS For The Win

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Monday, August 21st

In hour 2, Show & Serda wonder if Mahomes is the first quarterback the Chiefs have ever had that can win games by himself for a long stretch of time. Many teams have had multiple guys in that vein but is this really the first one for the Chiefs? Plus, Roger Goodell might be the biggest legal pimp in the world, Showstoppers and CBS' new window of opportunity.


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And do the award winning 592. Show I am your host Steve answered as always sponsors are most certainly pending. About the bills to even though Stanford now wants to give Tyrod Taylor a hug. Former NFL receiver Anquan Boldin. Expects bills coach John McDonough and general manager Brandon being to be disappointed with his decision to retire on Sunday only thirteen days after telling McDermott. He was always end when he signed with the belts. Say I'm sure they're disappointed. I would expect them to be anything last. All signed a one year deal with one million dollar signing bonus I would expect he's gonna give that million dollar signing bonus back I don't think he should personally. But he also said that he wants to help fight for human rights I believe that's what he wants to do but he's also looking at the trash they've got on that team. For Tyrod Taylor and he says he's unhappy. It's still what. Well this shows you they sat. Out to. Listeners hook those fingers today because always salutes you for allowing us to be a small part. Your Monday evening Stanford. Still produces this bad boy am I let gay guys even sort of a wood and a little too much a Buffalo Bills. Football while I announced Sanford goes in and talk about Tyrod Taylor probably wouldn't Dodge Ram wobble. The U think he would've not come on the Mike with whatever that is in your mouth before you knew you going to he's Alley about. It's still in that we could still hear it. Anquan Boldin deserves to be celebrated. By the way fixated would make you really no way. Coming sin. And I may have to address these idiotic comments he's made and I think now I officially. Cannot stand exe. Welcome to the team yeah we'll get to that later identities. Yeah we're here it's 9 o'clock. And that exceed that that is is. In a bit. So let's stupid it is and we talked a lot yesterday about. Petty man. And yeah as SE it was I was at a point yesterday where I was so excited that. I was ready to do what I do when I get excited and as you've written opinions and I was in a rip my pants off place and we did indeed a hole earlier about the rip your pants off that a lot of people were in that rip your pants off place and while would you be. Apparently yesterday after this road together this group or there will be talking about for a calendar year according to Steve answered in the years. I have pitched. But I was upset and I mean this I'm a combined. Couple early years. Is the the segment that sweeping the nation what you watch this night is that this would be a nation and bring that little bit early. That's yes that was why I'll watch on Sunday night's scene and as this this dot called the nineties and every week. They'll go through one portion of the decade and they discuss. Tech boom whatever this week. It was. It was music in the ninety's you too would love you too with a loaded I would suggest you DVR or whatever scene in the ninety's. The music episode it was it was really. Sony wants is strain from last night. And eight guys eight remind audiences and the opening of they had like three artists that they that they spoke about in this name. And I'm sure this will be a secondary portion to this conversation. They said. The first time. That. It TV would do music videos Monday morning the first time. That Nirvana came across. With its bills like Teamsters the first time that video came across. Every one just freaked because it was so different. It was sub they'd never seen before but at up to that point never heard music never heard combinations like that never heard a voice like. Kurt Cobain. Never heard the way never solve the book the grungy look that they had at every one freaked out there was excited. Another artist lord heal in the decade they set the saint they never seen a female artist combined the locals and hip hop in the Brett. It disinterested. That this that whatever. Of lord he'll. Was one of the best albums of all time I know that sounds great candidates in the name of it was one of the best of all time they say the same thing about her son that we never seen before people went crazy about that out. Answer. Obscured the efforts he'll have his thoughts on this same person the person they said Isabel was limited them. This is the first time in hip. Up we saw white guy really speak from his own experiences and not you know even be thought that he was playing. A role I'm. I'm giving the experience of like black coach know he gave the experience of low class low level. White culture and it was authentic if it was real we'd never seen any anything like those we are. And people reacted in a crazy way with excitement. NN a different way. Because it was so they'd never seen before. That album was the miseducation of Lauryn Hill by a disk you know outward. But. If you look at those three of the reaction that people had to those parties is very similar to what we're going to hear kids it's the we have never ever ever. And I would throw this out to maybe except for a two year period and it was a consisted. Ever seen or had a quarterback. It's the history of the franchise. That you felt could goal. Win. A win gains. Way to important gains. By himself. Sweden it ever ever joke opted out like two years that but it wasn't the cystic that wasn't the same joke. It was like in his it was like forty cents. That's a colds that come to build Dmitry agree triggering at the best of but the lobbyists running back. Pile of a couple of a hell of offensive coaches and they could not win a playoff game help they only went to the playoffs what's that beef it is not trash yet but they still went to the playoffs once I still despise air war field to the standard get off the is without. But. This put this franchise as it is this sport is a Kansas City Chiefs are. Len Dawson was not that guy even though that was a different day what's he was it Johnny Unitas. Like you like this is we've never had. A quarterback. Who used to say. I have the confidence that attacking villages when the game by and so. Franchises. In the league that have had multiple guys. On different. Colts went from page to a lot. Packers from Favre or Rodgers the chase at Nottingham and. This kid reacts. I would rip my campaign it's I ever say it. What's the chiefs have gone through the quarterback position is insane because you would think. As do most franchises they at least find. A viable guy at some point down the stretch like. Tennessee's got markets marionette now but Tennessee. As being good down the stretch at different times are different guy that their descent edited BP did Steve make they capsule could look at bill would hints about what it didn't take them it didn't take them 25 years to find another cornerbacks isn't great it. Finding viable. The chase or greater than they got viable right now. It was Burbank. Is it. And the chaser operating under is deep Burgundy well they are all evens. Way of thinking which I jump slackers don't cornerback they've ever had until it goes better. Joseph Flacco showed he can build up talk about its system that Joseph Montana had not lash back against Denver. And that Monday night game. Any played well in spurts but not just every night now in old bill it all over stuff to fall apart. But because we got they got back there we know he can go win a game force. And not only that but it's a completely different viewing experience and so much more fun to have a guy that can sling the ball around the field as opposed to someone that looks like a robot mechanically. Is making the immediate quick play. The Carolina Panthers got. Here in ninety dale fox. They got. Out light. I mean and to super ball well it has lost reject alone. Laughs so I am not there is a well it is not that all of that was smells like teen spirit. It was his baby that was his version of hot my babies. Quite Arizona Cardinals have never found. That guy. That occurred or was edit Lewis 38 washed up at that point it would not last though he let giants couldn't he couldn't. But even get a job as a backup what they thought it but then they got. And they Brad Warner and Arizona as a backup it then he changed the right he did play as a Beckett he plays a guy who won their games. It did or what this horrible does that liner trash well it is still he still had. Park this Arizona career got him to the whole thing. Like if beaches if he didn't go and play like he did in Arizona he went and got to the whole thing. I I mean inning is. It is it is crazy to me to think. It's the want it's crazy to me that big that it's eased their entire history of not and you look at a team like the cowboys they're. That app like war. Quarterbacks in their history. Then it. They've been at all. Eyes you'd think it. Harder. To do with the chiefs have gotten into not just hit one at some point I know the Cleveland Browns are. The laughing stock in the team that you always point to when it comes to it or quarterback play because it is just insane I I was watching the pregame of this. Pre season game on ESPN during the break and they're having Joseph Thomas name off every quarterback that he's ever blocked four in Cleveland a name DOS eighteen different quarterback. You're sitting here in Cleveland Browns tutor to. I'd do is just crazy like you can't even look at live bosses say he's again it they'll win one can go and just do. And out and out and out of its AM doing that for memory I've talked to many people who are. Around that time it was not him going to go get stuff itself. To be able to do stuff themselves. Ike is at the Packers with for rest or to aired rod. 'cause. It's just you would think when you look at teams across the NFL you would think at some point. If you try. You're going to hand on one of those picks earlier that keeps his ever try and tell Mac. And that's why I'm missing into you'd looked idol I had no I don't think you should be ashamed used to feel bad. It you fill a sort certain kind of way. Watson Patrick Holmes of Saturday night. Because man. This is the first in this city we've ever seen. It's not just like the last two to ten years that just did that well since the NFL has gone to real passing league well. Ever. Colts bring it to guys that Johnny Unitas Peyton Manning it'd look. We've been live Dawson. Steve the bird Steve Bono. And we have rich get it hasn't backed up but we sit him on his way to go with the BP somewhere else. But I don't blame. It took me almost no use this I. Let me ask Bart being could it be that excited about that wrote. Yes artists that would not be talking about about the role in the pre season game number two. Because that's and we didn't. Because that that's the moment we are going to point. And ten years battered by bombs. As regrettable play and that's lowered a document ever seen it at home. Patrick Holmes is Nirvana. Patrick Holmes is lord here. Is it idiot. We've never state of the sport that's overreacting the way we did with those people we've never seen. Put forth music the way they did ever. That's why they got reacted that way if that's what we're ripping our pants off and excitement of watching Patrick boat. Oh yeah. Oh. To. Just. Yeah definitely don't try to do to make it away. And back again here mostly snow. Plow my dad out and I degree when I'm working with these. Yeah. Really doesn't. So Russ will Clark just got to give a little bit of an arm that. Thought messes up and bloody day. Retirement you need the provision good if not it's. Not like that. I just I can't check compromise the glass Sanford thought he had it because they're label is gonna play exactly what you did but I'll listen to a person that's eyes and a lot I'd never mind it's theater off. I guess is it is an maybe you were looking at her and then that you came in with such company I'll. I've got it. You play rove I did pass it and that's that's our quarterback. Quote that you used we. Tone deaf Nick Saban here in a few minutes. But not just distance of that were worried it's. It's crazy if you just miss if you miss the will be Thomas is society's. I got no problem with people losing it probably being wrecked reckless and over the top with their feelings about entered the home as we just spoke about group earlier. But that's a problem with. Until came in here with a Patrick mobile looser they'd have ehime. Rescind Bauer made it actually they really posters online. Yet that he's he solicited point that I just didn't pay them a Prius Oprah had a lot outside the spots which ran. But try to grant really Kosher but Chris if you'd like to but there are plenty of segments available like. A lectured. I don't think you'd think you it. It you Ali that's the only court date. Because as us lots. Seen in this special called the ninety's. They did you know music. Three artist they specifically talked about. Saying the reaction to those authorities were over the top just mania because we never seen anything at all like. Nirvana first came out. The video smells like teen spirit first came out how dark and Reggie was compared to the eighties is pulleys and laureates in whatever weren't Laura. Is that an eighty's band that does make. And not big in the idea eighties hair rock culture. But it is apparently abandoned that Al is a lottery why is it here oh add that I'm here aren't that aren't you. Our heroes that is their efforts towards the guitar here at tech for as well that I do you know warrants cheery guy. From the bay or do you know more because it was a guitar. A lot of people want to undertake its. But not like. What they first heard smells like teen spirit it was like OK we've never seen anything like we've never heard anyone with a voice like Kurt Cobain like this. With a visit educational Lauryn Hill came out. I'd never heard anything like it. Oh a woman mixing the hip hop. With the vocal. Luckily her mom from. Sister act two didn't come down and stopper for syncing so we get to hear the album but I'd. Will we when they first heard lord he'll it was like what in the world full its lowest it's ever think like this book is sent to an imminent. Never heard anything like this before. But we never like the now. Allies. But we've never heard a white guy just come out in hip hop and give this sport. And people were just over the top excited because it was the first time it ever receding like you react that way at the first. It honestly here at Kansas City. That's my home is the first time they did this history the story longest of the cheats that we have apply here. At quarterback. That we feel can go out and win a game by himself at about the. On and Nirvana. Was so different that face find out their whole own sub genre of music fix that then led to. Even more different sub genres of music they are responsible for a lot in that regard and acting Patrick my house. Is going to redefine the quarterback position what he's going to redefine the landscape. Of the way we think about successful NFL teams in this city and. This city yes it he redefined how we think about quarter. And I have no problem with you get so excited. Because. They've never seen this before. Till my and it could pull out every once in awhile and some gains when he was here in Kansas at the end of last Becky its bid for. Bill Walton had a couple of flashbacks when he had bed these. When they're playing the lakers let me he was Bill Walton. Idol had. I'd use should get excited if you feel like we're gonna win the Super Bowl yes do it. I don't think you're out of line. Maybe over the top and I think yeah. They liked it ever say it didn't set here it. Tyler how well. Tell other technique. Equally. It's uncharted territory. Edges and charge toys for she'd spans and it's ever because I think there's a lot of teaser ads myself being one of them you know I I thought. That we ads and teams that I thought could just if they caught a break could win a super ball I don't think that way anymore because look this team and all the talent they have. Agents say while Alex is is in good enough dogs wins games of the regular season. I doubt in my opinion isn't good enough to get them over the hump because for that to happen. You have Denver's defense from a couple of years ago on this defense is fantastic but it's not that he and his grip cancel a top five quarterback all time for the tees. Probably. I just hate you look at. You look at the Packers like without I don't think the Packers win six games next season. But he's still somehow every year gets and eleven's well ways and puts them C title game. And that's he would only part about it is. The cheese for ever they'd never had a quarterback. There're franchise's many freight says that it had multiple guys like. Cowboys Rogers stalled and throwing eight and economic utility Romo. You could say they're didn't set up with Dick press got right now. What was undrafted. He's. Ecole express that was what a fifth round pick hey Indy where you are you one of the face definitely know. Well guess who you'll be looking via patent it did look it yet. It Rula. The jays anybody as good as Mark Brunell when he was in Jacksonville. Her green. May. May be. As I am outraged response is going to be is Trent Green but when I seek out Trent green was hit three years they didn't get to the playoffs with a pencil that's a lot of the reading came they had. I know the deed isn't as bad a bubble. The defense whose track and Greg Wesley I defense was not done it was strange play. We've seen some of these other quarterbacks of the quarterbacks of the ilk that we're talking about have had bad deepened does that still make playoffs. Green Bay. The river that secondary that go to guy that other guy MM. All last year he was just war. They would just target. They made the NFC championship game. We mainly because they had a guy. And they've been adding that they've been on the doorstep for the past several years of going to another Super Bowl detailed Graham's way way back Kurt Warner. That we. France does is leaving Houston going to Tennessee it's you would think that the guy they Steve McNair it's going to work out sooner or later it you're going to land on someone but yes actually take a shot sometimes. Is the first sign that they've never taken that shot and I hope that it works out. I he looks great right now but it's pretty season but raiders didn't have been taken shot mega Rich Gannon. And now they have another. The raiders the bumbling idiots of the lead. Or at least like the last what thirty years they did have a couple of I would say at least Al Davis was was fearless. At least he took risks because sometimes that's what you have to do and the patriots aren't the patriots. Was not Tom Brady. We dug another organization very differently as they don't get Tom Brady. And Drew Bledsoe doesn't ever go down in that game. In the Buffalo Bills. Who should be moving to Toronto pitcher can. Oh. It's just it's frustrating but I understand why you're excited. You've never seen anything like. Never seen a quarterback. On you're in you're French as history who can go and get a game it's. It's shaggy. Soon. Important oh are or go on the planet cooler than. I meant you got there but look out for that we get our team there there Joseph the man I've got to the other monetary. I can't chief technical work from 1990 wanted to sell eleven. And I'm more excited now that I've ever about it and you protect or. After all it may. Patrick hall and got it. All feeling it I'm and it brings in the magic back here at city you can expect. The bank and watch them on line. On the network for up watch pro on in a sort but what I'm one that I might in diligent as the cheese they have. I bought up by order one shot ought. What do you do whatever they can do you shot clock after a light in diligently watched the op. Watching broad day watch the breakdown. So much higher after all could not rule it got our strength. Named him should be this excited do you deserve to be this excited. Earlier I am. After all and yet they achieve it achieved start again in New England I think you look at the wrong. Got the limit for that game and that and shot Patrick. In the ball all day. Thank you say he's. Apparently what was he giving some sort of a plug to the NFL network of course. No it's not your Achilles heel if you're listening to the show label and six it's a blind spot. What we've been talking about today. Meaning of these new bigger competitors that. But I just and I I illicit go crazy crazy let's check each day okay. It is our markets up we show because it isn't like this. When he. When he made that road again and ask empire when he made a couple of those other throws. Down the field. We've never seen a guy. They can sling the rock that way that she said that bringing in nickel back. That she said that bringing it. Shantee who got it Nazi that created quarterback it got curry David Reagan the likes of creed. That difference makers. We brought a bit of ice out rule. Not rule out that's not fair to different. Because Curtis Jackson who's one of the worst people this winning single daily ruling that may its career he was not bothering anybody. Now rose Drew Bledsoe to beat these Tom Brady created miracle day. Finally she's directed Nevada. Coming up. Is it sees Roger Goodell might be the biggest legal debt in the world. Who. Yeah. It hit his way into it duke and looks like they're finishing up they knew was a five year deal. Roger list. He makes money. He did well published many seats they graduate your bill is they don't list. I mean what was he making couple years ago like this 345 and 44 just again how much you think I don't think he makes it public anymore because every criticize how much money he was making before publishing it. 275. Million nation. Has been about two to twelve do you think that success. Again that the bag Piaf the Jamaal Charles. Has only made 39 million in his career if so little excessive over the last in it is absolutely excessive but when you take into account how much wrapped in new he drives the NFL prop. Eight that's cheat. I think they're probably get a minute deal. The boo boo holed it it doubles a profit in five years yet but then how is how is this profit itself. Keep doubling but it it don't seem like the players money. Is is going to bet that that's his job is to make the league mother and I think that's why there's money this arguing for the players to make money. But I have to say about it's they did it just it would seem to me that be a good will. That you you're like is he's making the money the amount of money you'd think. That the commissioner of the EU. Most powerful league the most successfully in this country but his players aren't making the buddy it's you would think the most powerful the it's just crazy when it comes out you'd ever face that make it public. What's he think he's gonna get side for years and Riley's and other 405040. Per. Any 80s80s. And it's it is just got perfect for him I mean the Ray Rice it's a waste and ability. It's just I mean we feed every two days. Received proof that it doesn't really matter how. Badly the NFL handles situations their priority is going to keeping our people and that is this is the profit it doesn't matter. How much bad PR he creates for the yen well he is driving revenue in the AM fills an all time. I would also argue that it. But does that sound like we're all of us are used now like. It's not like there's not anyone else who can do did you like this is in the David Stern and the like he's run an operation that runs at it as he's not used is that useful. But he's run an operation that runs itself pretty will let. Just say it like. He's got hit as he does he's at horrible horrible things that you would think it will return for a it's just added up. Ways you know with the Ray Rice and all of these domestic violence issues and things like that going going on in the NFL he's continued to thrive in the NFL's is huge eagle Eliot situations that. Going quite swimming why that's a lot of people and a. To say Jerry is the actual commissioner behind the scenes. And that's why he's so upset carry out air fairy. And it is his six person committee that decides how much money Roger Goodell makes per year and Jerry Jones not on the committee. Out while matters bulls got it back down. At least popular Atkins Diet and so. Yes I was ready I thought that's saying this go ahead and another two minutes is that a while. I was gonna pull it up in like 452 this has asserted bill out of committee of six I know you live right Jewish audience. It's that time if he show you stop. Yes. I'm really trying to keep that you came in quite a few minutes earlier and you couldn't. That we really do I usually it's like 43 yet. That. Chris Christie released a statement about his broadcast future the big Fella he told us they'd they'd intimidate me. Yeah outgoing governor of New Jersey will not pursue a radio career. Would WFAN. In New York saying after considering the other options I have been present in west. And for post governmental or he'll important it. I declined their quest to do additional shows at Macy's executives aware that while I would be happy to continue to fill in for boomer. When asked him when available that they would no longer considered music candidate interested in any job it WAFA. And. But it won't feel is there again I mean nobody wanted they was do you know he was let me. It was just going to be a name that they felt would blow people but he was none I raise a name that's polarizing a lot people paste. And so sometimes I mean sometimes that works. Yeah although we have to be done and you have to know what had doing outlook that we haven't called us. When and if we buy them. I don't think people hate us I think Islam people like yes polarizing is one of those words that you used to disguise when you wanna say someone really dislike. You guys aren't at the polarizing level people people don't dislike people Saab and I was out for out I think I'm grateful. Drum up the side light and it made you will see people left. That's that's why got people coming up to me gas stations movie you're gonna you know I'm telling us at one mean 592 show. There was. So we could blows we recovered a bit of training camp last week. And a guy. Sent in after I did my. Might hit with the day Steve Kimmel lake is being a guys in in San name somebody needs to give. Answer. The reds Taylor more time. That guys who and he these TO if it is. And it's nobody club on the of the six did face it although. Oh adultery is definitely run this show as it has and then it goes all he's. Is there. I didn't Ryan we detectives that you just city. Or parents. Yeah I think I ample. On if anybody actually listened to you and then listen that's her as they would never mistake your voices now. There's just one of those that's just like say people learn because I speak loudly so that all these did today that by the black guys. The world umpires association ended their nearly daylong protests and escalating verbal attacks seventy David Edwards took up. I also think though it still lives his life. This man alone. They will retired to their regular attire which in some cases might still include some form of risk spans just about an all white ones they've big leagues. The bottles got the battle between players and up titles. Was about a case of it's very Detroit tigers' second baseman Ian Kinsler and home plate umpire Angel Hernandez on Monday. Gensler was ejected for arguing balls and strikes and hardly criticize Hernandez after the game. Oh man I'm telling you it. So it does allow women you know we've talked about do is they did a series here in this week and he just looked like. Somebody's if you wish them play as you say he was sixty it was almost to the point where you can just let yourself though in terms of eating. Joseph west looks a lot better when he's in. Equities and it just protect. I think he should just walk around with a chest protect. Because he would look so much leaner but as he does coming up next. There's a real winner. With all these quarterbacks these young quarterbacks being dragged. There's a real winner but she there winner is that the Texans there was that just a great. There's so nobody else. If your classic T there's some. Who's the winner you find out that. Yeah walking off it would be. Seen that day in Easton there's been that he spent too much time looking at the eclipse today. He saw that video of him staring directly into the sun. And that meant to do is holding the the bad back and get the bulk yes he's gone to a slip back he looks like Pat Riley. You may everyone he's on my head coach it was your if it takes is looks last year you know he had the looks like Jim Thompson. The guy who you mod dates after she divorces today the trustee Ron Jeremy of the NFL it is and and down. If you look at it bid bid that could do appears to be holding. Not a place that a menu that looks like the menu they had that the big biscuit or waffle. Like that big of a police and it looks like it's laminated. It meant that he is a ton of fun thank we get to an event. What was the web days it did back into insulate. It looks like two key aides to nine year old stacked upon each other lipid. But the true its coat button together with a fake must destined to be one person. That was it. I cellular all these young quarterbacks. You know the NFL as a TV. It's got the number one television showed five different networks. I. I think what you started to look at this draft in hell or how things have worked up the last few years. I I truly believe like one of the real winners. Is. What is going own bill that Aggies got a concussion. One of the one of the true real winners is like I biggest CB it. Because they have a lot of young quarterbacks. A lot of young quarterbacks in the AFC. And a lot of matches that you'll always see. Maybe you need to get so in the locker room like this I think he's been injured that jet the jokes are going to be relentless on Twitter especially after he put up that video on its account him looking directly and so I think yeah I think he's going to be. He needs some. Eli looks like he's right right alone excited. In mid season form throw the ball right across the building had notes seems to be completed. But no. I think we you looked and it. That she's with Patrick Holmes will be talked about retain tough excited. It'd. The raiders at deer caller. They do you looked Mary EO and lot. And and this Watson in the south. You guys. Like CBS was it mattered because they you know they can always hang their head on aren't we get Brady. Campaign. Those are match that we know will get their people wanna watch because the NFC it's heavy which is which is popular France. A like Dallas evil they sting people watch now. Green Bay for some reasons a popular France I think that trying to giants the giants are huge Eagles like. The the AFC just doesn't have that meanie. Of those. Francis but I think I think the patriots had just become that because there in the last twenty years so because they're so hate. And the raiders the raiders and by their moving to Vegas in which seems to be a destination place and and the raiders seemed to be the uptick there at national team they're still the number one team in LA. I think CBS can guarantee that at every year they can guarantee the holes or is call. Which looks like. Got two guys who were in likely Aaron Rodgers Brett Favre type of sheet. Not saying that they are dissing and they seem like they're that kinda chain at stake and didn't. Billy you've got Mary owed knowing you got. This Watson whose seems like the B the second coming of Moses. Nancy's got some young eyes and leaned act press got James Winston. NASA winds are just say at CBS was struggling CBS news CBS was struggling entire for life after Brady after Brady may empty meaningless. Like. And Andrew and the culture of sabotaging hander locks carrier but it later as he's never let him so look is still they'd like. I think over the next five years you get excited for. Titans colts I that you get excited or. Texans titans Texans colts chiefs titans jets Host Marriott as the future. Are gonna throw his name out there to. It's so bad I'm just act. On my daily market area is that featured the NFL. Curtis. Agca distinctive ethnic CB is that realist you let the in the jets are doing all they can't think it is let them roll in the sea of dark. And they you have another young potential really good quarterback. In the biggest city in biggest market and their answer track that Jared got everybody else students slid it in with Jeter off. Ebit if it is like the franchises and don't. It is they have really yield quarterback options right now are franchises that are really really do that a top that you think we'll figure it out. Why would bin leaves you feel like the Steelers are really good atop the figure. The ravens have figures did for the figured out an analyst at next went with a figured out. Telling CVS only thing is they are a guy who I feel like he's going to be awful at run it. A benevolent team and Tony Roma. And Paxson had a rather it was almost as well reports that was as bad Hastings listens through the other day. Davis this play maker uses tried to make a play when there was nothing there. He was certainly it's covered through all wide open to Manny is Thomas there's nobody there eight yards and he looked like he was all of the only older in my mind this was it looked like he was on the field the equivalent of getting it out did you live girl is laying down and staring directly at vehicle at the eclipse its history. It. Coming up I've unveiled dissolve. This. And send them nets Nick Saban who will never did an interview with this down nets at something that I just believe is so stupid and so toned it. That he is too Smart. To get away. And say stuff that's. You know.