09/12 - 10 am - Let's Do This!

The Day Shift
Tuesday, September 12th

The Chiefs have the target on their backs after an impressive opening week win, and Lake says, "bring it on!" Plus, has Eric Hosmer priced himself out of Kansas City, Alex Smith might finally be doing what we've always knocked him for NOT doing, and Paul Charchian joins the guys to help guide you through the waiver wire after a rough week one for fantasy players. 


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If so how. The days just like being in plant itself eased back all kinds. He's back just feel like you've seen yesterday just to get a fine job but. Chelsea is back today pages like the people. Minds if you bought one about just doing a fine job you're happy with us. I got no issue with the dust and I got mixed reviews. You guessed it he got mixed reviews about that with the I hear you I heard they were Sergio did but does he likens like walk back act a really close to. Certain alike and. Or will give it back. Was a little pool does it get we'll get this it could that. There you go. Years ago and started this column as solid that would give Sergio did hear a little bit later. But we gonna start to seize any just asked to do you whiz. In opinion that I have them regards to the way that we should gold bought our business here in Kansas City for if your C span anywhere. When it comes to supporting that sees. Injure your idea of what they should be. How we should feel about the team how we operate in regards to our chiefs abandon this sees. If you go to sixty and sports dot com right now I just put up a piece on the website. It has to do with my mentality. When it comes to viewing Cecil ball this season. And what am addressing is. The the thought doubles. The perception. Of the chiefs. Right now the Kansas City Chiefs. After one week. Has been the most talked about team in the national football. There's going to be a lot of story lines are crossed the NFL. There's going to be a story line with every single team. Like with Indianapolis was the storyline by the year. Andrew Luck is hurt when is he coming back in new spoke this morning he's already been ruled out all week to. Which tells you that he's real baseball are. From actually seeing the football that they've already ruled the now think it was at when an apple ball last night Ager look spot that we claim for these another four weeks at least. But every. Team. Has story lines in the league has story lines in week one of the story line has been in the that the Kansas City she's had the most impressive victory in the league. Kate. They. Grabbed everybody's attention last Thursday night. I don't care what you watched out of if you watched it. On here in the studio I don't care if you watched it on an awful always I don't care if you watched it at winning streaks I don't care if you watched under outs. You sol that she's put on a dominant performance. And it caught the attention of everybody else. Take that resonate with all global think it's. Sold it we are too when they showed yesterday. And we get a couple of weeks. We get a couple of blood text messages in regards to you how you view the team and somebody made mention and I liked what it ceased to. Continue to be the under ball is never going to that game was appoints -- 99 and a half. They were massive. Papers bills being the patriots. Kate sees massive under adults. They dominate. So now all of a sudden it they've rat everybody's attention everybody's felt like or deceased. I know with a division last year but maybe they're more legit issued his maybe they're better team this year. I want to win a race that or. Okay. That's what I'm more. But mentality right now is an idea I understand what people say it's cool to be the underdog. Because people doubt you it'll maybe put a chip on your shoulder in in regards to how you do your business. Sometimes it life. You've got to embrace the challenge of everybody wanting to put the target when you're back everybody wanted to not Uga. And that's what I wanted race when it comes to watch in the seats this year. I enjoy it watch an underdog story like everybody yells. Open about with the Kansas City Royals accomplished 2015. When they got up today fast start. Everybody around Major League Baseball they took notice. Of what the royals do that season. Get grind. Get that they became the bad boys of baseball. People just roll off throw away all the Tennessee girls want to store some stuff we had a couple law fights. Yet everybody in the country pissed off to it the royals it will stay is because of the all star game. And how many ballots. And how many votes. We embraced all the days you know how that being played out of royals won the World Series. To meet with that she's. On the race in this thing if you're out here from another fan base in another city. Now terrible Sid is whether it's Oakland. Sports it's horror or what the team news. In grace had a target on your back so I appreciate. I appreciate it let's roll let's show everybody. That you can take shots at us right now and we can take. Just like when you look at college basketball. Do they say let's. I mentioned yesterday T. Alabama. What does it roll top. With the schedule we do. You're going to do while you're gonna get a good after from teams every single week in the National Football League in it for the favorite you're gonna get a better effort. There's no question about it keep it ratchet up their play when it comes to you if you or the favorite let's embrace being the favorite. Let's. Or that I. Save big let's roll what is it that's the way it is going to be you pointed out to me in mind this morning. You listen to date it to you all. You all power rankings. Are OK you locals. The power rankings came well already. And who was at the top of the list from USA today. It's seats. Let's do ESPN's. Are addicted to one different and you. I embraced rule the underdog. Meets I've got about my life I like being the underdog like the one's gonna be got a do you want to push shorter. When everybody says you can do something. There's something back your mind. You would have proved wrong retirement and timeouts that we go on as people. People doubt us we were from its is will we do you they Dayton Moore and it goes pretty happy and privately. Peacock around not publicly privately because they were cheapens the ones that they can do it. You think Ned Yost would be happy about the affected every Citadel's TDs this or should be Bentley got it he kept doing it. In they couldn't understand it. Brian Kinney all the number perjury just could not figure this out. Beat the underdog school here's my problem to chiefs are to be in the favor and it went from. The underdog to the dark you what the federal rule served him well as the underdog role they go out indicate new England's as the uttered. I don't think they've now told us that being the favorite. I don't think the team mentality. That it is underdog mentality here in one week is the top dog with a target on the back. You on that target and you bring them Alabama. Alabama's earned. But when a national titles the patriots. Kuerten at the chiefs have a day yet and keep be in the adult adult in the fight but I don't like the underdog role embracing what. That's the point though basically if you the state. Did an adult did you get a lot of it you know what you know. All this you don't smell almost all that though the response that muscle is because you know was the favorite last year and a playoff game at home. The chiefs enable us to the Steelers so you don't want to them and what did you what did you see it being you're gonna get this big east and I asked myself. I Cologne on anymore we don't know he you do what you wanna get my deepest stinky smell off yourself I. Don't know is the better to be good to get an amateur stroke which we need more goals if the last time that you are favorite. Was a playoff game at home you'll also Steelers don't wanna do it gets its stinky smell off yourself. So every by today you'll get a deal part dodger right now. It seems. They won last week but they're not real estate clash in a playoff game in the eighth they lost to the Steelers. Many get installment though. That's that's angered me. All of it is safe and we beautifully don't runs from the top of your favorite everybody's kiss your asked you think your great passion you can slip. It's when the team has been out when there's the haters Jamaal charles' wife and heaters off the bad will you do get. If you have the expectation. You still fight. What are those feel good you war. In your view. He posted ESPN and NFL network and everything else. Basically you lose at home urges that knoller though he'll he'll be the dog not its a good that's a good. Wouldn't revolting not if you're good if that if the patriots. The pages have a target on their back you know what they do they win. The Packers are one of the top teams and NF CU what they do they win the Seattle Seahawks won the top teams in the seats are in a seat they win. If your if your leads its. It's all gonna come on the blocks of this final game at Carolina and the like this in the past because they've been nothing since the civil there'll remembering good. I guess to me do some first that's keeps the hunger to want to teach without won the Super Bowl that's fun in target on their back embrace it. But until they do. I like I like disrespect what you're saying which is saying go out and do something. Duke should not control. How everybody else you issue if everybody view issue is legit good now. We saved us all too which have a bolt weighs we can't say that. People disrespect us people don't give us props. On national TV this year bought two time sixth hour. Lets this. Something they know. You know dale audible on national TV the next time we're not gonna be. Under the chiefs were the dog against the Eagles we feel just respected him go we Google reversals. Which it far. Page with a power agency was she saw our buddies like wood. But for some reason when you're the dog still got a hunger and you still get their fight. They're not there. They're not exactly overnight and elegant always respect real and they're not as good as the no record and approved them over. The will be feeling ourselves looking yourself on the cover of. Good and I'm not known what you're missing what I'm saying I'm not saying don't be in a position where you Phillies selves you lose track of where you walk. I don't hear what the win loss record it's got to remain focused me got a what was what they say the task at hand as they have the physical with the Fords at its analyst Rick thought so win loss record outlook in the brain dead every single week all I'm saying is is. To meet the mentality shouldn't change what you're the underdog from a point spread perspectives how people view all the favorite to mean. I'm not it'd be scared of him racing people saying okay their picked it this new big dolls on the block. It seems so some big goals now I just think it would weak weaker. Yeah because you don't let. You almost would go fast. Absolutely it's it's the Hong stellar on there is means teams could team and I like when people that you know what happened. People doubted the week what would they did. Arnold that inspired it what I'd like the dog fight. I Datsyuk I Datsyuk are so yet deathly go to ceased his short side dot com it's a copy of the block pulls up put out. Does that's just my take on a man back I think this team is is probably gonna be a lot better than even I expected. When it comes to. On how good they can before this a 2017. Sees item 11500 it was probably. I would under Pattinson and six I think there probably just yet Tennessee I think mortals GeMS in the Cecil meal just get a tennis takes between animals they played like twelve or thirteen three in week one exited. Yup the team. Not a good and I asked not to get and I beat the vastly it's downhill from here if you lose. Every game we announced that the chief. Everyone I'm curious is removed fortune he got to go to Dallas is the point that I'm curious how many games they'll actually be bill. Once you prove that. A water company gains this year than actually be the I'm sure they will be you know when we need more goals we did in two ago. Last night not a good night with the for the royals. But in the midst of a season that hasn't panned out the way that we would of lights. Are certain individuals already priced themselves out those Kansas City we address that next this small that's what I smell. Day shift from the MVP. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Basically you just had. Sports Radio. Basically I think Reggie and I does have a good point though he says he can't help the afraid to leave when the line you can't be the underdog. Your whole life and I got as much like home. Do you can't. You you can still. At fighter. You can steal. These focus. Even after the big they'll be a goal from illegals like Paula we don't like if you let people maybe don't always. But we can you dozens of your life and the moon but knew we troopers do. What about Alabama football which would love to eat sleep he used them because they're gonna. I didn't exist they can't play a little from the Sox but yes I'm saying that the best the point that they that they won championships booklet that you won't get that hidden water. Free to go you gotta know the pants were well. My yeah. We know that they are owned let me ask you this what it did seize on last Thursday night. Beat the best team received team in football but would they our own related when he TB ships are being one regular season game they pay our respects. That's the answer. Seoul the full of respecting glee which we talk about disrespect olds taught I want you to disrespect and no you don't idea to give you save you like being respected to somebody's radio crew that given the Barack doesn't know podcast every time I was the underdog they go to fade sees how many Todd is basically all of this all talked about his favorite team even more all lake not being respected. Doll. I noted they did sell wheat corn championship sure I'd get I'd order a heartbeat. Ask that you could smelled it definitely could smell US to submit it's always I don't if that was weird. Nip it in the state. There's always ridiculed you've I've never had been in have been issued for years it does give never seen it yourself to make it at stake all demand. I'd like that it worked smoked it and what if that wasn't through views that yourself offs I typically smelled. There and then instantly that's so now her feel when you're so. If that sound for. Me. Let's talk rule and you don't Woodside notes in the last night or the third time in the industry did three or four guys between humans are more. Big would let us crowds big league that it was thought out this rough they got to have things networking. Baltimore lost five in a row I did nobody wants this thing. They raided mosques by the way. Got up to drive lizard the cold mean idiot if Hamas had eleven home runs. In cold and just elements to put that was that he's not gonna hit twenty home runs answer. Please call back in this afternoon's solid guy doesn't care about being respect and police called Abby and I went. Please call in this afternoon is they briefly was right I'm the beauty freedom Austin is one of the night they keep him. When after we made it very much more deadly encounters so you to call somebody out in I was write poems. One more or two hours though. Apple minds are open the typical commands right. The step myself now. By the way he won who Obama's week. You didn't write it is a candidate. To get there as it is right now. If there's this tickets are what league you absolutely. Are I don't order trophy. Out. Neither Bryant cast you week when she answers all I know somebody needs teachers and there. Please bring it up the station who made a grinder for. And with that assertions you that right Murkowski has frequent Peterson fumbled it good who wouldn't who was second. That would be JJ one by one and an important point. The big rushing yards in the third quarterback. It gradually divers know I didn't give him negative rushing yards that was for a second third home and watch and watch it got the Wii. Cal wins Dick Dick a couple of days ago basically say. There's a strong possibility. That the cease to start off for hell did did we say did you say so this limit I don't want L. I'd go meet on the dog bed. It did in Vegas ordered armed Intermune underdog very often viewed the rocky movie with respect what I. And I do she's reformer like LG not a Boston when when I don't with an unaudited before giving up. You fear Washington. Now what am too last week in a Monday capable affiliate in Philadelphia no no that's weird the chargers. No not at all our analysts about the other royals beat because when it comes to. This season at the world's having last night was another example of Islam. In not doing so well beyond that bigger picture. You start thinking about as we close out into the season. About the possibility that some of the big guys that have been. But the bulk of this team in the leaders of this team in the face of this team essentially be out to be seen their final. He's an erosion of I think we're always said and done. But should the royals are gonna have a great book visual. They mourned at yoshi's reflecting on this window guys had. In the week he went down did their business Sports Illustrated this thing. On the royals yesterday the royals last via its Kansas City bet big on another run with its core will pay off that's exactly were they more bit. He rolled the dice he didn't treat anybody off. Even though the twins and Rangers will bidding guess what the stolen. So bad the American League is big more that bit. He makes betrayed the Padres three. Coming here and featured a terse what we doubled down you just trade everybody he doubled down. This philosophy his way of doing things have worked in the past. And it does. Suck. When I see the players. Kind of looked organization doubt will be big more bad on them. Ian. They haven't lived up to me get a bad bad month here if they could she should've close neighbor should close that game on Thursday night. They win that when they're one and halfback. They don't let what happened to last night against the White Sox for unexplainable reasons. It be Sidney dating back. One day. It's easily made up in this league right others still just three which is insane. In saint. The way the royals been playing their three games back from wild card. It shows you everything you wanted to let America lead but they more bet big on the core is he's been all about. But he's been all about locally I think the book about the royals can be fascinating few years is that there there's been signs in times of them being loyal. And I think one thing they're open here. Is the loyalty will be shown in free agency some of the players. Which could be easier said. Because. I guess you can bank on and it's in their you know all these people have moose antlers and everything else what you would crush people moves left there. It is a thing would like the stock has been this popular. In Boston. Has got enough superstars and it. When the stock is down superstar. But the stock is in Boston is just the dude. Yeah Tom Brady. So it's serious and they bit it. Michael Scott this is he's a big fish in this little pond Eagles of Boston all right eases the fish. He hits but here they love moves to answer rules of the Stanley p.'s liberty as. Your boss the negative superstars and Bruins Celtics the capacity in the in the Red Sox. He's never gonna get the attention he gets here is never get a whole city on his back the agreement also would most that was incredible. Which thousands on the same deal but here's the thing though I think it's great. But they accomplish something here that's the one thing we just like. They have won it in getting close yeah I'm assigned Becky Keyon city is being looked that would win a title Garrity got the recording done. Now it's let's give easier for more on leave Cleveland. This next time around and what you say about reed nobody watering for. Cleveland fans he took it to finals and won one for woody and about to say about. Revised release. He's been a two World Series he won 140 woody it'd. So the bank in my hometown discount his loyalty is been a big thing of what they've done mr. reared its bit more. David Glass was oil. And it goes a net income years ago 2014 when he probably could. The more well he could've sold off in 2014 but he didn't he kept a quarter gathered to make a run. They went to the World Series what do you do the next year Eagles our doubles down gives beans over Johnny Quaid. In shore and loyalty back team and I feel heed the same thing with this group right here. An analyst. Inning arm chip this respect the thought process of what they were. They weren't given up there were still gonna go for it did things work out podger though didn't. You know what that's gonna hit it and that's the stuff that's gonna happen in life and in sports but at least he did it wouldn't they have some of them still wants to go try to get it done. Now banking on loyalty they have these guys resent the royals. Easier said and done. But now when Scott bourses in bull. Now what Eric Hosmer you've been 344. Since April 25. Not my stock is we have 36 home runs cranked on Major League Baseball. Big dollar. It would be give the money he's paid Kennedy and Gordon guys paid contract in team history com. Worth the money come from I'm firmly in the camp that thinks house price and so you have gotten your TV but he won't work this money coming from. Indian glass was emerge money all the waited 200 million plus a year now. It's not best best odds work. Is Alex Smith finally doing what we've got him for forever. We get to that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. This trip. Got. It paves the way. It's just on the you were sniffing though it was flawed house making a point you know. He may. And you've got the point because you say yes like I understand. It best stay off you from last year as well doesn't mean you went about proving him about the way. There just simply said we've got to spank. We need to get involved if we smelled younger did you ever been dramatic in your life. Never knocks on time out of I am for bin hyperbolic if you were snowed media. I like willingly do it the worst is an elevator right now and liberty there at the writers and your body's cooling down the elevator did it used press conference. There's people in this industry is. Mostly it's not local it's national. He's what every national report that a lot of duties there based on the other team to beat writer from the like the White Sox were planets. The White Sox are ahead immediate it's in the teens. And by the way bingo because everytime I hear this guy's name mentioned it to you. You week to Earl Campbell award player of the week. Who got two oklahomans increment the. This game Einstein and future for the flag and in her. Earl Campbell Ryan let's get that finger off though that was Lynn Swann. It. He's as the a programming note we are gonna have a conversation at all it's all all Paul charts here and from a league safe and ambled back Tom coming up here in ten minutes from now he's gonna give us some information on the waiver wire on Tuesday. Off all the fantasy owners. But down. That was something that was said this morning on fest goal in the morning that we want to law played view and Idris. In it's it's. Something that hearing more about when it comes Alex Smith. It's very similar to our conversation yesterday. Armed and we he played a sound byte in regards bill months and they build mosques it says something yesterday in regards Alex Smith and now. Passive home. Is actually helped him. In pro at the position. Just from things that Alex Witt has seen that passing homes do. It's improved Alex this place. This morning. Guess dating Hughes who joins us on Fridays. He joins us goal in the morning. Age he talked about what Alex has long from Patrick my homes. We make a lot of noise who America a lot of chatter about what pat Holmes warrant from out there well. It looks like they're out that can learn a lot from my home and I think that what happened. Throughout the pre season and throughout training camp that you saw this young man make broad. Be patient stretch out ladies. And obstructed receivers more last year or last few years. One knock act act for Alex Smith in the pertain to his receivers about what we're seeing people on route. I look receivers were on route to a certain and then stop. Cause they had a deal aggravate it basically knew that they would not gonna get the ball. There are not contribute third the third option on the ground was not gonna get the ball. Guys that were gonna go down field now and scrambling not gonna get the ball so you saw guys started jogging. Well maybe not running it's Crist will Wear out. As you would like them to two run. Now bill or you don't try it at the bit they're celebrating immigrant because basically what my home they're seeing out that it out here. And that were imposed bet that there were some of that mine shall itself on Thursday night. Desperate interest in bank. That Patrick Holmes and the fact that Alison that's an asset in terms of what we're seeing an Allison is affecting the receivers when it comes of the rock running. It and I grew Damon because here's the thing. Dean and those watched the receivers why be played he understands what they're doing when he says he is a big people were given up on routes happily. It's like he feels it's like the night capable. Input from our people there and only time they run routes and predictable times receiver I get it. Understatement if he is so discouraging. Job play flexible or anything. And it was the up I played laughable but not Adam. Can select a what tackle global review blogs that you. Position was I yeah I played on the line at a played linebacker. And Jeff and linebacker. Yes this bogeys and not. Betsy for Wideman. This body that you see this is besides a lot of an eight race. Are bad example I was out I still was recently I was 888 rated high school. Meet meet her judging the book by its cover. Brawl a.'s Great Lakes not a big dude also gonna be the Michael Eisner told no we haven't grown since eighth grade having grossed a size eight was 230 pounds and I did you put him on the alignment that way outlets outlets I had not brought. Joseph like receivers I've always been little so what guys we readable all the time. In the receivers they'd just run routes where they do. Nebraska all those years Osborne the wide receiver just got their run the routes doing their thing. Is Thomas in Georgia Tech. The block of and they wrote that they want the football yeah but if you're not giving it. Do you still do Max effort in Iraq we know it's your call on running plays all the time. Even on pass routes united that the bowl team quarterback won't take that chance AT and be discouraging as a receiver. If you're constantly doing your best to break coverage over a good corner. Exhausting yourself every play get to solve opening night giving the ball in hand it to be fresher. Pro alleged he dad he would beat somebody he'd come back I don't lethal quarterback for certain probably we'd be should be command team and it was open. Z is no time you do Max effort on your house of all the sudden you start to get the ball downfield yeah. It's changed things all the time ago now it's it's. A man. Sorry I just wasn't a wasn't LT back in the day it. Shocked at. Possibly sooner. And has trouble with no you know it's not as if he wants 230 pounds idea not the point guard. Not one to thirty bag bags in your ear size now you wide receiver running back size and do it in terms of into alignment size in terms of heights. Me and waits. This lesbian eyes. Let me you know sometimes I scores got small business he started like underdog by the way there is difference between Minnesota four ball. And useful. There's good teams of their though at the desk in the best teams like Kansas crisis. These are among easing and you heard his rock personally that's that's due for no hurry. It is great to beat us like seventy to nothing with you on a line is expected up point. Arts. Was the outlook to all of a school law best known for basketball. Basketball. Rain supreme in Minneapolis. Now football. Inner city schools in tinsel ball not not that. Which went to the counter to what you know it'll run off into passed a no answer for it always run the routes that the wide open. Fill the court is wide open are you really can exhaust yourself every play. Every major targeting double brokered peace about breaking news is coming from madame shaft kernel and who are you know David Johnson's injury however the cardinals placing running back David Johnson on IR is sad moment. He will have a possibility to return this season but he's expected to miss two to three months. Get the picture yet. Just the calm was key assets or to reduce it he has answered with a correct fortunately though if your area and football. Player much like all three of gospel church in hopes that to a post tomorrow we've where's the vigilance was mean to you exit this group's MVP who has ever when I'm still essentially were saying is that. All of a sudden Alex men. Is starting to make his receivers that are. Is it real. Is that nothing. Eight Olympics or something down. Excellent not all black people or at no he'd still be races he's still on and I was just talking to our bodies eyes and then did you know he was clearly. He's obviously you see that right he's got speed he's a candidate has got to win key face and down here but they suddenly the mind of Poland and misunderstood and publicity that is understood. Say body size. It. It would and I think it big players. That's topic. And as Hitler back to it and tracked me in the it's. What's. Bryant packets out to be viewed. Us via. You would everybody beautiful it's like. Hold a valuable information. Oh. Bible information. Speaking of that basket atop imports artsy and waiver wire information from charts next. And yeah. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. You can do little hill with your fantasy TV of youngsters who drive you rewriting records of I don't know what you're doing. One particular source within a year I had some more than others quarterbacks rock diva receivers dropped of them what defense they kickers. And it's gold. You know I am president of the fantasy sports trade association I don't know what the but fantasy sports hall of C murder kind of a big eats holes charge she didn't. Highs final segment appreciated snow here T royals baseball. They're on six in a Sports Radio we talked him every Thursday at 1 o'clock. Level earlier appearance from charts this coming Thursday put he joins us now because he needs to get us some information in regards to the waiver wire here on the Tuesday morning. So charts. I'd like dirtier. I would Juan last week about your squad in cool by me so it. Acknowledge. I thought I thought the same thing about the. Who look the healthcare is on the dot Hannity and will we ever got out. On all got that feel cut. You're you're all the other pretty deep deep you know banging it on the table concrete monster guy. It out over a long time about. You know woody and getting sharper carries an ideal that you'd have to Wear underwear keep you to bow out of. Picture. An outlook that you got hold outs are. So at. You know appearance and performance on Thursday night it was almost like Paul Sargent had to step our sites were cigarette. Oh got my hands just blew off my body was I was so happy. You know I. A hundred yards to notice you yeah. Thank you what I looked at. Eight and give it got up decision today tomorrow on that would require. Particularly. Those that that it in David Johnson was one of the court to court taken across the board. In advance he collapsed and value got a tough but you know what I wanna you wanna spin and uncle would we do you know or not. And look at it that way he sock. See that he's going to probably. Reside David Johnson in dot bat in the also perhaps. This. Record Corretja and then also unveiled at work and then I think you're going on here victory running back. You know made that you know. It will hear it for the Allen you know I think they're going to hurt a lot. That would be better odd. You know that they're running backs it up a better currently is always an outside company. Spent big money. Like Matt and I'll be I would rather that it from 30 did you guys he did it appear yes. Oh yeah. He he you don't do it reminds elder scrolls. How would be hurtful ones and bigger than your goals for. Him out where. They're gonna quote back he'll hunt them remembered the number one and now number two why I'm here shall. You know that they're going to be a lot patent that half of the way that it would happen. They're using them back on line up why one ought Cohen is for you well know maker. At receivers people one and there are a lot of champ car are recalling. He prepares options whenever will be settled down here. There's also law. The who was other breakout rookie he would from the from the rams that was pretty darn good over the which it was a 2.0 Bert. Yet all it was my guide that had slid for the chief UAE it is right now one double region wide receiver that Ricans. You know they squad guy he he's a big target great hands they who constantly keep him don't. It is and what it is or it can drop the number one cup is what they've got watching Josh Norman is going to be eat with any luck indeed. Oh Cooper ointment he's number two cartridge and interval. Where were the sort a lot with him I'll turn the clock out. He's been copper cut that he catches this year and you know depends. Give more pitches than anybody in history college football church. Yeah I thought that nobody. Nobody got more than it Cooper got a totally legit and it slams are obviously an accurate score or went to game. I'm sick political reward for me every week but this is obviously in the same offense that has feel like the light and he. You know the doctor what you're occupied Iraq are on Thursday I I cannot believe Earnest Graham talked to that there would be a lot better out our middle. Here and that can be an upbeat Cooper a lot of opportunity. I think the one guy that I had poised for bounce back year and I asked my dom in my draft was tiger. I just think he's gonna have a better year this year just that the their all the way around their Altman's going to be a lot better amassing he's gonna have. Bomb on a massive season but I think he's gonna have a much better season this. This year's bulls last class who was ranked. The province in part one they put him out in Q pat route. Hot topic in the bat partly grapple with Arctic air. So we need that part better and it it will knock on Altman part starts that certain that you know of course the next couple months. I'll but boy it on the ropes and in the opposite and they even a week. Then IE I'd like I'd I'd like he's prospects are all back monkeys are. HR one more thing Adam feeling. No touchdowns this five last year almost had a thousand yards 69 catches last year. He seems to be relieved that you will pork would the vikings are doing I mean sure he'd like to see the touchdown production. Step up the bad they're gonna look his way that many times they did it last night. I mean lol what about this yet. It moved into the slot and they are going to do you go to a lot a lot but seems to be a lot of games to start your. In our court ourselves from the slot position for the. I duly but I touched down at Eaton dot. He's also done receptions and that's what they're gonna get up at the moment they're not all would be uttered what every forty ever if you are not like that. But he's got to get it blocked pat and technical. And our global. Andy's back to them I think most people still out of the competence you might even and the vikings out. But apple would be used pat. Pat pat the current schedule the rest of the way. Scary very few stoppers style home or even for the vikings so. Adam he would step on it even Democrat who's available in 70% of the. You don't get Democrat now you've got eight legitimate number you put on the best quarterback performance does it like oh all. They charge hughes' coach of the Minnesota state Albert. Number have been skewed. I don't I don't know Luthor he and I'm in little codes referenced urged. All coached him through Minnesota state and screaming Eagles yeah. Throwback are technical. The world and watch one episode she'll. Figure it once. Not in her life partner. Drink your particular day. I don't know but it partner big box. Our rights cards eight race a parent would talk on Thursday there are yeah. That's all charge of police attacked Thomas lawless land ball that we're all this kind of breeze right past the fact that he's never watched an episode coach he just said that. I'm will be surprised with. He's a football it was a ratio that it wanted to display my disappointment was dot and a loser did the defense. It was stopper on the offensive line there was a cloud cover was deep in the ocean and Luther was the dolphins now there was defense that sugar coordinator. This great shield. Or easy to pursue Minnesota may occasionally change Minnesota state gets up screaming Eagles. Lets you program. It's repealed came out of street legal. Look at the characters. Pretty sure lutherans and coordinate. It burgers yelling into the Mike right now. Where exactly were the depends according to adopt Louis as the end there to go burn settle down. Burton knows. Burton gets away and mirrored. Burton's good like them and special teams coach Willis now who's the wide receiver coach hello. Character not yet identified in the show. Yeah unified left Utley. I'm pretty sure Hayden was pretty influential office. And second takes from you guys really quick I get your opinion on us. Bad folks it's a pleasure to be good you guys here on the field remote closed just watching. The event until the premier's. You watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background as helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defense of back in the NFL. Today not good. He was arms rides you Burton he's been a box that he was theirs. He was her speech to build the house or Sergio burden. He is boldly with Sergio burn your record. Still like to assassins are you that he begged and Albert. White Obama coming up next for rebuttal I have the equipment to write our government wide Obama happened. Ours got delayed do you Bentley publishers want to. What Betty and me. That'd we're done here will back tomorrow. A previous show two hours days you get a bird weight debate dashboard. But some fresh and quicker might be. Subject. There. Schools are my. Just blew off my body.