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The Drive
Tuesday, September 12th

The guys hopped on once the Royals game was over and discussed how both today and tomorrow have to be must-wins vs the pathetic White Sox. They also go around the NFL, discuss Eric Berry's value and how we'll begin to see just what he's worth to the Chiefs now that he's not playing and Fanning has some things to get off his chest in "Fanning the Flames."


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She floated one away in the church. Good man. Early batting right. Ground balls third deep third throw to second run usually. Royals Victoria's board of trade. Let's do this another day another dollar. Given you chance to when a couple of Dallas called the six right now out of 91357676. Stand. Wednesday thirty dollars. Trucks and busts fractured ticket. Which could put you up to 50000 dollar lottery either Tony seventeen of Ford F 150 raptors with a 27 team ran. Tony 500 power like improved. Now or 81 T seventeen you should have you sell or no color number six right now. Thirty dollar scratch your tickets to trucks embark should always feel good coming on after royals when you know you always we're givers and were trying to help the people. Royals got to land what a perfect days absolutely perfect day we will be talking a lot of baseball and a lot of NFL coming up in ten minutes will go around the NFL. In talk about the week that was in the National Football League I want to pose the question to you guys about the true value of Eric varies he has surgery today. You in his Tony seventeen season will get in today at 4:30 it's at 5 o'clock. The top stories of the day Ian. 11. Player's injury. Would make me quit fantasy football talk about that today as well no ice the big fantasy dad but. I mean it's you who's been number one overall pick. Run of the game in the first corner of the first game you might be time to say you know its season long fantasies is not for you would find something else to do. With your Sunday afternoons we'll talk about that at some point throughout the course of the show. Too many times in baseball we have conversations about what if games in the must win kind of games. There's no doubt in my mind at least maybe I'm the only person that thinks this that Omar as royals game is a must win game. If you think this is a playoff team. There is no reason to go out and that was a home series to the Chicago White Sox would mailed it in for the last two months of baseball. If you think this team can grab one of those wild card spot because now I think everybody can admit they're not winning the American League central. If you think this team has a chance to win one of those wild card spots. You have to take care of business at home tomorrow against the Chicago White Sox. There is no Kane's injury there's no well moves is injured you better go out and get a W tomorrow for winning this wild card is going to be very difficult today. If I hate to say this but I mean this team doesn't feel like an odd team to me I think you'll in the royals that is because American League is so screwed up right now. And I'll base it on a couple of different day I would love this year. Is the royals and and as a guide it's emotionally attached to this team. From that from the time I was five years old Saint Louis and yet they can go at this a playoff team. Beat up Ike are beat up in the air mass and we've got Eric skull Oakland going tomorrow in game you column must wins seat. They got a shot. They got a shot or two and a back right now and the reason they're two and a package is the American League is such a mess and keep this in mind. In your odds are The American Legion. Team at the royals. Sellers at the deadline. The Minnesota towards the Texas Rangers the two traded acquired in the trade and I'm leaguers he had the Yankees they also sent bread and chancellor of the nationals the Rangers. Sick Joseph. Luke Iraqis and you freaking Darvish. To the LA Dodgers to change or sellers. At the lied C dot. Or the royals for the second wild card did the royals were pliers. The American League is an absolute mess I'd look like to me you just baseball team they get blown out last night they almost all they also lost today's game. Runners on first and third in the ninth inning with nobody out they they squeaked away with a win and they got out of there with a win but Mandel you used to train wreck right now. Don't even further saying tomorrow's games item that every game for your honor got to wonder if they would have if they want. It's wild card you just gotta start winning series I just look at it where I eat. I told myself a long time I would never told the royals that they can't do something because I feel like every time you say man this team can't do XYZ to go out and do it. Mean it's hard to envision you make in the playoffs with the horses you got. This go out there and do know cater mostly because of injury it's clear that this team's not playing a 100% this was the royals rotation over the last five days. I assume you sign up there Angel believe the starting pitching is the Curtis is the currency of baseball you're only as good as or next they Slorc. This is the royals rotation if we include tomorrow's game the last five days. Jay Jonas Jason Vargas Jason Hammel Sam good Helio in Eric's Oakland. The playoff rotation like I don't know how you can put the games together in the wins together to go out there and do it. You need eighty Duffy to be back you meeting he'd be healthy and you Vargas to do it now you don't need first half a disease embargo obviously you take you. Man I just don't know how you can make the playoffs being held together with duct tape and bubble gum and paper clips. This team is a limping to the finish line now a lot of that is due to injuries. Mean at some point he's got to have the peace is in the horse has been a lot there make the playoffs it just doesn't appeal like this team does some. The doubles teams that we can agree that there are starting rotation was just amazing and what that that was a great bullpen. And the don't have that either that's what scares me that don't ever really get rotation they don't have a really good bullpen. The bull pens a mess in the back in their met released decent starting rotation you never know what you're gonna get and their box of chocolates all right so. They don't have either things that you do you think that I think in need to get to the playoffs and win but it in the American League is so screwed up. And so weird this year with two teams that are sellers at the rock feels. This I don't know your right I mean you you can't just say this team can't do it. Because the way the American League sets up maybe they can't now obviously I don't think they've got what it takes to make a run even if they get into the wild card and then got to go to new York and faced the Yankees. But it'll they've got injuries they don't have good starting pitching the bullpen is not very good right now. On the offense when it's on as really you know when it's off it's nothing so. They've got to win this game to Marty have a shot and there are still out there trust me that bullpen gonna be busy tomorrow so basically your gold from one evil that the next. What from starting pitcher that really isn't very good starting pitchers have great stuff at all we want when you watch it again tomorrow watches watches ball he throws those stockman. It leaves it up a lot. I I can almost guarantee you this bill is gonna get knocked around with in the by the third inning you're into the pan and then who knows what can. We won the NFL season is in the books and the power. Power rankings are outward as the national media had urged people find out around the NFL next on the drive to drive presented by don't think it's from the electricity into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Here here he. Admits I have what's in the post season games. That discussion. One NFL season is in the books after at least stay so what's important first game of the second game to the Broncos chargers. Yikes. From the brought to us from the end of the game the chargers will just a hole please find a way welds that the the chargers in man one I'm sure we will get to that. In around the NFL guys. I was there around the NFL with the power. It's coming out day yes and it keeps bring their nfl.com has been ranked second error points but the chiefs after we. One. Recchi should make things in the terms of the NFL yes. We know. Weekend football you don't. I wrote a piece on sixteen sports town six and sports dot com about this. Pay attention to nobody to pitch in the dirt and everybody's swings they were like all right. Yet solid do exactly what the college football player out doesn't wait to hear. What seven days. Weeks into the season and they do. All start paying attention apparently he had felt. We two road games to be two home games and then I'll take a look at G so to me. I think it's just click base wanna look at it we get mad when I agree and disagree I don't care whose want appearance last right now. Mattered. It's just talking. The NFL has playoffs which. Well teams get into it in few teams can make complain of me we should have been in the playoffs not like college football. Where the rankings actually have real loud in if the public overvalued due in the committee overvalued. You take a spot from someone who was maybe not deserved it's not the case in the NFL so as a matter of weeks when we seventeen parry who sizzled zero value of the cool things to kind of local. And kind of compare yourself I said leading into the game against the patriots if the chiefs won I would put him. Number one or my parents and in my top five. If I was that he is in my top five would consist of this. The chiefs the raiders the Packers and Dallas Cowboys in the New England Patriots I'm still very highly New England don't have it was one of five best teams in the league but. Certainly some things you have to work out after week one of the NFL season. Obviously it's early obviously there's a lot more football to be playing Harry is the largest power rankings are what you put into I would put him very much. Yesterday it was at Eli Manning Carson Palmer might be died. The time to say the same about Adrian Peterson. Why us I can't believe anyone would fight that Adrian Peterson is lost let's do this this is Adrian Peterson's numbers over the last two seasons. Four games. 43 Carrey's anybody wants that guys coming yards agent business at a plus forty they care. Really did this I guess it's around ninety yards ninety yards per Adrian Peterson over the last two seasons walks spell it. W a RS HED. Walks. You said ward he's walked let's deal are you want to know he included. Hopefully that all of the opposite of weeding out included BR that large war war war is very. The 32 year old running back more than wasn't like he has in fact war. I just can't believe the ice I told ice was earlier today I tried to deny what you think eight and of good football. Ever hitting good football authorities. We've done I don't think he's completely useless and sold goal line back and Hussein and real quick answer and a sound we yeah. Sure the John dateline's perhaps of course he. Peterson is one of five is running backs ever watch it now that gold line no I'd stop by you let it happen why us. Are the three things we can sneak for certain in life that. Taxes and the chargers signing an ability to lose a game that's so funny to me me. Actually played pretty easy yesterday I don't ask this urgently get zero targets in the game just not good utility about a weapons in the game. What this threat is that offensive against the chargers will always be the charges as a matter of Los Angeles doesn't matter you're seeing it doesn't matter in Timbuktu. Chargers will charge. Watching the game last night the one thing. Please I can't say the word now like leaping kickers. By Philip Rivers the charge did everything I needed to get that game to overtime. And it take a free can blow the kicker. Let's do it drives me to get back on Philip Rivers for this at all the river did exactly what he needed to do to get his team to overtime. And freaking kicker. Is that god costs if you're driving them. But the big loss goes to Philip Rivers because this will reportedly alert quarterbacks went laundry should go on to him that the guy's name who. A snack food music at one. At final one which under the radar quarterback impressed the most this week Alex Smith Sam Bradford the Travers and I actually say Alex Smith was the under the radar for Baghdad impressed the most Alex Smith. You can make it very good point at the best week in week one of the NFL season and Bradley have a little better numbers but. To do that all the road against the patriots got to give him a lot of credit. Think this was a fluke though with Aetna is gonna go out there in the dominant quarterback Eddie wasn't saying snow last sixteen. Sam Bradford he complete 72 point 3% of his fastest point three touchdowns and five interceptions. Uncle Sam Bradford wood time and protects against the funding of the better young wide receivers in the about. Salad that quarterbacks. I'll sit Ellis that this well. It's another reason why an update these towering we haven't seen Alex Smith with a deep threat like Tyrone hill you wanna crack announcement board checked. To be conservative and those types of things. A lot of doubts that the time refills number one receiver and shoot it looks like I was. Surprise announcement and we believe they can see that talent he proved he fielded the ball isn't really accurate passes receiving a repeat. And that is around the NFL for today on the drive how to get to this there's so much to unpack. From the chiefs and patriots game that we haven't even got a chance to talk about this yes. This is from this audio courtesy of NBC sports we Ty retailers fans this is what they compared to. On Thursday night football. If they're running in the two. 200 meters. Here were you. Fiery kill him where his time with the and areas with the bad. And remember that time that he ran. Tyreke hill V graphic showed actual audio clip of video clip they showed in high school would have finished sixth. Indy 2012200. Meter dash in the Olympics in high school. I Tyreke still genuinely. If he'd just said I didn't want to play football equity was 1617 years old and set I'm gonna train myself to be an Olympic sprinter. Would be one of the five fastest people in the bowl world. Any plays or a new war team about big thing about the NF LA's. Everybody figures everything out. Like only the surely elite players rise to the cream of the crop where teams don't have a scheme were playing for items a lot of guys have one good season. And then kind of fizzle out but the each room great players of the lead find a way to be productive. You renew your across the sport. Man I can't remember a time were a guy has looked on as unstoppable as I read killed us I don't know how you defend I read you. Whether it's on the jets we've whether it's on bubble screen whether it's down field. How do you have someone to match with that kind of speed gain in high school he would've finished sixth in the 2012. Olympics sixth as seven years old. And that's 23 year old Tyreke yoga do if he was dedicated and focused on running for a. Can you don't eat what you have a chance to stop and you get two guys and get a quarter at a safety exit because he's got to meet quarter. So hopefully the safety can get to all but that's still think like you can't defend speed speed doesn't slot. One of those things that that does not slot and if you can't catch him you can't guard. And I'm with you by an and that's why for the next 345 weeks. Smith camp though it all you know because we'll find out because what are deep threat to bitterly that. Since Alex has been Macklin out I would consider it is now I'm not like retail meantime until mighty wanna five as the threats in the NFL yes we image every match and still run pretty fast he's got a bird though right. I would consider your number I re okay yeah I see her son Lachlan is that kind of guy. At all so I don't know but you're right seat that you can't defend speed that we want to try again you can't contain it though a guy that's that fast. No I don't know how you this entire retail again I think it's very curious to see how the NFL is going to adjusted tire retail speed. You think the patrons about the defensive schemes what at some kind of answer for Tyreke guilt. They didn't have any answer fort seven catches on and thirteen yards long touchdown where he's doing peace to Dedham according. Andy's just jogging into the end zone the NFL always figures out a way to stop you in game there's only what how many players have felt we say our Kamal was unstoppable. Eight to ten. Julio Jones Bryant Antonio Brown like there or meaning double. He still obviously got a consistently do what you gotta do for more than just seventeen games have you seen entire retail. Mean it's hard to argue that the dominance we've seen from him especially on prime time games against big time teams up next. We'll figure out the true value of Eric Berry this season Ellis play when I mean next in the draft. A dry presented by don't sixteenths from the MVP electric heating and studios sixty and Sports Radio. In Sports Radio. It's about what everyone was talking about on social media in regards to last night. Monday Night Football game in the news release of the guys that is would have been doing multiple. They're super starter until one in the next couple weeks and there will be one in November before the tenth anniversary edition. Of the Eiffel. Parents are screwed for Christmas and they're so it's not fair to go to the people. Talk about that I I I have a little bit different perspective when it comes to this when it comes to this amount paired but I think I have very Sam was them. I can help all celebrities go when it comes to. Buying your kids that something that my mom used to employ. Very easily when it came to I would ask protects I I will be happy to share that. With the the audience in just a bit. Talk about this is because. I feel like Kansas City is kind of glossed over the fact Eric Berry isn't going to play anymore this season. Remember eyes at these conversations and nick all the time and you always say that the public undervalues. Defensive players. But the lie rarely changes were a defensive players going to be out but the line normally changes. What an offensive player is going to be yeah. We agree that Eric bears won the seven most important players on the chiefs absolutely. About a like this. Think this team would make the playoffs Holmes was starting quarterback announcement managers alike if outs that they got hurt we won and you would think they're not making the playoffs without. Announcement in what I think quarterback is more important to save lives yeah. Justin Houston we agree Ed again very big part of this team event lost market leaders in week one of the NFL season I wouldn't think this team make a while just because of how he changes your defense. Every chill same thing Austin Travis tells the same thing on offense. I heard too many people changing their playoff prediction based on the injury of Eric Berry. Which is funny because this teammate in the highest paid safety in the history of the NFL and just cable and fourteen million dollars guaranteed. So that she's really believe that aired Barea is very important to this team winning and obviously destruction of this defense aside from the on the field stuff all the all the pills puppy doesn't community fighting cancer. And just his presence in that locker room. And this is a really good test to see what the true value Baird varies. If this defense can still play top ten with no aired buried is that the contract to have a guy that you didn't need to make the playoffs that you gave forty million dollars guaranteed to. I'm just curious to see how this. Defense is gonna respond without your your I don't know yet 'cause. Very rarely have we got a chance to see Eric Berry playing at a high level he was playing at and Justin Houston playing at that high level. In addition to mark is Peter's being one of the top five corners in the NFL. I just find it a little bit surprising that they've lost someone they gave forty million dollars guaranteed to in very few people are changing their win loss expectations for this team. I think one the first job didn't change mine because I'm going to and it's six early evidence five right now so. You know I don't the way of the page to be as great. From fans and what most fans are still sort of have the after glow of the patriots went there I think about that yet they don't have to think about that had to deal with it. Did you until Sunday when when the chiefs are back on the ticket on the Philadelphia Eagles that's win. You know it'll set it'll say and and okay Eric there is not there that's when it'll set in for fans I don't know what the impact will be either. I think you can overcome. A safety position more. Then he can overcome a corner position. I think you can overcome not having a safety. More than you can overcome having in not having a lead pass rusher like just use a quarterback. Whether to outspent about homes or who have. On air exhaust was a pair got that much money because that she screwed up and waited to we can agree with that got him a lot cheaper. If they would just given in the deal instead of franchise tag image stretch it out. Or another turn of the year that's layered Mary makes the kind of money that he may all right so the impact of I have no idea but I do know this. I think we think about it more than the players think about it because to that which is normal I mean Julie Adams got for the patriots David Johnson's out. For for the cardinals I mean that's football they know they don't play at any time they could lose a really tactful player. The team. Time to warn about you know the move forward so on it's it was mark is Peter's I'd be really concerned was that retail really cancer. If that Jarrett there it sucks but I think you can deal. Yeah I guess I just again I find that really surprising giving how we look at Eric Berry and hold a beer and how much money they paid him. So you don't need paired there to make the playoffs some of attacks on makes a good point losing Berry just knocks him out as a role contention I do agree with that. Did you need as many great league players as possible to get to that another player another Texan makes the point they won the west without just Newsom last year. Don't know what they win the west doesn't Goosen doesn't play that Broncos yeah I know he was also look at the brought the game is craze like Eric Berry won you know that game against the patriots and a very fair thing to think that the loss of Eric Berry is going to cost we wind down the line. Maybe you or bleakness is pages neutralized we won that patriots game I was expecting in the wind like they'll drop maybe. Los Angeles to drop another game later in the schedule because they don't have feared buried. And we can live with it but again I just asked the question because if I ask you before the season with a seven most important sheets he's a pilot to make the playoffs that person gets injured. A majority of people tell me they're not making the playoffs about Smith is injured because pat Holmes is ready and they went 78 games because homes rose so many interceptions. Right that your quarterback obviously more important position and strong free safety everybody can agree with that. I don't think that make the playoffs at high retail if he's injured if he misses fifteen games like Eric Berry's about to miss I don't think that make the playoffs tribes Kelsey misses fifteen games. Like that's true positional value. He's that strong that he's the difference between. 34 wins that you got this team winning eleven games you've got to dial it back to eight or seven if you don't have those guys on the field like how valuable do we think Eric Berry is that everyone still make them are picked on to make the playoffs if he's not gonna play this. I Portland what's the depth of the position I think we all agreed at a pretty good safety group back there I think we was in rod Parker did sorts of art Erik there we can all agree on that. Decent. Decent depth there aren't they touted that the gore. They have a tell dad that at and you know our outside linebacker with Houston before they took it up there for example is not gonna get to play out right at the top adept. At wide receiver I think that's part of the beef you feel OK I feel good enough. With with Barry being out that Sorenson and Parker. In and can dual booted out job to get into the play out of did I think par is deposition group it's different story. If you lose lose running back as the guys safety. You know in Vicky I think you can absorb that but if it's adjusted used to the Tyree killer Travis Kelsey yeah that stings more. It just scares me because you're chipping away at the debt but a lot of people attacks on our dream team when it comes to depth. Menu bar chip away at running back death. With no Spencer ware for the rest of the season you've chipped away at safety depth. New York deeper possessions we talked about this beginning of the season I was said they were pretty deep at running back with where Kareem on a charge danger was in CD's but I would of said the same thing at safety. Male or one weekend we've seen sixty minutes that she's football and they already chipped away at the depth that's what. Also going to get injured her like we can already it sure that's going to happen someone else very important on this team is going to miss timing game. How many layers and you peel back how many guys from that court in twelve players can you take away. Especially in a passing league are you cannot under sell that aired varied now obviously some help. Neutralized one of the biggest passing options in the NFL. Rob Parker does that I don't know dingle Sorenson does that I don't know if you tell rob Parker pago covered rock. I'll know you're telling the legal source and go covered rock in an expected Obama to two catches for under forty yards. The impact that aired bare hands on that big fourth down stop in his ability to neutralize big play makers like ground. This defense is going to miss that this season she how many times to get a playground of the future though. The grow things over for the chiefs at least in the regular season I'd. How many times is you know in the league that she's gonna face that. There's nobody like its rocket Kelsey right. So can rob Parker handle second tier and probably. Consortia that may be. You know the good thing is getting more liberal of the tax nights and he said that buried a shot. Rocky ride. Thought they dropped again until the playoffs in it and who doesn't crotchety going to be healthy. You know that's weighed on the line so at least get a health and healthy Eric bearing for the drug thing and you know you have to know in the chiefs had enough. At least a little. Perry. Getting in training camp didn't do anything the pre season because of that sore he'll. They had to know something was gonna happen all right it's ultimately their their Russia's Achilles while. Well I don't think. I'd get a sore heel the whole time and it was a non contact injury so they had to have known and they have to prepare for that. And nobody can tell me any different there's no way that she didn't have any idea that there's a possibility this is gonna happen you do about it. Except rest the guys but at some point that was gonna. Coming up next week stand the flame is all everybody's talking about last night's Monday night game. And the new iPhone release being a flames and excellent draft the prize presented by toxic waste from the electorate into studios sixty and Sports Radio. Bread banning ethnic Americans he may not be tall. But he is never short on opinions do you have hands or you don't have it eats fanning the flames because it off mile long was already taken care Paul. Excellent we can put something fanning the flames. Let's look at another tangle on the drive. It has a better guy. It until once he got. Most known name in sports today I got my name is Sergio did. If you want your money on football game. Last night the late game you are. You heard that you have you heard this these. He sounds like one of those guys that like when a major that no one has ever before it is Sergio did did you become wanted to Nicholson such as health and plays guys like certain yeah. I cannot. And winning golf. When you got Sergio did out here he's gonna challenged in court to sell it random guy that when the USO he sounds like made a guy that's it it's try to be rushed can't be his real name is really rather like Bob Smith Sergio. Sergio did anyway Sergio did it was a silent report last night. For the Broncos in the chargers in the filed this report. Bad boat it's a pleasure to be good you guys here on the view of remote closed just watching. Both events Joseph the from here. You watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defense the back in the NFL. Yeah. Sergio did that everybody. Couple things here and boom goes the dynamite. Day political life can rip on Sergio did today. This because it was announced it was added 282 years for the TV right it's a sideline reporting Simon reporting the easiest gig there it is. Become a thorough dad's the end yet three bullet point to kick it back up to the Booth. It's what they get a budget biscuits doing it on the silent not there's not. Beautiful over the don't know sports is now what I'm saying. Lot of times they put biscuits on the sideline so Geisel watch all right and I. And it just made I've never heard anybody be referred to as a biscuit but yet made I'd never heard of armistice was a once on the beautiful woman and son biscuit. So wait. I have to be. The world's greatest sports journalist to be a sideline reporter that's that's on trying to get the oldest most inappropriate Sling Media I don't think calling in biscuit Sergio does not come. So it was great reporter to be able to do that she got three bull Portugal. But it. On. It Sergio did today but it's moderate ESPN and since it is the national day of encouragement. And help you care right. Sergio and extending got to do and I understand that is easy he's bilingual writings on the Spanish broadcast he did this in English so I know that stuff all right. I I don't know if like you do the Spanish artists that. But here's the thing. All you have to do was say three things you're right I'm kind of practice on you throw back up to the boot it's really simple. It's not hard I promise you that. You keep it simply throw back up that part of this too is you know this is some cable access. Broadcast or right this isn't solemn. Minor League Hockey game in the middle of freaking nowhere Canada Monday Night Football. SP and put this kid who. Doesn't speak great English. Ought to English speaking broadcast and made him the sideline reporter a silently thanking. That's the part about or understand. Indicated Chileans. Like people are making it seem like this is a big deal it's not a big deal. We just regard 5% of the silent reports unless somebody is injured at the beginning of the day. The kid in his first time Monday night. All these days doesn't. Speak their language. And make it one. I'm glad we care about Sergio do do people are being designed as Sergio gave this apology today. Yeah. The deal its her. A couple of hours trying to digest which just happens to 29 year old Mexican guy. It it's night and I'm in Denver Colorado. And this is yet felt. Monday Night Football looking between the Broncos and chargers the biggest. State Moscow. I was setting my elementary school September. One include Mexico. California. Born in Mexico. Back four and Mexico but growing up in the American environment. As it might Horry. A minority. Head coaches Vance Joseph and I think. So why wanted to do was to show some respect. Making my debut as a minority. On America on national T the biggest. Stage. Under most heartfelt day in this great country NATO by immigrants. And on some people's perspective. You know. That I truly meant no disrespect. Because all the ones do let's show some love to this to historical. Account. Hopefully I don't know lieutenants and this year only the most. Don't have to pull the 9/11 clue about today it's not that big of a deal you messed up sideline report on the second Monday Night Football game the last game we won in the NFL season. Yeah dark guy candles lit in talking about how important. A big deal you made a mistake. Be over Thursday and fought all start to dig have to take the jokes like I always say sometimes it's your turn Sergio did. You're nervous you're lucky as the end you're excited. Didn't mess well. All all saw it live report and is not that big. Sure but he's got a great severed passion and was due that Sergio. Keep it civil you don't need to bring it minorities not to do any that's you know want to bring in 9/11 just am so bored and then. It's also bigger gray and keep it. Simple it's firm it's more about ESP had put kidnap situation does speak great English you wanna do an English sideline report on Monday Night Football how they think I'll get. They just made a mistake. Thought it was ready he wasn't ready Nolan hurt by this no one really cares about this weekend. It was a week one the sector Monday night game at. What 11 o'clock east third in the silent report. Sergio did break you wish you haven't talked about bulge call a game and everybody's talked about Sergio did today. And until he meant it as being as the one that screwed this thing about but the kid that situation he would ready they should have known it. Is it everything about it to me just knowing that Alan Sergio keep it civil next time kid I was able to. I mean it he couldn't do the basics of the side of this report is. Identity that they sell the iPhone the new iPhone coming out right do the eight the aid us in the ten at three until. Yet it is different phones to me this thing they're excited about. More fanning the flames here to me this thing is such a racquet. You know I mean I don't know why I've got a 7 so I am ready to I don't even know half the stuff doesn't. Want to eat an eight natus and it's then it is to me it's like. You know kid by the Czech outstanding grocery story that you your screwed you tell it christmastime. When your kids don't even need. The 1088. Has to be a you don't usually eat it lawnmower in the garage either rate need to go earn the money to go by if that's what you want. Apple to me this is the biggest packet it comes to phones. Pretty. Phones are amazing and most people would know half the crap that does. Just because people buy it and which is amazing to me and what the apple done with l.'s dial was wrong with him on the would skip biscuit making. Do any of the new iphones have a headphone Jack that a real help on that do not have and climate. This is a very simple again I'm out of I'm out of here until we blow it up prick is is they say no that's its Bob's. But. I asked the things I did not a simple no. The evidence does not so say the monologue that I would just say it in the debate in a democracy if I had about a a bushel on. See that it's not a typical lot of mom I really want is they wanna say you go no go get a job. Don't pay outlook McDonald's you don't know Donald money. McDonald's months ago we had in the refrigerator like parenting sometimes way or simple that people try to give it credit for. It did hit result that it you don't wanna buy to go to site. No no. It and got a lot lower at a ski and operate. If you have a job. You can't afford the new. Job in an airplane at the ride along market and the McDonald's and happily and yeah I do that too easy it's the old lawnmower is asking atlas rate equals money to buy the new life. Okay if you can't support and well. I think it's got to be without it. Kids these days to get by with the top life on I'm gonna do. Are they doing just want to tell no unbelievable coming up until met at the top stories of the day they hits involving the royals get a big win today. And the take away from the Monday Night Football game the biggest doors into the city and nationally next on the drive the dry presented by toxic waste from the electorate into studios sixty and Sports Radio.