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The Drive
Tuesday, September 12th

In the final hour, the guys play the hits, discuss whether or not this element of "competition" for Alex Smith can really bring the best out of him, and end the show with some fantasy advice from Heis and CDot admits to being a quitter.


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Good drives and presented by Doe's safety. Think for the most part everybody has been this team I don't know how you can see this a mile away this from fox six it was a confident. This woman was walking through a parking lot when a woman called out to her she says the woman held up a wallet. Filled with cash they decided to keep the money she came back out with unbelievable news you look behind me. In 50000. Pounds in cash it. She said alt he women had to provide some cash to prove they were financially responsible that's when it hit me something. Long meanwhile the car and the other two women disappeared. Along with her 2000 dollars guaranteed if you. Poll this woman and these two people that don't know we're gonna tell them all the money. But instead of taking some of the quality that you'll found they're going to go see the whole personal aides see it in with the bald. Thousand dollars you're going to give that money to people that do not know him and lose sight what do you think happens. I think they robbed. All I wanna know what kind of wallet you had that could be a hundred and beat. Apple's with the public what yeah it was back. Jeremy of course because of that wallets. That filing cabinet to have. Guaranteed Harrison. Ran. Oh god might. Cool off my spot they broke my foot let's head to find a little weird at this place. I thank you so much for listening it is that it's the biggest source of today and it's suitable the more than 610 Sports Radio you pick them challenge sponsored by our friends over Sonny pizza. You make NFL picks each week. And you win great prizes including old shiny pizza giving you. The service of hundred dollars toward the repeats of what your Super Bowl party goes to 610 sports deck. I'm registered today everybody says man I pulled that upset well. This is the way thrust track it in if you know the NFL but rather by sales dollars and pizza it's free to sign up and not be dead it's free decide how much does. Free tweet on the house I need that extended warranty for the price of on the house. Leo cited those guys but do allow those responsible in baseball team good people will walk in my dude. Is that GO races this maybe the first time I rescues under legal. We lost the playoffs last night got a definite. If they do the walking and RBI and we got beat by a team with a lot of sliders and double elimination and you played left field for the royals who think like our young. Offensively. Defensively I don't know I mean but yet downgrade defensively I would definitely be downgraded every in every fat offensively I don't know it's them. It's much of a downgrade offensively defensively certainly doubt it offensively. I don't know what idea got 500 babies over the course of the season we beat you got a lot. No I don't have I don't have a little pocket and now it's the big leaguers are the little pop star pitchers don't pandemic since. I season the biggest stories of the day gave the city I've been waiting for that moment all my life. We talk about them every day and five of. Juan having his scouting report was going on far too long via. Ratings by nice ratings finally did he get as it was only in baseball he got picked sixth that it's okay. They hear about taking the patriots nineteen receiver from duke we got. We got vice ice can't argue with that the end I can't argue that one day doing a doer playoff game next Monday. That this player. Get in his league I spent way too much time reading into this I'm telling you he's a sleeper. So it's baiting when it comes this again everybody got the help other people without hurdles I can help standing when his back. I try to help other people hide under is argued that there though I was certain it's the boys in blue political force but today things to one swing of the bat. From good old Brendon moss is loaded 10 her. There. Early batting track. That's the hall of Famer Denny that he was a surprise that parcel of Cologne is still collecting big leaps out and brought Cologne that my. A triple play 95 I was its. It's the twin listen this is how are out the twins are even though that they're still contending for the wildcard there having a big sexy night to honor Bartolo Colon got a a little bit later on this year but. That's a team that traded away all their pieces. It is still hard to celebrate one of the worst pitchers on their team that's them Tyson who was older. Joseph Louis and he was biting or bottle of Cologne mixed yesterday against the yes he answers yes. Awesome the royals and sit with me Sam severely out of you. It and hang on over the White Sox for the three and game boys in blue absolutely needs the winds got Alexander made it a little Dicey in the ninth but he hangs on to get saved. So we still win but it does the does it concern you guys that the royals at the scrape and claw to hang on against the worst team the American League no not at all you know I say. Eight plus two equals and six plus four equals in five plus five people to say I'm Heidi no those are saying I'd like right now. That's what's doable is to. Can you give the wings still. So I don't care to beat the Yankees at this point he beat the Dodgers which everybody sees you doing out there. It's trying to get to like 85 we have to do to us and I'm not certain they struggled today and the lights I do think this afterward talk about it it's. Both wells that would. I don't know if and buts about it there's no dancing around the wells afterwards. I expect the royals got to fight and claw for every single when they get his activity old profits is inconsistent. There via. They're starting pitching is inconsistent their bullpen is inconsistent so yeah idle. I don't I expect every freaking win that the royals get for the rest of the season to be just at an absolute scrapings off so yes. That's the way it's going to be. How to move away from the royals get back into the National Football League or middle of the money in action last and back to game from Monday night start with the vikings. 2919 winner over the saints Sam Brad. Boomers didn't sewers to bring it up. We'll live boomer sooner ring it up the plea deal that Sam Bradford highs and guy simmering is that we looked fantastic I don't think. And on that and that's always got that points to. Yeah like Ingraham right yeah yeah Sam Bradford Abdul Jew breeze the third Monday night was doing it. Now. Remember that brings us in just. So what's to. The late game Monday Night Football featured a much closer affair with the chargers nearly coming back to. We used for the Broncos is once again the chargers found yet another way to lose put your biggest take away from the team Monday night games last. But let's start with the first day Adrian Peterson is blondes I don't know why ice is fighting and I think he's thinking about it from the fancy football perspective had stormed into the Internet Adrian. Peters in the last two seasons has played in four games at 43 carries for ninety yards. Second point. It's hard. It's a good thing is healthy Sam Bradford the last sixteen games 72 point three completion percentage. Point three touchdowns and five interceptions a healthy Sam Bradford with that defense and they can get doubted that going in the running game. The vikings could be what was surprising teams the NFC in the second game all my goodness the chargers will chargers if there's team. That will be buying gateway to the news and shoot themselves in the foot it is you'll Los Angeles charged into the matter your loss into diplomatic here in San Diego you can not run them you'll. The first game for me ridiculous stadium in Minnesota looks fantastic the thing in that game that really got my attention is Adrian Peterson Peterson you're being John pay. And those two got into it on the sideline I don't care what they said after the game those Stewart get into it and Adrian Peterson was yelling at him from behind are right. From the late in the judge the Broncos game this is what stood out to be the most. That's close to the pleasure to be that you guys here on the field promote love just watching. The event until the premier's. Watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight. Quarterback picked Colorado. Defense to back in the NFL. It the other is on. To that diversity is like them all about it. To freeze to. The kicker sound like ice time on camera and with its sadness at trying to build an yet I don't see how that that's good. You really the game especially the final seven minutes of that game is ridiculous for the chargers did but at least Sergio did. Well I Sergio and here is it shouldn't shouldn't put that physicians get that bilingual. The speaker in English beat and sideline reporter on what football's. Oh two other takeaways from Monday Night Football won the first ones like game we need to listen I totally agree most by one of the most five. Athletes over the last fifteen years like Randy Moss things he did you'll feel as populated countries in the football little bit its second. List of people didn't get it remove their fault that what he accomplished and Rex Ryan right time below average football coach below average broadcaster. Keep fighting job. That's your term that guys that are great interviews man let him interview better than anybody in there it. Anybody they get the gig and can't do did you see those guys. You answered you know I'm just saying Rex Ryan if his dad was Chrysler did you would not be in the NF the shots on the telephone. It. Is so sad to say it's yet it is bad was it. And art and attack the boards six deep into a site. At this spot architect of the force defense would have no Rex Ryan would skiing accident out he's never buy is the pace. Here so this is precisely when they hold. Number three wrecks generosity. That was MVP day event actually having to give her best moments Paula games before. Bullets Rex is it. I was kind of letter NASA yet certain about it did a means to me she was basically. Russell Westbrook. A C and the habits. Or somebody else that links have been excellent point. If blinks at at my dad. Just as a business Leslie there doesn't know she. Specialist Arnott Joe Buck from. It's still little Godzilla to double its blanket and Rex Ryan haven't proven their. Off subtly and it's with a little bit achieve stock including Eric Berry the safety is going to be out for the remainder of the season with a ruptured Achilles that he doesn't message. Court she stands knowing that he will be back bigger and stronger than ever. Kuomintang and our competitive bids. Airlines reports. There's notice confusion. This is going to be better than ever heading into surgery. Are we gonna learn just how valuable Eric Berry is the streets meanwhile is out. I think so I remember nick always told me this that the public never values defensive players being the weighted value offered to players via. But we think about coming opens Thursday. Popular belief that this team would make the playoffs the past homes their quarterback of routes policies that are. I don't think they make the playoffs it's still hurt I don't make the playoffs. Every children's heart I don't think that make the playoffs if three gets injured. Eric Berry is one of the most important players seven most important players on the defense. People change to win prediction or play our expectation for this team which when you battled to forty million dollars is often was first team all pro. And you look at the games he won I think he helped was absolutely a big part the only way any big reason why you went Carolina. I'd be shocked if you haven't released at the time acknowledging how valuable experience and and you will know when it's changed when expectation of him being out the rest. So I think the differences. In safety for the chiefs vs quarterback excited. Or outside linebacker or receivers is that there's more depth at that position. So what will be felt absolutely. I haven't heard there there's got to be felt. But I think overcoming yet they did a lot of things crawl again I don't face another died and like Rob Gronkowski the rest of the season. So yeah I mean. If you lose Kelsey your big troubles you whose daughter Jill big trouble with you there are very well it's such an egg cheese can overcome it still a couple of. I think they can do it too. Again that I guess my question is how valuable do we think Eric Berry is if we think this team could still make the players around him being one the team to seize. I don't need you more than just covered tight ends like Eric Berry is one of the more important players heart and soul of that team. Guess I'm just surprised maybe I'm the only person that thinks it's not a surprise that not mean people are changing their expectation for this team. Based on not having a player as important as him when their team. And that is that its board today. There's royals conversation because we don't have an opportunity to talk before tomorrow's game because dig into play at 115 tomorrow. I think too many times we say this game is X must win doesn't really early in the season I'm guilty of its who some odd points things of he went up poignant myself. And the rules we need to Wednesday they really need to win today. Mean it's game that's more important for the royals into more it's just from the outside looking in. This team has been struggling kind of treading water the last what 67 weeks. And Holmes series in September against the Chicago White Sox we all agree the White Sox wave the white flag who months ago. The White Sox are not going anywhere they're not competitive. They're not a good baseball team. You cannot allow that team to come in at Kauffman Stadium in DU two of three if you are legitimate playoff team I don't care how you have to do it tomorrow that's got to be doable and only game. If you got a scratch and claw. I just really struggled to see this being a playoff team if in September you're romping home series as Chicago White Sox but does what everybody wanted. Schedule opens up in the but in September you have these kind of series a home made got to take care of business in this because there's not a lot of time left. This well I'll take a step further to see yeah yet to win the market has taken its toll must win game occasionally after that. You got four on the road to get to Cleveland Indians who won nineteen straight. All right. We can all sit here and agreed unless something crazy happens which doesn't baseball. That it would that series in Cleveland. Ladies' hottest team in baseball. Nineteen straight so they need a win tomorrow and that Eric Scoble and on the map. All right so they've got to win that game they've got Ford Cleveland they've got four in Toronto. Three more in Chicago and they've got to get the Yankees. For Emeka games you're looking at 12345678910. That's an eleven game road trip that they're about to go. So yes tomorrow is mostly I don't think there's there's anyway around it. And and kind of cool on this team make in the wild card for awhile in more than anything besides the trades are not working out when it was clear this team was expecting a little bit of a boost in reinforcements to come. In late July. It's two things. Hey I think they're limping to the finish line from a health standpoint I don't think anyone would consider the royals a healthy team no change no moose today in a very important game. To your offense producers in this. And if we consider starting pitching the currency of baseball in a lot of Smart baseball people much more than myself say momentum is only as strong as your next day stars. If we include scope when tomorrow this for five man rotation right now. Jake Jonas. Jason Vargas Jason Hammel seeing the view Leo in air skull and those guys were in all on to start the season. Tomorrow is a must win their very important most important game of the season cannot lose game before you go on an eleven game road trip and play hottest team in baseball right now Eric school glands or on the mound yesterday. Does don't know if they have the horse is I don't know if they have the Jews on what they have the bodies to get over the hump. That I'm not one to tell the world that he would do something I've seen over the last two seasons every time you tell McCain you suddenly find a way to do it. Men who are doing whistle. You're not doing what they're healthy emotion not do it with the LT Cain you're not do it with the help you Salvi and look at this rotation. This rotation is what the five worst in Major League Baseball. It's just hard to get over the home with all those decisions. You know a year like we see this in politics all the time you watch you know presidential elections the path to the presidency electoral votes here here and there. I don't know the royals are in the wins after tomorrow. I mean with the exception go to Chicago. If they don't like tomorrow and you got four against Cleveland. Yeah it. Tomorrow. Is an absolute must when you mentioned three guys and a lot of it there's got to that are going to be aliens gotta just picked up two guys thank you to even with the royals so I mean the data even. You know because you've got a guy picked up off the waiver wire two weeks ago two weeks ago and got a digital law and you think that. You got a legitimate shot at the locker again I'm with kit so these guys that they can't do something is in the turnaround they do. Many who saw the Dodgers lose in general who's on the into an in nineteen straight baseball's crazy. If that could happen the royals can do this too but it's going to be really difficult that's like tomorrow's game is a must win for. All right again for a Cleveland three in Toronto three Chicago and then make a game in New York against the Yankees eleven game road trip after tomorrow yet they've got to win them. Tears I should get the hot take sounder ready for this out of you know I don't know if it's not. But let's have to take. Ready if the royals make the playoffs with this team it will be more impressive than to only fourteen and fifty. How you duel with the guys they currently I am now again your rotation is Joan is Vargas Hamel the V Leo it's coldly. It's not like you're pulled in is what it wasn't he fortunately fifteen I don't know her clothes are right now. Offensively. Your home run leader is clearly banged up. Your potential hall of fame catcher is banged up right now chains banged up. Maybe if you make the playoffs with this team if you could find a way. Suggests weasel your way in the play offs tell you that's not more impressive what they did in when he foresee just fifteen. The investing in Major League Baseball mean we knew the royals were a ninety win team from the beginning of the season they went out and they made adjustments and it is did what most of us thought they could do. And Tony fourteen as improbable as that and tell me this wouldn't be greater. In 2014. To handle the bull in three starting pitchers they gave you 200 innings a really deep rotation. Solid offensively for the most part a power. Wasn't there but a solid offensive team. This seems not really great at anything I would argue it's not really good too many things. Look at the health look at the injuries that you have a look at your rotation I think this is more improbable than make in the playoffs and point fourteenth if they make it with this team. This be the best managing job that Ned Yost has ever done it is about bigger away. Weave your way into the second wildcard spot with this group right now. Best best man you got that guesses that are edited because let's be honest lease from the pitching standpoint pretty easy in 1415. Get through 56 innings turn over the and see you later man on the go back and have a shoe in the dugout probably back a couple of now. If if if Ned Yost can manage his way he can manage this team and day violent and that group if they can figure a way to get this team into the playoffs that's coaching job I've you know on top. Tax on 690s or six only argument against this being more impressive is the feeder up against me that's the thing that is holding the royals up right now. And the American League at least for the wild cards is not very competitive this year that the top this shortly establish itself have a really good idea of who's making the playoffs. At least in terms of winning their division or at least grabbing one of the wildcard spots. Who's getting a second wildcard spot just passing on last week national baseball back here's a feel comfortable making a picked because now. A lot of average in Minnesota would make the playoffs right now of the angels who were three games over 500 or one game back Texas. Is too odd games back only one dealer 500 I mean the royals are 500. In that two and a half games out of that I'd I'd like I said as the last three weeks all it needs is one decent stretch from the royals in the playoff but can't. Do tell I don't know take until eleven game road trip forum in Cleveland that you did say crazy it is in each of the teams. The Minnesota to address of the season ended they get that second wild card and they were sellers. The Texas Rangers were sellers. They just turn and Yu Darvish to the Dodgers. And the Rangers are in the mix and it's the weirdest you have ever seen the American. Coming up next we keep hearing that Patrick Holmes is going to push Alex Smith this season but we really know what that means we discussed that an excellent draft. Tried presented by sinking us from the electrocution and studios sixty and Sports Radio. Silicon. Hours with a big play here 78. Yard. The mansion Ron. Because we all know to predict what happened in the NFL after we won the top three quarterbacks all. Alex Smith Sam Bradford injured golf I predict. I've always liked the opinion of former NFL players. Guys play the game guys have been in the meetings guys know the schemes and concepts but I have to disagree a little bit. With two of our football cast the first clip on the plate for you is sick days from Dane in huge. Who all with today's shift in talked about Alex Smith Patrick Holmes and their relationship. We make a lot of noise who Emeka a lot of chatter about what pat Holmes warrant from out there well. What today that can learn a lot from her mobile and I think that's what happened. Throughout the pre season and throughout training camp that he saw this young man make broad years. One knock back at it for Alice Schmidt as the pertain to his receivers that well what we're seeing people on route. I look receivers were on route to a certain death and inventive stuff. Cause they had a VO aggravate it basically knew that they were not gonna get the ball. They are not attributes that are the third option on the ground was not gonna get the ball guys that we're gonna go down field now squarely with not gonna get the ball please log I've started jogging. Well maybe not running it's Crist for route. As you would like them to. To run. Now oh god or you don't try it at the bit they're celebrating and different model because they actually look at my home we're seeing how that affected out here. And the fruits of those guys that were there were some of that mindset children itself on Thursday night. All the cuts from bill mosque here in just a bit this is my outlook on Alex Smith announced pertains to Tony seventeen sees. I kinda look at that first game like baseball players that for the first month just as an incredible hot. And you know that there's no way you can maintain your 400 average. It's going to regrets now what does it regressed to is the question we have to ask ourselves. What do you the most loyal Alex Smith defender can't agree. He's not going to be the best quarterback in the NFL this season and throw for over 350. Yards in three touchdowns every single week let's say on pace for 64 touchdown doesn't fit that your that's not what's happening this season with Alex Smith. I think Alex Smith is what he's at this point. We have seen eleven seasons now and is twelve season multiple teams in multiple head coaches multiple coordinator Alex Smith. We all have a really good idea of who Alex and it is. What Alex it is so I personally have always rejected the notion we can talk about it maybe people disagree with me. That we're gonna see this hair on fire and new and improved version of Alex Smith what's the saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks at odds with just 24. That still room to grow to mature in it's still trying to figure around his way in the NFL. Smith is what he is at this point you know he is and you know when he's not. He's not to be god goes out there and those 34 interceptions he's not going to be the one to take risk and put short team in a lot of bad situation. He's also not gonna be the got to make a lot of balls he plays in big time rose to go out there and quote unquote win games. I feel like we're maybe try to confuse it because of what happened we wanna how special was. I've seen these individual gains announcement for the playoff game against Indianapolis in week one last season against San Diego. I agree he was last year we want this to open fifteen touchdown passes this season. This week one change or outlook long term for Alex Smith the album now or for 4000 yards and thirty touchdowns. If not we've just seen these kind of games and output from out Smith. Say this though when highland. Level alpha dog hyper competitive guys. You put them outside their comfort zone a little bit and it's a good thing for dues like that all right. Smith isn't just playing for this year. Smith displayed for next year because he's got you know he's is agent knows he's gained and it does this is that alms team next year. So she is playing for beyond this season. And we got somebody behind you. Did you know I was gonna take your game. I got a couple choices and get pissed off about it you can lie about it you complain or can go out there and be incredible. And at least four week one. That's what he's done. So. I don't know if pat Holmes is going to push. Alex Smith or not but I can tell it is he's outside his comfort zone for guys like that that's a good thing for sure people. You get the exact eat you get the the complete opposite reaction. But for really cerebral quarterback Alex Alex Smith. Okay I'm embrace change I got a couple choices here and be pissed off about it that they went undrafted guy the first round gonna take my job or. It's got a lot of football left in the show. Show everybody that I can play is that people should do well and played somber day plea Tom rating. You guys doing this before what I am in May be part of it is because they Chase Daniel Naples gonna take his job now. Holmes is there's nothing is short for Alex Smith passed disease. For nothing and it is to keep playing football that he's got to have a killer season and he knows it. I guess I mean this in like a very light since this isn't this announcement point. How much of a leader and great player can you be if this is the only way you're motivated to go out there and play your best telling me it doesn't appear that's probably going to put it up from bill moss. He's just been holding back on the deep ball in holding back on making big plays in being at the next level of quarterback. Because I think it seems that when the ten best rosters in the NFL I think the thing most holding them back is the quarterback position. But if you could just pluck a great quarterback or a really good quarterback for another team I think this team could win the Super Bowl the season. So we now think that was the homes now there is gonna have this new scheme Oval Office after five years of now seen Alex Smith but that's the park I just. I don't really know how to quantify that with Alex because if you believe audible believe it or we talked army but it does seem that in numbers at the embassies are reminded of yeah it was say. This was far and away the best your ballot Smith and he took a step to being that next year quarterback. Usher where you have ballots with rank and shorts twelve to fifteen somewhere that rage. Izzy and now like a top team quarterback this season because he's being pushed Bible may or is gonna see the same QB we've seen for eleven seasons and it. Like we haven't seen announcement in this offense shortly. This is your twelve rounds and he's never no more than 3500 yards. He's never go more than 23 touchdown passes so we save this next level and being challenged how we quantifying that without. I don't know well look at look at baseball players who want to use and they're about to become a free agent you'll see guys. At decent years and so that's a lockyer that it 3.5 32 bombs we're back now. Listen. Athletes are no different in the rest of us in a lot of ways I hit a rut you can just go out there giving your best penalty it. So sure things wake you up at Smith. The conclusion. Because she's did that he's not their guy next year so again you got a couple of choices will take summer has. Until people can do. Or or not or be pissed off because they drafted I don't know that's the case or not out of any. I've got no proof I've got nothing. On to say a lot of times take a really cerebral guy and really hyper competitive guy and a quarterback to do like Alex Smith and you say you're job is not secure up to this year just not our right. Mantra to got traded up seventeen spots to get them. Hey listen you're just not secure gears so. And so it is so you wanna be here is to sue you or or play your ass off and get another gig somewhere I mean those choices and you know guys responded that some guys do some guys Dell and maybe that's it may be in the homes there is the spark. You know maybe that's it I've no idea but I I could understand if that if that's part of the deal. Tax on 69 preserve succeed up for some reason not just football athletes in a contract you're always performs their top level as the pressures on there's no way of being comfortable. Hosmer is a great example someone else's seat Hosmer and moves. That's a good comparison. Most hit. 35. Home runs this season. Eric Hosmer has the second highest batting average if you can tell you what the spec different balance that is just saying it because it sounds good. If someone thinks announcement the ball for 4000 yard season and thirty touchdown pass to know which is. Because I think at embassies and it's just going to be announced that year but you can certainly Winwood that you're not trying to make it seem like that's not good enough for the chiefs. I think Alex Smith has played eleven seasons is 33 years old. His career high in passing yards is 3500. Into in his career highs 23. Do we think she's taking a big jump this year because that's what people think. If it's that contract year and now you got pressure showing up to play it for your job and all this kind of stuff. May not see that I see that correlated in the stands I better see you throw. 500 more yards you have any other point this season I literacy authority touchdown season because it's not. If he goes 3600 yards four touchdowns how the in the season can we say he was motivated by actor mobile. Do you departed I think makes this whole conversation really interesting is the the fact that Tar Heels the number one receiver now how much does that open things up for guys like Kareem on Chris coming Travis Kelsey. I Becky change everything to me tell me Jerry back as the birdie to burn like Tyreke you know. Average yield nobody is exactly so. I mean how can that affect Alex Smith. You know and Ed is Tyree killed could be the difference and it in the county that out Smith says I mean. You know if you don't if you don't have a guy that can get a lot of separation injury back it was a very good last year. Italy's other fields and you know and so and so let's factor that into it too so it's Tyree till he may be the god get out Smith over the hump once this is. Bill mossy agrees with you stating he thinks that Alex is going to be pushed Beimel homes this season we're gonna see in new improved Alex Smith. When your player you know. The debt behind you pay your charter vehicle built to be argue that these two guys are well like my Dutch French pure. But I think when you if you look look at Holmstrom do that you build. That might push a little bit harder to concentrate all of to the little bit more I know that my position partly competition Jim Longley trip to go to player picked up players. Execute since it went straight to Mike Dee. And I would concentrate war blows things that setback could do took that are marking sort of tickets. A ticket but it's a culmination of a lot of things uterus and see how this progresses Nazis. That's our football insider bill moss joins us on Friday I I does have two questions with Alex Smith maybe we just don't have the answer to a we will find at the in the season. If you believe that which bill moss does he just said. Why would that she's not getting more from Alex Smith. Last season why did we get by a fifteen touchdown passes from outs and why was he holding back why it was not challenging downfield. Why would he not doing those things last season as a starting does that. Medical place. To get on well that's part of it I think that's part of it too I mean I think I think part of that the only Andy Reid right. Mean if he's he's not in charge of like hail to go deep well it erased all the place you know it's and that's part of it I think the other part of it too is military kill. You being used different I think that's gonna change everything for outs at. Yeah and I again and I got my second question would be why would that she's doing the slasher Allison had these kind of capabilities the second thing is. Can we quantify what new and improved and better talisman is like at the text line is saying about the contract year and OK that's fine. But I can point to all right hey of the conflict your Brown's court are skewed before or not look what happened. He did his best season this year hit 31 ain't gonna hit the most home runs and easier he clearly outperformed. What are you what we expected him to do this season. Same thing from my sock is contract year never showed this kind of power stayed relatively healthy throughout the course of the season that's I expect in a contract year. If we think that's what this is for Alex if you plan for jobs plan for all those things. We going to be able to see that the new season because of we. It was either in the season other cities court that his team next season if balanced India 4000 yard pass are an authority touchdown got. I could see that she thought of themselves into hey let's roll the dice game we get Eric Berry back next season Justin Houston if he stays healthy. You win a Super Bowl quarterback those for 4000 yards and thirty touchdown passes like that say that's a quarterback I would just cut. That's not a quarterback averages trade or second round draft pick like apple announcement so that's what we're talking about how it's going to be the quarterback for two more seasons and not just one. If he's going to take that kind of jumped the seed. But it is no guarantee that he's even going to be here he knows that. You know and and would hyper competitive dudes. That plays a big role. You know the hair on the back here next stands up like okay this countless take my job and hang onto it as long as I freaking can. And if he's gonna take it next year and guess what to show what I can do. I'll get it next year. Because actually competitors and that's the way these these dudes are on a different. Level because of competitiveness in the majority. Of guys are animals from a competitive standpoint and and when you go what you get a guy is gonna take your urge. Telling me guys in the NFL are wired different than the rest of she's Adrian Peterson last night screaming Sean Payton he's wanted to be in a game in room one under on the football. Even though you believe Adrian Peterson is washed up he may be. You don't feel that way and that's the way high level competitors they too they don't think that the washed up they don't think that they got items that are but the. You're getting you're gonna give me your court on me on a show coming up next Tennessee advise with ice and get you ready for the waiver wire this week and why one player's injury would make me quit fantasy football forever and it's about lies next to drop. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studio sixty and Sports Radio. On sixteen and Sports Radio. Playing some former NFL players. Opinions on Alice and stay you must buy homes this season text or texted text on six I preserves its because it to play this hair on fire this season. It will take 3700 yards and 25 touchdowns. That you perfectly fine and give us. Over the hump. So Ben Roethlisberger and that's what they're local burger once last season the problem brewer had 3800 yards passing last season 29 touchdown passes. I dealt with what I've seen from Alex Smith Eddie turns into Ben Roethlisberger maybe he will he now has his version of Antonio Brown. We are going to see a new aim for I'm Alex Smith. I just think we do is have a lot of battles on the other side that would suggest that's likely not going to happen this season. I mean that's basically what that press got what I didn't Oprah 28 touchdown passes last year in that press got through four. 3667. Yards 23 touchdowns last season. Pretty good here and you can win with that kind of quarterback I just haven't seen that consistently from Alex Smith to think that's now the ceiling but again. He is never any deep field threat the way Travis are anti retail is. This is the I would say in the second best pass catcher he's played with with Travis Kelsey who was in the league level tidy and we will see you were going to see the new improved Alex Smith I just would not bet on myself well. I think it careened into as and that makes it if he turns out to be the guy that we think he's gonna be granted we've only seen him for one game it about three pretty elite offensive weapons. It hill Kelsey and Kareem ha so. That that could factor in as well. He is in full swing equal in the Euro as of is is after week one. Let's see if price is gonna overreact to Italy nice blues isn't necessarily about overreaction as Tennessee advised that ties sponsored by the good people of fantasy sports markets dot com. They're changing the way you plea daily fantasy football and that a fantasy sports markets dot com. Answer the promo code 610. Benny get fifteen dollars to use in your week to line interview on who little baseball Easter leaves us certainly can do that down the stretch. Over a fantasy sports markets dot com where there is no salary there a couple of injuries that played a substantial role over the weekend. Notably David Johnson going down Alan Robinson Danny what had. So today's Tuesday it was means today is the big waiver wired and they give you couple running next couple wide receivers the target. If you are one of those people that had situation on an injury Sadler solitary column with the Chicago Bears. This is a terrific pick up for anybody that is in need of the volume running that is that there's nobody to throw it. If Kendall Wright and that's pretty much it Jordan Howard is not a good pass catching back. Cohen at thirteen touches vs Atlanta I actually think he benefits Jordan Howard owners because less volume for powerful keep him healthy that's been an issue in the past. So especially PPR leads to odd to recall would be nine number one at a running back. Also Chris Parsons the Seattle Seahawks right now Russell Wilson can't hold the ball for more than a few seconds without getting crushed because this terrible offense line. So they are running back who can catch the ball out of the backfield. I was rolls back in the next but he is likely dog the guys get hurt again so I would say if you look at Chris Carson he's probably your best long term at the but the running back spot. And then buck Allen with the Baltimore Ravens. I mean houses bombed out as anybody when Danny what had went down the buck Allen stepped in. Did an admirable job it's anyone cares about eighty yards actually out snapped out Terry Terrence west it was the start. So the ravens don't have an issue feeding him the ball. And we know how much they love to pass to running backs that you recall interest Carson and buck Allen are all three names of running back I would consider adding this week especially if you've got hurt with somebody like David Johnson going down same with anyone and on the wide receivers I'd. Corey Davis of Tennessee Titans he led Tennessee with ten targets also ended up with six catches and 69 yards I think this'll be a common thread each week he's the most talented pass catcher on this team is a first round draft pick to go along with the shark Matthews and Eric Akron Delanie Walker. Cooper cop. Another guy with consider adding he is on the Los Angeles rams Hewlett the rams and targets of 76 yards and a touchdown he's become Jared God's favor wide receiver in LA. At a marquee Easley is another one that I would look more towards the future he's the wide receiver one currently on Jacksonville. Alan Robinson went down with an injury he's done for the year is torn ACL they need a number one wide receiver he's most talented guy and that team after Alan Robinson. So I still think we'll use Leonard Burnett is out of the past but I expect far greater results moving forward. For somebody with the talent level mark easily that's as it by surprise and it's is that. If you. Invested in being he would head that is a huge thing. Danny would instantly bored team played in three games in fifteen he was healthy to give you sixteen. Last year you played in two games you already got hurt in year one of his last four seasons having cut short due to injury if you invest that Indy would that's your fault. Of course it's your funny if you invest in any body. On your roster the risks that you're assuming you deserve to be prepared in case one of these guys goes down sharply this is in the united underdogs to get into right. Would you like for running maximum month. So that's that's why you have to have a lot of depth at running I. The running back I still us dollar bucks forums alive and in forum is you really invested in the running back position speaking out I'm exaggerated that might like to speaking of injuries that so it's a sign ask of the Seahawks used AP and takes them back as of the Seahawks have enough unproductive runners why would you go to another one. And the guys that what you just don't like AP. Don't Adrian Peterson but it's over it's computers and is done. Last two seasons four games. 43 care he's ninety. Yards. Ninety cards yet done that I'm sorry it's where he's. Multiple injuries. It's so Adrian Peterson and the still believe Adrian Peterson still had a little bit alike profane as the owners the rest of us. We we acknowledge that it's over pretty Adrian Peterson thinks he has he had a great and for age and Peterson is a first ballot hall of favorite the five best running backs to ever play. But it's over for Adrian Peterson had time coach everybody. It's gonna come from Brady at some point it came for Peyton Manning. Getting into when he fourteen in the 2015. Just infinitely happened just wants to in the NFL bicker and Peterson's washed up. Our backs up what you were saying about read the running backs if I rant that David Johnson. And he got injured. I would quit fancy Opel and adamantly I don't wanna be in my league. It's so sad about what's sad about that. There so personal listening to wit through it says here that there's one person listening that went through this. They were all excited about NIC football team back in the start NFL season. They got the magazines they listen and Matthew beer is podcasts probably the NC for ultra again we've put a charge was on the Internet. Reading and researching spending hours I got top three pit. Like you know. Taking Dave Johnson & Johnson last season 15 best players union can't heads. You know he's going to be heavily involved in that seems op things he's gonna catch he's he's got to run the ball effectively. That's a very solid fit the album in my league. We want and one of the NFL season and they've asked. His wrists. It's. And you right now. Give me my money back out really well and he currently works in. The world works according to care and admirals and then sign a way to get out I as news. You don't see it. Yeah yeah program that you know I hate you hit eight balls that we won. Do better. You lost no. Loss no stars go downhill every you know. Typically they didn't go down literally anyway press it. So you I'm a millennial that would staking out a way that bill while this does tell you invested 500 dollars and has over read what I also need to be fought for you that's the case it did on it's impossible absolutely ticket at odds it's it's the pod cast mates expense or stock com. Also available writes it was the big bank expected tomorrow in the draft she'll answer. Presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio.