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Tuesday, September 12th

The second hour opens with the hottest 59 second show in sports followed by a discussion on the Chiefs best case injury scenario. If you had to pick one key player/position to loose, who would it be?  We also get a surprise call from a Clemson fan explaining their tradition along with discussing Romo's play by play calling. 


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Dived for the last 592. Show and all of radio. Or black maids in the award winning 592. Show it's a lot. Like we haven't heard from the best 592 show and a while I am indeed your house Stephens and sponsors are most certainly bending. Last night Los Angeles chargers dropped the season opener at Denver after. Young Hoch with a chargers rookie kicker was ice then had his kick blocked failings and the game in overtime. Young no clue who I'm a big fan of him and he does back flips he makes field goals and picked him up my fantasy league. This was not his fault and I'm going to go ahead and blame Anthony land charges new head coach. For the horrendous clock management that the charges he is. During the final minute of that game and you act Philip Rivers rivers are seasoned veteran how are you not aware that you have. That's with forty seconds and again. And two of this show what your own. Run as soon. A shout out to listeners. Put those fingers today. Please salutes you. For allowing NBA small part. It seems they evening. Who Leo's Sainz is produces this bed away. And island chain gang. Then than mr. Steve. Certain who is happy football's back. Bronson. Can't wait to baseball lives at this. Eileen my ban all day and lots of ball. As awesome. Our best days I've had a long time that's that's two. Once it in the. The bulk talking and I'm glad Adam out here. Appalled talking Clinton fan base. Pumped out and still firing messages that me and I'm just responding with the ship it. Tony it is the enemy to all that tray and gave the plants. Needed wanna do us a list of its in this at a this is real hard. And we had a little a little. Disagreement upon this I think. Eric Berry had surgery today to repair the ruptured Achilles. Which is an awful awful loss all horrible injury. For him down guy who's playing his best football of his career. And he is out for the season is was announced last week. By. I did at that's not to make a thought and dig deeper into this injury and I hate you with this thought. Okay. My my theory is going to be really test as I've I've been in many people who listen to me for a long time. Even when we averages when it was the night shift the least do shows. Or sporadically. I was I was one that was against Eric Berry being signed and I still think it does it I still. I still think it was too much money we have a salary kip. But I'm not gonna sit here and say that he has and its special over the last year and a half hours. He's been one of the best players Lee probably should have been. Right there with the Leo Mac in. Defensive player of the year last year and he was fantastic before he had injured. This year but what I say is. The reason why would pay aired varies must pay that much money for Eric Berry is because. Of his position I don't think his position of in the safety position of importance is not as. Valuable as other positions. On the feet and LB test. Because that's this out you know NASA if we. Were to take a look at our role bowl caliber players are Pro Bowl caliber caliber players on this team. Enemy which we can throw him out Travis Kelsey. Tyreke kill. Markets Peters. Chris Jones I would say is it that just in Houston. Some may say. I exit Erik Fisher is Pro Bowl caliber of the way he's been playing. Mean Karim how can fall into that category with us and they are running back if something GAAP book of the month and down the chart Kendrick what he's won games I'm not gonna bring it to Derrick Johnson did wanna play that. I I would literally say it's. If you said to me. Okay. It's horrible losing any of them would be awful. But years they'd be you got to hit. One of those Pro Bowl caliber players. That you head to play without. I think because of the position. Because of the debt because of the importance. Of other positions. Air dreary. Probably would be. First or second for me. Would dairy justify it if I had to choose one of I'd this and and it's not because he's not great and it's not because I think they're going to florist they're not going to be as good of the defense without him. But I just I just believe. And how ot watch football. For the way the game has changed to it is today the safety position is not as import. As those other disease. And I do partially agree with that I just think that Eric Berry used yard he said he used playing the best football of his career and he looked. Every bit of the best safety in the NFL in that game against the patriots he was. He shut down Rob Gronkowski for the most part is making plays he was hitting hard he looked. Fantastic in that game and why I think Eric Berry is a little bit more important than your average NFL safety. Is the way the chiefs used their secondary in the way they utilized their safeties because now. While they do have depth there whereas Ron Parker and Sorensen and they move a lot of guys are on the field. It's going to hurt and I having a bit this is endeavors are not that that's and it is not gonna hurt. But. Yes I think there are other people that are far more valuable and I ate some people got mad at me on Twitter because I kind of said the same thing I said they. It sucks it hurts losing aired buried but if you lost just in Houston I think Justin uses far more irreplaceable. And Eric Berry is to the steep. Good are there and I think it's six on 69306. You give you can roll in here let us know of those scouts global caliber players. Who would be your number one pick through and I had to pick one for me it would be Eric period Gary Johnson and and I guess it it's not like it's not hurt to him they would they are hurting this is a bad bad loss. It's not cripple like. I think as you said Jesse Houston. Would be far more Tripoli. Because that your role in in with frank nom. Got a magic this team look you watched it. You watched when he three at 39 out here Phil gains. And tents Mitchell. Did you imagine that those two got for the starting corners. And there was no mark is Peter's. I am and market speeders and other just in my opinion has just amuses you know he's another irreplaceable. Player. Knew I mean that we it would you be Elena hand basket. So let's say there Fisher all right. Whose role in in there without Erik Fisher we saw all the tubes. Put pat we're pat home. I don't even know who what is the debt to for the teeth all would be the person coming in or Eric finished. I mean I. And they might move that. I kid that they just traded for from Cleveland are crimes camera everybody who is obviously a sitter. Senator regard. Is Jeff does tackle they got Mitchell Schwartz as is back up the right tackle. Mitchell Schwartz and Cameron. And they had Jordan. Debbie exact full. As a long list behind him good luck with that. It's just it's it's devastating because Eric Berry was genuinely. Playing at the top of his game and I think. Outside of a 100% healthy Earl Thomas then Eric Barry is the best safety in the game. Earl Thomas we saw last year when Seattle Los Earl Thomas. That defense was still good but it wasn't the same as I got burned a lot more often they did. In previous years with Earl Thomas wasn't the same but that's not what the law I mean they gave up six points in a plea of not for their they were still audiences and I. I think that the chiefs defense has a lot of big pieces in our very very good. Ike. I think that is the case and I think they get up hole likes he handles the Penske. With the loss at that position. So Earl Thomas eight you know like you said they weren't as good you're not gonna lose their Iberian Earl Thomas off the defense could be the saint. But rod Parker is probably a better cover. Tougher guys than your vary it day you'll swords and had a pretty good year last year and shall strides and we watched him in training camp. It looked pretty good also. And I mean they had like they had to get there are just telling you to take Tyreke he'll. All that off. A couple of now. Eight you take Tyreke heal or Travis Kelsey one of them to all that off. I'm hearing asinine people around this video of the dumbest things. From another place off out of the city talking about. The way the way they hear it there aren't that Travis Kelsey X. They need to just making a block and tell them they'll throw him the ball whenever they get to stop. You take your head as you'll see her or Tyreke kill off this office. Then you can just keel and one of them. I'm and it rushes the way that that crushes the office with one of them aren't so I just they aired Mary's position in what he does. Very important. Probably playing the best of his career. But he's he's just not as valuable in my opinion to those other spot. And it's just. And that. And that particular area of the field they do have depth there. They don't really have that much depth that cornerback right now especially with Stephen Nelson being hurt the lord. And so I mean yeah you're down to your speed corners. So you media and ENN anchor yeah yeah that you need those guys out there if if something were to happen Chris Jones yes it's a blow but their run defense still doesn't look very good. And they have tons of depth on the defensive line now DJ. I may depth at inside linebacker but we seen them play and still be a very good defense about Derrick Johnson. They were just horrible against the run which they still don't look all that great against the run they were horrible in the room with. Boss yet. Like any here's requested that they gets. Thrown out at a lot. And people don't understand and I get to from the 13 and they we can talk about this on the other side. From the 13. Where is Fisher ranked in the league as far as best left tackle he isn't top tier tackle like theory is that safety. Our gift that. But he's here here's here's a sneaky thing to you. I don't even I don't think it's that. Big of a deal this year. Last year. Alex Smith was much more valuable. Than Eric. And Alex Smith who was nowhere near. Top. Tier quarterback at his position. But some positions matter more than others. Like you can say winner is. Where is Eric Fisher in terms of tackles. Third we watched did you see the Houston Texans. Did you see the Houston Texans give up insects at their quarterbacks couldn't give it ain't good at it. Could it do anything did you see Patrick Holmes in the pre season when he was with. 77. Yes and you're excited that Watson starting in Houston and they are yeah I had it left tackle. It was currently holding out there and got anger at the John watts and up a little scared of it's like so. His positions a little bit more like let we sit this. Earl Thomas. This that last half of the year for Seattle. They didn't lose games. Because Earl Woods near that loss gates is George H Sox. They trade Max Unger who was a Pro Bowl caliber office of blood that to the saints. Or receiver they don't use it Jimmy Graham they sucked because our offensive line can't block. So positions matter born that's the big reason why we talk about. All the talk about my theory. Will be tested and I promise if I hit it achieved self destruct that struck there's a deep meant an air dairy. Is amiss in a way that they largest Peters will be missed I will combat and I will admit that I was wrong about the state. Are you. Here to Columbus you miss that we were. He's got stops and NASDAQ gaining. Where did you never know leukemia and blinking on and we'll give him is that. About his thoughts on this would you miss this. We Eric Berry and his surgery today and you know he's up for the year. You're under a rock. You did note that your kid city and it's a horrific injury horrible injury and it. Makes the team worse this defense is not the same with their peers. But. The series that I pushed out and not sit not a proponent. The NFL to me is about. Certain positions that are more important than that and quarterback to me is obviously number one's stopping the quarterback is number two which means a pass rusher to meet number three is. The receivers and that is corners because a lot of times you try to send pressure and if you can have quarters who were anything close to shut down corners. That is huge for you. If you see markets Peters. Doesn't have help in just covers one person and takes people out. Of games that huge and bid to be. You know pushing this is offensive line. Tackle. I would just draft tackles all the time and if they. Were bad movements. And did to me. A play maker of some support it bigtime playmaker that could be had been running back at receiver at tight and I think those are beautiful the five most important position. And to me safety is just not. They're I think they're even more position other positions that come out in front of I'd rather have I'd rather have. Another. Topped one he. Corner then a top five safety. My god I'd like to be or top twenty. Top thirty pass rusher than top five safety because the position just doesn't impact winning is our. And I I'm seeing a lot of well Eric Berry is. Over the top play helps markets Peter said that doesn't really translate to how the chiefs user vary because she's use Eric Berry. I'm tight ends most of the time in coverage and they use him in the box of trying to help protect against Iran because he's such an attack and that tight ends the it's just the comedy. By the way and rod Parker they let him please and but haven't given Eric switched off and let the gap but rob Parker is back there more often and Eric is because Eric is rampart does that give attack Eric Berry Ken lay people laugh. Eight yeah eight played the run into plays run better those things. But until it and I said Eric he's tried to ship via that if we edit out till Eric Berry. Right to let's face that I had what I senate. Eric Berry. S turn the leaf over in some form or fashion on this cover two deals. Because the main reason that I would sign here is what I wanna give safety that much money. You know and two bit. It is his full wall. Let's comforts. Ended this day and aids would you have a person in the secondary who's flawless coverage and a passing lead that's problematic. But he's improved I mean he's improved it to a place. You know where you know generally you don't see someone with. Aides getting better and well and am makes you wonder if maybe it was. Everything he had to overcome to get to this point is why it took him so long to reach that truly. Elite level because he talked about he had an ACL early on in his career and that it really seemed like it took him. A season and I have to get back and look like the same type of player that they drafted. And then he had overcome cancer and now he's got the key least they're just when he was starting to become the best safety in the NFL. He's been through a lot is I love the guy but but safety is one of the most important positions on the football field I'll we have to. Current modern day teachers easily won his Jamaal Charles are no longer plays the team and they're there. And it and ancillary once except electoral overlooking your queries ability to stop run ought not ease ease the best safety in the league at stopping the run. Just unfortunately the way the league is. Stopping the run is not. As in like updates as if your safety. Would you want your safety's number one. Aspect to be stopping the run. Or being able to copper on the Becky it. That's the majority of teens and mine in the modern NFL on look in the play like Jacksonville is looking to play this season where they're looking around the ball 35 times yeah you you new Ager got to be able to stop the press and he has gotten much better I don't want to say he's. Are not like would you say he's great gains in covering tightest analysts say it. Not yet he was great and it's Rob Gronkowski and rob is the best I did it ever play the day. And so yes he was great that night what that has been his his trip to. Is cup remember. The last time they plea. It was is that it was miss it. Rod just it's abused. But it it sucks because he's been playing his best I'm just saying man you take Tyreke kill off the office he scares the living daylights. Out of the pits of court. I granite they played without Justin Houston. And have won games. But at this point you read this say for example. It deemed forward. It's it would take. Catastrophe. For this defense had just become garbage and I they would they were good last year with. Would know Johnson used and it shall let Tom Ali. Likes always is here who have that you would take Eric Fisher over injury. No I I think it read news. I think I think there are certain guys at those positions that are. At reads one on the and Ed happy three greatest safeties that that game yes they say Ed Reed is what's the best offensive players to ever play the game. But I don't think middle linebacker. In today's game is. Is as high of imports as it was before with Ray Lewis in his prime. Not giving up Ray Lewis. He's he's about giving up Lou keep. All right so I'm not gonna say that aired there is not an elite safety. The guys play elite safety compared to. Elite corner compared it to above average. Left tackle. When offensive linemen don't get to practice nearly as much as they used to you can see train wrecks of offensive lines were you can't get anything going. Kinney in. And Casey by a decade he does yes that Eric Berry injury impact probably it takes a record. If that's where you go with this good. Absolutely and that torture and a huge balls. But she's won them. And just amusement. Derrick Johnson well all year we'll. As we've had actual. Question does what no. What you think it will. The gauntlet. Without we're. I appreciate the call I don't know act they beat New England I have no idea I mean I thought that was about or to be their toughest game put. After they'd be doing well on the road there's nothing to be saying they can't go take care Dallas on the road so I I I thought they would be denied and says that. And they miss the playoffs because sixes were assistants ports that come you can check and see all of our. Our predictions which you know I hate but I think they I had Glenn does about a mountain and this is completely different. As the a team if Alex is playing way. So. I think it'll impact them but I'm not I'm. Not Seward because just usage does he uses it to act like just used it can make. Possessions just Ella bully for safety because he gets there before anything happens asset that's what it's apologize we. In the second half of that game. Where he was getting to Tom Brady finally end. There's just. There's only four guys in the NFL they can do it do it just use and does daddy beat up the last it would deep Ford adds just in Houston. Yes we're putting pressure and kicking. That the gas of their tackles have been making New England have to put less guys in it pass routes because they got to help them. Know that it those guys didn't even mentally but it just he's gonna have performs what don't matter with the safety is because. They get they don't get rolls off. They don't need to get the rose down the field off. A dead man. And it's on and just using in single handedly and Iraq sag might you might say Eric Berry can do that as well what the pickers and the like that but. Not in the influence suggesting use and has a 100% healthy Justin Houston. King gets you fifteen to seventeen sacks. That's why that's why pass rushers get paid so much. Yeah I think I guess it not. My theory will be tested. As budget outlook I'll watch. I watched Seattle and they've got great players on that defense just like the chief. They weren't as good but it. Did it crippled their their team. Like it did that crippled their team and Earl Thomas. For me personally I think Earl Thomas. Is the best safety advocate. I think him and air for the two best I think he's Agassi in the game and if it didn't cripple them. In Halladay. I think losing. Dick Sherman is a far bigger loss losing Michael Bennet is a far bigger loss. As Suzanne and the idea that. Mark is Peters is a lot of people keep sick keep sending in all markets Peters gets burned he takes too many wrist. Our history as you week cornerback. Teams aren't even willing to thrive because yeah he might take risks you might get burned every now and then but every elite quarterback does that. Marcus Spears is just so good that teams are not willing to take that generate more the greatest to ever do it marked as Peter's. He didn't he didn't throw to that that. Wouldn't even look at what did that look in his general Iraq they just didn't throw to that the but but that they did this. Like people's lives on now with three losing air Fisher won't be crippling to the team I beg the differ. I don't think you're Ross on these pre season games where we are and really cause engine. That offensive line that was protect in the future and Patrick Holmes Mitchell Schwartz would slide over to left tackle. And Cameron. Who could make it in Cleveland. Would be your right to. Come on now. Maybe Zach Fulton. Good god. That folds best position as senator and he would be the left. Guard the left tackle and right tackle in the hit as Erik Fisher now eat eat he screws to position. Mitchell Schwartz is playing right tackle for a reason probably because he's not as good on the left side. And they give rigging prayers. And hand grenades. At a tape. I know the Houston Texas get their tails kicked. I imagine Whitley merciless JJ watt. And clowning. Against them I'm scared to death where they are in the game. Coming up. I know this I would have leads. We talk about do you remember. I got really mad the plumber got really mad at me when I told them that LeBron James is job is just much more important the viewers is. And it is. But. I'm on the other side with this particular. That's. Right I'm out here on the show and on this new soundly. Well I guess maybe we got some time nice screwed him sing in case you missed it earlier. Liz is attached. By the entire nation of Clemson football fans. Because. I will say there was ignorance about four I had no idea. That they stormed the field after every single game win lose or draw. I don't care they beat. Florida State where they'd be the citadel. They hit the floor. Of the feet. And I sent out a message arrested they ought to be ashamed of sales of the number three team in the country. They won a national championship last year been to two straight national championship games. They shouldn't be storming the field for anybody I was corrected then once I found out that they stormed the field. Every game. It is actually makes those it's Timmy and it's completely. A safety net in my opinion people running in storming the the field so opened up form. Because we got plenty of mentions from people. Go ahead Paula explain themselves because we'd understated. We don't get it here. Weak weak weak we just don't get it and somebody grade us out early on the airline has used me. Stand up they went ahead and gave us column makes I got your name right is is it Caron. Tea yeah I can't please help us out because we don't we don't listen we don't get it odd is that it up before he gets it. Get your point I didn't want you guys to come on because I do want people in this in this area in this market in the country to understand. Hats and of regal college football 'cause people in the south. It's completely different than here in Kansas City so quiet it in good in an in enlighten me. Glad Honda should. The Stanley about it and. How how are you were on 3030. 33. Of them. The first not going to be unhappy you know packer game was in the mid seventies seizures though it won't be able to Joba pitchers. Of people out there on the mile per game. Kids and an outward and years. Oh. It is seems like a fun thing it seems like a a memorable thing. JetBlue is finding land then you know I was down there early late eighties graduated in nine. To enter Ramallah. First it should. And not make it to the championship. But here's my thing to metropolitan here's my thinking do you see. The safety aspect of like it and it you does it mean a lot of photos but then I quickly just went on line and found several. I mean several video footage is of the fans just. Looking like. How normal fans do when they stormed the field know or are you running and jumping bet that seems to be really dangerous to do every time out. Not really that danger to live in the gate opener of the recession and an error that there motion picture than it was last year. Well I don't. The video at the NC state we had they were jumping and jumping that brick wall evidently both of. Yeah. I'm in a little it's not that. It's not that at all London. And what she's never been staying in the tailgate lots there tolerated in the atmosphere. When people you know that law. That similar trips there's limited government. There's about an Obama what about the people who are still running or any of your guy so you guys don't drink before games is there a difference there also. You guys that record gains that I could see. Hammered college students hammered spans of four games outbid the UT gains in Tennessee I've seen people drink before games it's so that it. That sober courage doesn't that. Everybody's fine at that point to without well. It just seems accepted to he took this that's who waits to hear. Whenever there is there a penalty let's man up you know and then there's been. How hard to an injured in the years and elegantly and trying to stop you Internet on the go that's. And out of it and and yet but I back on it so they're definitely did dangerous radiation and amid retractable. Go post. The other than. He around on the honesty of the country. And celebrated and left about that was the woods of course soundly in the Florida State on top. And this is like that security. 36 cult there. We gave it just does that makes its name. What I understand where he's coming from in terms of the feeling of it and how let's. It means to a let. It still doesn't get around the safety aspect of this every time. But but down there you know you eSATA college football is a way of life in its. It's no different than it is in a place like Kansas City where college football is kind of an active. Because I mean they get they get a hand up there for college football even more than they do for a FL game. What do we know how long this this has been a tradition. They've all they've done for forty years has been a long time but. Still there like he's talking he's at it he was a kid and he is five years old. There they're kids and got down there how wrong the you'd think the bar. During these games. To run you I've got almost a 100000 people in their state. Those guys coming on to the field with the team that they either just beat or they just lost in. Liquid courage. We've seen it. Let us up or not it's not like I just can't imagine as a fight off somebody being Arctic ice. And he says there was an injury to a police ups. Well we've seen here in that Missouri I will never forget the Missouri Nebraska. That got. Ally in hand. Maybe this speaks portly Abbas because there is bites achieved its. Yes but but they're not that I did biting get to do ticket to the pick like Karen biting day if you fight in the parking lot of active. But the fight is that the biggest thing for me it is the trip only possibility. Iraqis had to hear yeah. This. When a person falls down the next purses there to help Obama. And it is a thousand people running of the state directs it and a couple of people fall down. They get more orderly than we can never realized until they're so I've I've watched. Optimistic view it's gonna sit via video and I appreciate other known at least he has the balls. I've seen I've seen it. What's Lanier and eight was six we can't understand that he. As they're never had a drought band of the other team that just wants to raise a little hill of course. Did that to go to the T. Did you imagine if you were Florida State and you just lost the game or Louisville last year they lost they gave. Everybody's coming onto the field. And look I know college students. I've been a college student I've been an ass and a college student. You don't think nothing ever happened. Maybe it's just the kids in Manhattan Kansas who come out and talk trash. Use it when it happens to duke likes to shift key pulls them off of the court before it gains the so they don't run into. There's just too many people on that pickle field to just act like that's about it safety. And I understand. They sent me photos not seeing photos of its stake pitchers with the GCJ Spiller pickings of team right CJ Spiller and exile Watson. But I'm concerned about the kids get down to the field. Well. May maybe that's what it takes is someone getting. Seriously seriously injured. Or then to change the way they do things are for them to change this tradition began as. Like a lot of traditions their fine and they go over well and tell somebody. Gets trampled on and today and and dies or something like that but that's insane. I had cursed to Vietnam hit a brick at a person you could say OA rod so it's like. Also you would be you're scared when you go get ice tree you're scared when you drive to the stadium. It's the same thing. I sent back to him we you know driving is kind of a necessity. To get around to so people. Storming the field that you beat Wake Forest is not. Any says it will drive things not a necessity as a them. I bet you we knew we can do I haven't seen is to get to what they hilly mitigates it. But these athletes Tony Romo. He just stole a job that he's not qualified for and everyone's saying he did it did. And everyone's killing Rex Ryan it wasn't that different between two. And bring. And sun shining. And saying. Me and this sounds yeah. Yeah yeah. I'm vet getting here pretty. Little bit before the in the hour. And we're seeing a lot of people it like I'll just tell people it's not just this does not making racist. It is in this area plus we've hit we've seen too many incidents where it is. Disney there's just has introduced that would mean still entries tradition that. But Tony Romo. Tony Romo started. His run as the lead broadcaster CBS. Which in names and. I accidentally understand. For the most part why certain people key and I don't really trip like because hey this person is of such value. But by. There's some positions. Where is just like. Well willow. Well what is the expertise of Magic Johnson to have dad is yeah. What is the expertise of Tony Romo to get the job as the top like Tony Robles going to call suitable. In the next couple years. And he has absolutely no qualifications I mean Trent Green must be rolling around in his broadcast. Broadcast of grief. Saying how the hill alleges did you play. And. I'm not trying to hate on Tony Romo. I'm not saying that Tony Romo. Should be a broadcaster I'm just saying. Like with us with most normal people in that position this as the sport's. Most normal people you should have to work. And had to have had some sort of experience. Because this is what he gave people the right so it sort out this is what he gave. Five dollars this right. We'll do. And now here. The slot like god why would consider it. I've seen football in the NFL. We're teed up. But look he just kept doing that. Like us. It was great aunt Mae and call. Plays were going to have. Well yes there are billions. Billions of NFL players who could sit up there and call it tell you but war makes it what's going to have. Are you know what he sounded like he sounds like a guy who's never called a football game before. There was not really any guy a break down of the place you can completely see a clear difference between him Chris Collins worth Detroit eight. And yes. I was given Rex Ryan hill but Rex Ryan has never called game before Ed it makes it very well. It was all the sex game that was played at like 11 o'clock at night on the eastern time zone. On Monday Night Football let's not gotten a Sergio did. The rule Lou was Sergio dipping let it makes it but Tony Romo can't write it. And he's got a call a Super Bowl. The next couple years with that robotics. There comes that. This is obviously got to get better projecting his faults yeah he had taken up a couple he's got to start rhetoric gigs and doing so I think. He's the personality but I think. He's going to get better as he practices and as he gets more reps senators don't like Tony Roma is an intelligent guy. I Rex Ryan was not their ego. I shined did not sound good last night we. All have head jobs. We have all had jobs outside and make her at least still have other jobs outside. Of what we do here. The guy who just got hired. Does it until they get to do the toughest and top job at the company. As soon as he lost in the door while. Because he had to do exactly what you say it's sort of yes to learn it is to get better but he's going to be doing that. During the Super Bowl this year sometimes that does happen now because sometimes. Especially in this business oh really it's all about a million. People. On its side eating Jerry. Doesn't have connections eight and pull help to get whatever general I I'm not I'm not saying that but I'll just say in our in this business. It is all about which you know I'd be answered all my first day when outlaw it here. I wasn't good morning drive. Well my first day here outlets that that Tony wrote all of fifteen years about it Alex BI. Listen to Sports Radio for fifty gear up pretty. Well it obviously see that that separates two way. Let it all radio. Is very different than actually be other radio as we Hitler overtime also has we have figured I hope. Or at least I figured out are very different playing football is very different did dig up broadcaster. I agree but there's things that Tony Perkins got appeal that broadcasters probably noticed the way they don't need to. Alex Smith kids eat things that Tony romo's these I think. But does that mean he's beat up a rock Caster I don't think Jake is that a broadcaster bringing and I offered I don't. Paying job on one of the top broadcasters for five but at least he didn't get hired a top job. I don't tell me they're almost at. Free football player. It's the league who's played football can diagnose plays like they. That does not mean that they are ready to three other number one team that's going to call the deal Super Bowl. That's that's crazy that a bit of a third guy. Abbas does sits down and listens to segments with us and tells us what he liked what he did like what we need to get better that. Bradley's bat with a round. Once this is we need to work out is what we need to get better that next Sunday. And so here rot while Romo is rough around the edges but with almost everything in life you'll get that experience I've hit it. But how many realms of life time places and violence is how many places it line. Are you allowed to get better and get experience. At the top the top job. Well I guess our president's doing right now coming up next. The final hour of the show I'm not finished with this yes I damage M and I'm jealous they would six. Tony Romo it's taking jobs from other people that deserve a strict green. Eyes that he's not that good either way better that Romo.