09/12 9a - What's Up Welch, Bono, C-Dot on Mizzou, Jim Carrey is a Nut

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, September 12th

What's Up Welch, "Name that Bono", we talk with C-Dot about Mizzou plus epic audio from Jim Carrey


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And she's cool what are our. Handsome. Well Sloan sees dull here. Box well she is also angry with the dog and about why go. That's thinks. Welcome back. Did its best 2 in the morning I'm Mike wells with Bob best code jostling there producer Steve inspector. That's what so well to recover some things we would normally gets you throughout the show. And one of them is Mike Leach now the coach at Washington State used via Texas Tech and everybody kind of remembers how funny he was in the big twelve. Eddie's always going after his own players like and press conference as he never mince his words never babies then. US goes after them pretty harshly. And illustrates for some fun conversation. But it lost to Boise State they got mauled by Boise State and Mike wasted appreciate the play of his offensive line. If you're ever in a fight to handicap you know. What anybody in one of our offensive linemen so pick whoever you think harvest office. OK if there's a fight to the death in Europe clean out this room. And there are no rules whatsoever to be applied to see both picked out whoever happens to be your favorite or office line are you things at toughest. Now whoever's the softness. That Boise State Q all right. You bring him here okay and all it's going to be left of our offensive lineman is agree spot in the air okay. Can that abortion should they be lineman or smoke or offensive line so. They'll be embarrassed. And you don't believe me just turn on that team. The other night and you'll see exactly what I'm talking now that's. Mike Leach after a win I misspoke on that Mike Leach after a win net. Against Boise State they barely won the game 4744. And Leach. Ribs and was offensive line and says if you bring in the softest of their offensive line and better their defensive line is the strongest and toughest of our offensive line all the would be what does agree spot. That's the best and that's why as high wage that's why I'm it's likely the big twelve he's phenomenal so it got us thinking. Whose biggest grease spot in Kansas City sports guy where it doesn't matter what happens to you put up against them he just doesn't happen it seems like. Did like the Peter Moylan seems to kind of be that no matter who it is. It seems like they really have a rough time of getting the job done whether it was Soria whether it's what these guys that we got in that from the San Diego Padres whether it's still been her rarer like it really doesn't matter. With the exception of Moylan and Scott Alexander it seems like every other reliever. As at a point in time this season where they just can't get the job done and that's part of the reason why they're in a situation that they are. Is the lack of inconsistency there watching our system sees as some bull pens and and quarterbacks can always be. In degree spotless sure bet. That's not Alex Smith this week he's he's avoided degrees but he'll have one right they'll have signed problem in the first time it'll it'll be a big spot because people. Overtly freaked out there right but it those are those are safe picks you think we ought to put up a sign here in the studio you know how those companies have how many days consecutively without an accident I was talking about it I eliminate bad radios on Mel I was is that we should put up a sign of how many weeks Alex Smith has avoided being grease spots it was. What a week of avoiding being in the grey spot in Kansas city's sports Philippines to me is the biggest grease spot in Kansas City sports because every year is the same story. Every year like he thinking looks pretty good that he ends up getting destroyed by somebody in a big game and then he's the quintessential. Grease spots at a may still go to games. If Alice as a bad performance and stick with Philip K yeah I mean I think Alex is I really do I think Alex did so much in week one that it's going to buy him a lot of time it's gonna buy him a lot of you know people don't like that I I don't think people are going to be that quick to jump because we saw what he did in week one like a heart we got ourselves a mall now here. In Kansas City Hoosier Greece I guess there'll be a vote I think they'll be. I you'll be surprised again a big. There'll be a quick turnaround now it'll be of a vocal one and not a majority won but a rural allowed one really quick if he comes out may. You know put up three point to a -- out again and again ladies and one good drive start to get a kick a field goal and don't do anything for three quarters yeah we're gonna hear people say he's the Sergio dip of quarterbacks yes that's exactly what they'll say by the way breaking news Sergio did it's job. Safe at ESPN has jobs been safe according to he has the acts they released this statement they did I guess an actual thing they said that's amazing ending. Eyes what's up well it's your best 2 in the morning. It's came out there during the last weekend at the Steven king meditation it's. Stephen king and it's like who's on first Dennis is like who's on first exactly that yeah. Don't vote true. So it came out and it. 123. Million dollars US box office a monster opening I sought a thought was phenomenal. Of as far as scary now because that's where they see you scared how. That scared really what was great is the case like that the relationship EC would BK is the characterization I mean if nothing else it's a fantastic reminder that Steven king is just a phenomenal writer. And it anyway he he said this but we saw the quote the Kansas City Star actually is that you know and deceit Friday thirteenth. And use really hope those twelve really good looking people die and twelve really interest in ways what makes it different. Is that you really want the kids to survive because you root for them you find ourselves openly rooting for them because they're such fun characters. And it that's absolutely true there's more laughter in the theater than scared they're really loves idea it was funny it was really funny the only answer between the kids and everything it was classic by being in a movie like that you know what's coming because this is an adaptation of a movie that's already been out there and a book that's already been out there see candidates have to be scared I guess is probably not. This guy is easy it was creepy yeah sure we were disturbing things outside the clown suit or disturbing and and it's like dang this is this intense spotlight. For more than anything was the characterization was also might I I enjoy it regularly and that movie. I'd love those damn kids and I did not want one of them to die. I was rooting hard port and then later on I read the quote from Stephen King and I so that was by design. So I would 100% endorse it. And our ballots. That did you jump me an announcer I. I think that bad you know their staff. The 123 million dollars opening box obviously the United States that think it raises the bar but don't there. It raises the bar that. Man there is the bar it would add timer Hollywood kind of needs to get any solace summer. Well Hollywood had a terrible Siler is a lot other movies are poorly written under sized up over the same stuff it's the same it's the same this. Structure is the same characters is it different repackaging of the same stuff so. Yes you needed something like this even though it's a remake from the eighties because of course but. If you haven't seen the original it. If you if you have this one's better but I haven't seen the original it you will be blown away by this because of how great the writing is it reminds you how great writing used to be. In cinema they did the ads that movie industry grappling arm at all for their low numbers as though they have they have lost their like of billion dollars less it's terribly they were a year ago they're like him not for re stuff for the feeders trying to get people just to come back. Seriously walking to a theater there's people standing there handing out like. Anyone comes if removing next week but is this specific movie in on the slate now as school of policy moving a pay to see movie yet. But I that's the thing it it's it's very odd it. How much struggled is there anything in this world any more than we can sit through its longer than thirty minutes now. Yeah something is really good it was like two hours and fifteen minutes to hours and thirty minutes and a move by. Felt like I was felt like it was bill I hardly buy in general though like we but it's good of this sector at the problem is we've brought out of good entertainment. I don't sports people games too long we've like they were bragging about the speeding up of the NFL game did anybody notice and I did difference in an N one a 100% you dig it moved so much has a tension and college games -- dollar a dreadful they need to reevaluate things they close their for their purchase for our yet and they're insanely long and in would you add as the stop the clock after first and that that's got to add in college but all of that that would deftly speed data. It seemed cleaner but I don't know that it seemed faster like beat. Touchdown extra point commercial kick off commercial nonsense that's gone which makes it so much better so much more by just the seat watching that's important with speeds that I potentially two minutes it just it just felt like cleaner teams to an act. It's compounded it's two minutes how many times a game surely shorten my two minutes compared to last year. The average because two minutes. Almost noon games were gone dumb like three I was born three pointers and there's that one game ethic portals into refused and even though it was terrible right there that is what makes sure it only about a minute shorter from a year ago. Are you to do is it arrowhead tonight it's tonight at UC was arrowhead tonight and we have your chance. To win and man magnificent prize playing a game that involves bonanno. And Steve Bono and bomb. It's next. I. Yeah. You to visit had to die and we had your chance as we're giving away a thirty dollar trucks in bucks ticket which couldn't. Group which you could win up to 50000 dollars or new rock of your choice from the Kansas lottery from either eight point fifteen. Third when he seventeen Ford F 150 raptor. 12070. Ram. Point 500 power wagging crew cab a Ford when he seventeen Chevrolet. Down real those tickets right now I got to do is call 91357676. Then employed. Well photo or Bono I love this game is completely out of as far as we know you're probably play this one time right but you know. Where we drunk when we came up with this game yesterday because it really is a good idea on a motor mile. Thanks so Steve Bono correct Sonny Bono half. Or bonnet or perhaps I'll ask your question involving. He's doesn't have one name like McLaughlin and gets you have to tell me which won her first two black homeowner Oregon and you have to specify sunny or Steve yes that's correct. That's right sunny your skiing are just a case if you don't concert ignored him. Normal lot right three on institutes bono's Bono Bono and bond on Obama know your bonus. Italy Bono was the pool guy more New Jersey I was growing pressure and ten rebounds and a little easier donor like her analysts are stuck this thing off Shane and blue springs Josh has the questions for you is it Sonny bono's. Sonny bono's Steve Bono. Or bonded on that ride you wanna know addition of Bono blow on. He had a top ten hit as a solo artist. That is drying up. So I went on a solo. Top ten hits. Laugh at me yeah 65 I loved that he'd say that would to meal right. Solo would imply that gets these definitely a partner along with. Our questioner to rule he has a degree in sociology. I'm done it yet. Bonnet. Inter. That was just a dumb decision incur. And began reading your Macs that questioner can I guess now and I don't know packages most suited and they do holsters to be here I'm back the question right bends and Harrison bill Bennett's you're. There are convinced he is an honorary Knight. But no one knows I. The next. Was born in Italy. Mean. Bono. It track lines that assisted dumb decision I would have a against the bone to pick them. And that was again a sign and a curve ball was like his dad was in the army years yeah. Like Kobe Bryant situation right maybe put Michael's and a radio in your rope back in the days. I built in Europe and though. The a far right it was named time person of the year in 2005 ultra. Which one group. Everybody final. Notes at that New York steep and this is the troubled person of the year earlier. Dog. Once crap done Kansas City restaurants. People don't. Yeah these ads. And avid golfer who once played in the Pebble Beach pro am. It. The bit Edgar. It leader that was just a dumb decision on here is they're given that gives me out beg you Mary Bono it's physically I'll note you have Steve Bono I think we have sunny but I don't have a parent parent you know I don't think any Bono was the cool guy and war New Jersey bonus pools toll toll to give her boat Stanley. A bona contention. This is unbelievable the whole hog Klan yeah I won't work person from Ken Bone. Jeff in Kansas City era all right Jeff is a real first name is Paul. Borrow money isn't. Rack. Was once called the mayor of Palm Springs. Frank Sinatra. Oh. They. Studied and write. Two. And an avid golfer who once played in the Pebble Beach pro land. C oh yeah. Or mono. Ice jacket hit the city yeah. There's fantastic. Thirty dollars trucks and bucks ticket. Which you which when you have the 50000 dollars or new truck of your choice from the Kansas lottery from either. A 2017 Ford F 150 raptor 117 ran twice 500 power wagging crew cab or 2017 and Chevrolet. That is Bono Bob though. Or bone or whatever you wanna talk we carried it here in studio at 930. It's gonna get interest in there vacationers in his studio at 930 today. But the big story today has continued to be Sergio did right whose job used to new dual layered story breaking news we're advancing the story were moving at a lower ESPN says his job this. It's gotta say investors on the second Monday Night Football game last night during a double header along with Beth moans and Rex Ryan up in the butt up and the in the box. And they threw it down to him one time and never again because this is the result. Bad folks it's a pleasure to be good you guys here on the field remote closed just watching. Both events so the from the air. You watch him now on the screen. This diversity in his background it's helping him a lot tonight. Quarterback at Colorado. Defensive back in the NFL. Yeah. It sounds bad it looked even words as I. I if it is like you see there it is like you see him that you some thoughts now on the screen. I watched on the field you watching now on the script is like. I and while I wonder familiar TV it's possible that in his ears they're like all right now run the on the screen I put put fans chose him on the street he's hearing that series just. Kind of thrown by it or something. But worse to me is rip day ear piece out and go ages ago yet it's you have to do in situations like that there's been numerous times I've taken anything out before from doing some. What did you carry on some radio stuff I mean we we have this every time I talk about football inspector plays drops nonstop call me in earnest pop those headphones off and good to get well I mean there there are times of war on promotes and he has the right switch we reverb and Ari you just take your headsets off and yet and you do without until they are able to fix it and get it straight now you don't have to go on the aired do that kind of stuff. Like he did yesterday but the good loses his job is safe and ESPN is not going to move on. From sunny day and and they're not putting anyone who thought they are gonna move on from Sergio tip like Debian insane thing he did take his lumps but that's what happens when you have that kind of helped limit as we take our team of all this is where you hours he has paean to put that broadcast throughout their last night that was so 13 and l.'s broadcast broadcast you'd Rex Ryan is dreadful. And into the match. Act game. Yes sure of sadly it is not just as an ESPN broadcast is that it's Monday Night Football right. That's an important broadcast week one and I have spoke on a list is West Coast games the second of a double pattern all that stuff but it. If Sergio dip isn't ready there's a lot of Thursday night Mac. Games you can put tomorrow or there or this could have been like ESPN producers fired a salvo at their bosses for cutting all the talent and not giving anybody did the work of legacy you wanna play this game here you go your Sergio debt. Good day. Right carriage in Harrison is coming in studio when you do. Once missed woody asked to say about Missouri football. Next. Back it's that's going to morning I'm like well the best coach just playing their producer Steve inspector. Eric Harris not quite able make it in studio when he was able to Paul and we'll get a couple minutes from a Mon Missouri. Carriage in this venture hub not a real quick Missouri fires and offensive coordinator. Who games in it is a bit premature and wasn't really that bat. No it wasn't premature and be Sudanese armed we need someone out there it before it ever that it coaches the first first if before. Neither defense calls from or are they thought they wouldn't want courses that you can actually that's yet school. The small point that we can't that I was entirely political appeasement but. It's since it was there and they've had gotten so be it and that we know the basketball program is so popular that they were just kind of waning interest. That they tried it and you don't think we'll keep some people around both with this little so so and it was the difference of course. How long before very Odom gets. Fired but scholars I expected to probably get shown the door at the end of this season. I don't think it's awkward. But apart from you all will look like all like. It's not that the program that will go to every two eaten. I think available and look what. It she took over so I opened the slide it doesn't do that here I need to go to bat for the not for the knock it. Like now we're back. Game wouldn't rebate is expected to repair with the so. What order you make of all day or is by the way or if it. When that went out into the possible you would want seagate is the subject to beat Vanderbilt. Did you got a couple other games and they wanted to implement it and it. Couldn't believe when will not peer competitor in South Carolina is clear as part. Well I mean and being carried him before really going to everybody wants to move on from coaches and what not all the time who works that Missouri fans talking about if they did move from Barry noted that they would go out and get. That would have been much discussion about fire department we'll go over well I think that the light is who are all that effort out there. At what does that tell us. These guys who. Being that Hillary. I look at them a little bit there's just so people that write about it or oracle oracle what we're. Better than they weren't in the Oval Office but the look a little so you're at it. If you look at the Glock. He performed really well nobody ever heard of war leaflets are are on lock it one last. I think let let them buy it was very but. I think also fired tear right now weird the. This carriage and Harrison in the drive you can hear every weekday to six here on six cents force radio they excuse they see dot. Yeah. I really knew game to play here on fest go in the morning which. Is an NFL game we came up with what yesterday yeah we did it with a lot of stuff yesterday after we had that Mac in three uses Specter told everybody to ask on the air industry Los tower itself is an apology and said. And take you over the NFL game at port that mr. fair point because of all the over reactions after a day kind of called down from the hysteria that was Sunday. Far faster fair poignant even back in trees together stays together I guess a season. But a a a a a you hear about it's well that's package that's that injuries like that's that's it's it's smoking weed eating macaroni cheese like that's it. I don't think I'll Mack amateur days but because the Specter thought this. Does better than to say it's actually Ellis is thought Mac and cheese now back injuries. It's not immediately join the brand that is currently Mac entries are completely enhancing I think an Internet I think Eddie you get it out through I think different audience that never once thought about back in trees and holiday fellas I think there's going to be a run on Mac and trees at your local. San here on the opposite. Are those factors that pro something happened over the weekend and basically it takes from the weekend at and we had to decide whether it's farfetched or airport. Andrew Luck is the most valuable player in the NF now I think that is definitely a fair point. To his team to his team at half and I cannot Indian Lockheed the most valuable player. Yeah I guess I mean look what he did not show you say that. With Alex this Andrew conversation we had very well go to the game on Sunday change your mind about it before his team I don't think he's the most valuable in the league what the hornets as his value that he brings to the Indianapolis COLT yes I mean clearly because it into the back of the plane and it it is you going to a season. And have a players don't have a pack of playing you clearly believe that this guy is that valuable to your team. They they've literally came up with they'll back. Plan now for Andrew not until the end of the pre season where they traded for Jacoby percent right like it's it's like they had meetings in April you've missed a shoulder surgery who Sweeney who's behind it is a backup quarterback. Getting gill sit in the corner call me in July. I mean like that's basically what they do it can take a long time to come back from shoulder surgery just eight months for guys trying to think quarterback means that you just had shoulder surgery could you imagine trying to go play NFL quarterback eight months later absolutely net debt and heads since they should have been able to see this confidence had a shocking that they couldn't. Fair point or form factor and get that backward like get it right with all the assets there. The cardinals season is finished without David Johnson who is expected now to miss eight to twelve weeks with a dislocated wrist. Unsafe far fetched is a great running back in a phenomenal offensive presence by. That defense is still solid you still have Carson Palmer who at times still looks really young and then another time so it's really all the so receive record I think they're fine they can their season isn't over. I think the ceiling definitely goes down on their season without David Johnson. But if they can keep their heads above water until he comes back in like November December big BR well this is the week goes the NFL running back his back so it's true I'm everybody's. Overreacting to week one and how great the young running backs are so if you lose a talented running back maybe it's. Maybe it's a fair point that they're out of it but I don't believe it is from that position I just think you think you can get it done he's a very dynamic running back and they got receives about that their season not over you know we've seen so many guys get injured with the Kansas City Chiefs really the next guy steps up I don't know what Arizona's depth islamists and other seasons not as. The Atlanta Falcons blew the Super Bowl last year against the patriots each of the last couple seasons the team it's been disabled has not made the playoffs the following year. Falcons Q3 major regression. Out of about a major regression but I don't think they make the playoffs this year. At the Panthers bouncing back and winning the south and I don't think they end up making an immediate 8897. Types he's adds a regression on them yes and not making the playoffs that they would be a major regret a lot of damage to the super bully an answer boys and gray Panthers last year though that's a major precedent there's like five and eleven or X intended. 500 I guess you're right place that would be a major regretted everything they had and I can't expect him to be. You can make their last 11512 and 410 in six playoff in a playoff team absolutely I think they fall out of the playoffs. The south the strongman big about the teams in the south the of the saints in the box. In the Panthers and the falcons it's a tough division division and the Panthers looked really good group deeply coming back made. All the difference that detainees what with the new stadium and only you know things go bad. If healthy Sam Bradford is the top twelve quarterback. This season and the vikings are a playoff team yes absolutely. Far things are snatched I don't know I don't. I want to say yes first Sam Bradford look we've definitely seen in two years healthy enough that's a that we've ever seen Sam Bradford like that. A hard time believing that he's top well well he's over forty these like top when he. But not well mania I think about what kind of category that puts in that puts him right next to like Matthew Stafford. He had Matthew Stafford and there's a lot like Al quarterbacks in this league guys that's why a lot of order we're in this we're focusing on the bottom twelve quarterbacks though we talked about poor quarterback play because the bottom twelve. They're still so bad. Please go up two point quarterbacks they're good in this league I think at least fifteen that are better December I don't know it every time he's healthy he looks really good like last I was fully opposite Brad I mean I was kind. Deepen and Sam Bradford. When healthy this guy looks good really good last night again. Finally won the jaguars win seven games based on their defense. Sacks on bill sexson and yeah I'm gonna go I'd say it's a fair point it's a big hurdle said seven games they went seven Guillen is based off a very strong also it's digit did you watch Leonard four and that. He's for real looks good he's for real so you have a strong running game. You have that. You lost Alan Robinson for you'll probably still down turns up things so like as far as weapons on offense and that Leonard were net thing with. A defense that stacked in just those had stacked defense for a couple of years now. A man river last year was it that that visit wind Nicole stepped in to play against Jacksonville good yet they were your people thought on this tax code that against Jackson Jackson had a good defense last two years we have Blake portals to her the ball over every other possession it doesn't matter how good your defense as. So yes with that strong running game and defense the Jacksonville has. I think they probably win more than seven gains apology admit. Eater not yet that's why they call themselves sacks unveil. It's it's it's it's pronounced sacks though. Sacks on build us some more fancy you know done done thing is I don't I don't know how. You use I'm from sacks on you know I like a town in England Avon upon mass Stratford whoever you know saucers from. Wait to hear Kareem hunt which just happen to him is is this crazy we'll get to a for the show is over. But Jim Carrey went off that no awards show and were on different sides as to how we feel about it. Hear it next. That's going the more I might welcome Bob best coach Josh played their. The producer Steve inspector. Which they hear this news Dockery hunt coming up here just a minute. But first Jim Carrey was that awards show where they were. I guess honoring I causes the best way to put it he was interviewed on the red carpet. It's your honoring the three day meeting date the party would. Now I'm I'm I'm doing just fine. Just you know. There's no meaning that it had so I I wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could (%expletive) it comes to enjoying. And and and in Iraq. They're so you gotta admit it's completely meaningless. Well they sicker celebrating icon does not elaborating on it that is just an absolute lowest. Mean mean you know. Possibility that we operate like icons. Woody do you believe in icons. And personalities I don't believe that you exist but there is wonderful fragrance and here. So I asked if he'll need to be bold and higher. Art. Yeah. Shut it down now. He had no idea I I don't believe in icons. I don't believe in personalities. I believe that peace. Lies beyond person. Stick Darius his barn at Fashion Week on a red carpet. Here's the thing. The email thread last night was like Jim Carrey is not like I. I I agree with them that's totally worthless celebrating icons this is a waiver view that aside to make money so why did he show law to somebody somebody told Ito that he get a check. My guess is either got to checker got told by somebody he who works for him whether be an agent or manager like hey Jim that you should go to this thing. I get my guess is that's what happening in its its drive found a post like the award shows a celebration of you know actual owner are markedly BS we know we all found their answers are. People watch that stuff but man it's ease sometimes you're like you do you people on the story you're making movies and I don't the Britannia that her cancer well let's say let's say you're making art though. The wolves were sort of the defeats the entire purpose of making. You don't mean actually doing it for the are right you know yeah jury gets the money you're doing it for the creative outlet lately yes they meanwhile they'll want money and so trying to get to buy their triangle exclusive Kerry obviously has made. And it has made a lot of money. Based on that on that concept writes a Chile and he has made a very substantial living. Being that way but just tell now that like he's fed up that gap like I'm gonna go to Dubai I got a money now like I was and that's what you get that out adjudged to have fun I don't do my hire an island thing people dividend we're whatever go pay the corner whatever your. Or whatever is about me he's out there right now are an easy way out there right now Ed Bradley has would you have enough money you can do whatever it is that you want you can say whatever it is that you want you can offend whoever you want what are they gonna do take my bank account alone I don't work I don't work he's kind of in that mindset now yeah who cares as bright as this is on. He's reached I think for every single person wants to Barack after the what your life on a daily money you don't care to and we wanted to. Not having a few money is the Americans there it is and anybody who says it isn't is just wrong and he'll talk about freedoms you don't really have freedoms are they have rights freedom comes at a cost financial freedom is about the only freedom you know it really is no it's the only thing well the government can touch of money obviously but as long as you don't live in Switzerland draws lines as well as you play by the rules at least to a certain extent right. The only real freedom you have is financial if true once you get that money man there's nobody taken that away from you and the only way you can really lose that financial freedom. Is it your stupid again do dumb things and you take that money. And you spend it on things you don't need to be spending it on or lose it will pay his taxes Wesley Snipes yet or Orton caught up an insider trading. How is her name Martha Stewart Ilya exactly and it's big like that he gets in show big. Those things right but those self inflicted type of things if you make a hundred million dollars in a hundred million dollars in your bank account. You don't your but nobody can touch that nobody can touch that money the only way you can lose that is because of you and that is the only way that you could lose. Serious note we'll lose for going a bizarre rants and better view there. Fidelity to go to Bank of America and take your funds taking 50000 dollars that all not taking anything from. It seats in the NFL Sports Illustrated at 8 o'clock this morning tweeted out the cover of this week's sports illustrated magazine and on the cover. Is curry Heinz now now now long gone about it I know. The curse still can't be great graces the cover in 97 we lost Arizona that was my best time magazine was still I think they'll like who gets as sign that it's like a lot from my. Josh got his hand us and our cereal box yeah. Or because your mail I did yesterday he had the magazine as the other sports Australia like ESPN the magazine is a send it to you because I subscribe to the online identity insider thing I just decline that because I'm like don't litter my mailbox with your ridiculous long form interviews that don't mean if anything it was online to your daddy you're going to see all on the Internet outline and you know -- stuff about term self maps. Phones. Side every I didn't do that was every year renewed my relatives out all her good apps in magazine in the in the but I think you'd anywhere in the United States anywhere. And possibly actually kind of a helpful thing to do. And a like when you go through places the only trips and stuff do you know where you're going to has yet the outlets you've been reading it and during that I time reading maps on the toilet since I was a kid you're my father used to guide yeah. It's one of those deals I ain't anywhere. And I need to drop about maps. It was a South Carolina MS O'Donnell's I'm I'll tell you manage you miss cuts last. All yeah security gaps and read Sports Illustrated this point in the same well here's where it help and we were in Oklahoma we have two tornadoes coming at us and an ugly at a drive through his visit your reservation here and I news like highway sixty in Kampala hospital prepare it so I got an a term turned right off 535 go northbound and I hit that I knew I got over 75 I could go towards the independents and on the coffee they'll eventually brought that up. It's a good thing that you understand maps. I personally believe that. Yes Americans are unable to do you sound. Beach head that some. People out there and our nation and it don't have that in that I believe that I education like such as the South Africa and says that Iraq everywhere like such as is. Mary maps and like such as maps so that's good back to the crux of the issue yeah prior reading maps on the to a Sports Illustrated is putting a Korean hunts. On the cover rule and that's how. How is cool I don't worry about the curse for Sports Illustrated unlike mad and it's no longer think Madden curse still real sports history pickers. I bitch if you Google Sports Illustrated curse there will be one within this calendar year are sure their side they were like this guy is on our Sports Illustrated in seven weeks later iris a janitor at regional covers though you know with the mechanical and it he's got the opportunity for you to be screw. I think you can be done was nationals cover but they have a regional does it get through and the hearse and guys at. Yeah curse is gone yet on what dollars with recovers they have the preview they had Brady that we won and JJ watt dislocated finger terrible 1182. Others too I can't remember who the other two were certain. But. I don't know I can't remember it's not my headed the other two were about this and there's lady there. I'm just happy to see cream hunt it is a that's the thing Corey hi. Has become a star is a star fantasy circles the second dead Spencer where am I fantasy football owners. School ramble for Kareem how Spencer ware went out because became clear he was gonna be the number one yeah. But now I think the rest of the world the rest of the outside of fancy football world this fully understand we all responses. It's just different world then don't. I'm. Jim Carey. The real man. And it isn't really just. He's just think we was early there and ending gray knows them being stalls are occurring now everybody around the world everybody in the football world fully knows who he is and he is going to be a massive star dude I'm excited for Wii two just to see him right now I got excited to see Alex in Kareem at week two I can't wait although he -- -- more which is good for guys like Travis Kelsey B is now he'll have a little bit more of an opportunity to make an impact and that's the thing. The chiefs have enough weapons to really made do some damage this year yeah it's exciting it really doesn't you're not fired up by this teased in go back and watch the go back and watch the colts. Go back and watch the jets go back and watch some of these other teams have played and we went in real go back and watch the patriots yet go back. Patriots band we are good spot and sit reference flaky big day shift in two minutes.