09/12 - Paul Charchian

The Day Shift
Tuesday, September 12th

After a tough week one for some fantasy owners, our guy Paul Charchian helps to navigate the waiver wire ahead of week two. 


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Even a little hills with your fantasy Tia dean of youngsters who drive music rewriting records of I don't know what you're doing. One particular source within a year I had some more than others what to expect rock diva receivers dropped of them what defense they kickers. And it's goals. You know I am president of the fantasy sports trade association I don't know what the but fantasy sports hall of C murder kind of a big. Highs final segment appreciated cells here T royals baseball. Here on six in a Sports Radio we talked him every Thursday at 1 o'clock. Level earlier appearance from charts this coming Thursday but he joins us now because he needs to get us some information in regards to the waiver wire here on Tuesday morning. So charts. What are your. I would war on last week about your squat it or hate it so it. Acknowledge. I thought the same thing I thought the. Who. Know. Healthcare is not your dot Hannity and will we ever got out. On all got that feel cut. There you know all the other creepy and deep you know banging it on the table concrete. Guy. It well there are a long time about. You know woody and giving you starters airy I'm Angela ineptitude that I'm aware of where can we got out of. Picture and outlook which got hold outside our. So at. You know appearance and performance on Thursday night it was almost like Paul Sargent had to step our sites were cigarette. Oh god my. Just blew up my body was I was so. I'll keep you know I. Yards took notice you yeah. Thank you what I looked at. Eight and give it to got a decision today tomorrow on that we acquire. Particularly. Those that bet it in bigger job but you lose one or two court chicken crossed the border. In advance droughts and value puppet you know what the actual you want stand out cold wind blew up or not. And the way. That KE. Sock. Pretty good he's going to probably. Reside in Johnson in it dot bat and also perhaps. It's. Her job and Corretja and that all go on sale at work and I think your point victory running back. You know you know. Chairman of the page Alan you know it I think they're going to hurt a lot. That would be better odd. You know that they're running backs up hypothetical ones are always outside companies spend big money. What is it like that would be I would rather that it from reached Colin did you guys get prepared yes. On yeah. He he yeah don't you or myself Darren Sproles. They're open and bigger than your poll put. Him out where they're gonna quote the back. Constantly remember the number one and now number two what are dumped here shall. You know that you know they're going to be a lot of patent that that there on the way that other people would happen. That could bottom back don't lie why one ought Cohen is for you all know play maker. As a receiver. He's the one thing and there are a lot of talk to recall when he prepares options whenever that they're. There's also law. The let's other breakout rookie he would from the from the rams that was pretty darn good over the which it was it too will coal Bert. Yet all it was my guide that had slid for the chief UAE it is right now one double region wide receiver that's Ricans. You know based god god he he's a big target great hands they who constantly you know don't. Instead what it is or it can drop the number one copper is what they've got watching Josh Moore is going to be eat with any Lockett. Oh Cooper only that he's number two cartridge and you irritable lot for their work the sort a lot with him out during the lockout. He'd been copper cut that he catches this year and you know depends. Give more pitches than anybody in history college football church. How about that nobody. Nobody got more than it Cooper is totally legit and that is why am often opposite bracket score Ortiz went to game. Obviously the political reward. What date every week but this is obviously in the same offense that has feel like the light and heat. You know doctor put your pocket like artifacts are on Thursday I I cannot believe Earnest Graham talked to that there would be a lot better out our middle. Been here and that in the not give Cooper up a lot of opportunity. I think the one god that I had poised for bounce back year and I asked my dumb in my draft was tiger. I just we think he's gonna have a better year this year just that the their all the way around their Altman's going to be a lot better and say he's gonna have. Bomb on a massive season but I think he's gonna have a much better season this. This year's bulls last class who was ranked. The problem in part one they put him out in Q pat route. Hot topic in the back part with grapple with the Arctic air. Don't meet that part better and it will not the one call in part starts that circuit Jill of course the next couple months. I'll but boy it in the world and in the opposite and they even week. Then I'd I'd like I'd I'd like his prospects are all back he'd content and are. HR one more thing Adam feeling. No touchdowns this five last year almost had a thousand yards 69 catches last year. He seems to be relieved that you will pork would the vikings are doing I mean sure he'd like to see the touchdown production. Step up the bad they're gonna look his way that many times they did it last night. Mainly lol about this guy. It moved into the slot and they're going to do you go to a lot a lot but seems to be a lot of games kick start your. In our court ourselves from the slot position for the I duly but why that's he got a Don receptions and that's what they're gonna get up at the moment they're not all would be uttered what every forever if you are. Not like that but he's going to get you blocked pat and technical. And all of a global. Andy's back to them I think most people I still Abbie what he competence you might even and the vikings have. But apple would be used pat. Happy happy event schedule the work the way they are very very few stoppers style owned or even for the vikings so. Adam he would step on it even Democrat could available in 70% of the you don't get Democrat Alan you've got eight legitimate number you just put out the best quarterback he performs does it could like football last. It church uses coach of the Minnesota state Albert. Number have been skewed. I don't I don't know Luther and I'm in little code reference church. Ul coach human decency and screaming Eagles. Then. Probe are. What shall I figured it there once. Not in her life partner. Drink your backyard and I don't know but it partner big box. Arts arts eight race up and would talk to on Thursday. Are yup that's all urgently says that Thomas lawless man all that we're all this kind of breezed right past the fact that he's never watched an episode coach he just said day. I'm will be surprised. He's a football that ratio I'd like to display my disappointment.