09/12 - Sam Gaviglio, Clemson Traditions, Beer

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Tuesday, September 12th

The entire crews finally back together as we open the first hour of the show discussing Sam Gaviglio.  If Sam can do it, the rest of the pitching staff should be able to as well.  Ron also gets bombarded by Clemson fans over the weekend for questioning one of their greatest traditions. Oh, and we discuss High School beer drinking as well.  


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You'd show. To lose. Around this. These down around. Too long a lot of listeners. What those guys today and it does please go live to. For allowing us to be a small part. Your Tuesday evening looking for the royals in his second they get a big win Florida three. But but but but but but let's not use it cut it cut it this time. All right this just came across. If you know me you know world buyer right off the job dammit if you know me. And you know. Hall. All offseason. I've been pushing for the chiefs to dread this guy and I did not let him go. And it just came across. The addition John Watson and. Is going to be named the starter for the Houston Texas. Leo. Asked. Think both. Want to tell you don't let him get this let it cool. I had sent its bid that brother not send it. Could not to tee to tee let's not. Let me. What is now blocked. Yes there are excellent. A slow him. Open the GB of what they had to go play views that I am it's static we're just out once named the starter. It is so we know they went six of course failure had checked them to operate. So so so. As we do it this every day. That would bring my guys Steve inserted Tuesday. Mr. Hyde streets that they kick start today and he. I did it received they have your that he's had them five Apple Mac. Kick start the bidding between now. Ed act it's arrow to his music with a Baghdad it is Erik like every two weeks like most of it admitted there's only the audience that somebody else by now. They. I still so great. But not guarantees them up and downs this half her serve yeah. I it's not right this show started I was going to mention that in values and delayed my answer as Barry didn't wrap signal. So I can hop on and talk about our baggage on lots again at the start this outlook has vehemently that special place up so that when you. And so he didn't ever entered performance like he did panthers' first draft. But I I'd do that though let's just jump right into this. The royals get a lead to Dave or to three. And if you. Listen to me and I talked and I told you about myself. I've suits and started this job I've taken. The way that I watch sports differently in the conservative and talked about this a few occasions out we just kind of look at sports different. Then I'd do is still consider myself as many of you don't. I stood don't consider me this but I do still consider mass of the royals and probably the biggest royals in. I consider mass of rules and and I I thought well asserted that may have been past the point of getting myself really. And fired up. And something to do with the royals. Like I mean over the problem and to win and I'm hoping for in the wind it's obviously good for business also I thought well this past the point of having. Fayette emotional. All night I came in the day after the chiefs game after our watch party winning streaks. As like where do the royals win last night because I forgot to even check in public came after the chiefs blew out the patriot. But it it happened today from. I've got out I found myself there and I had to grant less of like oh alone now so. I got out of this past today Sammy G. Sammy G. Or what is its what does it. Yeah. What does a nice sandy gallantly Galileo did give vaguely vaguely though. That aliens than any team room we might need to cover the guy. These Leo. Yeah he Leo. Seventy. Listen I doubt that. His performance today Davis but inning two run. It's certain. That I'm in now my cell. Hitting it three. The fact. All I can see in my eyes is Jason Vargas. Eight Kennedy. And hand. Not a lot of amble and tunis as much into this I know Hamels had a train wreck. Yesterday but he was due for Warren but in particular to Vargas. The days of argues. It ain't him. It this kid said he all of it not on this. Kick come out here. And give us why things. It's no runs. It ought not have been 87 blesses oh bless his heart. Hit another with a fastball 87. It's changeup is not really it's a Egypt as it was it 84 is not real difference is that it ticket count me in. It do you five at exit two runs. That's all that's all really you can ants were from these starters right now. It saved me she can do that today. So you don't have to you don't have to have to be able to do that at least I didn't just have to. Let's say it this ticket government and its. Eight Kennedy I mean I'm not advocate about it I think it's a terrific guy. I like the latest there is. But he he had it to where you amid the game's been the second in as evidence. Bucks. Not just any attack but say I don't these indicated he starts. But Vargas in ten years they're writer that it's. I under at that that does a better fighter agonize advice and Vargas. Was great the first half of the season he was remarkable. We look back on and now. Remarkable what. I'm just saying those two guys. Had to be able to do so any G performance. Yeah. What do you think of epic starter including Kennedy include. Argues. What Sam gave us today. This guy that does Campbell what he did yet today. Game was over before they got all the way halfway through the line. Any minute he starts out to be in real it Kennedy starts of late are named by time they hit. Soon old school X six that day is over. Really Packard over. It's all far. Right and argues the same thing he pitched five innings look in his last dollar they. But it's pretty JK do this. Those guys do it. This heater and why they took me here. And I thought I was I thought I was beyond this I thought that the only safe for kids basketball but apparently it is not. We asked this requested last Monday senator what hell this guy Alexander. Had to do to beat us at the close. Has yet to do at this should be the guy from here on out there running out to the Mac not only the cure how I do it's that he's apparently. Your run of the mill Mary. He would note Mary. I asked you this it is there's. Every time any anybody out there this RB including our boss knows Mary. Jones though was that X two or hurt Casey Casey Jones though that adds to our which had bad things going on an airline. She got married. And in our music stock. Recently she just got divorced so we should be looking at great music come from Mary. Yeah it's down when he should be the closer right. I expect that that that the San Diego transplants that that has to be O. Right. It kill me now live what's happening yeah but it's got injured. He has to be that close. By posting things just took me to a place active duty but no that was still at the royals. I thought outlets as being myself getting overly emote about. Let's got Alexander asked to be that close. I mean with all the injuries this team has suffered I think the huge debate do you. Have that this week in May two victim. Oh. Did me. It has proven repeatedly. I Egypt. Or angering opponents got we are right our iPod yeah. It's out of skew what has not horrendous it's UH we're going to be liable US out of. Come on Egypt he likes baby want to get us out of. Saving gates got a clean inning today he Mary. And got runners on first and third would know went out and then all of a sudden he started. Playing having albums like Randy he's a striking people out that I'm. No problem well our heads a merry one drama. Just asked to perform their bets that apparently Scott Alexander is the same way. But odds are those who got in particular Jason Campbell I'm not gonna get to Lawrence is him because he's probably been been been the best starter in the second hand. And that's Indiana train wreck yesterday but that happens. But the other two. Seriously. My goodness Jason barges. It indicated he has to be able to do with Sam gather out of his head Galvin the I don't expect much from it struggling tomorrow but if that guy who's still in 87. An 84 auto laugh at me like that you know they it has been awful. Ever sits except for the first game it's the type aspect has been all who does expect it ought not hot that's. Like today would say it's us it's if you can give me to the poor. And they're just within striking distance I'll take it went up only 87. Surely. Surely Jason barbecues it it Kennedy can give us that I'd been asked him for six. I next for equality. But specifically what they're billed as it is inning eater. I got a uptake but just did a lot maybe jacket put together like diner. And I put together. They Australian well. Eight myelin. They got it it's not that together is to get but both to insanity. Given as they act to have to be able to give what that is due. They Mac daddy community. I've series and I just came to 100 those are terrific guys. Like to say overall bark is is had a pretty good year. Put my goodness. He's got to be able to do with this kid did today. And really we could probably be blamed for Jason Vargas has strung. We now know that's no we're not in east to go out though that these people pick eating out any doubt that his fault. Know when I accidentally got it now we get it now they go out there yeah. It's night we made people now I I don't apparent bargain I can point to sixty moments in time about it any he gave up seven. Against the tigers last week about that he gave up six in the first after the royals scored six to start the game it's the M. He's had Baghdad targets on that hole and he just said it's all downhill from there that they've not fall. You miss me with that. Are coming up I got myself it's a real trouble. Like you remember the soccer take out your YouTube that took off like wildfire. Like people from London. Fifa would come in Addis. This picked up steam over the week didn't just as bad and I say this. Fringe of the show. They tried to have my back with this particular fan base. We had a lot of line and that they would have a lot of fun tonight. Done traditions coming. Just some beer. Night and you in me. They had done so we're here anymore anyway. Welcome back in this. Real serious time which made efforts rate for us as. Fans of their two lives. It's that that might be one amount this off off the cup race. A Sears it seems like Scott Alexander Forbes top not. When he is in absolute dire history when it goes is the UNAIDS is as bad as it can be is when we see is tree. And that's the same thing we see out of energy. Fell about that drama make. It. Casey for so to see. Lesbian. And master Dallas which is mr. All right. So if you remember this soccer. At this holy starts like this. That when the soccer cycles came after me. Don't ever anticipated that it would be anything. Ed it just became Hume and went for my beats that span it was one of the things that thing guy. Got us to football's. So it's so sudden so Saturday night about with some with some parades and its rates. Watson comes football 28. Anything you want twin peaks at any of these spots right. Oh era in two weeks but some gains. And I looked over and I'm watching Clemson all one of the big games. Closed it by the way the defending national champions. Number three team in the country. They had just beaten. Fourteenth ranked. All. And I look at the screen. And they're storming the field. We too. Number three team in the country defending national T at its at home and I see the entire fan base letting the feet. The big win they dislike to celebrate. And a big way so. I ironed out. Let us and Clinton's fans ought to be ashamed of themselves. You have the number three team in the country at the defending national champion. Eight years storming the feet. Dickey. Couple of friends is an outlet and wake up Sunday morning I got about 56 digits are objects. Waiting for me on to greater public. Hill is about. Wasn't this bad for the soccer side those who state. And I look up and it's. All lives and people. Thirty minutes later forty mower. I probably had easily five to 700. Messages admits it's our sucked the Brooklyn and people from South Carolina in the last three days. They were so ivory soap. Couples they. That is the mark or. I've found out. This isn't sure at this should. And they do this gets this right now listen even you out here who cannot stand me. I think we can bid to bit together at Philly like this is really house of that state. Stupid. They need and I texted if you knew this British because they aren't they are coming at me like it is common knowledge like. Well what are the Packers do it today's we're testing a Lambeau leap who does it know. They stormed the field after every game. Win. Lou is no matter who they're playing gates. They call it like all lines Paula something. They others couldn't get the hang of that win or lose. They play citadel. AM spla. Let's Missouri State may go in eclipse itself airline that freedom they stormed the the first did when they responded to me I did this the mall Moline possessing it. Not that is one of the dumbest. And unsafe things I've ever heard. Seriously though can we get serious or sick do we realize how unsafe edits locally. We city and how bats court stormy and field star making did. We're going to go out start locally. The Arab member of what the Garret blunt wasn't a first round draft pick when they stormed the field in boys and he puts out. That player or again. Dear and her. Case stay Kansas. K state stormed the floor and actually Boise State it wants to Boise State it's April but their client. That it get real iffy because we had some idiot fans from Boise who felt like they can stop the Gator Bowl after he punched. Ed figure remember the case AKU game that band was drunk ran out there. And decided and had lost is this mine temporarily. They tried to comment Jabari trailer. It's chicken wing doesn't and Jabari trailer almost flipped it. Back to the streets of Chicago. Missouri fans do you remember when used stormed the field. After beating Nebraska that you tried to take the goalposts. How bad that ended up would those this up Nebraska fans. You remember there. Or do we see not to mention trampling situation. What people flood the field and soccer and football at several sports. And they are doing this every. Single. Gay. And at that they hold BM tried to tell me. How well. We've been doing this for forty years it's not I'd say the they tried to tell me we go down in an. Orderly fashion. Of course there's this little thing called the Internet and I found multiple times where they'd let the field. And they appeared to be old like every other college. Hammered drunk students. Crushing and jumping over walls to the field and running on the grants. All anchor it's not safe I am all for. Fans celebrating their team's victories I just think that you could come up as a fan base with something a little bit more creek addictive. And dangerously. And John Cleese storming the field is S that this entire week to you victory they really hasn't got jetty where right sees. But they can't promise to they came to me like I was in saint. Are saying this was I'd say. And then what's it would send me photos of little kids getting to meet players. And not sitting them that I'm sending him videos. Of a 100000 people running and jumping over walls. To get to the field. I don't even know how the school is continuing to allow this to liquor. This is the absolute dumbest thing that I ever see I don't even trying to heal their. They're traditions. And they get really gets it. Out not to ridicule their tradition. What. Amicable. Like we all know this tradition will come to any and if something bad. Just to play devil's advocate here accurately here I have amid total agrees with you it's it's ridiculous but. If they do it every game it's not like it was just they upset the number one team in the country and they were Andre if they do every every week. I mean there's some. They're used to it they they not act. It did the chances of something like that happening aren't quite as high as it really they were really upset somebody else you know that you did to. A college game and I'm not gonna say college game from the sale that you've been to a college game. Do you know how long those kids had been drinking. Probably since halftime. Fear of him this old guy it's headed to come up on bills open Ames I went out. There's not sell alcohol on the wild don't they most most Donna thanks at halftime but they've been. They bitch is getting hammered right before the injury much as far threaten me I lift. I I've done that I live. In Tennessee and went to several Tennessee Volunteers gates trust me. They were re how that's the only way to get through K you game it just it. Just it being at Oakland's game and you lose a bit gate. And we were running on the field with the opposing team this year it. Why why I don't understand why they do when when they lose that was maintenance on a solemn week week and we got to take a break but we have a warm out. Or these these columns and saints. We sit this out. They say that we are stupid uptick they set out stupid. Not to 630. Well unsteady to try to teach us and help us understand. Why this sounds like the dumbest and most unsafe the in the war. Outline as. Yeah. Back in here it's the first Poland. Grundy the openings that would dictate. We asked this on six and Sports Radio plays into it ended up. The would you say. The royals starters Miami Heat game today. Five innings two runs every game the rest of the season. Remedying in indians' Jason Bourne. 82% say it's side media and. I think there's a lot. Of royals fans that are just tuned into the chiefs right now because there are upset with the way this season and won now. Navy. These people do you think that we put a they don't care I don't care. Wouldn't you think that would of one. I think that would. I that would have really affected the numbers. 82 verses this idea that. They can at least. As we sit and we said we knew we were I was railroad. I mean. Unlike any way of literacy. Over this week in. I've and I was has labeled this off the entire Clemson fan base. And we challenged him. Give us a call. Call and explain to us to help with understated. You know. What it is sounds unsafe and stupid to go and possible trampling situations. After every bull. I've yet to get a call win or lose. They end its Ella me. There and I'm running and we got ugly week that's them. We just themselves so unease some of these tweets. They really try to hurt my feet. As you know I can tell when Saturday is getting angry in week when he response to people. Some view that he's proud respond to that next line in can attest to that. But the IQB can mean on tax side sometimes they fired them off you can just till whenever whenever senators in Meehan. We could. He could appeal coming out of this xmas that's the gimmick that is he's getting bay. By early offended at all of that that was at hand and this is what is cull. From old Brian Jenkins. No it's not stormy. You're using the word the wrong word. It's gathering at the Paul after the game. Gathering. At the law so they so they stormed the field. To gather and the big pond it's in the view let's that would. Pick ethnic but the ball. Me what is bad is when women are coming after. Wouldn't women are saying these. I am maybe if you. Edit the field and orderly fashion and you guys Adam took in the end like spray or apply I I've got a little bit more creative in gathering at upon. And learned that it's a tradition no matter who we play well what result it is you are just ignorant about this that's just a bit like. I wonder when he sends that we off. Ended finishes it off with that I'm ignorant about. We'd we stormed the field no matter who we beat. Lose two or Winnick. I mean you're one of the best programs in the country ethnic standards should be a yeah. I don't know if I'm bored just blown away to the fact that one that the school is allowing this to continue to occur because. I would take it. This that the if you have a tradition. Where your one bad move away from something occurring to where you it is the tradition I feel like you should probably take a look at it. It's kinda makes sense for a program like clintons and though that was stuck in that limbo forever. Solid program puts guys in the NFL but never truly competes for national championships. And double last year's Davos. What. Makes sits about possible not a grant the links it to god that I'm not. But. It is not the above average for decades. Itself they have. Average tradition and that it needs intern at the last two weeks. I. Create is I just got be out responded to. Who said he is key and he told me Aki Mikey it's close and don't let them run around. And as most would agree. It's ample of people but the other. And as most would agree everyone out there shows respect each other and we have a lot of what happens if somebody bumps into a fan from the opposing did anybody gets that it puts you back I'll does that got a mosh gather eager out the ball. I've made people Ike is their drunk people. Are different. And other drug people and I guess. Opposing teams once they enter the stadium in South Carolina. They also didn't react completely differently than anyone else. Let's there's just too many negative possibility of executive here. Sports fans do. And different traditions like like when I went. Green Bay to see the Packers play. They don't like you stand up at Lambeau feel you are allowed to stand up during the game response to stated it seat and equalize. Give you standing up for the game does that possibly have possibility of this. Or does it. Right. Back obviously I. I would be fascinated to CA a storming of the field day in the all I should be listen I. It's safe. Dating is articles that if somebody did area I'd hope I'd know where you're coming rub. And Julio when you played ever devil's advocate. And even though many of the Clemson fans who talk trash. I get it it's fun and it's a unseen like when ES in their fox and they show the overview. It all these kids on the but it's dangerous is it we've seen bill really really it. And if you're gathering at the Paul non not to admits it. You're the number three team gathering at the Paul at it storming the field that you beat the sit. Look at that that is due from that yeah. I mean that's like Kansas rushed the field the port. An Allen fieldhouse and you took care of fort hay state but that's too but then to say. The main the main reason why you do it is because we want our kids. Are kids enjoy doing it to meet the players. What the hill so you mean kids are running out there had been a hop over. Rick. Wall to give to the feel that there's no way. That someone has it gotten to another does that help. So what he has had even an ambulance it's a boy at one of these games there's no way inhale no way in jail away the the irony of all of this is that now all Clemson fans hate you and is one of oil listeners boy out on Twitter. If they heard a lot simply they would probably. This bill story there's still firing shots of him. But none of them have the balls to call. None of men of the balls call. And they said I was round. It's been lodged in. To support they gave it. And they can't tell me you don't understand. How we do here includes it retorted that orderly fashion. It took me 39 seconds to find about seven. Videos. Up did not doing it at an early fashion. I think they should pray they hate it I he has Tate who was unranked in double overtime last year which is lots. Ed dates is Rand and I saw people jumping rose to try to get to the front. It wilder and. Water it is pretty dumb and unsafe and balls the and potential injury happening when they tell us that rocket run down that carpet and he'll. Before games I just got a real unseat traditions. That sounds like if this out once it got its foot caught it carpet or somebody tripped. Added fourteen people at fifty guys running down the carpet it healed. Up pretty dumb to. That is done is having an potential trampling situation. That guy gets to show topic of the day coming up that dozens. Screen actor beer found. At a high school pep rally. A. Are back in on this shows. Let's run the show you exactly. Plummeting gas and he served. And the building and Leo since it produces bed length and at that thought like even people. The kid stay mean really CD media nature. I only had a couple of them come at me on Twitter and the way they were acting like they were gonna blow our phone lines up the clips of people all yet they were ami come at home. Pete's. Though so and I went three did given gates. And we shouldn't take in his camp. And and 13 yen gave the Clemson folks assessment of phones that takes awhile together that many quarters. And feet and it to a pay phone from long distance. Real nasty to these outlook I'll take the and it could take at least an hour demise of my evening. To unload these people you know. I did what eastern time zone on the invitation. You never know they met at beat the sharpest knives. May be broken the barrier to poke in the bath and maybe maybe we'll just got to get a budget calls at seven that are. Is that seven parity is there. We're desire to exit you never know it's avid at 750 that would suggest that it's O. These guys. These guys. Every one of they'll see. The eye and say nature of a trampling situation. So and they've made who's the who's repeatedly they detailed. Understand times. Are real nest. You also set a some people you know. Because of this call me names that rhyme with the policy. Or one of my favorite movies. Hits. You're a hit. Oh yeah I'll I can't wait to double. But killers. We issue invitation though. Race. The Aggies is of topic of the day. It's time to act like you peer. This year that aspect I just this show top today. This map that is what. It's time to act like you hear this it. Used to show. Up today. Right yeah it's just a little topic of the day sponsored by absolutely no one someone could stand up. This coming to realize. Randolph New Jersey. From the Associated Press. That's the headline reads it doesn't strained after beer found at a prep. High school football game. School officials says dozens of students were. We're deep pain is that the quote the words we're detained in order to undergo blood in urine testing. After a candidate Mir with this version at New Jersey high school football game. Rendell superintendent Jennifer Fran go sit in a letter posted all of the district website. That that can was found right at night is just six and I met your pregnant while both the bleachers in the room there. The Randolph ice in the stones were pulled the stage it's immediately in their parents were called so they could be screened for alcohol. Still refused the strained face. Suspect could based Bridget under the school's district miles. Bad don't says investigators. Are reviewing videos posted by social media instance drinking before the game to see advocate buying the culprits. Banda has apologized to students who were tested negative she says the school board would pay that cost protesting student. Is it that deep. Ironies that she'll. Is it. Bearden high school what is what was the ice is usually put Bakken water what does he write. It. The year was a that's a play school. It was a high schoolers Beers it was an ally dollars lies know no I think obviously to advance and that's all I am holes maybe this is there's appearance at majors. Discipline it. Because I don't like thinking to college when you hurt your own beer. This week purchased the walk. We urges any night. But if you're stealing it in a beer and the the I. If they were here boulevard and old gentleman that bush era. Was it there's a joke somewhere and I can't woods hit boosted. But idols is I don't think it would now let me at night. It went DVR and you think people in Jersey thing about the dealer with a how. We'll throw I yard gain Phoebe I mean how this size European of peavy allowed DVR. I've got a good deal right here PDI ever it's not. Ot that my goatee I see it people who drink PBR is the only time the class has raised the dealers when you. Go watch club we are the classic. Like when you go Watson Led Zeppelin cover in that story can deal valued the software that. I'm not saying let's hit just a try. So stubborn. Peavy or who can. It is that time if I was I assume past stock now that's. I. Asks. Children. I honestly believe it's a teacher who doesn't have the balls and comfortable. Well even if they tested positive for alcohol who. Who's to say they drink it at the game I was glad it is advised teachers up on Friday night in and that probably sit here and do I wish you would detain MacKey detest him. When I ain't it. It is my elbow. The joining a team MLB schedule has been released so has. Opening day season starts on Thursday march Sony ninety earliest start in MLB history. Excluding special Oprah's like games in Japan. And even more extraordinary move every team will be an action on opening day the first time that's happened since 1968. 1 reason a season that's a start a few days earlier is that for additional days off are built into the schedule putting the final day of the regular season on September. Third. Well I guess it I have. Been really happy with the rob Manfred. The the new commissioner they continue to do things. That makes it an improving there's. The World Series will actually be over. By the end of October and they they they need to shorten games and I know that'll be harder but yes it does moving the gate this it this season up and not having it. Running into. The heart of football season is a Smart thing that you can run Stanford is not gonna just sit there say all know we're baseball. We're not changing for that no. Football has the market corner and you need to do stuff so you're not running into law. Sports Seneca house Jameel hill plus a series of tweets on Monday criticizing Donald Trump. And calling him a white supremacists Opel ESPN has since pushed back on those remarks saying that on Tuesday as you know he statements address your tweets network said he had spoken hill. And called her comments inappropriate. Restart with criticism of Kid Rock who has been labeled a racist by some and then turn towards trap. And we all did rock hi tests out there she Connie white supremacists who surrounds himself with other white supremacist they would delete this Kid Rock. I I I guess this Iraq's confederate flag lot. Coming up. The best 59 seconds showed sports. Radio primarily because it's the only.