09/13 6a - Chiefs Disrespect, Berry's Message, Shout, ESPN Responds

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, September 13th

People upset with power rankings, Eric Berry records a message, Shout It Out plus ESPN responds to Sergio Dipp


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Welcome and it's still in the morning I might well. Just to a producer Steve inspector. Big cheese are all on to Philadelphia but chiefs fans aren't necessarily on a Philadelphia there on the power ranking boy oh boy did I get beat over the ahead well in advance yesterday and rightfully so I never thought. In the history of time I'd be like you know. Let's let's start the show is already student yeah. Put that she's our number one it they're usually number two number three maybe even number four on some power rankings. Behind teams that didn't beat the New England Patriots defending champion and the first game if people are. And they should be because as as much as power rankings mean which is not a whole heck of a lot it is a perception thing in you know how people feel about their football team and especially our count how we feel about the national perception never be good enough. And when you beat the New England Patriots on opening night in Foxboro on banner raising ceremony on terror changing day in and the other guy would license is eerie get frustrated -- turf changing day preacher dad yeah that's right when Alex Smith out duels Tom Brady would you put up 42 points on the defending champs when you do something that has never been done in the National Football League before that's we have on a Thursday night on the opener on the road against the defending champs and you should all I am for the best offensive performance overwhelming favorite to win it again and everybody was talking about them going potentially sixteen and now and you beat them on opening night in front of a national audience on a stage of a standalone game. And you're not and you were already pretty high the power rankings going into the season and you don't escalate up to number wide. There is something wrong something fundamentally stupid something of that bet that bid that somebody on crack is doing and I think absolutely foolish to not have the Kansas City she says the number one team in the NFL because to be there are two teams in the NFL that stood out on Sunday the chiefs obviously on Thursday night. And the Oakland Raiders I and and in people having the green bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers ahead of the cheese expert panel hold on to beat the that the the browns. On the road in Green Bay didn't do anything for the first thirty minutes of a football game. The chiefs from wire to wire played the best football game in the NFL in week one Alex Smith played the best quarterback in week one of the NFL Korean hunt was the best weapon in the NFL in week one the chiefs defense was the best I mean. This to me is absolute absurdity that beat Kansas City Chiefs are looked at as the best team in the National Football League by everybody and if they're looking at the chiefs is number ones either cataracts if there debt from the neck up there's only two options here only to. Normally I'd approve these power rankings like everything else and and also tell him the city who cares of the national people they can view and all that stuff. I got to backs on this ridiculous there's there's no reason they shouldn't be number one this is for one week OK the powerful is a one week thing. As it's the ads right now the tees are the most impressive win of the weekend and look good doing it and although although saying there's no reason nation be number one it's it's the same. Argument that I come up with him college football every single year because they have the pre season top point five tour. They shouldn't have a pre season top 45 ever edge especially in January he shouldn't have pre season power rankings because what. Happens is you get walked in those spots if you start the power rankings from scratch. After week one like forget the fact that she's ranked probably eight attendant were seven to ten in most power rankings before the season began. If you decide were not fit your power rate is before the season started or it could a people are coaches' poll for the season started. And after the first game. Major decision it would change. Every only absolutely would and I and I think the power rankings are our version of obviously the people dead in the Amway coach's poll if they still have that college football right now but that pieces decode is just the coaches is in a way out of the business and everybody has a lot of honors for favorite console and coaches and anybody else to it is it is now the USA today coaches poll it's back to that hole and it was a boss immediately sell it off the USA today now they're making money up USA today and themselves is well it's amazing that people look at these coaches polls like these matter right sponsored contents well that's. It's sponsored contents USA today telling the coach is we wanna get a little bit of money give you a little bit of money. And that we're gonna have these ranking how to how to how would you not have the the power rankings sponsored by somebody because they should be a should be powered by somebody because started power rankings have powered by somebody we should Dave green in sales. I'm wondering have a fourth or 3600 if you would like the sponsor of the power rankings here on six which she sort of number one like. Almost every all week all week every week. Until they lose it that's not happening this yourself. I I look at the the anger that it causes an Audi stands get upset because of this and and rightfully so because it is a blatant disrespect nobody who watched the NFL this past weekend. Can see team in the league that is better right now. They beat Kansas City Chiefs and as we get set to enter week two which officially begins today in the NFL. You've got to look at these power rankings and think to yourself are what is it going to take for the Kansas City Chiefs to really send a message because. Everything that was holding the chiefs back you know when you look at that she's not what would hold them back. The answer that question was constantly Alex Smith brighten what it Alex Smith do you want Thursday only had the best performance in the national foot. All leagues alike even the people or down on the cheeks you can't even use Alex Smith as an excuse anymore is he went out there ever asked. He's always in the skews though for the now I don't we have always hold on Alex and now this necessarily an excuse. Alex is earned a lot of the criticism he get don't learn a lot of the down sideways as and everybody that sell your Alan Smith basher. Smith plays like he played last Thursday that there wouldn't be any Alex Smith bashers right there all the Alex Smith supporters so it is earned the thing now like. Freak out too much about the power rankings and everything like that isn't that David Diehl horse. But when it comes to the national respect the Kansas City never gets it feels like. Here we go again and you can have the greatest win of the week by such a large margin of the best quarterback performance of the week the best running back performance of the week. And the national media still thinks the Steelers are better because they beat Cleveland by three at that on the road frustrated. It must know it is an end in italics me. Went out there and was like eleven for 22 with one touchdown pass and a decent score two touchdowns and he got a special teams returns for a third that was when he what are your 42 points like it's okay fine maybe you wanna hold back as Roethlisberger Rogers made better but what if I. Alex Smith went out there and carved up. The New England Patriots like they've never been carved a B like it like dare I say it her life like Turkey like he he really jumped out like it Turkey every 28 of 35. You got four touchdowns and quarterback rating of 148 point six. More than doubling what Tommy Brady did for them and you had a running game that worked well you had a defense that went out there and stop Brady this vaunted offense to me it's still that it's still the best performance in almost a week now removed. From that came in and were still walking around talking about what a great performance it was speaking of power rankings just what what is your rent power ranking if you two songs. Lots. On a hard time they're all number one takes you have a good time last night it was dead it was yet you know parking lot which is the best part of it got in and out the parking lot. No problems and not not really I was I was prepared for the worst than they did okay. The girl is okay what I thought and surprising had a chance to enjoy the concert I've figured all the funds that you guys were texting back and forth and I don't know ready to congress saying we're really making it yes it is implementing song names from YouTube and the conversation I I was told we were all very uneasy bid to do that with by the way because they get that he had told every song that they roads. I decided that I actually that Bob was doing it from Google I was doing it for manulife. Which was the other way around that area so what it in your power rankings of U2 songs what's number 12 and three. A one passes the last song they played him. A New Year's Day would hobby number two. And the price of varying three to. Fifteen college Arenas will just give me give you pick of the day whatever and other David this is Josh retreats I tried sailing on New Year's Day how was again it's just a trillion bits of butter here better in Seattle. Just say Seattle that was okay it was Seattle Seattle it was the second. This one we went through Seattle was the second concert here so his voice of dad ought again he's that like twenties Joseph cents a so it is a little. There was little bit of like single log an outlet and I'll let others tell us a lot of it but it was I felt like there was more of it and made their perception may have been. You know it helped me seeing kids my voice a little bit strange or is it because you had an expected to be let down and couldn't help. So what can we got to the parking lot pretty good. They don't pitch at its amazing to me though they don't pay attention to where they. People need to park our people's park Willie nearly all over the place and it worked a lot better than trying to park evil they do on Sundays and maybe there's like two parking lot attendants who now. The one who's trying to point and then barricades that's only do out there and then what happens like nobody you have that barricade that thing and hope you get out there that you've that com. That they were still seats available. Your argument I mean it was it was a good crowd yet. I it's funny I drove about it but it Kaufman the other day and I saw the code setup for the event at arrowhead I said get sick to my stomach got pleased that I would I parked cars I don't royals it was an all I was doing nets you an in house laughter yes and like but that the royals play faster was it just me some like it Davies blazed through that epic Grand Slam that blaze through the gate to get. And how loud this in a pretty quick yeah if the it was over by 3 o'clock I think yesterday it got everybody cleared out yeah it'll clear you know. Acting and so it was it was it was going to be G tailgate we got in now did do a little bit because we were there early right out of trouble for Abby over the line of the way he did yes. Over the O line today's there was literally of person in our group that was standing on the yellow line. And I cart came mine tapped him on the shoulder what they do they center on news headline news they argue needed speed tailgate over the deal as and it wasn't it wasn't. It was like what looked like Sunday wasn't like busy like huge busy. And it's like what needs like need to be over the line and look. And the guy said I will come back. Only auto giant to the security as a welcome back did he come back now and what's he gonna do what do you do you don't actually get it do I don't know but over us this is a kind of topped the scale of the mistakes say removal on allies again I would I'm sorry out of dodge over standing on the yellow line gas goes to the big move on all concerned enough I feel welcome them with. Who royals get a big win yesterday they had to have it against the Chicago White Sox loaded one away in the first. You know. Early betting. Never act as Denny Matthews on the call the royals. It that they have Grand Slam by Brett -- was the only score they have hell it's all they needed they came away with a four to three win and now in the wild card standings the royals. Are three games back. There's only a couple of teams ahead of them like it is weird situation where there actually further back now than they were a week ago. But there's less teams ahead of them than there were a week ago now you have just the angels right two games back of Minnesota and it. The royals they'll have one team to jump and they get to eat and then they can get to the twins it's not over. No it's it's not over the chances are there it's gonna take. Thus it takes him. League baseball it is it and start again today it was goes on the Matty got a get this what against the White Sox because my god you're going to Cleveland they've now won twenty in a row they've tied the American League record with everything winning twenty in a row. I indicated they're they're displaying insane baseball I was at the PR around the Kansas Speedway museum in Cleveland and he's been he has any standing there. Like he ever gonna lose he has some believe we just like no matter who we put it at its with a all these injuries. We're doing fine we're winning games ago welcome to 2015 royals baseball you know it's your year when your throwing out guys you've never heard of before. And they're winning baseball games for you and your finding ways to win twenty in a row but there's still that Cleveland Indians fans of let's go we're probably gonna blow to the playoffs as that's the way. The Indians always dual twenty in a row is is it it is in the division was close like. Not long ago now not enter a thirteen and a half on the wing edges number five and sixteen and a half on the royals I felt like we are with them like striking distance war games like. Two weeks ago well we get a couple it's completely compatibility and yeah you know not counting the Cleveland dropped coach Ronald they're on they are gone. All right Eric Berry out for the year with a torn Achilles tendon but you don't want to miss his message for she spans. Next. And read this update so hilarious and you read like it's gonna make you smile I've promised it's great to appear just a few minutes. But Eric Berry sadly is out for the season with a torn Achilles tendon he suffered and non contact injury in New England on Thursday night and it's really sad you can't replace the guy it happens the worst possible time we see how good this team really looks. Right before surgery yesterday he had his down on us in the bed that they push through it before they wheel you in a surgery and Eric Berry has a message for teaching them. Climate change and I come within the list. Of airlines reports. I just noticed on June. Strong iron bury the inspirational words for she spends its gotta be a really frustrating situation for enemy. To have so many things. Overall for you during your career that you can't control. Rather. Yes it was second half he was locking down. While in down ground for her for better partly aimed that's right so he did have about a mile and half half a football under the new contract as well he looks fantastic and really did you expect anybody else where that Torres was Torres said he had. You know his whole team's tour ready to write about how great air Perry looked and how everything was. Then Eric Berry goes down because you looked so good he looked better than he has. As a previous years and always talked about analysts penny went down. It's just such an unfortunate loss of history it really is. I would say and most teams a devastating loss on my turn to downplayed the injury but again as and as we talked about now for a week I just believe so much. In this roster in when he Andy Reid has been able to do with the coaching staff and how they're able to coach guys acting gay guys ready I mean. You know we we really are lucky to have me a veteran coaching staff with with a very good minds on there that will figure this thing out and we've got good players on this roster as well so. While you do lose a ton with Eric Berry from a football standpoint of a sixty minutes on Sunday. I think they're gonna be okay not not as good obviously as you would with he had Eric Berry but I think they're going to be OK I don't think we're going to see that huge of a drop off that's so noticeable that we're all my god where would they be the entire area embassy I think Sorenson and the folks. Are gonna clean up the mess that the has been left by your area EL. That's the case and then and twice that he's been injured in game one yeah I mean that's and I guess I guess and it's good to you have time to react to hearing more times it strong for the next season upcoming but yet this feels like. If you if you're going to take a crack at. Winning this thing right. The window whatever it is and we think it might be a little bit. More open and then maybe it's the this looks like a good opportunity right but but I'm not have. Your full compliment and certainly your hard and so on defense is is tough and I don't know I don't know if you can quantify. What he means having from production standpoint. We feel pretty good but. The other stuff that we've. Give us that he's grown to appreciate. Putting lousy ahtisaari fill that last time mayor Berry went out for the rest of the year that she's missed the playoffs there the only time that she's missed the playoffs in the entire any Reid era has Tim and Eric Berry went away with cancer in that. That's it so he means it hugged that defense because he's the quarterback the defense. It's a massive loss you can replace some of the production you can bring in some guys and think OK we can make up for this this in this. But Harry anyway it's gonna come down to is the other ten guys toughness not who replaces Eric Berry but the ten guys around are there to try to recreate what he brought to the table. They can't do it but you can try to do it. If everybody elevates themselves we see this from Tom Tom the sport so the lakers and Kobe would go to. They do like hey. Kobe's rocketed to a forest this time. We have to step up into so hopefully. As a team because they have all season to prepare for this didn't happen midway through the season or two thirds through the season they have the rest of the season to make up for it. Hope we see guys like Justin Houston like Derek Johnson. At like markets Peters stepped up the plate. In really elevate their games knowing that Eric Berry is on the back into Bailey well. Well I think that's important to judgments about second time they've lost have been weak one I'd rather lose her period of weak ones that lose in week sixteen or seventeen you know as you get ready to go into the real season which is that is the regular season beginning in January kind of figured out fifteen more pre season games and get ready before the real season starts it's so you've got an opportunity to you guys ran an audition will enable us guys and guys are now I was about where you got his -- -- and -- not to get ready for the playoffs that this is -- a bad injury but he fortunate time for this injury happened because now you have the opportunity. For guys to step it up and become playmaker as -- also -- Marty just forgive him he won't play next pre season right Eric they'll be ready for Mexico exceed human remix of general sounded the retreat that is now he's done. Are an interesting story coming out of CES and Philadelphia. With Andy Reid in his second interview. The Philadelphia Eagles LES or parks tweeted out this detailed description of what. Jeffrey Laurie says it was what the second time ever meet Andy Reid was like and basically what you need to know from this is that the dude and a chance to place their order it ordered three steaks and dinner. Now a lot so this second time that the guy was gonna argue. If ever meaning you can order three Africa states and I don't know he's no real monitoring wins I'm under British stay. Is always. Are all the background. As well. It here first. So down order whatever you want they had about about it and that was was probably presented to a broader what everyone port every one of threes they live for you mistake I'll say when I'm hiring that guy. Because it do you think about your second interview think about the stones you'd have to have you on the interview go to dinner with potential boss who's looking to pay you. Probably at that time roughly three million dollars and I bet it was about a hundred I've is about 800000 dollars in the ninety's yeah yeah. Quite throwing your rates are ahead Jody and I guarantee you he'd make a million dollars in his first years Edmonds I geared to white needed three sets NYT three steaks because he was governor Sebelius says that up towards and I'm injured and now I doubt seriously I peeked my interest but. About this your job interview for a very high level job one of 32 head coaches in the NFL a U Akio that it was only thirty I think. Because I don't think Cleveland was we can't -- I didn't think coming in 99 yeah Houston came in slightly before that to than it was after that but I I don't think there were 32 at the time and slightly out again I think they can relate to third out 31 somewhere that I I know exactly when they came in because I was living down in Texas and it was 992002001. When I was down there and he came in memorable go to the name the team thing you know it was bothered by the name of bobcats after meals goes right around that price yet. You go into big time interview and you decide to have the stones to order not just to stake. But three states now one not two but the early states hiring that gags and like this guy. This guy has that I don't give a bleep what you think you mentality that I think you need to be successful is ahead of a steak sandwiches steaks and what you write to Argentinian are currently under those charges Delorean I guess in this case. Yet that that I don't care who you that takes a lot at this you know first head coaching gigs values like. A matter coach Dmitry stakes right now I established. A target to order three stakes right now are whoever whoever's we're gonna come back in the day but. The rookie guy orators to triple statement praising you know might to do. What time was somebody who double state remember the commitment of social order to stakes at their eyes that that's unbelievable idea how do you double steak and I'm thinking to myself. That was the only time in my life and maybe it's happened before. That somebody's ordered two meals I asked you might be for Asia if you ever double meals like go Johnson doubled meals and have you ever double meal I'd never double meal would. A thing as a food double meals now if you go to those places where they give you one shrimp in one little green. But like if you go to a steakhouse in a mute and you double steak while Kate that's interesting and your triples staking I mean that that takes into a totally different level and Mike you mentioned being aggressive and whatnot his ordering has been more aggressive that is red still play calls. I know I imagine him going back to the hotel has got a plastic bags and he's the ozone is a dog he's he's he's he's. Jumping on the stake a little bit later on tonight I actually have doubled Neil one time you did yeah I was in Kansas City we went out. As when I was at sixth and I'll remember why we got in house like. And at a boy and we had a trade and so the show went out right and what this place and thinks no longer business and it was one of those like. Little little things on a plate yet and so when it was slightly as a kid and and and we ought to triple. Well nice double meals at the same that and there wasn't enough food I don't know that's so we went there to bully IA and that's awesome we washed down the burrito might not always as to might come to it like one city like all that's not going to be enough food went to bring me another. He had never ever done now that my dad always he's just another before they got there we go into these places are ready to free eat before I got yeah he's played yeah yeah I'm turbulent era may be an area where there's an accident they're charging you 75 dollars riveting and oh it's got. Burn yea sauce on its own class easily be the pay double dip is stake did it doubles they give me a triple steak any day of the week over one as the other joints and they spec really find out what any remade its first year. Now now yeah this is I've looked at a little bit to really hard to probably really hard because the Internet didn't exist or not I am fighting back to 2011. And I invited back to 2011 fiscal. He's sick a whole ton of money that all of a sudden Mike that they started to make money like Belichick got paid in Coughlin got paid appealed for real team to the chiefs and I remember this in 2001. I think for meal made like three million dollars a year when he originally came to the chiefs of like 01 and I think that was considered a lock back now and so I'd I'd be read was just under just around a million dollars a year when he took that Eagles. Our shot coming up in ten minutes thanks 69306. In one Major League Baseball franchise is hurting so badly for attendance they've done the unthinkable. They what next could. Just playing our producer Steven Specter. Shouted out coming up in a few minutes takes 569306. Or any topic you wanna discuss thrown out there and he will dived in there. The opening days have announced free admission. For a home game -- to senior home game one game not a single home game there that separate people to come out of the ballpark. Fourth read how bad their attendance has gotten that's how much the Oakland a's have sucked it in baseball there yet all of. Earning an anniversary I I do like the reason they gave behind that every couple and their reason is because they socket well that's why they. 'cause dole wants to go otherwise you get free tickets made people show up and in baseball it's pretty hard when your bad. Because it is it's not like football where you kind of try to muddle through the last few games that nobody goes to. In baseball when you're in the eighties there's like. Lost the 35 to forty home games that don't matter no one wants. And that's more than half for the home games but what they're doing is up next year the 2018 schedule came out yesterday for everybody in the season starts early this year the end of march. The eighties are offering free admission for the exact date that they're playing their fiftieth anniversary game at the Oakland Alameda county stadium so that daily April whatever sells numbering fifty years since the last renovation that's exactly Oakland it's how it's at and it's up. It's been awhile since they've done any improvements there's. Let everybody up for that dump it yes yes so everybody gets in free and everybody gets to you know go. I don't have a problem with because he did get a negated by beer you're by snatching a bath foam finger he had to revive foam finger anymore with Leslie you've purchased a foam finger. I got pink royals won for my girlfriend less than a year OK so you formally tell. Have a home fingered a very recent and we have royals on that I don't know it was a giveaway there repurchase them we have royals so again they got about a ball and that's actually. Yeah I got it campus that was in the last year's celebrity as a fan fest because everything there is such a good deal it is because like. While I'm gonna get a pink foam finger and get this this is our time is the time to go it's your girlfriend like dampening some finger yesterday she did very happy with the purchase were mixed today as those of you I'm sorry it's taken this that I must ask you play people still the only thing. It's all ivy titles they always do when they put together those you know how much it cost to go to a game the always throw in like. The foam finger like who's buying they eat you know you get four tickets to a game for hot dogs ordering some ball capital foam finger. Like why the foam finger is that like there is no cell doesn't love a foam that I guess everybody does love the get turned down foam finger I'm not a semi serious foam finger I'm not turn that thing down but shouted at 69306. On the tech slide today brought to buy lady James haircuts for Mandela and 610 cents a. Why do all weather girls have big boots off. Let's figure it out went out on her and ask you figure that out by now. And GAAP and does use we use wake up ago who all my gut have been asleep for the last thirty years well. It is here's the thing when it comes to whether. So you don't have to be right. So it's. Hate to sound good volume being wrong that's a it doesn't matter who cares what the forecast is because it changes everything and everybody walks round anyway thinking you're wrong the only person only whether a person that hasn't. In eyelashes chance of being successful is the one million. Because it's 65 and beautiful every day. Meets lacks. How can be read day at a VAD. Be that he had them I mean. You have three stakes doesn't covered the size of the statement of their six ounce believes. Yeah. Many forums state it's the same and and it needs to order house. Turn on the shallower and it was the exact temperature I've wanted it'll never happen again tell us just yet or ever ever ever ever. I always at the turn nine to get warm again at the turn it down to get it holds he can step in and not schooled yourself. I never get this hour where I'm one right my time in a steam right now right sickness problem. The hour. And so like that or splash is always the worst and always asking Sandra to five seconds of misery get to that's terrible and the guys have their exact area just sit there bases including ticket holders and it's going to be awful there it is awful. Do you put the status schools the wrap on your shoulder to now you editor. I nicely and does not dance abandons likened the Graham says stuff this like I think it's actually called the foam finger like a Wonder Bread. You have Wonder Bread set rhetoric that yeah. Events idealistic young ones I yeah. I'll leave it alone though it was a red like it heavier calculating every everything that you added it's like you're used Wright's pulpit negative votes but now I. I had to my stitches ring don't happen. Did you and rappers as a kid on your shoes all the time you did. But my dad always Wear these Brothers and anger anger put about his dress she's emotionally with the plastic bags NIC Robertson on the sale. Robert save lives to people still where Roberts yes you have to Wear robbers Bob otherwise you're going to transmit as TDs knowledge on the wrong at all. Your shoes there's other than I eighty's classic. Shopping bags under my shoes over years she's been but like I got a little problems over his stretches where he would put plastic bag over eastern issues that put these rubble couple rounds overshoot to go out this now is that a boot to some panic. I don't know her metropolitan areas three Walken. Yet an extra issues and we Angie got a lot of people who Wear their boots and carry their finishes in the bag or something like I just don't know of robbers are still things and of people still Wear them. And I really restating your first shouted out yeah we. You topic coming in not going no matter I have to fly to Denver this Sunday April wore them wearing cheese here had to tell. Good for years that's how you do if you let those damn donkeys know that you will be silenced. And hopefully your odds southwest U three TU one game. Zach Taylor rocked. That a person who. Rocha broke on broke out brutal. Our regular Rosa or you need you as a roaches. I don't know that is on aka. Sergey you move dip in the technical equipment addict and having that time of my life we got the Winnipeg jets. Putts added dream we got the Winnipeg jets they just really booed the answers and that is that the one that. I was guilty Atlanta Thrashers yeah. It's too late to get them to lay yeah the Dow right now I'm leaning I would be shocked if Kansas City got some kind of called music you're new to them. SEC east. Garbage. It's still hot garbage the FCC just isn't what it once was like it they arms if they did you constrain these microphone. Look it's is the reality and I get to accept that they're no longer the big bad on the block but he just doesn't happen or not the bullies anymore. They're just right along. I'd say on par with the Big Ten in the ACC and to see why you humor you twelve pac twelve the end of the pac twelve big twelve better in the SEC. Shannon my mom I love her very much now you know that big a mob car bombs some moms and a lot of good things for us the world mcginnis foam fingers. Teaches about others. Did that all kinds of good stuff. I shouted out Sergio did as earlier mentioned that he shouldn't act is should still be a story. It really should be over after. But he has yet she just can't help themselves. We explain after the key play next. Best don't just blame them producers Steven Specter. And it doubled down on Sergio DF. Get to that a couple of minutes but first is the key play yes it is and it comes from the. You live yet again swinging a bouncer to third or Seattle. Clubs all. I corrected. It wanted. In a map next. I didn't play record. Happy one won't be an. All. Else didn't seem and I newsprint the American leg. What does Tom Hamilton going to do when they win the World Series but that isn't the regular season win that in a row I get it. And Turkey play brought to you by Anthony plumbing heating cooling the technician you could trust with your house keys. But what is our Fred Tom Hamilton a WC LE Cleveland going to do when they win a World Series I mean it's going to be arguably the greatest call of all time. On interviews mimic. Mainly is what I Indians who have an ally the issue and that's idea illegality be awesome if he has any kind of sense of humor. Any kind of I wanna BA star type of moment. You've got to do something like that right coach don't you do something like that if the Indians with the World Series of the third out though the Indians win at the Indians what an almighty god the Indians win it yes. You have to hack you have to do otherwise is a failure I agree yeah I think it's a big time fail on his part. And. You're jumping twelve. I. Got to do that in the music as they come up to the I. Hit a. His history and right now. Positive that play music play. Holes borrowed name. Correct it. Good. The Arabs have my. Happy one won't be an overall. Us and seeing him play this kind of the American way. Oh my god the Indians went. We may be lighter on signature call I don't know but I doubt it would be really funny if you just use your car run yet moron go with the Major League all bad guy. As a huge note to people would play your call maybe once if he'd if you did that AT&T would play that forever you know he had been part of the previous two bit I never air show in America it would be outstanding it would be so great so I've you know. From from a standpoint of food you wanna call the final animal World Series Tom Hamilton's number one analyst. Are honest yes he had Sergio did was a story yesterday shouldn't be a story today but ESPN double down. If you missed the report from the second the second game of the doubleheader Monday Night Football. Sergio did they went down the side minding their reporter Sergio once and never again. Bad folks it's a pleasure to be good you guys here on the field promote love just watching. Rosalynn so the from the air. You watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight. Quarterback at Colorado. Defensive back in the NFL. Yeah. So Sergio did Jack Ross on the Internet rightfully so for that horrific performance and ESPN decided doubled down and people were upset hey this guy clearly east from Mexico City English as a second language and some slack. It is this way if I decide to go to China and call basketball in China because it is a very large sport there. And I was I'm gonna go ahead and be a reporter or even as talk show host about basketball and China. And I am a very poor grasp of Chinese. Whose fault is that. Is it pitched Chinese people's fault for not accepting my terrible Chinese. Or is at fault for trying to go use a language I'm not I don't have a full grasp of it could be someone who speaks. We're living well it's neither one of those faucets the employers fault for putting them person on the television or the radio or the photograph or whatever you wanna call me an advocate pat back to meet. It's it's it's more on ESP and you you have to put people on the air at ESPN. Who are ready to be on the air Addie SP yet and that's just not Sergio dip Rex Ryan was not ready to be on the year at ESPN. Stephen A Smith stills and ready to be on the air at ES. I mean there's a lot of folks out there that still aren't ready to be on the air. At ESPN. And you know would you would you work at a network that is being the worldwide leader in sports that's out. People that are worldwide leaders at what they do because you fired a lot of people that were ready to be on the air. At ESPN from the Jayson Stark's of the world the Ed workers of the world than you know and Andy Katz and everybody else that they got let go in the in the urged that happened. You took a lot of people off the year that were ready to be on the air and now you've replaced them with people who probably make pennies to the dollar what they were making. And they are ready to be on the year that's the way this industry as a whole is is going there are way too many people including myself. Who were on the other probably don't belong on the air and Anna I'm looking at this ESP everything on Mike. Boy oh boy that's a sale on their part for putting those folks out there on a Monday night to be on the air. All right yeah I think be prepared and also. This wasn't his native language right now so your ears you're putting him in a bad spot adding that this is all on on network. Most otherwise they decided to release a statement first Al sane we're not going to fire him thanks that he did you should have been fired a little less the last person. Addie SPM with any real credibility is probably an outside line. Years ago when I was covering the World Cup qualifier in San Pedro Sula Honduras. A local television producer asked me if I would be interviewed there could I try to do in Spanish now I know a little soccer Spanish and around the game a little bit. So I gave a shot outside at the 22 pit stop down had to apologize to say guys I'm surrogate do this in English. I've worked with many people in that sport from all over the globe. Who comment live on the year English is their second language in my respect for them doing that is absolutely on rivals of the Internet. Trolling my colleague Sergio did last night really ticked me off. Sergio was working the sidelines of our Monday night and the film nightcap in Denver is first report was not as smooth as he wanted you've probably seen it it's all over today and her. The trolls but Sergio does not need me to say anything today he said it on the line. And Sergio also notes today on next week. God bless America Sergio grassy smear meal. So probably they stole us credibility says is the only one he still has an EDS Fiat and had him defend it. They're terrible decision to put Sergio to implement and football widely acknowledged that if your ESP and other there's there's no reason to you just bring more light to his desk he had had seen him and it is a slave to trolls I mean they have been forever pierce playoffs which roles they make decisions based on. Internet trolls and Internet trolls alone did you Mel hill thing yesterday or she goes on the Internet calls Donald Trump a white supremacist. They decide to respond to that because they're responding to Internet trolls but here's the deal. If you're paid to give opinions I don't carry your opinion that's fine. Your Canadian opinions that means you should be fully pursuits protected by the First Amendment. And you're paid to do something else that you're not as this are protected by your important but if you're give opinions should be allowed to give that opinion no matter how comfortable makes people feel. I just wish it was that way across. We've the world really just doesn't work that way anymore though I mean likely that the First Amendment is great 1787. Or when you know 1776. Or whatever was first initiated the eighteen hundreds nobody really knows for sure. And and then you've got doubt today's terms where you almost had to buy that shirt you're wearing because it's that red lettering on it Natalie grant and I'm offended by that you're right it's satellite blew out like light blue and your sad about my show because it's dark and we get offended by everything now. In this society and you don't. I'm pretty sure that matters right acquisitions and not offend the night and a -- plus the opposite of what is that shouldn't matter bill each year I NASA and that's the thing I wish but it does for ESP but he can did you Mel apparently didn't matter and enterprise fiscal two players I wish it was that way across the board that solves that nobody it has become that way in the last ten years to bring back full circle Mike is because of the Internet because people now voicing complaints and concerns on social media. People feel we need to reacted and it really when you look at it social media's like 1% of what the United States for these days anyway he 1% of the people in the United States that are even on social media and we've reacted pulled out to such a high esteem I does that does point about we like miss the entire point. Yes and and and he was put in that same position and realize how hard ones and I realize it was pretty foolish for them to ask him to come on introduced speak Spanish on. Deport days or wherever he was doing the soccer report right now on his employer Wright or him doing that right don't have a guy who's. I thought he had a fine hospital I was just thought he was very awkward on television I even think about language barrier to people start to talk about my hair is bad on TV. If he's bad on TV that's. Again it was yet it's still audience yes well. But I don't care so he has a language barrier issue is America we all speak whatever language we wanna speak that's what America was founded on is what makes America great I didn't look at is like I was saying I looked at it is a my god this guy's not ready television are on the headlines it wasn't pretty but we'll take it two minutes.