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Wednesday, September 13th

Headlines Worth Talking About, Kling thinks this guy helped ruin the Royals season, Andy Reid on the importance of Week 1 plus power rankings disrespect


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Talking about state pension disc related something yeah. Sure. Frosty by word Harley-Davidson north worth Harley-Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose from moss man. Just loaded one away in the first. Only. Early betting right. Denny Matthews on the call right here on 610 Sports Radio four runs in the bottom of the first. Zeroes through the rest of the game but the royals pulled on to beat the White Sox four to three. On support of Galileo. Five innings to earned runs while Australia five. Kelly Galileo and Alice goes audio and video of Galileo further minute of the game and that's OK with it as long as it works he continues to pitch like he has in his first two outings you can call blue dots are all I care. Who's we've got I got my dad made up all the years I was growing up as well as look outs. But you'll only see Lou guy does my dad's OK if things that are parents I don't know and that's why. Dutton got me why I say ask why and I thank you like your dad so I ask my mother now. Scott Alexander the save one inning two hit sand destroy right gad as he picks up his fourth save of the season. Royals back data today for the rubber deemed as it can bounce either way right. Right here on six of ultra look. I. He's all right call too because if you're listening to broadcasts I was I was in the car at the time he's talking bag he's giving immigrants beard it becomes up and its advantages and I told him to help there's just so great exactly cells Lewis and a bare its I can't like. I don't how we does it it's it's unbelievable. Really it's really just uncanny. Now he's able to do without he would turn around and said and just a note this Grand Slam is going to stand in the royals role we get three more hits right. Hell. But stick around for the next two hours we'll take you through it without you for batted in super for a yeah but but at midnight nice job by W Leo for for his second start in and Scotty Alexander tonight getting boy he got into the first and third nobody out. And I'm driving Dobson a 190 degree they're screaming about a guy they just keep winning games had day and then he did it really really nice job there in the ninth to get through that thing. And figure out a way to get the royals are very much needed win yesterday over. The Chicago White Sox seventeen to go three back of the twins. And at 1 PM game today it got its path to get that win it eat it this way you can't lose this series to the Chicago White Sox then tell me deserved being put rice sack. Is this bringing it happen. Gentlemen royals against coming up at seven to one is Galileo when he favorite explores by the way. I don't think he's in my mount Rushmore but his laurels magellan's. East strikes me as a Magellan again there always take him along nice to Columbus now Ponce de Leon is my favorite man like him. He's a good one. Is it Ponce a close pants. Yeah yeah at the pace since the only chance to Leon yes then instantly writes who's that guy found the Hudson. That would that would have been that need a miracle last UT's under the influence of either Louis or Clark amateur. Are we out of explorers and we are Dora is going to or does. Or carbon seen Diego over board or was a good explore that's that's through. Agree with the Dick Smith or 350 highway rates him as an ad. And I also like. June bought into it well to signaling hash tag. If it were explorers are missing 69 threes are sick of your favorite explorer. Constantly or pants but it tends to enhance their Grand Slam. To get to assume NF. I was just saying. So Iraq one and the singing about more wars facts are Francis Drake. And excellence Carmen San Diego and explorer doesn't try to find it you're searching for arms over her like she's our panel knows she's a virtual wall that she's a fugitive is what she and I typically she's a fugitive. Want to try to tracker that battle is just a law where in the world issue we have zero cent mark we're looking for is right on its side and try to get across the coast. To get currency India and we've come full speed do you the worst thing about Lewis and Clark though it in all honesty like they went out there they got to the Pacific Ocean right. Then they had a comeback. If they're testing out there the whole I think it came when they get it didn't know Los Angeles store it's cool it's gonna get flu. And moreover wasn't existing men. West Coast to turn this. I've I just assume Kroger is everywhere. Anchored just in the south belt now diligence and is the parent company of the woods if you don't like eulogy at the Kroger programs summary tonight other Cincinnati based think I have no idea what we can look it up. Their parent company is not a cougar drug bills we know exactly what's next headline. It cafeteria. The I think. This it's not at all. Danny would add effectiveness of six to eight weeks with bad hamstring injuries have you done your fantasy team featured item on either IOR or just. Stassen there on the bench. Denny wood heads injury was really frustrating because you went down and you knew like it was a pop cans and it was just a poll like that was a small fairness hamstring. So for six weeks I've always really liked anyway head yah he's got that. He's the underdog you put the small school division through squall rationalizing I'll call what it is well let's not even necessarily the scrappy white guy thing it's that he played it shattered in Nebraska like. You plated a small school nobody ever thought it was an an and it and it should animated image is kept common he's the David Epstein of the NFL. So I'd ever for guys like that so it is sad to see wood again down. First year players eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame headlined by Ray Lewis Brian Urlacher and Randy Moss some of the others Ronde Barber down driver. Steve Hutchinson Matt Birk ingests Saturday. Along with defensive lineman Richard Seymour and Kyle Vanden Bosch abandoned by. And I'll say this asks if Brian Urlacher and Randy Moss don't gain this year you might as well I have a hall thing I'm concerned that five years starting gun buys from with a Brian lastly I feel like he just retired yesterday to me into here all he does it was it was restoration he's got an endorsement horrible. If I would seem to really rock did it it looked like somebody just. Placed a Rogge on top of his head but not. A night not around his head. Just on the top of really really bad right or trade football team like Bruce Willis you can't and just put here yet to decide. Hair on his head I'd like ridiculous is it looks stupid sick with Brian Urlacher the guy's been ball since really started in the NFL he's been balls forever he was born ball. So I need to get. Out. All foreign ball you can -- like Randy Moss was or revolutionary wide receiver Urlacher was a revolutionary middle linebacker much like Ray Lewis or I'm really really ray Lewis and Urlacher that you guys in the middle that would just. Dominance of big bail make the hall of fame my eyes we'll take the hall fame away. How Randy Moss knighted yeah. This is his first shatters it says it is the first you know as does its first shots are still should have been in already. He's that good day he's Aggies used. I think he was the best wide receiver of our generation of that generation out even though. Like Michael Irvin was obviously made that generation Terrell Owens would be up there ran that Randy Moss to Brady was about them he was unbelievable. Thursday night. Football's a real awesome team on tap with the Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals combining for seven points on Sunday. Looks like one to John Watson is going to be your starting quarterback on the road are we all surprised by that. No if you watched the Texans game you can't put Tom savage out there ever again and god did he got so she'll act it looked so helpless out there you almost felt bad form. Like I did and sit there watch him like he can't do that he can't handle this. Pulled out before it gets himself killed he doesn't belong the overall state Texans. And so handsome with a quarterback position it's not like they had Alex Smith at their quarterback and a gloss games because of that. They they've had like. I like like I did you know it works that works at quarterback against such a great defense and so many good offensive weapons. And then they have a rag tag guy out their quarterback for the last couple years it's killed. It it does amaze me you know and when teams change of course like this and just a heartbeat. Like owners should start like their whole build up was rumored fast or slow play it right tops at is gonna do this and then. One half and elect not we're not done yet or it directly up for stardom both go. Well I think he did draw the line in the sand again as head coaching this kid is ready this kid is raised in a ready. And NEC to god he thought was ready go out there plays so miserable you guys are now is right. In the association. Coming up on December 18 the lakers are regular tire Kobe Bryant's. Numbers plural here eight and 24 will go into the rafters adding that's ridiculous pick one. He dominated both he did if you split up to two careers if you put the career numbers for number eight in the career numbers are number 24. They both stand alone as hall of fame wide release which numbers. There's a lot of theories that I'll stick to this when he was accused of rape and wonder rebrand himself got a good point that's very good the is that when he changed his number. Each case number to 24 and shake his head. And they just kind of was a re branding for Kobe Bryant I really believe that's what it was as always there is business savvy and he didn't lose a lot of endorsements but he did get some backlash. I think it was 2006. When he decided. Now change the number I'll buy that right after the rape accusation so I think he wanted to change at the image and flip things around a little bit so we just looked. Different to fans. Vinny did before the rate equity that's fair I'll buy into a related story the bulls are retiring at 45 this year as well. It. With the state is at mine statement it today. Finally Russell Westbrook inking a ten year extension with Nike's Jordan brand. In allies the most lucrative endorsement deal for any Jordan athlete to date that's good to be a marginal athlete in the. Or. Hello. I had a ready I knew that holes there I mean I was gonna talk about Russell Westbrook can headlines self. At to have that ready you know S succeed point guard lose in the first round every year. Pro apple at the Spaniards. I get somebody else's shoe that's right can I just want Russell Westbrook so to win a championship purely for. That stuff like. You need to see Russell Westbrook when it but she because of that's goes weird vendetta against everything Russell Westbrook does I want to see him win a title. Tested this this welts that just. And I'll change which we yoga don't know I really don't give credit to the other guy everybody else you'll give credit to Paul Georgia credit to everybody or everybody but Russell Westbrook will be Billy Donovan knows undrawn credit. Now argued that we got a big threat but Allen's eyes suddenly Billy Carter Donovan you on so. He went to brown. More town he tell you AFC east you touch. Okay. As an interest in segment of headlines. Public enemy number one in Kansas City or at least there should be playing breaks it down next. Those tickets coming up here on faster when the morning I'm Mike Welch with Bob best code just playing their producer Steven Specter. When you hear this drop. Who can shoot you. Your perfectly and what we're talking about them called my 135767610. Annual it boils tickets again that's not 1357676. Tenant to this extent sports dot com and check out this blog that Clayton wrote about the new public enemy number one in Kansas City just can't. I hit me the other day as are kind of started dissect this season maybe where where where wrong or they don't end up being in the in the in the post season talk about the order turn the royals. Why are we more pissed that Burris Ron don't yeah no kidding bruises. You remember Burress run down it looked like just state. A guide me to do sprite and and throw and it. They're on your guy late in the game that you get your butt kicked and royals were crushing the the tigers fourteen to two. On July 26 most of the plate and this happens. And now run don't frozen my stylist and only then she's real. And did. And Danny Duffy. In the middle of it good right now you just wanna say fellas yeah it just stay healthy and I don't get anybody heard this come down. There remember Danny Duffy coming to moos is defense well love that right. Did the entire Tina it is to his defense and like this is this is BS I thought nothing evident that time other than. Of being bald and unnecessary time yes boy that's gonna leave a mark furlough day. It might have derailed the season it may have ya okay moose was hitting. Get to 49 home runs at that point and throw a hundred games. He is at seven. Cents while and he's now stuck on 36 of course but you remember the the bean ball lead to swelling in his knee right. And now he's his knee looks Jack right like he right he can't play it he can't throw to first I mean he's in some serious pain yet another like tweaking of the need about one a month later learned quite a month later. Who's to say it's all not related write like that whole thing got him out of whack. And why don't we hate Ron don't more for screen of the season by by being an accident in late in the game and and hitting a guy needed need to be. 'cause I think we're still like zeroed in on what's going on right now we we forget that's almost two months ago now that Ron Don hit death Mike who stuck this like dad and and I think the time it didn't look like it was oh that big of an injury but ultimately it's turned out to be a big injury and you're watching Mike we stocks in the field there there have been numerous pop flies. That he would normally get to that would be outs like this back to the first inning on Monday and I mean that pop fly that just barely sell spare. Mike the stock is healthy except play a hundred times out of a hundred. The other day trying to throw to first to tell the other and could plant write them couldn't throw it's affecting his defense now do not his power numbers. That's a big. That's a big injury militant handlers just like in like a flu key play or or our play that had happened and dude beans you. And you have weird swelling in your knee you know the whole thing was connected and and and Rondo own. May have screw up this season for the royals did very easily could have. At the time obviously didn't feel a big deal now but. You look back and all the numbers cents and then the injury to south ray is added in there I mean it's is it almost starts chain reaction. Where it felt like that was the first domino to fall and all these other things started going poorly for the royals they just couldn't. They couldn't find a way to get back from that it was so frustrating because. If it was a situation where. Yeah I a says throw it moves and that was kind of retaliation thing or some back and forth between the teams. That's one thing put it on his own squad the Detroit Tigers couldn't stand Rondo and after that thing they were not helping and they were really getting is back. It was something condemned universally right import to have that kind of backlash that kind of long last an effect. It's it makes you really wanna punch in the. It doesn't spin on it wears Dietrich playing tonight as I mean purchased flight will go to wherever that is and in and go after rob Don because in Cleveland I mean let's be fair brought them would probably. Down and I have probably lose that fight and actually yeah yeah no I got by Michael does swing and and defend my team it's laced punch in the face knowing full well that that'd that'd. Aftermath of me punch him in the face would be me going to the hospital right still. I think you do and I think that's kind of away every rules they should feel right now because that's one of those stories of net about it coming up at 9 o'clock to daisy joins us every Wednesday at nine here it's extant Sports Radio. But that's one of those stories at hot when you think about it and you pause promote anything what went on during the season. Game number 100 morals are a fourteen to two and runs on dean's my whose stock was over for no apparent reason. And since that day Mike we stock has has not been bright has not been the offensive juggernaut that he was has even been the defensive juggernaut. That he was because of that hit by pitch in and that really kind of set this season. Off on the wrong course and an end of moose doesn't get hit there who knows maybe the royals are in that second wild card spot right now because it wasn't too long after that. When the Minnesota Twins wave the white flag folks we forget the Minnesota Twins gave up on the season and today they started trading everybody off their team. And now it looks like they may win that. That second wild card is they've got a two game lead over or one game lead over and I'm in a three game lead whatever it is over the right now it looks like they may win that. The wild card even though they gave up on the season and had Mike stock is not gotten hit the Minnesota Twins given up on the season. I bet right now the royals are probably in sole possession. Of that wild card and we can go back and if that but the entire season. But that's what are those things losing a baseball game. That's not a legit injury that's what do those things it did not have to happened I was a preventable. Injury to Mike the stock is that wasn't prevented. And and edit in a preventable injury is now potentially. Cost the royals their best shot to get into and do damage in the post he's the check the poster put up at 610 sports dot com I think Ron donor is is a number one villain for Kansas City he can't forget him we hate Joe Buck and Metzenbaum garner and when Eliot. Rondo screwed up seventeen in my opinion yes he did he days screw up seventeen and somebody did just south of finals Roland that point in time Reggie never really recovered from he should be another dirty word for Hansen yeah. Because what happened is they were the great July it was a great month for the royals are playing phenomenal baseball July but was excited and fired up you're able to Jerusalem right brain. To why they were pretty good student but all is as soon as an injury happened. For the Kansas City Royals and they were trying to find a way to recovery in place rule in place for. Mike whose stock is an in Salvador Torres got injured so yacht just having your writing runs on. Is is public enemy number one at least in the recent vintage of the Kansas City sports scene when you look at the central Maine if you have. I wish Detroit would bounce back and maybe get some wins here he's. Cleveland is sitting at twenty straight victories. I still can't believe that's happening considered how the season started for Cleveland you ever think they'd be in a sister or -- I'm well the way. The Cleveland city here with 220 its voice to great winds. That's why the or were mentally just okay team and tell like a month and a half ago and that's that's that's a shocking so you keep that in mind along with the fact that the royals win that. Hit by pitch up in the were still very much in that the AL central race there and they might if that doesn't happen they probably still aren't in it because hey. Corny stay straight wins the Cleveland Indians have been amazing yet to get the credit for that. By you feel like you being a much better spot than you are right now eight at six that's forced our college I got clings entire law. On to the art of the chiefs' Andy Reid is doing any read things and it has that ESCO all fired. Hear why next. Any read it. I'm doing exactly what Andy Reid doesn't get to that just a minute but. Yeah he's back to the wrong tone here for just a second right best guy yeah because well at the time of the injury the world just two games back in the American League central BI and leave them they were fifth. 47 that's a pretty nice record a point in time. Since then the royal since the injury to Mike was stock hasn't run don's beating the world's eighteen and 25 which is the third worst mark in the American League so move to put more credence to Josh his philosophy that the Ron dumping really put the seas off kilter. You're absolutely right about that mean to this since then the worlds of not being invaded the same baseball team and I think what we look back on the season at the world's fail to make it into the postseason. We've got to look back on that runs on its it is being that that the number one thing I think that they could have been prevented it didn't have to. Happen and maybe. Moos has that incredible home for a year right now it's at a maybe just kind of squeaking by and about me and maybe I mean derail the sees his maybe his home run march. And and possibly eight playoff season gets absolutely so we're trying Don don't like him and now. And here he spoke to the media and is just about moving on from the game you know what who where you still looking back at the game all that stuff about the amazing to win that was in New England. I think everywhere every loss of structure caved in some way our strength is. Or week that's that's so. It's important on how you grow. Unfortunately in this business. You get to enjoy these things like that much. You got to move on. Teams that do that the best normally teams sustained way. Throughout sixty games. Are they get after that. So it's important. That we do that. Its first game of the season it probably others over his right the most overrated game. Of the year in the first and it gets so much there are so tired of start the season get this thing under way coaches players fans everybody media. So. But it's done. Out. Or on the heels of excellence. That's in the past and now we are wrong. In this series I disagree with that statement so much because how big that win really was. I'd opening night and the one thing that we've learned in the NFL is that the first two weeks of the season really are pretty I mean except for 2015 with the Kansas City chiefly start won five of the Saturdays they still went on a ten game streak of one of those that's errands that for everybody else you always kind of drafting Tom Brady and say yeah. Our analyses and they added that complete outline here huge Dallas or even a complete out hired Josh it's it's the it's the biggest out wire there's ever banned from the way you started season. To what happens at the ending in for the Kansas City Chiefs the NFL has proven. That you'll get off to a good start in in your first two games of the year the odds of you making the playoffs are very very slim that's when it was going too weak to OK who's gonna start or do we get the patriots and the New Orleans sensible sitting idle what are right now facing each other this week going. Well if you start only to your odds of making the playoffs are Zachary very slim in the NFL so I don't like the it's too it's too early and I think the it's too early in sports that we all used to be included I think we use that as a crutch because we all well there's a lot of time left it's too early it's too early what does the royals started fifteen in fifteen instead attended twenty okay what do they didn't start with a ten game deficit in the standings. They would be in the playoffs right now those games that you win early making it easier for you to our policy sit back at the end. You'll get put a dire spot at the end we have to win every game works when Teddy your next twelve or something like that winning early alleviates the stress. Of the Ed in so I understand that Andy has the downplayed his guys have downplayed everybody but the fact of the matter is and I know this from talking to people inside that building. They were treating it as one where they've been waiting since April for this game they got the win and they celebrated this win and enjoyed this win big time. Because of how much this win meant in the situation wasn't a win over Jacksonville on a Sunday afternoon Thursday night win on the road against doing. Well it was nice when it was a big win it doesn't mean anything if you lose that next to. That's what is that's the thing that's where Andy Reid's coming from he's absolutely right it's nice to have a big win it is a big win. Now one and minimize that at all it's a big time deal that knock off the New England Patriots in New England. On Thursday night football a kick off the season as there are celebrating their Super Bowl victory from last year. It's. But we will be talking about that New England when if that she's missed the playoffs we'll be talking about that New England when a month from now the chiefs are then to into. Or one and three bell will be saying thank god they wanted to wait it gets no say police and that New England game looks like a fluke. If they if they just stuttering now if they had a falling off now. There's nothing they did on Thursday matters that's why Andy Reid's trying to stay focused because the winning in week one is great. And there's a lot of importance that they too much importance put on much like opening day in baseball and where. Ever won Macy's it so they make their over arching opinion or you stated based on that one game but. You have to be able sustain that kind of success that kind of offensive production if you wanna continue to be that team that's praise to the way that she's currently on. And I figured out that the players were confident as they are very confident in themselves and what they're going to accomplish but did they got to be feeling on cloud nine as well after beating the New England Patriots taking care business in a situation that nobody gave him an opportunity I don't know besides Brad fanning one person legitimately picked the chiefs. To win that football game on Thursday and there view there wasn't many I mean very few and far between yeah yeah yeah it's like finding a needle in haystack so for me yet you you've got to accentuate that win it let your team no seat folks I told you were pretty good football team as your Andy Reid you gotta use you beat the patriots you can do anything the Eagles yet good football team we're gonna beat the Steelers are good about it were going to be damp. You can use that because you already beaten the best I mean you all the best out there and for me you got it embraced you gotta love that up and say hey. We've beaten the best therefore we all the best in the NFL right now we don't want that to come into your preparation because your preparation you have to come through every game like hey this is the one that matters the most sure it matters more than New England just because we beat the patriots doesn't it can roll the helmets out against the against the Eagles and his. Win that game to you guessed it if you're any reader to stay focused on the very next thing. Just because that's how you were measured your measured at week to week not based on just week one and offer he says stuff. To the team and those kind of thanks sir that's the team mask he gets he gave the team message well it has switches stay the course. Now the point the light right lets not one game one game at a time. Her. But I would agree with you that it it is very meaningful in terms of you know we see the record all time your C a team all the teams go into right. Next week and a time how they're all of the percentages are but they're done salad yeah fast starts. Finally imported several one time except for one time bad right now but but but he here here's the other thing though when when you look at what they were able to accomplish it in beating this team you mentioned being prepared for the Eagles. That's the one thing you could Sammy bit Betsy veteran coach right there as it is indeed read I feel confident that. They're never gonna be under prepared and just rolled helmets I can't think a one time. But it looked like BT just rolled their helmets out there since Andy Reid has taken over as head coach now he may be yet Sean McVeigh like him coming off the big time win in his first game with the LA rams or something. Maybe you look under prepared the next week is your smoke cigars and celebrate that first victory. Andy Reid since he's been here to Kansas City. That football team that takes the field on Sundays has never looked under prepared for football they may be beaten but they don't look under prepared for football. Built more prepared than a lot of other teams in week one and it looked like he does in guiding the Christmas of that offense compared everybody else who saw this weakening the chiefs I think there's only one team. The score more than than this week it was the right Iran and they had sixteen points in their defense right that was mostly as a whole team gave it away yet so the cheese with Moore Crispin almost every other team. I can't really think of one team off the top my head that I saw this week from my cup. They'll have more Chris than it cheats get reminded she's got a lot of penalties there are a lot of things that weren't crisp about that game but as far as week one performances go. That was off the charts. Right she's fans are absolutely lived. And they should be. Find out why next but first is the Bob Hamilton plumbing heating AC and rotor play of the game for 245 dollars to chili's I know the answer. You can do to win the biggest point five dollars a cellist but you can't. Not 135767610. It just call and tell me a player involved in yesterday's play of the game that Josh turner told you about on the post game show right here on sixth and Sports Radio. We do it next. I game. Hit that wants to send you that she really secure when a point five dollar gift card at chili's. Quite to do is telling a player involved in the royals play of the game that Josh Berger told you about yesterday. Right here on the post game show and were flagship station for the Kansas City Royals 610. Sports Radio. Our Chris in Kansas City Chris utility player involved a little break and be good player involved in yesterday's play the game. Well Opel brand of law and she is loaded one away in the church. There go. Could be. Early betting that. Early that attracts congratulations Chris who was bred in Moscow also would have accepted it Denny Matthews yes right BC is the MVP of that play he called it before it happened it. Eddie do a year round the bat. It's loaded one away in the first. There. There goes C bill where you go on were you look at one point Danny just went winds can you smell what the bosses cook him that we. The that would be off come out there that. It back yet he's Belle of the ball say is go and look at it could smell eat at Avery. It gives the NFL are out this week for week one and she stands are livid. I'm not entirely sure why they're to a set of ideas line myself though I sat there and said oh yeah I didn't get angry all when I saw the chiefs at third out of power rankings or. I saw talent Colin Cowherd and hollers infinite areas. With the chiefs at number five pie because he had them not ranked in his original power ranking while brazile does the top ten so he didn't even have the ranked in the top ten is going to come as a top ten the start the season because. Disease and how her. In a bit I mean there how to booty try to be smarter than everybody else instead of being right I mean they're they're guests at Baghdad isn't real bearing arrogance right there. To not have the teams in the top ten and what's even more arrogant right now is people not having the chiefs as the number one team in the NFL because. They are by all measures guys by all measures including a team right exactly it right now they are the best team in the National Football League they won in week one and in week one of the power rankings. The Kansas City Chiefs should be number one now. I know at the end of the day it doesn't matter in standings are what matters in the NFL both from a perception standpoint. The guy that everybody perceived to be the one that holds the tees back Alex Smith. Is the best quarterback statistically right now in the NFL they have been the best statistically running back in. The NFL right now they scored 42 points the defending champs that look brilliant doing so. And anybody putting a team headed the chiefs is either suffering from cataracts or debt from the neck and there's no way to put it. Speaker Colin Cowherd decided to put the chiefs at number five just one spot ahead of the patriots after previously having an unranked. It shouldn't be too shocking when you consider his thoughts before. The chiefs play the patriot. It's the New England Patriots according to Vegas oddsmakers. Are just about as good as the team that was undefeated with a Randy Moss. Not gonna make the argument that they'll even be more dominant this year than that team and that team was dominant. Because it's an offensive driven league and I don't think Brady's ever had this many weapons and I love Randy Moss. Sir Colin Cowherd and Vegas both thought that the patriots would be as good as they were in 2007 when they went sixteen and oh how hard thought they'd be even better. The jays beat the now what's interesting about this to me. Is you now want to reach back and go well maybe the patriots are as good as we thought we don't want to give the chief credit. How could you sit there after watching everything take place during the offseason after watching the pre season seen everything that you have. In say. This team it could be the most dominant team we've seen in the history of football. I believe that'll happen they'll be at least the most dominant he received since 2007 when the patriots went sixteen dollar almost went nineteen and Odom they should all. And have a great season in the history of football you can't say. All those things and then come back after the fact go well hold on chiefs. You stay over there at number five you aren't really at the top even though you just walked into the team that we thought was going to be the most dominant team potentially in the history of football and you walked into their house smacked him in the mouth and won by considerable margin well maybe at the end of the data. Patriots are going to be as good as everybody thinks that they were going to be an obviously not because they can't go sixty you know anymore. But when when you if you wanna judge the chiefs based on that first in US army to the patriots had some injuries in the field was batter something. You can look at the at the NFL and realized that was one of the war. Oh systemically pleasing weak ones of the NFL season that we seem. In a very very long time like I did look around me and I found wow that was a great product you know there it was a bad I've yet resilience of the adults every year guy get cut out the pre season there's no reason for pre season. Yes there it well because those games are atrocious those dates and we want to work really really bad meaning they were really really poorly played in so. If if you're judging power rankings based on what everybody else did and how everybody else form which is what this is your judging each other's based on what you saw. You can't look at week one and oh my god. There was a team that was more impressive in the Kansas City Chiefs because there just wasn't I mean that that is a fact that's not my opinion that is a 100% fact if you look at a in the dictionary it will say. We quite impressive performance apple is the chief says number one they beat the patriots on the road Oakland comes at a number two they went and beat a good Tennessee team policeman think's gonna be good Tennessee team they beat them on the road and Andy did a nice job. In doing that. Other than beating the Cleveland Browns by a fuel bull in in Cleveland that's not an impressive win for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hanging. On to beat Seattle and playing decent thirty minutes of football in Green Bay. That's an impressive start of the season. The chiefs were knocked him down impressive in that first game of the season they look like it was week eight they were clicking on all cylinders there wasn't a team in the NFL they took him as close as the chiefs could the clicking on all cylinders like they did on Sunday on Thursday night. That's why we need to power rankings which is a mythical thing you write based on the way that these teams look compared to everybody else. And nobody looked at the same stratosphere. As the Kansas City Chiefs I speak other weeks it's tougher to to maybe have a power pole after one game I can tell I can I can pretty much dual power all I can tell you the chiefs are yeah. It's not hard to figure out that's not. He's with a vesting moderate one like they are capable different than everybody you know you always say the B I tested you just know when you see it. I know I watching week one. The chiefs were a better team than anybody else that stepped foot on an NFL field. Of the 31 other teams nobody could hold the chiefs jock for the way that they played in week one that NFL. Sees it and that's why I think when we seized power rankings we have to take it with a little bit of a grain of salt. And it for multiple reasons but to me the biggest reason is because people. Themselves. People always do and certainly your do it matter what situation you lie to yourself and you trick yourself into believing something because people hate being wrong. And more and and in more more especially in this but once you get married you get used to a mostly Diebler single that are doing power ranking was this on me to join him in the basement area president house which you view power rankings other than your basement while Marcos macaroni and now. So. The thing is especially in this industry there's a good growing year population people we can't handle being wrong all the soul. It's the wrong sometimes are wrong as part of an artist so easy to get things wrong I thought the patriots went to I was wrong there is happy to be wrong. The problem is that a lot of these people that you power rankings they don't accept the fact that they were wrong so they try to. You'd they try to adjust their power rankings based on their regional rankings. Is that throw in the original rankings out and starting based on new factual idea and going all my got a toll swung and missed on that one this team is really really good. And the one thing you could point to the one thing that a lot of people said in the back of their minds we pulled the team that was Alex Smith the best quarterback in the NFL today look at the numbers. Are cheesy Eagles coming up fast in spec has a very important question we need answers now.