09/13 8a - Chiefs Question of the Week, Royals OD 2018, Commercial Free Half Hour

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Wednesday, September 13th

Debut of the Chiefs Question of the Week, Royals start 2018 early, Peters debate, TV segments, Chiefs are fast plus the Big Story


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It's still in the morning Mike welcome Bob passcodes just clean their producers inspector. ESPN thirty for thirty last night about the replacement players yeah out of Reeves was the star and we'll get through it a few minutes but first. Is that chiefs question of the week we do it every Wednesday. Here I'm vesco in the morning inspector comes up with a chiefs question and we diet it's like the NFL question of the day but that's it -- question yes we did that Academy Award to do things between it training here I guess you people are fast enough Ritz mining. And this and now it has evolved in new chief question of the week. I like him like do we do we have an open avenue open but it's gotta run be run through legal and corporate and I've got all nine apple or haven't by the end of November the window open I was down now soon yeah and really pushing it throughout. Fights apparently meter per second. Al Smith probably the number one story line of the chiefs win over the patriots with him when touchdown by an individual game. As the number one story. Tell you to team when it's an individual if we don't talk about individual players we focus on 53 is a hole blown in the right direction of Baghdad. The hell. I don't polarized that from the assets and so when I say barely see that means Bob goes off on something that I don't ideal officer apparently exactly yes so the last. Four years of the in you read out Smith there we've been asking the question is it in me. Or is it Alex doesn't wanna push the ball down the field and takes it chances now Nolan thinks that Al Smith is going to sustain. Obviously the pace that he did in IU 164. Touchdowns sixty for a touchdown every record existence. 141000 yards passing or whatever what day you have got a nice cool drink on the dash your. This series Alex it's gonna throw for 64 touchdowns this year yes I would like to see all of the all of that CN. Under 64. Yes please go ahead take under 64 for a million dollars of that is that's good Mac entries yesterday I think he's not gonna get over 64 times. So again and you don't write an agent he's have 64 touchdowns or four touchdown game whatever may be. But let's say he does actually rolled the ball down more and take more chances. Then it becomes pretty clear to me that it was in you re media holding out Smith back. Would you hold it against Andy Reid or missed opportunities over the last four years. If Alex Smith doesn't act has success. Pushing the ball down the gas up and opens up no no no well well Paula now you're assuming this is on any. C op what I'm saying is boy we all out on this Alps in Warren this season. That he can and is willing to throw the ball down the field like he did in game one yeah. It would become clear to me that it was maybe in the wanting Alex to run its offense and holding him back to see I'd I'd disagree with that over the last. Where he did Alex been dump off king well before it was an Indy Reid's offense if he got yet gunshot early in his career because he threw a much better session so we got gunshots out throwing the ball deep. He became a game managing quarterback. But now all he's got the weapons that allows him like he's probably in lessons and that is Patrick Holmes sitting behind him well I I think I think is I think it's a lot that backpack ready to pass a budget holes that yeah exactly did you see bigger stars the Korean what I. I don't teach you see what Karim hunt in this. So see much of all too often like that out of the backfield catching passes but he did. Six touchdowns against Oakland. Not that I'm not catch the ball diamond disapproval worked for touchdown batted ball that ball that he threw cream I watch it again yesterday just because you know writing is certainly get aroused I mean it was great it was attack ads and pass a high typically asked do you had legitimate Strider was going to be the best pass he's thrown as a member of the teams like blaming you explain meters saying. Because it's. Those routes were being run. Alas don't sociologist and run and Alison I'm excited dude beat. Because he has some input if you watch Allison and I think it was. You remember who woman and dug for more Sports Illustrated tweeted this during the game. But if you watch. If you watch the the watch Alex Smith you'd heard of Doug Farrar to save the microphone I want us to drop never never for her to does priorities were bills before. Yeah Joseph Bob anyway dogs and thanks Louis in and out. Could you watch out there's always like opportunity for him to goatee eighty always. Books that it sees it and they go somewhere I think that you ever trusted his receivers. That you trust and I asked I don't yeah I think because. It was ever healthy did you see Mac and on Sunday how different he looked took seemed doomed flight jacket to. I mean he looked great it is obvious and I think necessarily as was the use the third fastest third fastest player player and I fell behind Tyreke known treatment yeah. He was injured last year but the point fifteen writer Jeremy Maclin was just. I also think it has a lot to do it now that Matt Nagy has autonomy over the offense he's telling Alex to do this that's about it it was a great play calling is well I think he give a lot of credit to Nagy. For call the plays put Alex in the position you credit the credit to the backup quarterback for pushing them. You credit to the weapons that are rather I think right now guys. It's not wrong to say and it is meant to be just one thing it's not what is it's the perfect storm. I Alex. I think you and I'm gonna hold that a little bit against India about as a spurred this season. There's a missed opportunities last four years and playoff teams in this and how you can hold it against Andy that missed high retail against the Steelers. That's one specific fly that's the only one I care. And and last year saying that he's he's programmed him too crowded it is you do not see those and he wanted him to where was on the rest of his career -- but I don't look at all landslide Clinton did not able to differ. Or franchises. Yeah to look at the full spectrum of Alex Smith's career. From 2005. When he was the first overall pick in 2016. Alex Smith had two touchdown passes of 75 yards or more. Last week he had two touchdown passes of 75 yards or more when Alex Smith did last Thursday was different than anything. Alex Smith did for the entirety of his career with multiple head coaches in San Francisco including Jim Harbaugh. And with four years under any read so I can't point any read it. And somehow decides he's the problem with Alex Smith for the last four years when before it came to Kansas City Alex is the same damn. Alex with the team that obviously won what two games a year he was drafted. Yeah they've made the NFC championship game obviously that your within the union. Throw deep either but it's not that he's very good he's also had successful teams though he didn't throw deep with those teams he had plenty please don't want your season is on once successful you know he was on you'd say one and a half the year I can't hear those last two years that he's a sales. Yeah was benched or later in the season by getting custody well he didn't throw deep in the season either again this is how games all. Two games he's ever I have to year. Wasn't entered in my weak 3 I am now at one letter majority is playing actually is best season of his career. Halfway through maybe seven or eight games in before he got injured. So it's that there's been this dialogue before he got to and you end up this idea yet. Now meeting I unity in 2012. Nine games to go yeah I out of the latter about midway through any had a great season that year but he didn't throw the ball deep he didn't. Think it's bit Alex his whole career my complaint in you read that I'm firmly in the Alex's decision making camp. It's it's it's one of those things he's alive result he's allowing himself due to extend beyond what he. He was probably get why we got a text from Susie from sales and she says tell Stephen to be quiet. It's one of those things where with Alex and we'll get to the thirty for thirty coming up here and a bit but it's one of those things with Alex where. Your frustrated because over the last four years you feel like where the hell is this guy did right. Trying to figure out where this guy anyway some guys always ideal opportunities. The opportunities you just passed on it if you had this ability we are was. As we heard from dean in Hughes yesterday when he came on in this segment yesterday. Alex Smith. Is there to help Patrick Holmes who helped my homes are well. Alex is also learning from homes. Turn on multiple multiple levels not just always pushed by the young guy. Patrick Holmes does some things that it's like what makes eyes pop out your head and it's another quarterback on that roster you can't tell me you're not looking at that going. How to do that owner and indeed if he starts try to push yourself a little bit more that's why competition. Helps everybody in the N. As I said it's it's just the perfect storm and I think that's what we need to. Except right now everything in and book I'll say it again and I know Steve has probably been at a place or stupid drop. But when US special seasons special things happen we saw a special things happen when Alex Smith on Thursday night why are they happening. I don't know better weapons better play calling. Got pushing behind him I know he's playing for his job. The opportunity DOT to carry a team I mean there are so many things that are like coming together right now. That are making this team special and instead of saying isn't in baseball loses out all adults and taking his go. We've got the perfect storm right now let's sit back and enjoy when Alex Smith is doing because whatever I did Alex Smith on Thursday night. I love that Alex I wanna see that Alex with more. I don't care but somebody pushing a market Andy doing this and make you do would matter better weapons whatever it is it's working and work in that first game of the season. And now we got to make sure continues for the next fifteen games now what if it doesn't that's that's I think the biggest question is what if Alex Smith I don't want to right now I don't wanna deal with that what if right now let's wait till that happens because based on that performance against. The best you could we've ever seen in the hardest place to win a new. That's with a guy would lice and his beard. Hey he did it against the patriots did we meet in my opinion right now. Billy at the one game but we don't need to be tempering what Alex Smith did he didn't do it in week one against Jacksonville noon on a Sunday actually does a good defense about a disease that first game as an example when they play whoever and not marquee game yes. Indeed he did it. On the biggest stage had the biggest performance of the week against that arguably the greatest team of all time. We cannot downplay what he did he's necessarily downplaying its trying to figure out why. And that's as a guy's story don't know the why and that story. Will be that story will be continuing throughout the entire season and that's that's going to be the thing that is the number one story line going into the year will be the number one storyline throughout the year. Just because spa. Mean look at week wanna get the top three quarterbacks from week one Alex Smith Sam Bradford injured gods right I know all the agreement well we knew that going but it would be a good when he fifty with the royals trying to figure out of undoubtedly gonna blow it in the playoffs to worry about that in jewel this ride that is going on right now and so far the ride I got from Alex Smith the other night that was fantastic. What that one degrees for a second. Are there. They're still fighting for a playoff spot but they do have some massive decisions to make soon we explain next. Best coach just playing them producers Steven Specter. Who was when he team's schedule came out yesterday and there home opener will begin early 1 march 29. Against the Chicago White Sox. Early opener man march 29 maybe they're trying to get him before. I guess. Now they did more holidays this year this list all season early in the oval championship game and get him before that dorm or off days on the schedule so I think that at twenty instead of a sixteen. With the new collective bargaining agreement they edited for more off days the only way to get it it was the start the season in. Part should so seems a little early early start in the history of the season is next year march 29 and of course that being a Thursday the world last Friday off which stinks and and play Saturday Sunday. And then of course you know as you do would baseball in early April you go on the road Cleveland Dietrich. Yes graphs. There's never knew whether he marry Mary she's there ill thought early season my role good guys on whether or not I mean I just don't I still don't understand Hawaii you go to spring training for six weeks in Florida and Ayers on a and then you said people to Cleveland and Detroit like that talk about like at a disadvantage for everybody you go from perfect weather to. In the matter of like six I mean it's it's just really really terrible. To do that but that's what the schedule as a Nazi got a endured so congratulations to Major League Baseball starting on March 29 this year they re so the 2000 decisions made during the offseason which brings the it brings the question up. Who's going to be in the opening day line and we were talking about the Carolina senate. Yet what we're talking zero to guarantees Alec scored right Brandon Moss. Saudi program is. Quit merit. In my forgetting anybody that's a guaranteed. So now we win on a front runner I've always nausea of these guaranteed I mean they wanna push so later. Yeah but I don't know if he's guaranteed either that some say about the Baghdad he can now select a bounty Vizio slash soul layer one of those guys I mean there is a likely guy and I've had both in my opening day line you do yes the campaign's gone I'd I'd yes yeah hi I think I has probably. Hi there I am playing it right now that they do kind of what they did have outscored. Which was. Everyone else is on the back her legs members over a sense. Panel to dealers they get a deal with that I don't know going to be backed the idea right outscored first I feel like Hosmer is gonna be that same boat. That until everything is exhausted with Hosmer. Everyone else takes a backseat yet so as of today. Right now. I'm still holding out hope. And I am Hosmer and everybody else I'm with ya on that and that's the way I look at Hosmer my opening day lineup that in 2018 for the royals at first base I think. I think the the royals as an organization. In just from the people I talked to a site. They understand the value of what air cause were truly means. To not only this ballclub but to the city bowl on the field and off the key is the best player on this team I mean what he is doing right now this season. From may on he said one of the best seasons in all of baseball he said one of the best offensive CG in royals history is also a problem that you have for those that. For those people that said well he's not he's not quite to that level right that is you know. Now he's to that level he he has to them so I understand that it's still maybe far fetched but I just I just elegant though though run through everything pot he's the top of the pecking order right. And everything else will fall line afterwards if they get the deal done with him. And I think it's more than that they they signed him in any way and answered it's yours I I had very little confidence that Eric Hosmer resign the get a much better shot at moos. Probably moos is as valuable to the whales our houses gospel either but I also think moos doesn't get as much money on the open market the way houses finished this season went along everything else figures in the all star game there what was the WBZ big moments in the world he's a big moment player he's a big moment player and more markets low of them so I play this game but that you saw there in that specific vision be teams that through a ton of money out and and top of the list is probably New York but who's to say that their house virtually wants to it yet look at the other side of the coin to Ken you've got to make a nice living and playing great baseball in Kansas City yet he can't do a lot of good things a lot of money here in Kansas I realize it would take a lot of heart strings to do rights. He's my he's my first make heat heat I am down is my first baseman as well probably if comforted third base probably you have. You know well months he juniors your opening day shortstop next year. I've got court now the I'm feeling a Bonifacio out in the outfield and and I still don't know what about center field yet I don't know that guy is in the organization. As your opening day category of plagues that are Stiller left and Bonifacio right equipment at the thought that the best outfield but I don't attribute it to note that no closed dusty. An interesting word involving date more on the Braves website to get to real quickly here. They brought up one variable in the decision of resigning the manager will be the future of the Braves president of baseball operations John Hart whose current contract expires at the end of this season. There is what bill long been speculation. That what ails general manager Dayton Moore could return to Atlanta next year in some capacity. Which is. Horrifying. News well it's not because it's not going to happen and and this this is one of those deals were I look at it may be three years ago this was potentially in an option for date more and I I think probably likely option for Dayton Moore couple of years ago because. You know you'd you'd he had won the World Series game here in Kansas City. But now you look at what would the mores been able to accomplish in his legacy right now in Kansas City goes further than just this baseball team goes to the CU in the major leagues foundation that we talk about with him every Friday of the foundation that he started hearing in the city by NATO's thirty that's right it goes to VI urban youth academy that he self seed built here in Kansas City which is very very revolutionary. Eyes or Major League Baseball great project that their put together his son as they believe a freshman in high school right now playing baseball here. And doing his thing here playing really good baseball is that kids that are involved in school. He's ingrained in this community more so. Then then just about anybody in any organization is right now and I think right now too when you compare the Braves and and the royals as an organization the are much better organization right now than the Atlanta Braves are and do you wanna go back to an organization that isn't what it was when you left. The answer that question right now probably is Nell and to date more he would leave I would be shocked stunned and amazed that he leaves I don't think he's going anywhere and I think he he's here as long as mr. Klaas wants them. And why would mr. glass or somebody else running its franchise state. The best. Her daughter that she's more is Peters is making massive waves across the board a hear why as we take offer commercial free half hour next. Six that Sports Radio I felt. Bob that's coach it's going there. If producers Steven Specter. The cheese got the big weighing in on last Thursday and we look. Week one they weren't the most impressive team at. And pro football focus put out their snaps in coverage you with out allowing recessions that which is the irony. How many snaps at quarterback prospect he covered without allowing a recession. Marcus Peters was the best in the league by a large margin in week one. Forty snaps in coverage without allowing an a reception which is a huge number the second most was the bomb house of the Green Bay Packers hope is 33. So they throw heaters on Thursday and we know that number very rare that I think I only saw three if I remember right he knows that they had and is the thing is Peters is locked everybody out and there's controversy about more is Peters throughout this week. He's been protests the National Anthem sense I think at least the second gamer third game of the pre season. And there's definitely last year yet there's been a lot made of him in a lot of discussion about it yet he did once last advisor to the entire time now so. We look at the grand scheme of what is going all the markets Peters I don't I guess they don't care. That he'd he'd. Protests National Anthem because even if it's a distraction. He's worth the distraction. A special players get special treatment does he really a distraction for the team. I think for a lot of people they believe he has been waiting a and I looked and is the Ganassi is it from a Brazilian volatile diversity notes altitude teams from a team's pursuit internally internally do you think Andy Reid Watson wins it does well here he's got a so that he's not. Book has come and as a boy Peters a distraction but you're to tell me that there is disease that affects nothing affects nothing whatsoever. That's Randy Rio don't think it affects the damn thing granny on a personal thing for any other person now I don't think it affects anybody that matter that was I am not gone back and forth on this. What's not going back and forth it saying I understand what Peters is doing I'll sustain any other state understand others to understand. The other side I I give all sides of institutional. No one side is right no one side is wrong all sides are rightness it's it's all depending on how you feel. But for LaMarcus Peter standpoint from a 53 man roster standpoint from a coaching staff standpoint. That care Marcus Peters is any sort of distraction that he's not getting arrested he's now being women he's not doing things that will prevent him from playing on Sunday. I'm just curious though because this is a very divisive topic amongst fans dress suits. Credited possibilities that a percentage of people in that locker room. Would be in disagreement of I think he's not stand. Are there and I would by definition makes it a distraction would that be a distraction. I haven't heard one player come out yet because they will come out and say why would I becomes an obvious distraction but to say that it's not a distraction at all that it does nothing to impact zero things and everything would be the exact same for everybody no matter what he did it. Well then why even do the protest and for markets Peter I expected he's doing it to make a long comfortable to get his point across as if you ask 52 of your friend's room there. They would all have different opinions right. And and a lot of people are aren't one side or the other I can't imagine that would happen push our way shape or but is it affecting their Plano or not but. It's guy. Percentages would say that not everybody can agree with its orbit distraction to America than it is to guys inside that locker but we talk about so way to protest impact the NFL every day. So say the market Petersburg just doesn't impact the NFL is just flat out lie well I'd I don't think it affects is played on the field no he does all but that's a point. Unless you're salts as the overarching point though. His play on the field outweighs any of that stuff and that's why when it comes to the controversy surrounding markets Peters it's kind of all for naught. Because special players get special treatment or Peters is blog doesn't break the law into anything he would want is I don't care he's not doing anything to hinder his play on Sunday. Or his teammates plays on Sunday he's not letting his teammates down he's not going out west port on a Saturday night drive around banged up and get arrested. He's not going out beating a woman and getting arrested he's not going out taking drugs and getting arrested. Marcus Peters is ready to go more so than maybe anybody in the NFL every single Sunday. And from that standpoint I mean. Players got past the tightly Kil think immediately and that to me. Was a bigger distraction at the beginning that what mark is Peter's. Is doing right now it's a distraction for the folks who war against it it's a distraction for the NFL brand as a whole because people are moving away and national foot the way you but I not a distraction to this team and how they're playing it's a distraction the NFL on this latest distraction how they play that's all I'm saying that I don't care it's distraction yeah I'm glad to distraction to the NFL. Here you're mixing things up and does not makes no doubt you walking exclude totally different things I say Marcus Peters is hurting the team. Not at all it's here and any I don't know what he does to the NFL idol to shield Bertans. He's not hurting the chiefs. Why do you hate the NFL and then why because I think they treat the players like scum. I think the owners -- money grubbing as we saw last night the thirty for thirty they give more percentage they may or sound of their revenue to the players and any other league they have 53 of them on each roster to pay good for them they don't treat the players the right way they don't take care of the medically wise sick back in the Balkans it will treat the players the right way. Okay that's why I hate the NFL I hate the NFL because they're arrogant arrogant they think they can do what ever they want. And everybody's gonna continue to come back for more and that hasn't been the case well last night they had a thirty for thirty regarding the replacement players and those price of and a replacement players. It lock people do like the way the NFL history the players back then they heels. Takes digs stars. So is the third the thirty went resolved fast go on Twitter angry at anyone who was a scab player. A scab worker in life I am your dad would be is if you wanna be a replacement player man that's surgery to play in the late betterment obvious gaps gaps are scum. So you know them an opportunity to play in the NFL and any capacity. Would take it when I don't think I've got to be hard pressed to find anybody who would say noted. I LL I I I believe that's the wrong way I mean I I was raised from the time I was fifteen and grocery union that when we went on strike. We fought people who try to cross that picket line and an I was offered a job when I was fifteen. You know to do BA scab grocery store worker I refuse to accept that job. Because that wasn't the right thing to do unions go out there and they fight for their workers in the fight for America and America was built on the back of unions if you cross a picket line for people who were trying to fight for a livable wage and health insurance and benefits and a forty hour work week and all these things unions have provided. To America over the year. You're doing it wrong being this gap is the lowest form you can possibly beat go find a job somewhere else don't cross a picket. In professional football to wholly different it's another issue and not trying to raise the dollars it's eighteen dollars an hour. It's millionaires fighting with billionaires it's hard for me apple whole lot of sympathy for the NFL players getting a bunch of money. Is you can't cross that picket line if you have chance to play in the NFL. Take and it changed the NFL player is the American worker there the union workers that is fighting against big business now like they got to be the case by. As much as I'd Nash like grow the audience DN. If they had a walk out tonight I was going to host sports that are. I'd be pretty hard I would dams are by yourself you can call I was out Josh I'd probably be there knowing what you're. Asks is what I pick odds and I'd be hosting an at bat was and I go whatever they Demi is Sergio debt be out there hanging out most sports that David BC that's the problem that people are willing to cross the picket line and then that hurts the worker and it hurts America overall don't cross picket line sold its scope. Watch him now on the screen boss me on the screen now we are more. Do you deal man talk how Smart haters yeah Norbert Leo don't know better are you taking my shot it would definitely yeah yeah. There are a lot of replacement players remained in the NFL after the strike was over because yet to remember how many times you NFL misses on players. Harry teams cut players who end up being happy that you yeah. C get another. Opportunity you actually shine instead opportunity and then you get to stay and SE plucked out of prison a play for three games and had a Saddam back to jail after it was also done. Who the hell was that kinda beats the current furlough. I did that bit anti plays in the play three weeks of the Redskins and was sent back to. Absolutely classic that's what I love the whole replacement players idea because. Yes I you it's terrible you see people play for the love of the game ended the the level of play won't be as high so everybody will come back once the strike is over but when you have a replacement players. It's novelty I'm but it Disney's up watch you know how like seeing people get a shot they would normally get a shot is that they have an opportunity to elevate careless not gonna know what that I will never be a scab will never cross a picket line on the respect people who do cross a picket line. They'll lose spots respect for hosting sports and tonight you'll never get that opportunity all Syria on Josh a cheer you on again that's worked so and it's a low low low move. I. We're discussing favorite sports TV segments because there have been a lot. You think about all that about ESPN actually had a really fun segment yesterday. Where they were doing a fantasy football thing talking about David Johnson and they have some guy in a weird skeletons it was awesome play a leotard skeleton. Sitting there like diesel like I don't explain it edgy it. The Shimmy some waited wallet everywhere else they added. And then it's there you have the girl pointing to his arrest which is of course is where it Soviet particles delta and digital readout on that was like how skelter would want without a clear yet as a valid ones that is that just don't realize it was exactly what I like how are you eggs are like rolling your scale of delicate Arctic blasts round like jiggle yeah yeah that I don't make sense I was trying to you like his arm out points in the wrist to show David Johnson's wrist and her. This segment so let's take him what the favorite sport segments on television of all time. Tex lines 69306. Best sports television segments. Vesco you'll first read my it was must burger Jimmy the Greek before we do Greek was a big enemy went when they used to do the predictions before the games on the old NFL today which of the Greek immigrant must burger. Those routes standing those were fun night always had to see that as a kid who's Munich re ticket that add up those are great. And we've tentatively agree there's a big racist though none of the bones the bone segment of her car panel I don't hope that the term skeletons I think that what is is really funny on ESPN because if you notice of the last couple years they've been relieved they might touch screen yeah like they got that big. Touch street in the L mail to like take here here's my here's my number one team of the week and they push on the the chiefs and move over the top that it really got technology in this satisfied that it doesn't slide over at the touch again and that it is wheeled back. And bring you disputed a skeleton now that the chaos they -- operas are better I think that I think gets outs they would we be talking about it today they didn't have a deep in his mouth and I'll have Selena advocates advocates and they had some big likes touch screen with some physiology that diagram Elena that the system is got a guy and crude down dyslexic of that is that the computer went down they had they had no other data that it did happen now I can be had an arm I think my favorites that of the Corso with the hope mascots good great I think it's just despair I mean Corso to mean skeleton contract in just to keep coming out and picking games and throw out. This that's the thing I'll call it honor whatever every week. About college game day I know course of getting up there in age to try to push him out all that stuff but man. Wouldn't feel the same. We now torso putting all that. That's got to push him out though they just know to be done after last year and then for summer something happen. And they decide to reopen for one more more because people love that segment an apology that makes college dean I think they can't because last year was like this final ride for Corso you thanks for the memories Lee at Dicky pride in the final broadcasts like he was gonna be done. ESP and realize that Lee Corso we're gonna lose a lot of personality yeah and B is if you have a hard time finding coaches anymore they have great personalities. Back into Jimmie Johnson it. It'd Jerry Glanville these guys hadn't passive personalities and they were bigger than life it's true. Now coaches are so bland. And boring is the Belichick effect everybody's become bill dollar check. Real big personalities anymore so how would you even start to replace a guy like relief course. Guy you thought at a big personalities laid an egg on Monday and I have more about it right now Ryan woo hoo boy are over who who would be the guy that you would look at it could be that type of guy. You know that that has that big person I'm thinking about the college CME mix it isn't quite as he Jim Harbaugh was a big personality but it's more Psycho than fun. Yeah I'm not involved Eddie as a big personality but he's yeah he's almost. It is scary level. Where is. Due to the big person I like the course though it's even will bolts as a big personality might be annoyed. I don't necessarily enjoy is the islands of one Lou Holtz but the personality. He's don't get that anymore you mean maybe Charlie Weis has that type of personality. How both wise it fit new TV segment that's not a bad joke I'd say he's well win did you hear very well weighted. Is this is an observation. My favors forced TV segment as of all time it's so land. But I love the predictions. All got an entity NFL pregame show especially on fox and ago on Jimmy Johnson never pick against the cowboys and all that. Well that about those predictions shows get predictions at the end those Prejean has indicated and everybody's picking your team I don't pick I'd. Like fourth chief's game you pick in the chase it its name because there are just predictions they don't matter. And we Jimmy the Greek did it when he used to pick this score either urges to just on one side or the other of the spread. That was a possible way we do is spread is that it taught gambling yes they were legally allowed to talk gambling and yes. Well jury duty allied ally united and a good because there but I still love on fox that that. Whole segment where they pick the teams and I've always wondered if they're gonna pick the chiefs here. You always do that Callas the culture you. I mean I wait for the next I had the picture at all guy I know who I'd pirate I've learned what I care. What's it like on wonder who painted it isn't the only other three of us all had something similar to a big segment is our favorite sports television segment because. They're the most entertaining I don't know who picked to last week but I know they were fun I know they were good to watch I know I enjoyed him I don't know how many times Jimmy the Greek was writer must burger ever beat him head to head or anything like that but I know those pick those segments were very very entertaining and it was pilot the first real entertaining part. A sports scene it was it was the pick segments. Are your Major League Baseball coming up in five minutes but. Cheats. They said the two fastest Max speeds from any ball carriers in the NFL and I know it sounds. Incredibly there I gotta be honest I didn't notice was nothing great you can use that gun when you're two miles of our list you know what yeah well so were were now measuring. Speed during play is yes all back so cleanly but that's like the baseball. The the exit speed. The exit at a loss or text while he deserves some other similar radar gun while someone's running you're like yeah that many miles there are cool exit Vila the fastest player of week one was career hunt it was touchdown was actually on the Roland on the left side towards the end of the game which means faster as the game went on which is great for running back. The two point point 84 miles and then to Tyreke bill on his touchdown hit fourteen point 82. Miles per. Which means there's going to be some kind of put race this week it team at that she's practiced right I will go about it. There's got to be your race between cream hot now and Tyreke and other does not because that his hamstring in time. Yeah nor has he had not felt well no race. Deal at the parade with a stroke. Down grant they can race each other down and got the kind of on L yes it would be taken that he still cream hunt got the nod for facets of the week. Still think I would take Tyreke on the Internet like he was hitting full speed in that play out. It's it's awesome on so many levels because I've always felt like watching the chiefs in previous years. They've played so much slower than other teams you just felt like deeply evil they have like to multiple roles. Overall as a team they've played slow slow and methodical and has his very grind it out their team. On Thursday night it looked fast for the first time that I can remember in recent history says the date for Mueller. It looked fast on the field in the look like their movement and a better speed than everybody. I don't necessarily know where that came from or how it happened. A lot of optimism going forward that it's not just one game beast that kind of speed it that they put on it put on display on Thursday that's think this that you can reliant when. And their coaches and there's a difference between just being fast and playing fast. We've seen it and guess in this instance we saw that she's played fast and ridiculous fast. Out of renewed criminals that fast but I don't know of anybody knew that but. They played to that level to which is which is great today yet it was just those two guys in the defensively I thought they played fast I thought they look fast up front I mean I Alex played fast meaning get rid of the ball quick I mean I thought everything looked quicker they. I mean it did I mean they just look crisper quicker and better. In the New England Patriots say look like the outs in the they look like they outplayed in the fast as them they I mean like. Everything they've looked better then and not just new and everybody else in the NFL did you see another team that looked as fast as quick as the chief stood on Sunday at all. She's looks fast and go to a game where I was talking operating coats and all these weapons that the patriots have and I'll. Go to that kind of game and showing showcase neck and speed has to put massive amounts of fear into the rest of the NFL but the flip side of that. It's kind of the worst possible time for air period go down. I see Korean Han is probably the biggest difference this offense. And it's partly because yeah obviously Alex Smith is taking more shots now feel the blame with a little more confidence and taking more chances. But the reason he has time in the pocket that he didn't have last year is because they had to respect Korean hunt he went seventeen rushes for a 146 yards. You have to respect that here you have to play up and respect the run which made it which made it easier for Alex at that time in the pocket. Easier for the offense of wind take care of things given time. So when you look at the way that offense has changed that Eric Berry goes down it feels like the worst possible time for because this team has a spec. Shall feeling about tinkering them play safety arena you do that to mental sides and so yeah you're trying to activate the back the old days I had not held and I'll play both ways ass rub some dirt on its appeal. I take time recount there I would now I don't think I I'd take replied I think he he he looks like he liked. Tyreke and the well okay like Terry for the second quarter was asked about that I would do it again I don't know that I can putts and a lot of lower or NASA a mile long look at the more broad yeah we live in the world where what the chiefs this chiefs team and offensive play this play two days after I'd been I think Mark Peters and off and so I mean why not exceed like Don Tariq hold office for gosh sakes why not the Marcus beavers back channel reverse that somebody got a problem I've liked the idea. I'm glad I decided I'm gonna playoff as you know throughout the it really weird is like the idea Derrick Johnson play fullback. Us valuable hold them put their Johnson back there and let it just fires through that and I though is he's on. His daughter's brought the topic of tank a player. And erase cues that she's a player locally Julie last week right near the let's do the college stuff that okay that's very well and play ball direct. The college thing would be to put more speeders or what perceive it that vehicle varies college offense type situation juicy I can see that happening this year I'm sure likes immediate cease facilities only got around us like. I could see market speeders getting it in office supplies here. I feel like you only do that when you don't have. Have Diaz what is his mom offense. If you have Tyreke kill you have Korean hunt you really need to this. To take a chance to putting your cornerback in a position where something really wanted to put him in a quad backfield I say what did you do to go with the diary or that last half dot. Com. Outside have to watch that but I don't think it's gonna back in the dot information. Let's go. They're big story coming up at five minutes but the Indians are now the favorite to win the World Series after everything that's happened at. The Indians have now won twenty straight. Going in a bouncer to third shuttle loans through holes. Your game. Let good. It wanted. And tapped next. Do league record. Happy ones won't be an. All. Else didn't seem and I miss him the American leg. Indians now twenty straight wins the favorite to win the World Series and how much life can change in a month and a half and it really candidly we talked about it it earlier in the show with Josh is blog post on Bergeron Don being that of the reason why the royals have struggled lately and because Mike whose stock is still has recovered from that injury. You know that day one when Mike whose stock has got hit by Bruce run down the royals in the standings were just two games back. Of the Cleveland Indians at K just two games back of the Cleveland Indians at that point time at 53 and 47 the Indians were 55 and 45. Since then the royals have gone eighteen and 25 for the third worst record in baseball are the American League should say the Indians have gone 33 elevenths at that date so. A big gap in how good the royals or how good the Indians became. Vs how poorly the royals started to play and I think a lot of that has to do. With the injury that was suffered to their best player I mean it's it's been an absolute. Disaster since Mike was Scott this has been hit for him for the rest of this season and Cleveland's playing great and and you can't really equate those two but you can't equate the royals eighteen and 25 mark since the 26 day of July. To the fact that he did get drilled by Bruce on down. And has not been able to recoverable offensively and defense of Ian and the Indians have discovered this rack to answer though the route the royals odds have dropped since September 1 from 66 to one no 151. Wow in the you know World Series Indians Ian co favorites now the Dodgers. At three to one according to. Well Bada dot LP and now Indians fans are becoming very superstitious as both Cellini current Youngstown State head coach former Nebraska head coach. Got angry at reporter who asked him about history don't curse of the day. If they lose tonight. Your tires are going to be for. To. The thought around Cleveland Indians nation an eight day give it Sonya I want experience you've had deserve to get to have some fun and enjoy that moment but you don't like in in stands right now aren't enjoying that moment because I think their thinking like we were 2015 this is fun. But now we got to take care business or it's time that's the bay the pressure's on an October like he could you see the Indians vowing out the first round again can as the Indians have done an athlete. Burdensome if they they still play forward so while they're playing great right now. I know a lot of Angela are just get to the post season let's not screw this up. Big story. Big story. Out it was a regular salad I wouldn't Saturday. Yeah. Five minutes the chiefs snubbed on power. Our rankings from pretty much everybody aside from USA today the only. National publication to make the chiefs the number one seed in the NFL when he came to power rankings was USA today everybody else had him at second or third or even. As Colin Cowherd had them. Very strange situation there has chiefs fans hi. And it showed that is why USA today is the nation's newspapers are the only Smart media right there right now with power rankings because they put the tees number their eye chart had that their pie chart at the chiefs have red ones accidental he's one in my mind to understand it. Every one other thing USA today would be that big news. That's this guy there good cheers and certain to be upset though because you're put in a situation where you feel like your team was disrespect to distort the season. Pre season power rankings didn't have the chiefs his ties to stop it should be. And then if you prove ourselves win any game that. Pretty much nobody gave you a chance when there's like a very small percentage of people that actually picked the chiefs to win this game and you still look at the respect after winning Armenia does what you are. In winning giving did you settle it. He's got all the respect he should right that's a good way to put a that's our respect give us or give us our cameras back did not know that it's been so respectful. It's it's it's stupid power rankings saying who the hell cares its power rankings. I don't I say I understood I feel exactly that way. But I would be lying to myself I'm sitting there look at it achieves it big on calpers trash like I. And I'm saying all that doesn't make me upset at all I feel nothing because those don't matter now those. I think what it is is I look at the people who did those power rankings don't have the chiefs' number one. And I think to myself we're sorry individuals or they have something wrong with them they need to see a doctor. Just need to see a doctor that. Don't know. I maybe it's the afraid of being wrong category they detonated their pre season rankings had the chiefs today so there's no way that you can jump from eight to one because that would then why Nazi intelligence of their original red dog so of throwing it looks at the previous week just move about the where they should be. They did earn that spot for sure. Are the royals won yesterday they have a very important rubber match today find out exactly how they're going to approach it was skipper Ned Yost who joins us in two minutes.