09/13 9a - Ned Yost, Chiefs, Border War

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, September 13th

Royals manager Ned Yost joins the show, talk Chiefs plus The New Border War


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It's still in the morning I'm Mike wells that Bob best coach Josh playing there producer Steve inspector. A lot to get to a that 9 o'clock hour including the new border war at 930. To get ready for that Kansas vs Missouri. But first it's royals manager Ned you know we also have a foursome for the BM make golf tournament on Friday to give away it won't give it away after Ed's interview with a trivia question of something we talked about it you wanna sign up for that go to be in a golf got on a couple foursome is left for Friday's noon shotgun start. It was witnessed here as he is every Wednesday at 9 o'clock and skip right do it today another day game for you back to back big Angel like that. Yeah yeah I mean how are like. You know day games like getaway day it's you know that when we get into town early in the we're not Planinic nursery in a more and so actually a little bit easier now respect. No doubt now yesterday the day game was changed to a day game because of the U2 concert extort what's the best concert you've ever that it. Oh man I don't go to many count surge but I've been to that detained and are probably well released Sri. Well really for practice. Let's go to the doctor added I don't go out Oppenheimer. I've probably been to four concerts in my life what to Garth Brooks and loved it yeah. What the cat Stephens and loved it back if this was back in the seventies probably. Well I loved that concert. Probably in the seventies went to Jethro tall and absolutely loved it. So. You know that's pretty. Arlen thank orange junior and two or street tank when in junior concerts and absolutely love those. So it probably means he gets more concerts in yeah I have like the ones you got you right. Yeah I have led. You know just need you know just not much on didn't he get now in the big crowds anymore. They doused you could pick somebody and sits front row to see them play who would be. Old that's a good question you because you know I don't really. Yeah you know just crazy because that hadn't been kind of reminiscing. All all week about this dom Williams passed away this week two of their country western France would no movie as in he was. Always one of my favorite sort of investment dom Williams music to and from the ballpark you know this whole week com. But it package sit for a broke one more time to Don Williams concert I think I would I would go for that is that's not gonna happen. Is there a specific venue you would like to get as we always like I gave you could name the artist in the venue what are the perfect combination. And I don't I don't have a venue I don't really. You know we should go there it to the army in Atlanta for some of those top search and you know but in terms of a venue to watch Juan. Nothing really sticks you know honestly to garbage it was pretty cool last night at the state I mean I have no idea. I was second house sat at lunch when I was in bed sound asleep at 815. Laps. Or hadn't even started yet. I imagine. Must have been a pretty good place to watch a concert and. Yeah it was pretty get I have the venue for you don't add on your far. Well yeah that would work yes you put on your your dream show on your farm. With some podcasters hot dogs. On look. Somewhat like funeral there. Yeah yeah you. The turn that that would be perfect and operate. Corporate that yeah it's funny Rebecca my wife and I were discussing at the other basic as what do you want for your funeral might. Don't know what are you planning yeah if anybody you've got to already figured out so like everything about it on net pay posits the one quietly the best seasons in franchise history from your perspective. I just watching him all year at this Ron. Yeah he. It's really it's fun to watch. You not think what's so ports looks on presidential war that he puts in that be good. And people don't see that the agency can be good. They don't know he you know that it starts early in the afternoon and you know about this study in the east Dillon and the work in the cage that he stimulant. He you know it just there's so much that goes and Serbian goods you just don't shall open. And because they are a lot of work that goes with that not you know it's fun. To sit back watch him workers' party does not have the success that he's had you know and command this year form. What's the best offensive season maybe you've been around partially from from what are your players or media teammate of yours were you sat back and made him leave the season that this guy's hat. I mean he's there's been a field you know who watched chipper Jones and watched Prince Fielder hit fifty home run in Milwaukee. Chipper Jones a year won the MVP. Terry Pendleton a year that he won the MVP in Atlanta. You know Bryant LeBron his rookie year when he won rookie of the year. You know just to sit back and watch. You know those guys perform pretty neat. Doctor throws manager Ned Yost he joins us each and every when say here on 610 Sports Radio forward about a year team Cleveland last night winds its twentieth in a row. You put in perspective how difficult that is to do. Ominously is it for me it's almost that it's almost as artists like Atlanta did. You know one and fourteen consecutive division championships and are now. It now he gets it just takes one night for a starting pitcher will be out first game a little bit Burke you know are starting pitcher that. Matches up against their offense that's have been his night you know he took to win forty straight it is just mind boggling and I think they tied a record last night he let him go ahead and you know they can break the record today and then national stardom on a new streak tomorrow. A guy like the way you're thinking what's what's the feeling likely to tell us layman out they're never experienced anything. Like walking into the ballpark feeling like you just can't do any wrong how to explain that feeling that. It's a good feeling you know when you walked in the clubhouse door on that you've got somebody on the mound today. He you know that's been that's gonna. You know pitching you've got so much confidence in him and your offense was far and also under. You know you just it just makes you sleep a little bit easier. He you know that you just it's funny because when you go to those streaks like on league what we'd left our little triple won like nine in a row. You know you don't sit there and get happier every day that you won and you know you've landed on to its overnight Sharpton backstage got a one again. He you know so I mean. Take their toll award at one point in a row but. You know that joy there's an incremental he jumped up after every win and they're bright and you know a twenty game winning streak I right now you know there's still focused and you know business as usual bullet. You know and you when you've got a team that as hard as they are you know it is just it's a it's a bit of a different feeling more computer about store. Talk when Ned Yost here on 610 Sports Radio what's the latest sudden Duffy kind of indicated he's got a couple of warm you know side sessions to do before you can make a determination where you with him right now. Now I mean he's gonna throw aside but we're getting close to activate them so. You know it can be sometime this week. Or early next week. You know when we got didn't do that. What about. The closer role now is Alexander your guide permanently or is that is tantamount well let's see what we got basis. You have an efficiency which you got right now were very you know going into today you know my intention wasn't to pitch got yesterday. Yeah it did but the only armed that we had left really doubt it washed well I'm not. You know sky idea yeah you know articles started forty game that we needed him to win a game when I was gonna go ahead and usually get. Even are really really really wanted to give him a lecture today. But. You know we just kind of go with that you know Butler were to stand today so we'll just see. You know how we get there. You know who who's slept you know they have the closest we have today. When you guys are as a manager lose confidence and in a player or a pitcher whenever hot how you gain their confidence and trust back for what those guys during a season. Well I generally don't. And we haven't lost confidence in anybody right now you know we're trying to. You know we're trying to win every single game and you know we're trying to. But the guy out there that we feel. You know has the best champs. You know up to one against force and you know there was a big debate yesterday it would go Calvin are there we go what Scottie and which just lined up perfectly what. The number nine guy and in the one and two guys. In their lineup more or switch hitters and then there are much better lefthanded hitters so. You know we decided to keep them on the right side. And use Gotti it's well that wasn't the case we would have used to album. But when Ned Yost here on sixth and sports radio and we were bill and in the way back machine to win Mike whose stock has got thrilled by Bruce run dome back in July and since then you guys are eighteen. In 25 and in from our standpoint. Changed things for you guys you just to back at that time in and in really since then moves obviously hasn't been able to play as well as well as you like what's that hit by pitch changed the course of things for you guys. Not much you know him a year it's little over exaggerated. You know moot should definitely. That blew it did it straight down to Disney definitely affected him first six or seven days. But after that isn't a total different. You know injury that he's gotten in this article at an injury because there's just soreness but let. Yeah I keep band and his need. You know which happens from time to time. I'm just kind of and I can't explain all you know the intricate parts of that but anyway he got that in blamed what he had a ball and we're trying to turn. English we learn better and he did it again now wanna ask you hit a couple of the other day he was working hard. Score from first grade so that's the issue that he's working on right now but. You know there's a lot of factors or didn't he didn't release stark what. You know Ron don't. Ron don't didn't you know put soreness sandusky double it didn't didn't put fatigue didn't. And keep in Kennedy's shoulder. You know all these types of issues these are all things were beyond what they didn't put me you know didn't strain. You know he's a rental canes squad so. You know there's a lot of we're battled through some little injuries here that the guys are still able to play full plate threw him. You know these guys are just battle you know I'd. Said the other day you know once you experience winning like we did in fifteen EU you'll do whatever it takes to get back to their nets play on. You know one and perhaps leg sir you know try to pitch certain you know so horrible word finish to a sore shoulder and while these guys again and everything that they have. No question about it have you ever been around a team that is banged up as these guys are right now. Yeah I mean it happens to be you know a lot of times. People don't know about it. You know because they play to a you know a lot of teams. This is probably the case or not quite. Is Baghdad as we are but you know so little banged up but luckily we're still able to play through it you know there's a lot of teams out there that did. You know get banged up and her parish can't play through it so. Well we're lucky in that respect. No question that we appreciate the time is always go get one today in and start a new street the Cleveland tomorrow. I see at the ballpark Ned Yost was here on 610 Sports Radio are right we're gonna giveaway a foursome four. The BMA golf tournament on Friday and if you wanna golf with us BM a golf dot com is the web so you can send a couple of foursome are left. Are what trivia question do you wanna give with Ned Yost and what did he say give me two with a bands that he said he saw in concert I'm 135767610. 9135767610. Caller number six. Who knows who of the bands that dead yes dad yes to Ned Yost said he saw in concert. All went a foursome for the B of a golf tournament on Friday noon time at Hillcrest focus barbecues going to be there'll be here you can drink in all the fun you could possibly have. And all the money raised stays right here in Kansas City goes back to local Kansas City charities of you wanna play on Friday BMA golf dot com or did you win the the when the foursome are. Some breaking news involving your Kansas City Chiefs. They what is next. Welcome back it's best in the morning Mike Welch and Bob best coach Josh playing our producer Steve inspector. At 930 via the new border war. And just a couple of minutes we'll get the subbing clean wrote about the biggest sports villain in Kansas City right now but some news for the chiefs Alex Smith. AFC offensive player out. Fair game Alex it's the biggest. Terry who came back here fairly. Well. When the teacher it released. I guess is later today I don't know probably needed one you're allowed to speak anymore and we view the sundae just one issue below that. It's doubtful for week one I would I would take Al Smith has the opposite where the sweatshirts I'd take a number one power rankings sure I'm awed by some shirt. Shirts because nausea with them with a I thought. Which is how I might. Did you peaks at about Alex Smith guys make up. I'm yardages. At the end of last season. As a six few more yards does it. They did so. Selling Christmas and the city. Ten dollars. See all of the player of the week surpassing all the profits of players in the NFL because of his magnificent performance off. Well I don't death I'm happy and well I'm happy to a bit when I'm wrong I thought Alex would come out and played poorly thought it was gonna hold that against him because his New England out Lazaro is it was an all you knew we'd do it sounds like debut weeks you'll reassessed where Alex is weak one it's it's the day and patriots in Foxborough on like a freak out about that. So I give credit equity goes and plays phenomenal football getting the AFC player of the week army and a pair of like. Sadly when it to a coma. And woke up and Alex Smith was the AFC up as a player of the week. Sam Bradford is NFC offensive player of the week ended dude named Giorgio to back DO was the special teams player of the week so. Hollowed by Dennis Lee who the hell is Giorgio too vividly the replace a message I don't know that that's. I thought it was a good value raider the raiders kicker is that Italians come on now it's Dutch Romanian all anecdotes from maniacs. Schumer I had no idea a pig hunt and maniacs from Romania. Sure sure maniacs out until by the house from Romania wanted that what it is only snow it's been basing that one song in Romania X. As the romantics. Now let's of my wife calls me a romantic. Does she really now as it is said that I just don't see that happening now are. Once you click peace at six cents for stock Connie go greed McLean wrote it's about Kansas city's biggest sports Philip Bruce Rondo and hasn't arguments. The tax line 69306. Or hear from you guys. Who's Kansas city's biggest sports villain. Right now right now currently that's a good question because we we can all the bagel and but like right this second who would you point is Kansas city's biggest sports. Built up front on this up I mean I know Ned group booted right last segment and and that's fine. You can't tell me that the the further. Knee issues that might we stock has had this season. Don't go back to that I think they'll do is for solvency year yes he had a he got hit. There was swelling it affected and then at any added maybe maybe it was a different type thing by. It kind of got the ball rolling he had a he had 29 home runs through a hundred games that was gain of 100 get locked he's at seven cents a I'm pointing to that to that game is being one it was like. He has done more rod know did more wrong then some of our other villains Brett Lawrie for instance right. Madison balm Gartner certainly the villain anymore and it's an inch in how does of those are people that have been villainous to Kansas City this question via villain I am I. The more I looked into it yesterday the more I got mad that duty again like I can't believe it that's. What's the what was what was the numbers after. The injury to moves well team numbers that's going I think you have them get a team was 53 and 47 and two games back of the night muscat hit. Since then they're eighteen and 25 minutes the third worst mark in the American League and yes a lot of other stuff has happened again at. Which Ned went through they've had a lot of other things that happen. But he took that. Yeah almost like derailed that offense right and Mike was not this is is not the same. As he was then. And it's affecting defense affect obviously it's home run push. Everything else he brings to table. I think as a big dominant I think it was two and it's hard not to say it wasn't an and I understand it's not gonna sit there cross one player to that moment was it. Maybe if you get him you know it by himself he may say something like at the but but I I think from from our perspective I mean that the numbers bear out they play their best baseball that time of year and then. Like we stock is hurt and never really recovered from that injury and you find out what it. But it catalyst isn't image in the office but to me it's it's all about that defense that he's not in the play it on fire. We have the Newport were coming up in six minutes but all the tax line the biggest villains in Kansas City sports right now. Hope the tax line. Derrick floor I was gonna say that that was going to be actually sort of like air cargo like it's horde for reading this you don't see why don't really do that he he's a great guy and I hate the fact that I'm saying that. But the rivalries back in the eighties and the beat. The union but it's a lie a so who would even let us go Dallas to me because yeah it's. Because I don't Tom Brady is you put dynamite we beat Tom Brady. My whole X line says it was Tom Brady. Ericsson got that text on my get used to be sombre it doesn't feel this week because Tom Brady. All I can think of now is Brady sitting there looking like it it like any lies the clown from it. Sitting there staring in anger. Could you look the same could you use hot elite comma offensive coordinator for the Steelers tied not. Former head coach Todd Haley. But Pittsburgh's kind of had our number. And I think he could be a Roethlisberger Todd Haley Mike Tomlin maybe combination. I would go way beyond Allen their tail broke him and importantly go about their two way beyond all boundaries I'm thinking who just makes you cringe every time Levy on bell touched the ball last year against the chiefs have looked like it was already over. So I just yeah I got the lady on bell on that list along with the Pittsburgh Steelers kind of that. I could got a rope everybody you know. It is not just a regular army only so played out it did it's it's definitely got their carpets these two now I don't know is not a villain though oh is Satan right. There's a difference that's good point guys on his secretly passed him. Like or like the Steelers I can't even put on there either that delegates is so self inflicted. Rush yeah. Yeah I like very dear leader is at its arsenals like everyone builders account of how we get to our side I could I could go Andrew Luck at times and still. Yeah but still he's not a way to force now he's paying for rights of these days paying and paying the price for that Syria via. The way you can have your own reasons for them sometimes there just to hide it sometimes it is completely wild but it. But Rhonda owns up their premier Anna and I'd like to say Bob garner became a little World Series the next year. I could to more quickly out the text line and Jason lock him for a and Von Miller got multiple texts about. Paula are hard to argue block import is he just hates Kansas City. Limbaugh Millard yet when he when he does that hit frost after he stacks of it does anywhere is 58 for DT. I mean cell like he he's this guy is idol he wants to be Derrick Thomas he wears is not he loves Derrick Thomas. How do you how you go against the guy who liked worship your god. See I'm saying it's hard it's not an. The answer it's not an easy answer Eddie eagle a lot of different ways and it comes to villains for Kansas City sports right now are. It's time for the new border war call 91357676. That we needed contestant from Missouri in a contestant from Kansas as were given away a thirty dollar trucks and Bucs take it. Which could wind you up to 50000 dollars or new truck of your choice from the Kansas lottery. From either 2017 Ford F 150 rafter the seventeen brand point 500 power wagging crew Cabot. Ports when he says seventeen Shani. I'm 135767610. Meeting contestant from Missouri any contestant from Kansas and is it is the new border war next. Everyone in DC knows Missouri broke up the big twelve operation. Basic home. What their tails between their legs. Absolutely scared of. Me statement a cult cult grounder chloride recognize Ouattara. Missouri. Now. That is the current border war score here on that's when the morning I'm Mike Welch with Bob that's code jostling there. Producer Steven Specter the weight of border or works we have a contestant from his or any contestant from Kansas we have the loser contestant answered two questions regarding Missouri. Kansas contestant answered two questions regarding Kansas to miscellaneous questions one for each contestant and whoever wins. We'll get a thirty dollar trucks and bucks ticket which could win you up to 50000 dollars or mutual of your choice from the Kansas lottery the meter 2017 Ford F 150 raptor point seventeen ram to 4500 power wagging crew cabin. Or 2017 Shani. So Kansas attended Missouri at nine we have two contestants want to reach side of the state tanner in Lee's summit Missouri and Patrick and Overland Park, Kansas suburbs. Let's do doubts by what suburb is better which which one has the better laws in beige house this big gap at the and and does fly as high as that Byron black box and there's no response that nailed to the the total now page yeah so can't estimate the right now reigning champion as it was hiding nine last beat Kansas is up ten to nine Patrick from Kansas is the Patrick gets the first question which. Back tractors first you sir not done so well yeah simple and bold certainly did for. Here's which users mic and then. That's. You guys play you play and on a Friday. Our current good deal aren't Patrick. Wichita is the founding location for this national pizza chain. Robert Byrd. From cancer. Or that he Wichita and Kansas. Governor here. Yes not Wichita. Using cans and our drug is going to be her murder in Wichita. And this is our founding location for this and what national peace day Jane originated which I Kansas. If you're an award you know points and may god have mercy it's hot it's Pizza Hut. It's not originated in India Wichita Kansas. Experts talking are. Ten are you from Missouri. I am thank you. What is the name of the royals AAA affiliate. Our orange shirt that's. Solid a solid one of the Missouri. All right Patrick. Who brought let Albert. Name the starting quarterback in either case you or K state. Now. It was those fans those are both the status kansas' well now those schools are in in Paris there again. A lot. Georgia. First burgers and. I have been more embarrassed. To press got its incur. Peyton bankers K you started they stayed starter is Jesse this year has there been a starter for their at least eight and a year bigots. The back of the year. Hewitt Fox News to this morning well. They've put down whitlock on and it said former head NFL head coach Mike Ditka. Politically get in my that are and I retreated that's pretty and these are dead at Stevens Specter ten yeah. At Steve inspector ten just Ritter to see now that's got to be in us like eyes closed but it says former NFL head coach Mike Ditka. As great that's amazing. Titanic and when this right now right here yes he can okay. Thought tanner Missouri is the show me state of course what is its other nickname. Sean the man. I'd rather. And that's when nobody would again this must retain stated very tough question 6000 is in the stated that there are delivered under the caves. Yes I actually have the one of the Hudson Afghan run down there so now. Those count in the in the end I don't I don't know if those count and connect with the tour one ambulatory even nicer I have you have to wasn't. I'm item I remember aidid is China policy science. Cajun pressure tourniquet pressure. And go to so it's a little nothing in Missouri reading over Kansas back to Patrick as we move on to the miscellaneous plays Patrick all day. Our Patrick page shattered ask better questions right now I don't know why that is. Com Patrick name won it senator from your state. Serious somebody you're here. One. Bob Dole told oh. No longer an award you know points and may god have mercy yourself finally natural seed. As really good it is a great head and Lee's summit which is. It does amaze I don't think that was its role I think that was is. And my eyes at my client has him ahead as the current senator I don't know he did catch phrase the question and yet I. Don't. Technology for Bob put your name a senator from the state not named someone who's ever been a senator rice I would think that. Senator after you're done isn't one of those things like president where like they call you Mr. President long after your finished. I think chronically senator do you now I would mentality of so I would think so yeah. I let it patch is very which Syrian Selma who runs Debian based foundation and he knows exactly what patrol is so he hit that on top Anixter is the biggest troll out there great art but still control. So I don't think Patrick was after not winning that Patrick might get a beer about buddy's golf and you play golf and as you like go play golf with us play golf on Friday B of cameras are under today. Every sick ten to ten tied up Kansas and Missouri if any of the lord knows they're got our our ten a from Lee's summit. Yeah you take your shots at state Kansas. It I'm actually a long mourn and let the unpopular opinion by a more in thing. Built so rain at the big twelve champions that undo it and jug marked back. And roar faction. Is like. Just like Tom Byrne. Week one and now. To outlaw this war on back. We got that I believe in them. They need to add her remains on it adds that Texas Longhorns fan down a lot of like Shaka Smart love the Josh I don't know I guess that's a H yeah it's a shock it's marble this thing off is supposed to be so good within look any better. Non he doesn't play. Shock and as a I was under the impression that everything Shaka Smart it was perfect. And and it's fresh from Herman. Now that's how does this on until further notice now know people's right well it's awesome to beat some people every year. Texas football is the main appeal here but he. Sergio dip. The big twelve right now. That's Texas athletics they are the Sergio dip in the big. All right geno Smith is back in the news and it's one of the funniest things I've seen all week. Here at next. Welcome back did its best in the morning Brad. This is Steve inspector. This is big situation going on with Gina Smith who apparently. College crowd talked about a when he was in New York was back for the giants now in New York. By fortune of boomer and carton if you've been paying attention mister carton has been in a lot of trouble he basically. Screw people out of millions of dollars to try to repay gambling debts because he was three million dollars in debt across to multiple casinos in cookies. A massive problem but yeah. People are now howling on his geno Smith. Took a massive shot Adam it is said. Us pretty amazing how that works out. Do you take shots at me when you're the one part about it some kind of Ponzi scheme as I am headaches you'll instill Harvey's like Jean it. NGOs that are so law where is he to adjust that your guy where's he playing is it with new York and with John I think he is with the movies back up the giants and we came to hear him my partner called the thought yet. In that tick GO off because he's like what why. And and you responded by his pointed out. The irony of him getting into the thug is the one going to prison I thought it was great Reggie Smith brown voted yes. That it does again nick if there was an athlete that would come after us like this some people get in trouble happens. And apparently in this business lately it's happening all the time so if we get to some kind of lets call it car trouble. Athletes who won a pile on us Phyllis rivers vesco fit. Phil's the man I would think so bad that that would be the closest thing to the remake of the Jim Rome. Yeah logged states Chris or Chris Everett Jim Everett. Showdown that would be doubt be the next one of yes I I think would be current athlete probably would be Phyllis rivers for. Orson balls timing. Maybe self assign now I don't. Fasano. Do you do yourself a sound it is static at. Just think it ads they like it may be Luis Alison yeah has the column. Well. I have the Pahlavi filters for me what really you guys about current among current ones I mean maybe Brett Lawrie now. Former once it's probably any number relievers and again probably start with Kyle Farnsworth yeah thank you I do is Andy he's nicknamed the gas can move. I was posting stories on our website about that could happen when you Spann whose pictures of a melting to protect skin on fire and recent accident. So I have got Kyle Farnsworth. Vehement during the past and probably. And to give me. Well initially I thought Alex Smith that I Kendrick Lewis would come after me and I thought Phil gains to say Jane's heart healthy gains should be on the chiefs' roster currently assist you Ryan you hate him well I hate him I was hoping he's good enough to be on the chiefs' roster are watching it burn too many times. I need that. But if there's anybody would actually come after me it probably be seeking Carter who is currently currently tied in for the Cincinnati Bengals. And you split Nebraska. Says some critical things he then he's already fired back to be a few times on Twitter oh really going after you these are accustomed on Twitter before picking a random tight end. Can it make him catch Mansoor AZ got a at all the physical abilities he was Demetrius hairs but the other college version. All the physical abilities in the world Maine can't catch that matter. So. He had a couple big time plays as he developed and made sure that I knew about it. And get some kind of cart in trouble my guesses Ethan would that be able fire at a tweet about it Nancy I would have put money down on the you UN all in on a college kid that you know it all in Ottawa said seating cards can't catch messed up on the ball. We can't get out there faster or how how big you are fair tickets available now. That was his younger years as he develops he got better not last those ones plan for the Bengals he's one of the the it was an undrafted free agent but he made team. So while to inspire him did you take credit for that will be seeking Carter men know about your talk to see the Carter getting better that's how goes the room. Lots filled days of the great performance next week I hope so and then I'll take credit for that as well. It. I take credit for Gordon doing good things out tried to edged him in week in game one of the 2011 season in their effort or. She slash YouTube. You two played in arrowhead last night it was a massive concert claim you were there. And on Twitter playing for the Joshua Tree and he needed Josh retreat whoever did play at all yes. And from arrowhead pride there was somebody there where any Steve boatload number thirteen she's not anti help out. That it plays like gold. And managers need to cut the last fifty years that that steamboat Jersey is played in aero had a it played last night well and what's also interesting about. Clearly listening to our segment. On albino or Bono Bono Bono or mono yes auto auto or auto also says he was clearly listening to that segment got the idea I'm gonna Wear my Steve Bono Jersey to see bottle play at a brilliant move back solid overall just. It was good I wish had a sonogram and borders and what do I would have thought Sodom would have been dead gag or whatever what I would have chuckled and would have. Probably made made my night and day you W two's I I don't I don't I doubled Guns 'N Roses to different scorers. You doubled due to of the same age who are yes yes same to compare and contrast just Seattle vs Kansas City early late yeah. Early I thought I thought bottles voice was a little bit better it was the second day of the tour in Seattle yeah first one in in the United States. Thought I thought it was a little bat visible more sing along last night and there maybe was the first two were that it mix it up. And it was it was it was still really good Imus back in trees is in the stadium last night there was a little bit lately show. Plus the plus stars Wear out like he did he teach us. Sums up why won't pick up there. Gatti and to the parking lot pretty well got out of parking lot pretty well. Got chastised or being crossed the line by security person. In the tailgate yellow line area they all saw this that they were on point because you know it. That's kind of the pre season for them digital ready really ready listeners itself to just be aware. That you cannot be standing on the goal line the FD behind that yellow line. When you're tailgating and parking lot where they're gonna target and you can do that YouTube fans deserve that she stands on sol it's going to be on the wrist problems yet consequence of we've passed this all out of this isn't ran a competent. It is in Auburn breaker on a golf club yeah this guy comes are under UT's game giving it goes well that went last night and we were like. Why is there any isn't really anything worse in the over this is an accountant scoring and not sixer everybody safe and that's all it is like make sure people aren't like fighting and stuff like that. In your they. Was there a lot of traffic. On the in between yellow lines when it got to stand down I don't know there's not a lot of bullets came on the golf cart that was it. See that's that's it that's a cloud movement it is an absolute wound a little closer to having good guest experience literally is bothering anybody lay off there was a guy and a group of us standing room. One of his speech was on the line. And he came music if you please go be behind the old line that outs in the and instead. I will come back. Yeah wasn't joking I'll take that guy is I don't know that that's that guy. Is wife tells them what to do all the time he never says and things boss tells what to do all the time I ever says one thing I visions of this mom tells what ago. And I guess is that food actually younger yeah he had Kodak anyway young he got a little. The power immediately. It was like. Have the authority. You know what thank you didn't high school he was in the AV club that he would wield in the TV sat. Or the overhead projector they still reeling TV sets and schools that good dad just roll tide several times isn't that big ridiculous thing that's has the second shelf and whenever you as always every year is done. Why not play. Activists schools and greenback. Are what they need to get to the royals tonight. Or to us today a day game today against the White Sox. There Seinfeld connection to this one of those guys is really good for David Holtzman is the statistician for fox sports Kansas City tweeted this out that. On bet the guy who's pitching today for. The Chicago White Sox is it could be Leo's picks and today the guys says Lucas could Toledo I was close June ideally you Leo yes he faces the royals today his grandfather was Warren frost and you probably think you're so OK with the hells war costs right bottle whenever something he would actually that might make neighbor that was mr. frost was actually Robert. On but warns frost played mr. Ross on signs failed in this is mr. Ross. It's great viewing judge she asks. Past it was a much like the operas and I have a mountain and I loved a day late. No way you could never understand. There it is these famous she version letter shell whizzed by Warren frost. Who played mr. Ross which was George's was supposed to be father in law but obviously Susan Ross died from looking beyond the lumps therefore he never became a father in law. But he was that guy so this guy pitching today. As a connection decide which is really cool as the cabin passed down oh Lucas clearly I think it was yes and so -- bird that suckered out I I would talk to Lucas steal the I wish we knew this ahead of time we can got him on the shelf. Next are they role in the town or wherever he is next year. We'll try to fight this guy and get him on the show just talked signed dealt with a do you think he seen the episode do you think even likes talking about it. 123. Things that he's probably before priest and felt a jury seated now. It got us thank you have to think he said daddy got I think he seems so that's pretty cool that that's the best time we've seen in the year of an athlete. Press the royals take on the White Sox here on 610 Sports Radio this afternoon. In lake in big with the day shift in two minutes.