3/19 - Vern's Hot Stove

Josh Vernier
Sunday, March 19th

Vern gives you his 16 ways the Royals will succeed in 2017 also Ryan Lefebvre joins Josh.


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Those those five stars and and those names that I just felt. It was necessary to bring out necessary to highlight necessary to inform royals fans that tub. Maybe aren't lucky enough to make it out here. To spring training or art had been too busy well that day outs day in day out at times minutia. Of spring training is what it would form every one of who's been the standout who's really garner the attention and it heals the coaching staff and the front office. Armed. But to be honest with you and I hope this doesn't sound arrogant. But don't really happened that many things that have surprised money. Thus far in spring training things where. You know when that plane landed when I left Kansas City came out. To be valley of the sun. I. Was shocked by. Right in the in the month that op Ed here. Perhaps the bad many things. That have blown me away as far as performances. Or story lines look. We discussed this before. Spring trading opened up to be there were only five real questions heading into this camp. Five real questions that could have an answer or would be answered over the course of the month and a half that spring training. Consistent. And most of those five questions have been answered. I don't know of many of marsh a surprise. To those questions again to remind you from. Where did Matt Strom. Best help the team in 2017. Where could match from best help the team between seventy. That question was answered early when an ideal setting where were open and up the with him in the bull market I would that. Especially after the additions of Travis and Jason Hammel a case that was one. The other question was how would the house murders and stock is ASCII and Cain how would they acknowledge their pending free agency. All four of willing to talk about it acknowledging it. Article hiding from it they're trying to act as if. It wasn't stage. Story line that would be prevalent from game one all the way to game what 62 I'm up their attitude to that question was it orderly. Another question was what the summer sixteen boys today maintain the momentum. For a year ago. Talking about copper. And Mara field and Orlando. That momentum that they've built up last year where they burst onto the scene at surprised many people with their ability to. Consistently or perform at a big league level consistently. And to be that's been answered. The answer is no. Not that they disappointed. Putts. That weight of momentum when we looked at weight bear for the little jobs this the second baseman of the future. To be looks like wit pressing somewhat. Apollo is. A public performing while. But nothing is jumping off the field as far as on the performances. Copper look at it square the wallop. Adequate at second base Soledad third base but nothing extraordinary. Both are three of the questions the other one was would Kyle's Amber's body give him a chance to compete and so far the answer is yes. And the fifth and final question was how many big league ready arms. Do the royals have talk about the bullpen and the answer is whole bunch. Sort of meet the five questions the only. Questions that I had that could really be answered in spring training to evolve and answer. So now. You know just chilled out of the ballpark immediately bases open and pray that nobody gets hurt so far. Knock on wood. But but the case. So sends those five questions have been answered looking around going Neitzel that something needs to jump out at me I need someone to impress someone to change my. Preconceived notions of this team of this. Of these position that what hurt the pit spot in the rotation. The final spot in the bullpen the second base competition. I came in. Open minded as far as the number five spot but I've been steadfast in my belief that it Travis Wood. Gay parents is pitched well as has Chris Young my personal belief is Travis Wood it's best that hasn't changed. Final bullpen spot right. Just got Alexander's one of the five stars of spring training. Given Peter Moylan a thicker competing for that final bullpen spot haven't changed much on that. But one thing that has really made me reconsider. Those. Preconceived notion that I had come negative indicator. Is the performance. Of realm Odyssey. Look what I first got out to surprise Arizona my thought of that second base competition laws. Witten airfield is a lock for the team. Christian colonial chancellor copper arm vary vary very likely to be on the opening day 25 man roster because they're out of minor league options which means. If it'll make the opening date 25 man roster you have to put them on waivers. And basically any team in the Biggs could have. Claimed on waivers and acquire them. From the royals the royals would have possibly lost it just popped Bert or Christian Cologne. In my opinion when I first got here Almonte the C it was just a this kid is our future. Let's say and pretend as if he's in at second base competition. But we all know how far his bat. He's is that it's in big league ready you saw it was overmatched. At the big league level last summer. Overmatched. So it was my thought all these automatically go into the minor leagues because I'm not putting about a big league roster at last he's going to get up. 500 so that that's I want him in the lineup everyday working on that swing because come next year he's likely. The royals' opening day shortstop. Maybe hitting at the top of the line up. But by 201920s. Want me this guy could be the best player on your team. So I wanted him to hold his craft at the plate get those at bats in the minor leagues and maybe could be a second half surprise for the royals put oil point. He has made be reconsider since. Reconsider the way that I look at that second base competition to meet the second base competition. Is now strictly between Rawle modesty and Whitner feel that it's really not even a second based competition it's a spot on the 25 man roster. Has looked Christian Cologne has been terrific. In spring Christian Cologne. In my opinion. Is your opening day second baseman. I think he's earned it I think he. Especially against left handers should be the second baseman but the question is what a right hander is on the bulk light. We're expecting opening day Ervin Santana to square off with Danny Duffy. You want that lefty lessons in that spot in a lot of withdrawal Odyssey. He might be the past middle infielder on your team and yes that's including LCDs out and suddenly the pacts. Recognition of Ronald Odyssey. At least out here at spring looks big league ready now I'm sure they are going to be a few growing pains. But he. And big this is a low bark out. But the overmatched riled modesty that we saw a year ago. Haven't seen a disparate. Modesty is thirteen for thirty out here in the cactus a patent for 33. Six strikeouts in thirty yet that it's a pair of home runs and my friends both of whom were no doubters. To be the most intriguing storyline of the final two weeks of spring training it's in my opinion that panel with the final position. Thirteen. Every day player on the 25 man roster right heat while pictures you keep thirteen position players. The battle for number thirteen in my eyes is rob Odyssey and Whitner field but we all understand how important a start of the season. We all understand that if this team. Does not come out. Performing well. Hitting well. And winning. But who knows how everything's gonna be handled at the deadline we all understand how important April. And they are for this team. April. Should be viewed. Like September. April needs to have a September feel because they need to get off to a good start. So with that being said. I want my best defensive unit out to main the best defensive unit and defense always begins the middle. It sounded behind the dish Kane at center as yet short democracy at second base. Witten airfield or riled modesty and take a look at middle of the lineup he could have gone right lineup and a lucky line up. Alex Gordon. Has banned hitting everything. Has not been as strike out grown as we all watched him. On. If fact he told me that but the focus spree that's his focus for 27 team or line drives. Last strikeouts he has the attitude of oh leadoff hitter to me what your face of that right right on opening day. In Minneapolis. Part of your leadoff hitter parliament moves. There out in the cleanup spot followed by soundly. Brandon Moss is your DH six or basal layer in right field in seven. ASCII eight spot at Oakmont this at second base. Lower attribute Europe upper income on the bench. And would you square up with that's all law. Yeah I think yes he's back at the top followed by moves came out worse now court oh hitting six. Solar air in the seven spot. Each wrestlers your DH. Hitting eight increased in Cologne rounding out against the South Park alone and at second race. Riled modesty continues to press that even if he doesn't break camp with the team even if he's not the opening day second baseman let's say they want wits versatility on the bench. While modest he's going to be the guy come September right now. Rival fevered joint status in fifteen minutes from right now live from surprise you but what we get back as we await dances. Attempting to punch their ticket to the sweet sixteen. I've got six reasons why. This year's royals campaign will be just that why. The royals 27 team. Will be sweet those six reasons are coming up next on for tots though. I welcome back good morning got started broadcasting live rounds surprised it even surprise Arizona side of oil spring training 20:17. Beautiful morning out here in the valley of the sun seems like it's going to be a beautiful day back in Kansas City as well. If you're out enjoying the the afternoon don't market. You hoops coming your way a little bit after 4 o'clock. Check out 610 sports dot com. The new wouldn't grew. Six and sports dot com Josh cleaner. With the jayhawks. Tulsa come back to Kansas City is all over the place with KU. Check out of law. Cool pictures great stories video and whatnot. Clean with K you as he has all season long. Right here on six and Sports Radio. K you look at the punched their ticket to the sweet sixteen got to go through Michigan State Iran this afternoon. Public don't do have a little bit of witness understand that college hoops is dominating right now. And for as much as I love watching the United States Dominican Republic last night. Will be missed it is. You were locked and watching. Arizona or Iowa State lose last night I. Is great baseball it's going to be great baseball coming up on Tuesday at Dodger Stadium the United States squared off with Japan about. You do you. Is there in two weeks opening night are opening day I should say. Royals and twins in Minneapolis. But I wanted to give you might sixteen reasons why this season will be suites. He writes music Spain. Makes reference from spring to venture group for bringing. You and allowing me to bring you. Burns hot stove live from. Surprised stating that surprise Arizona art sixteen reasons why this season will be suites. For the boys in blue numbers sixteen. Rest because it is probable and I mean. More about that fifteenth. The royals. We'll have a deeper focus at the season's first month which it might mean it will give them a leg up on the competition. Look most teams including the Cleveland Indians. First and foremost the Cleveland Indians who played more baseball last year that anybody else in the American League RV. Team to beat in the American League central. The Detroit Tigers who I think are raped there with the royals as far as the top competition for the aforementioned. Cleveland Indians. They tried for the tigers are. Littered with veteran players. They understand the grind of 162 they understand it's a marathon not a sprint all that right. They understand the game at September it is appropriate real bigger than a game and April. You can't have a kind of intensity in April that you ultimately went in September. The royals understand that as well with the royals also understand they're playing a little bit different game in 2070. Where have they are not. And it's come the trade deadline this batboy could turn it buyers. Hosmer could be dire moves could be on that coast. Cain could be playing in the south. ASCII could be playing and write whatever. It could be a fire says so I think that will. Forced the royals. To treat those April early may games. A little bit differently than those Cleveland Indians and Detroit tiger teams ultimately will. Reason number fourteen the team this rested. They had a long offseason for the first time in three years they enjoyed it but they don't want it again. Linked to a man yeah yeah we we enjoyed giving our legs arrest. But it was a little bit too long. They arrested. Cleveland is. Anything but at a church and other a year older. Reason number thirteen why this season will be sweet your bullpen is deeper that. Ever. Yes I understand how crazy that sounds understanding that. You once had her rarer Davis and Holland along with the Ryan Madson. He once had Pereira Davis Holland and blue coat chamber with a Jason Fraser in there as well I understand how crazy that sounds. But top to bottom including guys that will be opening up the season at Oklahoma. This is the deepest the royals. Bullpen has ever been in my opinion. Sixteen reasons why this season will be suite number twelve the minor league depth is big league ready not just those pictures not just the gender camera malls. And drew Edwards Kevin McCarthy Eric's outs not just the pictures. We're talking about some bats as well. Outfielder Jorge Bonifacio. Infielder slash outfielder hunter closure. We'll see what Kyle's and we're just Almonte can bring the team this year. The moderately gap is big league ready this is the most talented not forty man roster I've ever seen. But just the most talented organization. That the royals have ever put out you know. Top eighty players I think it's the best that day mores ever had. Reason number eleven. The royals have a pair of pitchers. With massive chips on their shoulders. The former cubs Jason Hammel Travis Wood Jason Hammel got that. But won fifteen games for the NL champions and wasn't on the World Series roster. I don't wanna see butted heads with Joseph Maddon but disagree. With Joseph Maddon. Travis what. How long was this guy have a free agent market comedy teams told them durable and yeah you pitched well last year for the world champs but. We don't we don't think you or a big league starter we'd like your stuff coming out of the bull Campbell and Travis Wood. Huge massive ships on their shoulders. Reason number ten why this season will be sweet you still. Somehow. Still have one of the five best closers in Major League Baseball talked of course about Calvin Guerrero. You've had a one of the five maybe three best closers in all the Major League Baseball. For the last what 56 years. From poly to wade and now Calvin Guerrero. And look I understand you may feel a little bit differently about the royals bullpen abouts. The strength of the bullpen. As you have in years past you look at a rare and go well okay we got worn. And it's not it's police have a three headed monster I understand that's sentiment. But that's also were reflection of how spoiled we've that in Kansas City. You understand how many teams. Wounded. Laid out in traffic. To have the caliber of closer as the royals are gonna open up the season with talking about now. It's Kelvin a rare you throw on a roll this Chatman. In New York Andrew Miller in Cleveland. Jensen with the Dodgers. He's one of the five best closers in the game. It's an eight inning game. It was only five teams maybe 25 plus games. That would love to be in the position that the royals are in heading into the season and many royals fans are looking at it on. War and you get through your form now. Is that a pretty good spot. Giving you the sixteen reasons why this season will be sweet for the boys in blue numbered nine at bats are going to be fought for by number of hungry hitters. Again talking about the talent top to bottom on this 25 man roster or the thirteen position players that ultimately make the team on opening day. At bats for chancellor copper pol Orlando where it's a layer rated lost. Drew you to hero Whitner feel Christian Cologne that can be hard to come. And you saw what you Tareq did it in limited with what it AB's last year. You saw what Apollo did when given the opportunity what with it when given the opportunity chancellor copper. Now throw away focused. Christian Cologne in there. Throwing Jorge soler who like his former teammates Campbell and Travis what happens in massive chip on the shoulder. Brandon Moss who believes that he's more than just a platoon DH. These guys can be fighting for more AB's. And I think that kind of competition that internal competition that friendly competition. That's nothing but help. Ultimately. The royals and the win loss record at the end of the day. Reason number eight but there is no certainty that goes and or more. Are back next year so pole day go for glory won last. They may pull out all the stops to get that. Ticket this team back to October and see what happens. How is now ideals managed late in August ended September right there there's no guarantee. Either in the in the younger. Ultimate already reached the pinnacle of their professions. No certainty that either are back next year we'll see how they approach. This make or break season not for them percent but organizationally. With policy wonders. Reason number seven now this is more of my opinion and anything else but and that's round is transforming into a monster. Wheatley I mentioned earlier how some people bomb that won't happen walked closer that you might. You might have the next Drew Miller I know I shouldn't say that but that's round in Indian monster. I think you are playing a seven inning game. Sixteen reasons why this season will be suites. SKU looks to punch their ticket to the sweet sixteen later on this afternoon here on sixth and royals are two weeks away from opening up this when he seventeen campaign and these are. The sixteen reasons why this year will be sweet. Recent numbers six out of harper has has prepared properly for the season. Has a better appreciation of what he has in front of them. I think. The passing of your Donald Ventura grounded him adding his second child has. Grounded him. Dropped 25 pounds in the off season looks fantastic. Was fantastic in the World Baseball Classic. Should be returning by midweek as far as in the lineup bouncing back from that hyper extended left elbow. I think the past has yet to come I think that that's second half of his career. Will be 27 team after the all star break equals in the past its corporate this year. Reason number five the league's best defense. Let's return to Kansas City look you've lost Mike was stock as one of the premier third baseman defensively in the late. You lost center fielder Lorenzo Cain wanted to 34 that center fielders in the if you lost. The best left fielder in the American League last year when Portland. Portals back back as he's at short most is back there itself is behind British Mondesi may be at second Hosmer over there first. You'll have pol Orlando and right at the defensive replacement that's the best defense in the American League in north again that resides in Kansas City. Reason number four. Nobody's picking the royals. Pressures on Cleveland. Not only is the pressure on Cleveland but nobody like I mentioned has had a shorter offseason in the truck. The royals revel in that position being overlooked. Not receiving the attention. Text like 69306. Would your reaction right people will join us coming up. It just about five minutes sixteen reasons why this season will be suite number three guys gore know your boy Alex Gordon. Prime for a big season primed for a big season at the top of the line up in my opinion. Portal fifteen for 37 out here in cactus league action. In 405 of them on base percentage of 463. Only eight strikeouts. Three of them came at one game and it came at a game in which it but I talked about how. Yet been striking out this spring training so he tried to put that on me after the game pointing at me as he walked in the clubhouse and burn. Pat talked this morning. But court or more line drives last strikeouts he's been fantastic at spring. And you guys know Puerto while enough. But last year stone that he wants to prove that 72 million dollars will ultimately be well spent. The second reason that reason number two top two reasons why. 27 team will be sweet. I toss was a big time player he's applause. He's out to prove to everyone. Whether they watched the royals or not and most people around the country don't watch the royals he is going to force them. To understand what kind of player he is and will be moving forward heading into his free agent season. People got a glimpse in the post season in fourteen and fifteen. People saw on the all star game people are watching in the World Baseball Classic but what he's going to do the SPN. Sports center and the rest. To pull housewares highlights on there. And open up people's eyes from Los Angeles New York Miami Seattle that this guy's a prime time player. In my opinion and number one reason why this season will be sweet speak of the World Baseball Classic reference any Duffy appears comfortable. He seems good with the pressure that comes with being the guy in a rotation. Danny Duffy appears. No longer. Out to prove something anxious pressing trying too much. Now he knows who uses a man who is as a ball player. And I don't think he is carrying the burden that many other pitchers do once they ain't. That big deal once they ink jets sixty plus million dollar deal and look at biased that he had an organization be the man to lead you. To the promised land. I think copies at peace. And I think what we saw last year from any Duffy is that Danny Duffy were receipt for years to come all my friends those are sixteen reasons why. 2017 will be suites in Kansas City. And at Kauffman we'll take a quick time out dive into. Not just spring training put the World Baseball Classic in what Wright look deeper expects from the championship season of 27 team that's next on Byrd's hot stove. A are welcome back jobs were here. Burns hot stove. Presented by our friends at spring venture group relies from surprise statement surprise Arizona over the also tones of Van Morrison during that from break. Brian the favorite the radio and television voice of your boys in blue joins us and well his Booth. Out here at the stadium in my cheers. Is that right yeah and to rub it in and you say Byrd's hot stove a bit compact camera as a pick up on that are absolutely edited that was an obviously very first thing you may have said. Coming back from break if it was and that's mistake by me. I. You Van Morrison. Yeah yeah. Wasn't a big man more some guy but I idea I was born in 71 so I can say grow up in the seventies and eighties and listened to a lot of my parents since. And so did the kids in Europe where in no way we listen to a lot of late sixties. So the late seventies type of music which is. And we also picked up on what we wanted to listen to you but you know we listened to a lot of Eagles. I listened to elect seals and crops there Fleetwood Mac. And then I got a new little bit Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd and the doors and said the which wasn't relief from my major but it was my my parents of some twos of and worsens and make yourself seem cooler there. Dinero yeah okay. Thank you you mentioned LA scene is the yet operative word yeah well you know I didn't make myself cool where I seemed cool that's right. Speaking about late Danny Duffy Eric house we're heading to helmet after their win last night over the Dominican Republic we had a chance to have taken that game last night what are your. Do you think there's a benefit to. Having that kind of intensity this early for a guy like Duffy forgo care costs. I think so. And I think of Dayton Morse colossal feat that every win at the Major League levels important. Since you've been here. There have been a couple trading deadlines that have been. Hotly debated. Whether the royals should trades and guys away because they're not in it last year was an example. Three years ago was an example 2014. Thank goodness they didn't make some of those trades. And Dayton's. Comeback is well number one the obvious that it's not a good trade for the royals he's not just looking to move. People but every win at the Major League level is important to him and so does 81 and 81 mean anything. Some may say yes that was an accomplishment because all the injuries in the players who did not perform others may say what if you're of the playoffs you don't which year. What's the difference but. The Dayton believes that every win at the major level means something it means something all. The guys in the club house. Young guys who have not won at the Major League level yet every single wins important. And why I think that ties into the World Baseball Classic is these are Major League teams high intensity genes. And you have arguably your best pitcher your best position player right in the middle of this and I will be honest I really am not paid much attention of the World Baseball Classic and you know we hung out last night it some chicken wings that's shout out to keep EB sellout by the way. And down but that was a first time that was kind of I was I was I was kinda ended that game you know we were we're talking rather simple we're paying attention. And then we all left the establishment we are at last night Buffalo Wild Wings. Because we hit it hard regalia places like buffalo wings. But I went back to my house her surprise and I put on my phone I don't know what's in that game you know and I I was I was into it. So obviously hot Summers into it obviously does feeds into it so I think and I and I'll bet their teammates and and so the very long answer to your short question is I do think it's important because of those reasons and I think April is going to be very important for the royals. So to have that mindset of let's get it going right away and now we've got six months if this team is proven they can be down and they can they can come back from a but. I believe April into the middle of Mays can be very important for this team so they if they come out of the game with that mentality that's a good thing. That's a leg up I think that they have over. A Cleveland team that will be tired somewhat from playing deep into October a Detroit team that's a year older and we know they're very. Veteran leader and with a lot of holes. Can the royals are cannot baseball team in your opinion tree April and early day like September can they have that. Lets you know buried in the gas pedal. To start the year knowing that there's 162 line. Well I think. To a certain degree I mean I think may be physically they can emotionally. I don't know ride you wanna do that because if you win it's great but if you lose you compare yourself emotionally you take a loss on April 8 two hard. And then it turns into a four game losing streak quarter. So there's a there's a delicate balance there. British you know as I'm talking. This team had a pretty good start last year coming off the World Series I think they are what twelve and six on time. The year before they were seven and no so. You know they haven't really dug themselves much of oh hole in the past. Few years a concern of mine is. They're gonna score runs differently this year you know and I think they're gonna have some speed and athletic schism but they're gonna be relying on some home runs which I think we'll hit more home runs. The power doesn't normally show up in April it's cold. On the ball parks play a lot bigger. The pitching. And we talked about this on our. Telecasts and it's not unique yesterday brought this up a million times this is a terrible place to pitch and a great place to hit. And then in a flash. Your target field it might be 41 degrees and now it's a great place to pitch in a terrible place to hit an interest. Start up tables turning right away so power sometimes can come along. A little bit slower. And it and it and it arrives later in the question is to the royals have the time for to arrive later sell. That's another reason I think that you know getting off to a good start and people are so important and I think you know. Look at what happened last year they had the worst record in the major leagues in July. And then they have the best record in the American League in August 1 of the explanation was guys were playing with a little bit of fear it. They wondered if they were going to be traded away you know they wanna play together they love playing the other my gonna wake up today in an going to be in Pittsburgh tomorrow and when the trading deadline passed. They relax they were themselves. And they got back into the race again and so. Getting back to the emotional part of it again if they struggle and April are they gonna begin to think okay. You know they're gonna break they gang up and down if they have that mentality and are gonna play very well ran a fever joining us here on 610 Sports Radio. What were your questions. As you're supporting your flight to first come out. To surprise. And have they been certain. First of all with a changer picture. On the six cent app. Which I don't think they have they did but I got a call reality that on a long story on stories. Of those question number one question number 22 base. I never sought comfort as a second baseman there have been second baseman. Like copper. But Fisher hit a lot you know if you think about Ryan Sandberg. Jeff Kent Carlos by Erica. They got the job done at second base but they also hit a lot in copper will someday I just don't know if that's right now. And along the lines with copper if he isn't going to be the second baseman I you know mix him in there can really need him next year. You don't want this to be lost year for him. So second base. Oh look good colonias that game yesterday. You and I might look pretty good if we spent a whole offseason with Alex Gordon that's true so that was a that was a very Smart decision on his work as a comes a point where you. You got a certain get a certain look and it's your body and you got to realize they got to eat differently at a train differently just because of I that out here because I've had a moment. You out yeah. You don't show last night you're reading an actor that's. I'm not concerned about the fifth starter iris feel like if you're one of your concerns that starter your party to change her. And when at the end of the season but he said I got it we would be in the playoffs right now earth that starter really let us now. If you have a good fifth starter in your fifth starters giving you 500 season. And I think that's that's really good but. That wasn't necessarily concern of mine. But the seventh eighth and ninth is a concern of mine. Not that I'm concerned about helping horror and not that I am concerned about Matt strong because I think every day match Strom looks like. Not only is he Indian and in the mix but he's getting closer and closer to being the eighth inning guy. What happens when. Tell beans pitch to retreated zero what happens when strong pitch to three days Ross on how worried about those guys but they're not going to be available every single day. And boy we we've been living large here or Ned. Worries about five innings when yet when it haute chamber and healthy. You know 678 and nine was pretty much accounted for so that that's that's a concern of mine just for the royals that's just the way baseball being played. Last time you were. On this show it was. That day that you're Adonal past. We obviously didn't know the news at that time. And look at that and the team's going to. Use that is inspiration throughout the season but. The aftermath of baseball was so secondary and rightfully so but. Once we felt comfortable enough to discuss baseball there were legitimate questions of whether or not only seventeen could ever have the promise. That it did prior to that tragedy. Are you as surprised as by him that it's. We sit here with as much optimism about the season and the possibility of October. From where we word that. Morning and in the aftermath of it to where we are now the other the commitment to winning this organization has made financially. To me is Odyssey shocking but quite surprised. Well I remember the talk. Shortly after your Donald's passing was this is at the time to talk about baseball you know this is this is more important in baseball. And no that's that. That's a sensitive thing Tuesday. And yet at the same time he was a baseball player we never would have known anything about your economy answer if you didn't play baseball. We wouldn't be. Hoping for a championship season in 2017. If your Donald insurance didn't have the potential he had. Didn't pitch like he did in the post season. She's me. Some men know he wasn't fully responsible for what his record the team's record was remarkable when you pitch in the post season right path so. At that moment yeah that was that was an emotionally. Hard day it was a very hard days from a baseball standpoint you seventeen might have been the year that you're not an answer became a site and who knows. So it seemed difficult that day but at another onside Jason Hammel. I don't know they're gonna go on signed Travis Wood Travis would look really good yesterday give up a couple of Seoul home runs. Minor leaguers. Of whom they had no scouting report on and its Arizona sowing now I thought he was really impressive and your Donovan terra had a much higher ceiling than Jason Hammel has been hitting Jason Hamels more polished right now. And you know you're gonna eat you know you may not get your Donovan torrid jam. From dominating jam from Jason Hammel. And yet I think you look pretty good idea which Jason Hammel skinny you view. Every day so I think. From an emotional standpoint guys are still reeling from that I think only positive energies gonna come from I don't think we're ever gonna hear it. His death. Affected them on the field negatively but I do think they'll use it for inspiration in Munich how do you not from the ballpark and he and seeing yourself boy. I know my grandma always told me that. Tomorrow isn't promised my pastor told me tomorrow isn't promised but now here's evidences you know you've really got to be got to live for today. It's I think that's gonna help them in that way but you're right that is not. That is not in a baseball void that we talked about it a long time yeah and it says to me financially. Obstacle out and acquire Travis Wood and it Jason Hammel is something that I've never. Could have force in this organization doing spending that kind of money when. You know we went into the off season was date more telling us yeah we're going to be strapped financially someone for need to cut payroll. Brian the fever joining us right final few minutes here. You've heard come it and sixteen reasons why this season would be sweet my corny play. Awful thought Cain tried to punch their ticket to the sweet sixteen. Your biggest reason for optimism the reason why this year will be once against us. Well I just think they're good team. And I think there are some players who are poised to have a breakout season now we've seen guys have. Career seasons for their standards but I'm talking about breakout seasons. On the national landscape you know one of your last points was Eric Posner I think there Hosmer has a chance to just. Be an MVP. Caliber type player I'd I think Alex Gordon is going to have a productive season. Alcides Escobar the organization has said publicly matches privately but publicly that when there is really something on the line you get the best out of LC is Escobar. Might we stock it has a lot of proof you know he's not just going to be a free agent after this year he's got to prove that his knee is okay. Lorenzo Cain there's a lot of guys obviously level with a lot to prove and I think they're you know their. Anytime a player says I don't think about those things. Come on your human you have to think about those things and one of the things that they have to think about and even onus is is this is this is it for this group. I personally don't believe this is it for an organization. I think there's some going to be competitive and that's why they made some deals in the off season next year or the year after that but as far as really look at that and they make it to. A World Series. You know this is it for for this group. And so I I just feel like when I'm asked about the strength of the royals they say you know they're just. Solid all around there's not a big drop off in an area that you think will be really up to cover this because boy we got real problems in this area. They got the extra month. And they get to sit on the couch and watch a team in their division. Go to game seven of the World Series and and rekindle that fire how fun it is to be in a position like that so. And I believe in those things I don't have the data I don't know the statistics to prove it but I was raised by coaches. And coaches who believe in those kind of things and the royals have. A clubhouse full of guys that the coaches and managers wants. And so I'm not gonna point to one area other than just say their good team they still know how to win there's enough guys left. That know how to win and how one. And that was my that was my biggest. Source of optimism coming into spring training how are you get a handle the whole free agents question. But there are some fans that would bring it up it's just enjoy this season I would look to think about customer and yet there's something to. It'll be honest don't sugar coat things I'll Smart moves some of these guys will not be returning next year. And others. A voice of the team television and radio. It's going to be hard to avoid how you plan. Well the advantage Evan my job is once the game starts I'd say about ninety. 5% our audience just wants to watch that game and talk about that game. And so. I would imagine. I think the team's gonna do well I think there will be plenty of reasons to just talk about this team. Right here I have learned. In doing this for many years now that. You know speculation and what might happen. This can be in my position that your not in your position or. You know the guys that are doing talk radio every day I mean that's what fans tune in and wanna have those discussions but. I have learned that that kind of speculation stuff in my position really doesn't serve you well but hey you know if one day. Lorenzo Cain in center field for us in the next days in center field for the angels with a more talk about it then you know but. There's enough promise with this team that I think. My opinion that's been something it's going to be discussed more this offseason and it is going to be this season. I don't think you very much for make the trip appear to surprise stadium so early. On a Sunday morning it is at times and 759. Dollars through countless while. And thank you what thank you for the wings last night general round good thank John thinks John answer ego shot up to Johnny etc. I'm radio them for that bad boy. Armed rivals favored joining us here for its hot stove brought you by. Our friends over at spring venture group coming up next it is the practice squad with Sean Lavin. The sports machine. Getting you ready for college basketball action case you looking to punch their ticket. Later on this afternoon right around 415. Thanks to dusty likens. For his health back in the studio we'll do it again next Sunday at 9 AM right here in your hole for royals baseball sic stand Sports Radio.