610FC Episode 1

Chris Uno Cero
Wednesday, May 3rd

Introducing 610FC! 610FC is the official podcast for soccer fans in Kansas City. Chris Uno Cero and Julio Sanchez bring not only the best coverage of Sporting Kansas City, but everything MLS and worldwide. Both longtime soccer fans, Chris and Julio make the show just as fun as it is informative. You won’t find two guys who cover the world’s game better than these two!


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Do you were now listening to the official podcast. Of Kansas city's soccer bay. Some six and it CE. Puree your posts. Pursuant to zero from. And who EO Sanjay yes. That's right this. Is the official high. It was not being here playing games dating my name's Chris there. I've never. I have never heard live they'll say it's an inaugural Antonio Cervantes anyways this. Is sixth NFC here on 610 sports dot com. You can also listen to us on iTunes as well. Because we are fans who like that and go we got a great show for you today. Julio is gonna give. Via his his best hits from the web later on in the show. We will preview the match up. That sporting as the matchups the sporting has this coming week they had a match against New York Red Bulls on Wednesday. Then next Sunday they're gonna make a trip up north to play Minnesota united FC is he week busy busy week for the for the other boys in blue here in the town. But let's start with the sporting Kansas city's. Three nil win last night. At home against Real Salt Lake the team that they defeated. To win the MLS cup. What was it now doesn't thirteenth almost four years ago the apple Apple's retail. Well that matchup was I think that's the league record for or would they would like ten overtime there. She's in jail or anything that I can't. It's because with all immediately you're losing credibility. And that within the first two minutes removing credibility is still early. This is good you can imagine a sucker merely for the courts now call overtime and extra time. Do you yes they didn't. They did they hold analyst record for most PK is. An extra time did you hood just Google us. In real time I did not goes off the top my home that's not your problem I shouldn't do that what exactly. The hook it in the but it is is this mad. Joke was. It was terrible actually not for sporting goods were Real Salt Lake Real Salt Lake actually was sitting at the very bottom and of the playoffs. Going into the game they were the sixth they were sixth in the standings in the west very hard no longer in that. They guide obliterated last night at children's mercy park. Two goals that they did two's two goals that they scored. On and just absolute amazing runs one by dom Dwyer. One by June or so which I I always state if you have one name in soccer you have to be good. You're still been a whole hell lot better. And I thought it was the first semis on Blake and then also early on Vinny fail Haber. Second time this season he scored on a long shot scored just outside the eighteen. My biggest take away from these games three nil win over Real Salt Lake at home. They struggled to score goals this year nine goals and and thus far. They got to go through June or so and dawn the way they did. Last night. Not talking about slowly but surely probe progressing the ball up the field like they usually do usually. There in the ballpark of going out and slowly. But surely. Methodically. Moving the ball. Up the field and been. Trying to see big and get off for good play get off for good set piece or so. You know drawing fouls. Trying to do conventional methods for winning in soccer. I don't feel like they came in played that way did did did final two goals they scored their game. They just lob the ball up the field and let their guys who look at winning against gives the defense and images made a good run. You saw this is dom with his goalie so we juror so with his goal and you also saw with those guys when they did in score goals. When they weren't scored when they were getting you'll just good shots. On goal it was the same way send the ball up and then let their guy go win it and then attack the the opposing goalie. With a wide open shot against very little defense. And they've whipped on some of those opportunities yet. But to me I think it is the best possible way for them to. Fix the problems that they have offensively. Because frankly right now as good as their defense is they're off it's pretty bad too. Well and the way I seen it was. They play the entire game the way they they usually do possess the ball move the ball around make though the teamwork port. The only difference with this game is is that. They finished they executed right they only had ten shots on goal the entire game which isn't very many. Tech jobs totals are seven uncle. But which is not really as a percentage of the amount of shots is hugely Malia within buddies 70% to be on goal is pretty damn good and that's something they executed it they kept the ball on frame. And and they executed they put the pressure on Real Salt Lake. You could tell early on. And we talked about this last week as far as. You know team they're trying to figure out sporting in and one of the ways in one of the weaknesses of sporting his physical play. It's a real did trying to impose their will. But sport it was able to execute. Yes and and also. I think it date. Winds boarding is really physical they're really good. And they were really physical in this they kept the game they out a lot of yellow cards in this decade. Who I think is extent let's go game a wanna say at least seven yellow card all the teams got for both teams have four teams got a it was in it was significantly more fouls I mean guys are just toss in the age of around. It looked like it was it was W derby paper view show last night. On and as FS Casey's these guys were just. I mean so there are many times I think that they couple times actually where. Sporting players almost to achieve the of it gave Real Salt Lake PK is as big files near the eight team I don't feel arbor dated. I think I'm drafting Beasley are almost stated. As well I don't feel arbor. I he was right they were right all right outside the eighteen when he just tackle is to not care if he's the exact dates back so they're in the world what did she should assign him to play inside linebacker and a big as this dollar billion bid she's been drafted and inside linebacker high in the draft it may be that you're gonna decide beneath Bill Haber does he was out there tackling guys last night against a Real Salt Lake. It was a it was one of those games were really physical really nasty slippery mean you were going to go to the game and then build rain did not let up. It was windy outside we suckered out of it let him as an artist and call it we don't step over we played smaller did you see the stands and it was a human embryos LT looked like FC Dallas last week. It was his it was a ghost town and out there know that you didn't go out today game including us. Really Smart I there's no way I was gonna go wild today game. Wind the rain swirling around and we are gonna go there do you try to get some work done for the show today. And that was about to happen out there the conditions are the same right now royals game is is going to be and probably a rain delay. I think they said they gains wheels to starter. 215 is what it. Is right it's like after one year. And insert is pretty had a felt that the conditions are awful this week in. And that back fired at the weekend of the nasty gains the fact that sporting they would go out there and and and play as well as they did. Considering those conditions is really impressive and and shout out to it to its Emilia Tim who is here. Just an all star ran the violence it's on the year if if I heads elect in the MVP for the team this year. Are you could say a bar has been really damn good. You can make only don's he started getting going jurors those doing really good job in the day. Your cousin in the UA son says he is avenue really good season took over as us animated for Graeme zoos see. But million man this do now he was a really challenged a whole lot in this game. Strictly because the fact that Real Salt Lake couldn't put them together dream they had to loaded two run shot that. Fourteen told shots to one goal. That is the talk about one side of the story to the other between sporting vs Real Salt Lake. You know seven shots on goal total out of ten. Yes it is pretty grand kids and they got a few of the to a fourteen humble. And yet no introductory news really relieving attitude toward yes I know I mean there's a myriad and really the work force because they made it pretty easy for him. But nonetheless he's been excellent this year me a lot of great saves and they were shown some highlights of some previous games. You know games in the Portland. Guy you know took a nice long shot and he was he would give his hand up in typical with Disney and just enough for it to hit a draw did he get this the fifth. That like it nearly is still is the MVP. This team as a whole but they're showing promise they have they're having these games couple games network offensively. They just looked. Magnificent. Perfect great and the big but they they should. Great in some of these games offensively. And elegance and they just like FC Dallas lassie what did you see in net well doesn't it just like the office doesn't exist at all. I think I think one day they know. What team they're trying to do to them now but you know as far as being physical is as far as turned out muscled in to. They beat who they're supposed to be. They pool when they play tough teams they played them just as tough but the teams that they're supposed to beat. They're not only beating but they're but they're dominating in their showing why they're better and why they're in the top half of of the Eastern Conference. A tour around the league. Getting you caught up with everything is going on in Major League soccer. Starting with sporting Kansas City right now they sit at second. In the west at 43 and one in in this 43 and one in their oh win draw loss record fifteen points on the season. And a six positive six goal differential. This the second right now. Last week they lost to FC Dallas who's the only team right now in Major League soccer and has not lost a game yet. Their four wins three draws no losses. And yet because of their goal differential. Because there's six in FC Dallas is at five. On the positive side angle differential sporting Kansas City. Right now sits at second in the oh Western Conference FC Dallas and the word. This is the reason why gold differential. It is sole important in major leagues and soccer in general. So important and it is the reason why the sporting defects. Is really deem important right now eighties really what's keeping this team. Our afloat because their offense has been a struggle this year six of the goals of come into games. I got to give my hat's off the defense. And they have really helped propel sporting in into really advantageous position this early in the season. They're defense I mean they're defense generates their offense I think I think that's one thing we're kind of overlooked is the fact that while sporting its offense isn't. The best in the league. It's because it's generated by their defense they. They're strength discounters is is kind of shakes. Possessing the ball defense working the ball up and then attacking me and and executing. That's who we seen yesterday. The Western Conference at its current top loaded as far as overall talent as opposed to the Eastern Conference with that which I think is is a lot more difficult as far as its. The top tapper the bottom half. So I expect sporting overall to probably float around. The top three or four positions probably all year I'd say. Yet the top four teams in the west. Going from one to four. Is Portland sporting FC Dallas and Houston. And I I look at those teams I thought he was certain Houston is really cool like a real convincing yet tender for me. I would important in city FC Dallas I look at those teams they can win the in the last cup the other three teams right now that would make the playoffs in the west. In Houston in San Jose and of bank of white caps. I'm not stolen any of those teams being able to win in the in the last top. What I look at through the Eastern Conference though and right now Orlando city FC which apartment little bit. Dave your first fall weather Red Bulls New York City FC Columbus Crew Toronto FC in Atlanta united Etsy. Oh when sporting played Toronto to a tie just a few weeks ago. That team looked like one of the top teams in the amoled lucrative yes it in your gut Atlantic united FC was the best goal differential in soccer right now at a plus not. And they're sitting at sixth. In the Eastern Conference. And you even have the Chicago fire who being fueled by the vestige winds Steiger. Signing of an of last lost the last couple games. Darrent team as well that could be very dangerously the the east. A lot celebrities actors yes yes yes and the west I think you know just like you said top heavy probably probably the top. Read teams are so like I would say this that can win their conference and limit it to win the MLS cup. And right now sporting sitting at second in that group. Sixty special fifteen points in the season right now. And their goal differential this is the reason why it's so important how much you win by in soccer their goal differential so great right now. Positive 68. Dave struggled to score goals but opponents have also struggled struggled to score goals against them. And is the reason why right now V are sitting atop a team that is still undefeated on the season. We're gonna go out to Seattle as well Seattle. They've scored four point they've gotten they've gotten themselves four points in the standings. In the last week we talked about this less Sunday. Seattle where it was the work third worst team. In the Western Conference. They got to win against the LA galaxy three nothing destroyed them on national TV. Last Sunday and then they just plates with 33 tie. Against against New England Revolution last night right now. They're just outside of play offs sit in in the seven spot in the in the table. And their team has really started to be on the comma now six goals in their last two gay means they're gonna be really tough team to dispatched. And I am not surprised in the least bit. That the Seattle senators have now played themselves into Penn potentially being in playoff contention here. As we get closer towards the midway point of the season and then we have. Orlando city FC. That last night big salt return of Kaka. Who right now is the highest paid click here it is in well that's what we'll talk about a whistle a gun a little bit. Highest paid player and able that's seven point two million dollars. It and last night he held down and held them down the rapids to no. Orlando right now top of the east to points how nice is it right now would be Orlando NC. Sitting atop. The top the Eastern Conference I mean they're basically governing the Easter property is as good as they aren't as much competition is out there. And then getting one of the best players in analyst yet you were already in striking distance. And then you go out you get a win bringing back your best player. Even a because what 35 years old still damn good port five years old eight Colmes this in the and and he made shoot even more dangerous mix your relevant as we were they they actually moved up from lower league and and now they are tops. In her conference. Right now and again it's Italy April were about to get into may. But it is still really impressive to have you bring back a 35 year old. Player and that guy made sure team or hole held a lot better say what you want about teams they've beaten Colorado. And that's really been impressive debris a guy like them back and oh in a city FC. Right now tops in the job that we just say that they are probably the best team. They did I mean the east is probably the better conference between the two. I mean I will be see probably 67. Deems that it'd be contenders for an MLS cup. And they're sitting at the very top of it and they were missing their best player due to injury and now he's back. End. Man it is going to be really tough going for anybody. Who is trying to go out and and overtakes them. In the east. Let's into who knows what it. Who Leo's win the it's. Now on somewhere hits. Question though when the call what do we got into the second. It's well bits that's good news from. But elites and they went big we decide on an afternoon we're gonna from what we know we have the voice guys say when it is so weak he Scully you know. Another good thing. Our bosses not to relate slick device that they remembered being treated is slightly different name no we're gonna stick with an edit this out. We're gonna leave it right here it's your damn wizards who aren't so whereas with a look at this first right. Feet hood attack in the news for war corruption some surprise either heroism always happens this that if they're public debate yeah. The other blocker so this is to talk about Richard lives yeah president of swamp all solutions. Business. It member of because corruption fighting audit and compliance can be. Pleaded guilty yesterday in US federal court fraud charges arising from his addition to taking almost one million dollars in bribes. Today according to a criminal and information to which likely guilty she received more than 850000. Dollars bribe. Fourteen. From officials should redo. In exchange for using his influence as an official. Cash was intended to advance the interests of the fraction broad conclusion from officials action identified. Other officials to offer bribes basically. With the chart quite possible that they can help you go to some that opens I could ask him says it under way for a big photo you know you wanted to lake reed are the very initial injury was it a little sticker you did yes there's a spotlight also received there. 100000 dollars in bribes to laughter. From an official of the AFC's who was then running for the people presidency and exchange provides broad support. And then upcoming presidential elections so not only be was an abrupt. But the government in general. He paid the president of. This is what we can't icing on weekends we can't trust government and we just can't do during the lie that person UC UC on YouTube. You'll see people believe the 9/11 perpetrated by the government and a few Lumet Nadia is trying to. Trying to hold you back to center at centers and this is the reason why people don't trust other people out. We need people so girl love people of the Olympic Committee NCAA they don't play these entities these governing governing and he's just. They don't work what do you think is their war cry don't you think is more crooks he for the NCAA. Doesn't that there are no good Ole miss their prices are overall put the gophers the Olympic committee's more so than NCAA don't give me the wrong NCAA has their own issues. I feel like feet hood in the in the Olympic committees they really really when it comes to rides he got a lot of evidence morsel that. That likes to play. The NCAA has life. Corporate training like in future sir that play. The injury plagued it pretty bad hear directly. To bill like NCAA like Evander Holyfield Mike Tyson. If you double lane of around here is big to me they are they are doing this. This is really and that but only. Fifa and then the Olympic Committee trying to hide this fact really NCAA did that Linux trying to hide that they'd only do candidates don't they they rest their shoulder. They'll get his take your current. We'll show you how to be Caracas were going to be garage that veterans definitely and when he won the election we'll last year he brushed his shoulder off in front of everybody. When he went out and it is through wood and everyone's face it we voted present so knowledge. Before and this is got a really good taste and it's got to be fitted to go I don't know if I need visas to make sure that you would. Why that was held in Rio was asleep. I was there was Hillary's what that would what else we get her help our next let me. Flexible soccer referees do Cheryl I dunes so this is. Basically dodged the Boston idol rush soccer female soccer. He. In the real feel and one of the wonderful ladies you get nice food seasoned chicken there. Referees to avoid. Being in the middle of the plane just drops and doesn't splits to avoid hitting his face with the ball fired commented on it. Call me conspiracy years to your room we just talked about two minutes ago Washington this whole week. Just looks. To whom or for. The title with a back to the time I was in Matthew stimulus are. The league's exactly. So. And helpful at this labeling youth soccer. Girls soccer team is reporting girls' soccer teams on their phones absolutely do. This wasn't like him professionally done it was like somebody was a club like a flat or important game. This would like it was some of these flown. And this guys in the middle of the bullet. This this girl's playing us just kicks it right now. Think she didn't seed is due date and anti Catholic James brown and he just drop downs late July my next time. Think is perfectly time and they need popped right echo lake Nona. This looks like it was staged that we got to be DM referees umpires that are traditional players in the field. Just let there be stars and business for themselves I mean you and looked like it look like he was waiting the entire game for that one specific mobile. I'm wearing just busted out I had that in his pocket he's just sit there wade we would welcome. You're gonna let me look let me Michael Jackson. I could lose whoever. The coach of the TV and when the coach the team effort early came right at him he was plus or portal maybe one. Just like become the person. According to even watch me give him build his play somebody throw down on. Anyone familiar with it wasn't like this woods we still completely straight and it was like front backswing. It doesn't just play it was about me out of this oh no I wouldn't I wouldn't they offense I would have tried to split an elegant in the bullets that hit me in it but this is not have. Moving on from Michael Jackson's splits to our last wedding ring that this team I imagine James Brown. Legs I'm mentally the song get on well with the Obama ask. With the bill bottle bottom he would Elliott terrible week on the crew and we've gone and you have to have some link to your true Democrat. The most relaxed. There are no blast though whether it of the date. Analysts placing as. Here at least the salaries for all of its current players today. Former Real Madrid legend in Orlando city FC midfielder. Kyle. We just talked about earlier but tops the list for highest power play paid players excuses but seven point 17 million. He guaranteed compensation for top five just behind him we have. Italian star Sebastien did you think of making seven plus 12 million. His teammates in US. Men's national team captain Michael Bradley isn't there. Five million rounding out the top five we as wide as this Padraig pillow aside. Nine million Spanish star David yeah five point six. Let me just put your who doubted via WV. That I don't know there. No there is no doubt that their kids the kids is they don't they're millions isn't a way that Donna WV. You know is now being. There's still the privacy side. Anybody really cares and lineage players moving on he's gonna listen to our pockets and very pissed off he says name. I don't think he's going to be till he's Lucio mogul this morning Casey. He listened to podcasts. I think the major thing we need to take away this list it is. The supporting players and where they ring on this. Surprising. Roger Espinoza. Highest paid player on the team at 850000. We got a couple of others are right where you would think that these and Graeme juicy match be for sale and 60000 just about pregnancy. Just about 760000. I don't wired 670000. Let's get to some of the underpaid players that we don't. Palin so far yes so Michael par sitting at a 150000. Years that. Extremely low even worse even though he's in the world. For what it's work to. He intends Tim knew it 167. Those guys anticipated restatement. Double at least have been nearly double to. Don't know more than to be more doubles still does that shock you that shocks and shocks me I mean I know right. Meal is like to meet these vets believe me no end. Great going up the idea is as important to have a great quarterback. You got out of your golden sucks and you're not gonna win very easy. And the fact that he is these criminally underpaid here a little bar to bar the assisted on the back. And he could move their defense exactly and he's right. Right here in the right there's a new and those guys or it's especially Obama. Shouldn't. Act on. The physical guy that. Push forward. I analyst in early on the issues pricing. Speed place. I was tour I don't Dunleavy. What I do want tax. Considering. Where he's then I would successes had recently. I mean just it was a couple years now this is my friend limit Omaha children's day. This proves. Yeah. Yeah national team. He's in your. But it wasn't like. He's been in the market that you can I would've normally expect now we know you know it's him he's got the police. It'll go let's suppose I mean he is 35 as well so he's he's up there as well heavily either. Ha you can't really really really good for Brazil's national team beat it he was having him with the AC Milan before. Orlando wins it'll. The united I've made him back to form factor is aside for a little bit more to. He sped up there but in the top five on Friday didn't make the top yeah a little bit longer as well. Position that he plays I was he would've gotten paid a little bit more of us. If not yet anyways Chicago getting blown plays another big part of acting head stats. Maybe it's that if you're smaller market you guys allowed guys. Gotta pay more significantly. This I think the most surprising things. I have one player in mix in the dollars on their team. It's not the way to do that is to try out the way they did the medical and I think names attitude really shocked. Because of the fact that there's there are really being good. Really really down and they do not help one guy. A billion. A fraction of late could cost WV is its winds staggered to a up five billion dollars making that's really surprising. So this is get out I was. Really really insisting there's sitting down opposite bids and. The salaries are going on these guys of yours you were getting paid like 3040000 dollars here at the top six players. Right now in the league that are being made are making a more than and five I think the entire payroll all four clubs so. They're getting paid more than entire club yep that's us that's just because they're also getting off there like knives it's like separate bracket for those guys get. One when you look at those other teams that they are getting paid more you view that he's in Montreal DCs so what are. We'll have to have especially when Soccergirl Minnesota's into the Booth they have guys have been. Or or they they're getting paid more than those top six players are getting paid what does outsell the entire ride my success of those other forma adjusted to Minnesota's united Steve and I. As a whole was making war as it you could be a bit their entirety was making war. But there's it's no hazardous to know that and so there is nothing you're looking at those forced those four cities they're not exactly powerhouse. Sorry I was who has obviously been here. There. Being used they didn't work. And I just passing on they're I think there's a version of a lot of people bill if if they were hitting it dead payroll as a whole of the collective is getting paid more. Then it's Kaka. Is making. They need to get their money back because their first believed it was probably why they're so bad that it could this. I'd still be next match up for. Supporting him city is against the New York Red Bulls. Right now sit at second. In the Eastern Conference will be a battle to this point in cities well is in second place. You're Red Bulls are. At sixteen points and east five wins one draw three losses. They only have a plus one goal differential. The game will be at 730 on Wednesday. We will be at that game at children's mercy park. They are. A team at the little lot right now they've won their last three matchups. Two enough then over DCU. Two enough over the crew and then 21 over the Chicago fire. Twice this year though. On the road. Teams have scored at least three goals on Seattle 31 loss and Houston 41 loss. Get this the team I think is a team in the Red Bulls that they don't do any one playing really well. I think they do a lot of things okay. Mediocre but there's not one thing that you can point to that would put them. As elite. But they're still playing all around good ball there's a reason why there in second place are now in the Eastern Conference via. When you look at right now they've scored two more goals and sport been sporting has this year you know they've scored eleven goals. And and sporting scored nine. But the patients differences on defense on defense Kansas City where he gives easily given up three goals to the Red Bulls ten. That spells are really big advantage for. Forward sporting Kansas City you're going to be at home. You know that that team's probably not going to be due to score very much if at all one you. I believe they've only given up they've given up two home goals this season. One against Colorado on a bogus PK and another line. On line just one of those fluke he plays against the San Jose earthquakes would be just. Lobbed it in the guy houses and right position. The one time they executed good play works but. As a whole nobody's been able to consistently get good pressure on yulia. Sporting an at children's mercy part and I don't really see that here with the the Red Bulls well. All sporting they just don't get hung up Cole pulled the teams don't get on the board against them and generally at a home. Against the team that has given up as many goals the Red Bulls have ten on the season. Two games they've given up seven goals on the road. I I run into one. Gold at least in this game and I like our like this matchup for sporting I think I think we do matchup well against them like I said they don't doing one thing. Are extremely well they're just a good. Okay all around team I think waited. Sporting like you said it being a home game and then knowing. This is a pretty important game special having two games this week. It's important that they they get this two game home after this this two game stretch. You off on the right foot and take this game. That game after that against Minnesota I think is. It'll be a really easy matchup for them I think they should it and I you know really easy matchup being relative term. Minnesota's just not very good team. But I think they take this game seriously moving on to Minnesota. They can kind of relax a little bit they still obviously need did you. All parallel tracks don't not a good thing that the play or care are terrible Google delivered through Minnesota that but they don't have to knowing how Minnesota plays they don't necessarily have to have their a game to win that game whereas. Playing against the Red Bulls they still will need again their their a game it to. You get away with you know be be comfortable and take my game again as you just mentioned Minnesota are united at the next Sunday's 12:30 PM. Which means of being nationally televised game I would assume. That'll be up box where in the Twin Cities. Right now Minnesota united Meehan who you agree worst team in the analyst right now they're third worst in the west conference in the standings two wins two draws five losses. Worst goal differential in the MLS negative. Twelve no one else in Major League soccer has a negative. A negative goal differential that's in the double digits. Play those teams are sitting under five. As did it at their negative goal differential a lot of them were sitting around zero mark so that's pretty impressive. Four minutes of the united to be that bad and giving them goal flares my question do you is this a trap game writes you have the Red Bulls on Wednesday. Very. Same ocean between that you have the Minnesota game after that you have Orlando C have the top two teams are the next 3 games for the eastern conflict be playing. They're gonna have. The worst team in the Western Conference in Minnesota. We're listening to elect smugglers and battle in the us they are damn man could we consider this attract David I'll I hate that term trap game actually I do I do in the personalize because example if sporting loses that game. It because they took them lightly it's because they just played terrible because they didn't come to play yet if the mental side is the pages they just played terribly. Like I and I we always use that he's mentally excuse for when a team just doesn't play well. Hat sometimes what you whatever you do just doesn't work and is not for lack of of trying to Susan doesn't happen. Is sporting. Updated. Think his game's going to be like all major major. Blow the doors five goals. Sporting should at least win against Minnesota the united. Tuna. Has to be at least two. Has to be at least. To zero in favor sporting on the this scoreboard. For me to be satisfied with it. And and I'd like is that I don't think it's a trap game because of exporting. Them having actually been successful in the playoffs having one minimalist cup they understand the visa to kind of games you kind of happy and he kind of had to go out there in the biz or these games you've got to get three points and and they know that to take them lightly so I a trap game and I just don't buy it in most instances I think if they lose it's not because they were. Sit there you know all we were glued Minnesota is bad. This is not go a 100% these of the games were teams try to like really pad their stats. And really show everybody how much better there than their opponents as opposed to pulling down to competition. So I'm not worried about the second team in the in the Western Conference playing down the competition especially because you're on the road to. I don't I don't see it's actually because they wanna make sure they're in good position when you face the top 2 teams in the Eastern Conference right now. Within the next three games our answer so. We have Wednesday sporting verse new York Red Bull your predictions please. One nothing. Sport. I think that to me this is one of those games. It's tough opponent did a really good but if you just look at. Late to look at how they've played they played really good Reese recently. Three wins in a row. And we knew when you really look at a lot of the teams in the business and in the Eastern Conference. Tons of talent there but. The strength that sporting hats. Is their. That is just like they're sitting around in the middle there ten allowed eleven scored I'm really confident that the defense. Was boarding is going to be able to hold up again at home. It's gonna be a little bit short week. Maybe those guys on in New York City for the Red Bulls they're going to be will tired. Coming into town halfway across the country he. Maybe that just kind of wears them on a little bit and you're in a good position going into. Going and going into Wednesday injury with a glove and hit that one play that made that one run from shares so or Dwyer that just. Happens to work out so. Yet I've got a New York here are Jared here exporting I have got I've got sporting T one I think. Bigger I have bullet hole while while I have a 100% confident in their defense I do think I think red bullet isn't good enough offense that. Days they slipped one one mercy goal and at the towards the end of the game but 21 as well as what I have it. She reduced Sunday's game. Yeah when I'm doing of the show until after until after Minnesota gave Syria Minnesota Dominic comedy go to doubt them sporting. I think. Minnesota's awful but I don't think they get that third goal to get the full three point but I do think they take it you know I think if I think three of them. I think three nothing. I think it's got no adult. I exit of one of those games were. They just like against rail Salt Lake they're going to attack in there we really. Really aggressive. Against a team that they know their battered. And is gonna be in. It open there in the Twin Cities in their gonna go against a crowd was going to be hostile towards them. Boy I think because of what they've what they've done against other teams that are bad. In Colorado. India's Real Salt Lake where you see their offense just lie on fire and they be able to go out and and and put up tonnes of gold on the board. I think this level again and I think they should get. Three road points I think this this coming week here six point four. And maybe they slip then again dead they're number one seed in the it has to do over here that we know will and I. As long as you did four points this week. All as you at least get a draw on minimum you have to take I always get at least a draw. Because you can't lose their home cannot lose don't want you get a draw against. New York City FC and the need get a lead winning at least two nil. Again off Minnesota via yet and rebel and then you get at least you can release the tuna victory. Over Minnesota. Began did you get a really good week and if they do beef lines so that's just. The way I see things for them I think there. Did it's gonna really help him down. I don't know when there are. Fires in that we're going to wrap open podcasts this week we're going to be back a week or two days Sunday night. Televised the only thing that could. He's going to be administered in Minnesota I am assuming you're up north to. Didn't feel they can listen to a subjective sport I hope or on iTunes. The few weeks ago and make sure you can't just every Sunday night he's an excellent fit in there. Yeah. It's been six NN CNN that was pretty soon zero. No second chance. For more information go to sixteen and sports dot com.