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Tuesday, September 12th

In the last hour, we really dive into the play calling of Tony Romo.  Does he deserve to be in the position he's in? We fit a couple of good showstopper stories in and close with the segment that's sweeping the nation.....Whatcha Watching!


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It showed. In this show little final wow. Would your nose run Visio view please shout out. To love my listeners with those. Does that ahead because we salute you for allowing. To be a small part of your Tuesday evening. Julio Sanchez produce is as bad apple way. An island seeing guys even certain I don't with. Did you know what this is awarded me. All right I got no problem with Tony Romo and Tony Romo whatever is being home. But I'm so I normally side. With the athletes. That plumber you'll remember how man I'd made that plumber because as that LeBron James job is more important to the viewers. I normally side with. Ed maybe I was up about apple my cards on the tape. It's this industry that pisses me off to detain. Our. Some guys that play football that are athletes is of the just commanding gets spots. People that work like hail to give it. And they just given tool and they've got no experience. Stacy Peterson's of the world yes and this company did a spot urban and I. It don't have that don't have a lit ones of experience. Guys like that who could give writ. Now in this case that's any who's been addict and at a little place big calling gains were Greg Gumbel that's got to be adversity. Edit other guys who were lower who'll maybe getting better like jobless blitz got to know what John Lynch did to give it at least like that retirees GM's idle. I'd like you should probably had to be an assist do you ever sought that whenever. At least they played the game and somewhat know how to put together team how would they. Just coming off the field it just say I like this. They just hired Derek Fisher Derek Fisher still doing things like begging players current players in the league girl Britney driving in suits and their. And their use cars as a head coach coming right up the court does that easily trained maybe it should have been an assist it burst. Scott a McGregor yes. But we do we do see. A lot of guys who asked do you kind of work their way at the chain obit now they may advance faster. Than people like me and you do who have to start and get get the name recognition first they already have the name recognition I mean. Brady Quinn is doing. Like overnight weekends at fox Sports Radio resort for a national Sports Radio outlet now is Brady Quinn continues. To get better at his job you would assume that his status is going to raise it fox Sports Radio I'm not exit. I've studied say that he needs to do what Brady quid. I'm not saying he's too met liners do. We'll break Brady Quinn doesn't have the profile that Tony yeah I had. Hey guys have the profile a Derek Fisher already had because Derek Fisher wanna budget rings at Laker I'd get that I'm not saying. He needs to do those the but. He needed be easy BE should be where Jay Cutler is. You don't need to be calling the Super Bowl in two years with this. Now this right what do you won seven books. I've. Listened to Chris Collins or it's a bit different. Detroit it's different. I occasionally he's. Excellent at what about sex that's awful. Up what you checks should be buried. I don't think I should not Charles is Charles and it is at least entertaining. Charles adds things to O'Charley's I had to go ha ha Charles's yes he does Charles continues to win in weeks. Shaq won't answer questions. Jason Kidd was he had assisted anywhere no Eads it wasn't great in Brooklyn. He's doing good at its heart is groups grew up the Greek for. Outside. Well like these guys get in please how will even go there and concede OK they played the game it he's up there. I play football had been doing broadcasting how hard it is what they had to do in the short window diagnosed a play. Beat. Have some charisma. In calling the game being alert. This guys that all the sort purple next year. Like your CBS put amid all the Super Bowl next year. I'm sure they're trying to rapidly make him better jobs and it just throwing it right in the pocket is that I could. Bigot and numbers being fired each get a little lautner did you hear the beginning at the beginning of the other. Other practiced admits it we've been practicing since may move a little. This is where we are hate I hate I imagine he just stands the problem year for like I now. God last. Odd jobs as a baby Tony Romo is unorthodox it's into the game but he said doesn't the color guy usually talk. The play after it happens. I don't know why. In the head of the gay Tony says. The right. Said he doubted now. But. There's going to be a blitz right here okay Tony. And everything it does Bobby get that pat itself on the back I know is that. Boy what did you see that runs the let Tony I played football for fourteen years of course you have. Charisma to give a cedar. John Madden was at that time to distract voters seatbelts and get direct this deal that. I believe. That probably bid to grew up fifth object sometimes during those games. Ed Dick Knoll was on the field at La Brett Favre was playing even in games that weren't involving the Packers. Just slam in terror Duncan's. But he but he had charisma and you'll get rid. A bucket match apart by. You have never done anything as a firefighter. Were just going to put you at the toughest position. End of the most powerful position Jessica did you start. Until and if god about Richard green is this situation and they just brought somebody. Off the street to start doing an afternoon drive here. Flying off the coop. I gonna lose my age I think they should release the videos of Tony Romo practiced I do they can go it's it's may yes. I think they they need to put him in the film room with some malt wanting to film. And just give him a Mike and have him go at it and let a live FaceBook audience critique is perform at eagle it's it's made he's given us this. It's. It was like god on what to cedar. I've seen football you know bill toward the. Thanks Tony. Boy what is that it back than. What I can't hands and I yeah well really. Dip mixes it took a Mike is sick as this. They needed to give it to see how they're just catlett bill or bills of call let or a year but sold toll could go down and work with somebody get better. As I was. Is like Abby to blog. I have to go ahead to next attribution go ahead testified it's been awhile what do you big job edge drinking out I'll start it up I think Canadian whisky. Go ahead shoot any tickets that lets its that 306 what do you think he was. A nice wild Turkey while Turkey Abdullah Canadian. Whisky. I can't I don't give it like. There is like I normally am not citing an understanding because Tony Romo the name isn't part of me that feels that Tony Romo wouldn't it be about it. It just be able to move up the spot. That's a part of it for me why can't they may became appeared to hit this eight minute I will wait I would I would I would seal. But up smartly just does not feel that he's that he with that good to just be able to move up the list. Like it take Cutler was on the third tee. That it's ever parts of me feels like it Tony Romo should have been on that. It has to do you whiz. His name and his connections because. Jay Cutler. Was not very well liked by any of the fan bases that he ever played. Tony Romo ill people criticize Tony Roma that he could win the big game but for the most part he does pretty well liked especially across the media landscape. I just think. I'd like to use it like. Like they've that the knew that the Miami Marlins has handed it over to Derek Jeter. X Derek Jeter qualified to run a baseball. He's canceling the team. And the business that makes what makes him qualified to do that. Because he was great at making that jump throw. And he was really collects in the playoffs. Did manage a lot of women. Oh yes oh and as opposed against. I don't like that trophy if that was there. Any district issue. Well let's mad cognac and those diamonds that dark you know on the you know. Mean. I just don't have it I mean it feels like Tony Romo should at least have to go through. He should be. He should be doing browns bills that's what it feels like to be Arafat it yeah. Right at senator Johnny an actual game film nation is run through Madden simulation. So it can predict the did you. I'll let this go to drive you nuts. It would let the chips are going to get him it several gates. Let's go to drug unit all of this was going to be handed to terrain hunt to the right guys. Just his room it's all the anticipation. That both of them well. Well this was going to be thrown. Out of the top kill the flat I see it. Oh we don't edit but not. That's else not know what else all that bubble screen be it set up Tony. Not me you know and I found out his credit he says good job. He said that about markets Mary you all may adjust change their play good job markets Miriam. Well make you mean the quality of. War oh hello close low. Pretty radio will. Move back. We what you're. They sound like he was ready to call the Super Bowl X. Well I mean. I called the fruit roll like he. It's done now is really did. Just it is widely thought that the best color analyst at all. Didn't know it well. Eric you are talking about drinking Pat Summerall loan Lugar. Again you know that was. Yeah that was hampered. Earthquake. In macros that bad. I. I think we. Is it that you're annoying like the third player telling me you're gonna happen. And certainly is. If there you know do. What do you have on the sidelines and in this guy. That's a closed it's I don't have the right. I'll put it Sergio Dick Sergio did with that I would put him. I applied ESPN for put him on national TV stick chance basically. So when you know that's excellent it was six minutes that you're Haiti Romo wasn't that bad I'm not saying that role though was that bad it. When you judge him on the scale. Of college worth. And Sims. Army Collins worth it Aikman and Sims it was not well you're right so what's it felt should be rolling around his broadcast great. I am. Extra nine. Ers so how about an hour out of there it's right does it get to get it. That's a Rex Ryan does it get to get. Because of my purse and interest and favoritism towards your alma actually act and buckle up Drew Brees. And Tony wrote to Brees and Tom Brady and Tony romo's gonna to repeatedly tell you oh Adrian Peterson to the right. Good teams in the runner yeah. I. Yeah. How will give you an island three and a Romo was better than Dennis Miller on T look. He was better than Tony Kornheiser. And all that. And I'm not saying that it's only rolled all of them out there people really I guess it come off his aides. Eight. Like gods on either one of you do you think. You have a the other problem like do you think that Tony Romo should be and it's. Absolutely not now he's not earn. Probably not but it's it's about appeal in viewership. And and people like Tony Roma. Or. If the problem is that them. I don't know people like Tony Romo necessarily be I think people I don't know and I don't these gossip media. Oh Tony Snow is like that that's why he's in the position and they think that Tony Romo. Isn't easy guy to make likable calling football games on national television broadcast because. As he gets farther along in this people completely forget about is Ana FL career and remember him for this if he actually gets. It is same like Chris Collins. He didn't just get. At the top spot just immediately like he worked it in DC. When NBC before NBC crashed in lost football. Like he was on beat teams in working with like or Lundqvist. Ed and Aikman didn't just kick it off which killed books on fox. He was behind Daryl Johnston. Let's look at your agency you can just see the difference between those. Well let's make us morally doubled sued the average person that would be like that's what I five hours or five years in the job. That your boss gets fired and the big boss hires their brother or fear whenever something like that the committee take the job be your boss when you can do. A much better job than than what they can do and had no clue what they do. I think that can happen in any good guy and does it absolutely does. Not. And and that's us like this one is different than. In some of the other things. Yeah I mean acting kinda see the magic. It's that because part of magic job. He can attract people to come to Italy. And he's got route Lincoln there is due others have now dropped the Lincoln. Was magical way I don't know what constitute route Lincoln gave it. I don't look at look at I don't know what may. Phil Jackson. Credible to get the job with the lakers. Are they with the knicks the greatest basketball coach Travolta. We saw how that worked. We saw the greatest of all I. Say yeah. Qualified. The forty. But so far it looks like he's made some good moves but I saved it filled the bill could do what he did obviously Phil was was in the low issued. And it was over at. Well like. This is that field were I think it's to add the like Romo should have to. Practice. In lower leverage situation. Like raw hole is Scott Alexander today. Wrote Moses come into the night. Not just bringing one of the 41 of the guys up. That they brought in that September polyps today be that close L on this team maybe this year. And everyone else isn't working. But I just like Michael feels that this one is much more closer to it every day person's job. I this guy I mean this can't just came up any chill. Like it would be good if I was watching the dangles in rate. Okay. If it. And fell to just get up again felt hates to. But Todd blacks leeches or better than Tony robo. It's our age it if it's it's it's it's asinine to. Keep going to. Ricky. Yeah good. They've done here broadcaster. I'll talk about Micah. Turned green should be both I'm told Ramon that you. Like killer. And stage and rule that he it is art can watch it. I restore and fortunately there were some nights Michael marine or injured to Florida by apple. It's Michael Irvin is Italy's as predicted it is to. Eight yes he's an acquired taste. Like us like some eight YouTube and the the like ability about only room. I mean he's probably he was all the probably the second biggest villain team. In the league now I think they're more cowboy fans everywhere else but. That is other than other teams but they hate the scalpel. I think nationally a lot of people liked Tony Romo though and rooted for Tony Romo because of the Gary have you thought he was a joke in the of the joke there. I think there was some but I think a lot of national me feel like Tony Romo because everybody was trying to make the argument that Tony Romo was. A fantastic quarterback who like who did choking crunch time because there's there's a stack all. It was going around for every day he led the NFL quarterback rating in the fourth quarter and that he had all these fourth quarter comebacks. But then he got the big moments and he'd just didn't win but do we do we hire. Our lead. Analysts. Who could butchered the super able to hire him based on media like ability or. What the consumer would like. I think and took a guy is still today's media I'd. We are based off the media but media feels I don't know now I think I think based off of I think in today's climate. With the media and with the consumer. We hired based on appeal and they find Tony Romo can be appealing. To a wide variety of audiences. So they give Tony Romo that jock exit date yet. The US you're saying he's he's wide appeal to consume itself like yours and he's wide appeal to meet media members like I think he's blow. But you don't hire people based on the media members like perhaps tabs so is his relationships. With the media is part of what helped him get that job but it's also his like ability. Across America. I guess I understand the portion. His name. Who is plea for an how many people know he. IQ. But I believe this particular feel what you're doing you just can't throw folks this year. Who don't know what did I mean Tom Brady retired to Mars he wanted to do that I think Tom Brady would get one of the top job. Oh he wallet but it it but that's it that's in saint. Because you don't go around sounded. Like this. He's just saying kill kill wit the quarterback. They literally just yell kill kill with the quarterback that be like if Chris Collins worth was up there three years ago instead. But Peyton Manning said. Yeah yeah yeah. And interest cop working behind him is that Obama all along they're gonna. I. Aggressive I hit I I'm not gonna say to him that he's not going to be. Pretty good there's almost a Smart guy and at least sound like there had some fun in there. But my goodness he's got called soup also vote next year this better get a lot better. A lot better. Or that was amid this updates it fills them is that there either laughing or sitting there with a dart board with Tony's face on throwing darts it. As bill sells like I'm that they're net. Bills have played played in New York. Maybe it's it had just feel bad for how they treat feels. I'm Phil was not that. So winners and I went three Tony Romo is classy. Handsome grow with the smooth silky voice. I did advocates. Added. I was so we picked this. So what's it is gruden. It legal right to Medina football. Was it something they grew did prior to Monday night the Balkans that might be the only case but gruden. The cedar grove and he does Monday Night Football but I watch. Could they get my grounds and dangles but. He calls let a playoff game that's it. I say. This guy's Columbus comparable. I would there's no guarantee that that is going to hold up I mean if we get. If we get. Really deep into the season he's not showing signs of improvement I'm willing to assume that they're going to make it Koppel on of what really you think they're gonna do that. It. It is it. That's balls unit do you think there's a possibility that they would make a move us. As somebody else. It was audience at Morton is he cannot say this would have been spared they had a third guy at the boot maybe that he Cutler so right. What else it was still have the boot. Would that be helpful. Without telling. Good dances don't have to care mile. Tell you would just up what you saw their Tony. Well I played in the NFL for fourteen years. All right. Moving on second down at night. Coming up. The originators. You've heard me talk about Jim coaches you've heard me talk about peace coaches. Butch Davis at Tennessee. The hires at Missouri K commander said Barry Odom. The originators of the Jim's last the coach showed his ass that day. You cannot miss it that's. Us financial. The other big city neighborhood. And maybe. The worse. Coach who believe. I've talked about this he is the originators of digit code. Just look no. As an awful close. The colts really backfire they had route Syrians understand. As their offensive coordinator and was they had coasted let alone a long playoff for an. And they decided within Joomla to keep took a gun no. Hate to say this though one of the insisted that I think is the truth. I think. The thought of that press a fire in this who started to become beloved by his team for surviving leukemia. Played a part into it. It took a Kano as we've seen is ruining the career of Angel look. And he is the originators of G of coach he is a heat coach as essay he probably on his off days running. Standardized test the presidential says. It's in a how many pushups and sit asking you do he's doing those things he probably goes out with a clipboard calls role everyday. At practice he's got the coach he's gotten tired and Jim. Bat that's got to be what it is because Lilly is in terrible his yeah let's go reckless. Strap on your seatbelt Jim Mercedes ties cry as a Qaeda go. Let's just via. That all exactly like all the time. Got his guys there's not there's hammers ahead there is a he's likable why he's still how much dirt did Mercer based tweeting out pictures of naked women. G emerged today. Is bid caught. On called Jim Irsay is only one magic met Mike Shanahan. Looking like a human red carpet with his skin all the time and his tea. There's not much more dirt you can have on him. And I got Chris Ballard there to China. Revamped the organization bush got the got outage is running into the ground well well let's not get started on Chris Ballard who felt. That it was a good idea to just roll it Scott tells the but but actors they got their excess land based at 46 to nine I believe it was to the LA Graham's. They talked to Joseph O'Donnell boot originating Jim coats. And they lost to the rams this is what this that's it. Go ask. Him to president 49ers. Coach what are. You. Played extremely well today. Welcome points. He's confused enough yet to coach right. The united. They give Heidi. The forty niners. Will need niners. How do you. Meaning we down Matt and John placed it in check but I managed to concentrate on base coach could. Not even the same color skeet. I guess they're both in California. Men who got a last year. Into. Credit 49ers. Coach were very. 49ers pork right guys nuts and killed shot Modano. Is that to be a tough situation be it because he knows he is terrible his job in that their team. Is terrible and doesn't stand a chance without Andrew might be terrible those two that the at least he could do is no way Cheney's play. Because he started up a Sadie got his ass kicking it even know who leaked as you spot something I'm always my job at the end of the year we just got killed and by the rams who can't play offense so cities assuming he's going to lose the it is the year he is starting the clock back is probably get her out of last whiskey in his back pocket on the side it a bit better fetus at. We got our ass kicked today the Oilers which is instead of a we got there and just kicked or and it's at the top of his game we got to IRS to today the dot he's just killed us. But I would have been better it to Magic Johnson as well lag. Steve young and the good lord we just couldn't containing today Ricky Watters was so good. Your time god what was that about he was straight face too. Shows. Italy. It's that time gap that show you stop. Yeah. S. Troops and one way you address a slip up on my TV is to move on as if it didn't happen and apologized later absolutely necessary. Former NFL coach Jim Mora did not follow this procedure after he said jokingly. It's WD as you anchor Scott Walker was full of police during Monday's saints post game segment. Scott simulator against him the last page you get this is that true is that it got hot pack of guys look and stuff. The guy that that funny bit about that yet yeah yeah river replied with a guy that's a gift wrap. And I know much about let's just move past that hump like if you look at the guy let's just move that I bought her just yet we experienced a public debt lets you. Problem killing game and the gang. Is this is right there is as old Jim clay and I don't know why does he not know that was and is off and as I can hear regulates the hero for centuries. Each act the that anchor that started talking to them and said that Scott Walker says this. He can't really read and I say you know it live with the saints post game. He just started talking did a gym doors it in this thing again yelled they're stealing commercial break here than not out yet so it's a thanks it is jumped behind the CO real apology. As I write I mean he would feel bad about that is a writer producer. But a setup I know you're not asking where the produced. By the way the twins are up eleven enough. Not gaining ground tonight. That's admits that the outside the idiots to nothing they're gonna probably win plea in a row and about. It's been a minute since Ted carries his humiliated himself and disgusting way. But this was why this this is not a peruse the risk of Republican right yes not the guy over she's not now of course. But that's a lot as well at that weight. As Tuesday morning when all but if you would stalwart tweeters were sound asleep. At Ted Cruz was discovered do like to porn site. The tweeting question what was on boards I'm giving accurately named act sexual possibility. Should have video of low quality point. Chris is account unlike tweet shortly after this was discovered in his spokeswoman Catherine Frazier. Slightly misunderstanding what has occurred said the offensive tweet posted on act Ted cruises account earlier. Has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter. I wonder what does that what what did you say that he's they had the site at things sexual. Six vote was. It was on Twitter because you know Twitter doesn't have rules against new Indian born into their art. Accounts that people actually follow it ever get on the sixth panic out. On Julio cited the glass there's just poured out that pops up all the time because we have so many we have so many people that we follow. They re tweet stuff like that. No I think tick through this morning. Take Cruz looks like country. Ted Cruz looks like one of the big reasons does that that he was pretty good book tape proves is that big time free. The grace and Allen to freaks or take cruises for. Grace and Allen is is it legitimate time coming up a spot in the same brute coming up coming off of morning tick through. With the natural segue. To the segment that's sweeping the nation it's been a while these incidents we have been able to talk about stuff. I am almost done with the season four of her but. What you Watson. Coming up next getting tickets are slide six and 306 text and what shows you watch it Netflix Hulu network television what had yet. What's your watching coming. Come at the K. Yeah that's not live. There. Needs. Battlestar Galactica what commitment if you'll look complete. Agreed but it's too late to catch weight touchdown it Super Bowl my first class on a plane. Watch him bark orders. I'd like to remake movies and Hillary please. I'm not superstitious but. Freckle and I think that. And sirens. It works and missed games would I rather be feared or loved. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. What's life sponsored by. Absolutely no one's avoid that step up pity tickets to excellent 69306. Texted. What's he watched in those that Netflix Hulu. Amazon. A network TP movies. What are you watch as we always do we gave this out now. To the first 178. It will buy your ticket large popcorn. And at diapers if you go see it this week. It was severely it's non U. I'm dying legacy will it seems that you buy my ticket there are several people to talk about it I would not only have I seen it are seen in our. I really enjoyed. Yeah a little I don't remember and I. I love the original like I totally beyond I'll go ISC split it out during the day. They'll undoubtedly go see it at 9 AM as intently at the whole thing is if they actually offer in its its its throughout the whole you know. Red boxes and lots in the middle of the day and well not not AM the you know. You have to see it in theaters do I don't it has eating up theaters on the assumes we now costume and I'll go see the east the Dixie can now be at. Also this what we've looked at that looks interesting. On Netflix on the eight was ex friends from college Netflix. Not. I've not seen that that looks that looks funny looks like some good people of the silk threads then it's. It was viewers that field. The key anti he's anyone yet. Feed the skinny he wrote filled. Life. Preacher is that one that's yeah that's to keep the Keegan I NE TT skinny. Shots at sunset. They used to come on after outlines. Real housewives of Atlanta it's awful I never once acted I could do godaddy ballistics. At this and ageless it's watching Wentworth on Netflix it's an awesome series about women's prison in Australia. If it orders the new black basically isn't real life just not as good alone is not know. Over the top with sly Stallone that's one of my favorites of this is alone. The arm wrestling movie and I welcome there's not been an arm wrestling movie. Alps it there's an arm wrestling move. Is the casino over the top I'm not ever see you never quit trying to win a semi truck never even heard. The markets you'd think somebody come out with an over the like another. You know they've made multiple like martial arts movies like kick boxing. Atlanta sports are blessed with a glass which is just the exact same body as blood sport and by the time. I'm not banned and like someone might have five lower. You know arm wrestling. This event I'll get on the night Bogut right talk about this tomorrow. The thirty for thirty. Yes I'm gonna go home with the Redskins who won the championship. And they're in the last strike as we've been beat I'll still like. We are maybe tops around the country on calling the strike. We opt out model though anybody is we've been talking about it. Other than and Winston who in my opinion users to be fired for being dead is dead. It's the disease is an accurate. Tuesday night that would have been onto and I haven't we haven't done this in the well with which shows that you you aluminum. Walking decking out the news season saw your and it's not there yet. Now our. Now I'm thirty reopen them. But I mean I'm gonna finish it. But they're never gonna and the show and I wish they would and that shows like that stop watching it because it hasn't been deadly disease the wildwood you can. Because I have to finish things I want a lot of bad television because I have to I have to finish I don't usually Leinart I started to detected two in there there was no announcer meet until now sees that. And episode the bike. What that I am interested in this accident victim three is coming down. Yes you told yeah and scholars. And I would like to watch and I will hopefully it will be better hopefully it will be similar to the first season which was intense isn't it is it's got the story. Never made a start on typically get up at the embassy read and Major League back to the minors I eat it up that tree lot is. Yeah than the ballot for like the last wouldn't it all my from. He won the academy owners Islam members lead. It is he from. The move like he sort of light and he was also and we can't be caged fifties and acres. Is that how psychiatry I mean dad is in it yet really did tells me. I got to finish it too because that is connected to fitness. I really. I certainly watching the office because every time you import it certainly watching office. And find something new I canceled my HBO go though because you say money solicit Charlie sheen's violent movies masterpiece we. Bloody licensees are. Get too much ot that take you deficit that in that. That friends from college they aren't that that's right him now. Romantic comedy Alley I've that we had on were back here tomorrow at the rules and play another night after the rose lately another day game after the drive. Julio sort of run the show so Clemson fans we eat our.