Arrowhead Has an Attendance Issue

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, August 16th

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt talks about the declining attendance at Arrowhead and the NFL and we delve into the main factors 


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Any of those you bring up that when he when he won an agreement in the CBA it's affected by the amount of fans going to games because right now. Across the across the board in the NFL a tennis numbers are hurting in Clark Hunt. Sounds a bit concerned about the the attendance at least against right the attendance at the stadium to be as physically fly eighty the last four years he's got yeah tennis is dropped off every year. A whole lot but it's still dropping stepping it's not going up and there's a lot of factors that play into the play. And who for everyone in the NFL Clark Hunt discussed yesterday in St. Joe chiefs training camp. The home experience what it's about us as the major technology. I think the challenging experience parades forces making sure that the experience in the stadium. Is as good as compelling. And different and certainly respect your right it's just one thing we have heard Kansas City but I know our fans loved it. The tailgating experience. You know which everybody loves that there had inquiries for. Him Perkins or Q so bored so we're just gonna have to continue to think about how we keep you in the state and experience. Better that it wasn't your reporting you know that's. Clark Hunt yesterday chiefs training camp in St. Joe is he gives you the air horn not Sicily drop them in the middle there. Work out there over after work outs are an autograph sessions over time it's bureau maps out here that's that are sellout. The TV experience is going to hurt the in stadium experience that's ahead let's just as how it works it's not necessarily an indictment of the NFL or their business model is just the evolving way that things happen. We're going to see downsize and is stadiums as time goes forward mats that should really be shocking to anybody but. They kind of find ways to get that audits stadium experience to feel better to feel like you're really enjoy that experience more that you would if you were at home. It's not the prices the prices it but he throws it out there the prices in Kansas City by comparison to other cities that high. Now the concessions to be a little bit better drink should cost ten dollars a pop. But yeah hot dog live parking is the credit. Dallas who cowboys and it paid 100 dollars to park but were not in Dallas were in Kansas City the other you're doing this current NFL standpoint you're doing is an NFL has got it. Concert you go to any events. And and all the things almost exerted their costs city than the more people that you have the more things cost because you have a bigger pool to pull from so you can always charge more in Kansas City. I'm telling you I put it up on our our fate my FaceBook page anyway and I said. You know Clark is concerned about it Arab attitudes that are not meaning is and as a what's keeping you from going to the stadium and closer to order comments on Thursday so there's a lot of people that weighed in on it. The number one thing that came out the most was sparking both cost in the cluster way of which it's done right now I mean people are not happy. We sixty dollar parking they're not happy with the way. There's yes he's ever to get our had a sixty dollars to you know I had time there's not enough and so there is adding more incentive to buy had a right at 660 dollars to 35 dollar support you must he wait until you get there the pace taste of its full -- of those 45 it's a 4960 years I'd like that there is a decent enough incentive to buy adds it's it's good presented by at times you're not buying at a time that's on you when you. Therefore it does here's the thing if you go through that wine a lot of it isn't the chief's fault. It's the one and 100 cars is driven by hole more on and that's being very generous with my numbers by the way but it didn't you candidates and that way you should just driving in harm people need to be better drivers idol like sound that there was texting there was all the others actually EC people. A rout out the pre season game on Friday as a fan bought the ticket. And it. Out of the pre season game I've drive and I'm thinking how is this taking so long turns out there's one guy in advantage. At the front this wall line is we're going around the loop through we know the gold in the red and all that stuff we're going around through this loop there's one guy look at his phone trying to figure out how he is not moving. By moving at a five mile per hour pace zero moment passed and I'm like this this is why AF from bigger problem is people like this guy. Not because of the cheese because they didn't have an issue there but you have to do your part as a driver to paid hell attention and. Where you go but they've changed parking every year so much consulate that nobody knows what to do it when a lot of it has to be infrastructure around the stadium to be that though those roads are built the seventies for fuel for cars okay we got trucks and suvs vans and things right now buses. That arc. Are too big for their for the road easy need to expand that circle roadway around arrowhead. At Kauffman Stadium to keep people movies I mean parking and traffic banks are my biggest libraries are still yet he and and I know I don't know. Yeah oust some of Tommy and I think it's all their fault and I made its patience level as well but but that's him that's my number one yep parking his was the number one concern for people why they don't go whether to perception whether it's reality parking was my feet aren't getting out and what Japan again was the number one complaint number two. Number two and it wasn't that far behind number one was the drug behavior of fans in the stadiums and a lot of people saying. They don't feel like is a family atmosphere I can agree with that I not taking my six and seven year old daughter Earl had stadium anytime soon. The beefy and behavior has gotten to the point. Or even Connie Joseph who's the biggest die hard she's who's been going since the date she was ten years old is that season tickets for ever. Is on there complaining about the arrowhead deemed a spear and she's a die horrid she spared. And so she said that out even she's saying and it didn't start that people that are my agent Josh is either forty with kids ago. It was cool in my twenties but now watch people stumble around drunk and make asses of themselves can't take my kids to that going. The thirteen the people complained about and complain about but. The TV product at home just as exceptional short there's not our error acknowledged he did there's not a better TV show in the world in the NFL on Sunday afternoon it is an amazing TV show in fact I was talking to somebody the other day goes. I go to the games but the back there watching because I feel like. I'd miss something I want you to commentary I wanna know what's going on when I'm asked game and Derrick Johnson goes down. Childress replays we know what apple we see what what's going on I wanna see all that you feel like you miss stuff so. The drunk atmosphere the parking and the TV product is being exceptional. The three biggest reasons why people said they're not going to games anymore. The drug atmosphere goes both ways though. Part of the atmosphere at arrowhead is created by the rowdiness and everybody wants to talk about how great the atmosphere books on the television what. Happy to draw thirty furor about the fact that there on television screaming their faces off and going crazy as it. Between the two cocktails and in getting into fights and passing out and falling down stairs and banging into trees and you know doing all of that kind of stuff. You see on a weekly basis at an NFL status NFL stadium at chi stadium you see an incredible atmosphere in some of that stuff is going to happen along with it and stuff happened back in the day to consider a cell phones it in their pocket that can take over or duke recorded videotape given to her but again perception and in perception is that oh my god I gotta pay sixty dollars to park it takes three hours of park. Ominous sit next to guys gonna puke on my shoes and the TV products better and that's the perception that a lot of people have and why people are staying awake it doesn't matter what you think reality is it matters what those people who were paying the freight think reality is if they think reality is not a good experience. Their pocket adults the chiefs do you have any perception problem right now that is a 1000%. I don't disagree I make it through the entire league as a perception problem. They need to find a way to rectify. This perception problem that people just go to my FaceBook page and read these comments whether you believe that or not. This is what people are saying why they don't go anymore and the chiefs need to understand that. And fix those thing let's give people back let's pick one thing very clear before or move on. If the TV products oxen those tickets would sell out no heartbeat. If the TV product was an amazing he'd overcome thanks the other things wouldn't that your we amplify the other things because we don't want except the absolute fact that sometimes we just like to sit at home watched the game and and you know what it dude there's nothing wrong with a 74 inch TV for KTV in a case of keystone light sit by your side you know what I'm saying like minute that's fine. Now the what people did say which I thought we disagree with. Is that it's too expensive to go out there but the parents of eagle the chiefs dual free 200 dollar season ticket that's when he dollars a game for all ten games. I think that is very affordable I think that is very reasonable. To spend 200 dollars to every single game now you're gonna be a pie sure that just goes with the mean that it's based on. You know he wants of the good you're gonna pay more for a million of you if you want a pair of you know it's great gallery tickets for as is Katie you're gonna get 200 dollar season tickets right but if you as a secondary market. Is very good short on on a game by game basis it right just looking to get tickets yes you can go game by doing so you can do I portal I icing it ticket to a chief Steve is very very affordable right now so I don't buy that it's not affordable because I think it is concessions urgent. That'll I only get diamond concessions are aimed about that because you don't have to buy anything there. You don't buy it. The amount of money you have to spend on things that you can get for such a small price outside that's what. It's a little differently the ticket prices the parking prices relative to other places in the NFL. You're doing fine. We talk we start talking about hey here's this. Bottle of bug light the you can get at the store right now for like. Less than two dollars. We're gonna give it to you for eight that you're not at a store you're at a bird and and it's. You know they put a premium because you can't get it somewhere else off I'd never been because if I don't wanna spend till now. I've been here 810 dollars on a beer. I don't have to spend ten dollars ought to be eight I don't need to have a beer while I get an arrow you need it. That at all you don't need to get people aren't you to have to be judgmental Jan over here doesn't there yeah. I can and when I go to game my boring my cash and I know hey I want to have a good time on the suspend its two of the cost of doing business and going not going to an event of this. I never complained about concession because it's a big you don't have. Have to spend your money you can do your parting in the parking lot going to enjoy it is that and isn't that encouraging in a sense the alcohol as Alan good to drink at time it isn't promise college games visited places that don't sell alcohol on college games. You drink as much as he can take that ten shots a fireball before you go in because you don't want to spend money on the alcohol inside of gesture or creates a negative and a maggot people are passed down the stairs.