Beers with the Boys featuring Free State

Fescoe In The Morning
Thursday, August 17th

Geoff Deman, the head brewer at Free State joins the guys in studio to talk about the latest beers and why people keep asking for pumpkin beers! 


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It's being away the low. Is that it's brought you 53 state powered by standard beverage here on six that Sports Radio I'm Mike -- the Bob best coach just like there. Producer Steven Specter and we are joined in studio by just demon at the head brewer free state Jeff. Why don't odd man yeah but a lot of stuff happened at three state personnel and let me say I'm really happy that you guys have the segment back and then it was sad when it was gone. We're very excited thank you so much for being imparted the first one and half I paid off I don't think we could have kicked it off well they better beer that were sipping on right now is the as the world famous I could say world famous award winning at. October fest the best October best of America said by a lot of people say this is the best beer what. Makes this like so defiant test. It's it's a great all around beer it's got great malt character that comes from the Munich mall that we get. From from Germany that contributes this great toasty. Care to the beer. You know it's beautiful to look at in case is the perfect you know perfect fall beards perfect for tailgating. I don't know if it goes well with hot dog with mustard or campers but. I'm back. It's pretty good. Dad that that is a zone really well just brought up what you put on your hot dog when you're drinking in October that's who I. And I know he doesn't like ketchup and that I have and the ketchup and mustard guy with relish. You know I go yeah like at all in the traditional candidate west you can't really catch a bandit group erodes display just a little bit on Google aren't just a little if you don't like the B eight tax free 89 cents slather the ketchup and yeah but if you're going with the task spurs hot dogs that are indigenous only northern California that we get every once in a while for Ned. You can not what it was like they get their Durham at the natural Kaczur ankle chasing Chris bike to a garlic flavoring your B I mean they're fantastic. Fantastic all right all right what makes. We hear October fest that's Elliott generic term in it what makes on October fast what will traditionally this beer is it's actually merits so traditionally this beer was brewed. In March. Did the word merits and means marched in Germany to sing again we knew that I was I was martz so in my well and I could be missed are now gone to Asia and they had no idea that I'm not Germans though. But it would be brewed in March and then blogger did until. September and October fest takes place that's a celebration of the harvest which is another bizarre thing October fest actually takes place in September and clear or more months or march and September bright for the mere privy to what is bothering me but he said lottery means. It means to store but and they're two different types of yeast out there that we've we use AO Eason laundries are east firma at colder temperatures in the generally take longer deferment. And then they take longer to condition so the commissioning period is word the the the flavors of the Beers or to mellow out a little bit. And it takes you know we weed blog this beer for four weeks I met at a bare minimum. Sometimes a little bit longer. But yeah it's it's it's got this great mellow character. From that laundering. And and great malt character but there's a little bit hop character in there as well yeah some German Burres burger props. It's it's a great German longer. Yet if you're looking for a good October office folks this is the best when you're gonna finally local it's right here in Kansas City lords in drinking has so many different flavors and who what's what would you say is that kind of number one flavor in the October fest that people should expect to take I really think the kind of the toasty malt character that you get from Munich malt. We use a substantial amount of Munich mall in this beer. And then. At the finish a little bit of that German hers broker propped character will spicy and it's. Yeah it's I what's next on the list for the next one is our most popular beard these days. Kodiak maniac I PA turn it around half our or it could could I ask you apologize. It was a good president dugout yet. Anyway yak maniac I PA. It refers to the Yakima valley in Washington. Washington State. Which is home to the vast majority of pop production in the United States. So this is a hoppy beer. Every year I'll go out to Yakima. And select the hops that we're gonna use throughout the year I love and all okay Wright's opposite the right. Hole goes up yeah yeah yeah yeah no doubt there are the last if you ever make it in the Yakima Washington during harvest. It smells incredible. You lock you get out the car and there's hops. Everywhere and there's a lot of apple. Since in the air as well because it's the also the home to the largest production of apple. Forming and it right so I wanted to create a beer that that kind of spoke to that experience so against the maniac maniac. I remember going in touring Europe your plan about two years ago this was and smelling those hops into an almighty god this is like. This is. Like one of the best smells I've ever had before you know I'm I'm I'm smelling the beer in the glass of if you know the smell Hotmail and this is a fresh fresh smelling beer man and it taste as good as it smells that's okay casting doubt. Oh and we wanted to beer that is that you know spoke today aroma and flavor of hops that didn't have. All the bitterness that you get with some IPA's best players this issue here is the bitterness of some odd PA's is usually what turns me off from that style appeared as a treat this the bitterness isn't there you still get. Everything else out there and there's and their school flavors that come out those cops I mean. Lot of citrus lot of Orange. Little bit of even like mango tropical fruit characters so that pops a prequel plan. You know you can definitely tastes like a centrist type of deal which is yes that's yet to maniac and you've got another while we're gonna try to limit SO one of the quite apart from them and us in an area where the cool things about our operation the idea yet. One of the cool things about our operations are is that we have two facilities we have a production facility and then we have our original brew pub. And that really axes the R&D arm of our. For our operation. And and so we get to do lots of cool new Beers all the time. At production at the bird at the group excuse me. And this is one of those this is Newman/Haas to the IPA it comes out at the pub on Friday. And it's in north east style IPA now this is a style that's creating new to the scene. Spin around for the last three or four years. Little bit controversial. It kind of flies in the face of controversy have well amongst beer beer nerds and brewers a liar and a master of the man the right. No certain typically you know super string get as as clear Beers as they can't. And this northeast ally PA's and filtered and very hazy and a lot of that he's comes from the oats that we've added to the beer. Yeah so it really is yeah so it's really contribute this Greek mouth feel to it. The haze has a little bit of a purpose there it's it's really to contribute to mouth feel. But this particular beard. Exceeding AM yet maniacs nice and balanced this is a little bit over the top with regards to hops. And that's indicative of the style. This particular rear has some co ops has some casts excuse me has some bumps and drops and it it's. And a little bit of mosaic. Which all have this you know. The mini. Mango care actor which is also kind of indicative of the style. Yeah of where spears with the boys here on sixth and Sports Radio we're joined in studio by Jeff demon of head brewer a free state brewery. And where is the innocent human cost the ITA and we'll get to what's brewing here in just a moment but. You brought up that I had secrecy flavor into it says it's an un filtered Hayes bomb of an idea a full of grapefruit in citrus character. Yeah I just sounds like an explosion of flavor is that when your experience that's exactly going to irritate it does well to learn to let you guys executive patent. Yeah that we we return in we turn put words to that at that appears to let people know video now when they come into the pub exactly what are our experience it yourself novice like me tell you that bottom line I don't like. And l.s like something ash dries out absolutely yeah. And if you've never been. The pubs great place great food there and then we offer. Anywhere from 1618 Beers at a time nice yeah all of our. Our of our own beer so pretty cool. Pursue its broad. Are we had a beer inflation this week from the north. We aren't they they actually kidnapped Henry lake I saw on Twitter at did not realize this up full beer out of Minneapolis fantastic. Rory. Is coming to the Kansas side is that they launched entry into the into Kansas stops around the area already one of my favorite your name's. Sweet child of our yeah that's what my favorite ears it's a fantastic Beers India pale ale now available locally but the Minneapolis for now invading into into Kansas. I I really like this a missile actually comes from my New Mexico State University though. They have come of their own beer they haven't officially licensed fear of New Mexico State University. Pistol Pete's 1888 dale like that if you're gonna sell appear as a pistol Pete maverick too. Yes yes and the bickering parents it's. Played 1888 us yeah. Damascus to university has won only a handful of colleges in the US debt licensing agreements for rated Beers. If you're a lot like what you've. I have lived here that's like maybe they did so they're nausea now I don't. I heard that free status you're doing 610 here is that true but I haven't heard why personally. So I only turning out sometimes sometimes those things don't trickled rise sometimes we say OK okay her stuff when we really just want to yeah actually I'm. I wish you delivered to 610 Q if we could explore that yeah. Yeah fund raising venture and a they're going to get money for the school based on. The beer ice against an Austin my brilliant he's just demon had three state brewery this bit beer with the boys thanks Jeff Pate thanks guys appreciation imminent.