Ben Maller Interview

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Friday, May 19th

Every Friday morning at 645am we talk with Fox Sports Radio's Ben Maller to get a perspective on the country's biggest sports stories plus his take on what is going on in KC with the Chiefs & Royals 


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Sad to talk to him in bed valor of fox Sports Radio the big news around sports has been Lavar vs Leahy bad Mort do you stand. I'm Lavar vs Leahy. Well I'd I'd go against the norm when this is going to be don't you guys yen Bob but I IE I didn't have a big issue I light. Confrontation. I do I need makes for good radio. It makes good television he keeps at it Tuesday. You know what you're getting with a look horrible first of all he has been. Eight carnival barker since he came on the scene a couple of months ago you know he's gonna do irrational. Things that he's gonna be outrageous. And apparently these two about a back before the horrible story because I do overnight tonight usually sleeping. That sure is on the radio and television but from what I have been told David he's been honored several times and they kind of back and forth but he. He did like some of the questions that she's that I apparently she's got a Big Ten AM and so they've gone back and forth but. I thought I was all right I think they should have money gets every week I think it probably will do that I won't play ball that the readings four were being told here. Where they set new records for it digital media everyone wanted to hear what that interview was all about so. I guess I'm more on the side of all the while all that he would eat he stepped his. Is bound their blood is made for a good segment radio. The disrespect those who before ball has been of course it did break additional records that made news yesterday. And did read additional records note visual records would you take Alonso ball if you were the lakers knowing that circus is coming with it. I think the lakers will end up taking him to do it police commissioner alluded that they've got they've been built on star power and whether you like it or not lovable because of his dad's. People are we busy throughout ceaseless college basketball player there are a lot of those guys that are covered in the draft. And I think that's a big bag of Portugal local kid which. How much that matters because you don't matter you dig our from Alaska these good they can put basketball. Well I'd I get the sense the lakers are gonna go that direction or less. They let something pops up obviously before the job that's the FBI. You know it's still there's some skinned girl that we don't know about it and then then that will change everything in. They'll cook up some other player in the draft but magic he knows the lakers need to get some headlines they've had. Three lottery picks overall had not those guys have made any kind of impact. They're they're just kind of marginal. NBA players they have yet established themselves have been stars and a couple of those guys look like they're not gonna be stars so. The lakers have to get that headliner and loves football because of his star power. They're given they're gonna give it a shot at U verse presently don't give the shot. Ben one of the biggest things we hear about sports or this guy's going to be a distraction or that guy is going to be a distraction and you know here in Kansas City we had a football player murder himself a day before the game chiefs that won the next day so when people say distraction to me I don't. Bad not so much but this father is a different bird where he could really get in the way and messed some things up and so. I would consider him more so that I would consider the kid I didn't have the kid without the old man no brainer but the old man really is baggage at August. Yes well that would be the Celtics to the Celtics look at number one pick they could have a lot of little ball and not apple more baucus. Geographically. Lavar is not gonna be a moving to Boston across the country that's very these base. In Southern California I've heard from people that are around and that situation that they'd order that they believe is gonna carry keep more of a low profile. I don't know if that's possible once want to get to the NBA. Did he got two older kids one's going there used to delay I think next year. And then the year after that there's another order there this is pipeline. Well born kids so you give me an on the scene for several years. You're becoming a sport that is actually I'd I can do you agree with your sentiment I think. This like a media creation to build space shuttle blog work in a talk show that sort sold a distraction. And I believe global our ball was going to be that big distraction ultimately in the NBA is people just give them a million Mark Cuban to go to northern. I don't know that beauty is it would could block it it'll lakers let's say they travel on the ball. And if he doesn't make it easier say you know I would have been good but my dad got a way that he doesn't work out the lakers and say well this that was the problem. But at this built in excuses there. Well I yeah I think that it's it's more hot air and media BS that anything. Then Moehler fox Sports Radio you can Guillermo overnights here on 610 Sports Radio joining us speaking of the NBA colors all surprise we've had the no compelling games in the NBA playoffs. It's. Yeah I. That the Celtics. You know they just outclassed by the by the Cleveland that was Keating who thought they would come out with a little bit of a better. Effort the first person have a public such light weights values just that was that was ugly and obviously San Antonio. That's series appears to be on life support right now. So I guess I guess the lesson here is let yet here we all make jokes about it but it appears that we were accurate when Kevin Durant ended up going to. Warriors. That this whole season was just an exercise in futility. To get clean living Golden State to play. Agent idiot gave filed today it again to just being terrible I have been able a lot of this stuff guess what you got more gotta be positive because I'm only had to watch about a half. Apathy seems. And then I've been able to put forward a baseball game is Oreo other sporting events or stay out of my family. So all of the one about sort of what shouted it's worked out well for democratic played too much now. The reading I would figure an advertiser in the NBA. You can't be very happy how people are watching. The fourth quarter. Almost spurs warriors gave what orders are up like 7000 point I can't imagine many. I would then Mallard who goes overnights here on six cents source radio for fox Sports Radio now Bennett. Have you ever heard. Maybe to hold your family will leave you alone and tell them the had a concussion when you didn't like maybe possibly Tom Brady given Gisele. Don't know why I have no luck guys you guys notably radio we have concussions every terribly cracked the mics up and we you know we put our heads against the microphone it's very dangerous. Brought into a microphone isn't this job is not that easy but. But no all I eat I want Ubaldo Obama talked about it but I our show and the other part about it is story ever want to bother about. Like what's the real deal there. With Tom Brady and I would advise Gisele to be very careful exactly what's Tom Brady's got played in the NFL and I know it's happened sooner or later. Ali this is gonna and welcome Brady and he's he's been to all these weird wacky. New wage. That we need help products and football put most of his existence. You get rid of that I just think this is not good and well. For for that that relationship and BP seemed I watched the interview several times guys it seemed like she realized after she said it. That it was a mistake I recently bought Gisele like intentionally. That was an intentional plan but the more I watched the couple times after I talked about it and it it appears that he kind of slipped up in the she caught herself. We have way out there there's kind of a need to know basis and Thomas without an NFL player I'm probably not coming home and tell my wife that my head hurts because that's just gonna maker freak out and rightfully so she loves it she wants everything to be good for you. But here football player Mancow about a need to know basis with your wife with the injuries archer. He even and I think about the concussion to go to the NFL there there aren't covered their focus mode at this point they may want to. This little freaked out well these lawyers in the lawsuit with a double through. I know he's a big lesson of this. That is after Wilson who will take her word that shield radio and told third good in either until the patriots will assume that's the case. Wait there's no real way you can make the football. It'll probably decay will not be a life is perfect but. This idea that you have a bad guy lodging at the top of the stadium for players that he cautioned that a player on the field for a guy on the field. I mean it's nice city makes people feel better I guess put eat it if you want high created some mild concussion didn't. You never know I doubt about that day and age you if you decided the players sides. You want to know anybody. So all they know they can have all the spotters they want with binoculars. At NFL games it's like a matter. And malware this here odds extends Sports Radio before we let you go some deal we've ranked the kids city chiefs' front office is one of the worst in football. Where would you rank in bee read when it comes to head coaches in the N. I put. It indeed. Many did. Here are upper mid year upper mid tier. Of go to daddy he's consistently put playoff teams out there. And like I quality LA rams now who had saw. Oh I would be here you could have been been terrible they were terrible what they were here before and they've got a series of coaches are terrible. Like any regional and obviously the playoffs clock management. Why. The list in front of me but I'd put them in that light. Ten to fifteen Reggie may be a little higher up is our top I would never in my top five where you have a. Bob I think he's right below that tier coaches that's one super balls Andy Reid needs a Super Bowl win more than any coach in the world needs championship and I'm not saying that for exaggeration. Yeah I yeah you can get the value per your monkey off his back at all yeah that he would get really good teams and go to all these guys. He tagged routinely Kansas City against. He OS based Marty Schottenheimer is he's not dispute Schottenheimer never did anything in the playoffs at least. At least it he's been able to get through simple more put I've proven that. I'd I'd I'd leave that ten at 828 to twelve they did that Peter is probably closer to eight that this team. Then enjoy this weekend enjoy the time on the infield at the preakness and we'll talk to you again next week. Guys.