Blues v St. Louis

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, August 16th

The Blues are suing the city of St. Louis and what it could mean for the future of hockey in KC 


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It's it's. Something that Kansas City deserves. And it's of the that would fit very well in the Kansas City market. Even though you might personally not care much about hockey my guess is a lot of people didn't care much about soccer and years ago lookout well mats and now things have changed because. You want to move forward not just a winner but a great team and you're a franchise in Kansas City if there's an expansion in the Kansas City area. For the NHL I guarantee. You. People gravitate to it because during the hockey calendar or the year we don't have a whole lot going on. Good Kansas City airport that well yeah it's in college basketball stuff that really for the most part. You don't have a lot going on the realm of professional sports in Kansas City during hockey season so would fit in my mind really well. Well be be a nice kind of I don't wanna see filler because that's not a fair term used but a nice sport have going on in February and march and you know the beginning of you know at the springtime and things of that nature so I think it would be very very oddly hockey idol like going to NHL games I enjoy watching games played hockey is a kid my entire life. The only reservation that I truly happy with hockey or the NBA for that matter coming here in the city is. Would we are we financially big enough as a town to support a fourth major franchise here. In Kansas City and and that's what I care most about that that did the did team. Comes here to town and we are financially solvent enough to support by the suites by the good seats you know against the glass by the seats on the floor that's an NBA team. I wanna make sure we have enough cash on hand in this town. To be able to support the team like we do with the chiefs like we do with the royals and like we do. We sporting Kansas City I think it's very very important that we are able to go out there and do that that we were well parent of the ball well enough off financially as he city. To support a fourth major franchise. Watching it watching how people support the chiefs and the royals. Zero worry about that especially so much second go around from a dollar standpoint you have a hundred dollars a week you're gonna spend on entertainment you spend and on the chiefs and that's money you're not gonna spend on. Hockey T here's here's how I see people if they if an NHL team comes to Kansas City you're gonna check it out. Record a lot of care that are gonna CM and act like it's not there you're at least going to check it out. Once you go to an NHL game and you realize that it's truly football and ice at its highest well. I think people like Kansas city of football pound and always has been as a football slash royals town like people really like football. And the royals it's not necessarily chiefs it's all football right so. If you take that mentality you put it into hockey Banda with a Kansas City team it could go really well it it's. I don't know how you determine that that affordability either. Because if there's something else you want to do right. Pretend you're really take that away from something else or you just add it to what you are you crazy runner aboard in notice when you die your kid's Sony like us was going dear how legible I mean if you get that kind of self control great sense I guess I normally go to four royals games. Now I'm going to go to three because of going to one hockey game to Ina well. I you're gonna you know is figure out a way to to take it from some other entertainment and put it towards it. I I think that probably. I don't know how you determine that dollar bill anybody that does that that budgets that web you don't even have budgets I don't know I mean I wish tree I wish I did and I can't add you know I don't expect you budget welts do you sit down the budget each I mean I think I don't people they do. Bomb yeah but how. How do you determine how best not at not like the traditional sense I know how much money I can spend on on a monthly basis sure how do you but how do you determine that overall for community gets tough but. I'm also talking not just from a ticket buying standpoint guys but from an advertiser by skip that that's really where your money is made from those corporate partners that you have I mean you look at all the corporate partners at the royals have. If you have those corporate partners are there enough people that can be corporate partners will play hockey team as well and that that's the business community. Is what you have to look at are we strong enough as a business community. To make sure that that team has success here in Kansas City that's the one thing the apple look at and I don't know the answer to that question and as we continue along in this process. We'll continue to an undercover you know stories and information and asked people questions do you believe. We have enough business to financially support these tees is that's what it ultimately comes down to the business dollar is more important and you and I spent money at the game let's call it what it is they want the money returned BC bank charges you know Joseph Smith you know. Well is an update in this hockey to Kansas City situation eighty checking out at 610 sports are comment. As fast though you wrote a blog about this as of 445 Tuesday the blues the saint Louis blues. Our suing. This Saint Louis comptroller. The city of Saint Louis comptroller's being sued by the blues and they called the Q center partners who on the saint Louis blues and they sent out yesterday guys. A three page press release what was the last time you saw a three page press release sent out. That was very very skating basically what happened back in February the mayor approved in the City Council approved in Saint Louis. X amount of dollars at the city was gonna give the the Kiel center it and discuss trade center. To renovate OK we needed these renovations done we've got to have these renovations in order to maintain this arena we need this were in dire straits right now is what the what did the team. Said to the city in the city and you know what we agree you guys are in dire straits battery and we need to renovate. And even cited Kansas City Nashville in the all these other places around Saint Louis that have great new Arenas that are now stealing business from Saint Louis so the city of Saint Louis went. Yeah you're right about your absolutely right the board of Alder mineral councilman whatever it is said. Won't give you so I think it was 65 million dollars the mayor of rubber stamped and approved the money. The comptroller who's in charge of write the checks refuses to scratch the checked into saint Louis blues and so now the blues are suing the comptroller for not giving them money to the blues that the city mayor and the city board of aldermen promised. And sell. While you look at Betty I don't even know what that means you're right you don't know what that means but you know it doesn't mean it means getting good at any time the courts get involved. And a team is suing somebody who works from the city. That's the beginning of the end of a franchise in it that. Town club kids the city blues we got you covered and you'll have to sue the comptroller here because our buildings. Ready to go this goes back to that that that's the person that doesn't. The budget they could ask the question you asked earlier yeah read about it that guy I guess there's a gap that I comptroller clearly yes I believe it's a lady she's not a hockey fan I guess over there at Saint Louis and she's not authorized in the name of the go or shields went up. It's just real strict they don't have it and right now that's another thing I tell me the city of saint Louis the city of saint it was a 65 million dollars on in the they can just dole out arena and I don't think so a lot of money for. Any city but especially Saint Louis and all the issues there haven't. If you could see an expansion team coming Kansas City because that was the original idea I sure expansion team because they have the span of outlaw inning when I mean hockey teams around off. But if something does happen in Saint Louis and they're not able to figure things out over there and speed rail. We see this happen all the time we're teams. Have these issues they take it to court thinking it figured out there in the team decides to. Start listing other authors or Kansas City were makes sense because they can turn around their fans are saying those who say look up. You get your city made a deal then they went back on the deal. We sued them this is the results were going to Kansas City you can do going to take three half hour drive over here watch this. And here's the other cool thing about it two guys if you if you get the blues that we are able to get the blues to come over here to Kansas City we've got a built in fan base if if you're gonna say what town is this from hockey standpoint this is they blows. I mean there's a lot all the games are on TV here already. Did you know the blues band of in this town is bigger than any other. NHL team. That you know has kind of roots if you will right here in Kansas City so. You're not bringing in an expansion team you're bringing in an established brand and established team. And don't even have to change the name Kansas city blues are really a nice game. Hat for the hockey team here in Casey's cell. The attic a three page scathing press release from the blues to a about this situation is not a good thing and idol people in Saint Louis or put their fingers in their ears and their telling me that you know I'm I'm full of it no way in hell the blues would ever leave the the Cleveland Browns are never gonna leave either get out and so Mikey go back to back in this day and age and sports you can never say never that a team will leave because these owners are so damn greedy. They will run for the first dollar that looks bigger than the one that they're currently making. If your situation where you kick the renovations that you needed the building that you're currently yet in three hours to the west is a building just ready to go in and the arms are open yet. Hell yeah you're gonna utilize that sell the blues better and the city Saint Louis better take care of those blows. Otherwise they'll be marching in the Saint Louis here V or the Kansas City before along. Tex lines 693068. To this one hits Kansas City did not grow up playing or watching hockey they grow on basketball. Football whatever. You are what you are going to have a buzz with them what ails for hockey it's a fake sport. Here's how this thing claims are true root you good hockey game alive NHL game. Good. And you will be smitten. By what you see it live NHL game as a viable then the colonials are gonna by the NHL video game. It helps learn the rules and the players around the league. And then you're hooked so it doesn't take as long as you might think to get people hooked on to a sport especially if it's one that's proven to be successful. Pretty much everywhere is where there's ace. In engaged in passionate fan and that that was probably say in the same thing about soccer ten years ago nobody was raise on soccer and it was going to be a soccer fan had you seen 25000 every night at sporting park had you seen the way that this town has got this crazy for us or probably don't realize that before sporting Kansas City all the soccer stuff you see out likened at a 135 that's why today and I don't help none that was there right before sporting Kansas City put soccer on the map in this city that's exactly right person decks that probably doesn't even. Doesn't understand you know it it all comes together. I just wanna make sure financially were good is a town that people tell me the business leaders of this community Tommy were good to go weaken support a fourth major franchise. The let's do a man let let's put the pedal to the metal. And let's get this thing taking care of because of the blues are going to be battling what the city of Saint Louis they don't need that they're too good of a franchise to deal that nit witted city come on over here man. We got open arms and were ready to go for you said blues send emails to the blues saying Kansas City is ready for you if Brett hole cut the but the ribbon that's right.