The Chappelle/More Life Episode

Carrington Harrison
Monday, March 27th

2 part episode: The Chappelle Episode is Carrington joined by Damon Smith to discuss the 2 Netlflix specials that Chappelle recently dropped and on the second half (45:00), The More Life Episode, Cole returns to discuss Drake's latest project and where it ranks with other Drake projects. 


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They should they just stuck to sports. Eads the stick to sports club dancing with Kerry did Harrison from the drive. I don't know just as. Here's the five guys going to be. We're gonna be too far. Apart gonna be the Chappelle episode it's going to be a conversation with my home game. The second half over the going to be demoralize them with so much we called him and discuss any album who's gonna be too hard to sit back and injury. Hey this is Mac lethal you were listening to the stick to sports podcast. Another addition of the stick to sports podcast a bonus when we get it to. Once again we didn't give out episode last week I thought TJ this summit got the Michael Porter episode and we also have the Chappelle Netflix episode. I got game back in here he is. One of the smartest people I know sought had a talk with somebody who guiding it appreciate the Smart comity of did you tell that to him by Desmond you see that you gluten no you're right guys I want it to I what that conversation with you I'm a huge Chappelle guy you are usually don't I'm so I saw when he was that the music calls fired her. Some of the material and these two Netflix special maybe everybody didn't get a chance to see that. I think the debate everybody is having about which one was better. I enjoyed the first special more than a cycle but the sector always good but the first one. I just thought have more memorable bits and punch lines and things to it in the second. They're both really really need to really really new ones specials the second one's looser. I think that if you watched. The first one before the second you're definitely gonna feel like the first ones that are I think the first one is better in general to. Really because this is slightly more polished. You can tell the materials more refined that he was this is this the day of the two that were recorded. Is this they'll let the one that's recorded most recently I guess you could say. And so you can tell he's been on the road he's worked at material out. He's been doing comedy. A little bit longer in a longer stretch so he's more comfortable on the state. Much of a do you think is that we solve the first 11 and then like. But that is if they were on the Netflix out of rhythm differently when it won an Oscar was part of a one LA it was we repeat the second one was barely didn't. I think this may be like 10% of it I think that there is a little bit of auto quotes appeal the seat once you get to about. An hour forty minutes just straight through about what I try to watch and straight through. We have this comes as well early usage you fellows sleep you know during the middle of the second acts he fell asleep in the middle of the settlement really because I've. Was deacons try to watch him at 4 in the morning and you know when they came out. And then move to some degree I started that I watched the first one. Like I normally watch TV like at 103011 o'clock this business cycle what it's like 1230 and I'll just like bad he would do it and then slide I had. I remember about world unit them against bodies don't remember that you are and bath boarded pick back up. And then watch dislike apple I thought. The production in the first one is how I envisioned seeing us Appel special this cycle when you itself like the contrast they try to go for the first ones in the big city Los Angeles how everyone is surrounding him he's got in the middle. And he's the focus of everyone's attention. And a second one just feels. Or is looser it's it's it's more losing in you you you're watching it and you can tell this Ellis who's he's asking for cigarettes from the crowd like. You know his material isn't necessarily as defined that the bits are woven together. To where he's moving in and out of them you know slickly. He's just like taken in seconds and deliberating was going on asking for cigarettes. Crack in with the crowd and you know it's is just the looser feel and it's not and it's not that it makes it bad. Or worse really that much worsen in the first was just the first ones material is that much more it bites more. A lot sharper I think I think it's vital words you would use its great because you're not talking about this before we started is gonna write down and they want to cover. AM I think you're an iconic I have the same thought I think it's impossible to watch it ought to watch Dave Chappelle at where he is right now. It not compared to Kevin Hart just about big Kevin artist did I. And this is interest in the it is if it's really adjusted because super delegates in. To top in about Kevin Hart in this measure of jealousy watching tell Kevin Hart reached the heights that he's reached over the course the last six or seven years. I think he talks about it a bit where he didn't realize that Kevin was is is he was there for awhile there I didn't yeah they're like he didn't realize that that was bubbly and you know back at say 56 years ago. I didn't realize these are soft I saw Kevin Hart at the product they're not ever sold out a couple of times and I was like. Girl I was talking to Mike Allen Agassi Kevin Arthel I have tit for forty dollars. The next thing I know he just got to move and it just in it is in the next time I saw it. It was a sports center with a. It was ridiculous it it was laughed at my pay was the one where he just is special where he just. You know transition to be in this absolute superstar the one before I've seen a man is they have brought here locally here to twice within like six months like. Why ask him hard back like he's going in the same material I Wentz are the holy (%expletive) this is. Ten times better than what I've just seen six months ago and have seen those laugh at my pain. And then everybody is what harassment RI RI our pride in their hearts of these comedian in the world like that quickly is ridiculous. It I think you'll Kevin Hartman took a long time to do it is. The beauty of Chappelle shadow is obviously the comedic genius yet the ability to create characters that you really enjoyed and ball funny. Kevin Hart has the ability to do that with his boys like he's earned his father into a character. Vet now every time he references him big battle back to what it was like I think that's really the view kept art com like. Some other stuff to me this isn't as funny to me like when he tells the whole idea retro like that I suspect. It's a deep black if it's a not a funny to did what he is horror of his being into these big characters that you just well. The when you look at Chappelle vs Kevin Hart. And I had to. Back and I think when he eleventh when he twelve had a really really think about this because I was in Kevin Hartman and the like I didn't really he would. It's I had a conversation with a few friends and had they hold let me go back to try and understand what they're seen on this and Kevin Hart tells a great story. Dave Chappelle tells a great story as well. Kevin Hart stories are about Stanley about things that are happening to him. Never really racial never really political he's kind of got the Michael Jordan you know Republicans and Democrats by sneakers appealed everything. You start talking about Dave Chappelle. Expelled is going to total line is going to cross the line. In the story's going to be just as good justice vivid. When you start thinking about the OJ story city he recounts entails in the in the first specialty just put out. It's something that sticks with you when you think about. Dave Chappelle in as for what it's worth special. The things he talks about they are there things that stick with you. When he talks about you know missing girls going off or what not a missing kids going non. The things that stick with you when Dave Chappelle speaks. And when he tells the story resentment they are with Gephardt assisted in the point political. And it makes you really really think about the world where we're at and what we can do to be better in its in its you can tell there's an underlying message. That was Kevin Harden isn't there and to me that's that's. I don't know its its interest in because that's the hallmark of really really skillful and good comedian. It is not to take anything with him is he still was brilliant at what he does he still don't get more laughs than you know. 97% of the comedians out there beating Kevin Hart will it will look now to tell you. Hey man that spells wanted to goats like up there with Richard Pryor Eddie Murphy Chris rock and company like. George Carlin he's up there with those guys. I always made the comparison between Ari to follow the analogy between Vince Vaughn Will Ferrell while I always thought Vince bomb with a lot for yours his comedy just didn't seem scripted like these seem like. Got it you go out with a newsmaker Joseph the top of his head and it's always thought you could tell will barrels joke like written aid and they were funny but they were always has delivered a lot differently. Always Kevin park stories I didn't know they did. I didn't drive around what's up girl your truck division popped up in part it's part of the it's a really funny story that happened. But Chappelle has a way of telling a story like the one about the FBI that he extorted. Wore it actually makes it like it did happen but the weight struggle like. About it started. Or even like even does the story about Kevin Hart like what this would go to health and that he just sold in this our special. If something that really happened to him in Dave Chappelle has made an absolute joke it's like your Beers honestly I. Data to go to and say anything that we didn't know about the here Beers per say. He gets this is what the (%expletive) this this is what the (%expletive) happened. In the care bears so if people bugged up glad they might Beth and Dave Chappelle is seeking get a laugh when they shouldn't be a lap there and politics. I thought observation because of your jokes to me I talk I don't like the crowd like dial lapin with the joke about Stephen it. Yeah like you guys seen the show they can murderer. Anthony's life. For the first time ever the justice if that it works well why do you guys. Decades old joke and I would go. That's not the rich like all of us like he that would make it brighter light at the white like. Here tonight is. Like deaths. You know some real stuff so few black listed at home. You don't laugh at. The majority of that crowd isn't necessarily elected they don't necessarily look at some desolate where you may not have gotten that last or they may not have laughed as much as you know full black mania so. Yeah I am I thought I. I hate guitar genius I think it just implies just a greater insolent and it takes. But I thought the Bill Cosby joke and how he made it come cool so are the way to the this story at birth was that funny about those super heroes and he tells the joke yeah put it when you bin puts it on the back in about Duchovny sort of cure them coupled together. Is absolute genius. This is the the crux of this work for me that there's this Dicks said. Around OJ Simpson. Is a big set up by in this superhero joke about. Bill Cosby in its way away early and especially you don't know where he's going. Really kind of hit kind of thought about because he was talking about race. In superhero like. But if you if you pay attention to Chappelle's comedy. Now all of the special kind of have this running theme in them he didn't explicitly say it in this when he says it in the spurs' one. He says that in for what it's worth that was on the Francisco. Stop horses stop worshiping celebrities he said explicitly in the first he doesn't say that he implies it to some extent with this superhero story. With this story is not a super girl raped beat people and it comes to back in it port in the B full circle that he's really talking about bill Crosby. An even talking about himself worshipping Bill Cosby to some extent in and having to deal with it like. You know he gets to open we talk about 34 rapes like this not so bad like you know an innocent and getting a bit before. Like okay this is way way way too hard on youth is clear Bill Cosby is not into that it's in a right it's like. If they are but it's at the same in at the same token when you back it up it's really don't say it man. Don't worse celebrity's so much because they're going to do things that are going to issue a salute. You know there's an undercurrent there to the joke that's just like me this is really relief subversive but also like brilliant at the saints and the way they eat. Pulls it over you know on top of this superhero. Joseph would you like. At a super ego at least about the liberties and letting them get away with things like that's really what he's getting. And you say you don't like the term genius and going around in its own your home before this is some genius levels yet. My blood revealed no it it absolutely was like you can just see it was kind of like I don't lack that we talked about did out there with Colin appreciate what you've finally seen the plot twist in a light. You came up what that this that is amazing. Came up backers that he set the story up and he kind of likes it there but you remember that it happened. Didn't he just caps off and that's the end up like that was the big plot twist in the movie. Life in the other part of that they're too good it's it's right they're still needs for parts of the story. I'm forced on CNET dates if they'd like it's the same bank of these media okayed the first time he's like oh they haven't killed his wife or anything. The second time. Our he's done it but. He still gets excited are right he has a real long conversation would like. It would Boca down at this moment. Only to take a picture which you might. It's the same thing about celebrity culture and it's it's only. Fascinating. That he tells the story through you know these different lenses. And talks about liberty culture. Mikey is now but when you look at a would you look back. When he did for what it's worked in the the special before that. Piece saying it explicitly say and stop worship in the liberties now he's basically showing you aren't you really need to get out of this. Like you need to stop looking at these people like. Did in Dhabi often it's a life like that's what he's saying in these stories in these insane in the same thing in a lot of ways the last you know fifteenth when you look at me. And have the ability to make you laugh at things that you know war funny this is true and what's amazing to meet I think with some of the controversy and backlash about what's happened it's like. I feel like people just watched two episodes of Chappelle's Show and what all I like Dave Chappelle you don't watch any of the stated that report. Against rebel told a detailed joke about Michael Jackson's par. This being a cure to cancer this whole area is what it's all the jokes like he said it this would the product I've watched Dave Chappelle before like. They didn't say anything off almighty god I can't believe you whipped this up. David it's you shouldn't be surprised by any crass jokes that he has that he puts out that he says. You should just enjoy them for what they are to some extent that there I will say there are some you know. Off color jokes in bad jokes that he put that he has or simple jokes not to say about. Transgendered people or gay people but it's just like it's really really simple jokes like that people get off sometimes it. He he definitely probably could do without blame the same time you you also have to look at him as an art he's actually and now I like he's not. Saying this in a game. In a demeaning way in that way he has bad jokes about black people to like that are very you know. Serial tip like this you could say but there he just pulls chief's laps cheap laughs out of it gets keeps the show what it really gets of these real jokes and have some. Some crested them that he you can tell he's got real thoughts and opinions and feelings behind some things that did that sometimes he just goes to achieve joking gets a cheap laugh too. It feels like comedians are the only protected class when it comes of free speech like I don't. I just know when you sign up for comedy show vet based oil and the genre of what it is you're gonna be a bit like up like music. And comedy are the only two things that kind of have that liberty like I was in a future. I don't just say bigs are wildly inappropriate I click play on it you let it ride yeah when you sit down for comedy show are you click play ought to Chappelle's. You already know what you're getting how can you be if it in the content in it when you already know. I think I think some of it suits and me why economy gets a little more. You get a little more liberal more room to run. Comedians are joking like. Is it and I think that's because a big thing to say like these are jokes like sure there's plenty of truth in what they're saying more often. But a lot of times when you look at especially the the the the best comedians out there you're Louie CK your ship pills you're Chris rock's when they say something that's literally offensive. Most of time they don't meet like if you hear Louis CK safe bag like he's not like. Talking in a derogatory manner or even meaning it like it's just a joke and it's literally that might. So they get a little bit more leeway and in those in those lines because they don't necessarily. Mean what they say. Because they're comedians though that that's that's in the as wide. Comedians may get a little bit more room with the First Amendment and say you were even. Future war and in indium is Eminem gets pissed a lot of flack or he has over the years for what he says some. I think it's hard for us to realize day. You saw portion of the audience Dave Chapelle do like it's hard debate about big. It was a brutal market for the last album. But I heard a couple radio sales like. Like the sound out I never would ever consider clicking play real brutal more hop aboard assembled wipes and I noticed I could name I didn't rural Arkansas. That's the first album that those who would who would like really no expectations are that the radio singles. I would imagine some people to watch Appel for the first time and they relied. I heard about the Chappelle's Show I saw almost set ally everybody talking out funny I don't watch for the first time the actual first introduction to Dave Chappelle I concede. Many really went there that like debt shock value we just lost them because I already knew. You got I think you have to put it in perspective. If you're thinking for a slur came out in 2004. That's twelve years ago 1213 years ago a 25 year old. Was like twelfth. They don't know for what it's worth they don't know this first they don't know Chappelle show like that like they may have gone back insane clip. Our own you know I'm Rick Janes features up and they don't really understand. They don't know your Natalee Holloway is they don't know these stories that we kind of grew up with so it's a give it real scoped real depth to say. All person pulled out I don't. I don't. That he talks about it wanna be specials to a degree like it's like all right well. These young folks don't know Chappelle light we know him as intimately as we know him so for them to see him for the first time. A lot of the humor where he gets it in the the joke. Any talks about getting his Dix it's like well and again that like that's not the necessarily use to but. It's. I don't know what itself might go back and watch sued the material that's out there because it's out there and it's good and you and you may not field. They may not like it they may not you know vibe with the because. It's a different air even for comedy is a different era of political correctness so to speak so. When we watched you know the two specials that came out all right. You can kind of still aren't these jokes and work with certain people you can see him kind of not working. You know with these different portions of the crowd the dump response at the crowd gives to. Do you think it's funny that I guess of all like Chappelle goes to net which special call for two hours with two. The only one portion of people have a problem. And so open jokes about police brutality. You talked about rod while I like it's all a lot of different stories. Vote one joked that people have a problem with people miss the trains dinner Joseph in the first special that was what five minute bit. People have problems with the transgendered is that people have problems with the the way you the truth. Look that gay people you know in a few moments there. And that is just the way that people kind of. Are right now though because I don't extremely politically correct yet because I thought in the first one and a British with the first one when he tells the joke about Stewart he's like. Stewart sounds like how my cat without if you got to speak voiced the hard grade dinner at all with whole theory is yeah. It's if it's interesting too because the flight. Spill has the same gay voice for everything on purpose like. Saint Louis CK like they have the same voice that they put out there. Or purpose of basically not have a less they're talking about somebody explicitly like a specific. Person that they know in the can actually cockpit voice. They're going to use the same voice for it for every single day Parsons let's not relieved. It bad just that she'd laugh likened its a different ways from there. Regular intonation that they're trying to use to like get the last what did you key appeals aka. Your shot and it's that this kind of rips up a very Smart growth and our about it. On earth I think ours there Friday. And big guy had a couple of things that he instead about the until previously as well as the quick it was like. 22 hits and that was it. And as I also like I think if you look at the the interview that he did would be joking. Last week. He also kind of big he appealed in that you know the work is really really good light. Those like to meet you understand that there's like this mob measured jealousy same as the use with Kevin Hart like. He realized our men are probably miss a good 78 years. A time here and money year. And some PepsiCo that nobody Kevin Hart feel that way he until filters undermine its I'm jealous and he can't it's a waiting to get at least Wear briefs apple inspect the mark. He's jealous because that money that was out there that recognition that was out there don't put other people when he felt lucky with whom. I never get in the key appeal and I felt like the same thing nevermind an NC it was it was like. It was like. Comedy Central software the work prediction they'll have been thought hey we could just do it to other minority groups and try to continue to do the same thing and I'm like. Kauffman C it can't do Chappelle's Show key appeal why I never thought it was funny I'm like these are just not a forty Chappelle show's skits the. I think the thing from me about Keyon peel they have moments. And it kind of is that they can get into listens that are Smart Smart Brothers article. I actually never want to keep it feels like I add I definitely have with its its interest in because. A lot of the humor within the Chappelle show is over our. A lot of humor on T and deal is. Is it's it's subversive. Morsel a net. It's watch this wait and see the it's their humor however. Is there humor. In the things that they see in situations. But they're not acting now sorted in Chappelle's Show he's blatantly like. Triggered by everything. And responsive to everything my bag was huge front and away like you know in the of that sketch like that things that are happening he's very very responsive it Keyon peeled and less responsive. On and some of it works some of it doesn't. It's OK I got it in worked for you know several years and they pad their careers that come out of it and I think. Keyon fuel because all those kids he told me to watch out like on my watch and it's fake Chappelle's Show the argument chance. It has always has named jokes like the one thing where they do this I've football introductions and it is different minds Kerry did the Mike. I just funny to me in the mountain Lebanon and implement an old substitute teacher bit unlike. It's a semblance pronouncing people's names like there but there's nothing really that's more funny about the estimate. Like there's there's ones it's. May find it for use in where there. I think one of his maybe supposed to be to grow at a bar and the girl walks it's like a blind Ayers Upton and or no this is not that it's not dead they're. Did try to decide whether or not their approach these two white girls that are at a bar in there over here in the conversation the white girls having about black dudes or whatnot. In just the reactions that they have to the moment where they're about to get up in the white girl says something that's moderately offensive. That when I found funny they're fearful others with the the one about the denying that Condon the spoofs names or whatever it keeps going on and on. It's as though is that is Angelina before you snuck up next Gayle King interview I do think it is a part of this like I thought it was it was include exciting you kind of have to watch the interview before you watch these two Netflix special kind of see the point in Dave's life where he's at. Now I feel like we missed just aside from that community are the comedy aspect of date being gone for how long he was. We missed the community aspect revision felt like. Maybe just wasn't Jordan thing and now he's back in his voice and how important it is now in this time we're right V era and hide his chains like. One of the ten most influential black people and our culture Biden visited his influence on the culture. The Chappelle show it standup when he speaks via alternate tension and listen like we missed that during the time Dave was. Opening day should pill realize how beat they pale by. And I don't think a lot of people did either gone at it in its opinion conversation probably 45 years ago. It was in a conversation about who were the top five you know comedians will not ever black comedians and Kevin Hart's name. In this in this specific conversation with appear above Dave Chappelle's unlike. The world. This like and obviously some people do but it's like Dave Chappelle is like one of the greatest living comedians one of the greatest living performers that we had to put one. I mean. It's time it's to say this is for me personally. Because I didn't grow with Pryor like I didn't grow up. And know that you know grit Richard Pryor you know sends a full fired on the stuff and comes back and does live in the sense I didn't live through it is the our he goes and does live in the suns this year. Bombs the first night that he records didn't come back the next night and kills like. I didn't leave that to understand that's what happened to it's hard for me to put him up there. I thought I guess the reason I've been Vietnamese yard and a prior ones come like a rap argument of light. JC wouldn't be Jay-Z without the influence of it a few around that time it Uygur congress who is the past and could be done early what it's so much is well liked. To be to put Eddie Murphy over Pryor is like sold much of eighties at comes almost directly from Richard. This is a thing if you use the hip hop an apology. Raikkonen before big yet knives like. This it's like. There are a lot of people who put rocked him number one because. He's prior liked in that respect you know in and you got Eddie increase and you know today like with. That that Cindy is while my act is the idol might personally. In 198687. Wasn't in the rap like that I was six years old you know elected. I wasn't cracking no you know five years later with biggie like you know what being used but like you go back you do you look at respects though is it's it's it's tough for me to put prior one. Just because of that I understand while a lot of people do to me. Looking at Eddie or or eighties. As as one for me. Then Chris. Chris Rock. Louis CK and company how. He's off do you think is the influence of the movies is you argue downtown comedy special Chappelle has just gotten. What do you only have to write the leaders and law you can gossip help out on five or six cities this war four will four and a half to thank you. Should the hasn't happened at Illinois via. Yeah. Rob delirious. Are (%expletive) hilarious. For a multitude of reasons. The person I think Eddie is a lot more like. Kevin Hart. I'm in a lot of respect to not know that we think he's far far better as a as a stand up in those respects from those early eighty specials or eighty specialists say. But they they those jokes live by now. A lot that elected to his house he did it from wrong lives now to need better than. Kevin Hart you know our right all right all right we'll just because it's like. I don't know is seeing grainy he's sitting here doing. Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor's voice you know having a conversation with the three of them back and forth essentially like it's. Every anymore Eddie Murphy gets a brilliant chip that was next level before you know all these guys came behind him and I understand the he kind of comes from that lane a prior in a little bit Cosby himself but at the saint Thomas like news by. Eddie's up there de Chris Rock Louis CK. Purdue who will opened. But there in. Thought bill I assume yes there is time there it's just gonna hit influence of television show in vessels and does that that car karaoke to me or pull off whatever it is getting in cars can be. I don't wanna go out and it's not. I'm units in movies and whatnot it's heartening to look at comedians. I try I try and I don't really want a box and in that I tried to look at the end of the standouts as soon as there's an but you and I kind of look at you know the movie so different because it's of the I mean. They overlap to some extent but at the same on the slate does it differently a movie career to Scott so he got that thing if the ticket wouldn't want to cut it's hard to attack on me coming to America happens during that way people think that the funniest movies of all time like. His career just sold big hearts and see this is what it would be this is less interest in about it because it's like. Dave has a movie Grier Chris Rock has and career Richard Pryor had a movie career. Boost Kaye has that they didn't imprisoned like new you know Gephardt who your career. They can twenty million dollar the Mike he's also any issues with his with his career. And so it's kind of par you look at it from that they are like along the title went to both of mar. The central tells essentially. It's at it's corny but I think it's I mean it works for what it's supposed to know more with what they I'd just. Like they were like right along work with our somebody else like to try to make the same will be like Russia are only works if mr. package Chris Tucker you can just take. Jack each put up like we kept our X. It's not a dissimilar they're trying to assemble possessing movie is making money for whatever reasons though. He works in the movies he worked since that's an too but I don't I try not to. To learn Els wants to too much especially if I'm rank him just because it's like. Ari I'm looking at the material that they're put now. And how good is it you know. How much is an impacting the way I think of the way people think in general Kevin Hart is you know not necessarily lead. Trying to make you think he's trying to literally. Funniest parts in the Netflix specials. If you did to save someone told you what was your favorite funny is it the way he tied in the OJ stories at skylight. It was kind of like chapters you've got to Judge Judy and it kind of breaks up in a four part of image he forgets the day before the winner maybe it was play and it it comes back out and tells the story I just thought was the perfect way to close that India tribute to fight dog. This is really meets at the one that first and in my head is a joke is in the second special. About. Can be recorded having six. This is have in the price issue at school the five school whatever. If him blending those whose stories Immersion suits and I've seen it you know a year before when he was here this summer it was hilarious in. Still hilarious in the in this in the special but the fact that he was able to merge and win those who stories so well. Com. Was probably the best bit that he had I think he acts he probably did it better when Assad alive on the needed. You know in the special disposal recent quarter at like two years ago that I was so you can probably possibly understand why. The joke is a little bit better a year later when you see alive verses than when you see the performance from. A few years back. It's also much of it was stated that. It takes a little bit of the impact as part of Dave's appeal I think it is in the whatever is currently happening in. Have a joke ready about that we'd like so that was on Monday and you'll see Dave. Did go have a joke for and it's going to be pretty bloody day here he's like you're here and Ray Rice jokes and and dolls throwing joked upfront but I'm just pigeon a little bit differently. That when you're here now like what he set about Ray Rice was really really funny did. It is like mid August freeze the top Isaac. Under that yeah that old joke is really thought about Donald Sterling we talk about race at the relations and Magic Johnson story I thought. I think that's probably his biggest strength. Is the ability to take whatever's happening currently in pop culture in almost seamlessly put into has already clearly reported that it. To meet. It's that his biggest strength is his abilities take the most controversial. Things that are happening. In society. The transgender. Issues be it gay issues be it domestic violence opiate. OJ killing his wife. His his ability to take these issues and make light of them while still being very very serious in some respects about. What he's saying. There's some people who take offense you notice some of these jokes at least that he's says there it's often times. But at the same time you also look in see that he's an ally. You know transgender folks he's an ally of gay people. He's clearly not for domestic violence or ray plate he's not for those things for him to be up to get these jokes often told that aren't so well. That's his best asset because. There aren't that many people who can go out there as comedians and make light of these issues. Instill. Bring light to build like to bring them to the forefront and make you. Actually policy and think about the reality what's expected for the third man I have no clue. That is more car this is clearly on the North Korea does clearly going to be tri centric I would figure. But if you really are really have a say I have no clue because it's like you don't know what's about to happen in America like. I hate you think about. The idea Cha possibly be in impeached. You know not that it's gonna happen right away but if you've got to Dave Chappelle special coming you know at body into the years. If some crazy stuff come more cups that comes on the part about restive. Indeed you made in that with 1520 Mormaset trapped material in Dave Chappelle. This very special but then I. Audience comments about Donald Trump and now he's like could embed for comedy pretty Smart but I kind of think. Today it. Donald Trump is so polarizing go on both sides that if you're S and L. Every single Saturday you can make fun of Donald Trump a subway it's like that you guys don't tell jokes about anything else that I think. I Hope Davis Smart enough. Tonight is do our on bounced from because I care enough about what Dave Chappelle thinks are always other things I wanna hear his opinion oil and the ten other things is happening and I just a weed out from. I guess his interest in because it's like okay you look practice you know this first couple of specials. And there are. Jokes about Michael Jackson. If you look at all of the other really the black comedian specials from around that year that time period. Jamie Foxx Chris Rock. Kat Williams. All these guys they all have Michael Jackson. Martin Lawrence even two they are have Michael Jackson jokes you know about. What he was going through and that there was this idea that. Ari Michael's doing mrs. take our attention away from what's really going on in the world like they are the same jokes looks like you're not gonna get away from them. Those jokes word that topic is just gonna be interest to see what his perspective. Never watch Martin's book especially when he's recently. Good is his most recent know what caused that article is this thing I think get a sports that are. You edited and that I ever Roddick who take it now. And they and someone text like a reentry ticket but I'll go like. It. Totally Vietnam. I thought Chris Tucker swollen Netflix and that was that's led by Martin ones probably got so we just didn't feel comfortable whenever Chris started out like this before it was at the put those out. You know the words I think the worst in the special. I've seen in recent time. Nick Canon has a special times that it would never sit there watch McCain and tell jokes like upside some shock you did that way because it's like okay. Nick and Nick Cannon started as a comedian I negotiate an impartial like somebody. I am prop I'd probably go the whole clip I'm not. I'm going to seek nick you know I'm not to tell jokes now. I did I do wise first tee between businesses and especially the spotlight. In his act like he's the true. And I wasted my time in and asked but. You know it. As they're real quick on Chris Tucker hours of talk about it is zone. But Chris Tucker but I think it's been good about Chappelle is Chappelle was able to transition from Reggie from. Not a professor resent high energy comedians to now the Smart social guy Chris Tucker. I loved what he was the fast talking he was smoky. Now I. I don't think he's transition into old Chris Tucker telling jokes the clearly not a post Appel has but that's I think. That's one thing underrated Chappelle as a young guy thought was more high energy and I strong now its a lot more Smart. I'll say this. There are. There's two planes when it comes to this with respect to comedy there are where. Black comedians who kind of the state stoppers a lot of the mark in its performance. And it's because you have to work both sizes say work the entire reason that category. Chris Rock does it. Consistently. Chris Rock actually does it on purpose he's really. Really he wouldn't he normally wouldn't be somebody who wants to be stage shocker. Soccer our Chris Rock excuse me he's kind of one of those comedians I'm sure people have like when their kids as rap music this is some of the stuff I used to understand when I was a kid that app I got older and they went back and what could like pretty funny. But so here's the thing when you think about it Chappelle. On when you think about it Louie CK. John millennium Lotta Lotta comedians now. They stay in the same spot. Relatively they move around very very little she comes around David. In the specials he's in a very very enclosed space that's con it's the first ones kind of circular on the little ones those are the second one is a little more. Of a stage but it's not this not that much room for maneuver. It is really so that you focus in on hill. And you focus in on his face in his interactions with this face and when he does with his hands a little bit here but he's not stopped in the states he may be working it but it's not like. I'm here to sect once second in them back over here on the left side day along or Kevin decked Kevin Hart definitely sucks is that agent works. Both lines of work but it's it's really really interest and allies though. A lot of a lot of the new comedians that are coming up Michael today. Your derive Carmichael said a standup I've I've seen what Netflix which are in the market say when he hit me and Michael say. A likable and how we can update clinical study is. Rudy really good comedian this special is really really good. The once that I would say that you definitely should watch right now Michael today's matters which is on Netflix to rock our Michael's eight which is on HBO. That's probably the there's there's that when that stands out. Really really because it's shot in the way that. It's filmed in a way that it produced in a way that most people never envisioned stand up like it doesn't even start with Mike. Hey Dave Chappelle level in the crowd a deposit he walks out like it literally starts out with a question. That's like public what the hell on the watch him like he's once they are ready as it enters and it kind of blows your mind in that moment. The other one is no Brennan's three mics which is probably the best in a special I've watched the last. She went for five years. This fair both of them and it's not this is an might. On San kneels bitterness appellate birdies after I did that they would they worked together their Koreans. Or whatnot but he he takes three Mike Hsu puts all the states. And one Mike is used for one miners one Mikey use war. Stand up essentially stand up comedy that Mike is used for him to like get off an emotional. Like he should be sit none of the year is couched ice it and it's like. This is amazing like that he does all this in weasel out together so those those three are probably this special with satellites. I'm like a surprise Al he wants to maybe go route is on Netflix if you have in the last. That's the best channel tell you I don't think it's close anymore it's an. I guess you could make it argued for HBO put in terms of what they're do it in terms of television shows original movies comedy right now. I don't think it's close between Netflix and ever. Is Netflix is his content like I don't know. They decide that we won again to the original content and I don't know where they finally got the money from a against the subscriber base is just like that being and they are given ten dollars from like. 4050 million people or whatever they've got all his money did to give each of those sixty million for three specials and Chris Rock this for that should sign until this for that that's like. Would like they make house of cards and all these other shows that are like you know win in a wars left and right. On you kind of wonder. Why in the hell is it in DC doing this you know sand like you know. Where is this original content on regular TV buy because date have to have the money to do to. But they're failing but Netflix and Amazon are able to succeed at that at this level which is. Which is an incredible level yet I think it our Netflix. I think bet networks love talking about being diverse. There's no old station that offers you the diversity right now the Netflix Netflix or Amazon either live or something for everybody. If you bite breath trying they got the deep down they got a hit evolution show. You like standup they got stand up if you like dating shows they got loved it they got aids these pins are there's an old network right now it seems more committed to showing you every perspective possible. How do you like superhero movies I got you that pets like that on Netflix Netflix is doing an amazing job in terms of Craig Johnson. Kind of shocked by now. How diverse. Their content pool is and how many how far their tentacles reached. As far as comedy goes as far as standout. Goes as far as. TV shows girls like when and where are they how are they able to create all this content. In 90% of it is that good like I'm still baffled by it because it's like. If they could do this and watch everybody why can't everybody just because these these these. NBC CBS is and so forth that have these tags shows on I don't watch anything on network TV nothing and everything is Netflix HBO showtime might. Why can't these other Dino networks doing its interest in. That was dame. Its audience you always do not appreciate you combine. That was Dave. The spell so our that was part one now my conversation with the game about the Chappelle Netflix specials that you hadn't seen you skip through this. Hopefully you check them out coming up next more life. So let's constantly yet not today he. Says. Some light episode community here called. The vikings going on retired with a back this outfit episode. Stick with more pork to season two and backed it felt right Edger here it's only right that we reconvenes. Could be back for missing journalists acting mapping intentions in India and I'm they know probably this a crime bill day yeah I would here's more life. Probably for the first time he's still working his way through. If you're reading this to it yeah until you saw yourself Baird fire. Batons and that's a long ago I can't really it's a very good points Tuesday -- just talked about his right meek did beat that issue that to clear his views he's gonna lose the chance the rapper and acts and then and then we'll get to have that conversation and I'm shorts hopefully it will we'll talk about chance of shareholders of the and that low talk about on this podcast but. More life. More tomb for your head to our ports to employ tops ought not speak on Monday. Back and forth about this for als. Three or four days and I it's clear that take care that's out on metric has put the tigers in terms loath. Elevated into the status I think it's pretty complete. Set in singles up I think theaters pretty undisputed street as body so I'll. Back to listen to take care of a couple weeks ago in preparation for more at heifer got all of the great songs or on. And you like you said I think tickner elevated jury to that level of stardom there where is now. Which gave him the platform to start moving off into doing things like more life so you have to precursor with take care. We move into the revenue of affair I was gonna say like everything was the same I know it's not that's. Yes and opposes same. But so I think I think we see Drake blossom with with that and then evolve into the artists is today. I. I was excited about the project. And I would hope with brutally different expectation I thought it was gonna be OBO compilation now and how we kept same with lately as he made it clear it's not an album is not a dictated the play is thought it was going to be. It was gonna be like seventeen songs eight of work at a rate three were gonna party next door to view widget jordin won divisions along we're gonna use the features from Britain and I thought it was going to be pretty much like this so that they started. I was like all right let's quit that's it's a playlist this right now is that if you want to assault on the air original song. Originals all twenty are over towards. This album like let's let's not let's not beat around the bush and there's the break alum took to me you can compare it to others like albums embodies the work because this is now. Yeah we've we've talked others I almost feel like this is two albums combined into one place that to me there's a clear division between one half of it on the but the bottom half. You almost have like a story here you think it's kind of three different albums are different vibes economics I'm. Clearly. I think people at least are like a song. After the event it is eighty I set in songs straight it's my most of use that it's not that it's clear summer the appeal is to. The outside war where there it was into the music gains. Written like idiots call it that's clear what the division news and the portions are somewhere in the middle of it as Portland sacrifices. The Al chest are I'm plumber I remember now yet. I would say there's another great in it that the third half of the album sounds completely different parts to our part. So I always get stuck on on that second part from from 4422. To KMT. That's my favorite part of the album. And so I've listened to that. Stretch of songs probably fifteen times. And then I just keep wanting to go back to that and and I I'd have a really hard time getting past that not a huge fan of lose you are can't have everything. Juice I say. I've never been is bigger fan of R&B drinkers as your idea. I love dance hall Drake I love. Fate grind Drake. Was barred by the bars you know what you are talking about song I would like I skit. Together is it clear skip to be written. Really like no long talk but it's I don't really mind it it will have influence on this did you actually like the eight ball or is Apple's I'm a realist now. I would I would say get it together is a clear skip. Nothing's and it's something I think is a skipped can't have everything is the skip. Fair bit that's about it should be a light clears yet elicited teenage fever all the time I can at least. Acknowledge the work of the salt like it's a good salt that's not something I have a listen to all the not a huge rent an apartment so I just like parties to all like it did six bit its assault clearly into like three and a half or like all right assaults over. Most if there's a problem. The project's ought to go through phases at different songs like when I first of all wait through. I can run him back Portland yeah. And honor it's over the last two days or so idealism and it out just are probably the most Betty and he. Before they actually play 4422. Are like that's. A slight blip my. There's much or you're left on the cutting I think it is. It's it's the full so it's like these why did it cut its expertise on points songs sixth. Tiger and fragrant point. It's at you coming up power in Nevada the project boy I think about the songs I don't like song that I would let off the cutting lower. I. That's not much art what do left our I think if you're gonna compared to other tree product projects. It's hard to kind of compare to Chris Moore like his 22 songs and end up with the same start there by definition more musical that Angel like the but we've seen jury. How of these long albums for like. If you use loses how long yeah. I think views now that she was incidents where Justin watts where. It's impossible to meet that was an abuse was more like become the group and use better. No I think views has a couple songs that would be the best song on. On Moreland but it's like Carla clearly paid for view it is likely to control. Yeah I'd like a tricycle prime where he saw if you just look at from. Reckless abuse can't do distort and now with. I haven't listened to use. This year played it's it's been a long time subsite don't listen to views and I don't think I will ever there's no desire committee to Michael's medal thing ever again. I think now that you've got to go back and listen to what you got to prepare the rap songs that it's like. Rap songs are usually don't sound very inspire like bill here is like. Portland sacrifices. Brittle rats all important. Then that we're talking about and I would even say. That outlook elect's likeness of seven that is skipping their thoughts are my head butt out of the better evidence on the a more election legal more and like. It just felt like a different drew there's a different vibe different. You'll coming out this album in the was on views when you listen to thing he says it. We ever thought about it when it was. This. The whole time frame it and you know your state to. View you out he's far removed from it just sounds happy electoral sales so that your she's still you still dissing meek on the aisle like how many more times are we gonna get me to meet bars on it lately ball. Fresh look at the meat did you can't tell anything different. States four shots two shots on our. Everybody's shots opened to. Me to continue to view that cross. The boy oh boy drink smoke what it's doing is like when you do something stupid for years ago in of those friends who keep bringing it back up and won't let it die. Drake to to do that to Torrey lanes and meet you I'm never gonna let their dining out at me though. I think it was kind of clear that it is that Patrick was born he could have made an argument for best. I think the rappers that are clearly worked I think it's accomplishments and commercial appeal right could have made a few over best and the only thing that's ever stop that is week. A normal and he stuff happens there's always going to be a big efforts in his career so argue that David that he could have been done. What I guess you got out and play good at W and you're absolutely one would be. But clearly asked for excitement always hold over his head as he. You can never looked at the same light easy no because of the Ashford. Drake ceiling went from Jay-Z to Condit. That's and and being Kanye West is still an amazing thing and I think that's what he's deceased. Are these the new colonialists are so let's. Not you know I've I I've got to look at it the same way it is. Jay-Z I think it was at least obtainable. Yeah just based on career trajectory I don't think you would got clear and present not the greatest rapper of all time. Holidays now which are aspiring to be somebody that we know collaborate artists aren't a rapper that we know takes bar some other people and an amazing catalog witness list. Not visiting. And and and we also Selig Drake isn't just a rapper he's an R&B artist who does a dance all the pop he wants to be more than just. Like so sore moms are gonna sit Dallas into a jays GO. My arm is gonna listen to draped my mom those who Drake is she can name great songs that's I think that's a different. John era and like lane that he specifically put himself in by giving you more than just bars. That's why I put this. I don't think it's better than nothing with the same reckless and that was the same couple days and I'll like not always the same as just more concise than this it is just they'd better outlook that is. I again. It's hard appeared ensue with more life just wanted to saw him do that it was the same store chains again I just deputies have been more songs are more like that you like I didn't look at the body of work how it transitions the flow started from the bottom you don't but analysts say. By the looks things pretty fire. And has asserted certain. It's Serb bombardment comes through the Tucson is that I still are in rotation. From a problem. Yesterday right. They're alike tell us get letters flyers never liked but the language was my idol a huge whole Lotta fire and there it is like oh that songs do. I. I still I still with us about that I just think beaten because of the fact that. We did every streak that injury has decided to be. We Londonderry and and I wanna get into talking about skeptic in me it would end up with a budget he liked geeks I. So that's on TNT which which you you say has the the worst bar on on the album. Bat man done and done that. It just go out all of that it's like bush songs bass or Michael Solomon like your best what Drake did drink tickets on what you did with. Well yeah the that's homes four years old but like the artist's right though they were trash. We don't like I don't know Irish government. Big old. Person and a truck. Ran. Here after the good representation. And you have this kind of spotlight at the ball argue or. At least. Write your. And that is checking account is the madness at the account at the cat is. Respect on skipped the cost that is what that. Book is that count them at news. Check the count is. That the ethical or throw. It's not it's not great quality borrowers. So there are predicted. So I generally don't like Dottie but I'd I legitimately think there's a song on the album that would have benefited from having no audio. I'd I'd do. It was the second song with a young ice melts I think that's the song. Drake drew I loathe Rick loves dealing drum beats and turning them into his own song that's broccoli ice melts is broccoli 2.0. Gotta go for more life dog media show it's push a little blue note we are shot out of bullets ma. Ball monsoon we don't shout out. I mean I think it's great you can argue culture molds are away opera that's certainly page right he's guilty of the ways that culture. Great yeah I stepped now. People now be checked it skip the next project when they were you outlets at the but it is an order. This is very similar to what you did fortune McLemore take absolute Rory yet that there are a lot. I'm skeptical that the. It's social the thing that would stepped in gigs in all these guys that he has on on this album is today they are like vote topic grind guys. So in London skeptic gigs. All those guys those are our our drinks are RJ Coles and and everything I don't know what project on there. Yeah. But but I think what would drink is doing now is bringing in the American audience and in the awareness to to the London wraps him in the currency. Vice did a really really good piece noisy was in London ended and exposes on on crime last season that is definitely worth checking out right up on YouTube. But that scene is it if it's hip hop but and one that. I'm have a problem with I can't see myself at this point ever going out at eight the year. I TCDs. Old song and I'm like you really want your witness that there were net project. I stepped the couple's Irish eyes yeah. Liked him more year I don't know it might eager to ever really relate to what they're talking about ending it over the acts like does not used to it you flat object stress out of the gates did this trash. More than one there's an agency. I loved him I loved that be on pins and would have been a lot better prepared to boards on it and not to League City. Digs that Tsongas has a special place in my heart like that alone in the first prime songs I was Lou like OK I I'd. I feel this I understand what's happening with this socket or life with my guys Cole. Rome I was gonna finish that thought obviously and it. I take here's why and I would put up with the same suit out of what more like three if you're reading is four. Think they're more likely if you're reading this are kind of interchangeable because under reading this is clearly the most rap he's ever done at a project like that if you're rudeness is right about the I. I would enjoy thought boards on another singing but it's always. That's album it clearly 80% wrapped into 1% this is like. 15%. Dance all 50% are being 30% rap. 10% London it's a lot happening at home so I think makes it a more complete albums and not of the and a. Victory I think it was someone on buttons podcast and were both big fans of that who made the point that. Yet. Roy I'm going for. Toronto is such a multi cultural city that you get all of these influence is all these influences in Toronto. And so for us through Canada is like all the different places he's he's rapping about honor the styles he sees cultural cultural altering or whatever we're saying. But in Toronto like all of those cultures are our mesh together in one spot. So I think that we as Americans who aren't as familiar with Toronto may do we we overlook that. But but maybe I mean you poker like some sleep I grew up next who Jamaican dude like. I have a little bit different respects with respect and taxi 22 on Obama I mean. What's your music aren't they're not so I think the question or is it was the early part your career yet. The trade off at woods don't art is quite yet no problem. You can upwards to right and right break into Erica once it's a lot of people. And like like Saunders. Doesn't know the 2011 drink from Houston. Like every we forget about the likes it like just. It's. Not right right well but it. To me has always been a combination all fifteen different. He's been a combination of Ottawa you include its. Jamaica London. And a few student. Vegas. Scallop Caltrans this is all it's all a collection of things Emeka. Sosa the other song on moralist that I forgot how much I loved was fake love. And and when that came on because we listen I was into alive and you'd kind of stop halfway through. Wednesday glove came on Soviet or obvious on radio. I got really excited and and thought it was a remakes of first but then just read fell in love with that song and that'll vibe and and I think that is my Fave country to that. Poppy days holiday but you're still getting like some rap elements to it I just think that that is. The melting pot of all of the fifteen different drinks is when you come in use song. I think at that they're really support I try to Lola. As I clearly different sounds like I would say I'll just there I'm like great that's lol like. Those songs are just easy for rendered product is and I'm not an all everything like he never misses of those kind of sought out by save favorite straight. It's cow like cameras. Like blur the line between rap songs are Saul yeah I really push and the other saying but he clearly doesn't rat that it's that you're not melodic in between them. I've not favored break. I think when you fit in piccolo with the flow of the album it's certainly holds up the back and a vote I think we agreed to clear. Spot of the out is clearly from. Mid algorithm. Those sacrifices that the six that's well it goes to get rid of song bully him 4422. Outs yet there skeptics into Portland and sacrifices. Up just a fire stretches all in on sacrifice in Zurich doesn't drifting where he mimics the flow of future in which is awesome. Yeah I mean. That as well as anybody like that we'll always always. It's for the next couple years but what's gonna continue to keep Drake relevant. It's well let Kirk accused the ability to just pure power and Lowell and then make its own good like you that's like to which it sounds exactly like you has good decisions yet that the other song that didn't make the cut but with the song he didn't point one strategy yet regrets likes to do you. Now we're. Fit well into the Powell now that they use I don't think that that's going to make the cut is there's no spot for maybe make an argument after a sacrifice thousands after Portland after sacrificing but I. You could piggyback that point there and that's probably where fits that best I definitely feel you're. Got a shot into bird once don't make the cut like that seems to be like around the Juba like I didn't lose your exuberance what songs are very similar run or do you have that some clues. In the last went not a starter is. A starter essentially won the contracts like it's based we 78 and injure Wright called it do not just there weren't delegates subway yoga and other important. Pittsburgh duke and would not AM in Dallas biting humans are on 07. Yemen count attitude and a girl and they're all kind of intertwine. All together in the absence I mean I admire our content agreement on the body of work that it is. I think it's pretty solid. I think it at college but it's good it's gonna hold up to. I haven't stopped listening to. Just one of the parliament before before Milan. Lowell made me miss Tonya so much. They were have been saying all men. I highlight of that I like both but we're just trying to harmonize the other and you lose by that is. It is like you know lists that's the first track goes into my good demoralized I've put on broke out and I totally their record. He does bays are very distorted his voice to all you know I just the end of the earth wind and fire sample like. That whole track and now violent track is just. That makes me miss. Graduation like that Condit in just. Just that sound that we don't get as much anymore than the R&B samples and I mean they're so hard to clear in duel that and it's kind of played out but. Opera made a point he was like well it does look like you all kind of wacky. You know like like if all all. That's genetics some might even have like the touch this guy's card I feel like to have the touch the sky. Like that there. Is that it was thought our doubts about state. The one right. There I estimate outlook and it makes it. It on the white villiers in an insider but I'm traded phone on him every year. And it's demoralize my guy coal. They have chosen to rule out the Al. Dvds. Treat aids anticipation. For radio would rise doesn't exist at this point. Like it creates a patriots went for the first time. Besides your editor salt which is crazy we did pick and I forgot how much he added insult man. Like I spotless white folks like them but I'd like to start over your different but you can get re fuel. Assessment of the music images transition them close a lot differently but not sell radio the product haven't opened them. Seven months and her friends and Eduardo but no it racial drops up and little somber things go wounded. Song with Rihanna or song when Jeanette I know or something like that trickle unionized little sixteen million students. I mean after. Views we had. He did the stuff with talent and then we had a couple songs right. It is so yeah. So for us a blow to both can be put in all summer on myself it probably. Passion for actually hit and hurt anywhere. So we're selling agent music it does so little that they made the likes of this to Urban Outfitters the Austin energy. They they made this comments I read an article I think I guess it was a by situated out. Mike form mathematically. You're going to like that song because of the key it is and and because of the progression of the notes. I think they said it was in the key of B flat. And it never hits there's never be flat in the song. So the entire song with the have been note progression you're waiting and anticipating the flat and it never comes. So like to your brain you're enjoying that song or because you're listening and intuit. I'm listening for that note or complete pattern. And that's what HM music and like that shopping music all of that follows a same formula. It's me finding out or other men like that's the most amused that expensive so. It's a song I wanna you'll be sitting out on the second hop can. Shout out to the cracks bribery Obama. As the pocket. Scurrilous and it struck you appreciate it grow a lot of recessed witnesses full court papers. I'm excited for jailhouse interviews jailhouse to via bumped him from consuming passion fruit. It's all you. Do cook carefully McDonald's and eat today. When we make in grand Max and big Macs and I actually telling him to wash his hands may secular going to be at McDonald's idea. But part of the I appreciate that there are trying to. I wanna be the camera. They apply some might say it could care. Alone can't. I think and the whole thing with looking at Carrington is not like you took in anything we're teaching you how to cook that's that's the premise that's the beauty of this you know that's obviously it's that where where routine routine package I do immigrant lunatic within the last episode I didn't even get a text or call last minute come film. You used to these genuine now. Nearly as he did I just right now I. The your urge them aren't we writer I've always got time I. Brought him. I mean we fortunately we're here I wanted to make this happen and move move the schedule or more podcasts. Believe it well that's not. Mark my review if you read the view regardless of odd man iPods astronauts in passed through and become. I'd really. Like this album it's a solid. A solid body of work ten minutes and in. It's too long despite a voice and songs at at some like I broke. After versions of B I'm like we talked about drinking getting booed. Moody's tattooed on them politely real life version known and accepted for a court of law a lot of questions. On days it has does corny it's a shot at it. Definitely. You stop it means. Like Butler muscles as. Corny people. He's corny I can't accept that he's. I had it. Had it on my ribs and on the permanent and ask you this. Continue to put great in the rat category that about yes or no I think I just to meet you send it. Being depressed wrapper any more goals so he wants pops so he is now our second. No no he's Tonya so what would you would you put on user rapper and you don't say Kanye is a pop star doesn't like. Perhaps don't like him. On is only good historic got more stuff. Right. Together pageant through. I he clearly has this added to a category that kind hey what's in. The category. That. But he's a rapper he still giving you bars and give you harmonies and most of the man in February. Sure is a rapper. She wraps each music 99%. Up here to speak to acquire some reps and saw. Weaver. Assault perhaps more known Iger isn't. All. But they're all there I wish there was a caddy were those like hip hop artist Willie instead of a rapper rent. So it is he's his own uses them thank you can't put him in the category. He yeah. Compared to rates and respect in Delhi that close to a million your trash Saint Louis borrowers that newcomers Kelly. What rights do it would think it's now it's now Leo. This is a vigil at. Nellie is Craig Counsell in the red yeah. Don't. Respect yeah I don't disrespect better. I'd soon make it shipped. Out once wet snow at what he had a talk with him McGraw like. It didn't do. Lot of money and bellies element in Nellie to enhance taxis are my men Nellie didn't pay in taxes now I don't blame anyone heard anything from street Duluth. So with Florida George alive. Now I forgot about the ads are more. My mail is a song called cruise give you sixteen about driving down the back rooms of George WE book about her. We can't vote. I don't have an easier from a stacked who do you. How did the ballot that its agreements in value owed 2.3 million dollars union protest movement were up thirty minutes. Quakes this moral life feeling. More left drink second best projects. I am excited to hear of these songs when I am dancing drunken bar. Moral life and it third. Very solid effort this is what view should have been in the this is happy version you'd think he got happier. Or more energy business that more energy that's that's what it is but I'd probably vote. But perfect title work could have a lot of light this is more life. You know Stan. As bad precedent out to go back it's. Hot. You. You could help you with an onslaught warned that are close but it sure you could not say growth. Stated it drift and you know who lets you know Oprah's book I went out and it's also about you and let me get this stuff away and without thought as rapidly. That the purpose and more to be more more Cuban players ahead the watch you speak on mining. The best immune.