Chiefs Question of the Week

Fescoe In The Morning
Wednesday, September 13th

The debut of our Chiefs Question of the Week and it features Alex throwing deep


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Is that she's question of the week we do it every Wednesday. Here I'm vesco in the morning inspector comes up with a chiefs question and we diet it's like the NFL question of the day but there's identities question yes we did that he's had a wording in to do things between it training cared if you people are Cessna Ritz mining and this and now it has evolved in new chief question of the week. I like him like do we do we have an open avenue open but it's gotta run be run through legal and corporate and I got called nine apple will have a by the end of November the window open I went down now soon yeah and really pushing in the room. Fights apparently here for a second. Al Smith probably the number one story line of the chiefs win over the patriots with him when touchdown by an individual game. As the number one story. Tell you to team when it's an individual if we don't talk about individual players would focus on 53 is a hole blown in the right direction of Baghdad. The hell. I don't like that from either assets and so when I say fairways and that means Bob goes off on something that I don't ideal opposite of apparently exactly yes so the last. Four years of the in you read out Smith there we've been asking the question is it in me. Or is it Alex doesn't wanna push the ball down the field and takes it chances now Nolan thinks that Al Smith is going to sustain. Obviously the pace that he did in IU 164. Touchdowns sixty for a touchdown every record in existence. 141000 yards passing or whatever what days you have got a nice cool drink on the dash your. This series Alex it's gonna throw for 64 touchdowns this year yes I would like to see all of the all of that CN. Under 64. Yes please go ahead take under 64 for a million dollars of America is that's a good back entries yesterday that they he's not gonna get over 64 times. So I guess we don't right now agencies have 64 touchdowns or four touchdown game whatever may be. But let's say he does actually rolled the ball down more and take more chances. Then it becomes pretty clear to me that it was in view read BV holding out Smith back. Would you hold it against Andy Reid or missed opportunities over the last four years. If Alex Smith doesn't act has success. Pushing the ball down the gas up and opens up no no no well well Paula now you're assuming this is on any. C op what I'm saying is boy we all out on this Alps in Warren this season. That he can and is willing to throw the ball down the field like he did in game one yeah. It would become clear to me that it was baby in the wanting Alex to run his offense and holding him back to see I'd I'd disagree with that over the last. Where he did Alex and dump off king well before it was an eighty Reid's offense if he got yet gunshot early in his career because he threw a much better session so we got gunshots out throwing the ball deep. He became a game managing quarterback. But now all he's got the weapons that allows him like nobody's obligated lessons and that is Patrick Holmes sitting behind them well I I think I think there's I think it's a lot that backpack ready to pass a budget holes that yeah exactly did you see bigger stars the Korean what I. Helped by an 02 juicy would that Reed Hundt in this. So seam which are all too often like that out of the backfield catching passes donated six touchdowns against Oakland. Not that I'm not catch the ball disapproval or protect that ball that all that he threw cream I watch it again yesterday just because you know ideas certainly get aroused I mean it was great it was attack ads and pass a high typically asked do you had legitimate Strider was going to be the best pass he's thrown as a member of the chiefs. You like blaming you explain meters saying. Because it's. Those routes were being run. The last don't sociologist and run and Alison I'm excited dude beat. Because he has some on foot if you watch Allison and I think it was. You remember who woman and dug for roar Sports Illustrated tweet this during the game. But if you watch. If you watch the the watch Alex Smith you'd heard Doug Farrar the center of the microphone I want that's the drop never never for her to does priorities were bills don't ask me yeah. Joseph Bob anyway dogs and thanks Louis in. Could you watch out there's always like opportunity for him to goatee eighty always. Books that it sees it and they go sell more but I don't think you ever trusted his receivers out that you trust and I asked I don't yeah I didn't get. It was ever healthy did you see Mac on Sunday how different he looked seemed to light jacket to. I mean he looked great it is obvious isn't necessarily as was the U was the third fastest third fastest player player and I fell behind Tyreke known treatment yeah. He was injured last year but point fifteen writer Jeremy Maclin was just. I also think it has a lot to do it now that Matt Nagy has autonomy over the offense he's telling Alex to do this to us about it it was great play calling is well I think he give a lot of credit to Nagy. For call the plays put Alex in the position you credit the credit to the backup quarterback for pushing them. You credit to the weapons that are rather I think right now guys. It's not wrong to say and it is now to be just one thing it's not what it's it's the perfect storm. Or Alex. I think you and I'm gonna hold that a little bit against India about as a spurred this season. There's a missed opportunities last four years and playoff teams in this and how you can hold it against Andy did miss Tyree kill against the Steelers. That's one specific fly about feeling like they're. And and last year saying that he's he's programmed him to crowd against you do not see those and he won it in Q where was on the rest of his career mean I don't look at all Lancelot Elijah did not able to different. And franchises. Yeah to look at the full spectrum of Alex Smith's career. From 2005. When he was the first overall pick in 2016. Alex Smith had two touchdown passes of 75 yards or more. Last week he had two touchdown passes of 75 yards or more. What Alex Smith didn't last Thursday was different than anything Alex Smith did for the entirety of his career with multiple head coaches in San Francisco including Jim Harbaugh. And with four years under any read so I can't point any read it. And somehow the site he's the problem with Alex Smith for the last four years when before he came to Kansas City Alex is the same damn. Alex with the team that obviously won what two games a year he was drafted. Yeah they've made the NFC championship game obviously that you would get union. Throw deep either but it's not that he's very good he's also had successful teams though he didn't throw deep with those teams he had plenty we don't want your season is on once successful team know he was on you'd say one and a half the year I can't hear those last two years that he's a sales. Yeah I was benched or later in the season by getting custody well he didn't throw deep in the season either get this is how games all. Two games he's ever I have to year. Wasn't injured in my weak 3 oh I am now at one letters a majority is playing actually is best season of his career. The halfway through maybe seven or eight games in before he got injured. So it's that there's been this dialogue before he got to and you end up this idea yet. Not only are you read it 2012. Nine games to go yeah I out of the latter about midway through any had a great season that year but he didn't throw the ball deep he didn't. It's bit Alex his whole career on the complaint in you read that I'm firmly in the Alex's decision making camp. It's it's it's one of those things he's allowed itself he's allowing himself due to extend beyond what he. He was probably get why we got a text from Susie from sales and she says tell Stephen to be quiet it's it's. It's one of those things where is Alex and we'll get to the thirty for thirty coming up here in a bit but. It's one of those things that Alex where. Your frustrated because over the last four years you feel like we're hell is this guy did right. Trying to figure out where this guy I anyway some guys always ideal opportunities. The opportunities you just passed on if you add this ability we are was. As we heard from dean in Hughes yesterday when he came on in this segment yesterday. Alex Smith. Is there to help Patrick Holmes who helped my homes were well. Alex is also learning from homes are multiple multiple levels not just always pushed by the young guy. Patrick Holmes does some things that it's like what makes eyes pop out your head and it's another quarterback on that roster you can't tell me you're not looking at that going. How to do that owner and indeed if he starts try to push yourself a little bit more that's why competition. Helps everybody in the N. And as I said it's it's just the perfect storm and I think that's what we need to. Except right now everything it in and book I'll say it again and I know Steve is probably eating at a place stupid drop. But when US special seasons special things happen we saw a special things happen when Alex Smith on Thursday night why are they happening. I don't know better weapons better play calling. Guy pushing behind him I know he's playing for his job. The opportunity DOT to carry a team and either there's so many things that are like. Coming together right now. That are making this team special and instead of saying isn't in baseball loses out all of the senate taking his go. We've got the perfect storm right now let's sit back and enjoy when Alex Smith is doing because whenever I did Alex Smith on Thursday night. I love that Alex I wanna see that Alex with more. I don't care if it's somebody pushing a markets Andy doing this and make you do would matter better weapons whatever it is it's working and work in that first game of the season. And now we got to make sure continues for the next fifteen games now what if it doesn't that's that's I think the biggest question is what if Alex Smith and her while back I now I don't wanna deal with that what if right now let's wait till that happens because based on that performance against. The best you could we've ever seen him in the hardest place to win a new. That's with a guy that likes in his beard. Hey he did it against the patriots did we meet in my opinion right now. Billy at the one game but we don't need to be tempering what Alex Smith did he didn't do it in week one against Jacksonville noon on a Sunday to actually does a good defense about a disease that first game as an example when they play whoever and not marquee game yes. He beat he did it. On the biggest stage had the biggest performance of the week against that arguably the greatest team of all time. We cannot downplay what he did he's necessarily downplaying its trying to figure out why. And that's as it does nor I don't know the why and that story. Will be that story will be continuing throughout the entire season and that's that's going to be the thing that I is the number one story line going into the year will be the number one storyline throughout the year. Just because spa. Mean look at regal wanna get the top three quarterbacks from week one Alex Smith Sam Bradford injured gods right. I know all the remain well we knew that going but it would be a good when he fifty with the royals trying to figure out of undoubtedly gonna blow it in the playoffs to worry about that in jewel this wide that is going on right now and so far the ride I got from Alex Smith the other night that was fantastic.