Danan Hughes Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, September 12th

We talk about Eric Berry, Alex Smith moving forward plus expectations for Kareem Hunt


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Four wide receiver for the chiefs' Damon Hugh stored in the showed to end. They should the Joseph Mendes so at first game kind of shocking that the chiefs were or will come out not just beat the patriots but really lay it on the patriots. Is that a lucky gaming your minors this say a sign of things to come. Well good beat Uga and animal war tendencies and I don't think it would. Any luck involved. They just got flat out. Bead skirt and the chiefs came outlook. And I deal and understanding on approached that game and in the breaker. And that before. If you look over on the left are here for treatment or I should they be report tribal chiefs have played the patriot. Normal season there you could argue. And the best AFC team against. The patriot now they've all gained a bit lost them by less than a touchdown and one maybe it will matter who also. It's not the prior period I think the spread going into the game or nine at certain points that are overweight should march. And chief showed that they. Definitely. Garnered a lot of compliments them and they didn't they can play that part that top shell ball anywhere. Date and if the season ended today the tees would have home field advantage throughout the post season and Alex it would be best quarterback in the NFL. How surprised are you that were sitting here talking about Alex Smith being head and shoulders the best quarterback in the first week of the NFL season. I got its primary. The political one week but it kind of audio yeah. Our world today. I treated it. Blowing the game it's amazing now having a president viable baca. Can push people back and talk about it. Also just about you know you're gonna give up barricades and and that's what we're seeing without merit and that they're the guys on him. There leasing may play these being played Britain has been made before. And now he's cutter. Stretching itself a little bit getting outside its copper daughter I think that's what we used sheets there have been begging for. The last few years that you're Obama feel the stretch the field to take time in the pocket. The road now on the scene according what was the the mean Alex. The role. What are the draw lots intimate in achieved few hopeful may be in the vocal readers so just the fact that you patient in the pocket. The up and the large. Get a lot of credit to them because they protect is an extremely well throughout the evening and you've labeled a Corvel Corvel area via patriots before. Now you mention the back up pushing and we talked all about number of fifteen behind him but. How much of what Alex did on Thursday night is that. Vs now Kareem I'm retiree killed Travis Kelsey more weapons there AM and then dipping back and it what made him successful in college to try to help the math. How much of all of that encompasses the reason why Alex had success. All of it is. They're all of it Oprah hears them and trade because. We we make a lot of normally go Emeka a lot of chatter about what pat Holmes warrant from out there well. It looked like that that can learn a lot from mobile and I think that happened. Throughout the pre season throughout training camp and he saw this young men make grows. The patient stretch out ladies. And trusted receivers more last year or last few years. One. But for Alex met at the pertain to his receivers about what receivers get up on route I want to receivers running routes. To a certain that element to stop. Cause they had a deal aggravate it basically knew that they were not gonna get the ball. There are not going to be the third the third option on the ground was not gonna get the ball guy that we're gonna go down Theo now scrambling we're not gonna get the ball please don't dive started jogging. Or maybe not running it's crisp route. As you would like them to two run. Now. Don't go out there you know try and at the bit they're celebrating. Because. They actually look at my home. Sitting out check it out there and the roots of blows. Bet that the roots of of mine that. Showed itself on Thursday night. We saw a lot of their formations we saw a lot of things out of the the playbook are offensively is that sustainable. Absolutely. And you are outlet of the shock quarterback. And out like you bought certain you have some weapons out there Andy Reid the man sign that the upper hand so you're gonna. A mixture of rain we you know we love the congregate restrain their. The ball pretty to look for would be line will receive a bunch of stuff that's happened over the course. And its corporate bank here in the city so it's not going to be the primary. That there's still more in the tank there's still more that that that's just had to store these scenes. And no less sure I'll absolutely. Have long Alex. Takes the meat based chances downfield and that's what about just take chances out you know not a out. Completing the ballpark take chances to get your receivers opportunities to make big plays. And no comb through all of you have that mindset. Indeed going to be able to really get creative with others that's what. To ordain and use here on sixteen and Sports Radio former chiefs wide receiver in and game and obviously we Kwan was just miraculously made it was the best I thought overall performance in the NFL. How do you follow that up in week two now because it's now about moving forward it's on the Philadelphia what you did in the past was fantastic how do you follow it. Quote yet followed up from what it would bring yourself up there have been content wherever there's no on around much at the end of the outlook. Professional sports. Where you can Google or well going to certain big serving in the NBA. But it wasn't the queen of Hollywood into Golden State. You go well people come and and that can view player the fault can get global com. And then by the time they settle into their game. It's almost over it's too late wah wah. One of the biggest attributes that are automatic game what it didn't seem like the game was too big for the players. It didn't seem like the game beating Wayne never seem like the guys. Work you know caught up in themselves emotionally where they didn't just settle down and play. The differences now are you comfortable. And now you have your home opener and it'll be great weapon. And Albee the excitement that's going on around Kansas City justifiably so. Because you just beat the defending world champions. The guys have to settle land. And just treat it like another game just like they did last week and I think that's going to be economic or special special weekend character of civilian and a big game. Dana how difficult is it to do that could trying to get that first came out of your mind and focus on the next one when you consider. Hostages beat the patriots in Foxboro Armenia beat him with the oh the fourth quarter. The patriots leading they were 1050. In that situation now 105 and one at how do you come down from that kind of victory get yourself focus up on the next in in the Eagles. Well that's where the veteran and the coach is coming to the plate that that's where they get. Great for that's what there they're there for him a better president than a lot maybe somebody that's not playing as much sort now on this case and got Eric Berry that's going to be on the shelf. That's where he and Justin Houston and pop Ali and built a gut to be able to calm guys down no god now. All the opener you got family coming in are you got oats fell in the race you've got tickets to W dot. You know you can get people to gain all the other factors that it's what you got to deal with what they bought a New England. OK I remembered org tickets there's no ticket available to those now that hole. It's a different story so. Europe to compartmentalize. That. What you have to stay focused but it's going to be the owner so the veteran leadership and the coaches to make sure the ducts they. Down all earth keep their feet on the ground. And treat it like another game and in the next game just like another gain and that Oakmont in nineteen humble and not so. Another game and that's going to be a very important. How do you replace Eric Berry. Nick ran out of I mean that literally that previously raised its talked about yet. I'll lieutenant Kotler birdies such a leader such a big part playmaker I mean I'll plot and prepare for the post game show. On huge lines and my notes for the first quarter the first step was pretty much harder. Are very early bird on defense what it was. Gronkowski how well the rug there would be a great plays he made on defense in the fourth and short yardage. Amazing player. And the quarterback in the back end and a leader that's to me I think he can replace. A portion of the count maybe a large portion of the count on the field. But the question of the leadership on the field and in the back here and the shark attack all. Tackling of that type of player that the part that could be mayor. This could be really really badly miss a database for the time we appreciate it.